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Elton John

Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on 25 March 1947) is an English rock singer-songwriter, composer, pianist and occasional actor.

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Well think, Elton John had to get married and have kids before he could come out. And Barr…
NowPlaying Don't Let the Sun Down on Me - George Michael and Elton John 01:36
You've been requited. Wrong timing. Per a close friend I know who listens to Elton John at awkward hours.
Gnomes, Shakespeare, Ozzy Osbourne and he music of Elton John: can you do Gnomeo and Juliet?
Based on the request from Comfort Okeowo , I will be slaughtering SACRIFICE by ELTON JOHN
Elton John - Healing Hands on AIR FM the home of great 80's music
Now playing Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John!
Another amusing comment chain. It was about Elton John helping Eminem kick drug addiction.
Not in total agreement, but interesting: Albums Ranked Worst to Best
I forgot how much I love Elton John. Having an aul bop on the train into work.
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Elton John - I 'm still standing "
So at Camden Locks I got Sir Elton John!! Ha! Ok, the man was high off of a bong but I'll take Elton John 👍
Rock Calendar 6-28-77: Elton John achieves a lifelong ambition when he becomes the Chairman of Watford Football (soccer) Club.
Eminem want d 2 getclean 📲Elton John who helped for 18 months to kick his addiction to Norcos & otr ❤️XO
Elton John Aids Foundation supported HUM calls for creative and integrated pitches
Eminem: Elton John got me off drugs
TIL When Eminem wanted to get clean he called Elton John who then helped him for 18 months to kick his addiction to Vicodin, Ambien and oth…
2 Fingers of Whiskey - Music from The American Epic Sessions by Elton John ♫
Elton John: 'When I was on drugs there was a monstrous side to me'
Blue's got blue a deep blue sky.on a blue blue day.Elton John. https…
"Pinky's as perfect as the Fourth of July. Quilted and timeless, seldom denied" -Elton John
it's time for playing classic Elton John ballads on repeat, is what time it is
I added a video to a playlist Elton John - BBC London UK 1971
Killer Queen by Queen and Rocket Man by Elton John. And Vienna by Billy Joel.
Elton John used to have bowls of cocaine in every room in his house. Talk about being ready to party at any given second.
From Leland Sklar just now!. "OK, now how weird would it be if Phil Collins, Jackson Browne, Blondie, Elton John...
Owen Jones turned me into a homophobe. I'm gonna have to throw away by Elton John record…
Still think Taylor Swift has to headline soon, as well as Daft Punk and Elton John. Get to work Eavis family...
I think today is a Billy Joel kind of day. I listened to him and Elton John almost constantly when I wrote the Big City Heat series.
Said nothing about trunks. It was tbe Schaf not the Daley. Btw how was your evening with Elton John?
Dave the electrician says it's Wilson Phillips - Hold on, B-side a cover of Elton John's 'Daniel'!
Broadway alert: "THE Devil Wears Prada Elton John and Paul Rudnick will collaborate on a musical version...
I think my dad enjoyed Penn & Teller more than Elton John and truth be known, so did I. Every needs a little bit of magic in their lives ✨
Elton John- Bennie and the Jets (cover) by Anna Janaszak and Jerry Robinson
Something must have happened to a country's mindset that went from knighting Douglas Bader to knighting Elton John
I'm 4 all the Knights England has knighted 2 come protect the kingdom.fierce warriors of the likes of Paul McCartney & Elton John.
selling 4 tickets to Elton John today at 3aaa county cricket ground Derby, face value!! Gates open 4pm
my sisters & I decided to name our new plants after the 3 most important people ever: Elton John, Morgan Freeman, & Morris Bart
Just got everybody in Krispy Kreme to sing along to Rocket Man by Elton John. My job is done here.
can I chuck in a request for The Four Tops "Indestructible" & Aretha and Elton John "Through the storm" cheers
DJ man plz play phill Collins just one more night and Elton John candle in the wind
That's what you both are to me xx Gary Barlow, Elton John - Face To Face via
Best song by British white man about inner struggle of Native American warrior: "Indian Sunset" by Elton John
Elton John. Aretha Franklin. Celine Dion. Mariah Carey. Jessie J. Marvin Gaye. Brendon Urie. are all aries. BRUH. is the vocalist sign!
Elton John will never retire, says Barlow | Business Standard News
Elton John performing at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, 1975.
