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Ellis Island

Ellis Island is an island in New York Harbor and was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States as the nation's busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954. The island was greatly expanded with landfill between 1892 and 1934. Before that, the much smaller original island was the site of Fort Gibson and later a naval magazine.

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Yeah, here’s Trump being straight up racist receiving the Ellis Island award with Rosa…
There is one (1) known case of a name being changed at Ellis Island. A woman born Mary Johnson boarded as Frank Woo…
Ellis Island terminal near Lady Liberty-Tough standards to come into USA. Poor had…
"After being greeted by the Statue of Liberty and processed at Ellis Island, t…
Someone needs to tell U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont that Ellis Island (or at least most of it, as I recall) i…
Today in History: immigrant receiving facility at Ellis Island opens doors, 1892 htt…
I am currently approaching Ellis Island, in New York. I’m SO nervous what if they send me home? Anyway i’ll keep you updated.
European Jews on Ellis Island protest against their deportation to Germany, (1936).
They didn’t let you off the boat at Ellis Island without the name of a relative or fr…
Statue of Liberty + Ellis Island with Kids and Where to Find the Best NYC View
On this day in 1954 Ellis Island closed. An estimated 12 million immigrants came to this island. Was your…
Fact: immigrants landing at Ellis Island received a 6 second exam. If doctors noted any problems, they marked the...
Okay peeps. I am looking for suggestions on books on World War 1, the Eastern (Russian) Front o…
I love that I have ancestors who have been here since before american independence as well as those who passed thro…
Ellis Island closed after 62 years of operation in 1954
The is where many immigrants lived in the early 1900s after arriving at Ellis Island, New York. The…
Japanese immigrant arriving at Ellis Island and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. (colorized, circa…
In early 1900s my husband's grandfather came from Poland by himself at 16. He too spoke no English,…
My grandfather and grandmother escaped and arrived to the US through Ellis Island. I am truly devastated by…
My family migrated here through Ellis Island. They took a boat, stood in line and it took for ever. That was the legal way…
Ellis Island is now the Trending top topic in US. Visit for more hot topics
How did we get to the point where people can just decide to come to the US to live? True…
"Seems to me that the Legal Millions came in through Ellis Island, were carefully screened by official…" — Ken
TIL that only steerage (3rd-class) pssengers immigrating to the US stopped at Ellis Island for inspection - assumin…
Today in 1954 New York's main immigration point, Ellis Island, shuts its doors after 62 years
Ellis Island immigration station in New York was closed on 12 November 1954.
Ellis Island closed in 1954. Explore the history of name changes at Ellis Island:…
On this day in 1954, Ellis Island closed. Here are rare photos from the gateway to a new world
12th November 1954 (63 years). Ellis Island, the gateway to America, shuts it doors after processing more than 12 m…
At 9 yrs old my Grandfather & his older brothers came from Sicily to Ellis Island. He was to young, but his brothers joined…
I did get the Ellis Island quarters today. The final quarter to be released for 2017 is the George Rogers Clark na…
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that's just the beginning. When VNV reaches America, Steve Shives will be waiting at Ellis Island with a sign- "YOU'RE BLOCKED"
I don't think Gen Kelly's family is generational, i.e. they came through Ellis Island. People like him…
On our way to Ellis Island and the Statie of Liberty. A good view of New York from the water
Trump Muhammad Ali Rosa Parks receiving Ellis Island award. There's a lot he has done j…
I jumped on a bus to the Records Room at Ellis Island hoping to identify the one man that would send them all to jail..
Hi-Line ferry terminal to Nantucket looks like Ellis Island right now...except everyone is in Vineyard Vines & there are 3 bros named Parker
If you would like to see bring back Ellis Island type vetting to the Mexican border!
The view from Brooklyn Bridge and Ellis Island. Ignore Liberty though
Hitch brought a date to a family history revolation situation at Ellis Island & Kevin James is the one that will ultimately pay for this
three photographs from my Ellis Island hospital series are included in this group show at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park…
(I went to school with a Josh Sunshine; when his family went through Ellis Island, their surname had been "Sunshine" in Gre…
This jigsaw puzzle was given to immigrants at Ellis Island to test their intelligence via
He got the Ellis Island award for services to the black community. Help Rainbow push gain a…
Ever see a racist get the Ellis Island medal of honor?
Yea there's a racist for you. Trump with Ali and Rosa Parks all receiving the Ellis Island medal of honor
Passing by Lady Liberty on the Ellis Island ferry. Short trip had to get back home.. I did see exhibi……
that thread reminds me of the time I visited Ellis Island and got salty af after. went with my friend Tracy, who is white.
Thank you for setting the fake media straight. Acosta should go visit Ellis Island.
