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Elvis Andrus

Elvis Augusto Andrus Torres (born August 26, 1988, in Maracay, Venezuela) is a Major League Baseball shortstop for the Texas Rangers.

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Elvis Andrus needs to get his bat going like a week ago.
Two-out walk by Carlos Corporan in the ninth. Leonys Martin follows with a double. Elvis Andrus up. up 10-9.
Leonys Martin doubled to left. On the play, Carlos Corporan advances to third. Runners on second and third with two outs and Elvis Andrus du
Listening to the game on radio. Does "under the glove of Elvis Andrus" mean what I think it means?
Elvis Andrus, Shin-Soo Choo and have now done something positive offensively in rapid succession. I’m drunk.
Elvis Andrus doubled to left. Runner on second with none out and Prince Fielder due up.
I don't know if I like this joke, or want to boo it severely. It is the Elvis Andrus of jokes.
Elvis Andrus showing a little more pop than usual. Of course, it's just fly balls and doubles, but it's nice
Elvis Andrus is showing signs of increasing power! thats very good!
So it seems Jeff Banister's early season project is beating the Ron Washington out of Elvis Andrus.
ATTN: Elvis Andrus - Rangers manager Jeff Banister on 1st inning bunting: "Not first option in our playbook."
The Elvis Andrus sample is much larger than 12 games. Rangers need answers for him because contract prohibits dealing him.
Also Elvis Andrus hit 15 points higher than Olt last year.
β€œIt gets harder every day. Coming Soon to : What if the Rangers traded Elvis Andrus!
One of the things I like about Elvis Andrus is that he doesn't strike out too much, well
tie it up 1-1 in the 5th with an Elvis Andrus RBI ground out.
Leonys Martin stole second. Runners on second and third with one out and Elvis Andrus at the plate.
Elvis Andrus grounds out, but it drives home Jake Smolinski from third and ties the game at 1.
In other news, note to Elvis Andrus: Don't bunt.
A HBP and Leonys Martin's second hit of the game put on the corners with one out in the fifth. Elvis Andrus up.
Nearly two weeks into the season, and Prince Fielder K's plus Elvis Andrus BB's equals two.
before his career is over..Elvis Andrus will become one of the most disappointing players in franchise history..we've already seen his best!
Elvis Andrus has a lower OBP (.170) than batting average (.174). He and I have the same number of walks (0). TAKE A PITCH. Geez.
Donnie Marbut nods slowly after Elvis Andrus' bunt.
I swear to god, half the time Dave Sims says "Elvis Anders" instead of "Elvis Andrus."
Elvis Andrus with another first-inning bunt after a leadoff double by Martin. Maybe 1st inning runs more valuable vs. Felix, but. .
Another Elvis vs. Felix note: Only David Murphy (16) has more RBI off of Felix Hernandez than the RBI machine, Elvis Andrus (12).
Inside the Game is NEXT on Radio Network: We investigate Felix vs. the specifically his struggles versus Elvis Andrus.
Rival GM: Rangers unlikely to trade shortstop Elvis Andrus
Prince Fielder is the Rangers hit leader with 18 hits. Elvis Andrus is second on the team, with 8.
Only Michael Young, David Murphy, and Torii Hunter (24) have more hits off of Felix Hernandez than Elvis Andrus, who has 23. …
Ruben Tejada had more homeruns, walks, a higher BB%, ISO, OBP, OPS, wOBA, wRC+, and fWAR than Elvis Andrus in 2014.
SportsDayDFW: "Grant: Elvis Andrus entering his prime; can he be a prime-time offensive player?"
Elvis Andrus baseball giveaway thanks for the help Elvis...
.in history with more than 99 Total Bases before age 21:. 1986 Ruben Sierra. 1991 Ivan Rodriguez. 2009 Elvis Andrus. 2014 Rougned Odor
Just had a full conversation with Elvis andrus on the phone with Thanks
Yep, that's my boy! You have to wonder what was going through Elvis Andrus' head at this moment.…
Elvis Andrus is coming off of a .263/.314/.333 year, and his $120 million extension has just started.
