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Elon Musk

Elon Musk (born June 28, 1971) is a South African born American engineer and entrepreneur best known for co-founding PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

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April 23rd: Amber Heard and Elon Musk at Moo Moo Gold Coast in Australia! {via IG: elonmusk}
Tesla Model 3 is Elon Musk's next huge bet (with $5.5B more of his own cash)
Dear internet, Amber Heard and Elon Musk really want you to know they're a thing. .
Amber Heard and billionaire boyfriend Elon Musk pack on the PDA as they go zip-lining in Australia
Gotta be an Amber Heard if you want an Elon Musk 💯
ⒸⒸ↪ Elon Musk flies into in Australia with girlfriend Amber Heard - The Australian Financial Review
Amber Heard's 'cheeky' photo of Elon Musk in Australia fuels reports of relationship
Amber Heard and Elon Musk are a thing
⚡️ “Elon Musk is going to connect your brain to the internet” by
An announcement I've been waiting for!.
One tech CEO says Elon Musk's brain-computer is 'what we all wanted'
Elon Musk lays out plans to meld brains and computers via
Elon Musk's masterplan for humanity's future is beyond your wildest sci-fi dreams
Elon Musk plan to save us from AI? "Join them" . This FREAK wants to put brains in robots & go to Mars. *** UP!!!
Musk reveals plans for his Bay Area neural implants startup - Silicon Valley Business Journal
I assume Elon Musk saw this movie in 1997 and decided to just become that character.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The Elon Musk Future is the good future. The Peter Thiel Future is the bad future. But honestly you'll probably get the Jef…
You won’t believe what Elon Musk thinks he can do in just 4 years via
Tesla employees are fighting to unionize despite the company's resistance
Elon Musk's new company, Neuralink, will connect the human brain to computers.
Hot new story Elon Musk's dreams of merging AI and brains are likely to remain just th...
GutekTechMays: Elon Musk expects to have a brain-machine interface in four years
To be honest this Elon Musk worship is really beginning to get on my *** The guy advises Trump and is in bed with Thiel. Not yo…
This is big. Really big. Photis Peter Pascali may very well be Canada's Elon Musk, given his significant technologi…
Elon Musk learns that not all Tesla owners think he is God. Some just wanted electric cars.
.just announced will unveil an electric semi in September. It could be a game changer.
What a bold idea to work. Cognitive solutions r real , Elon Musk wants to connect brains to computers in 4 years
A quick guide to Elon Musk's new brain-implant company, Neuralink.
Elon Musk is working on 'consensual telepathy'
Elon Musk is honestly such a forward thinker, boy is tryna make that Sci Fi future we all saw in movies a reality,
[CNET] Elon Musk is working on 'consensual telepathy' - CNET
Elon Musk on mission to link human brains with computers in four years: report
Elon Musk's new plan to save humanity from artificial intelligence - KOLO
workers file charges with the National Labor Board as the battle with Elon Musk intensifies.
"This is a potential rise against artificial intelligence" via
My dream job! I've got some of these qualifications. via
Quick guide to Elon Musk's new brain-implant company
.elon musk: AI is bad and dangerous. also elon musk: ok i'm gonna connect everyone's brains up directly to each other
Elon Musk started a new company to turn us into cyborgs by 2020
Elon Musk plans on connecting your brain to the internet. We'll be able to use telepathy to share Shrek pics. 🚀.
To understand the genius of Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, and Mark Zuckerberg, just look at their desks
This man is spending millions to break Elon Musk's Trump ties
Not just Gore, Elon Musk has called for a carbon tax.
Elon Musk gave $50,000 to support Kevin McCarthy last month, per new report.
Elon Musk says Tesla will unveil it’s tractor-trailer truck in September
SA born CEO of US electric car company, Tesla. Elon Musk says his company will unveil its electric tractor-trailer truck this September
Tesla to unveil freight truck in September, pickup truck before 2020, Elon Musk says
Elon Musk: Tesla will unveil a semi-truck in September - CNNMoney
Skipped right over personal . Just goes for the Not the
I asked Elon musk for a Tesla, might as well shoot my shot
On page 180 of 392 of Elon Musk, by Ashlee Vance
Elon Musk is world's greatest salesman: Ex-GM Vice Chairman.
