Ellis Island & Battery Park

Ellis Island is an island in New York Harbor and was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States as the nation's busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954. The island was greatly expanded with landfill between 1892 and 1934. Before that, the much smaller original island was the site of Fort Gibson and later a naval magazine. Battery Park is a 25-acre (10 hectare) public park located at the Battery, the southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York City, facing New York Harbor. 5.0/5

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Ellis Island, Lady Liberty, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway and Times Square on day two
A shot of Ellis Island while chasing the sun today after work at Battery Park.
Sunset cruise with champagne seeing Battery Park, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan, etc.? Or boat to Ellis Island to walk around?
from battery park to Brooklyn Bridge @ Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island - New York
Today consisted of Financial District, Battery Park, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Seaglass, Ground Zero and 9/11 Memorial
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: Feb 2014, Battery Park and view on Ellis Island and Statue Of Liberty
Battery Park, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Time Square, Broadway, Madame Tussaud's, etc. Depends on what you're into.
At -- Taking the ferry over by Battery Park to Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty.
If you are planning a trip to New York City, you may want to wait awhile, maybe this is always happening, but the entire city seems be under construction, being remodeled, repaired or refurbished. Along with new construction, there are scaffoldings around so many buildings, including the New Yorker Hotel where I stayed. The inside was beautiful, but they were working on the outside of the hotel and the Tick-Tock-Diner which is attached to the hotel. And whoever is in charge of the city’s work is an *** just my opinion. There are miles of temporary chain-link fences, but instead of fencing off a path that would take you around 100 yards to the docks for the boat tours of the Statue Of Liberty & Ellis Island, they fenced off the entire Battery Park and made you walk around it. I’m serious when I say it was probably 2 miles and when you got there you could see where you started through the fence 100 yards away. The same with the 9/11 Memorial, you take the subway to the Memorial entrance and you ...
Checking out a Lockheed A-12 @ USS Intrepid...we take off to Battery Park and Ellis Island today!
Great day in NYC today! Ellis Island, Battery Park, Great lunch in Greenich Village and go a short walk on the Highline! Also Fitbit 10,000 plus steps today! Looking forward to a comfortable bed tonight and off to the gym tomorrow. Thank you Lord for a beautiful day and watch and protect all my friends who area in crisis tonight.
Enjoy each moment... You never know when it's your last! I had the most awesome Easter in NYC. Beautiful day. Started early, walking to parks with Kirsten Schroeder and her pup. All the New Yorkers up early and at the parks. Lit a few candles at The Church of Notre Dame. Fresh bakery and coffee. Then Aaron and I spent the whole day riding around NYC on bikes, from Columbia to Central Park, braved the rush traffic on 7th ave, thru Time Square, Madison Square Garden, Wall St. Ground Zero, lunch at our favorite pub, visit Battery Park, saw Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island and then the marathon finished with a return ride back on the bike path near the Hudson. We wore ourselves out but had a good car ride back to Jersey. Great bonding time with Aaron, he goes away to school in the fall and we want to enjoy each moment of his last year of high school. I'm so blessed and thankful... Awesome friends, wonderful son and great memories...living in the now and enjoying each moment.
OK, I have been asked my opinion on the Coke commercial. Stop reading now if you don't want to hear the rant! First off, I am an *** you will see why later. Your right, there is no "official" language of the United States. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, National Anthem, Gettysburg Address, Emancipation Proclamation, (I could go on) none were written in anything but English, they weren't transcribed or translated. It was English, right or wrong, that was it. So, tradition in these matters is big, keep it the same and honor the meaning of what it says, singing America the Beautiful in arabic or whatever chicken scratch language you want to put to music is highly offensive, just ask anyone on September 11, 2001, that made Battery Park so much more beautiful, wonderful crafty artisans those islamic terrorists are. The argument about native Americans, ok, we gotcha, I personally came across and killed them all. Must have, since like all racist arguments, nothing ever change ...
4.43pm - Our view of Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island and Jersey City from Battery Park, Ny.
Last full day in the Big Apple. Caught the subway to South Ferry, cut through Battery Park and onward to the Statue Of Liberty and then Ellis Island. Talk about brass monkey weather, I've never felt cold like it. Brrr! My eyeballs have frozen solid. Fair got the hang of travelling about this city though. Only got lost twice, once for three days and once for two days :-) We will see if we can squeeze in one more place to visit before heading home. Been very good, didn't do the "Christmas Shopping" thing at all!