Throw Back Thursday!!! Ah I miss my chamito Elvis Andrus !! Good times good times! And on that note I'll...
Maybe I'm out of focus on Chris Taylor, but I see potential in him. Some Elvis Andrus type production to me.
RFA declarations are pouring in... Elvis Andrus and Yadier Molina among the UFAs
Better fantasy return for Sonny Gray - Freddie Freeman with a decimated Braves lineup or Elvis Andrus?
The second item for this week is a signed Elvis Andrus jersey that will be added to the live auction.
Have you seen this? Athletes are learning there are many benefits from yoga.
knowing how much they all screw around, and Russ's reaction, reminds me of Elvis Andrus messing with Adrian Beltre
Which player will have their best season? Elvis Andrus, Colby Lewis, Shin-Soo Choo or Prince Fielder?
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Knowing JD he sticks to ppl that suck, such *** Mitch Moreland, Elvis Andrus
Why is Elvis Andrus still with the Rangers? πŸ˜’
With his hair and facial hair like that he looks like Elvis Andrus, who is also bae.
Lol watch trade Jennings and Smyly to Tex for Elvis Andrus then sign Shields for 1 year/$16m
With the homie Elvis Andrus of the last night at for the
Elvis Andrus with a nice barehanded play!!!
Neftali Feliz and Elvis Andrus have been pretty great. Could you imagine an infield with Simba and Andrus?
first of all its pick in the draft lol 2nd of all Elvis Andrus *** ***
Just got asked by a rambling, barefoot drunk guy in my apartment building lobby to come up to his apt to party with "Elvis Andrus"
Great day w Venus HS special ed students. Thanks RoughRiders and Elvis Andrus
Oh Elvis Andrus is having the best off season ever? Hear that every year and he's still not that good and has a horrible contract
I continue to hear fantastic things about the offseason Elvis Andrus is having. I fully expect to see the best he has to offer in 2015
Trading Elvis Andrus to the would make sense.
Don't see why folks are down on Sardinas, why cant he be a Elvis Andrus type SS?
I can confirm that Elvis Andrus is a player on the Rangers.
I have an Elvis Andrus one. I think he's locked in for a few more years. Think.
Does anyone have a clue about who the might be dealing for Yovani Gallardo? Elvis Andrus maybe???
Elvis Andrus & other members of the Texas Rangers sign our autographs @ the Winter Caravan n Round Rock
Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus are officially my favorite baseball players πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
him & Elvis Andrus are my fav duo lmao but I loved Alex Rios but he got traded to KC I think πŸ’”
That was Elvis Andrus at the SMU game, right? Sitting behind the bench
Is it time for fans to say goodbye to Elvis Andrus?
Elvis Andrus is either working out in an oxygen mask or is cosplaying Mortal Kombat via
If you don't know who Elvis Andrus is we can't date
".is either getting in the best shape of his life or is cosplaying Mortal Kombat:
hey if not for that guy we wouldn't have known about future Brewer Elvis Andrus 3 days before the trade
. feels his best pick so far is Freddie Freeman in the 3rd & worst is Elvis Andrus in the 10th What do you think?
I wish I had a relationship like Adrain Beltre and Elvis Andrus
With my 9th pick (134th overall) in the mock draft I took Elvis Andrus
With the 133rd pick in the mock draft took Elvis Andrus.
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Though after giving Elvis Andrus a stupid contract he doesn't deserve, not surprised to see the overpay Feliz
Rangers Winter Caravan in Round Rock. Elvis Andrus, Derek Holland, Robinson Chirinos and new manager Jeff Banister
My picture with Elvis Andrus freaking finally came in the mail πŸ™Œ
Fraley: What should Rangers do with Alex Rios, Elvis Andrus at the trade ...