Humans taking control of their evolutionary rights is a worthy debate & never more relevant than today. Thanks htt…
Tesla Semi all-electric truck to be unveiled in September and be ‘next level’, says Elon Musk
This gigantic reason why Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg and Bill Gates dominates Quora
Elon Musk announces Tesla's plans for semi-truck
Elon Musk just fired back at the investors who want Tesla to shake up its board
Tesla jumps after Elon Musk teases commercial truck, pickup
Elon Musk's first wife explains what it takes to become a billionaire via
Elon Musk says a Tesla semi and Tesla pickup are actually happening
FINALLY Someone is Shaking Up the Construction Industry... Who Knew it'd be Elon Musk! | |…
Unbox Therapy is nominated for a 💥 Gonna need all your votes though, Elon Musk is in my category 💀 - https:…
Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg can’t agree on what AI is, because nobody knows what the term really means
Investors call for Tesla changes. Musk tells them to buy Ford - CNNMoney
Elon Musk’s idea for an electric big-rig is totally doable. No, really via
Musk to Tesla investor group: Go buy Ford.
Elon Musk says Tesla will unveil its electric semi truck in September
1st Henry Ford - then Steve Jobs - now Elon Musk . Tesla will unveil electric lorry in September
tUlAsirAM, enter to win a photo autographed by Elon Musk!
could begin launching completely reusable Falcon 9 rockets by the end of next year says
are you talking about that speedy train Elon Musk was talking about building?
Elon Musk is proving automakers need to become tech companies. surpassed this week.
Apple is a powerhouse of stability.
Electric cars are ready to take over the world — and India
Elon Musk's Neuralink is a venture to merge the human brain with AI
geoengineering firms lining up to land GIANT contracts- will help if they're run by whi… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Could Elon Musk really solve Australia's energy crisis?
The secrets to Elon Musk's success via
I heard 5 planets are in the retrograde, Elon Musk pls send help
Did You Guys Know that Elon Musk is Not a Scientist, But an Actor? Yep, It's True!
What does Elon Musk know that the green movement doesn
Elon Musk's new company wants to merge humans and machines via implants
From the launchpad of Kennedy Space Center, Elon Musk explains why a little instability can help kids thrive
The world needs more business leaders like Elon Musk.
The talk is gathering momentum. Interesting reading.
The answer to India's choked cities —
Somewhere, Elon Musk is looking at and smiling quietly, and patting his prototype teleporter.
LOVE seeing Eln Musk in an advisory position. Should bring a little relief the Big Oil heavy cabinent
Interesting look at a big dilemma for Apple.
.We've gotten to the point where getting blown up in one of Elon Musk's rocket ships is now more ap…
Automation will redefine the world. And UBI might just be the way we get through it.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Elon Musk Has Announced a New Goal for SpaceX, and It’s Utterly Revolutionary
Elon Musk just made his smartest strategic move ever for Tesla
Tesla stock is on a tear. Now the pressure is on for Elon Musk to deliver the Model 3…
As Tesla's value soars, so does Elon Musk's fortune
Elon Musk vs. Jeff Bezos: The debate over alternative fuels for your car
“A factory deserves more innovation and more engineering skill than the product itself.” - Elon Musk
“Constantly seek criticism. A well thought out critique of what you're doing is as valuable as gold.” Elon Musk
United Airlines renamed FLYX Airlines by new owner Elon Musk Craig Ferguson first investor !!
As Tesla tops Ford, Elon Musk's net worth skyrockets to an all-time high of $14.8 billion
Trump adds Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Elon Musk, and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi to its Strategic and Policy Forum:
Elon Musk and Tim Ferris eager to interview Jared Kushner to understand the Prince's superamazing multitasking abilities.
This is how Elon Musk gets in the holiday spirit
Jeff Bazos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk, in that order…
Interesting article about the billionaire space race between Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk:
Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos & Richard Branson all run private space outfits in addition to their day jobs Via
I vote Elon Musk for leader of earth
Elon Musk's new venture will focus on helping humans integrate our brains with machines, which is not at all creepy. https…
Elon Musk is changing the rules of space travel
The author you need to read if you want to understand the thinking of today's tech titans. From
Elon Musk needs to make 2B real so she can sit on my face
The thing that's worth doing is trying to improve our understanding of the world and gain a better appreciation of the univ…
Don't worry guys I heard Elon Musk talk about this one
Elon Musk confident Spacex can achieve at least 100-fold reduction in the cost of space access and plans re… https:/…
National/international. From Modi to Elon musk. They all have a fixed routine. They keep their word. They are successful. People who think
The universal archetype of face on sun manifests in nature. U did not know that!.
What Elon Musk has to say on his success on the "Huge Revolution In Spaceflight"
Tesla's Elon Musk launches startup to plug computers into the brain
"As much as possible, avoid hiring MBAs. MBA programs don't teach people how to create companies." - Elon Musk https:/…
musk . Can your technology treat depression? . I saw you on rt. Merging the brain with computer.
