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Elon University

Elon University is a selective private liberal arts university in Elon, North Carolina, United States.

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Setting up for luminarias university.
The. Way people have been acting .. They should name Elon the Babysitters Club university
Help make it happen for Elon University: BFA Acting 2014 Senior Showcase on Help them reach their goal!!
My boss is literally the best. Cute Elon University ornament and a gift card to Target.
You don't want to miss this!! 125 Years. An Elon University Special - Dec. 2 via
Welcome Jonathan Albright, to Elon University, home of (we expect w/your help) the nation's best undergraduate Media Analytics major!
Elon University Riley Billman gives her take on Cyber Monday: via
... losing four straight games, the Elon University men's basketball team needed overtime but topped Columbia...
Made it into the Welcome to Elon University video! Love my school more than anything.
It's official, I'm a Phoenix! I've been accepted to Elon University! My choice first decisioned.…
Elon University (Elon) in Elon, North Carolina, is offering students a course aimed at teaching them how better...
3 years ago today, I was accepted to Elon University. And what a great day it was.
Headed to ELON UNIVERSITY to move my lil bro back to help run the family bizz and to start training again. So you 205ers beware
have you ever heard of Elon University? We have one of the fastest growing sports business programs and would love some insights
Day 2 at Elon University. Trey Campbell starting at second base. Hampton Roberts playing at Eastern Guildord HS
Elon university has sent me plenty of letters, i just dnt want to go there though..
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Ready to get on the field for a 2nd day at Elon University with a team that's gonna do WORK!
And just in case anyone was wondering, Elon university's campus is beautiful and the athletic facilities are unbelievable
Writing Center connects peer consultants with Elon University students
Congrats to my little bro on his acceptance letter from Elon University! Knew he'd make the right choice coming south!
Congrats to my brother on getting accepted to Elon university next year!
ICYMI, we were in the news across the state last week. Check out the links:
So proud of my other brother for getting into Elon University today. It's been a joy growing up with ya 😘
Max just received Early Decision acceptance and will be attending Elon University next year."...ranked university in the South by US News and World rankings. Off to North Carolina.
Spent the day in Princeton with the fam. The campus is almost as pretty as Elon! @ Princeton University
My daughter Alison just got accepted to Elon University in North Carolina.
So excited to be attending Elon University next year!!❤️💛
Congratulations to my amazing sister for getting into Elon University! I love you so much and I…
Big shoutout to my boy for committing to Elon University
After the UCLA/Arizona State football game last night at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, I headed to a late dinner at the Mexican restaurant Malo on Sunset Blvd. Here I am with two old friends. On the left is Chad Hahne who lives out here in LA and works for MTV and on the right is Juan Penalosa, a political consultant, who lives in Miami now but is in town to work on a Democratic candidate's campaign. It was so good to see them and, yes, giggle like the giggly guys we can be when we get together. The other two men in the other photo are old friends of Juan's. On the left is Chris, who is the Sr. VP of Original Programming for SPIKE TV, and his partner David, who played basketball at Elon University in North Carolina and now coaches basketball at a high school here in Los Angeles. I love that Chris - an openly *** man - heads up programming for the network known as the "straight guy" channel and his partner is a high school coach. They might not be "giggly guys" themselves but Juan and Chad and I had ...
Sarah Turner Wells,Semester at Sea, Elon University fellow students had the honor and privilege of a session taught by Desmond Tutu, before they departed South Africa. Sarah commented that the 4 days in South Africa have been the best of her life with regards to experiences, education. I should think so! Well done by all involved.
Come join the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi, Epsilon Chi at Elon University at our profit share at Cancun from 11 am - 10 pm to support our philanthropy, Arthritis Foundation! Be sure to tell your waiter you'd like to support AOII's philanthropy!
Okay, my top 3 colleges in order are: Hampshire College, Bucknell University, and Elon University.