(1901) Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in awe of first glimpse of Statue of Liberty
In what way? Trump has been given awards by Jesse Jackson, Mohammad Ali, Ellis Island, etc. for doing the opposite.
They had them sign up for green cards at Ellis Island? Never hear…
Scott, ignore these morons. They never even heard of Ellis Island where we we…
No moron Ellis Island was the only legal way into this country back t…
Ellis Island? So you support an open border immigration system like we had wi…
My family got here long before Ellis Island was even built. So anyone who com…
,Names are listed at Ellis Island. All legal.
It is the sign of Ellis Island it is a sign of us hope and etc. Weatherby fake news I don't know it's pretty harsh
Hawaii the new Ellis island? Let's have a Bill declaring Hawaii port of entry, the modern Ellis Island.
Ferry Service from Liberty State Park NJ to Liberty & Ellis Island suspended due to NJ gov't shutdown. More info at htt…
THIS MAN closed Liberty State Park so no visits to Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty this Holiday weekend! htt…
Decendant of an Irish immigrant orphan out of Ellis Island born in raised hard in the dirty south…
It's like Biden ripping off Neil Kinnock. Daddy was a coalminer... who, uh, came through Ellis Island for sure
Great education tech! VR tour of Ellis Island's Great Hall created by students at Bergen Academies in Hackensack
26 May 1998 The US Supreme Court ruled that Ellis Island was mainly in the state of New Jersey, not New York.
Immigrant Station, Ellis Island, with ferry docked at adjace... by New York Public Library, via Flic
Steve Bannon is using black magic on Ellis Island as Zombie Nixon nods approvingly.
Yes, we can..and will. We need to return to an Ellis Island system to make it easier. But we…
Common sense ones like those of Ellis Island - you can enter unless you are a criminal or carrying…
Seriously, though. You're facing (I think) Liberty Park, Ellis Island, and a golf course. I hate on…
A bit of border wall humor from "We’ll need..a wall around Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty too".
Give us your tired, your poor, and your containers @ Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
The brave heroine statue aw she is so awesome @ Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
Iacocca went out with a plea for Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.. and people of America, including me, forked over $
Great day at Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty. Our Lady of Sorrows 7th grade field trip. Awesome Day htt…
I'm a traditionalist, I like the spiced Captains & Sailor Jerry's. I'm all over the Ellis Island casino…
Yesterday was a rough shooting day. Lots of snafus. We went to the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. So many...
In our last two trips to New York, we got to see a lot of the immigrant experience - Ellis Island, the Tenement Museum.
Our 1st Tartan Day on Ellis Island in 2002 - before they could spell CURRIE.
Obama: "It's not like everybody at Ellis Island had all their papers straight... our immigration system has always been a…
And those before Ellis Island opened?. Where did the pilgrim fathers queue?
..."For a generation of international travelers, it was a memorable first impression of America, an Ellis Island for…
“Ellis Island, in Upper New York Bay, was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States as the...
Captain Kidd was the subject for our 2015 Tartan Day on Ellis Island program.
‘Ellis Island: The Dream of America’ by Peter Boyer to be First-Ever National Television Broadcast from Renée and…
Well said Barry!Except you left out one critical detail. The Irish came here LEGALLY were properly vetted at Ellis Island.
It's a cold but beautiful day! Ferries to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are only a…
Once. More. Mr.Carson made it sound as if they came through Ellis Island, third class.
I went to Ellis Island with the screenwriter-scribe of *** migration & liberation in
Still immigrants! Even Obama said so " Whether through Ellis Island, on a slave ship, or across the border..." But…
Carson Paradox: treading water over why schools never taught about when the slave ships arrived at Ellis Island.
Ben Carson just compared arriving slaves to immigrants at Ellis Island, saying they were immigrants who came here w/ a dream…
it's crazy that Ben Carson identifies more with people that came here through Ellis Island.smh
"Immigrants? Try finding their names on some roll on Ellis Island." on Carson's slavery remark.
Carson: 'There were other immigrants who came in slave ships' (Did he think slaves came thru Ellis Island?)
Sir, my family's name was shortened at Ellis Island. From Somachofsky to Simons.
so, meet me at Ellis Island or stage door saloon!
I know! Well maybe they anglicized the good doc's name to Paul Carruthers at Ellis Island from something Hungarian!
Ever hear of Ellis Island? Its where they were tested for diseases n APPLIED FOR ENTRY MXs just walking in like this ur house
Breaking news - image of terrorist immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. Bad!.
My great-grandma Madeline Gonsalves who emigrated and arrived at Ellis Island from Cape Verde Islands(the old...
When my grandmother came from Aleppo to Ellis Island & was welcomed to make a better life for herself in the USA. Pass it o…
Ellis Island visitors wrestle with Trump's order
Yet we have a history of turning away immigrants at Ellis Island for even minor sicknesses, thus separating families.