Isn’t the Only One Trying to Computerize Your Brain via
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Elon Musk is launching a new company that is trying to computerize your brain, and he's not alone.
wants to put a in your making YOU the
*** ??Cincinnati is Not the opener for MLB?. I must have been on Mars with Elon Musk??
Is A.I. an opportunity or a looming threat?
Elon Musk’s SpaceX makes history by launching a 'flight-proven' rocket
Something something Elon Musk something something give me karma
Time to go to Mars ASAP : if you arrive 1st,you take the planet (and is not SCI-FI; ask Elon Musk.) !
musk make thread usability endless crosses all borders, remember the Chinese silk, create the next step. Must do it now
Elon Musk once ate a lot of ramen, so try becoming a vegetarian! But don't buy too many vegetables. Ramen is all the nu…
Elon Musk set a new goal as soon as SpaceX's successful reusable rocket launch was complete
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Elon Musk is Lex Luthor.
Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with . via
"Don't delude yourself into thinking something's working when it's not, or you're gonna get fixated on a bad solution.…
Elon Musk changing the rules of space travel via thanks
Awesome quote: Musk aims to die on Mars, just not on impact.
I hope you have a great Sunday! Did you see our Elon Musk newsletter?
Elon Musk’s OpenAI Unveils a Simpler Way for Machines to Learn. The group says it has a more practical way to get...
It's hard to take Elon Musk seriously after his proposed Hyperloop.
Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's Model 3 on this day last year. Tesla Market Valuation:. March 31, 2016: $30 billion. March 31,…
Elon Musk está loco. Arriba los locos! "SpaceX makes history with successful launch and landing of a used rocket"
A reality in our modern world that even Elon Musk and Barack Obama have embraced. is good for the economy of th…
SpaceX launches first recycled rocket as CEO Elon Musk seeks 1-day turnaround
"We have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness, to make sure it continues into the future.” - Elon Musk https:…
Elon Musk's SpaceX will fly its first "flight proven" Falcon 9 rocket tonight to make space history — Quartz
SpaceX chief Elon Musk hailed a "revolution in spaceflight" on Thursday after blasting off a recycled rocket for...
Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Warren Buffett leaving the country
I liked a video Elon Musk Making Ghost in the Shell a REALITY? - TechNewsDay
SpaceX founder Elon Musk has said the booster constitutes 70% of the rocket's cost.
Here's what fans think Elon Musk's secret giant new rocket might look like
When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor. -Elon Musk
We are simulations living in a virtual realm, says Elon Musk. But why do we like the idea? | Julian Baggi
Great things are happening thanks to Elon Musk's team!
Elon Musk really needs to do something about ironing clothes next. Seems like such a barbaric practice in this day and age.
"I don't have a fear of failure. I'm not going to fail to do something just because I fear that I wouldn't win" -Elon Musk
Elon Musk is going to be so much more richer...
SpaceX's Elon Musk kicks it up a notch for rocket reusability
In the personality cult that surrounds Elon Musk in China, tech leaders are proud to be members
Elon Musk's makes history by relaunching and landing a used rocket. landing
Elon Musk's SpaceX launches recycled rocket in historic first - CNET
Elon Musk just made history by successfully launching a reusable rocket
A triumph for Elon Musk as SpaceX pulls off its first reused rocket mission
Elon Musk drew a picture of a farting unicorn to show off a new hidden feature in Teslas via
Elon Musk, Serena Williams, and Shah Rukh Khan coming to Vancouver for TED2017
Elon Musk heralds 'huge revolution in space travel' after Thursday's historic mission
Elon Musk. He is just sooo cool and cutting edge!
I feel like Elon Musk is our generations Thomas Edison. What he's doing with SpaceX and Tesla is so groundbreaking.
A Farsighted look at Elon Musk's plan to make us cyborgs, and 'Cyborg' on the big screen (Farsighted Podcast, Ep 6)…
Listen: Elon Musk's new venture Neuralink wants to meld computers with the human brain
Elon Musk told employees that UAW representation led to a Toyota plant closing. This is not true.
Why Chinese tech executives are inspired by Elon Musk
"As of 2016, the number of American car companies that haven't gone bankrupt is a grand total of two: Ford and Tesla."…
Vanity Fair Elon Musk’s billion dollar crusade to stop the AI apocalypse
If this is the future utopia Elon Musk wants, be very afraid via
SpaceX chief Elon Musk hails a 'revolution in spaceflight' after blasting off a recycled rocket for the first time
Launch a rocket every day? SpaceX’s Elon Musk kicks it up a notch for reusability
Yes! Rate of tech development is only linear on a log scale. If we don't advance, AI will leave us in the dust.