IU Traditional Powwow continues to grow as lead event for Native American Heritage Month BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Native Americans will gather Oct. 26 and 27 at Indiana University Bloomington to share history, culture and arts at a traditional powwow. The Indiana University Third Annual Traditional Powwow will begin at 11 a.m. each day at Willkie Auditorium, 150 N. Rose Ave. It also will serve as the lead event for IU Bloomington's observance of Native American Heritage Month. In advance of the powwow, Clyde Ellis, professor of history and Distinguished Scholar at Elon University, will present the lecture, "This Is a Good Way, Get Up and Dance: A History of Modern Powwow Culture." Ellis' talk will begin at 4:30 p.m. Oct. 24 in De Vault Gallery of the Mathers Museum of World Cultures, 416 N. Indiana Ave. A reception will follow. The lecture is co-sponsored by IU First Nations Educational and Cultural Center, the Department of History in the IU College of Arts and Sciences and the Mathers Museum. Other events i ...
HIGH POINT—The Reverend Dr. Paul E. Bravender, 77, passed away Oct. 10, 2013 while under hospice care at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Born July 17, 1936 in Flint, MI, he married Constance Hart in 1957 after meeting her in college. Before and after serving in the Army, Paul was involved in musical theater, eventually gravitating toward opera. As a tenor and baritone he participated in productions varying from Rogers and Hammerstein to Mozart. A career highlight was to star alongside Jerome Hines of the New York Metropolitan Opera while in Flint. He earned a Masters in Music from Roosevelt University in Chicago, a PhD in Music from Michigan State University. He taught at Michigan State University while on a fellowship and part time at Spring Arbor College. As a professor he was on the faculties of Eastern Michigan University, University of Memphis and Elon University. In 1988 Paul changed careers when he entered Duke Divinity School; graduating in 1992, he was ordained as a Methodist minister, goin ...
Apple co-founder: 'You can’t stop the steamroller of technology change'In a Thursday afternoon forum, Steve Wozniak fielded questions from an Elon University community fascinated by his views on technology, Steve Jobs and the way the personal computer he invented four decades ago revolutionized the…
Quite honored to get to join Dave Powell on an Elon University tour with Steve Wozniak tomorrow morning. Last time I got to escort a visitor it was Anderson Cooper. I think this may be a sign that Kathy Griffin is due to visit Elon soon. Maybe Woz, Coop and Kathy could host CNN's New Year's Eve coverage from Elon.
Don't foget, Elon University is visiting at 9 a.m. today and Randolph College at 11!
Elon University is hosting Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, for convocation on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 3:30 p.m. in Alumni Gym.
Hurry and get tickets to hear Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak speak October 3 in Elon University's Gym.
Read up on Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, who's coming to Elon University on October 3:
Make sure y'all get tickets to see Apple's co-founder, Steve Wozniak, speak October 3 at Elon University's Alumni Gym.
Elon University will be hosting Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. Oct. 3 at 3:30 in Alumni Gym for Fall Convocation.
So my 4 top choices for Law School are: Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law, North Carolina Central University, Charlotte School of Law, and Elon University.
Astronaut Paul Lockhart, “A Journey of Endeavour” - Sept. 19Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Paul Lockhart piloted the space shuttle Endeavour on two missions to the International Space Station and will share his stories with his Elon University audience.Thursday, September 19Paul Lockhart, “A Journey of...
The weather doesn't get much nicer than this at University.
Website Builder 728x90
Just seen Elon university pulling up they got traffic stopped so they can get by
Man Elon University is going through a transformation for real! New buildings and everything!
I will forever be a part of Elon University and everything connected to the beautiful city of Elon,…
If you go to Elon University you're living the dream. This place is a fantasy land.
Passing Elon University right now. Maybe a face to face will make them give me more
Congrats to Amanda Romano 2015 on committing to Elon University
“Some of you girls need to be a little more friendly. Smile, you're white” elon university, ladies & gentlemen
Got a letter from George washington university, south carolina, and elon university is it bad that i wanna send my questionnaire back
Research travels begin now. First stop, the Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech vs. Elon University.
To be the best you have to study the best. Creating innovating Service Learning all across the globe... led2serveU at Elon University
Can't wait to watch my daughter cheer on TV for Elon University when they take on Georgia Tech this Saturday @ 12 Noon on ESPN3 via Xbox!
