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Ellis Island is an island in New York Harbor and was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States as the nation's busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954. The island was greatly expanded with landfill between 1892 and 1934. Before that, the much smaller original island was the site of Fort Gibson and later a naval magazine. New York (locally ) is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States. New York is the 27th-most extensive, the 3rd-most populous, and the 7th-most densely populated of the 50 United States. 5.0/5

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The is where many immigrants lived in the early 1900s after arriving at Ellis Island, New York. The…
Today in 1954 New York's main immigration point, Ellis Island, shuts its doors after 62 years
Ellis Island immigration station in New York was closed on 12 November 1954.
On our way to Ellis Island and the Statie of Liberty. A good view of New York from the water
26 May 1998 The US Supreme Court ruled that Ellis Island was mainly in the state of New Jersey, not New York.
In our last two trips to New York, we got to see a lot of the immigrant experience - Ellis Island, the Tenement Museum.
Dock Worker Jumps in to Save Girl After Boat Capsizes in Hudson River - NBC New York
New York - Vendors accused of selling fake tickets to Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island
Hanging out with the Statue Of Liberty @ Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island - New York
Boat trip to see the Statue Of Liberty today @ Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island - New York
from Battery Park to Brooklyn Bridge @ Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island - New York
Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island , 1902 , New York ;... waiting for Medical Inspections ... !!!
Photo: Incredibly beautiful Italian immigrant shot in Ellis Island, New York, the day of her arrival in the...
From fairy tinker bell to ferry of Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty I guess New York is New York. :)
PAGE TURNERS WINTER 2015 Wednesdays at 1PM & 7PM JANUARY 21 - Delicious! By Ruth Reichl Working as a public relations hotline consultant for a once-prestigious culinary magazine, Billie Breslin unexpectedly enters a world of New York restaurateurs and artisanal purveyors while reading World War Ii letters exchanged between a plucky 12-year-old and James Beard. FEBRUARY 18 - Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter The story begins in 1962. She is an actress, he soon learns, an American starlet, and she is dying. And the story begins again today, half a world away, when an elderly Italian man shows up on a movie studio's back lot—searching for the mysterious woman he last saw at his hotel decades earlier. MARCH 18 - Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan, Ellis Island Trilogy 1 Sweethearts since childhood, Ellie and John Hogan and her husband are content on their farm in Ireland -- until John receives an injury that leaves him unable to work. Forced to take drastic measures in order to survive, Ellie does what so many Iris ...
Good photos - Excellent points! Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today's American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line in New York and be documented. Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in their new American households and some even changed their names to blend in with their new home. They had waved goodbye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture. Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had brought with them to trade for a fu ...
Little Giant Ladders
While visiting Ellis Island on Saturday, I looked up the records of my great grandmother Mary Eberhardt and my great great grandfather Jacob Eberhardt, who I knew left Kassel, Russia, and arrived in New York in April 1913, but learned here it was on April 15 and their departure city for the ship was Bremen - and that their names were spelled a little differently than I remembered (took me a while to find them, I almost gave up).
I love New York City. ;-) New York City, with a Census-estimated population of over 8.4 million in 2013, is the most populous city in the United States and the nucleus of the premier gateway for legal immigration to the United States —the New York City Metropolitan Area, one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. New York City is also known for being the location of Ellis Island, the largest historical gateway for immigration in the history of the United States. A global power city, New York City exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. The home of the United Nations Headquarters, New York City is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the world. :-)
The Immigrant (2013) 1080p - DOWNLOAD - Rating: 6.6/10 Genre: Drama | Romance Quality: 1080p Size: 1.84 GB Run Time: 1hr 57 min 1921. In search of a new start and the American dream, Ewa Cybulska and her sister Magda sail to New York from their native Poland. When they reach Ellis Island, doctors discover that Magda is ill, and the Two Women are separated. Ewa is released onto the mean streets of Manhattan while her sister is quarantined. Alone, with nowhere to turn and desperate to reunite with Magda, she quickly falls prey to Bruno, a charming but wicked man who takes her in and forces her into prostitution. And then one day, Ewa encounters Bruno's cousin, the debonair magician Orlando. He sweeps Ewa off her feet and quickly becomes her only chance to escape the nightmare in which she finds herself.
Hey Barry, yeah you - hiding in the Oval Office, or junketing every other weekend to New York for yet another fundraiser . . . We don't need immigration reform! We have protocols and policies in place from when our grandparents came to this country. If it's not broke, don't fix it - just ENFORCE IT! Hey Congress, remember Ellis Island? how about re-opening it and using it for what it was built for. While you're at it, spend some of those millions you're squandering to build a similar installation on the Mexican border. People are coming into the U.S. and scheduled to report to specific locations (Maryland is one example.) When these people get off the bus, they DON'T report and vanish like roaches into the woodwork. They should be treated like fugitives when found and sent back on the same bus they came on. Yeah, I feel sorry for these people, but they're turning the US into a 3rd world country and will bankrupt us in the process thanks to a vote-greedy Congress, and a Supreme Court appointed by the White ...
So, we went to Ellis Island & The Statue Of Liberty a few days ago. It was a really nice experience that I'd recommend to anyone considering visiting American iconic sites. You take a mini ferry cruise to the two Islands which are at the port of New York. There are museums inside that tell about the American experience whether your family are Native American (like some of our ancestors), came as immigrants in the beginning or later. You can also search your lineage in their heritage room. Amazing! Not the same as seeing them in the books. Also you can get handheld audio guide devices with headphones as an option to tour the Statue Of Liberty. Of course people tour guides are also available at certain times at both places. MaashAllaah TabarakAllaah (it's the will of God & His blessings).
How have I been to New York City many of times and actually "lived" there for about 4 months total but have never been to Central Park, the Empire State Building, on Ellis island, Rockefeller Center, Coney Island, St Patricks cathedral, or 5th Avenue. Looks like a trip is needed, *** it!
From 1820 to 1920, more than 4 million people left their native shores of Ireland bound for the Port of New York and a new life in America. When Ellis Island officially opened on January 1, 1892, the first passenger registered through the now world-famous immigration station was a young Irish girl named Annie Moore. Just 14-years old and traveling with her two younger brothers, Anthony (11) and Phillip (7), Annie departed from Queenstown (County Cork, Ireland) on December 20, 1891 aboard the S.S. Nevada, one of 148 steerage passengers. The trio would spend 12 days at sea (including Christmas Day), arriving in New York on Thursday evening, December 31. They were processed through Ellis Island the following morning, New Year's Day and also Annie's 15th birthday. All three children were soon reunited with their parents who were already living in New York. Today Annie is honored by two statues — one at her port of departure (Cobh, formerly Queenstown) and the other at Ellis Island, her port of arrival. Her ...
Greenwood Lake PUBLIC LIBRARY REMINDER: “Lady Liberty” with Author Kevin Woyce Tomorrow, Thurs., 05/22/14 6:30-8 p.m. (free ADULT program) Learn @ Your Library lecture series at the Greenwood Lake Public Library presents “Lady Liberty” with Author Kevin. The Library is located at 79 Waterstone Road in Greenwood Lake, New York. Join Author Kevin Woyce at this program where he discusses the history of the Statute of Liberty to coincide with Memorial Day. The Statue Of Liberty was dedicated 125 years ago in 1886—after more than twenty years of planning, fund raising, and construction. Woyce will discuss how she was built and what she symbolizes, as well as introduce some of the people involved in her creation, including sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, engineer Gustave Eiffel, architect Richard Morris Hunt, and newspaper publisher, Joseph Pulitzer. Woyce will also discuss the histories of Ellis Island and Liberty State Park at this visual presentation, which contains original photographs of Ellis Is .. ...