MOVIN’ ON DOWN TO THE Financial District Getting to know my new hood, Manhattan’s Financial District So the new office has a view. Hey, in Manhattan I’m fortunate to have windows, but the private door is a bonus. The Financial District of lower Manhattan is a neighborhood steeped in history. Just around the corner is the Wall Street Bull and up the street, the New York Stock Exchange; then Federal Hall, where George Washington was inaugurated in 1789 as first President of the United States. Just down the street is Fraunces Tavern where they (no doubt) went to celebrate afterwards. There’s Trinity Church, the final resting place of Alexander Hamilton, Robert Fulton, John Jacob Astor and other financial titans. In nearby Battery Park, when the weather’s a tad warmer, I’m sure to enjoy many a lunch admiring the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island; there is also a memorial featuring what’s left of the bronze “Sphere” that once stood as the centerpiece of the World Trade Center buildings. ...
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patrolling the with Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island in background @ Battery Park…
Wife and kids NYC checklist: commuter train, taxi, Subway, Grand Central Station, Times Square, 30 Rockefeller center for the "top of the Rock", Serendipity 3 (look it up), Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry (Area), harbor cruise, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, underside of Brooklyn Bridge, Wall St (the Bull), Stock Exchange, FAO Schwartz, Broadway show (Annie), lots of walking. For me; subtract broadway shoe and add 9/11 memorial and some ( many) bad *** pizza slices.
.will move screening of visitors to Liberty/Ellis Island back to Battery Park after pleas from PC Kelly &
New York City is made up of 5 Boroughs, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens , Brooklyn and Staten Island.Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx, Shea Stadium New York Met is in Queens ,If you like sightseeing in the New York City, I will direct you to the best area in Manhattan. From the downtown Manhattan, Battery Park, American Indian Museum, Staten Island Ferry, Statue Of Liberty Island, Ellis Island, Governor Island. The Commercial District, Wall Street, The Ground Zero is now Freedom Tower, South Street Seaport. Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Chinatown, Little Italy, Tribecca, Soho, Empire State Building is on 5 Ave and 34 Street.If you visit the Time Square at night, it is so bright and colorful so beautiful. You will see a lot TV screens and commercial, MTV studio, Marriott Marquis Hotel, McDonald, lot of Broadway Theaters on 46 St. Between 8 Ave and Broadway. You can see the Wax Museum on W 42 street. The Grand Central Station is also on E 42 Street between Lexington Ave and Madison Ave. Bryan Park is also on .. ...
You have to love New York. The view from Battery Park at night across to Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty is hard to beat anywhere.
What else did I wish I saw / did on my NYC trip? - visit the United Nations building - have access to the Statue Of Liberty island and Ellis island, though due to damage from Sandy storm, these were not accessible at this time - visit Coney Island - visit Staten Island - visit Greenwich Village - visit Julliard School of Music - spend more time in Central Park - spend more time in the various museums - visit the "Top of the Rock" i.e. the Rockefeller Center Observation deck - visit the top of the Chrysler building observation deck - visit the garment district - see a few more Broadway shows - walk the entire High Line Park former elevated rail line - visit Battery Park - walk the whole lengths of Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, and Fifth Avenue - visit Yankee Stadium - visit the Harlem area during the day, and attend a gospel church service - visit the Bronx during the day - visit Governor's Island - visit Long Beach in the summer - ride the bike paths around town in the summer - visit the NYPD police museum ...
So, day ONE in New York was AMAZING! It was quite an eventful day! Saw Time Square, instantly fell in love. Saw Mary Poppins on Broadway with awesome box seating. Saw Wall Street, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Battery Park. Breakfast at Junior's and Dinner at Serafina's. Which was impeccable! Spent the whole day with him :) ((best part))
Castle Clinton or Fort Clinton, once known as Castle Garden, is a circular sandstonefort now located in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City, in the United States. It is perhaps best remembered as America's first immigration station (predating Ellis Island), where more...
Had an incredible off day today. Got my haircut by a guy named Abdool at an actual barbershop complete with spinning pole out front, visited Grand Central Station (which has an Apple store believe it or not), then went out and saw Battery Park and took a cruise around the harbor to see Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty. As much as I hate why we have to be here, having a DR in New York City isn't half bad.
Interesting observation about the timing of Superstorm Sandy: "The Statue Of Liberty has just reopened its interior (including Crown access) on Sunday (the day before the storm) after a year-long, $30 Million Renovation. 10/28/12 was the statue's 126th Birthday". --ABC News Liberty Island, Ellis Island, and the Security Screening site to get on the Ferries from Battery Park (Manhattan) were all damaged in the storm. As a result, the Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island National Monument are closed Until Further Notice.