Coaching for Elon University in NC and working another running store. How's Stotan? Seen Fout kill a few races, when you racing?
7 prompts from Elon University's President to incoming Class of '17. Points are spot on for new employees too.
Fans of Rocketeer! I Encourage you to help The Elon University School of Communications conquer the Sprite Films...
Welcome basket from the folks at Elon University. I love you already. No drinking before my speech though. :-)
Watch and vote for Elon University's spectacular "Break The Night" student film!!!
First day of school with my lacrosse babes! @ Elon University
Nothing better than Dunkin in front of Alamance fountain to start junior year @ Elon University
I am who I am today because of family, faith, friends, and Elon University.
Allison Srour, Elon University Class of 2016. Strategic communications major with a minor in professional writing.
7 years ago today, I met a cute boy in a crowded dorm room at Elon University, and he gave me his…
The first Tuesday of the fall at University means it's the first College Coffee of the year! My scale hates me already.
Happy 1st day of classes Elon University!! To the class of 2014, enjoy your senior year!! To everyone else, stay focused!
Getting ready for Meredith's graduation from Elon University' Law School.
Dr. Danieley will be celebrating Elon University's 125 birthday by planting 125 trees.
This instructor ditched the clicker and incorporated video, illustrations and other material into his class.
Why do so many of King University's & Elon University's Soccer games occur on the same day, at the same time.
How one instructor uses student feedback to gauge their comprehension of course material.
Technology helps to engage students who might otherwise be afraid to raise their hand with a question.
Thinking about my babies Jordan Allexa and Janee Mckenzie Lomax. One Started College at Elon University and One...
Chelsey Stark rescues in final minutes for 1-1 draw. has the story here:.
Yayyy more unpacking and cleaning... @ Elon University
Convocation and other festivities today! @ Elon University
“Elon University now on the interest board
My perspective as an undergraduate Biology major at Elon University left me with a sense of despair and urgency.
Elon University now on the interest board
My new home, so excited to finally be here! @ Elon University
yoo Elon university is showing love bro... great things are coming
Got accepted into elon university after being wait listed 👌 looks like I might be leaving wake tech early
not the worst view, see you back in a few weeks ✌☀ @ Elon University
Like to give a shout out to Elon University for supporting Impact Baseball and the 17U Impact World Series.
Live look in on the 2:00 o'clock game going on at Elon University! NY Dynasty vs Richmond Braves 16's West (VA)..
Where did you find Fox 5? She apparently just graduated from Elon University this year.
Hoping to host a Keurig party at Elon University for all my friends to introduce them to the wonders of a Keurig machine!
elon university! I tried to get Ciara to apply but they didnt have her major 😒
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
This acceptance to Elon University has me on the edge of my seat...super excited, feeling super blessed
“Committed to play baseball at Elon University Congrats!
Got a letter from Elon University , I'm invited to their first home game
Committed to play baseball at Elon University, Go Phoenix
Admitted to Elon University for Spring Term... Now let's see what the financial aid is looking like
Number 5 WR for Elon University. $5000 reward for his head this football season!
EA Sports download roster for Elon University for NCAA 14 has me at a solid ranking of 55 overall. Lol!
2 new posts! Summer update and thoughts on University, which I visited last fall. Check it out!
JV Boys Basketball Team defeated 2 public schools in the Elon University Team Camp: Tennessee HS from Bristol and Wheatmore HS from NC!
Just got invited to a official visit to Elon University!
Elon University is sick man, my best friend is going there
Visiting 5 colleges in three days: Loyola University, University of Maryland, Elon University, Richmond University, and North Carolina State
My mom's friend got a DUI on a bike at Elon University 😂
Just found out that I got off the waitlist of my dream school Elon University.this is all too confusing
For all you Elon University football fans out there, the Phoenix open at the Georgia Tech Ramblin' Wreck in only six weeks.
- for Lauren who just completed her first week of a fellowship at Elon University. For her path and those who miss her!