.and teammates use Bane-like oxygen masks for offseason workouts
Elvis Andrus is the 2014 recipient of the Jim Sundberg Community Achievement Award. Will be honored at the Dr Pepper Awards Dinner on 1-23.
Rangers players Elvis Andrus, Shin-Soo Choo and Derek Holland all on hand for Jeff Banister press
lists & as Five trade possibilities for Elvis Andrus
On our flight to SF, my wife and I were on the plane with Elvis Andrus. Could speculate and start a rumor that...
hope we can get Alexi Ramirez or Elvis Andrus to replace him
Ran into Elvis Andrus of the at the state fair yesterday. It was the highlight of my day πŸ˜„
new post: Texas Rangers Off Season Review: The Infield: Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus were the glue that held...
Oct. 20, 2011: Texas Rangers Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus score in the 9th to even the World Series with a Game 2 2-1 win vs. the Cardinals.
New Rangers manager sees a slimmer Elvis Andrus, who vows to play at his ...
What did players who attended press conference introducing Jeff Banister think? has you covered:
Rangers’ Elvis Andrus Losing Weight This Off-Season: Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers has approached the off-...
Elvis Andrus has lost 10 pounds, plans to lose 10Β more
Rangers' Elvis Andrus losing weight: Andrus said he's already lost 10 pounds since the end of the year, and is...
BTW, Elvis Andrus was at presser. Looked slim. Told he's already lost 10 pounds and has 10 to go. Fraley will have more later on.
I want to make fun of Elvis Andrus for using are instead of our but he knows at least 2 languages and I don't.
Shin-Soo Choo, Derek Holland, Elvis Andrus are players in the interview room.
Elvis Andrus & Derek Holland attending new manager Jeff Banister press conference.
Elvis Andrus and Derek Holland are at the Jeff Banister press conference.
My waiter at Mi Cocina just got soo excited because he thought my real dad was Elvis Andrus. He asked him all quiet and politely. πŸ˜‚
was it easy to get steroids in Texas? Elvis Andrus can't hit!
Elvis Andrus is only entering his age-26 season in 2015.
I'm gonna miss Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus more than anything this winter.
Dyson not having much luck. Dejevu Elvis Andrus 2014.
How much for Aoki in the open market? 3yrs 17ish? Would like the to investigate. & talk to texas about Elvis Andrus
Cashman one posible trade could be Elvis Andrus and Neftali Feliz , Re-Sign Headley if not Sign Sandoval
Cashman Make a trade Elvis Andrus and Neftali Feliz , this Way got strong Young arm and a good SS for long time
ELVIS ANDRUS Texas Rangers replica jersey by Majestic XXL ( ... -
The Rangers really should look at what they can get for Elvis Andrus this offseason
Mike Napoli of Boston Red Sox tells former Texas Rangers teammate Elvis Andrus that he should shave h
Elvis Andrus diving stop and glove flip in the nick of time (x-post /r/baseballgifs)
And yet, he's going to make less than Elvis Andrus next year. I don't see what the advantage is/was signing this late in the season.
pry a stretch. daniels gave elvis andrus 8 years, $120 mil on the way to ruining the rangers. middle of the road SSs aren't cheap!
Carl Crawford for Elvis Andrus who says no
I feel you. I'm 2 months older than Elvis Andrus. He's played in 2 World Series. My baseball dreams are done.
I met Elvis Andrus from the Texas Rangers at work today!
Especially without the shenanigans of Elvis Andrus.
ICYMI: cards for Elvis Andrus in red and blue.
we traded Elvis Andrus, Matt Harrison, Neftali Feliz, and Jarrod Saltalmacchia all in the same trade
Congrats to Team Zack Patrol for winning the most recent Elvis Andrus baseball give away! You never know if and...