SpaceX recovered the payload fairing, too. Elon Musk says he saw a pic of the intact fairing floating in the ocean.
SpaceX Chief Elon Musk sets out benefits, challenges of reusing rockets
Elon Musk not surprised by SpaceX's failed landing: 'didn't expect this to work'
Elon Musk expects his vehicles to disrupt the automotive industry.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
For a while Ive been laughing about a cranial interface to replace keyboards. Elon Musk just formed a company to do so...beam me up Scottie!
Report: Elon Musk launches Neuralink to connect brains with computers
Elon Musk wants to connect brains to computers with new company
Exploring the technology of implanting tiny electrodes into the brain..
Positive spin on drain . Elon Musk’s latest Connecting brains with computers | htt…
I feel like Elon Musk is one science experiment gone wrong away from becoming a supervillain.
Elon Musk founds company to help our transition to cyborgs:
Elon Musk launches company to implant computers in human brains
This big Vanity Fair article shows just how limited (mostly white & male) the perspectives are on the debate over AI ht…
Something is doing in his abundant spare time: brain-computer interface...
Elon Musk wants to connect our brains to computers -
The mind and creative drive of Elon Musk is fascinating... It also terrifies the living *** out of me.
In today's Tech news in Tamil - 10,000 subs, Elon Musk and more ...
Yesterday Elon Musk announced that his name hadn't been mentioned in the media much lately.
Elon Musk is working to merge the human mind and artificial intelligence.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Was looking for something like this for quite a few years. Lets see!!!. Connecting brains with computers.
Elon Musk's startup wants to merge brains with computers
Here’s the most ominous quote from Maureen Dowd’s deep dive into Elon Musk’s fear of AI
Elon Musk has launched a company that hopes to link your brain to a computer
Best caveat ever: "Then there is persuading people to get elective brain surgery." via
Elon Musk hasn't decided how much of the Model 3 to show next month
Elon Musk now wants to merge computers with human brains to help people keep up with machines.
New post coming next week about a new Elon Musk company. For now, a quick 95K-word brush-up on his other companies: https:/…
Elon Musk's new company Neuralink wants to merge human brains with computers...
Elon Musk’s OpenAI has unveiled an unusual approach to building smarter machines - via
Elon Musk is not a good person and will not save us.
Elon Musk wants to implant an AI interface in your brain
Elon Musk is creating a way to link our brains to computers. Hopefully it's compatible with all the Lightning connectors we alre…
Elon Musk now bypassing hands, linking brains directly with computers
Elon Musk's wants to turn your roof into a glass solar energy panel
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Elon Musk wants to merge brains and computers with Matrix-style technology
Elon Musk could be looking at a future link between the human brain and computers in his new venture http…
Elon Musk’s wants to boost the brain to keep up with via
Now you've heard about Elon Musk's brain interface company, read on the state of this tech today
Neuralink: Elon Musk's newest company, merging our brain with AI via on
Hero worship of a corporate welfare king - Elon Musk - Atomic Insights Check it out here : …
Elon Musk on new NASA legislation: “This bill changes almost nothing” by
Elon Musk can't even sleep at night let alone die at peace. Knowing ur doing all this wrong, not fixing it, not able to evolve, Darwin ax u
Well said by the editors of the an industry is emerging by & Elon Musk.
Joe how goes it you have silent open up for Sola Batterie Power talk to Elon Musk. he will be in we have good launch sites Cape York
Also celebrity Elon Musk impersonator Kevin Durand is a random hobo with one line on a train! What a show!
Elon Musk had read an encyclopedia from start to finish at the age of 9
A Solar Bet to Recharge Buffalo: Andrew Cuomo and Elon Musk are the faces of a $750 million plan to revitalize…
Elon Musk's batteries would cost the nation $25 million dollars. Or just half a royal commission into unions.
maybe Malcolm can ask Elon Musk if he can sort out our gas problem too
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Elon Musk has a crazily ambitious plan to fix Australia's electricity
Tesla's Elon Musk offers to solve power crisis in South Australia.
Elon Musk promises to fix South Australia’s electricity woes in 100 days
Elon Musk says he'll fix South Australia's energy woes in 100 days - or it's free
"There is a strong humanitarian argument for making life multiplanetary in order to safeguard the existence of humanity." - Elon musk
Why not take up Elon Musk's fantastic offer Or is a broken power system too important to the Minerals C…
Elon Musk bets he can fix South Australia's power problems in 100 days - or the project is free.
