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Elm Street

The Elm Street Stone Arch Bridge is located along that street in Pine Hill, New York, United States. It is a short bridge built over Alton Creek in the early 20th century using stonemasonry techniques and an arch bridge design that had been employed in the Catskills since the 18th century, one.

Heather Langenkamp Freddy Krueger Robert Englund Johnny Depp Wes Craven Stephen King Elm Street 2 Greg Adams Freddy Kreuger Charles Bernstein Freddie Kruger Nancy Thompson

Nightmare on Elm Street is a classic. So good.
Listen to Elm Street ft. Waka Flocka & Chaz Gotti (Prod. By YK808) by Southside - 808 Mafia on
.Column | In every person, however urbane, is a fear of Eddie on Elm Street.
Today's Trivia Question:. ... What was the estimated budget of the first Nightmare On Elm Street film?. ... The...
Also the sequel to nightmare on elm street, that craven had nothing to do with, is probably my most hated movie of all time.
Mine is A Nightmare On Elm Street. Freddy is my all time favorite slasher
Watching A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) and Kyle Gallner is reminding me of a young Paul DeYonghe.
"It's nightmare on elm street and guess who's playing Freddy" 😵
Up next on my Wes Craven birthday movie marathon, A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) on Blu-ray!…
It's only about 11 pm here but I've been up till six am watching Elm Street and Friday The 13th movies plenty of times.
Road Closed: Elm Street North of 5th Avenue: Elm Street north of 5th Avenue is closed to through traffic for a…
It Follows: Carpenter directs A Nightmare on Elm Street, set in Stephen King's universe. Unsettlingly set in a slightly off-kilter non-place
Elm Street in New Haven shutdown because of white supremacist protest near New Haven Green.
Tonight's the night! We're looking forward to a gorgeous evening with Bettye LaVette, Jennie DeVoe, Elm Street...
A horse with an unusual sleep schedule terrorizes the suburbs with incessant whinnies in A Night Mare on Elm Street.
I love A Nightmare on Elm Street. Such a great franchise
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Epic block party on Elm Street forgot how much I love Old Roseville just moved into new pad great day to meet thy neighbor
McHenry City Council to consider plans for parlor on Elm Street - Northwest Herald
McHenry City Council to consider plans for tattoo parlor on Elm Street
The best lunch and dinner will be served this Wednesday, July 5 at Natty Greene's on Elm Street in Greensboro.
Behind the scenes of Nightmare on Elm Street
Behind the scenes of Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).
The first two Nightmare on Elm Street movies are dark and genuinely creepy. 3 onward is just rad 80's cheese and rap videos.
Nightmare on Elm Street. All 12/3 of them. 😂. Freddy Krueger is EVERYBODY's favourite villain. You gotta love that sick, perverted *** ❤
Live the Downtown Life!. 23 Elm Street . Lovely 2 Bedroom Apartment in Manchester. Renting for $850 a month. Call...
Happy belated birthday to star of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hallow and Sw…
Robert Englund removing his Freddy Krueger makeup on the set of A Nightmare on Elm Street. https…
We have been advised by Public Works that the section of Main Street running from Elm Street to Chapel Street...
‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3’ to screen at Philadelphia Horror Fest with Heather Langenkamp (and Don Dokken!)…
Johnny Depp in the first Nightmare on Elm Street is the cutest✨
I am watching A Nightmare on Elm Street with Jackie Earle Haley, it is okay. But I think Robert Englund is the BEST Freddy Krueger.
Watching Nightmare on Elm Street with Jackie earle haley as Freddy Krueger. Sorry to say, he is no Robert Englund.
NLLM Get Togethers are the last Sunday of the month. Time: 1:30 to 4:30 755 Elm Street at Grant Ave, Winnipeg. Visitors are welcome!
Really hoping to get the Elm Street remake on DVD for Christmas this year. I need something to break my weed up on. Aah…
correction clinton:Scream. obama: Nightmare on Pennsylvannia Ave(Elm Street, in case you didn't know.)