I've been saying for years that the Texas Rangers need to trade for Matt Kemp. Dodgers can take Elvis Andrus. 😈
I just spoke to Elvis Andrus on the phone!!! 😎
and how Elvis andrus hits for power against us
Was that Mike Trout or Elvis Andrus trying to steal 2nd base?
I just played softball against Elvis Andrus
I will say this about the Rangers...IF THEY DO NOT GET RID OF ELVIS ANDRUS I WILL SCREAM!!! HE IS AWFUL!
Well, JRam by himself saved about as many runs in 2 months as Elvis Andrus would over a full season. Which is batty.
Always a good night when you see Elvis Andrus at work. How can you go wrong with that?
are any of you Spanish speakers willing to help me become Mexican long enough to write a 100 word paper about Elvis Andrus
Listening to the MLB playoffs on the radio because I don't have any power. Basically, I'm Elvis Andrus.
Oakland trades BC 1 (2015) and Luis Valbuena to Compton for Elvis Andrus and Compton 6 (2017).
and texas wants Elvis Andrus off their hands, because they have profar and odor, and granderson would thrive in arlington.
The next picture was him decking Elvis Andrus lol.
Joke’s on you, Calcaterra: all the Rangers’ money is tied up in Prince Fielder, Shin Soo-Choo and Elvis Andrus!
yup he is. Won't fill 3rd base but I hear Jose Reyes and Elvis Andrus might be on trading block. Would be nice middle infielders
Wishful thinking but Jose Reyes or Elvis Andrus on the A's would be nice!
First glance I though Gregor Blanco was Elvis Andrus and I kind of had a freak out/happy moment..
Rollins lost a step too. Jays might want to get rid of Jose Reyes. Rangers might wanna get rid of Elvis Andrus. Both good!
This NY writer says Elvis Andrus too expensive for Yankees? Is that good or bad?
was thinking Elvis Andrus makes that out
Remember when people thought Elvis Andrus was fast?
The last successful steal of home in the postseason was by the Rangers' Elvis Andrus in Gm 2 of 2010 LCS.
Just had a conversation with Elvis Andrus and I didn't even know who he was until he told me he played for the rangers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬ oops
I was wrong about Elvis Andrus, though. 84 wRC+. Vomit.
Elvis Andrus went 2-for-4 in Sunday's season finale against the Athletics.
Yeah. You're an *** Elvis Andrus is better. You won't see this though.
at this point, I'd take Royce Clayton over Elvis Andrus
Infield single for Elvis Andrus. 1 on 1 out.
The best thing about this offseason is not having to hear the name Elvis Andrus
Elvis Andrus leads off the bottom of the 4th with a single for the Rangers
A leadoff hit from Elvis Andrus for in bottom/3
When Andrus' walk up comes on I'm just like okay Elvis
Omar was one of the best defensive players no doubt..even at his age today I'll take him over Elvis Andrus lmao
But thank you Elvis Andrus for throwing us 2 balls.
challenge call that Elvis Andrus was safe at 2B in the 3rd. Call overturned, runner out:
Elvis Andrus 1-2 on steal tries tonight. Pads AL lead in caught-stealings. Up to 15.
Another Elvis Andrus single, another Elvis Andrus steal of second. Bob Melvin out to check on this one, too.
RBI single by Rougned Odor scores Elvis Andrus after singles and steal. Adrian Beltre singles and lead 2-1
fast to counter Josh Donaldson solo homer with Elvis Andrus single, steal, run on Roughed Odor single. 1-1 in first.
Elvis Andrus stole second. Runner on second with one out and Rougned Odor at the plate.
Now I think we will go after 3 shortstops. I think we could go after Hanley, Tulo or maybe make a deal for Elvis Andrus.
Lol, no, Elvis Andrus will never be the Yankees shortstop.
Elvis Andrus: No more fun and games with Adrian Beltre
Elvis Andrus went 0-for-4 in a losing effort against the Athletics on Friday.
Thanks Elvis Andrus and "Mr. Benji" Molina. You made my first Rangers game!