My babies are on their way to New York to sing at Carniege Hall and visit Ellis Island. Hope they have a great time. Wish I was with them.
Jere and Glen had a great 51st anniversary trip to New York. They first visited Niagara Falls for two days and then on to New York for five days. They stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Niagara called The Elizabeth House. It was as the name implies a home built in the early 1900’s. The owners were very warm, caring and very helpful in what sights that were a “must see”. The Falls are so beautiful, especially from the Canada side. On the American side you just get a side view of the falls, but on Canadian side you get a full view of all three falls. Glen & Jere did some shopping in Canada, as well as, the sight-seeing. In NY they went to Staten Island, climbed to the crown (all 357 steps) of the Statue Of Liberty and visited Ellis Island. They traveled all around Manhattan on a Hop on Hop off bus seeing the 9-11 Memorial, Empire State Bldg., Central Park, Harlem, Rockefeller Center, and United Nations. Jere felt like a rabbit because she hopped on and off so much. They stayed at the Crown Plaza ...
Who knew? Galveston, Texas was a major arrival port for Russian Jews in the early 20th Century! From the annals of history, we are often left with the mistaken impression that all Jewish immigrants to the United States in the early twentieth century arrived through Ellis Island. Certainly, millions of Eastern European Jews did come through New York, where many of them settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. However, Ellis Island was not the only port of entry to the United States, and approximately 10,000 Eastern European Jews came to the United States as part of the Galveston Movement, also known as the "Galveston Plan," which brought them to Galveston, Texas. A distinct majority of the new Jewish immigrants fit the description of the Statue Of Liberty's "huddled masses yearning to breathe free." They came to America in near poverty to escape persecution and turned to the already established Jewish community for help. The sheer numbers, however, were overwhelming. Jacob Schiff, a successful Jewish b ...
From 1892 to 1954, Ellis Island, New York was utilized as a processing center for European immigrants who came to New York. 107 years ago, the processing reached its zenith as over 11,000 people were welcomed to the New York Harbor by the Statue Of Liberty. By 1954, over 12,000,000 people reached the shores of the island and, despite the outcry of people worried about the effects on our lifestyles America survived. One-third of Americans can trace their heritage to people who came through Ellis Island.
Ellis Island is the symbol of American immigration and the immigrant experience. Use the ellisisland.org Free Search to find your immigrant ancestors arriving through the Port of New York at Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924.
Well we are two thirds through our New York adventures and have had a blast!!! In 4 long days of sight seeing, we have covered many many square miles of NYC terrain and seen and done SO MANY amazing things!!! Am just so grateful for the opportunity to share all of this history and education with our girls!!! New York really is an amazing City That Never Sleeps! Our itineraries have led us to places such as Liberty Island, Ellis Island (so so touched by this experience, plus it was Scottish Day on the Island ;) the 911 Memorial (so so well done) Chrysler Bld, Trump Tower, Empire State Bld, The Plaza Hotel (where Eloise lives of course ;), FAO Schwarz, China Town, Little Italy (amazing food), Greenwich Village (where we saw the most narrow house... 9 1/2 feet wide), Grand Central Terminal, Macys (catching their annual flower event and enjoying the rides on the original old wooden escalators), United Nations, the Natural History Museum, Central Park, Belvedere Castle and just so much more! Can't wait to ...
---GEORGE TENET C.I.A-George John Tenet was born on January 5, 1953, in Flushing, Queens, New York City, New York, the son of Greek immigrants Evangelia and John Tenet.[1] His father, a Greek born in modern-day southern Albania, worked in a coal mine in France before arriving in the United States via Ellis Island just before the Great Depression. His mother was a Greek from Epirus, Greece who had fled from the communists by stowing away on a British submarine.[2] Tenet was raised in Little Neck, Queens,
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you heading to NY for the St. Patrick's Day parade? Pictured: Irish Immigrants arrive at Ellis Island, New York, early 20th century. Image courtesy of Library of Congress (no known restrictions).
Great day in New York with the confirmation class. Ellis Island, the Museum of Jewish heritage. Tonight, services at Central Synagogue and then dinner at Sammy's Roumanian restaurant.
Good evening folks, Not sure how many of you know this, but once again this year KFDX is sending me on a trip...This year it is a KFDX-New England Cruise from September 11-20, 2014. We fly to New York, visit NYC...take a yacht trip to see the Statue Of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island.. and tour Radio City Music Hall...A welcome dinner and then a Broadway Musical...and that is all in one day...Then to the Norwegian Gem for 7 nights...we visit Halifax, St. John's, Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport and back to NYC and home. If you are in the Wichita Falls area and want to find out more we will be hosting a Travel Show on Tuesday, Feb 18 at 10AM, 2PM and 7PM...The shows will be located at the Holiday Inn, 100 Central Fwy, Wichita Falls...Sheila and I invite you to come out and talk to us and a Holiday Vacations Rep. to find out more.looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday...Skip McBride
TOMORROW - Webster American Legion Auxiliary will meet Feb. 4 at 2 PM at Heritage Village Chapel. Harriet Spaniol will talk about her trip to New York and Ellis Island, plus make valentines for Sioux Falls VA Hospital.
The Ellis Island Timeline 1630-1770 Ellis Island is no more than a lot of sand in the Hudson River, located just south of Manhattan. The Mohegan Indians who lived on the nearby shores call the island Kioshk, or Gull Island. In the 1630s, a Dutch man, Michael Paauw, acquires the island and renames it Oyster Island for the plentiful amounts of shellfish on its beaches. During the 1700s, it is known as Gibbet Island, for its gibbet, or gallows tree, used to hang men convicted of piracy. 1775-1865 Around the time of the Revolutionary War, the New York merchant Samuel Ellis purchases the island, and builds a tavern on it that caters to local fisherman. Ellis dies in 1794, and in 1808 New York State buys the island from his family for $10,000. The U.S. War Department pays the state for the right to use Ellis Island to build military fortifications and store ammunition, beginning during the War of 1812. Half a decade later, Ellis Island is used as a munitions arsenal for the Union army during the Civil War. Mean ...
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced this week that he would hold his second inauguration party on Ellis Island. The island is a unique landmark, but it is also part of the state of New York--and makes for great national media buzz for a politician seemingly poised to run nationally in 2016.
Photo: Favourite photos from my first year Arrivals, Ellis Island, New York
Ellis Island Is Reopening With Damaged Museum So glad. One of my favorite places in New York.
In case you're wondering how this will affect you and your loved ones. Services affected by a government shutdown: Tourists and homebuyers would be hit quickly RECREATION All National Parks will be closed, as would the Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo in Washington. Visitors using overnight campgrounds or other park facilities will be given 48 hours to make alternate arrangements and leave the park. Among the visitor centers that will be closed: the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and Alcatraz Island near San Francisco. AIR TRAVEL Federal air traffic controllers will remain on the job and airport screeners will keep funneling passengers through security checkpoints. Federal inspectors will continue enforcing safety rules. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL The State Department will continue processing foreign applications for visas and US applications for passports, since fees are collected to finance those services. Embassies and consulates overseas wil ...