Jonni Mitchell, Elton John, Carole King and Cat Stevens get a shout out before they mention a single black artist. This is kinda incredible
lost-azizi Gibson, Lucy in the sky with diamonds- Elton John version, some post Malone, option- hippie sabotage. My favs rn hehe
I liked a video playing Master of Puppets on Elton John's piano at St. Pancras Station - London
Kenneth Dwight(Elton John) dressed as Donald Duck, playing piano in Central Park in 1980
Jimmy Page, Slash, Elton John & many weigh in on the passing of Chris Cornell.
Soundgarden rocker Chris Cornell dead at 52: Jimmy Page, Elton John and others react -
St. Vincent, Brian Wilson, Jimmy Page, Four Tet, Elton John, more have paid their respects to the late Chris Cornell https:/…
Elton John, Jimmy Page and more pay tribute to singer Chris Cornell
Elton John fans: NO tickets will be sold from Box Office on May 19th. ONLY or at…
You know what makes me mad. I was at the Tate Modern 4 days ago. . Elton John was there 3 days ago. . And Alan Cummings was there yesterday.
I just want to do was have Skylar Astin sing Elton John at the Mary Ellen Mark lecture at PPAC!
Nothing says "Sorry we almost gave you third degree burns," like an ostrich & Elton John's Rocketman.
"Border Song" is a gospel ballad originally performed by British musician Elton John. ♫
Paul McCartney is the greatest person. Along with Elton John. The best people are British
If I this the I would Love to go and see is Arianna Grande or Elton John please, XXX
The Beatles, David Bowie, Tracy Chapman, Prince, Elton John, you name it man
I am less shocked by the fact that Rush Limbaugh would want Elton John to play at his wedding than that he can afford it.
'Hey Jude' like you've never heard before... Paul McCartney has . Elton John on Piano, . Sting as back up singer, . Phil Coll…
WATCH | talk about working with Elton John, collaborations & more!. See them at Sandown Park on 8 June: https:/…
I think if you have heard my music taste, it's like Elton John mixed with Jay-Z but then like Sunny 95 Peter Paul and Mary with Helen Reddy.
Elton John did WAY, WAY, more for Ryan White than that pos pedophile. He gave Rya…
Jake Isaac announced as support for Elton John's Wonderful Crazy Night tour
Bro expand your horizons. Elton John bought Chick-fil-A and it's cool now
Elton John: 'just sounds better' Bull! Elton. That's decadence. Vinyl is crap
More in the store today! David Crosby, Brandy Clark, Spoon, Allen Toussaint, Elton John & More! Get yours!!…
05-02 Elton John on Janet Jackson: 'I'd rather go and see a drag queen'
Elton John was the greatest artist of the 70's. He put out 8-10 classic albums in 6 years. The king of melody. A true rock 'n' roll star.
Was and her choir on tonight ! Gerry once wanted Elton John singing for the future ?
Checking out "UK: Muslim teen plotted jihad massacre at Elton John concert" on Tea Party Command Center:
Imagine thinking Kelly Clarkson, Adele + Lily Allen are better artists than Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Michael Ja…
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Check out friday night for compositions from Sirs Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elton John, and Paul McCartney!
Derbyshire County Cricket Club assured over Elton John show after infection .
Bacterial infection forces Elton John to cancel May shows
The Great and powerful Oz syndrome. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Elton John was spot on.
In car, daughter shifts stations to Sunshine. Yellow Brick Road is playing. After, DJ goes "well it was almost goodbye Elton John." Class!
I swear if I wake up and Elton John is dead I'm not going anywhere I'm laying in bed and listening to Yellow Brick Road on repeat
He had been listening to Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" for ten hours
Elton John cancels shows due to a 'harmful and unusual' infection via
I just wanna see Elton John live once in my life tbh
Elton John in intensive care hospital battle with 'potentially deadly' infection
Elton John cancels US shows after rare infection makes him 'violently ill' leaving him in intensive care
Any idea of what virus?. Elton John out of intensive care, cancels concerts through end of May
BREAKING: Elton John reportedly in intensive care at UK hospital -
04-25 Sir reveals why cheeky Arlene Phillips branded him 'awful' after
Elton John diagnosed with 'rare and potentially deadly' infection
Sending love and prayers to Elton John. Really hope he will be alright ❤️
BREAKING: Musical legend and *** icon Elton John has been hospitalized with a 'potentially deadly' infection. Keep him i…
Boy Elton john better survive or the world better just go on and end
Sir Elton John is in intensive care with a 'potentially deadly' rare infection.