Me too. Must be Elvis Andrus that the spam bots are picking up on.
Can't even be mad at Elvis Andrus, that was a great catch.
Elvis Andrus with running over the shoulder jump and catch to end third. Big out.
Another pop fly with men on to end inning for At least Elvis Andrus had to make a running diving catch this time on Jed Lowrie.
shortstop Elvis Andrus at the dish.
Rangers should explore options with Elvis Andrus, pitching to contend in ’15
Elvis Andrus is only 25, Martin is 26, Feliz is 26 too.. Darvish young enough to build around..
tex, 3, With Alex Rios batting, Sonny Gray picks off Elvis Andrus at 1st on throw to Brandon Moss.
Am I an *** if I mention that someone like Elvis Andrus would have made that play without a dive?
when I saw his stats, I laughed at Elvis.. I mean Andrus is slightly worse.. I want to forget this season
I dropped Elvis Andrus incase you care. Feel like his offensive production is bad when entire rangers roster is out for the year
Alexi Ramirez, Ben Zobrist, Asdrubel Cabrera, Xander Bogarts, Elvis Andrus, I think all them are having better seasons
Elvis Andrus should be in the home run derby
Chris Berman and Joe Mauer in the same booth? Got room for Elvis Andrus or Obama too?
Kevin millar: what's up with you and the guy to your left at shortstop Elvis andrus?. Adrian Beltre: well he's annoying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Prediction I'd like to be wrong on: On this day in 2015, Elvis Andrus is wearing a New York Mets jersey. –  10% Off
Just saw Elvis Andrus at DFW Airport. May have creamed in my panties
at the break: 38-57; w/ Elvis Andrus & Ron Washington VIDEO interviews. VIEW:
Meanwhile in Arlington, Elvis Andrus' shart-filled season continues.
When was the last time Elvis Andrus got a hit... ? Jeez
tex, 3, Adrian Beltre grounds out, second baseman Howie Kendrick to first baseman Efren Navarro. Elvis Andrus scores. Alex Rios to 3rd.
Andrus exits game with minor ankle injury .. Rangers MLB
tex, 3, Elvis Andrus walks. Adam Rosales to 3rd. Daniel Robertson to 2nd.
Rangers&Elvis Andrus back in lineup after getting spiked Thursday .. Rangers MLB
Elvis Andrus makes bold move for AL lead in caught-stealings by being picked off first. He has 9 caught stealings.
Awesome play by Howie Kendrick running down Elvis Andrus and getting the out to limit the damage. βšΎοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘.
tex, 1, With Jake Smolinski batting, Elvis Andrus picked off and caught stealing 2nd base, pitcher Tyler Skaggs to first baseman Efren Navar
lol. It's an "action figure" of Elvis Andrus, shortstop for the Texas Rangers. It was a giveaway thing at a game I attended.
Elvis Andrus fans have a chance to win one of his signed jerseys. also helping with signage too. http:/…
tex, 1, Elvis Andrus singles on a ground ball to second baseman Howie Kendrick. Daniel Robertson to 3rd.
Jimmy Rollins for Elvis Andrus, Matt Adams for a [sic] minor player, and it's from a Rangers fan.
Elvis Andrus shouldn't be allowed to have a beard..that thing is ugly
Elvis Andrus collects a pair of hits and an RBI as Rangers fall to Angels, 7-3. Recap:
The Rangers fell, 7-3, to the Angels. Elvis Andrus stole 2 bases and went 2 for 4 in a losing effort.
Elvis Andrus is an okay shortstop, I guess.
Wow, incredible play by Elvis Andrus. Not a slow runner going up the line either.
Mike Morin Elvis Andrus. two down and 1 on in the 7th, 7-2 Angels.