This was the view from our room at Ritz Carleton in Lower Manhattan in New York.. Is it so beautiful and peaceful?󾌵 We could see Liberty Statue and Ellis Island everyday from the hotel.. The 50-stop city tour, Liberty statue and Ellis Island your, the boat tours, Billy Elliott show at the Broadway, all the great restaurants..Such a great city.. It reminds me of Sai Gon, sleepless , great fun, big cities..
Which is the most beautiful place you've ever seen? — Seeing the city of New York from Ellis island.
Marjanna Kulczycka Pękała landed in New York with no money. She was put in detention at Ellis Island, pictured here.
Definitely! I love that stuff. Sadly, I grew up in New York and still haven't been to Ellis Island to find my relatives
The fact that there is a place in New York called "Ellis island" totally made my day, if I can't go I will cry my eyes out.
One Day Bus Trip to New York City on Saturday, July 20! Only $55.00/person! We still have plenty of seats available for this bus trip, departing from Little Falls at 7:30 a.m. - arriving in New York around Noon with a stop at Bryant Park and one near the 911 Memorial site (also near the South Street Seaport where you can catch the ferry to the Statue Of Liberty or Ellis Island). Contact Chris Casler at 823-0632 for more information or to sign up! The proceeds will benefit the Free Holiday Spaghetti Dinner we hold every year in Dolgeville at the United Methodist Church!
I want to write a Happy Fathers Day to my dad who passed 6yrs ago. He was born in Oslo, Norway, and his mom, Sanna, and Fredrick Aasgaard Lindstrom (dad), came to Ellis Island then New York when he was 9yrs old. She soon realized she couldn't keep him, and work, so he lived in an orphanage until he was 13yrs old. Finally back home to mom, he went to college there and moved for his one and only job in Fort Worth, TX and General Dynamics. (Aeronautical engineer) There he met my mom who was a secretary for a group of engineers. Next, marriage and that's how it went. 3 of us kiddos! He was strict, but loving and so smart! We all used to sing in the car on vacations until he would realize we were lost!! He played the piano by ear.(not in the car..ha) Learned it in the orphanage! He was for sure the most HONEST person I have ever met. I sure do miss you daddy!! Hope you see this!! Don't get mad about the strict part. Strict is probably a good thing!
During the period from the late 1800s to the outbreak of World War I in 1914, over 50,000 Armenians immigrated from their homeland to North America. Most of them came from the Ottoman Empire (eastern Turkey) to New York's Ellis Island (which opened in 1892). Some were in transit to Canada (primarily...
How do you make Juniors, soon to be Seniors, understand the amazing honor and great accomplishment it is to be able to go sing at Carnegie Hall??? Last year the Falmouth High School Choir participated at a Heritage Festival in New York, their performance earned them the right to sing as part of the 2014 Carnegie Hall Festival!!! Of course it is not free, and without help from parents and the town money could be an issue, but the sad part is that many kids don't want to go because "it is going to be so much work" Really??? How do you get into these kids head and make them understand the ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY THEY HAVE! They will be singing in an amazing venue, sharing the stage with choirs from across the country, and as a director Mr. Anton Armstrong!!! They also will have a Broadway show, admission to Ellis Island and Statue Of Liberty, and plenty of time to play tourist! Sad thing is that these juniors were part of the winning team!
One hundred years ago on this day, June 4, 1913, my father age 17 and his 10 year old sister arrived at Ellis Island, New York aboard the Barbarossa. His family of 10 (parents and 8 children) travelled from South Russia (Ukraine) to the port of Bremen, Germany. They were all booked to come to North America a month earlier aboard the Neckar a month earlier which arrived on May 5, however his sister was ill and they wouldn't let her board. The two of them had to stay behind until she was well enough to travel and wait for room on another ship. After arriving, they made their way across the US and Canada to a cousins home in Rosthern, Sask. Thanks Dad, it must have been hard, but not tragic as it would have been if you had stayed is South Russia.
Another great couple of days. Chinatown yesterday, Tourism Cares event of evening cruise around Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge. Then today worked on beach cleanup in New York after Hurricane Sandy. Tired, sore and sunburn but a great day.
From "American Minute" for May 27th: Twentieth-Century Fox made a motion picture in 1955 titled A Man Called Peter, about the life of U.S. Senate Chaplain Peter Marshall, born MAY 27, 1902. At the age of 25, Peter Marshall emigrated from Scotland, arriving at New York's Ellis Island in 1927. Members of his Sunday School class paid his way to seminary in Atlanta, where he graduated in 1931. Rev. Peter Marshall pastored a small church in Covington, Georgia, then preached at Atlanta's Westminster Presbyterian Church. There he met Catherine Wood, a student at Agnes Scott College, and they married. Catherine Marshall's book on Peter's life, A Man Called Peter, was turned into the movie. Her novel, Christy, was made into a CBS television series. In 1937, at the age of 35, he became pastor of Washington, D.C.'s prestigious New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, whose ministers spoke to Presidents, Cabinet members, and Supreme Court Justices. At the laying of the cornerstone of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Chu ...
May 26. In 1647, Alse Young was first to be hanged in Hartford for being a witch. In 1805, Napoleon was crowned King of Italy. In 1828, Kaspar Hauser, a feral child, was discovered wandering the streets of Nuremberg. In 1998, the Supreme Court ruled Ellis Island is in New Jersey not New York. It's Dorothea Lange's birthday. Jay Silverheels'. Peggy Lee's. Jack Kevorkian's. Sally Ride's. Helena Bonham-Carter's. Mission: Yes, that's all there is, my friend. So just keep dancing.
Today in History Edict of Worms: declared Martin Luther an outlaw and banned his writings (1521) Andrew Johnson: 17th president of the United States was acquitted by one vote in his impeachment trial (1868) Dow Jones Industrial Average: stock market index was first published by The Wall Street Journal (1896) George Willig: the "human fly" scaled the South Tower of the World Trade Center in 3.5 hours; he was fined $1.10 for the illegal feat — a penny per story (1977) Ellis Island: the US Supreme Court ruled that the immigration landmark belonged more to New Jersey than New York (1998)
Be sure to take in the last concert of the Central Ohio Symphony for it's 34th Season. Because of the refurbishing of the Klais Organ in Gray Chapel, the last concert was pushed back to this weekend -- Saturday, May 25th at 7:30 PM. The concert is titled, "Becoming American" and showcases the Peter Boyer selection -- "Ellis Island". To celebrate with the orchestra, BEEHIVE BOOKS will be hosting Ohio Author, Cindy Thomson this weekend. Her newest book is called "Grace's Pictures" and is the first of three books in her "Ellis Island" series. The three main characters (one from each book) all live in a boarding house called Hawkins House in Lower Manhattan. Each one centers on an icon that was introduced at the time that changed society in some way. The first, of course, is the Brownie camera, which made photography available for the average person (and even child, by the way.) The second one is the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which changed children's literature. The third will feature the advertisi ...
aufsatz O_O USA United States of America Overview of the topics: The USA: - States - Flag - History - Native Americans - Politics - Climate - Big and famous cities - Areas - National Parks - Holidays and festivals NewYork: - Districts - Rivers - Ellis Island - Sights - Statue Of Liberty - Problems - Good sides – Bad sides Last page - source directory The USA The USA is the third largest country in the world. It has 50 states. The USA is in the north of the continent America. The capital of the USA is Washington D.C and the biggest city is New York. In the USA is a very different law. So you must be 25 years to drive a car or play in casinos. The USA has over 314.167.157 million inhabitants. The President of the USA is Barack Obama. He’s the first black president. The national holiday is the Independence day on the 4th July. In the USA are a lot of sights like the Grand Canyon, Statue Of Liberty, Monument Valley, Alcatraz, Central Park, Yellowstone or Mount Rushmore. States The 50 states and their capi ...