Cider Mill Lane closed at the intersection of Elm Street. Tree and utility lines down in the roadway.
Today Sevierville Water Dept says High Street closed from Elm Street to Eastgate Road in Sevierville until approx 2:30pm for repair work
RTC: Corporation Road in Middlesbrough at the Elm Street junction.
Corporation Road in Middlesbrough is partially blocked at the Elm Street junction, due to an accident involving a pedestrian.
Bad movie month begins with our Nightmare on Elm Street 2/Road House double feature.
Freddy Kruger Glove Based upon the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street
I liked a video from Unboxing NECA 1/4 Scale Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street
Five copies of Police Academy 4 swapped for the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series. . A blockbuster trade.
My grandma's dog went missing today around 4 PM. She lives on Elm Street in Mount Morris. Please help her find her…
Just finished a 4 hour documentary about Nightmare on Elm Street and it was great
Besides watching all 10 hours of that show I also rewatched the 4 hour Nightmare on Elm Street documentary. I am living my best life.
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4 Film Favorites: Nightmare on Elm Street 1-4 (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Nightmare on Elm Street..
I liked a video from Heather Langenkamp Talks 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' for Women In
I still can't listen to the "1,2,buckle my shoe" nursery rhyme without getting chills because of Nightmare on Elm Street.
Case in point: Two of this year's Oscar nominated writers were previously credited on Mean Girls 2 and the Elm Street remake.
Really lovin this Nightmare on Elm Street marathon. is the G.O.A.T.!!!
Behind the scenes pictures of Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare on Elm Street via
Been having alot of nightmares lately. I've never seen A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I had a nightmare with Freddy Kreuger in it?
1/4 Scale A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge action figure is now in stock at Dallas Vintage...
Check out Fangoria magazine George Romero Survival of the Dead Nightmare on Elm Street via
*** ..well I guess not I like classical anyway like Friday the 13th or Nightmar on Elm Street
Fire on Elm Street in N. Olmsted around 2:30 am - man in wheelchair helped out by a neighbor - everyone okay…
When I was a kid, I was really into 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'Fr...
I added a video to a playlist 'Scream' and 'Elm Street' Actors Tribute Wes Craven | Larry King Now |
Nightmare on Elm Street (because the Jones' have an amazing light display and the whole city wants to see it)
Nightmare on Elm Street is real. The country just elected Freddy Kruger. Watch your backs on a dark night. No telling when he will pop up.
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woke up to get ready for work and the original Nightmare on Elm Street is on 😭😭😭😭
Ultimately A Nightmare on Elm Street from Charles Bernstein. He will be for the new CD box set release.
Jenny and Lee watching Nightmare on Elm Street had me in stitches 😂😂
Broke an entering. Just drove away in a red Saturn hatchback car. Louis Anthony Zanelli is Fred George from Elm Street zip code 02359.
Charles Bernstein - A Nightmare on Elm Street theme on
There are so many... Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween Movies, each Stephen King movie (I prefer "It")😱👻
mate I'm putting A Nightmare on Elm Street on and getting my munch on 😂😂 and thanks!
Mondo Teams with Matt Ryan Tobin for This Awesome 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Poster -
A4 Nightmare on Elm Street, Pet Sematary, etc. I could go on and on lol!
Taking a stroll to Elm Street tonight. Good night everyone, and...pleasant dreams... ;)=
Last day to catch what promises to be a fun parody of Nightmare on Elm Street. I'm hitting the 3:00 PM show.
Jonny Depp was so cute in Nightmare on Elm Street
14th Avenue West is queued up for about 20 minutes from Elm Street to Hendrik Potgieter Road.
actually going to a con this weekend. Mark Patton, Tuesday Knight and Kim Myers from the Elm Street films.