Just heard an interview of the Mayor of Jersey City, NJ. Thanks to a sweet niece, I knew exactly where that was. I sat at her computer in Battery Park, writing a Daily Journal and looking across the Hudson, where I saw a huge clock which was Jersey City. Because of her, I can picture about every place they are telling us about in the news regarding this horrific storm. Also, Josh and Eden (my grandson and wife) lived in midtown Manhattan and Queens for about two years while he attended NYU, so I am also interested in what they are saying about Queens. I walked (alone) along the Hudson and around Battery Park the last time I was visiting her in Battery Park (lower Manhattan). The Statue Of Liberty was visible from her apartment window and when I walked to the water's edge, I was able to get a great view of the Lady in the harbor, as well as Ellis Island. A lot of what they are talking about is coming alive because of my time spent with my niece, Joyce. Thanks, Joyce, and also for your talking me in ...
Come celebrate Reformation Day this Sunday! There will be a party for our Sunday School kids - cookie decorating, bobbing for apples, skits, and Pinning the 95 Theses on the Door. Dr. Euan Cameron from Union Theological Seminary will lead the adult education hour on the themes that spurred on the Reformation. Pastor Brown will be preaching. El Ministerio Latino en Advent a las 11 horas está distribuyendo de volantes en frente de la iglesia. Misa en español es a las 12:45 pm. Coming up: You can still submit the name of a loved one for All Saints Day (November 4th). The Adventurous Adventonians have a trip planned to Ellis Island for Friday, November 2nd. Meet at Advent at 11am to take the Train down to Battery Park. Common Ground will be having their service on Forgiveness on November 8th. All are welcome! Todos son bienvenidos!
Just back from a fascinating weekend in NYC. Best part was playing tourist Saturday afternoon with my daughter, Caitlin. Hot pastrami sandwiches on a rock in Central Park, then subway to Battery Park, followed by free trip on Staten Island Ferry for a "Float By" to see the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Weiling and I visited with our Niece and Nephew, Pam and Ed, and family last week in New York. They invited us to stay in their home and spent time showing us the City. We were able to see such places as Ground Zero, the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Battery Park, China Town, and our favorite place of West Point Military Academy. We would like to thank them for their gracious hospitality and sacrificing of their time. The weather was beautiful and so was our stay with them. My recommendation of a fun family to visit.
Didn't get to go for the cruise past Liberty and Ellis Island, we apparently went to the wrong stop to take use to the pier but will be looking forward to doing it right tomorrow. Pretty much covered Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan, Little Italy, China Town, East Village, Soho, Central Park, Battery Park and TriBeCa, so pretty full day. Need the cruise and Grand Central Station yet. Been a good and busy trip so far.
What a great weekend in NYC Harold and I had, visiting with Luke and Christine! They have a lovely apartment (4 flights up - no elevator- like hiking a mountain!) and they kindly spent all of Saturday showing us the sights:) Had a stroll thru Central Park in the am and took the subway to Battery Park so we could board the ferry for Ellis Island. Was amazed to think of my ancestors making the voyage and passing through that building to start a new life. Capped the night off at a comedy club downtown - it was hilarious. New York City is the BEST:)
On the way to Battery Park to board the boat to the Statue and Ellis Island. Braving the rain.
A Stoop On Orchard Street's wild weekend. Wilkes-Barre, PA last night and The Jewish Heritage Museum in Battery Park, overlooking both the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island, at 2pm today. A tired but happy group can feel good about two good shows. The cast did a great job, but the tech crew were the real stars of the show this past three days. Proud of the who;e bunch.
Had an awesome day today. I walked Najah to school at 8 a.m. and then went to the subway. Two trains and 45 minutes later I was in lower Manhattan at Battery Park where I took the Lady Liberty to the Statue Of Liberty and had a wonderful self guided tour for two hours, then boarded the ferry and went to Ellis Island. Did another two hour self guided tour and then looked up Rogers father and my great-grandparents on my dads side and located them on the wall of honor. Many years back we contributed to the restoration of Ellis Island and had our family names added to the wall. It was an emotional moment to see their names enscribed on the wall. My great-grandparents entered the USA in 1898 from Hungary and Rogers father in 1906 from Russia. I got home at 4:30 p.m. My feet are ready for a good sleep. Took many pictures. I will post an album when I get back to Port Angeles.
Morning all: day 1 in New York...busy day...World Trade Center...Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty from Battery Park, Museum or two, Empire State Building, NewYork Sky-ride and finally the lights of broadway.very busy.update later.
Sitting in Battery Park with a cup of coffee looking at Lady Liberty...waiting to board the Ellis Island ferry in a "New York minute"
Got off after 8 today, sooo tired, somehow I got my laptop up and running hip hip hooray! Wish I could have gone out with David Westbrooks and Gary Thompson I miss them, I miss going out and having a life rumor has it its kinda fun!!! I am off to bed, tired, hungry and poor. Ellis Island here I come, lol, Battery Park will have to do, night all sleep, well dream loads (taken however you wood like).just saying
Had a great time in NYC on Saturday. Three of my neighbor/friends traveled there. We walked all over. WEnt to Battery Park. It waS A BEAUTIFUL DAY. I could see Ellis Island and Statue Of Liberty. I will get over to see Ellis soon Walked to Chelsea section, Little Italy, Chinatown. We ate at KOKO a Japanese restaurant. We ordered each a dish and shared it. It was good. Went for a glass of wine in Little Italy and a piece of cake and coffee in Chinatown. Bought a few souvenirs. Took 7 15 LIRR and was home by 10pm. It was all good. Plan on doing this again.