Parents shouldn’t have to die. *** when you think about it, people shouldn’t have to die either. I felt a movement of warmth shift on my left side and looked down, contemplating the young boy nestled in the crook of my arm. His mother died tonight and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. My name is Jonathan Townesend III and I am one of the 40 doctors on call at Ellis Island. Though the century turned only a couple of years ago, modern medicine still hasn’t caught up with the other modern innovations that have debuted in 1903. Life was fairly easy for me, unlike for most of the immigrants that I meet in my practice here. My ancestors arrived from England just before the American Revolution and worked for some rich folks out on a farm in Long Island. My grandfather was interested in making his way in the world and made it all the way to California. He was swept up in the big Gold Rush of ’49 and did well enough to return to New York to settle down and raise his kids in an upper middle clas . ...
Let me tell you a story. In 1929, a very little girl crossed the Atlantic with her Mom and Dad and entered the United States of America, through Ellis Island. She was four years old. A short time later that year she returned to Switzerland to live with her mothers sister, "Tante Louisa", while her parents stabilized in this country, after that 1929 crash of the stock market started the Great Depression. Three years later her Mom went back to get her, stayed in Basel, Switzerland, for more than half a year, to let her daughter get to know her again. Then they went home to New York, where she got to know her Dad as well. She grew up in New York City. She attended school and had to redo first grade because she spoke no English. She went on to graduate high school a year and a half early, while attending the same high school as Colin Powell, some er. It was WWII, and she loved Clarke Gable and Vivian Leigh and was enthralled with everything "Gone With the Wind" including Margaret Mitchell. She also loved ...
In case anyone was wondering where the stories come from: In 1928, a man by the name of Milo B. Túmare took a steamship from Paris to New York with his young family. After having his name changed by the officers at Ellis Island to Tumah, Milo became a typesetter for the New York Daily Wag (a small newspaper, independent of the major newspaper conglomerates of the time). At night, he would thrill his daughter Mary Louisa with stories of magic and adventure. Unfortunately, W.R. Hearst decided to put the Wag out of business and, while Milo was working late one night, the place was firebombed and Milo perished. Years later, Milo Tumah was reincarnated as a parasitic triplet in the head of one Cary M. Polkovitz of Port Jefferson, NY. Whereupon he began whispering the tales to Mr. Polkovitz. When the stories get backed up, Cary can, unfortunately, get mild to excessive headaches.
Black History Fact: February 14 - today in 1936, National *** Congress organized at Chicago meeting attended by 817 delegates representing more than 500 organizations. Asa Phillip Randolph of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters was elected president of the new organization. February 15 - today in 1848, Sarah Roberts barred from white school in Boston. Her father, Benjamin Roberts, filed the first school integration suit on her behalf. Leon Spinks defeated Muhammad Ali for heavyweight boxing championship. Ali regained the title on September 15 and became the person to win the title three times in 1978. February 16 - Joe Frazier knocked out Jimmy Ellis in the second round of their New York fight and became the world heavyweight boxing champion in 1970. February 17 - James Nathaniel Brown, 63, Pro Football Hall of Fame Fullback, Born February 17, 1936 in St. Simons Island, GA, Michael Jeffrey Jordon, Basketball player, former minor league baseball player, Born New York, New York, February 17, 1963. Feb . ...
I am only a second generation American. My maternal grandparents and my paternal grandparents arrived via Ellis Island speaking only Spanish. You would think that I would be for the Dream Act, when in reality I am dead set against it. My grandfathers learned English while working on the docks, my grandmothers learned English when their children entered the New York public school system and were able to teach them. Why any elected officials want to ignore the word illegal is beyond me. Additional votes perhaps? Illegal is illegal, it means that a law was broken. Since when are people rewarded for breaking the law? Passing the Dream Act is also a slap in the face to all those who had “the American Dream” and followed their dream legally!!! These people who want citizenship granted to them came here illegally and stayed for years and years knowing full well they were illegal and we should forget this? They continued to perpetrate their lie and want to be forgiven? Bull! I find it amusing that one of th . ...
Airbus a380 double decker was good quite and yes it bounces when air turblence hits. Took 1.5 hours to get through customs in LA and that was with a express pass. An ancient old 747 with Qantas to New York. Very rough landing in JFK flaps put up late and almost ran into ocean well it felt like that. Luggage fell put of lockers when we hit tarmack. Interesting Subway ride was rush hour and was crazy, so many people. Host is fantastic in a great location in a very multicultural but mainly Dominican Republic area, more spanish than english spoken. Enjoying NYC a bit cold still a lot of snow on the side walks from the blizzard. Subway is crazy quick and packed like sardines. At least my stop is mainly express so quick and skips a lot of stations. Seen Rockerfeller Observation deck, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Staten Island via ferry as can get to Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island. Have just finished seeing American Museum of Natural Science. Off to see Chrysler building, Grand Centra ...
Okay New Yorkers (and New York lovers)! I have a trip planned in September and I need some planning help. The must-do list includes a Broadway show, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, and shopping. We have 3 full days and two half days. Any other things we should try to do? Where should we stay? Restaurant thoughts? Helpful hints and tips?
Coneys for a $1 tonight :) Where did coneys come from ?? There's a mystery still out there,some were able to determine that the 1st hot dog concoctions were created by the Greeks and Macedonians who immigrated to Detroit. Legend has it that these immigrants got the idea because they passed through New York and Ellis Island and Coney Island. They came to Detroit and kind of used the name to make a different hot dog.
A Saga of the Seno Family History By Sebastian Seno The best way to start a story is at the beginning, so I will start with Pa. I have no recollection of any history or stories prior to 1915. I did learn that Salvatore (aka Sam) Seno was born in Italy in 1893. He had only a limited education, which was not unusual for that time. Like many youngsters in those days, he left school to earn a living. Being the salesman that he was, he had a cart and a donkey with which he traveled from town to town selling hand-made doilies, linens, table cloths and other hand-made items. These articles were sold on consignment and Pa made whatever he could over and above the original prices he paid for them, plus his supplies. That brings me to 1915. Pa and many friends (paisons) started to immigrate to the Untied States legally through Ellis Island, New York. They found things very difficult with the language barrier and customs. Being immigrants, they were accused of taking jobs from Americans. They worked on the ...
Well its Wednesday in New York and already have been up to the very top floor (102) of Empire State Building, Taken the boat to Ellis, Liberty and Governors Island, had fun in Times Square at Night and got a birthday gift of tickets to see Avenue Q on Broadway this evening and still 5 more days to go, only let down is Ali Patrick not here and i'm missing her loads, still 5 days will go quick.
Born on February 22nd, 1903 the 3rd son of an Italian blacksmith who since the late 1890's had traveled back and forth to America seeking the time and place to relocate his wife and six children. Working in the bustling City of New York's Little Italy district, it would not be until November 1st, 1912 that my Grandfather would land in the Port of New York and enter Ellis Island – together with his mother, 2 older sisters, and his younger brother to realize the dream of his father. "The Chief" (as he was affectionately called) was a very respectful and kind man. A quite, easy going gentleman who loved life and his family above all else. He was often seen strolling around talking to people and making new friends. When I was a child in 1985 I had the great opportunity to accompany my Grandfather and Grandmother (as well as all of our immediate family – some 14 of us in total) back to his hometown of Spinoso in the Region of Basilicata and the Province of Potenza. This trip was eloquently given the name " ...
