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Elton John

Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on 25 March 1947) is an English rock singer-songwriter, composer, pianist and occasional actor.

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Heard Joy Division on a store playlist yesterday alongside Elton John, The Who, and Rod Stewart. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised.
Brooklyn Danny was always fighting. His most peaceful moments, of my witness is when he is singing along to or simply feeling. Elton John.
Elton John LIVE in Las Vegas ladies & gentleman!
Serious question, but is Hans Zimmer and Elton John returning for Lion King 2019
Great he’s coming back. Big news. Wonder if Elton John & Tim Rice will too.
He almost ruined the entire original. That and the implied lion sex scene during that…
I Guess Thats Why they Call it the Blues - Elton John
wait.was the Elton John version not in there? Do we not get that version again?
How bout something from Elton John, Daniel or GB Yellow Brick Rd.
Front row tickets to Elton John. Let’s go!
I really cannot wait for this I hope they sing the original songs and I hope Elton john has parts in the songs
As much as I will love this movie, I just have to say NSYNC will NEVER replace Elton John. That's the…
Can You Feel The Love Tonight duet. I don't imagine they're gonna have Elton John sing it again...
We’re ready for the show Elton John the Million Dollar Piano concert
Now that halloween is over, my theme song for the next two months is “Step Into Christmas” by Elton John. 🎄☃️❄️
It's great *** now days are in the minority as a *** fan myself I feel a lot safer now I remember the…
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“My favorite song of all time is Saturday Night’s Alright by Elton John!” -
Elton John rocking out at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, 1975.
“I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing.”. - Elton John.
if Elton John, Bey, and Donald Glover don't do a remake of can you feel the love tonight together we gotta throw the whole movie out
Our dog Sam has been rehearsing the title song of the Lion King in the style of Elton John. Play it again, Sam.
End the Silence: Ed Sheeran, Elton John and more on their favourite childhood songs via
Its one of 3 I listen to. I do like Elton John, Chicago, Beach Boys a…
You never know who manages and overcomes.(Elton John-Musician)
Elton John wrote a song about DL9812.I'm still standing!
16. Elton John - Your Song played on the radio just after he passed and I know it’s him at peace. Thank you for being…
Sometimes as motivation, I listen to the Billy Joel-Elton John- Hall & Oates- Player- Rupert Holmes sub genre of dad rock. no shame
Asked someone at the party to put on Tony Danza by Elton John why is everyone starting at me
throwback pictures of Donatella Versace posing with musical legends Pharrell, Sean Combs, Elton John and Kanye
Sam Jackson reciting Elton John: Mars ain't the kind of place to raise a kid, in fact it's cold as *** You're welcome.
Song in of the week: Don't go breaking my heart. Artist: Elton John & Kiki Dee.
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My lame claim to fame: Elton John knows my face before he knows Harry Hart's face. Take that Harry! (Let me have it guys)
Literally no Beatles, Elton John or Elvis without Domino and his influence.
I added a video to a playlist Elton John - Rocket Man (Official Music Video)
don't go breaking my hearth. Elton John i Kiki Dee
Billy Bob Thornton, Elton John and Eric Whitacre have amaze seats
Big 95 Music News: A Jimi Hendrix note to 'a Foxy Lady' just fetched $7,500 and Elton John is set to receive a...
Photo of T REX and Elton JOHN and Marc BOLAN; with Elton John filming 'Born To Boogie' at Ascot...
Enjoy! I'm at Watford Palace Theatre watching a play called Elton John's Glasses. Your team's been mentioned too!
Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano-Live at Caesars Palace starting 10/11. Reserve your seats now!…
listener request and : Rush, Jennifer (& Elton John) - Flames Of Paradise at
The Who might be next as Sir Elton John leaves Caesars
If he is your favorite rapper as you claim then you know he and Elton John are friends. I don’t think y…
Elton John, a major musical draw to Las Vegas, will end his residency at Caesar's Palace next year
Same. She can do no wrong in my eyes. Yeah, I dug the absurdity of having Elton John around. Think the…
That rapper has 21 million followers not to mention did a song with Elton John a *** man.
All purpose parts banner
who wants to come over and grind to Elton John and Hall and Oates?
He’s with Levon or he’s on Venus if u can believe Elton John. I think he met a lawyer and is going to writ…
is the real reason you don’t like Billy Joel because people considers him the Piano Man but in reality Elton John is the Piano Man?