Elon Musk says Tesla can fix South Australia's blackouts in 100 days, or battery system is…
Elon Musk has promised to solve an energy crisis in Australia within 100 days, or provide the technology for free
Elon Musk: Tesla will fix Australia's power crisis in 100days, and if not, the service will be free of charge. . Tesla engi…
I totally want to see 'fix SA power problems in 100 days'! Let's settle this renewables so-called debate!
Fitting followup from today - the next bold move: "I can fix South Australia power netwokr in 100 days or it's free"
⚡ Elon Musk has offered to fix South Australia's energy crisis.
Elon Musk offers to fix Australian power network in 100 days
Elon Musk Wants to Solve Australia's Energy Crisis in 100 Days (or His Services Are Free) via
Elon Musk promises Australia a huge new battery farm in less than 100 days or it’s free - The Verge
Elon Musk says he can fix Australia's power outage problem in 100 days or it's free
Wise... "It's OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket." ~Elon Musk
One man wants to give a whole country light. Elon Musk wants to give the whole of South Australia light. He is not Sun.
Elon Musk to join Trump Wednesday at infrastructure meeting: source via
Elon Musk mentioned reading happens to be the only MWC post you need to know this morning.
Destroying the Earth with moon rocks is not the Elon Musk I know, not the real Elon, Musk is a rocketman of peace!
it's time to take a stand, time to and do what you can to keep Elon Musk from throwing moon boulders at us
make fun if you want but why is everyone talking about Islam when the real threat is Elon Musk throwing rocks from the mo…
Elon Musk just took advice from a super smart 5th grader via
Tonight my cousin said to me, "you're such a disappointment, I thought you'd be working for Elon Musk by now."
I blame Elon Musk. His tunnels are to steal water.
Some more possible passengers on Elon Musk's rocketship to the Moon - The Mercury News :
Elon Musk gets letter from 10yo girl - from :
Billionaire Elon Musk credits his success to these 8 books
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
What You Need to Know About Elon Musk’s Plan to Fly People to the Moon (including how much & when)
Elon Musk could soon share more on his plan to help humans keep up with AI
For Musk, he wanted to create a solar roof that people would actually like, not only because of its functionality...
"Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself" —Elon Musk
Elon Musk takes reservations for trip 2 space. I can't find a mop worth a *** Maybe I'll send a few bucks w/him in case th…
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Musk zepcook.…
If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it. Elon Musk
Business advice from Elon and other smart leaders -
"At Tesla, any prototype that is shown to customers, the production must be better." —Elon Musk
How Elon Musk wants to make car insurance bills a thing of the past
Building the Hyperconnected Future on Blockchains Paper Released at World Government Summit (Elon Musk one of speakers) …
Elon Musk says he’ll present objections to Trump’s immigration order at Friday advisory council meeting…
Rory's shooting ProTracers into the stratosphere like Elon Musk and Phil's banging it around like my dad (who is a 20-ha…
Robots could soon have feelings and the end is nigh
y'all did not just compare this girl to Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"i work in Silicon Valley. Elon musk told me about the 12 dimension simulation we live in. What do you want to know?"
If any of you have a few minutes and would like to learn about Elon Musk, please feel free to DM me.
How did Elon Musk, Michael Jordan, and Reid Hoffman become billionaires? New book available.
Elon Musk is going underground for his next big idea
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is taking advice from a fan who isn't even old enough to drive one of his electric cars
Elon Musk and Paul Ryan. Typical Gen X'ers. Not all of the poverty stricken cashiers of similar age.
Elon Musk is gonna drop the International Space Station on Sydney.
Call me a *** eyed optimistic, but 2 people are being flown to the moon by & Bannon? . https:…
Peter Nowak: Despite what Elon Musk says, don’t count hydrogen fuel cells out just yet | The National
Why indeed? I have no words for this silliness.
SpaceX founder Elon Musk says the mission will take approximately a week, and there will be no landing on the surface.
SpaceX to send two citizens to moon in 2018, according to Elon Musk:
Developed by Elon Musk, who once upon a time was an 'illegal' immigrant.
Everything you need to know about SpaceX's big announcement
Breaking: SpaceX plans to send two people around the Moon
Elon Musk is sending two people to the moon and everyone has FOMO
Elon Musk was born in South Africa. He speaks English and Afrikaans. So technically, he's more "African American" than…
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