Nancy, Doug, and Mike are having a great time at Elon University. Congratulations Ethan and Taylor!!
Triad DJ & Events has lots of events hapening today: Elon university, Backyard Birthday party, Wedding receptions...
what if we both ended up at colleges in NC. Elon University what what
My little cousin got offered by Elon University (7th grade) , crazy they starting early
What's going on? Going for more: Elon men's soccer looks to improve on stellar 2012 with ... - The Pendulum
Paula Patch, Elon University, urges WPAs to make work public.
Well, if I don't like Stony Brook after a semester I've been offered admission to Elon University!!! So happy
Just got accepted to Elon university!
Shout out to Elon University. for a dope grad program.
We will be opening for tommorow night fat frogg near Elon university.. show starts around 9 hope to see e…
Elon University's arrangement of 'Winter Song' is nice too.
“Elon University Class of 2016 what what”😩 you'll be missed!
Check out the new Octagon lounge inside of the renovated Moseley Center at Elon University.
On the way to Elon university to help my high school with this 7 on 7
The MWP is heading to Elon University in NC for the Critical Transitions Conference tomorrow, June 25.
On June 21, 2013 at 4:00 pm Officer Brad Fox was sworn in as Elon University Campus Safety & Police newest officer.
and I did not rest until found the Sigma Sigma Sigma house at Elon University!
Loling at how I am absolutely entranced by the coziness of Elon University
Danny Bavis of Elon University Adventures in Leadership, rockin it out...
Thanks apple maps for taking me to a big open field instead of Elon university
You're in love with volley. I know its like your life... — I had went to Elon University for volleyball right be...
I was at the Elon university page because my brother is planning to study there, and I guess I ran lucky.
Bout to go to clinic... Then headed to Elon University 😁😁
Elon University building to carry FL couple's name: William J. "Bill" and Patricia "Pat" Inman of Naples, Fla.
Elon University building to carry FL couple's name
NC Headlines: Elon University building to carry FL couple's name: A Florida couple will have its name placed o...
stock footage from Elon university lol
Elon University Team Camp! 12 girls here ready to have a blast this weekend! Off to game 1!
Success of Digital Detox tech-free camp foretold in 2006 Elon University - Pew survey report
Thank you to and for covering new admissions center! Fox: TN:
my buddy's sister makes $62 every hour on the internet. She has been without a job for eight months but last...
Elon University to add new admissions building
9 hours of my day spent at Elon University for a soccer camp. Am I allowed to at least rest? No, because I have to do my "chores"
Elon University President Leo M. Lambert speaks about tax laws at Raleig...: via
Elon plans new admissions/welcome center: Elon University plans to construct a new Admissions Welcome Center t...
job opp! Elon University seeks an Assist. VP for Student Life/Dean of Campus
County agrees to sell property to Elon University
regarding LRT, the winner is from Elon University. That awesome! Local talent!
A new admissions building is in the works at University where a quadrangle is being planned near Moseley.
and I literally laugh at the dumbest things, and we WILL go to Elon University.
ramping up for conference next week at Elon university:
I guess I will miss my bro when he goes off to Elon University 😞
If you attend Elon University dont come to Simply Thai if you want CHINESE food lol this aint whatchu want
Elon University 7 on 7's Yesterday was successful . 👌
Happy Anniversary to the Sigma Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at Elon University, chartered this day in 1967! Here's to Leadership, Friendship and Service!
As a testament to the power of friendship -- and the power of "Friends" -- a group of graduating students at Elon University chose to celebrate their impending freedom by filming a shot-for-shot remake of the iconic NBC comedy's opening credits in front of the school's fountain.
Brian Williams delivered a commencement address full of quirks to the graduates of Elon University in North Carolina, but what students and parents will likely remember most is the touching message he had for his son. Williams, the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, spoke on Saturday to...