Jun 20, AB 4: Mike Trout grounds out, shortstop Elvis Andrus to first baseman Brad Snyder.
any time Elvis Andrus & Adrian Beltre are on screen together and something funny doesn't happen I get sad
plus with Leonys Martin and Elvis Andrus you can't do much. They're good at stealing, really good
Texas strikes on an RBI from Elvis Andrus that extends his hitting streak to 10 games. He then steals his second base tonight.
MLB: Rangers 1 Angels 0 -- 3rd Inning. Elvis Andrus drives in Leonys Martin to get the Rangers on the board.
Elvis Andrus' 2-out single scores Leonys Martin who walked, stole second and went to 3rd on a wild pitch.
Elvis Andrus has so much fun. Hard to hate that cat.
Omar mentioned Alcides Escobar, Elvis Andrus and J.J. Hardy as 3 guys he likes watching play shortstop. Surprised no mention of Andrelton.
Ray, should I trade Jimmy Rollins and Mike Napoli for Elvis Andrus. Not a keeper league.
Elvis Andrus Texas Rangers Autographed Rawli... Reply w/ to add this via
I sniped the Elvis Andrus for 80k lel
Billy Butler has a lower ISO than Elvis Andrus
Rangers Rumors: Texas getting calls on Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus, two others: If there was every a way to de...
The have already received trade inquiries on Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus, Alex Rios, and Joakim Soria, according to
a thought experiment: If you were the Rangers and had no SS, spitball a package of prospects you'd trade for Elvis Andrus.
if Miller can't maintain a .760 OPS or around there, he'd be valuable. If he can do like Elvis Andrus & steal 20 plus
Jon Heyman writes Texas is getting inquiries from teams interested in acquiring some of their veterans
Have Elvis Andrus and Alcides Escobar at SS in keeper. Trade one? If so, who is better keeper? Thanks Ray.
Had a great time at the game tonight, now Noah really has a whole new perspective on a few players , he was 5 feet away from Elvis Andrus tried to get him to sign his bat , Elvis turned walked away like he was stupid, after just saying his prayers for the night Noah said when i become a professional athlete I'm never going to be like that to anyone .I told him when i was younger i got Nolan Ryan, pudge Rodriguez, Kelly gruber, Ruben Sierra , Steve buchelle, autographs among others and they were great, Noah is a beast in his sports at 8 years old and end of the night he was very upset over this , it's just not like it used to be .cold world
cle, 1, Michael Brantley grounds out, shortstop Elvis Andrus to first baseman Mitch Moreland.
The Rangers jumped on Orioles starter Chris Tillman early tonight. In the bottom of the 1rst Inning Mitch Moreland singled home two runs for a 2-0 lead. In the bottom of the 2nd inning Texas added three more runs on a Michael Choice two run Homer and a RBI single by Elvis Andrus for a 5-0 lead after two innings. But as we all know from the first two games the Birds have some sticks in their lineup. In the top of the 3rd inning Baltimore started the comeback with a two run Homer by Nick Markakis off of Texas starter Colby Lewis to narrow the Twxas lead to 5-2. In the Top of the 5th inning the Birds erased the early deficit completely by scoring three runs on a two run double by Adam Jones and a Chris Davis RBI single to tie the score at 5-5. But unlike the first two games Texas responded late by scoring the runs in the bottom of the 7th inning to take a 8-5 lead. Andrus reached on a fielding error by Oriole SS J Hardy. Then Alex Rios and Chris Gimenez each had RBI singles. Adam Jones homered off of Tanner ...
5 of The Worst Deals in History: 5) The Mark Texeira Trade between the Texas Rangers and the Atlanta Braves. Texas sends slugger Mark Texeira and afterthought pitcher Ron Mahay to Atlanta for prospects Jarrod Saltalamachia, Elvis Andrus, Neftali Felix, Matt Harrison, and Beau Jones. Winner: Texas Rangers Loser: Atlanta Braves, who traded Texeira away the next season 4) The Curse of The Bambino: On January 3, 1920, Boston Red Sox owner, Harry Frazee, sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. Frazee used the proceeds to finance an obscure Broadway musical called "My Lady Friends" or sumpin' like that. Ruth went on to be one of the greatest baseball players in history, while the Red Sox wouldn't win another championship until 2004...after winning 5 in a row before the deal. Winner: New York Yankees Loser: Boston Red Sox and their fans. 3) The Louisiana Purchase: On March 10, 1804, President Thomas Jefferson announced The Louisiana Purchse. Originally the United States was only looking to purchase the Port of N ...