You have to love New York. The view from Battery Park at night across to Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty is hard to beat anywhere.
Snowboarding on friday with David Ellis, surfing in Santa Cruz on Saturday, Rhode Island/New York in three weeks with Eden Friedman, Orange County next month with Helena Cosentini.. It's about *** time I start living. (: Couldn't be happier.
So, day ONE in New York was AMAZING! It was quite an eventful day! Saw Time Square, instantly fell in love. Saw Mary Poppins on Broadway with awesome box seating. Saw Wall Street, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Battery Park. Breakfast at Junior's and Dinner at Serafina's. Which was impeccable! Spent the whole day with him :) ((best part))
DID YOU KNOW that on this day in 1687 - The first Huguenots set sail from France for the Cape of Good Hope, where they would later create the South African wine industry with the vines they took with them on the voyage. 1695 - The window tax was imposed in Britain, which resulted in many windows being bricked up. 1857 - Britain's Queen Victoria decided to make Ottawa the capital of Canada. 1862 - U.S. President Lincoln signed an act admitting West Virginia to the Union. 1869 - Henri Matisse was born. 1879 - Thomas Edison gave his first public demonstration of incandescent lighting to an audience in Menlo Park, NJ 1891 - New York's new Immigration Depot was opened at Ellis Island, to provide improved facilities for the massive numbers of arrivals. 1897 - Brooklyn, NY, spent its last day as a separate entity before becoming part of New York City. 1923 - In London, the BBC first broadcast the chimes of Big Ben. 1937 - Anthony Hopkins was born. 1955 - General Motors became the first U.S. corporation to earn m ...
I found a 'new' record on Ancestry today. It's the UK Outward Passenger List for the ship Tuscania which sailed for New York on October 22, 1923 with my grandmother, her brother Jimmy, and their mother.   The ship never arrived in New York. It was diverted to Portland, Maine to relieve the congestion at Ellis Island.     New York Times, November 2, 1923:   11 Ships Arrive In Alien Quota Race With 14,000 Aboard They Are First in November Quota Dash Bring 9,000 In Steerage Six More Steamers, Carrying Large Numbers of Immigrants, Dock at Other Ports   Eleven vessels carrying approximately 14,000 passengers, of whom 9,000 were in the steerage, arrived here yesterday in the November quota race. At three minutes past midnight, when the Greek liner Byron passed the imaginary line at Quarantine, the steamers bearing aliens seeking admission into the United States, began arriving at short intervals. The Carmania, with 2,000 second and third cabin passengers, and the Martha Washington, with 860 aboard, p ...
We learned yesterday of or very dear friend and I wanted to share her extraordinary life with you. Deborah Ann Gaynes Born in Philadelphia on April 6, 1922, Deborah Gaynes was the second of three daughters of Avram Libert and Miriam Chasan, who came through Ellis Island from Russia and Lithuania in the early 1900's. Debbie grew up in New York - on a small farm in Ballston Spa until the late 1920's, when she moved with her mother and sisters, Rosaline and Dorothy, to the Bronx. An artist from the age of 4, she graduated from Washington Irving High School in NYC, at age 15 after skipping multiple grades. She studied art and theater in high school and then at the McLane Art School, including costume design and fashion illustration. She was also a versatile choral singer with an abiding love of American and Yiddish folk music, and anything sung by Paul Robeson. In 1942, she married Albert Gaynes, then an active duty First Lieutenant in the US Army, 12th Armored Division (Hellcats). They served in Texas and Ca ...
NPS Incident Management Team Hurricane Update Staten Island, NY: The National Park Service Incident Management Team (Team) completed its 21st day of operation from its Command Center Operation at Fort Wadsworth in the New York Harbor area. Specialized crews are supporting employee emergency needs, conducting damage assessments and removing debris in affected areas. Currently working with the team are 448 National Park Service employees from 103 National Park Service units and 39 states and the District of Columbia, a reduction from a high of 546. External resources are gradually being replaced by local NPS staff. National Park sites assigned to this team are widespread and include all of the National Parks in the New York Harbor area, encompassing the Statue of Liberty National Monument which includes Ellis Island, Governors Island National Monument, African Burial Ground National Monument, Castle Clinton National Monument, Federal Hall National Memorial, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Si ...
A nod today to my ancestor, on Mother's side, one Edward Doty, a manservant on the Mayflower, landfalling Cape Cod. Another nod to Father's German immigrant parents, arrived Ellis Island, New York, among a throng of erstwhile Europeans. And lastly a nod and raised glass to us all, however our origin, whatever our proclivities, notwithstanding our sins and/or selflessness, our conceits and general foolishness, as brothers in arms, as sisters of devotion, in this fuming common pot of humankind someone whimsically named America...
I am thankful that 61 years ago a young family took a leap of faith to make a month long journey by boat from Europe to the United States. They landed in New York, on Ellis Island, on Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day. They knew no English but somehow managed to find people that could help them eventually get to their new home in Eau Claire, MI. They never regretted their decision to make a better life for themselves and their child. Sometimes I think we forget the many blessings we have in this country. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Remember to count your blessings, no matter how large or how small not just on Thanksgiving but every day.
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Taylor is in New York preparing for the Macy's Parade! You should be able to see the Oak Ridge Band tomorrow late in the parade right before Santa! So far, he has been to Ellis Island, the 9/11 Memorial, the Broadway show, "Mary Poppins!" So grateful it's warm there and no sign of Hurricane Sandy problems! Please pray for the band's safe return on Friday!
Noah Rogers and the Gulf Coast High School Marching Band, all 400 of them! have been in New York since Monday touring Times Square, Ellis Island, taking in Wicked on Broadway! They will be marching in the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the Country in Philidelphia tomorrow. The Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Parade begins at 8:30am. Gulf Coast High School is one of the first if not the first band to come on!!! So tune in to ABC and look for Noah playing a saxophone, he is first one marching on the right in the sax section! They are also going to be on Good Morning America between 7:25 am and 7:40am!! Down here: the parade will be on ABC7 at 9:00 am, or you can watch anywhere online at www.6abc.com!!! Proud Mom!
Where ya from ? Whats your name? Vito Corleone ! On this day in 1954, Ellis Island, the gateway to America, shuts it doors after processing more than 12 million immigrants since opening in 1892. Today, an estimated 40 percent of all Americans can trace their roots through Ellis Island, located in New York Harbor off the New Jersey coast and named for merchant Samuel Ellis, who owned the land in the 1770s. On January 2, 1892, 15-year-old Annie Moore, from Ireland, became the first person to pass through the newly opened Ellis Island, which President Benjamin Harrison designated as America's first federal immigration center in 1890. Before that time, the processing of immigrants had been handled by individual states. Not all immigrants who sailed into New York had to go through Ellis Island. First- and second-class passengers submitted to a brief shipboard inspection and then disembarked at the piers in New York or New Jersey, where they passed through customs. People in third class, though, were transp ort ...