Nightmare on Elm Street. 1 2 Freddy's comin for you. 3 4 better lock your doors.idk the rest of the song HAH
It's crazy how Netflix doesn't have Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Stephen King It, or Halloween...
When u have an exam at 11 but need to terrorize Elm Street at 12
Yonkers: Fire on Elm Street displaces 73 people, many of them children
Yonkers: Fire on Elm Street leads to evacuation of 3 buildings
Full house at public meeting tonight on 80 storey proposal at 8 Elm Street.
Nightmare on Elm Street. It doesn't feel like October till I watch it. Plus is a welcome guest in my house
mc chris is doing a Nightmare on Elm Street themed album!
My least favorite Elm Street movie is Freddy Got Fingered.
Batman Returns. Priscilla Queen of the Desert. True Romance. Muriels Wedding. Nightmare on Elm Street. Alien. Silence of the Lambs.
I feel like a prince in a pharaohs pyramid. Scheme turned dream turned nightmare on Elm Street.
Meet horror legend Robert Englund at Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street:
"The Conjuring, Scream, Freddy vs Jason and The Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser. Stuff like that."
is like reading Stephen King, dreaming about Nightmare on Elm Street and wishing it was more like Twin Peaks 🌲📺☕️
Binge watched all episodes of today. Clearly a Stephen King influence but riffs on Jaws, Alien, Elm Street etc. Superb TV.
Very Stephen King feel to the story and characters. Lots of great influences, too. E.T., Elm Street, Stand by Me, Goonies.
"This book reads as if Wes Craven hired Umberto Eco to reinvent A Nightmare on Elm Street.". Sold.
1 episode into Stranger Things and it's perfect. Stephen King/Stand by Me meets Spielbergian 80's meets Elm Street; so much cool stuff.
Film idea. A Nightmare on Elm Street modernised. Freddy Krueger (Steve Coogan) puts the frighteners on Willy Wonka (Brian…
Stranger Things primary inspirations are Firestarter, It, Poltergeist, and a little bit of Nightmare on Elm Street, right?
Just saw Nightmare on Elm Street. Unlike Friday the 13th, I want to see more.
Roger Ebert called this "filmmaking by the numbers, without soul" -
Happy birthday, Heather Langenkamp! From the original Elm Street to the New Nightmare and beyond. Keep smiling!
Yo, yo , yo I got that Nightmare on Elm Street.
Turn left on elm street then right on inyamouth
Daisy looked over them and pointed towards Nightmare on Elm's Street. “That one.”
Pietro came back with several movies, including Saw, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm's Street, and It. "Pick a movie."
Watching NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET for first time, and it's great, but why does every "kid" look at least 28?
📷 yavisolas: My top three female horror film stars.. Women have a hard place in the horror genre as...
Concerning your Never Seen series, have you ever seen A Nightmare on Elm Street if I may ask?
I just saw a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street in the bathroom. My uterus is killing me.
Feel like I'm in nightmare on elm street with how little sleep I've had over the past two days
Now next up on the marathon is A Nightmare on Elm Street. The original, always a classic. :)
Scanner traffic reports a kitchen fire on East Elm Street in Lima. Residents are evacuating the home. More info to come
what's going on downtown? Elm street from college to Church streets & temple street from wall to elm closed
Same. My older brother let me and my little brother watch stuff like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. At like 5.
Eating cheese and feeling sleepy on elm street !!
What are your favorite horror movies? I like Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street.
The iconic bathtub scene from Nightmare on Elm Street
im on set tonight. Wish I had some apple beer and some nightmare on elm street :/
Happy 5th Birthday to one of our favorite places in all of New York State - Elm Street Bakery in East Aurora...
Free Safe Talk Suicide Prevention Training in Malone on July 20 at St Mark's Episcopal Church on Elm Street.
A Nightmare on Elm Street. Killer Klowns from Outer Space made me afraid clowns were going to come out of my toilet.