Elton John has announced the end of his second Las Vegas residency
Elton John announces final show dates for his critically-acclaimed residency 🎹
An Elton John concert is on my bucket list.
Jk that’s not how that works. I just like Elton John and apparently so did my dad
Sparkles and skills! Elton John - Rocket Man (Live at the Royal Festival Hall 1972) HD
Album cover. Jude covers Elton John songs in the style of Beck. .
they respected each other. Sir Elton John and George Michael . Freedom
Final 14 dates of stint will take place in April, May 2018.
Tonni wasnt old enough to remember elton john and eminem kissing at the grammys
8- I love Billy Joel, but he was an absolute *** to Elton John and he should apologize to the man that saved his career
Elton John is a legend, and that song is so good bro
Can't picture Elton John at the keyboard in a suit from Robert Hall (ask your Parents.…
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Does anyone else loathe the crab from and find him repulsive on every level or is it just me? He is a combo…
High key Elton John doesn’t have bad songs. Starting to see an argument for him as best musician of all-time.
The One by Elton John. Listen on the web at Download the mobile app and take us with you.
Elton John to wrap up Las Vegas residency in 2018 He previously enjoyed a five-year run in Sin City from 2004 to 2…
Sir Elton John, you never fail to lift my spirits
sharing Elton John to play in Dubai. Finally! - (blog)
Nicola. you look like Elton John there...😂
Elton John ending Las Vegas residency in 2018 - Elton John will be pushing back from his piano at Caesars Palac...
Elton John announced the final 14 dates of his long-running residency at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace
Elton John - Your Song Live (on tape) performance broadcast on the Andy Williams Show in 1970.
The Hit Story of YOUR SONG - Elton John and Bernie Taupin via Tim Tamashiro
I will say although unnecessary, the addition of Elton John was perfect
I just think the Elton John runaway train
Elton John's chef opens restaurant - but is it any good?
Review: Chef who's worked for Coldplay and Elton John opens restaurant - but is it any good? - Leicester Mercury…
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"Proper pie, mash, mushy peas and gravy. As previously enjoyed by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Russell C…
If I spent £750 on a room, I wouldn't want a picture of Elton John and Mrs Merton.
Yes it's not as funny, the villain isn't as good as Samuel L. Jackson and Elton John's appearances were strange, but it's more fun overall.
chrisfinn sings Sorry Seems to be the hardest word in the style of Elton John on Red Karaoke
For John Lennon's Birthday: John, Bobby Womack & Elton John performing with Dr. John at his gig in Los Angeles in 1973. htt…
I swear this is the four very different men David Lee Roth, Jonathan Frakes, James Hetfield, and Elton John.
Carpool Karaoke on Elton John takes the font seat
Best song of 1970?. top: Black Sabbath. 2nd: The Beatles. 3rd: Derek and the Dominos. 4th: Elton John
You gonna condemn the guy who did it and give him a cool Elton John nickname or...?
Gold. Maybe it should've been that nice English fellow Elton John. Surely Molly Meldrum could've recommended someon…
Gosh I do wish our Pisspot of a POTUS would please stop giving Elton John lyrical nicknames to tyrannical despots with nuc…
Now, every time I see Rocket Man, I think of the song Rocket Man by Elton John.
Elton John in is EVERYTHING!! And Julianne Moore is the best villain ever. LOVED IT 😁👏🏼
For some reason I've listened to nothing but Billy Joel and Elton John for the last week and a half
"I guarantee that cats like Elton John better" [than Billy Joel] [aka the only thing me and Chad fight about Billy v Elton.]
Where tf is Elton John or Billy Joel.or Lionel Richie? This line-up is trash.
Aside from RiRi.. 'All of the Lights' has the vocals of 14 or so artists.. including Elton John, Alicia Keys, La Ro…
Playlist de fragile ce dimanche 😁😅. K-Ci & JoJo : all my life. Elton John: sacrifice . R Kelly: If I could turn back the hands of time
Tina Turner, Elton John, Ann Margaret and The Who for the release of the movie "Tommy" in New York 1975.
George Michael, Elton John and Queen are highly popular with all kids I've run across. AC/DC super…
Gucci channels Elton John for its Milan fashion week show
Elton John, Bugs Bunny and ice skating. Watch the full Spring 2018 runway show now on M2M:
Apologies if Madonna & Muse are Pop. Elton John & Chicago both considered Classic Rock (never unde…
Annoyed that everyone is assuming 'Rocket Man' refers to Elton John lyric and not to Bernard Quatermass.
