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Elmer Fudd

Elmer J. Fudd/Egghead is a fictional cartoon character and one of the most famous Looney Tunes characters, and the de facto archenemy of Bugs Bunny.

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Wow! 5 total dollars to be spent on this LUXURY fork set and 5 mini funko pops of Elmer Fudd-
Elmer Fudd is better rapper than this ***
Oh great. Elmer Fudd's back at it today ...
Elmer Fudd who just realized he's middle stage when the lights come up and must give a talk about quantum physics
He looks like a cross in between Elmer Fudd & Shrek
Last night when I was drunk on wine I'll talk to Bugs Bunny Elmer Fudd did molest him
Gores an *** fakes the global warming nonesence for profit, bluthers about thing…
I don't *look* for the dark side. I look for the funny side... which is often [Elmer Fudd voice] vewwy vewwy dawk.
YHWH ain't gon' be able to tear YHWH like Elmer Fudd will.
You are being reviewed by Elmer Fudd?
apart from the fact that I think the name elmer fudd is great we actually have v. little in common :(
I don’t really know the man and it’s nothing personal but it appears to me that the Giants replaced Tom Coughlin with Elmer…
Uma! A woman so wonderful her name sounds like Bugs Bunny kissing Elmer Fudd’s dumb bald head! And now sh…
Olive Oil ain't gon' be able to find no one like Elmer Fudd will.
WVU has missed more bunnies than Elmer Fudd tonight. I don't know why every single year we feel the need to play vo…
Did anyone else have visions of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd chases going through their heads?
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My sister just asked "what's Elmer Fudd" and I've never been so disappointed.
Bat-plane looks like a flying whale. . The Flash whines all the time. . Clark Kent owns an Elmer Fudd shirt. . Movie
Mark our word, Elmer Fudd will be next.
Elmer Fudd is going to have a food coma after all that and a derby pie. ;)
He looks like Elmer Fudd in this picture. If Elmer Fudd had a marble fireplace and handwoven wool carpets.
Sure do you ignorant racist *** . My 2 MBA'S say so. . By the way check closely and put your glass…
In which Elmer Fudd frowns on biking
i throw my tv remote at the wall as Elmer Fudd once again lets the horrible rabbit get away
“Angry white men dressed like Elmer Fudd / Shouting something about soil and blood”
Is that anything like Elmer Fudd singing "kill the wabbit" to Wagner's music?
And hopefully Hellboy was uninjured when he slipped on wet pavement/Sidewalk because he w…
Maybe something like...Charles Manson, this guy was an absolute Looney Tune. Yeah, if Elmer Fudd loved starting a murder c…
Putin's pawn is in FL. Just like Elmer Fudd. At his mansion with his yacht. . "Send the scraps of our…
Jesus effing Christ. Here's that tax break for the middle class, finally, I can deduct my private jet. My name is Elmer J…
Weasel Paul Ryan as Elmer Fudd with gun moron Blake Shelton at Blake's new restaurant here in our town. I guess the…
think VGK owner Bill Foley should send a nice pre-Christmas present to Vinny Viola for letting his t…
LOL - Who taught you Civics, Free Markets, and Capitalism... Elmer Fudd? - Not wanting the government putting their…
Lol little Elmer fudd, it makes me smile , have a good one brother
my mom said that Khalid sounds like Elmer Fudd 😭😭😭😭
Sure.. "Get back to the stand" means more lame selfies of you sitting on the ground in your Elmer Fudd outfit.
Elmer Fudd looking good on the right.
The video to that Elmer Fudd track i keep hearing doesn't feature any of the Looney Tunes characters. What kind of…
This the real life version of a Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd cartoon .
The most unqualified & ignorant Secretary of Interior ever to hold this off…
Elmer Fudd is trying to do a Donald Trump, watch this space
Seriously, what's with the Elmer Fudd get-up?