NEW VOLLEYBALL COACH Kilee Goetz Returns Home The Blissfield Athletic Department is excited to announce Kilee Goetz as our new varsity volleyball coach. Kilee, a 1999 Blissfield graduate, excelled on the volleyball court, earning 4x all-LCAA, 4x all-region, 4x all-state honors as well being named a 2x high school all-american. Kilee received a scholarship to the University of Georgia where she started as their setter during her freshman season. After college, Kilee went into coaching with success not only at the high school level (Kalamazoo Central) but also with USA volleyball and as an assistant college coach (Elon University and Samford University). Kilee is currently in the process of relocating back to the area from North Carolina and is looking forward to getting to work with the program.
Kennedy Caughell with John Bucchino at the piano Elon University-2011 "Sweet Dreams"
Brian Williams P'13, anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, delivered the Commencement Address Under the Oaks at Elon University on May 25, 2013.
Would love to see my alma mater Elon University mentioned in MMQB. NBC's Brian Williams delivering commencement speech today.
North Carolina's Elon University joins the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA). ''A big day for Elon,'' President Leo M. Lambert said, a ''venerable athletic conference... an ideal fit for Elon.'' That will give the CAA 12 football schools to include, Albany, Delaware, James Madison, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Richmond, Stony Brook, Towson, Villanova, and William &Mary... and Elon. Once upon a time... a long, long time ago, a couple of us played against Elon... that's why. Congrats Elon!
From the early days of ARPANET to today’s mobile technologies, here we share some of the proposed histories of the Internet from various personalities and organizations: A Brief History of the Internet Written by those who made it history, including Barry M. Leiner, Vinton G. Cerf, David D. Clark, Robert E. Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock, Daniel C. Lynch, Jon Postel, Lawrence G. Roberts, Stephen Wolff. IUKNOF Internet History Project The early days of the Internet in the United Kingdom. As a modest first step, individuals who played key roles in the creation and growth of the Internet in the UK are being invited to give presentations at UKNOF meetings. Imagining the Internet: A History and Forecast A diverse collection of resources by Elon University and Pew Internet Project including concise historical information, current Internet governance discussions, and predictions about the future of the Internet. A Concise Guide to the Major Internet Bodies By Alex Simonelis Who is Who in the Internet World ( ...
(Elon University): Anyone going to be riding while at Elon? Are you bringing your own horse?
“Tonight was awesome Elon University! Tomorrow I'm a be at Alcorn State! Mississippi finna slam!
Elon University is the home of exit doors (right ones) that are locked for no reason.
How Moodle is being used at Elon University.
NC is far ... Its slow for elon university
I will do anything to go to Elon University after I graduate
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Two weeks till I spend a whole week visiting Elon university in North Carolina then one more week of school after that before I'm done
that's a great question lol either Elon University or Mercer
Today's game and BBQ dinner is sponsored by University. Go Phoenix!
Elon University's makes the argument for government-funded journalism in
Elon University student in PRSSA national committee. Check it at
College visits on college visits on college visits @ Elon University
We had an amazing time in North Carolina this past weekend at Elon University. We had the chance to support and...
The Elon University Colony rocked it at the University's Greek Week Dance 2013. Great job, brothers!
Forgot to mention this yesterday, but is converting an old house on campus into its alumni center:
▪ Elon renovating building for new alumni center: Elon University plans to turn its former office o...
Thanks to for speaking at Elon University.
Relating sustainability to Elon University, it is becoming more cost effective to get a degree
says Elon is among a growing trend in university sustainability across the nation.
Elon University: "one of the pioneers of implementing sustainability" - why?
takes the stage in McKinnon Hall at Elon University
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
about to begin discussion on sustainability at Elon University
Hunter Lovins, is about to begin her speech at Elon University on her company Natural Capitalism Solutions
Hunter Lovins is here tonight at Elon University to speak on “The Business Case for Implementing Sustainability.”
Award-winning sustainability expert Hunter Lovins, about to begin presentation at Elon University.
if you find a break in ur schedule make sure you come out on saturday and party with the Elon University Nupes
I know it's backwards, but I was reppin' my school today!! :)
Elon University to convert a building to an alumni center.
Visit this website for more info about SURF day at Elon University!