I wonder what Elton John thinks of Trump using his "Rocket Man" song in vain?. I think it's gonna be a long long time till…
Kim Jong Un warns he is prepared to weaponise every lyric by Elton John
SERIOUSLY?! I'm betting Elton John wants to smack him. With a piano. In the throat.
When Elton John is now forever associated with Kim Jong-un
That's not how this works... That's not how any of this works. ~Elton John.
So, "Rocket Man" calls you "Honky Cat"?. You two could bond over your mutual love of Elton John!
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Wondering, when you dubbed Kim Jung Un "Rocketman"... did you know he was a big Elton Jo…
Trump's 'Rocket Man' fixation doesn't seem to be doing much for Elton John
Am I the only one who's thinking that Elton John's Rocket Man has a positive connotation?
I don't think Elton John was the sole propreitor of "Rocket Man." Here are several others that used t…
President Trump addressing the UN today coins Kim Jong Un as "Rocket Man" somewhere Elton John…
Elton John would you mind speaking up please. Trump just stoled your Rocket Man.
God this is hilarious. Elton John needs royalties from these two nimrods
Trump had Rocket Man in his campaign playlist. Elton John was... not thrilled. .
He used a lot of Elton John. Did Elton permit it, or was it without his permission?
Thought of Day: Wonder if Elton John will sue Kim Jong Un for becoming the "Rocket Man!"
After hearing the news this morning, I've had Elton John stuck in my head all day
Everyone is talking about Trump calling KJU rocketman but no one has asked Elton John how he feels about his song being used to start WW3.
Anyone else picture Kim Jung Un dressed as an Elton John impersonator?
Has got Elton John's stuck in your head? I can help. Replace it w/this. You're welcome.
Scary thought. Maybe if they had played some Elton John songs he would have enjoyed the Emmy show.
Yep. WWIII signalled by quoting Elton John. You couldn't write this nonsense.
Is it just me, or is Elton John's "Rocket Man" playing over and over in your head after this week?
I'm certain Elton John isn't pleased he used his title. Any association is repulsive to ppl.
Somewhere Elton John is shaking is head in despair
Lots of Elton John nicknames at the UN. Trump called Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" while Trump is known as "Tiny Hand-Sir".
Laugh, because it's better than crying.
"'Rocket Man' doesn't have quite the same negative ring as 'crooked' or 'lyin'.'" Trump & E…
So do you think Trump thought of the name Rocket Man for Kim Jong Un himself or he happened to be jamming to Elton John and had an epiphany
I really do want to thank for helping me rediscover the greatness of Elton John.
it would be funny if started calling all world leaders by Elton John song names. Macron.
When I saw "Rocket Man" trending I was upset because I thought Elton John had died. Turns out, it just means we're all…
Elton John Philadelphia Freedom Live HD HQ best quality via from the day i was born i waved the flag
.inserts Rocket Man reference into speech, marking first time Elton John tune has been inserted into an UNGA addr…
BREAKING: President Trump under investigation by special prosecutor for suspected ties to Elton John.
I saw in Denver airport Sunday. He was listening to Elton John
Anticipating Trump's departure from the White House, Elton John is working on a new song he calls, 'Goodbye, Yellow-haired Toad.'
Yeah . . . because we all know that the sickest burns are found in Elton John song titles. Now get back to work, Ti…
I'm definitely the 10,000th person to say making bad jokes about Elton John songs at the UN is extremely dumb
bought Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road that had some stray Al Jolson on it. Any other mis-pre…
It's a Billy Joel, Elton John, and Phil Collins kinda day today
David Caruso is prime Elton John impressionist material.
Last time I checked, Rocket Man is a song by Elton John. . Keep it that way, Annoying Orange.
This makes me think of a Elton John song. Maybe someone else knows what i mean
Did MOTD put Watford-Citeh on first just so they could show Elton John and Liam Gallagher?
Lol well if ya don't know both Elton John and that *** Noel Gallagher r both *** then the better fuq u know hoho.
For me, Watford simply looked knackered - I said to Elton John at half-time, "Your players burned out long before Man C…
Noel Gallagher and Elton John in the house! Watford vs City
Rowan Atkinson - Interview with Elton John via Just a brought a to my face today x
1997 Elton John releases "Candle in the Wind 1997", a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales in the UK
I'm just a simple girl who was raised on Elton John and enjoys thrift shopping :)
Michael helped Elton John with writing of the text of songs to an animated cartoon Lion King
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John on and
Mine was Tyrannosaurus Rex.. later to be T REX at Newcastle city hall...later followed by a very young Elton John..