Always flush the toilet on Elm Street!?!. WednesdayWisdom
The Old Saybrook Firefighters Competition is this Sunday starting at 9am at Firemans Field on Elm Street. Area...
We are looking for a buyer on 69 Elm Street
Behind the scenes shots from A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984.
Dartmouth parade: Steps off at 9:30 a.m., Apponagansett Park. Parade proceeds up Elm Street to the Dartmouth...
Can you imagine A Nightmare on Elm Street by Christopher Nolan? I'm not a horror guy, but I want that movie.
If you want ELM STREET... You know what to do 💯💯💯
Alrigt. Im on a nightmare on elm street binge marathon and im glimg ro sleep, see you guys tomoroew whne im spber!
When all you wanna do is nerd out about A nightmare on elm street but nobody to do it to:(
mind the music. it's from A Nightmare on Elm Street for NES. thought the floating hand thing would make it a clever pick
Own all of the Chucky films, Halloween and The Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Thinking I need to get the Friday The 13th Franchise as well.
Try the first 3 nightmare on elm street movies.
Mike knocked out while watching nightmare on elm street and now I'm watching it alone and I'm scared. 😩
LIVE on Frank Turner at the Elm Street Music and Tattoo Festival
sonic on a nightmare on elm street coming 20Hairteen
OMG why? MY Freddy!!! I wanted to meet you... Love Nightmare on Elm Street... 😢
Watching nightmare on elm street and I'm tired fml 😭😭😭
My city is like nightmare on elm street .
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
watched all Nightmare on Elm Street movies; hope this is a good year for you! Hope to get an autograph
When all else fails... got with your favorites. — watching Nightmare On Elm Street
I added a video to a playlist Friday on Elm Street - The Babysitter
Johnny Depp, on set of A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984
Well done . My contract at was in a small software house on Elm Street, Burnley. A nightma…
9. I don't watch a lot of horror movies but the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" is my fav
On March 10th, 1863, John A. Frye opened the doors of a small shop on Elm Street in…
Even Robert Englund, the dude that played freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street is gonna be there. He ruined my childhood :D
yes I would also like to see the legend Robert England Nightmare on Elm Street fame,
Definitely not getting any sleep tonight after just watching A Nightmare on Elm Street with my family..going to be team no sleep..
Thanks for the Elm Street marathon and it's cool that this guy is director of programming now!
Scream would work really well because stealth. Hatchet villain can actually run. Elm Street could steal the dark souls invasion mechanic
Project: Nightmare on Elm Street movie where Freddy messes up and thinks he's doing a great job, called "The Dunning-Freddy Kruger Effect."
Do you have a idea for Nightmare on Elm Street? Or Pacific Rim 2? Or even a for a 3rd entry into Titan A.E? Any film, throw us your ideas!
. Originals Nightmare on Elm Street. AndPart 3 . Friday The 13th original up to 4 . Child's Play series. evil Dead. Dawn of dead
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Fell asleep to this A Nightmare on Elm Street documentary hours ago. It's still playing. Didn't realize it was 4 hours long.
what a horrible day! Nightmare on Elm Street? Nightmare on Carrow Road, more like!
We did it. We've now covered ALL the Elm Street movies. Check out the last, but certainly not least, New Nightmare!
4/13 - Elm Street closed between Chace Ave. and Main St. due to gas company work. Open to local traffic only.
Favourite horror flicks? My personal fav is Nightmare on Elm Street.
That was the new version of nightmare on Elm Street starring the Lon Kruger as Freddie Kruger
my movie that ruined my life was nightmare on Elm Street. Freddie Kruger scared the life out of me. Couldn't sleep ever again
Also, Heather Langenkamp was 2 star in my film "A Nightmare on Elm Street" 1984
Sex Scene for Heather Langenkamp's sidebody in A Nightmare on Elm Street
I'm working on "Ernest Goes to Elm Street" film, w/ Robert Englund as Ernest and Jim Carrey portraying Jim Varney in Freddy Krueger role
And for all you horror fans over 18 years old, come see the original Nightmare on Elm Street on the big screen!