HE'S STILL A SILLY MAN DRESSED AS A BAT. But if the rest of Tom King's Batman run is as good at that…
Oh, and this is the best thing ever:
I’m watching Looney Tunes and Elmer Fudd is hunting during Rabbit/Duck season and he says he’s a vegetarian and onl…
Sessions wants to know who does he look like? Elmer Fudd (Cartoon Character),Henry Gibson (Laugh In) o…
Okay 280 Characters here we go... Uhhh Tim the Toolman Taylor,. The green ball from Monsters Inc, Elmer Fudd, Micha…
Southern Gospel music is getting very competetive. Everyone is getting into it. I just saw where Elmer Fudd has a...
Committee members will include Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and that crazy little Martian dude. I mean a…
You should read the Batman/Elmer Fudd crossover. It's one of the best comics of the year. Not even joking about that.
He's so far down the rabbit hole. Where's Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam? Heck, even Daffy Du…
Elmer Fudd was ahead three games to one against William McKinley
You're a laughingstock around the world. You have the instincts of Elmer Fudd & the intellect of C…
Seems to ?? The main media is like the Elmer Fudd in cartoons. They just show their tota…
Full recount going on in Hastings, the constituency of Home Secretary, Elmer Fudd (Sorry, Amber Rudd)
Bojo speaking up for Elmer Fudd speaking for Teresa Tweekie May.. The Tories have beaten…
Elmer Fudd! Finally it hit me. Thought it was munchkin king from wizard of oz but it's actually looney toons! Fitting.
Elmer Fudd, you need to go back to AL to hunt rabbits. You are too much of an *** to be AG. And take trump with you...
It's about time. Wait, didn't they already do this with Foghorn Leghorn and Elmer Fudd (as the Ned Beatty character)?
Trump is the Road Runner, Bugs Bunny & Foghorn Leghorn combined, & the media is a mix of Wile E. Coyote, Elmer Fudd & Barnyard…
Bob Ewell was like another Elmer Fudd for how much he stuttered during his testimony.
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Elmer Fudd $ Bugs Bunny could team up & outsmart an arrogant orange ignoramus who knows nothing about governing or public service
"Luke has a tall snapback that makes him look like a hairy Elmer Fudd" . -
I just see a bunch of Elmer Fudd's clones...
Who's the Shudd whose brain is spud who chews his cud who is a dud afraid of bud the new elmer fudd? Why it's
when everyone else gives up. i sell them buds. i turn all my L's to dubs . im elmer fudd - Ness Lee
dude, if you can win, Elmer Fudd has a solid chance.
no-one cares what Elmer fudd says stop watching CNN make there ratings drop and they will stop the lies and propaganda news
This what President Foghorn Leghorn and VP Elmer Fudd can't figure out. More cash out of your pocket.LESS JOBS
A modern day Elmer Fudd no longer needs to hunt for "wabbits."
You've proved that Elmer Fudd is smart enough to be President!!
Sometimes I hear cartoon characters singing songs in my head, like Elmer Fudd singing How Deep Is Your Love by The Bee Gees.
you never watched all those Bugs Bunny cartoons where Elmer Fudd wanted to make him into that?
Shotty with me like Elmer Fudd, I be spittin like Daffy Duck.
OMG! I just realized who the remind me of! Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. Be very quite, I'm hunting wabbit. 😂😂
Trump appoints new Secretary of Bunny Removal: Elmer Fudd. "I know a guy who is great at bunny removal. He's the greatest. Believe me."
goin' all Elmer Fudd on this rabbit hunt @ ISS (International Space Station)
The Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer Seinfeld episode. I worked with a woman with that laugh. Like a cheese grater to my ears
Boston's voice is giving me Elmer Fudd vibes
wow…the "tolerant left" just tricked Elmer Fudd into shooting me causing my beak to flip around to the other side of my face
I can picture Elmer Fudd hunting for those rascally paid protesters. Funny how he couldn't find th…
Why does Magic Johnson keep calling him Wussell Restbrook like he's Elmer Fudd?