ROTC is growing, especially in NC. Our reporting project will see how Elon University fits into this trend.
(Elon University): I think that we should have our own cyber prom. Who wants to run for prom queen and prom king?;)
Nu Theta Nupes of Elon University are throwing an "All Blakk Affair" come through and have a good time
JAS GIRL Perri is from Raleigh and will be graduating from Elon University this spring. She will receive her...
Elon University will be the spot on saturday!! "All Blakk Affair" 11-2
will be in the building!! Turn up at Elon University with the NUPES. Dont miss out.
Yoo Duke will be in the building on 4.27.13 at Elon University. Get ya tickets!! Dont miss out!!!
Winter Song by Elon University Sweet Signatures (at bella's room) —
I need to interview someone who works in my major for one of my classes at Elon University! please help?!
I'm going to elon university in nc... They have great departments for both of those majors! And I'm absolutely love it
Just realized I like 2 minutes from Elon University.
Officially playin D1 football at Elon University! Roomin wit my *** !
Elon University is rockin this conference!!!
Camouflage prom dress with the neon belt @ Elon University
saltydogg13 asked: I’m heading to Elon University this fall and I want to rush in the spring. Aside from the...
Check out the latest results from the April Elon University Poll
Thanking god everyday for the blessing of playing college football at Elon University
BusinessWeek puts Elon University’s Love School of Business, its number one ranked part-time program, ahead of Chicago, Northwestern, NYU, …
hey there's a very legit rumor spreading around Elon University that you are visiting. Please set the story straight.
Fabulous to have and all of the excellent Elon University School of Communications Advisory Board on campus on a beautiful day!
Nobody just calls in sick anymore. via
Elon University has their own vine account.
Apparently Kendall Jenner is at Elon University touring the campus today. It's 4 hours away.
Great Elon University comms advisory bd meeting today w/on Daily Beast hottest schools of decade.
Please tell me that it's true that you're Elon University right now?!
Columns and clouds at Mooney on this fine Friday afternoon. @ Elon University Mooney
There's a city & university in NC called's pronounced like Ee-lon. (Or Ee-lawn depending on the accent. :-))
Rumor has it you're a Elon University... Is it true?
New poll by Elon University finds McCrory, faring better than the President, Congress:
An Elon poll today says voters divided over Obama, happy with McCrory:
stop by Elon University while you're in Raleigh
if and other players are actually at Duke you should drive the 40 mins to Elon University. I would make you cookies!!
University honors founder Bonnie McElveen-Hunter with its entrepreneurial leadership medal.
This what you see on the "The Yard" at a Predominately White School Elon University
I don't even care how how many times this has been on Insta, I love this school @ Elon University
Big game this weekend against Elon. we need your support!
If you are in the area, join me today for my program with Elon University in North Carolina, North Carolina.
Thanks to Kevin our intern from Elon University, we are keeping things moving ahead in the garden. We finally...
Headed to Elon University today! If you're in NC come on out. I'll be speaking about bullying starting at 7:30.
Elon University Orchestra's show to feature Burlington native
Camps im going to this summer... duke, N.C. state, ECU, Carolina and elon university
S/o to my wonderful best friend on choosing to go to Elon University!!! Congrats girl! 👏👏🎉
Congrats to my girl on her acceptance to Elon University ! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON !! 🎉🎊
Elon university, welcome to the world of *** bags.
Pace Communications CEO Bonnie McElveen-Hunter to receive Elon University Medal for Entrepreneurial Leadership today
Elon University is a fabulous school and we are delighted to be right across the street! Go Elon!
Elon University is about to feel the wrath of Drew and Debbie Brown
So true... Campus life at Elon University (Elon College at the time) was THE most insane time ever!!
I do not own the rights to any of the songs in this video. Directed & Edited by Daniel Bass II: 3.9.13 TAPHOUSE @ Elon University 11pm-2am If y...
Hunter Parrish and Carly Baggett, have you come out of your Lemon Martini coma yet? You must be back to work, right? Caroline McDonough, we have lots of food and vino left, should we offer it up to your cohorts from Elon University? Hunter, have you picked up your IPhone charger yet?