Neil Walker should be traded for Elvis Andrus. Then he would be Walker, Texas Ranger
BIg show today with 3 dudes in a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor: 4p-Christopher Lloyd, 430-Elvis Andrus + 5p-Michael Young on
Darvish dazzles, falls just shy of no-hitter Ron Washington, J.P. Arencibia and Elvis Andrus on Yu Darvish's ste...
I would give Elvis Andrus my life savings if he shaved that beard, it does not lolk good at all
Elvis Andrus' beard makes him look amish
Elvis Andrus making his return to the No. 2 hole a triumphant one. 2 for 2.
Is it just me or does Elvis Andrus look like Henry David Thoreau with that beard?
What's with the beard, Elvis Andrus? Who knew 2014 would be the year it was cool to look like a duck hunter or Al Qaeda...
Trying to decide if Elvis Andrus has the best or worst beard in the history of beards.
Elvis Andrus looks like he has pubic hair on his chin.
Andrus back at No. 2 spot against Red Sox: Elvis Andrus was back in the No. 2 spot in the lineup Friday with R...
notes: Elvis Andrus batting No. 2 again; Joe Saunders still wants to start | +
Is there a dumber looking beard than that of Elvis Andrus, he looks like a black garden gnome.
Elvis Andrus scores from first on Adrian Beltre double to left. up 1-0. Birthday boy Prince Fielder, 30 today, is up with one out.
Elvis Andrus, back in No. 2 hole, singles in the first. Ron Washington didn't commit to Andrus behind tonight, but, "I hope he goes off."
Elvis Andrus has the dumbest looking beard in baseball
TAG suggesting that Elvis Andrus, who has one of the highest GB%s in baseball this year, is struggling b/c he's not hitting enough GBs.
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I had no idea Elvis Andrus was Amish.
Elvis Andrus' beard looks like it was velcroed onto his face.
Elvis andrus has one of the worst beards I've ever seen.
Elvis Andrus' beard is so disgusting.
Elvis Andrus has 2 new walk up songs, one called Cold As Ice, and the 2nd walk up song is called Barbie Girl, Seriously Elvis? I literally just laughed out loud of the Barbie Girl song. I heard it last night during the game on tv
He isn't either, last time I checked. Elvis Andrus is.
Wearing Ranger red along with others to drown out the invading Red Sox Nation. Wearing Elvis Andrus.…
Elvis Andrus returns to No. 2 spot in Texas Rangers lineup
Why is Elvis Andrus back in the No. 2 spot. Here's Ron Washington's thought and full lineup:
Awkward moment when claims shortstop Elvis Andrus is a pitcher on one of their gloves
Recommendation by :Elvis Michael Choice had been hittin...
Aww just saw Elvis Andrus give Mike Napoli a bro-hug before they played with each other's beards
Elvis Andrus-SS: Elvis Andrus is back in the two-hole tonight.
I have been to Texas Rangers Elvis andrus house and Dallas stars Alex goligoski houses today and talked to both guys.
So, Elvis Andrus is back at batting 2nd.
"Elvis Andrus hitting second for Rangers tonight." πŸ˜žπŸ”«
Elvis Andrus is back in No. 2 spot for Rangers today. DJ JP Arencibia is catching
Elvis Andrus hitting second for Rangers tonight.
Photo: mlb: Elvis Andrus swings at pitchout, did not hit pitchout. Almost…
LOL at the reaction to the Rangers' Elvis Andrus as he got stuck walking up to the plate while Barbie Girl was playing. Classic.