Come see the open house at 305 Elm Street in Howe TX on March 27, Sunday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM!.
On scene of reported shooting in West Des Moines, 3500 blk of Elm Street
Drivers should avoid Valley West Drive at Elm Street for shooting investigation:
When I was quite young, I accidentally saw Nightmare on Elm Street at a house party, and even though I don't...
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I believe that was Jason X. This one takes place on Elm Street with special guest Jason.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors Official horror movie trailer (1987)...
I also wrote a screenplay for the reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street, but new line cinema said no when I sent it to them.
West Main Street from Elm Street to College Avenue and Hickory Street from Market Street to Southwest Road are closed.
Shooting on Elm Street, live on location!.
Deputies: 4 injured after shooting on Elm Street - WBRC FOX6 News - Birmingham, AL -
Deputies: 4 injured after shooting on Elm Street: A shooting in Jefferson County left four…
Disabled vehicle 190 south at Seneca Street blocking right lane. Backup to Elm
Just watched the reboot of nightmare on elm street an I'm arsed about going asleep at all.
Nightmare on elm street probs isn't my brightest moment.
Don't fall a sleep and listen to our podcast!
Imagine a Nightmare on Elm Street TV series starring Elijah Wood as Freddy Krueger. You're welcome.
Reminds of the movie Nightmare on Elm Street with Freddy Krueger!
B/c he was also in a TV show at the time,. the actor playing this films killer occasionally worked 24 hrs straight-
I have to say Nightmare on Elm Street is by far my favorite when it comes to the horror genre. Friday the 13th is a ver…
Nightmare on Elm Street star returns Home to horror:
site visit to Lebanon's active and developing Northside Elm Street neighborhood
Favorite 80s horror movies: Hellraiser and A Nightmare on Elm Street
Day 3 of Women in Horror month looks at aka Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street
a nightmare on elm Street, *** boy, Resident evil, The darkest Hour, Orphan, Underworld, Insidious, Splice, see no evil,
Now this is more like it!! This is the kind of street style I was hoping for!!
Watched Nightmare on Elm Street in my film class today!
10 is being made with a Nightmare On Elm Street star, OMG
this gif is scarier than the whole series of nightmare on elm street. I just woke up my memory is hazy lel wot
A Nightmare on Elm Street is definitely one of my favourite horror films💜🎭
How was the hosted Elm Street marathon? I don't have cable but it sounded rad.
13) a nightmare on elm street is my favourite film of all time even though I only watched it about 5 months ago. I just find it so -
true.i been asking them to do A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 I think do requests
What is everyone's favorite Nightmare on Elm Street movies? . I love the Original and Part.3
hello, what time will water be restored in Elm Street, Craigavon, Fourways ?
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If Trump saw his true reflection in a mirror, would he disappear like Freddy does in Nightmare on Elm Street 4?
latest from - Hellraiser 10 is being made with Nightmare On Elm Street star
When I think of 'Nightmare on Elm Street,' there was a warmth to those teen...
KinderCare at 15990 Elm Street on lock down.
Here's Elm Street. There's X where Kennedy was shot. The Trinity's top point is covering it in this pic.
I hope you will have fun hosting the marathon to the Elm Street films! You rock Robert!! :)
the lady says, "Heaven's Door? No, this is 615 Ash Street. You wanted Elm Street." She took my badge off of me anyway.
Good Morning fb family. If you can stop by today at the Stop & Shop on Elm Street in West Haven. The WHHS Band is...
Car gets stuck in wash near Elm Street and Stone Avenue.
Watching Nightmare on Elm Street (Christmassy I know) and keep expecting to use her Canary Cry 🙄
It was an awesome hashtag to be sure. The Nightmare on Elm Street one was the undisputed champion, I reckon.