***Two conferences before the SEC's founding in 1932 included many of the Universitys that are in the Southeastern Conference today    Southern Conference- The Southern Conference currently competes in the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (Formerly Division I-AA) and has 12 members; Appalachian State University, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Elon University, Samford University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Western Carolina University, The Citadel, College of Charleston, Davidson College, Furman University, Georgia Southern University, Wofford College. At one time in 1922 it was the premier conference of the south with 19 members (Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, North Carolina, NC State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Washington & Lee). This is the 4th oldest conference in America (1921) and has a great tradition.Southern Intercollegiate Athletics Association (SIA ...
Does anyone know anything about Elon University?
domain names
Oh my god oh my god. I'm officially part of Elon University's ah!!!
Elon University Poll releases results from their latest survey of North Carolina residents.
Elon University Poll releases results from their statewide survey.
Ryan Cooper OF from Maplewoods has committed to Elon University.
Elon University Poll releases findings on NC concerns over the budget crisis.
Elon University and Peace Corps partner up for forthcoming academic and service program!
Driver named responsible for hitting Elon student this past Tuesday.
Elon University - Latigue Signs Contract With New England Revolution Gabe and best of luck.
A new Elon University poll today says 7 in 10 are at least somewhat worried about the sequester cuts:
The Sacred Space of University's new Numen Lumen Pavilion. Peace is found here. 3/1/13 at 10:20 a.m.
Idk whatever part Elon University is in lol
Elon University is always filled with so much talent.
Alamance County having Elon University is proof that God loves the world
is hosting Dr, Michelle Ferrier from Elon University as a Scripps Howard Visiting Professional for the day. Welcome Michelle!
Welcome to *** yall today its located at elon university . We gunna run till we die...
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‘Flipped classroom’ model embraced at Elon University via
Another school called Elon University is inviting me to their open house
I came home to letters from Arizona State University, University of Montana, and Elon university!
Vision: Elon University Men's basketball will play in the NCAA "First Four".
Congrats to David Petroni. He will be signing w/ Elon University Phoenix on scholarship & joining John Gallagher !
Its officially that I am going to Elon University for the graduate school!! Kidding!! Will be there tonight for the basketball game vs Davidson. Who should I rooting for? No idea! You tell me!
'Flipped classroom' model embraced at Elon University: Elon is considering embracing a flipped clas...
Elon student struck by vehicle on campus: ELON, N.C. — An Elon University student was reportedly struck by a v...
'Flipped classroom' model embraced at Elon University: According to Janna Anderson, communications ...
'Flipped classroom' model embraced at Elon University - The Pendulum
Elon University & Boston area people interested in Fujita trial for Lauren Astley's murder should follow -->
Police identify Elon University student hit by car Tuesday
SO to Elon University. Your school is awesome. I'd love to play there. Whatever position I just love to play.
Join us tonight at Elon University for the Alamance Reads Panel Discussion with Ronald Cotton and Jennifer...
Starting our second day in Charlotte bright and early! Off to Elon University for meetings then back to Charlotte to tour their facilities.
During the "Home Work" opening at Green Hill, an Elon University Art History student chose my work to write...
Elon University student hit by car in crosswalk
Elon student hit by car in crosswalk.
SAVE THE DATE! Our Spring Concert will be on Saturday, April 20th at 7:30pm in Whitley Auditorium at Elon University!
Seeing some new construction plans for Elon University! I'm too excited!
And just like that mother nature put Elon University underwater.
Elon University confirms pedestrian hit by car near campus was a student, and Town of Elon police are investigating the accident.
Shout out to The 1889 Society Charter Members/Group of University I just received notice I'm apart of. Nice gesture! '00
Elon University Alumni B.S. in Business Administration Concentrating in International Business with a Spanish minor
Ford, Elon top Appalachian State for first time in eight triesbyJordan Spritzeron February 26, 2013 inWomen's BasketballLeave a commentFive days before the Elon University women’s basketball team will honor its seniors in their final home game of 2013, they and the rest of the Phoenix accomplished s...