Elvis andrus has that Abraham Lincoln beard lol
Rangers Elvis Andrus has 11 stolen bases on season
LMAO Elvis Andrus walk up song yesterday was Barbie Girl, that's awesome. His reaction was priceless
Please take Elvis Andrus off the banner, he is a scrub!
MLB Power Rankings: Tigers at the top: On the Marlins’ love for home, Elvis Andrus’ green streak and loya...
Did anyone else catch Elvis Andrus' walk up music? Lol!! I am a Barbie Girl in a Barbie world.
And Elvis Andrus walks up to home plate with "Barbie Girl" blaring.
Did someone played a prank on Elvis Andrus, his walk up song was Aqua-Barbie.The whole dugout was tripping out
The Rangers need to trade Elvis Andrus while they can
I think we need to start a petition to get Elvis Andrus to shave the ugly beard
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The tack on another run after Adrian Beltre whacks a double to deep center to drive home Elvis Andrus. They lead 2-0 …
Apr 22, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes grounds out, shortstop Elvis Andrus to first baseman Prince Fielder.
The and combo will always be my favorite. Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus would be a close second.
Woohoo! Yeah baby! Heck yeah! Prince goes yard as Rangers top the White Sox. Texas Rangers beat Chicago White Sox 6-3 at home. Texas Rangers won their 5th straight game overall and at home. Rangers win the series at least taking 2 out of 3 at least from White Sox. Rangers won their 4th straight series at home. Rangers have a chance to sweep the White Sox in finale of 3 game series and 10 game home stand. Rangers go to 11-7 overall, 9-3 at home, and 7-2 on 10 game home stand. Colby Lewis gets the win his 1st win of season in just his 2nd start since returning from injury going to 1-1. Joakim Soria got the save his 3rd save and is 3 out of 4 in save opportunities. Texas had three consecutive hits in the first, though No. 2 Elvis Andrus got tagged out in a rundown between first and second base after his single. Rios had an RBI double for a 1-0 lead and to stretch his hitting streak to six games. His RBI was his 10th RBI. Texas went ahead to stay on Fielder's high-arching blast to right leading off the fourth ...
Here's something else...What's the deal with all the facial hair in Memo to TEX SS Elvis Andrus...Get a razor!
Andrus is my favorite Ranger but i wish he'd shave. Oh *** man i ❀️ you anyway Elvis Andrus... 😍
I don't like that Elvis Andrus is growing out his beard. Like no
I don't know who gets more excited, Ron Washington or Elvis Andrus. I love it.
Can I have a beard like Elvis Andrus's??
Elvis Andrus is the Rangers' only Amish player.
Is Elvis Andrus angling for a role on Duck Dynasty?
Elvis Andrus really needs to shave.
Elvis Andrus’s beard is entering James Harden territory.
Elvis Andrus literally looks like a black version of Abe Lincoln...His facial hair is impressive
Elvis Andrus needs to shave his beard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Me: "Elvis Andrus is so cute with his beard" Dad: "It makes him look like a Puerto Rican Abe Lincoln"
Elvis Andrus has as his walk up song. Nice. Lol
Elvis Andrus' production is up and Kinsler is no longer hitting in front of him.coincidence?
I love everything about Elvis Andrus' beard 😍😍😍 yes lawd! πŸ’™
I'm about to get on my Elvis Andrus beard game.
Elvis Andrus gets his first of year. Had 12 last year (1st was 4/26/13)
Elvis Andrus looks like a 19 year old Mexican kid dressed up as Sacha Baron Cohen's Dictator character for Halloween
Elvis Andrus would be so cute with his beard off😻
Elvis Andrus' beard looks like he glued it on.
Another base running gaffe by Choo. Didn't even try to bail Elvis out. Better Andrus get tagged than Choo but he was hugging the base.
Sick and tired of seeing Elvis Andrus make dumb mistakes running the bases.
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