Did Magic Johnson pound a Jameson bottle before haltime or is he doing Elmer Fudd impressions?
Atomic beam is so bright it could blind a blind horse you just hit Elmer Fudd in the head with that thing
Elmer Fudd sung kill the rabbit in a cartoon keep the music change the target to mumud
When it's rabbit season, Elmer Fudd who are dressed incorrectly
Given that our Elmer Fudd looking *** AG thinks disabled kids are a threat to school safety, I see his hand here as well.
Alright. Humans will look like humans, overlanders will look cartoony. Like Elmer Fudd from Loony Tunes.
OMG, I just got threatened by a white supremacist, I mean an "Oath Keeper". I'm Elmer J Fudd, I own a mansion and a…
Elmer Fudd's wet dream. Getting ready to butcher this wascally wabbit for tonight's meal.…
Return my motto to your new lover. Teach Elmer Fudd spookier.
She sounds like a mix of Riff Raff and Elmer Fudd.
. Bugs Bunny never let Elmer Fudd keep him down
Rosie, channeling Bannon, who appears to be channeling Elmer Fudd's sty…
I was thinking along the lines of the battle of wits between Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.
Look I've seen Bugs Bunny standing next to Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam! They're like the same size! Explain that!
Elmer Fudd lead three games to one against Sean Penn
Flynn's Buck Turgidson to Trump's Merkin Muffley! Two whacks don't make a white! Says Elmer Fudd
I didn't realize you were Elmer Fudd
Guy looks like an emaciated Elmer Fudd who got rejected from a Sopranos casting session then peed on.
- The flu's bad stuff Ms. Deauxma. So take care and take Elmer Fudd's advice and get pwenty of west and wewaxation.
I'm going with an Elmer Fudd type of mispronounced "wery twicky"
Even though John henson was shafted due to Elmer Fudd I still pulled through.
Why did Elmer Fudd give his broom Ambien?. Because he had twouble sweeping
am Elmer J. Fudd millionaire Iown a mansion and a yacht.I'll adopt him...🤐
20 rabbits arrested for... does that equate Trump with Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam?
Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd owe their careers to guns.
He was the perfect cross between Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam.
Of course I know what Elmer Fudd is.. He a cwywopwacta...
Next time "Glycerine" by Bush comes on the radio, imagine it's Elmer Fudd on vocals. You're welcome. . 🎶Don't wet da days…
Elmer Fudd is more presidential than you, Donnie. You're pathetic, sad, and in over your head.
Whenever I see these elfin rabbits, I always think it says "effin' rabbit". Kind of like a PG-13 Elmer Fudd thing.
McCain, Elmer Fudd on Steroids! Where did that Wascally Wabbit go, where did he go?
My god, when will reporters understand what we're dealing with here? When Elmer Fudd came hunting Bugs didn't help…
He's like Elmer Fudd or some sort of cartoon character in that he never learns anything and always makes the same mistakes.
Attorney Elmer Fudd could do more respectable job than Holder or Lynch.
Some 20+ year old furry: *Still uses XD and types like Elmer Fudd*. Me: How have you stayed so pure despite the world around you
Lucky us we get the A-Squad with Pepe LePew , Elmer Fudd and.I like ha…
It's more than money waiting on you in the back of the Brinks trucks. Elmer Fudd for you silly rabbit. It's still be a thought tho!
Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny was better. Free at last, thank God were free at last.
. Sylvester the Cat, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd for the National Literacy Foundation
Robin Williams singing Born To Run while doing an impression of Elmer Fudd on Parky years ago.
you have to go along way to beat Robin Williams as Elmer Fudd singing I'm On Fire
oh, and of course let's not forget Robin Williams as Elmer Fudd's version of Fire -
if you play the 45 of I'm On Fire at 33rpm it sounds like Elmer Fudd. Which is almost as good as a cover version.