Peace Corps partners with Elon University for new program via
The University Poll is surveying NC residents this week. 2/25/13 at 5:40 p.m.
University's Commencement "Under the Oaks" is exactly three months from today. Just sayin'...
I like the part when he was in the dorm at Elon University
Elon University! What a lot of talented faculty and students
Watching this group of wideouts I would bet Robert Woods from USC, Aaron Mellette from Elon University, Conner Vernon from Duke, and of course Cordarrele Patterson from Tennessee look like players you'll see on Sunday.
It came down to the wire, but the Elon University men’s basketball team clinched the Southern Conference North Division title after escaping with a 63-62 win at Samford on Thursday night, Feb. 21, at the Pete Hanna Center.
We're excited to be a part of the AOII Rose Trunk Show this Friday afternoon. We'll feature sportswear, dresses and accessories that appeal to many ages. A portion of the proceeds generated by this event will benefit the Arthritis Foundation. Many thanks to the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity at Elon University for organizing such a nice event!
Alpha Xi Delta's Theta Nu Chapter was founded on February 13, 1993 at Elon University! To help celebrate the...
Elon University's Aaron Mellette put up gigantic numbers at a small school. But will his talent translate to the NFL?
MOBILE, Ala. -- Former Elon University wide receiver Aaron Mellette was a quick study and consistent pass-catcher for the Phoenix. MOBILE, Ala. -- During his freshman season at Elon University, wide receiver Aaron Mellette caught just eight passes for 117 yards and two touchdowns. However, he was a quick study and became an impact player for the Phoenix over the next three seasons. Mellette increased his production ten-fold between his first and second seasons, catching 86 passes for 1,100 yards and 12 touchdowns. He followed that up with a 113-catch, 1,639-yard and 12-touchdown season in 2011. During his final year, Mellette caught 97 passes for 1,408 yards and a career-best 18 touchdown receptions. “I’m a guy that goes and gets it,” Mellette said. “I attack the ball when it’s in the air. I’m not afraid to come across the middle. I’m just a hard-working player on and off the field. (With) my physicality, my best ability is to go up and get the ball over smaller corners and create downfield ...
Mark Your Calendar for an HISD Event of Interest: WHEN: Monday, Feb. 11th from 6-8pm WHERE: Hattie May White Educational Support Center WHAT: Speaker Night sponsed by HISDs Advanced Academics Department The featured guest will be Michelle Himmelman, a consultant with Education Resource Group, and the topic of her speech is “GIFTED, LIFTED, & CHALLENGED: Teaching and Reaching Today’s Gifted Students and their Families.” Himmelman holds a master’s degree in gifted education and has worked with the Duke University Talent Identification Program. She has also been a director for the Formative Learning Experience Gifted Education Program at Elon University in North Carolina.
I'm really hoping for NYU, but UNCSA, University of Michigan, Elon University, or Carnegie Mellon are also acceptable.
Preparing for Elon University's second day. Speakers on the Millennium Development Goals and children and youth; tour
Researchers at Elon University and the Pew Internet Project conduct surveys of leaders, asking them to share their expectations for the future. They are offered a series of predictions with which they can choose to agree or disagree, and they are encouraged to elaborate on their remarks in written r...
See the new video that tells the story of Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center, its work and its people, and hear from Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, Bob Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock, Steve Crocker, Esther Dyson, Bruce Schneier, Mitchell Baker and more.
Elon University's BA Theatre Studies majors are producing a unique and thrilling compilation of the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
I have great news! The Australian/NZ response to Professor Tom Arcaro's (T. Arcaro, Elon University, North Carolina) survey on atheism has been so good that he has confirmed we will be co-writing an article on the results. Obviously, the article will look at what Aussies and Kiwis had to say, compare the two country's results with each other, and compare the results with the USA/rest of the world. In the meantime, if you haven't completed the survey (which, depending on how many comments you wish to make, will take between 10 and 20 minutes) and please share it with your networks. The more responses, the more accurate picture we can put together.
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