Greg Adams would love to show you the at 0 Elm Street
We are looking for a buyer on 707 Elm Street
Rumour has it that watched A Nightmare on Elm Street as a child & never slept again!
Elm Street railroad crossing to close this weekend. PRESS RELEASE: "BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A section of Elm Street...
Here Some of the new beers at Elm Street. “LITTLE CRANKY,SESSION IPA” (ABV–4.5 %)Stony Creek Brewery, Branford...
Wes Craven, the horror director and writer best known for "Scream" and "Nightmare on Elm Street," died Aug. 30, 2015 at the age of 76.
See a virtual tour of our listing on 00 Elm Street
We are looking for a buyer on 0 Elm Street
lunch, served from 11 AM to 3 PM at 71 Elm Street, Watertown starting TOMORROW!
Loving the new Freddie Krueger look...maybe the next Elm Street movie could do with some serious
That novel was intended to be a sort of mixture of Galaxy of Terror, Alien 3 and Nightmare on Elm Street.
TEMPORARY CLOSURE: Elm Street to be Closed Due to Bridge Replacement --
Found near Mockingbird & Canary off of Elm Street in St. Charles. Tara Vunesky...
Finally order the books that vanished & order Dragonlance Autumn Twilight DVD & the 3 Nightmare on Elm Street off on Amazon.
1, 2, 3... Elm Street is silent and I am heartbroken by your loss. Farewell Master Wes. Your light and your...
Just a reminder: our "unofficial" after party is at the Anvil Pub on Elm Street. We'll see you there after the final keynote.
The "unofficial" happy hour will be right after talk. We will go to the Anvil Pub on Elm Street. See you there!
Canadian has let me down. No Nightmare on Elm Street.
Clarissa Explains It All is a kid's sitcom that referenced A Nightmare on Elm Street. And it's legit funny. Take that, Full House.
We went to see the house used for Nightmare on Elm Street yesterday. @ Nightmare on Elm Street House
In Nightmare on Elm Street the main character was a female (Nancy Thompson).
My Halloween 2015 look!. Freddy Kreuger from Nightmare on Elm Street. Hosted Undead City : The Halloween Party at...
industry insiders: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Star Robert Englund on Wes Craven, Johnny Depp and Auditionin…
I'd love to sink into my bed the way Johnny Depp does in Nightmare on Elm Street
there's a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon going on and I love it
Which is the fourth film in the Nightmare on Elm Street horror series?
John Saxon and Johnny Depp are great in Nightmare on Elm Street.
I just wanna sleep honestly I feel like nightmare on elm street
could you do a movie review on nightmare on elm street because it is almost Halloween time
Okay,I will!The Nightmare On Elm Street (yeah,i know theyre old) arent scary or creepy,just gory.There,I said it!
Elm Street Elementary School In preparing Elm Street Elementary School for re-opening, the English Language...
NIGHT MARE on Elm Street, San Carlos, CA dog park: neighborhood waits for out of town dogs to stop barking to finish daily phone calls!
Headcanon that Scarecrow's favorite movie is A Nightmare On Elm Street
Wish I had a friend here to Netflix and chill Lyda LuvsRobert Moothery — watching Nightmare On Elm Street
The Insanity Of THE MUTILATOR - What sets this slasher apart from the pack? via
Coffin nightmare unearthed during construction on Elm Street
One of the best weeks of the year for movies: has Hocus Pocus/Nightmare on Elm Street double features
I'm watching Nightmare on Elm Street 2 alone bc I'm an ***
Nightmare on Elm Street? Coffin found buried in Texas home's backyard
First night of and Nightmare on Elm Street! Awesome work!
Nightmare on Elm Street kicks off tonight! We are out here with your giveaways! 🎃🍁
.tonight at 8PM: a Nightmare on Elm Street
Never sleep again -- tell us your scariest moment... Nightmare On Elm Street -
I like that movie but I am much more of a Freddy fan than a Jason fan, and it is more of a Nightmare on Elm Street movie.