Joe(Elmer Fudd)Manchin is done here in WV come next election regardless
grilled cheese is srs business... word to Elmer Fudd
a character in the bible but more commonly it's synonymous with *** or moron because of Bugs Bunny calling Elmer Fudd nimrod
Leaks - be very very careful - Elmer Fudd. Females like to talk too much. Look there 1st. Clean house. Start over.
Mike Nolan still screwing over the 49ers 9 years later, trying to advice Jed to hire Elmer Fudd
Through scribbled blood and and Elmer Fudd you signed away your soul. The figures tall "I want it all!" the devil takes his
He sounds presidential. If Elmer Fudd was president.
Well, in that case a small moment of silence for the little guy. No more fear of Elmer Fudd though. Bittersweet.
There's two rabbits in my garden, we don't own any rabbits... Anyone got Elmer Fudd's number?
Is Elmer Fudd still alive? He'd make a great Secretary of Interior.
sounds more like Elmer Fudd when hunting Bugs Bunny
This is annoying and true. The Elmer Fudd of the KKK is getting through.
Check it out. The Elmer Fudd instrumental by
Elmer fudd for president oh he takes. office jan 20 we in trouble smfh!!!
The local *** ain't gon' be able to read Elmer Fudd like Michelle Visage will.
Really? Mocking the president as if he was Elmer Fudd? He's too much of a gentleman to mock your G-d awful cack…
talks bout President Obama and makes an Elmer Fudd voice. Because.
Love it. "Much more than just a face that belongs on Elmer Fudd."
No, wait, the fool connection was because Bugs Bunny called Elmer Fudd "Nimrod" ironically. Ignore me.
I AGREE! they're straight out comic book characters alongside Elmer Fudd, Wylie Coyote, but heck, I feel I'm insul…
Mock them. Every time you see Trump, think Elmer Fudd. With Scarborough, think Curly Joe of the Three Stooges.
I heard he was gonna hire Elmer Fudd and Wile E Coyote to head up the task force
Elmer Fudd seems to be having a good game so far
I thought Elmer Fudd was starting today.
Colorado's Elmer Fudd is going off against Michigan. 2 TD's & the Buffs lead 21-7 in the 2nd.
Wonder if Michigan is confused early about that Colorado depth chart…. Elmer Fudd better arm than thought?
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No, actually, my husband. Amongst other things, one character turned into Bugs Bunny and another turn into Elmer Fudd...
How fast can the shipping container put together a meme blending Harbaugh getting taken out by Elmer Fudd!?!?
Looks like Elmer Fudd and the Blues brothers are getting it dine today.
Elmer Fudd to Elwood Blues is killing it today.
Can't give Elmer Fudd time to throw the ball
Colorado beating Michigan by 2 TDs, but my question is, is Danny DeVito getting any snaps over Elmer Fudd at QB for the Buffs?
Looks like the Elmer Fudd lineup was the right call.
Can't believe Elmer Fudd is dealing on us like this!!
I believe Harbaugh really thought Elmer Fudd was starting QB today.
I really don't care if Michigan wins this game but it has been hilarious to watch so far. Elmer Fudd is torching them
dude - I hope you're DVRing that game. Elmer Fudd is tearing it up!
Looks like Colorado's Elmer Fudd had a good first quarter against Michigan.
lol the announcer sounds like Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd is a pretty good quarterback.
I wonder if it is Elmer Fudd or Butch Cassidy as the reason Colorado is beating Michigan?
so far the only team that looks like it has Elmer Fudd playing is Michigan.
Elmer Fudd, Olive Oil and Elwood Blues looking very good this first half against Michigan
I thought Elmer Fudd was starting at QB.
Elmer Fudd is slanging that rock. Go buffs!
Big time throw by Elmer Fudd in the Colorado-Michigan game
that Elmer Fudd guy can play some QB. How many stars did rivals give him?