Lemme get a early RIP for Elton John
Elton John cancels April + May tour plans to recover from 'harmful and unusual' infection: http…
Elton John cancels Las Vegas shows after hospitalization
Elton John forced to cancel Vegas concerts due to ‘unusual bacterial infection’.
Elton John, 70, in intensive care battle - Tyranny News
John recovering from 'rare and potentially deadly' infection contracted in South America - Los Angeles Tim…
Elton John cancels shows to recover from rare infection
No, 2017, you can't have Elton John. Don't even try to take him away from us.
Dear Universe, . You took Prince & Bowie, then you stuck us with Trump. If you take Elton John just go ahead and implode.…
Elton John rushed to intensive care via @
Elton john better not die here ill be fuming
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
its reported Elton John is hospitalized after contracting potentially Deadly infection that puts him in intensive care he
Please keep Elton John in your thoughts and prayers Monsters, he is currently in intensive care in a UK hospital due to…
⚡️ “Elton John cancels several shows after being diagnosed with rare infection”.
Elton John didn't look very happy after he left Bute House yesterday, after he finished singing "Goodbye (SNP)-Yellow B…
I started listening to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road about an hour ago, and now I read Elton John has been hospitalised. Let him be alright.
Here's hoping Elton John will be on the Yellow Brick Road to recovery soon: He's had to…
Remembering the time Alex Turner, Miles Kane and Lana Del Rey sang Elton John at karaoke together
Me: Alexa, play Ode to Joy in German. Alexa: I do not have any songs in German by Elton John.
Stephen A. looking more like Elton John today... Not sure how I feel about it
Madonna, Elton John, Stephen Frye, Dan Savage, just to name a few. All…
Prince Harry, Elton John highlight importance of HIV testing
Prince Harry and Elton John speak out at AIDS summit
This battle royal is like Richard Simmons In a cage match against Elton John.
I'm just saying. Harry Styles new song is like if Elton John, David Bowie, and Prince had a love child.
Playlist also has Wicked, Cher, Elton John, Queen, Liza Minnelli, Lady Gaga and various Disney. Dunno how I stayed in the closet so long 😂
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maybe it's like that episode of SNL where Jane Curtain says "Elton John has come out as bicarbonate."
Axl Rose and Elton John perform Bohemian Rhapsody at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert
Ready to rock: Katy Perry and Heidi Klum celebrated Elton John's 70th birthday in Los Angeles in full style on .
The first Kingsmen was so kickass and now they've added Julianne Moore, Halle Barry, Elton John, and Jeff Bridges??? What could be better?
some line up. Elton John, Bowie, Little Mix, big Ray Clemence 👌🏼
| Added 19 HQs of Katy leaving Elton John's birthday party with Derek Blasberg and Dakota Johnson last night: https:/…
wait what? Elton John is played by Graham Nash?
.& flirted at Elton John's party which means they're totally doing it…
"As a kid, Elton John was my homie!" . An actual quote ladies and gentlemen 😂
| Katy with Derek Blasberg, Elton John and Dakota Johnson at RED Studios Hollywood on March 25, 2017 in Los Angeles,…
Artist donates his Elton John prints (signed by Britto and Elton) to raise funds for
Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder serenaded Elton John for his 70th birthday
Spare a thought for Nicola Sturgeon who was too busy to see her Mum yesterday due to an appointment with Elton John.
American Idol pays tribute to Elton John on his 70th birthday with and more! Watch:
Katy Perry - Elton John's 70th Birthday party and the UCLA Hammer Museum at RED Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles
New pic of Dakota Johnson, Katy Perry&Elton John. Photo shared by IG
Kelly Osbourne and Sharon attend Elton John's birthday bash You had surgery you should be resting.
Elton is severely Awesome! Rob Sheffield on Elton John's Essential Albums via
Kelly Osbourne lends a supportive hand to mum Sharon as they attend Elton John's birthday
Kelly Osbourne and Sharon attend Elton John birthday bash
that would be Alan Turing, Elton John, George Michael & Stephen Fry in nature
“I’ll not complain about your boring life, if you just leave me to mine” . ― Elton John, Billy Elliot
Elton John (birthday today) on the keys in flight. 1971 at Fillmore East (105 2nd Ave, NYC). Photo by Bob Gruen.