Back from Long Island/NYC. Had a chance to visit with my extended family from L.A and see my favorite aunts and cousins. Had forgotten how funny my aunts can be. Walked around Battery Park and Ellis Island in high heels . These ladies have stamina! laughed soo much!
A pastrami on rye from Katz's Deli at Battery Park with Lady Liberty and Ellis Island in the background
Ellis Island, Statue Of Liberty, Battery Park. And today I learned not to buy ice cream from a truck that doesn't have it's prices posted! We also saw a random dance/gymnastics street show by the Ferry and one on the Subway (the Subway one scared the CRAP out of me).
Scott and I are coming to New York for a few days on Friday on our way to Kenya. We have booked the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island and the 9-11 memorial so far. Does anyone have suggestions on a play we should see or another activity? We are staying down by Battery Park.
The rooftop terrace overlooks Battery Park, Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty. *sigh*
Millions came through Castle Clinton in Battery Park before Ellis Island opened in 1892
So it is Wednesday night around 6 pm and we have just got back to our hotel after a full day in lower Manhattan. Staten Island Ferry back and forth, saw Ellis Island, Statue Of Liberty and the NY skyline, brilliant. Then Battery Park, 911 Memorial, City Hall, NY Court houses, lunch in Beekman Irish Pub, Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Washington Square (lots of interesting people) and then subway home. Meeting Veronica at 8 - more fun. Yesterday we spent 5 hours in Central Park and then beer and Nachos in a Brewery/Restaurant home by 10. Can't wait for tomorrow - Brooklyn Bridge, Statue Of Liberty and more! See ya Friday!!!
Visited Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island. Also walked around Battery Park, Trinity Church, and Wall Street.
Had a busy day! Working all day again tomorrow! You should come to battery park and go to Liberty and Ellis Island! :D I'll take your tickets! :P
Had a great time in NYC we saw a little of everything. World Trade Center site with the new Freedom Tower man what you feel while standing there. Statue Of Liberty, wanted to take a ferry to Ellis Island but the wait was 2 hours. Courtney and Samantha rode the subway for the first time. Saw Central Park, Times Square, Broadway, Battery Park. Went to the pier had lunch at the market had supper at the "famous" Familigias pizza was actually good I expected it to not be be very good just over-hyped. We must have walked 20 miles or better
A street performance my aunt, brother, and I saw after we got off the ferry from Ellis Island. Known internationally, this group is a mix of comedy act, brea...
Good morning. Getting ready to pick up my 8th graders from Norwood School and start working our way home. Lucky kids...today they take the ferry from Battery Park to Ellis Island and visit the Statue Of Liberty. I will be waiting for them on the NJ Side.
Another exciting day in NYC!! Took a cab to Pier 84 and caught the water taxi to Battery Park. Saw Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, lunch in an Irish Pub, bought some gifts for the kids, ate dinner at Lucille's Grill inside B B King's Restaurant, dessert at Stone Cold Creamery, watched "A Streetcar Named Desire" which was excellent and now back at the hotel for much needed rest before another full day tomorrow!
Getting ready to head to Ellis Island, Liberty State Park, Liberty Island, Statue Of Liberty, Battery Park, The 9/11 Memorial, Southstreet Seaport, Chinatown and Little Italy! Looks like a funfilled day for Alyce, Abigail and myself. :)
The October 12, 1892 Columbus Day celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the discovery of America was planned for years in advance, and anticipated much as modern Americans look forward to and plan for the advent of a new century. The United States had recovered from most of the effects of its Civil War that began 30 years earlier, and people from around the world were flocking to the "Land of Opportunity". The previous year almost a half million immigrants had entered the United States through the Barge Office in Battery Park, New York and on New Years day of 1892 the new Federal Bureau of Receiving's station at Ellis Island had opened. Two men interested in both education and planned Columbus Day celebrations around our Nation's 44 states were Francis Bellamy and James Upham. To this day it is still unknown which of the two men actually authored the words that were to become the Pledge of Allegiance. It was published anonymously and not copyrighted. James Upham was an employee of the Boston publ ...
Great dinner at Haru and walking around Times Square last night. Subway ride to Battery Park and ferry to Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island this morning.
Subway to Battery Park, ferry to Liberty Island, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, WTC Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge. Amazing
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