If I die today, every drop of my blood will invigorate the nation. Indira Gandhi, 1984 November 12 Birthdays Ryan Gosling turns 32 Anne Hathaway turns 30 Grace Kelly (1929 - 1982) Omarion turns 28 Neil Young turns 67 Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917) Tonya Harding turns 42 Michael Moorer turns 45 Ashley Williams turns 34 Nadia Comaneci turns 51 Wallace Shawn turns 69 Sammy Sosa turns 44 Al Michaels turns 68 Russel Westbrook turns 24 Jo Stafford (1917 - 2008) Alexandra Maria Lara turns 34 Radha Mitchell turns 39 Tamala Jones turns 38 Cote Depablo turns 33 Lance Briggs turns 32 November 12 In History 2003 - Shanghai Transrapid sets new commercial railway world speed record (311 mph) 1979 - President Carter responds national security threat by stopping import of oil from Iran. 1954 - Ellis Island shuts its doors. 1927 - Holland Tunnel which connects New York & New Jersey, first opens 1893 - Treaty of the Durand Line signed between Pakistan & Afghanistan This Day in Business 1990 - The World Wide Web is formally pr ...
FB Friends, Today, I have so much on my mind…I am thinking of New York, the state where I was born, the devastation that Sandy has caused/done to the East Coast. My heart aches as I see and hear about the loss of life, of homes, lines for gas. I watched on Friday, musicians from New York and New Jersey reach out for all of us to help! I did text to the American Red cross – my donation. With that being said, I just saw on the news a website created for Red Hook (Brooklyn). It is called the Red Hook Initiative. It truly made me think, I am a descendant of immigrants (Irish), they came to this country, years ago for a better life. Many Irish immigrants lived in Brooklyn’s “Red Hook” area, after they went through Ellis Island. I know my ancestors worked and lived in this area, and it breaks my heart to hear that it was almost wiped out. I am asking my friends to help if they can. Thank you!!
Just heard in New York, the Dock on Liberty Island is destroyed, and so is the one on Ellis Island , and both places are closed,indefinitely.
Had a brilliant 45th wedding anniversary in New York visiting Staten Island and Ellis Island. The Statue Of Liberty looks a lot bigger close to. Now left New York and sailing home. All decks to be closed tonight because of impending storm. Off to dinner in Todd English so photos will follow Internet connection permitting. Thank you to all for cards, presents and good wishes.
Susie is sponsoring a trip to New York for five nights! The trip is through Smithsonian Student Travel and ppl outside of MSCS are welcome since it is not school sponsored. Find the itinerary at . The following info is subject to change after our meeting when I will determine the wishes of our group. Students: $1,844 - Adults: $2,119 and they set you up on monthly payments. This price includes air, ground transportation, hotel, daily breakfast, daily dinner, overnight security at hotel, tour consultant to answer parent questions, 24 hour emergency support number, full time Smithsonian tour guide with us at all times, medical and accident insurance and gratuities. These are some of the sites we will visit: 5th Ave., Empire State Building, Manhattan, SoHo, Little Italy, 9/11 Ground Zero, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, 2 Broadway shows, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklin Bridge, Central Park, NBC Studios, Harlem Yankee Stadium, Apollo Theater, Museum of the Moving Image and Museum of ...
Weiling and I visited with our Niece and Nephew, Pam and Ed, and family last week in New York. They invited us to stay in their home and spent time showing us the City. We were able to see such places as Ground Zero, the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Battery Park, China Town, and our favorite place of West Point Military Academy. We would like to thank them for their gracious hospitality and sacrificing of their time. The weather was beautiful and so was our stay with them. My recommendation of a fun family to visit.
1. November is the Month for US Presidential Elections the first was 1778-1779 2. The Struggle for the Philippines 1944 3. Middle East Peace Treaty is signed 1973 4. Pres. George W. Bush pledges to take the fight against terrorism to any place where terrorists were 2001 5. After a long period of drought winds take the topsoil of farms creating dust storms 1933 6. Armistice Day 1953 becomes Veteran’s Day, 1954 7. Ellis Island in New York closes 1954 8. 66 Americans are taken as Hostages at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran 1979 9. The minimum draft age is changed from 21 to 18 as a result of World War Ii 1942. 10. Thousands of Vietnam War protesters began a "March against Death" in Washington, D.C. 1969 11. Captain Mark Phillips and Princess Anne are married 1972
Off to Brooklyn Bridge and then Statue Of Liberty n Ellis Island today. Hoping my knees last the distance. It's a glorious sunny day here in downtown New York :)
Going to Ellis Island and seeing the Statue Of Liberty and Ground Zero today! I am loving New York so far!! =D
We have been fortunate to see so many things in New York. Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, 911 memorial, Empire State Building, MOMA (blah, sorry artists), Museum of Natural History, the Broadway play, Wicked, Wax Museum, Ripley's believe it or not, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square (craziness), China Town, Little Italy, Wall Street, Central Park (tomorrow) and so much more. Today we had the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. So much to do, so little time. I will love bringing Allen back here sometime.
Saw 911 Memorial site, New York harbour cruise with Ellis Island and Lady Liberty and lots of time on the subway once we figured out the connections. Went to South side of Central Park but going back tomorrow as it takes 5 hours to walk around. NY is great thus far.
Madeline is off to New York City tomorrow for 3 days of fun with the Gannon University History Club.Ellis Island, Statue Of Liberty, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge.Can't wait to see the photos! She is having way too much fun in college.
Ok, so day two for New York saw Chris Taylor and i heading across the harbour to see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island... We also saw the 9/11 memorial from a far (as the lines were large and tickets were a fair distance from the site), then heading up to the Empire State Building, thankfully the weather was a bit better then yesterday and we were able to see some of New York from such great views... We also did a little shopping for folks at home... Before heading back to our hotel on the metro... Yesterday saw us heading up to Central Park where we had a walk around and OMG, squirrels are everywhere, I'm not joking... We also saw Rockefella Centre, had a stroll doen 5th Ave and marvelled at Times Square... This is where i found a giant M&M's store... This place had three levels... I'm not joiking, deicated to the little coloured chocolate, we did head down to see the Empire State Building but unfortunately visibility was zero, so had to push it to today. Two days of non stop walking has left my poor little ...
New York was amazing. Times Square, Central Park with Strawberry Fields [Memorial to John Lennon] Statue Of Liberty, tour with history of Ellis Island, going up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Bldg at night, but the most memorable was the 9-11 Memorial with the pools and the new towers going up! Also loved shopping on 5th Ave, China Town and Little Italy. Stayed at an old art deco hotel 1/2 block from Times Square and at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Surely want to go again!
I went to New York in 1998 around Dec. 1 and stayed a week...went to Twin Towers, Ellis Island, Statute of Liberty, Empire State Bldg., etc, etc. We even got up early and went to the Today Show, shook hands with Al Roker and saw Matt Lauer up close. One of the best trips of my life! Hope to do it again!
After ten fabulous days it is time to depart New York - I LOVE this city! I don't think I could actually live here, but ten days has probably been too short a visit - missed the Guggenheim Museum and Ellis Island, so we have ample reason to come back (not that we need any reasons!). Highlights so far have been attending a Gospel Mass in Harlem, and seeing indie garage rockers Daddy Long Legs playing in a completely packed tiny Record Shop in East Village - these guys nailed it! Having managed to miss my flight to New Orleans purely by faffing about, I get to spend most of an extra day (as the next sensible flight to NO isn't until 7:45pm) here in NYC - so what do I do? Unlike last week, which was stiflingly hot and humid, the weather today is perfect, so whatever I do - it is going to involve being outdoors on hoof!