Happy 70th birthday Elton John! This is a piano improvisation based on Your song:
Gif ~ glasses, elton john, i'm still standing, sunglassses
Happy Birthday to all my friends lucky enough to share a birthday with Aretha Franklin and Elton John! Respect.
We're going to do a double whammy on the birthday sale today. So congrats to to Sir Elton and Aretha (the Queen...
glasses, elton john, i'm still standing, sunglassses GIF
Happy Birthday, 10 GIFs to celebrate his life:
Happy Birthday to the one and only, Elton John!
Happy Birthday Elton John, Apotheosis awaits us, until then.
Happy Birthday Elton John, my favorite artist of all time, still can't believe I got to see him live and so close u…
All wear your big glasses and raise a glass to Elton John.🍸🍸
Happy Birthday to Elton John who turned 70. And Happy Birthday to his hairpiece which turned 30.
Happy 70th birthday to the one and only, Sir Elton John. 💗🎶🙂
Happiest of Birthdays to my one and only fav forever and ever Sir Elton John 😘🎂🍺💖
"The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star." — Elton John
got 527 balloons for his 70 yo bday so far Gift him more!
By the way today is Elton John and Aretha Franklin's birthday ,legends are born in the same time
From Weirdly enough, Elton John doesn’t think Eminem is homophobic
Elton John with his mother Sheila and stepfather Fred Farebrother (1971)
Happy Birthday What's your favorite Elton John song?
Happy Birthday to the great sir Elton John love u bub thank u for bein amazin
Happy Birthday to our favorite Rocket Man, .
Happy Birthday to the iconic Elton John!
domain names
Legend Elton John recently talked about Lana Del Rey's new single 'Love'!
I wish a Happy Birthday has two other legends that remain to Aretha Franklin 75 years and Sir Elton john 70 years I love…
Reginald Kenneth "Elton John" Dwight was born 70 years ago today. Ethereal:
Happy Birthday eltonofficial! Celebrate with his biggest Billboard hits
Happy 70th birthday to Elton John! Singer, pianist and one of the best selling artists in the world. https:/…
Happy Birthday Celebrate with his biggest Billboard hits
Wishing ELTON JOHN a huge Happy Birthday..Hope he has an awesome one.
Elton John: "Eminem was never homophobic, he's misunderstood by ***
⚡ Celebs are wishing Elton John Happy Birthday! .
Happy Birthday to Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE!. Can you believe that the Rocket Man's 70 years old today? 🎂🚀
Happy Birthday Elton John! Check out our 2016 interview with the singer
if you aren't listening to Tom Petty, Billy Joel, or Elton John in the morning how are you even making it through the day pls enlighten me
It's like Elton John and Pink Floyd had a love child. . Pure Comedy by Father John Misty ♫
That Father John Misty bloke can't hold a candle in the wind to Elton John
Just ahead of his birthday, list their essential Elton John albums.
When Anne Robinson met Elton John during the filming of Celebrity Weakest Link.
I can't believe you left I Want Love by Elton John lip sync'ed by Robert Downey Jnr out of your list
Lot of Fifty 45s of 70's music Elton John, Dave Mason Picture Sleeves
The thought that Elton John was, in effect, Richard Kilty's agent is just plain weird
I will not be satisfied in this life until I see Elton John & Celine Dion & Stevie Nicks in concert.
Hello Hello (2011). A duet with Elton John, this is a soundtrack song from Gnomeo and Juliet and Gaga lets out her inn…
Elton John - Step Into Christmas on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
Here's my review of tonight's concert: No signs of slowing, Elton John rocks Colorado Springs…
The only song lyric I can relate to is that verse where Elton John says, "if I was a sculptor, but then again, no"
With a foreword by John Grant and an Elton John endorsement, it's surprising that Stephen Fry didn't offer his tupp…
Elton John attends a court hearing whilst wearing Malcolm Allison's hat. . "I picked it up in the boardroom at Selhu…
Apparently I sang along to all of "Don't Go Breakin my Heart," the musical masterpiece by Elton John and Kiki Dee, during my surgery.