Congratulations Holly Derham the winner of Ian Gurner Dental cares Elton John concert ticket at the Derwent Enterta…
What do music legends Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Elton John & Prince have in common? join J…
Ray Charles & Elton John - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (2004).
The only thing that could eclipse Lewis Hamilton's poem is if Elton John releases an anniversary techno remix of Candle In The Wind.
Elton John, who played 'Candle In The Wind' at funeral, pays tribute to the late royal…
Bowie, KISS, Elton John, Roxy Music, Television, Patti Smith, and David Essex is a pretty good choice of content, though.
My coworker mistook my rendition of Elton John for Ronnie Milsap's "Cowboys and Clowns" so "I Guess That's Why They Call It…
Noah Cyrus may sound like Miley but tonight she looks like Elton John
Is bad that the only of part of Ghetto Gospel by 2Pac, is the Elton John hook?
I've enthusiastically compared father John misty to Elton John on drugs before so I guess ryan adams isn't a total fraud after all
in the Wind 1997" by Elton John as tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales.Re-written/re-recorded…
Legend has it Elton John wrote this song after becoming upset that so many people said "Oh Jesus" during ***
Diana secret tape REVEALED: Princess MOCKS Elton John in shock call with George Michael
Elton John. 1998 at the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center. I was in 5th grade.
'Now playing' Elton John - Madman Across the Water 'on' APS Radio
Princess Diana Rest In Peace LOVED "Candle In The Wind" by Elton John. And so I share it in social media. XOXOXO!
"Your Song" by Elton John ~ Cover by Campbell Walker Fields and Avonlea via
There, I saw Elton John with his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
my first Elton John album was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and I still have it on vinyl!!
At least Elton John is happy. Don't we all love him?
Andre Gray when he enters the Vic and sees we have a stand dedicated to Elton John
Check out LOT OF 94 Sealed and not sealed Music CD's : Les Paul, Rick Nelson, Elton John.. via
With songs titled 'Nikita' & 'Border Song' i'm surprised Trump hasn't tried to convince people that Elton John should be investigated.
and the only person George knew was Elton John. William asked him if he could sing a song a…
Elton John's Ferrari sold for equivalent of R9.65m.
Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John - Listen at - Buy It
1) The Carpenters Ticket to Ride 2) Chic's I Want Your Love and 3) Elton John's Philadelphia Freedom. Musical sounds I had just not heard b4
Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom. we're on 98.0FM and .
- you & Pink shld do a concert at Sydney Entertainment Centre 2gether. Elton John and - as u battle it out 4 mst perf!
"When a rumor doesn't go away it's not a rumor" - Elton John 💙💚
My R.E.M. was also storified. Also have done them on Elton John, Wire, My Bloody Valentine…
My mom was too!! AC/DC, Eminem, Elton John, Christina Agulara, and George Strait
►: Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John ♫ Click link to listen
2 men that have handled more balls than Clay Aiken, Elton John, and Tom Cruise. Congratulations, Pudge.
in 1999, Phil Collins married for the third time, guests at the wedding included Elton John, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler.
when Lana and Sean Lennon sing about being each other's Tiny Dancers and then u find out Elton John is Sean Ono Lennon'…
Billy Joel has played New York's Madison Square Garden 65 times, more than anyone in history. Elton John is second with 64 appearances.
"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" is a song written by English singer Elton John and his lyricist Bernie Taupin.…
True. He was a British Dandy, an established archetype from Disraeli to Elton John
Elton John & Bernie Taupin had a 5± year period that was nearly flawless.
One of my favorite songs, considered by Elton John and Bernie Taupin to be the bookend to "Your Song". Sinéad...
Max writes lots of songs lately. About purple dump trucks, about Mama driving the car. We decided he’ll be Bernie Taupin to Leo’s Elton John
"I thank the lord for the people I have found..." - Bernie Taupin, Elton John, "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters"
Elton John and his partner behind the lyrics , Bernie Taupin in the 1970s, both legends🎹📝 .
This is the early 2000s and Crowe plays Elton John, Tom Petty, Nancy Wilson and Patty Griffin. There's Fleetwood Mac, Lynryd Skynrd too.
An insightful audio essay on Elton John and George Michael; their careers, and their cultural significan…
Things you didn't know... Things you didn't know - Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote 'Don't Go Br...