Nightmare on Elm Street for Texas woman who dug up coffin |
And that kicked off a long streak of running around town to rent the Elm Street series on VHS.
on Elm Street for woman who dug up coffin
Kinda wanna redecorate my whole room right now...Kinda wanna watch nightmare on elm street and eat all the nature valley bars I have 💃🏽
Who is the scariest movie monster/ villain? — the one about elm street, i couldnt handle it, it was too scary and f…
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I just uploaded "Interview with Robert Rusler (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Weird Science..." to Mixcloud. Listen at
1989! Game Boy, Tetris, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, & MORE! https…
Going to Finish the Last Week of October by Watching All the Freddy Krueger Movies! A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). 🎃
Nightmare on elm street and Freddy vs Jason tonight!
Inject some genuine terror into your with our late night screening
The FPD & FFD are at a motor vehicle crash on Elm Street between Mill & Walnut streets A temporary detour is in...
Elm Street thanks students from NHS who mentor 5th graders. A true Cougar Connection has been made! https:…
Saturday night at Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades! I'l be there to introduce Nightmare on Elm Street! Be there.
Tonight's the last night to catch the original A Nightmare on Elm Street at the Grand Illusion at 8pm!
With Until Dawn, I think Wes Craven & Robert Englund should do a full motion capture Nightmare on Elm Street. nightmares.
Thiza! One would rather deal with Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky, even Hannibal Lector than ooGatsheni as guests!
Join GP n ReImagine NOM on 10/24/15 for the installation of a new community orchard on Elm Street!
Why is A Nightmare on Elm Street such a hassle to color
What time is it? IT'S HEREND TIME! Visit our Elm Street and Stratford Village, Winston-Salem locations to...
I had a dream I was watching a Nightmare on Elm Street remake and Chris Evans was possessed by Freddy and killing "Tina" with a chainsaw.
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I hate the second Nightmare on Elm Street why am I watching it rn
In bed watching I am Nancy. A film about Nancy Thompson from Nightmare on Elm Street by the woman who played her.
Jason movies been playing the last couple its Friday the 13th then Nightmare on Elm Street. IM SO HAPPY !!
Syfy playing the newer versions of Friday the 13th then Nightmare on Elm Street
I got: You are Freddy Krueger from 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'!! Which Horror Movie Killer Are You?... via
Busy morning on Elm Street... New Canaan Crew is already setting up shop in front of the Playhouse
The first, second, and seventh Nightmare on Elm Street movies are also on Netflix. My weekend just got so much better.
Behind the scenes of A Nightmare on Elm Street. With Heather Langenkamp and effects designer Jim Doyle.
Photo: Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful day for House Tours!! The ladies of 18 Elm Street are so excited to...
October 2. Friday...Linda Gray will be at the Book Stall, 811 Elm Street in Winnetka.
I finally met Heather Langenkamp (Nancy from the Nightmare on Elm Street series). I've wanted to meet…
It was good. The Big Trouble In Little China was awesome. Got some Elm Street people also
Fair enough, they need to make more old school horror’s like Stephen King’s IT, or a new series similar to Nightmare on Elm Street!
"Nightmare on Elm Street". Freddy was no looker! 😳 Stephen King's "It"- not the way kids should remember clowns. And Chuckie?!
9/12/15 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Written and Directed by Wes Craven. Starring Heather Langenkamp,...
Had to go back and rewatch this episode. Since Heather Langenkamp from Nightmare on Elm Street was an extra!!!
Watched The Dream Warriors last night. Now I'm tempted to watch the other, less good Elm Street sequels.
I'm at Alamo Cinema – Village for A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) in Austin, TX
Taken in 2013: Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund vamp in front of the original Nightmare on Elm Street house. http:…
The only Nightmare on Elm Street movies worth watching are the ones with Heather Langenkamp. So 1, 3 and New Nightmare.
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