That Elmer Fudd is a pretty good QB.
man Elmer Fudd is killing these guys
Elmer Fudd has 2 TD passes today for Colorado
Elmer Fudd and the Buffaloes jumping out to an early 14-point lead on Michigan.
Maybe Harbaugh should have had his team read the scouting report on Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck as is lighting up
Elmer Fudd to Betty Boop for the td
Elmer Fudd with the TD pass to Olive Oil, Colorado up 21-7 on Michigan
Well, there goes 38-17 prediction. Buffs are getting ready to put Elmer Fudd at QB.
Was that elmer fudd with that sack and score for colorado?
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Clearly Colorado has taken advantage of Michigan's lack of film on QB Elmer Fudd.
Wait, Elmer Fudd is not playing for the Buffs?
Elmer Fudd to Manute Bol for the touchdown.
John Paul DeJoria: Put Either Gary Johnson or Elmer Fudd in the Debates and You'll See a Change - Fox News
This week was more bizarre and incomprehensible than Donald Duck, Elmer Fudd, Neil Young, and Keith Richards performing Hamlet.
Why does Ray Donovan sound like Elmer Fudd singing Bob Seger….lmao!!!
Got my moose shirt on. En route to moose-watching expedition tonight. I am a regular Marlin Perkins. Or Elmer Fudd.
"Elmer Fudd and his follicle follies" -
The only 2016 Election take I can give for the next few months is this: Imagine The Hunting Trilogy but with Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam
Why does every Donald supporter calling in to Rush today sound like Elmer Fudd? BTW Rush has had to correct their BS talking points.
COLUMN: is calling all Elmer Fudd enthusiasts
Elmer Fudd hunting out of season...
Elmer Fudd would be a better Governor than Walker. But they are both living in la la land thats fur sure.
actually more like Elmer Fudd.. Can you picture him with the hunting cap on his thumb head.
Did Cruz take time from his schedule to visit loonies tunes for approval of Fiorini? Elmer Fudd would've stopped him.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Elmer Fudd & Daffy Duck are still trying to catch Trump: It's over fellas --
Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny Children's pendulum clock by CanCreate via
Question: Why is sock puppet troll Elmer Fudd allowed to post here when he violate...
A lot of 18 yo girls will be out today. Bunny season and I'm Elmer Fudd. Hehe
excuse me to butt in but comes from Bugs Bunny cartoons, Elmer Fudd talk.
Clearly you haven't had Cass as a companion, where she would literally imitate Elmer Fudd every time I went into sneak mode
Do you ever sit in a big pot and cut carrots into the water like Bugs Bunny when Elmer Fudd is trying to cook him?
moment. Walk looking like Elmer Fudd with the hat. Bust out the memes for tonight.
Walton isn't even a qualified coach. He got to coach the best team for a few months. Elmer Fudd could do the same.
I'll tee one up for you: Elmer Fudd.
is your "Elmer Fudd hat" a We ❤️them in the Midwest. Hope to put them away 4 summer soon😂
Jeff Sessions is a cartoon character, Elmer Fudd, I think.
Sounds like Elmer Fudd hunting that wascally wabbit
no, he sounds like him. You know what Elmer Fudd sounds like, don't ya? Lol
Cruz names cabinet. Dept of State: Casper. Dept of Treasury: Rich Uncle Pennybags. Dept of Defense: Elmer Fudd. Dept of Energy: Ben Carson.
Nope. Outrage was like Elmer Fudd. Vewy vewy quiet
this guy looks like Elmer Fudd had sex with Peyton Manning.
selecting is like Elmer Fudd enlisting Daffy Duck. Next he will order a "win the nom" kit from Acme! You go Ted!
you look like the love child of Elmer Fudd and a real pug
I'm announcing that I've chosen Elmer Fudd as my running mate. Right now, my chances are as good as Ted's.