This is awesome pic of the Twin Towers,before 9/11 so sad not to see them anymore an American icon from all the people to see I was one of the luck ones years ago took a trip up to "New York" to see them & the "Statue Of Liberty" America awesome landmarks that's why she is so great so glad they never got her she is the most beautiful Lady I have ever seen,so tall so proud American symbol for all to see coming from foreign countries into Ellis Island in 20s this was there welcome sign to America ,may she stand tall & proud forever,Jeanie The Proud Highlander & Celtic Woman.
Gotta say, New York is quite impressive. Went to most of NY main landmarks (Times Square, Empire State Building, Ellis Island + Statue Of Liberty by boat, etc.). Though it truly is busy as heck. Onwards to Philadelphia and DC tomorrow!
Morning all: day 1 in New York...busy day...World Trade Center...Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty from Battery Park, Museum or two, Empire State Building, NewYork Sky-ride and finally the lights of broadway.very busy.update later.
Sitting in Battery Park with a cup of coffee looking at Lady Liberty...waiting to board the Ellis Island ferry in a "New York minute"
And my travels continue.. The wanderer in Manhattan must go forth with a certain innocence, because New York is best seen with innocent eyes. It doesn't matter if you are younger or old. Reading our rich history makes the experience more layered, but it is not a substitute for walking the streets themselves. For old-timer or newcomer, it is essential to absorb the city as it is now in order to shape your own nostalgias. That's why I always urge the newcomer to surrender to the city's magic. Forget the irritations and the occasional rudeness; they bother New Yorkers too. Instead, go down to the North River and the benches that run along the west side of Battery Park City. Watch the tides or the blocks of ice in winter; they have existed since the time when the island was empty of man. Gaze at the boats. Look across the water at the Statue Of Liberty or Ellis Island, the place to which so many of the New York tribe came in order to truly live. Learn the tale of our tribe, because it's your tribe too, no mat ...
Day 2 in New York- 911 Memorial (Just Amazing and very touching) Statue Of Liberty,Ellis Island...Dinner in Little Italy (Fantastic) Drinks in the West Village we met Jim's Cousin Kenny and then Rhonda,Caroline and Jake and Marty had the Cab ride from *** I think the Driver was preping for next years Indy 500.I had to check myself when i got out of the Cab...my life flashed in front of me several times
New York- Wow.. A City That Never Sleeps. This is a real experience. The people thousands... everywhere.. the crowds just walking down the streets. Today we saw Times Square, The Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, 9/11 memorial, St. Pauls Church, St. Peter's Church.. Lit a few candles for some very missed loved ones. Rode the Subway and went to Murrays! WOW... Left Louisville at 7:00am. What a day. IT was fun being a tourist! Nice place to visit... but certainly appreciate the green = green= grass of home sweet home.. The internet connection is not very good.. Will try to upload pics again tomorrow...
We are having a wonderful time in New York. I have a hard time with the heat and humidity, but I am making it. Have taken in the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island and now we are heading off to Ground Zero, Empire State Building and the Broadway play Lion King. Oh my, we have walked, walked and walked some more! We also went to Time Square, just amazed by all the people. The subway has also been an experience. I enjoy being with my family the most. We are missing Anna. I find myself thinking about her all the time. I am so blessed! Thank you Lord for such an AWESOME family.
I love New York! Staying with my friend Trudy - saw Mamma Mia!, Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island tours, saw a fabulous Chinese warrior exhibit, Frick Collection, visited with friends, walked and walked in the heat, learned to ride subway, and most of all, talked and talked, and played dominoes with die-hard players! What a great time! I love NY!!
New York has an energy that I do not thing anywhere in the world can be found. the city is awesome.Arrived at Grand Central, so beautiful and bought 72 hour pass for the Hop on and Off Bus and managed to do Downtown and then a Ferry to Liberty and Ellis Island where I did a great tour, then a bit of Uptown and lite dinner in Manhattan with family and back on the train to Dobbs Ferry and now to sleep . so much to see and so little time .
Great trip today through the New York Harbor, past the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island, then across Raritan Bay to Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Long tiring day, but so worth it. Pictures and new blogpost at jimandnita.wordpress.com.
just came home from an awesome trip down memory lane with my godmother Lily and her daughter Lorraine! They showed us where my dad was raised, we walked the boardwalk on Coney Island and dinner at Spumoni Gardens that never seemed to end. The owner knew my godmother and kept bringing more and more food to our table and we ended with a huge platter of deserts. So many stories about the Cotroneo side of my family. What a great time for me and Nicole. Tomorrow is our last day in New York. Going to try to squeeze in a trip to Ellis Island before we leave JFK at 6:15PM
New York today was awesome. For the first time in years I feel cool in the middle of the day as opposed to that of Miami! Visited the World Trade Center Memorial, Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, and a few local restaurants!
On my way to Lucy Festival in New York for my 50th Birthday! Thanks to my hubby! Then on to Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken NJ to pick out a birthday cake from the Cake Boss and on to Times Square and Ellis Island!
We've had a great time today. We went to Ellis Island, The Statue Of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, The Empire State Building. We're lovin New York but not the traffic. We've met some really nice people from all over the world.
Okay, its been hectic, but hectic is good, New Yak City...was great. went with our compadres Tony and Rosa Dominquez for 7 days, stayed in Brooklyn in a very nice place. Never have we walked so much. We must of walked a least 6 miles each day. My wife whom runs a 10 minute mile did not care to go for a run for more than once at Prospect Park. We saw all the sights, Ellis Island, walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and then went to Grimaldi's Pizza just below the bridge in the Promenaide. Its truely the best pizza anywhere. Got the hang of the subways, caught a train from Grand Central Station to Cold Springs. Sunday, 7/1/12 we all went to a New York Yankees game and later that night had dinner at a club and saw a Motown concert. I yelled at the band to play some Marvin Gaye and they did. On Wednesday we had reservation at Peter Lugars Steak House, the number One steak house in New York for the last 24 years. But the best part of the trip was the Broadway show we saw Tuesday night just off Time Square. We saw ...
So, 50 years ago today, July 10,1962, My family made the United States our Home. I was a three year old child on a ship with my parents and my two brothers. We were heading up the East River in New York approaching Ellis Island. Standing on the port side of the ship, I could see the Satue of Liberty. Now, being a Proud citizen of the United States, I think back on my father and with $175. in his pocket, he moves his young family here from the Netherlands. Such a brave man. For those of my friends who have met him, you know... he is the true Man of Steele and just Superman to me. Every freedom I have, every important thing that has ever happen to me, every true and important friendship I have and the family that I have now, is due in large part to the brave move my dad made. I love ya Dad and Thank You!
5 Days in New York, NY: Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, International Hot Dog Eating Contest at Nathan's on Coney Island (2 world records witnessed--yuck!), fireworks over the Hudson, Broadway show, Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, shopping, restaurants, tons of subway and miles & miles of walking . . . and now home to REST.
Heading out to New York soon with the family.. Statue Of Liberty/Ellis Island/Ground Zero and such.. Hyde Park and the rose gardens... supposed to be 100 there all weekend.. can't wait to listen to Dakota whine about it the whole time, dragging herself around miserably. Love Summer lol... :)
is back from my adventure in New York with Aunt Marylou Gramesty! :D I loved it! I rode a train for the first time, I saw Grand Central Station, the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Bryant Park, The 9/11 Memorial, and Times Square! :) Overall, it was amazing! I can't wait to go back and see more!!!