Best movie soundtrack written by a rock artist?. top: Phil Collins. 2nd: Elton John. 3rd: Bob Dylan . 4th: Prince
Like.Elton John performed with him. Legends supporting legends
Concept: dancing barefoot in a white sundress under the stars in a field while Elton John's Rocket Man plays from a car radio
if you can't bump to:. Elton John . Billy Joel. Fleetwood Mac. The Beatles. ABBA. David Bowie. U2. Prince. Queen. The Cars. Toto. The…
Confession time - every time I see the lyrics of Mad World written out, I read them to the tune of Elton John's "Goodbye…
Teen jailed for plotting at Elton John concert in - Reuters
Teen gets life for Elton John concert bomb plot
BBC News. Elton John bomb plotter Haroon Syed jailed for lifeBBC NewsA 19-year-old man has been jailed…
Haroon Syed's sentencing comes barely a month after a suicide bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester...
Teen jailed for life after Elton John bomb plot
I wish my GPS lady would sing Elton John with me
Teenager jailed for life after plotting terror attack at Elton John gig - NME via
UK: Muslim gets life in prison (i.e. 16 1/2 years) for plotting jihad massacre at Elton John concert
U.K. teen gets 16 years for plotting bomb attack at Elton John concert.
British man who planned to bomb Elton John concert sentenced to life in prison
Haroon Syed, 19, from West London, pleaded guilty to planning a terrorist attack between April and September 2016
Elton John bomb plotter Haroon Syed jailed for life - BBC News
Teenager who plotted a nail bomb attack at Elton John’s Hyde Park concert faces a life sentence
UK - Teen who plotted Elton John gig nail bomb on 9/11 anniversary joins jihadi brother in jail
Radicalised teen who plotted to bomb Elton John show jailed for life via /r/worldnews
Imagine how many plots they're disrupting that we don't even hear about.
He and Gregg Allman were my father's favorites. Along with George Michael and Elton John, they shaped…
Well think, Elton John had to get married and have kids before he could come out. And Barr…
NowPlaying Don't Let the Sun Down on Me - George Michael and Elton John 01:36
You've been requited. Wrong timing. Per a close friend I know who listens to Elton John at awkward hours.
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Gnomes, Shakespeare, Ozzy Osbourne and he music of Elton John: can you do Gnomeo and Juliet?
Based on the request from Comfort Okeowo , I will be slaughtering SACRIFICE by ELTON JOHN
Elton John - Healing Hands on AIR FM the home of great 80's music
Another amusing comment chain. It was about Elton John helping Eminem kick drug addiction.
Not in total agreement, but interesting: Albums Ranked Worst to Best
I forgot how much I love Elton John. Having an aul bop on the train into work.
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Elton John - I 'm still standing "
So at Camden Locks I got Sir Elton John!! Ha! Ok, the man was high off of a bong but I'll take Elton John 👍
Rock Calendar 6-28-77: Elton John achieves a lifelong ambition when he becomes the Chairman of Watford Football (soccer) Club.
Eminem want d 2 getclean 📲Elton John who helped for 18 months to kick his addiction to Norcos & otr ❤️XO
Elton John Aids Foundation supported HUM calls for creative and integrated pitches
Eminem: Elton John got me off drugs
TIL When Eminem wanted to get clean he called Elton John who then helped him for 18 months to kick his addiction to Vicodin, Ambien and oth…
2 Fingers of Whiskey - Music from The American Epic Sessions by Elton John ♫
Elton John: 'When I was on drugs there was a monstrous side to me'
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Blue's got blue a deep blue sky.on a blue blue day.Elton John. https…
"Pinky's as perfect as the Fourth of July. Quilted and timeless, seldom denied" -Elton John
it's time for playing classic Elton John ballads on repeat, is what time it is
Killer Queen by Queen and Rocket Man by Elton John. And Vienna by Billy Joel.
Elton John used to have bowls of cocaine in every room in his house. Talk about being ready to party at any given second.
From Leland Sklar just now!. "OK, now how weird would it be if Phil Collins, Jackson Browne, Blondie, Elton John...
Owen Jones turned me into a homophobe. I'm gonna have to throw away by Elton John record…
Still think Taylor Swift has to headline soon, as well as Daft Punk and Elton John. Get to work Eavis family...
I think today is a Billy Joel kind of day. I listened to him and Elton John almost constantly when I wrote the Big City Heat series.