Cruz picks Fiorina as VP. In other news, I've chosen Elmer Fudd as VP for my fake White House bid. I get it, Ted, pretending is fun!
You mean the era of Elmer Fudd Diaz Vera is coming to an end? Good lord.
LOL, good wuck with the white nationawist powitics. Chanting "cucksewative" isn't going to end well, Elmer Fudd.
While watching Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd:. Little Cousin- "Where is the rabbit's father going?".
.compared Rep. Klingenschmitt to Elmer Fudd -- so we had to. https:/…
Elmer Fudd model sheet from A Wild Hare [Merrie Melodies] from 1940.
Oh! How the Phillies swoon for my signature sexy-time version of the Ric Ocasek classic 'Goodtimes Roll, in an Elmer Fudd voice.
About time they try to shut his big mouth. He sounds like Elmer Fudd in the comics.
Walking the streets looking like the lovechild of Elmer Fudd and the Punisher
My inner voice did not sound wike Elmer Fudd as I spwinkled wose-meh-wee on the wabbit I woasted this mow-ning. 🐰
Oh, I guess it was just us in Saudi then. Elmer Fudd's huh.
Nice rabbit hat. Where's Elmer Fudd when you need him.
FUDD: He weebs a web of fwosty wies. EXGF: Elmer, I didnt break up with you just bc of him. FUDD: Is it my mediocwitty?
Well Carlin did the "imagine Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd" joke years ago, but I'd still stay away. And I'm, well... me.
I liked a video Daffy Duck ft. Elmer Fudd - To Duck or Not to Duck (1943) - Classic Animated Cartoon
All this rabbit pics are gettin annoying I hope Elmer J. Fudd go hunt ya wabbit ***
Wow he snagged both Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Interesting combo.
Duck Dodgers was a cartoon that had episodes about both Klingon Yosemite Sam AND Borg Elmer Fudd
Have you turned into Elmer Fudd? No, I guess that would have been: vwwery, vwwery hward!
when I lived in Denver they'd sneak into my house all the time and I would have to catch them in a box straight Elmer Fudd style
Elmer J Fudd was a millionaire. He had both a mansion and a yacht.
Karl Elmer Fudd Rove has blown millions on his Romney super pacs & being wrong. Like Fed Gov, is big bloated loser.
I know, and now it's complete mush on the road because of you. Darn. Elmer Fudd is proud.
Daffy Duck has also ruled it out, but Elmer Fudd is still undecided.
Trump is like Elmer Fudd. Looks like he might be capable of doing some damage, but he's honestly more of a danger to himself.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Try throwing in Daffy Duck as Secretary of State and Elmer Fudd as Vice President 😂
well at least we aren't following Elmer fudd :)
i just saw him on a elmer fudd cartoon must be a Republican
The Elmer Fudd voice do be headassed at times
5th seed in B10 tourney - facts have been laid out the coach wasn't Tom Izzo but the AD is Elmer Fudd
When you look up Elmer Fudd in the dictionary you see Obama's pic. Such a total *** and an embarrassment.
So the Elmer Fudd of British politics, is hosting another CoBRA meeting. I feel safer already...
Elmer Fudd and the 3 stooges come with their dear leader?
Gd morning pervs of IG. cuz I definitely see Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd Frolicking in a Field filled with Lily's…
Graham: Better for GOP lose election than 'heart and soul' with Trump via Elmer…
All the famous cartoon characters have the middle initial J.--Elmer Fudd, Homer Simpson, Bullwinkle Moose, and Donald Trump.
Should be done in cartoon format or Photoshop onto Elmer Fudd
And he is quite a character...and so is Elmer Fudd. lol
I love watching chins jiggle when he gets angry. Hearing him stutter and stammer like Elmer Fudd is hilarious.
It's difficult to know if one should carry an umbrella or not when Elmer Fudd defines consenescence as "It's waning."