How do you go from bricklayer to planning an event w/ Elton John? Change your confidence level NOW. Podcast
Spotted in Vancouver: Elton John shopping for records. Details:
I added a video to a playlist Karaoke Crocodile Rock - Elton John *
You could make playlist:Little Saint Nick (Beach Boys) for Tsar.Nikita (Elton John) for Khrushchev.
nowt wrong with being a homosexual, I like Dale Winton and Elton John and Liberace
also of note...picked up an Elton John vinyl the other day with Crocodile Rock on it
Elton John asked a Vancouver record clerk if she had any Tech N9ne. I have nowhere else to go with this information https:…
Elton John released "Crocodile Rock" when he was still in the closet and Suzie was his beard
Elton John walks into Vancouver record store, asks for gangster rap
Sorry seems to be the hardest word de Elton John pls
We still haven't played Crocodile Rock yet... keep listening and get your phone ready! Caller 96 wins Elton John ti…
Anytime I hear Crocodile Rock by Elton John, my mind is immediately rushed with 5th grade memories, my Mize followers will understand
Oh, him. In other news Elton John, Liberace and Paul Lynde...
Lonnie Donegan with Brian May on guitar and Elton John on piano. Oh and Alan Jones from the Shadows on bass.
you already did trunt Intel knows and you are stopped by me *** *** *** Elton John knows what it is he is in Suspician one
I just cried at 2 in the morning because of Elton John
Patrick Stewart, Elton John and Paul McCartney are the new knights of the round, first line of defense for Britannia
2004, Elton John announced he was planning to marry his long-term partner David Furnish if new UK laws allowed it.
Rock Calendar 3-3-04: Elton John announces he intends to marry long-time partner David Furnish if British civil partnership bill becomes law
Music of Bing Crosby, Motown, Bon Jovi, Queen, Elton John, and, the Beatles performed by Birmingham First choirs!
Who's the daddy? Elton John's partner David Furnish named as baby Elijah's mother AGAIN on ... via
Elton John's children come before his partner David Furnish
Elton John has revealed who his husband David Furnish now comes second to.
Sorry, Terminator fans, but Kyle is a surname and Rhys is a first name. You've had the ol' "Elton John" pulled on you.
Celebrating its 25th year, Elton John's annual party raises $7 million for his AIDS charity h…
Didn't she rip into Elton John re his age some time ago?
St. Paul&the broken bones performed at Elton John's Oscars after party and Elton sang with them and it sounded amazing.
When told he's 2nd most generous celeb after Elton John, said: "Everyone else must be bloody tight!"
Win VIP tickets to see Elton John, Take That or John Bishop live in concert. *T&Cs apply h…
Win tickets to see Elton John at the Adams Center
Elton John and the Who illustrator Alan Aldridge dead at 73:
Elton John! Tom Jones! Rod Stewart! Mariah Carey! Now Status Quo! Even the dead are not considered past it enough to play Dubai !!!
I just remembered that gonna be one of the co-chairs at Elton John's Academy Awards Viewing Party on Feb. 26th! :D
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*insert Elton John, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Pia Wurtzbach, this is a fundraising for HIV awareness gif.
Elton John had a three year run with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Madman Across the Water and Capt Fantastic n Brown Dirt Cowboy
Elton John favours a fancy frame for his modernist photography
Happy Birthday to my friend and client, the Laurel to my Hardy, the Captain to my Tenniel, the Elton John to my Kiki Dee,
I recently saw Elton John's at Modern I was so inspired by Man Ray that I did th…
My nephew Hardy is about to fly home so naturally we are listening to Rocket Man by Elton John to get him ready
I proclaim Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" as the official song of the Oroville Dam .
This amazing Dorothea Lange photo is owned by Elton John and currently on display in Modernist photogra…
Saw this at Tate in Elton John's photography collection. Haunting.
I think Elton John has bigger sunglasses, lol
Should have been Elton John or Adam Lambert doing the George Michael tribute, not Adele...
That new Tribe album is wonderful, by the way. Anderson Paak, Elton John, Busta, Jack White, Andre 3000 -- collaborations are incredible.
Princess Diana, David Bowie, George Michael & Elton John at the "Feed the World" Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadiu…
Elton John remembers George Michael as the "kindest, most generous man"
A new vinyl subscription service makes artists like Elton John (and the curators
Elton John & Quincy Jones among curators of new subscription service (exclusive) ht…
Elton John, Quincy Jones to curate new vinyl subscription service
Elton John reveals the one song he wishes he'd written himself... .