Just got back from New York. Great place to visit wouldn't want to live there. Saw five Broadway shows in four days--they were great. Also visited Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island and Museum of Modern Art. Spent a lot of time walking down the crowded streets on Broadway staring at the buildings. Made me appreciate the quiet life!!
I still think of my dad on Father's Day...he passed on at the young age of 52, when I was barely 2 years old, on June 14th, Flag Day 1952. He was a Tunisian-born Sicilian immigrant, the eldest of 8 children, who immigrated to New York in 1912 on the Ellis Island boat with his parents, when he was only 12 years old. His brothers and sisters came after, one by one, as my grandmother would always want to bear her children back in the homeland (Tunis), where she was originally the daughter of a lighthouse keeper on a small port in Tunis called La Goulette. All the D'Anna family eventually settled in San Jose, California, having moved from Rochester NY to Los Angeles (where my grandfather thought he might want to be in the movie industry) and then to San Jose. I was the product of his second wife. I miss you dad. Happy Father's Day.
Since Obama doesn't understand what is Constitutionally acceptable under even Executive Order maybe he should use Google to learn some history on immigration and why his order for Amnesty by fiat flys in the face of America's immigration policies. Anyone arriving at the Port of New York was permitted to enter Ellis Island, after 1893 when it began to be used as an immigration inpection station. Some people were not permitted to enter the US from Ellis Island because they had communicable diseases or they were thought likely to become a public charge. These people were returned to their port of origin by the shipping companies at company expense, as required by US law. People who are here illegally and getting public assistance, free or reduced rate tuition and exemption from the law are a public charge or in today's plain language a Welfare Case. People Coming To America for freedom made the right choice but, those coming illegally for a free ride need to finally accept they must respect our laws, speak t ...
Wow! It's 48 degrees here . . . a good morning for sleeping in. And that's what I was doing when the phone rang at 7:15. "Hello, Grandma, this is Skylar." "Where are you?" "I'm in New York on Ellis Island!" Skylar, who lives in Grass Valley, just graduated from the eighth grade; and 190 kids from her school are on a trip this week. She was calling to find out the first names of her ancestors who arrived at Ellis Island before 1900. I told her that her great-great-grandfather's name was Joseph Fehn. She said, "I found it!"
New York was really fun! I saw the Statue Of Liberty, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, saw Sister Act starring Raven Symone, went to Ellis Island and walked across Central Park. New York was amazing! :)
My day so far: on the way back from PT, I was stopped by a man with tattoos everywhere (including his forehead) if I knew where any *** people hung out. He then proceeded to talk to me about how his inability to pay rent forced him into a bisexual lifestyle, how he wants to move to New York, how the Jews were sent to Ellis Island during World War Two. Then he asked if I had a cigarette he could bum. Just a normal Thursday.
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I lay in bed this morning wondering what good deed I could perform when I thought of my sister Lin and that over the past few months how poorly she had been and not her usual self "I know I will give her a ring - that should cheer her up - a bit of the old fraternal love" So I leapt from from my abode of bleary eyed sleep and flowed down the stairs my hear full of grace and what should I find on the doormat? A post card!! What joy!! A rare beast. New York. Who is it from? "Hi Mike New York is very busy + noisy + wet .saw Ground Zero.went to Ellis Island .saw Statue Of Liberty.Central Park.one more day & then San Franscisco on Friday love Lin x" Guess she must be feeling better.!!
My mom called - she's having fun. They did a bunch of stuff in Atlantic City yesterday (Boardwalk and casinos, etc.) and New York and Ellis Island are next on the agenda.
New York City made it's face shineth on Cindy, Mary Beth & me. We had a wonder filled time. No flowers, no trees unless you go to Central Park where I found my beloved lilacs, but such vibrancy and life. From the unimaginable Times Square to the people on the subway it defies description. The most touching time was our visit to Ground 0 and St. Paul's Chapel where weary rescue workers slept on cots. I fell apart inside when I saw the fence I'd seen so many times on television, where New Yorkers left flowers and pictures of lost loved ones. I had expected to be touched by Ellis Island & the incredible Statue Of Liberty. We had fun in the Beer Garden at the Battery. St. Patrick's Cathedral was too beautiful for words, Mary Beth lit a candle for our lost Savannah. I'm here to tell you New Yorkers are not rude, unless a situation occurs where direction is needed. In fact they are fighting to change their image of being uncaring. I had many conversations with them on the subway, in elevators and even heard the ...
Trip to New York City is all set. Reservations made at the Hyatt Regency, tickets to see the Lion King at the Minsk Theater off Broadway arrived today, and the boat ride to Liberty Island and Ellis Island all booked. My niece and I are going to have a blast. Now all we have to do is wait until August to go. Oh, and the highlight for me will be to meet my dear friend Jeffrey Saba for the FIRST time! Worked with the man 40 hours a week for 2 years and have never seen him in person.
Tourism Ireland launched the County Kerry focus of The Gathering at Ellis Island in New York
Baltimore was once the go to city of the East Coast second to New York. If you didn't go through Ellis Island, you went through the Inner Harbor. We want this city to be like that again. We want it to be like that now!
Well I am in Syoscett, New York. Been here over 40 hrs. We have been to Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, WTC, and Times Square at night. Like a different world in Times Square. Going to David Letterman today. Leonard from Big Bang on his show. Cant wait.
Canvas Prints of A Surgeon examining an Immigrant, Ellis Island, New York, 19 from Mary Evans: 40x30 Canvas Prin...
Good day in New York today(: went to Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, and saw Nick Jonas in a broadway musical!
The October 12, 1892 Columbus Day celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the discovery of America was planned for years in advance, and anticipated much as modern Americans look forward to and plan for the advent of a new century. The United States had recovered from most of the effects of its Civil War that began 30 years earlier, and people from around the world were flocking to the "Land of Opportunity". The previous year almost a half million immigrants had entered the United States through the Barge Office in Battery Park, New York and on New Years day of 1892 the new Federal Bureau of Receiving's station at Ellis Island had opened. Two men interested in both education and planned Columbus Day celebrations around our Nation's 44 states were Francis Bellamy and James Upham. To this day it is still unknown which of the two men actually authored the words that were to become the Pledge of Allegiance. It was published anonymously and not copyrighted. James Upham was an employee of the Boston publ ...
Headed to New York for two nights for Spring Break. Catch a show. See Ellis Island and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Eat some blitzes.
From Geri diGiorno. Poem by Philip Levine, Poet Laureate of the US. The Mercy The ship that took my mother to Ellis Island eighty-three years ago was named "The Mercy." She remembers trying to eat a banana without first peeling it and seeing her first orange in the hands of a young Scot, a seaman who gave her a bite and wiped her mouth for her with a red bandana and taught her the word, "orange," saying it patiently over and over. A long autumn voyage, the days darkening with the black waters calming as night came on, then nothing as far as her eyes could see and space without limit rushing off to the corners of creation. She prayed in Russian and Yiddish to find her family in New York, prayers unheard or misunderstood or perhaps ignored by all the powers that swept the waves of darkness before she woke, that kept "The Mercy" afloat while smallpox raged among the passengers and crew until the dead were buried at sea with strange prayers in a tongue she could not fathom. "The Mercy," I read on the yellowi ...
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