"she doesn't know you very well" as said in the best Elmer Fudd voice
Trump gonna have some white folks saying "be vareree vareree quiet we hunting Black folks" in their best Elmer Fudd voices
Bernie wants to ban everything but your Elmer Fudd gun. Watch this:
Checking in to see how many Elmer Fudd's still read the papers. Choice is king not one sided tales verwy, verwy still! (Elmer Fudd) My efforts to stay as still as possible yesterday paid off big...
If was a cartoon character he would deffo be Elmer Fudd🐰🔫
Looks like have gone hunting with Elmer Fudd.
I will never not think of Bugs Bunny massaging Elmer Fudd's head w/his feet to this music.
Funny now kuz all I hear is wiley coyote in the room now i run it!! Elmer fudd said shoot em down!
Elmer Fudd is now available for adoption! This male Border Collie is 2mths old. Learn more at
Every time my professor says "very" I think of Elmer Fudd from looney toons 😂😂😂
Today we're ashamed to be in Mn. Elmer Fudd is our Gov and now morons at caucuses actually voted for Wacko Bernie. Oy Vey! SD here we come.
I cracked up when commented it sounds like Elmer Fudd saying "8 Rack".. "Be vewwy qwiet. We're hunting Ewdwazi."
BOOM BONUS BIRTHDAY: Elmer Fudd made his first appearance on this day in 1940. To see Elmer & Bugs rock Wagner...
I think Kev is great but somehow he reminds me of Elmer Fudd.
Elmer Fudd should stick to hunting wabbits
Trump kinda reminds me of Elmer Fudd.
WELL, they are getting sort of desperate over that the GOP hacienda!!! They'd back Elmer Fudd if he would run!!!
Omg. lol. If you go to your preferences on your google account, you can change your language thing to Elmer Fudd. lol
You are the problem. You have no clue what you are talking about. You just like to make trouble. You remind me of Elmer fudd.
With a little bit of Elmer Fudd thrown in on the side.
They got Chris Darden out here looking like a charcoal Elmer Fudd, man.
Marcia and Darden might as well be Yosamite Sam and Elmer Fudd to Johnnie's Bugs Bunny.
This was the legal equivalent of the Elmer Fudd shotgun to the face.
is Donald Drumpf Fudd's twin with toupee...silly rabbit politics for humans
could Okafor have a worse hat game at the Nova game. Seriously Elmer Fudd anyone?
I'm really hoping to see a Donald Trump/Elmer Fudd Republican ticket this fall.
Are you not convinced that Trump in the White House would be a disaster? I would vote for Elmer Fudd against Trump. You?
Has anyone a number for Elmer Fudd. There's a Rabbitte doing my head in
Go Granny! Our on: Granny gets back at phone scammers via
For those who don't know, Negan makes The Governor look like Elmer Fudd compared to Negan's Yosemite Sam.
its like Robert De Niro, Elmer Fudd, and Shrek and they are god awful.
Great I see the vision: Elmer Fudd (Ted Cruz), and Donald Duck (DUCK DYNASTY). The world has been waiting for this!
Add Beck, Limbaugh, Levin 2 the Pope & Obama as impetus 2 put Trump over the top.He's playing Buggs Bunny 2 their Elmer Fudd. Wascal Wabbit!
He's too busy looking like Elmer Fudd to be a decent ref.
Feels like I'm Bugs Bunny and Sundance Film Festival is Elmer Fudd sneaking up on me. I swear I lost a week in Jan.
I can't believe after all these years that I didn't figure out that Elmyra Duff was the Tiny Toons equivalent to Elmer Fudd
Great pick of an avatar was Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam already taken?
running thru farmer fields away from Elmer Fudd
thanks! The performance Elmer Fudd hat is from Eddie Bauer.
Everybody play the thug till u run up on a *** with the shotie for his karats like elmer fudd
Listen to the radio adaptation featuring the original voice of Elmer Fudd as Clarence
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