Elton John honors George Michael as ‘one of the best vocalists ever’ on Beats 1 tribute show
Elton John pays emotional tribute to George Michael: 'He was the kindest man' - Daily…
...Elton John remembers his old buddy George Michael
Elton John uses radio show to pay emotional tribute to George Michael -…
Lady Gaga has performed with legends on the stage of the before, Elton John, Tony Bennett, Nile Rodgers and now…
Only Lady Gaga could perform at the with Elton John, Tony Bennett, Nile Rodgers for a David Bowie tribute and M…
Lady Gaga graced the stage with legends Elton John ('10), Tony Bennett ('15) and Nile Rodgers ('16)!. THIS Sunday…
He hired the same security team Elton John used after recording "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy"
Lady Gaga's fans fire back at Super Bowl troll critics - Elton John and Tony Bennett were wowed by Gaga's big show.
why does this Billy Joel/Elton John tour shirt look like a party favor from a wedding
Elton John, Mariah Carey, Kate Moss and Bob Geldof ‘would love to organise memorial concert’ for George Michael https:/…
Rock Calendar 2-3-77: 15 months after he had announced that he would not play any more concerts, Elton John resumes performing live
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Ray Charles,, Cass Elliot, and Elton John - Heaven Help Us... Elton is so young..u should do this song
Tumbleweed Connection by Elton John (I'm not a huge Elton fan, but I love that album)
Washington Examiner: "The country couldn't have had a more pro *** president if it had elected Elton John on Christ…
Elton John's husband David Furnish gets sworn in as British citizen: 'I am a very blessed man
Elton John leads tributes at funeral of former England football manager Graham Taylor
Elton John - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy / 1975)
Much like Elton John at a Turkish bath house, I'm still standing.
When I'm performing something from Elton John's album, I try to think am I more of a Captain Fantastic or a Brown Dirt Cowboy?
Now playing Elton John- Ballad of a Well-Known Gun off the fantastic Tumbleweed Connection album.
Elton John and Paul Rudnick team up to write THE Devil Wears Prada Broadway musical. That’s all. h…
I used Shazam to discover Candle In The Wind by Elton John.
Lyft driver playing Elton John's Candle in The Wind on repeat on the way to ORD. Going on 5x in a row now... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ For being unique I guess.
‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is aiming for Broadway, written by Elton John and Paul Rudnick
Elton John, Paul Rudnick to write the Broadway-bound 'Devil Wears Prada' musical
Elton John and the playwright Paul Rudnick have signed on to write a musical adaptation of “The Devil Wears Prada” https:/…
*** Cheney criticizing Donald Trump over the Muslim ban is like Elton John telling Freddie Mercury his outfit is "a lit…
I hope Elton John already pre-recorded a new version of Candle in the Wind in case he dies.
Elton John singing "candle in the wind" in his prime couldnt win this year. Its impossible.
You: candle in the wind, Elton John. Me, an intellectual: 5000 candles in the wind, Andy Dwyer
is headed to Broadway, and Elton John is writing the music:
Elton John announces he's writing music for a 'Devil Wears Prada' Broadway adaptation
Elton John to write Devil Wears Prada musical for Broadway
didn't see the picture and thought Elton John had abandoned Cher at a gas station and thought 2017…
Christopher just asked me if Chrissy Teigen is married to Elton John 🙄😂
Elton John and Paul Rudnick have been tapped to write a stage musical of "The Devil Wears Prada" htt…
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down by George Michael & Elton John topped charts 25 years ago today.
Lol Elton John is all up in my head tonight
The theme song the Drive By Media should use is "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" by Elton John.
Elton John to Create the Music for 'The Devil Wears Prada' on Broadway
on NDR 1 Welle Nord Region Kiel : Elton john - Can you feel the love tonight (end title)
Sir Elton John will write the music for a new stage adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada!
"The Devil Wears Prada" Broadway musical in the works from Elton John
A 'Devil Wears Prada' musical was just announced and Elton John is writing the music
'The Devil Wears Prada' is heading to broadway 🎭 with music being produced by living legend Elton John:…
Sir Elton John joins The Devil Wears Prada team for new musical - Mirror Online can't wait!!!
"Break Out" sold 169,842 copies the day it was released & broke Elton John's previous record for Oricon weekly for…
The Devil Wears Prada may soon head to Broadway thanks to
Jowin bck.Wanted to let y'all know that Elton John hve signed on to write 'The Devil Wears Prada' musical.Thatisall.
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