Said nothing about trunks. It was tbe Schaf not the Daley. Btw how was your evening with Elton John?
Dave the electrician says it's Wilson Phillips - Hold on, B-side a cover of Elton John's 'Daniel'!
Broadway alert: "THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Elton John and Paul Rudnick will collaborate on a musical version...
I think my dad enjoyed Penn & Teller more than Elton John and truth be known, so did I. Every needs a little bit of magic in their lives ✨
Elton John- Bennie and the Jets (cover) by Anna Janaszak and Jerry Robinson
Something must have happened to a country's mindset that went from knighting Douglas Bader to knighting Elton John
I'm 4 all the Knights England has knighted 2 come protect the kingdom.fierce warriors of the likes of Paul McCartney & Elton John.
selling 4 tickets to Elton John today at 3aaa county cricket ground Derby, face value!! Gates open 4pm
my sisters & I decided to name our new plants after the 3 most important people ever: Elton John, Morgan Freeman, & Morris Bart
Just got everybody in Krispy Kreme to sing along to Rocket Man by Elton John. My job is done here.
can I chuck in a request for The Four Tops "Indestructible" & Aretha and Elton John "Through the storm" cheers
DJ man plz play phill Collins just one more night and Elton John candle in the wind
That's what you both are to me xx Gary Barlow, Elton John - Face To Face via
Best song by British white man about inner struggle of Native American warrior: "Indian Sunset" by Elton John
Elton John. Aretha Franklin. Celine Dion. Mariah Carey. Jessie J. Marvin Gaye. Brendon Urie. are all aries. BRUH. is the vocalist sign!
Elton John will never retire, says Barlow | Business Standard News
Elton John performing at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, 1975.
Jonni Mitchell, Elton John, Carole King and Cat Stevens get a shout out before they mention a single black artist. This is kinda incredible
lost-azizi Gibson, Lucy in the sky with diamonds- Elton John version, some post Malone, option- hippie sabotage. My favs rn hehe
I liked a video playing Master of Puppets on Elton John's piano at St. Pancras Station - London
Kenneth Dwight(Elton John) dressed as Donald Duck, playing piano in Central Park in 1980
Jimmy Page, Slash, Elton John & many weigh in on the passing of Chris Cornell.
Soundgarden rocker Chris Cornell dead at 52: Jimmy Page, Elton John and others react -
St. Vincent, Brian Wilson, Jimmy Page, Four Tet, Elton John, more have paid their respects to the late Chris Cornell https:/…
Elton John, Jimmy Page and more pay tribute to singer Chris Cornell
Elton John fans: NO tickets will be sold from Box Office on May 19th. ONLY or at…
You know what makes me mad. I was at the Tate Modern 4 days ago. . Elton John was there 3 days ago. . And Alan Cummings was there yesterday.
I just want to do was have Skylar Astin sing Elton John at the Mary Ellen Mark lecture at PPAC!
Nothing says "Sorry we almost gave you third degree burns," like an ostrich & Elton John's Rocketman.
"Border Song" is a gospel ballad originally performed by British musician Elton John. ♫
Paul McCartney is the greatest person. Along with Elton John. The best people are British
If I this the I would Love to go and see is Arianna Grande or Elton John please, XXX
The Beatles, David Bowie, Tracy Chapman, Prince, Elton John, you name it man
I am less shocked by the fact that Rush Limbaugh would want Elton John to play at his wedding than that he can afford it.
'Hey Jude' like you've never heard before... Paul McCartney has . Elton John on Piano, . Sting as back up singer, . Phil Coll…
WATCH | talk about working with Elton John, collaborations & more!. See them at Sandown Park on 8 June: https:/…
I think if you have heard my music taste, it's like Elton John mixed with Jay-Z but then like Sunny 95 Peter Paul and Mary with Helen Reddy.
Elton John did WAY, WAY, more for Ryan White than that pos pedophile. He gave Rya…
Jake Isaac announced as support for Elton John's Wonderful Crazy Night tour
Bro expand your horizons. Elton John bought Chick-fil-A and it's cool now
Elton John: 'just sounds better' Bull! Elton. That's decadence. Vinyl is crap
More in the store today! David Crosby, Brandy Clark, Spoon, Allen Toussaint, Elton John & More! Get yours!!…
05-02 Elton John on Janet Jackson: 'I'd rather go and see a drag queen'
Elton John was the greatest artist of the 70's. He put out 8-10 classic albums in 6 years. The king of melody. A true rock 'n' roll star.
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