Kelly: Ellis Island visitors wrestle with Trump's order
Confused voices heard on Ellis Island as Trump EO furor rages. A paradox of history & breaking news
The time my grandfather snuck into the United States at Ellis Island to escape the pogroms in Russia.
Though I still need to visit Federal Hall, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, NYSE, and Grand Central.
Beautiful New York morning for a boat ride for our Fox students to Liberty and Ellis Island.
With the advent of the airplanes and airports the international terminal's should act as such of what Ellis Island did
Why can't we park illegals on Ellis Island equivalents, (like what's Puerto Rico doing for us anyway?) before they come in?
Gonna hit up Harlem, Bronx, lower manhattan, Ellis island, and the rest of queens these last 3 days ! 🤘🏼
3/1/17 United States welcomes 965 refugees from the Low Countries to Ellis Island ─ New York Times
The work he did with inner city kids and won the Ellis island award for.
Little Ellis island don't sound too bad rn. If I was in Vegas I definitely woulda copped me some 🐓
1892 – Ellis Island becomes reception center for new... via
I said that to Luke watching that game. "Was their ancestor in line at Ellis Island, and two people had the last name Arnold?"
My Irish ancestors would've been refused at Ellis Island! | 1,565 Refugees Admitted to US with Active TB Since 2012
When his grandfather Roberto Cuppajoe came thru Ellis Island in the early 1900s, the immigration officer anglicized his name
A 4 Learning more about immigrants - real people in 2017. My goal, beyond Ellis Island.…
🎶 lzlabs: (lzlabs) The New World She spoke about the journey Ellis Island and fear her Italoamericano...
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Ellis Island kept diseased refugees out of US.
"A family of seven sons and one daughter, Ellis Island." 1904. via I think about this photo all the time.
I had family that was quarantined at Ellis Island..can't believe they have no system.
Props to PSU program here. Showing respect for injured opposing player. All class.
rarely do you hear the work *** You can blame it on NY/NJ Ellis Island workers calling Jewish immigrants that.
Check out on this list - back when the USA at least tried to vet
Lost (not so lost) place that is Ellis Island hospital... what a great place; what a history and…
Saquon Barkley explodes for a 79-yard TD run to give Penn State its 1st lead of the game.
Young men. A large quantity of growing up is accepting things. That what it means to grow up. Accepting things u can't con…
On Ellis Island at the turn of the century officials knew better than than these fools today. SMH
.. & the hundreds of ppl who were turned away from Ellis Island? Explain how that is a sanctuary. History can b inconvenient.
In this day in 1892 Annie Moore, from Ireland, becomes the first person to pass through the newly opened Ellis Island
Hello ,Donegal to England then Ellis island to Canada i believe. i enjoy the research but hit many dead ends . good 2 meet u
May or may not have recently met my future wife stay tuned
not one immigrant who came through Ellis Island or into California's ports had a "green card" or "extreme vetting". I think we did ok.
Ellis Island opened to begin processing immigrants into the United States on this date January 1 in 1892.
Ellis Island opened its doors 125 years ago in 1892
This is dangerous need quarantine before entry like Ellis Island was
1/1 Anniversary of the opening of Ellis Island in 1892.
Sounds like we should recommission Ellis Island.
Good. They can be the new Ellis Island.
Today 125 years ago, Ellis Island processed It's first immigrant. Now, echoes of Annie's story are louder than ever. http…
1892 – Ellis Island becomes reception center for new immigrants. The first immigrant…
nowhere Statue of Librt is word ILLEGAL re Immigrants! Plus everyone had 2 go thru Ellis Island 4 vetng 4 disease n crime!
125 yrs 1892 Ellis Island doors open. Irish immigrant Annie Moore first to be processed of the 12 million who pass…
So racist Trump received an Ellis Island award w/ Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali? An award for tolerance and diversity. h…
Alcatraz is the Ellis Island of the west. . That makes sense.
40% of Americans trace their ancestry to an Ellis Island immigrant. is the 1st to become president:
Ellis Island lies in New York Harbor 1,300 feet from Jersey City, New...
go down and look at the registry books at Ellis Island
I don't see "white" anywhere in that Ellis Island inscription.
Edited ideals. Sincerest apologies to Emma Lazarus and my grandmother who came here via Ellis Island.
Today in 1954, the station at Ellis Island closed.
Janet Daley on immigration policy then (c.1890 via Ellis Island) and now:
Hillary comments Al Smith dinner praises our fathers that came here as immigrants- yea through Ellis Island - not over the…
trumps mother on the list of an immigrant at Ellis Island. Trump a hypocrite with his stand on immigration
Trump with Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks all given Ellis Island awards in 1989. The liberal media is ignoring Trump's good wor…
My Grandfather Nick came right through here at Ellis Island from Yugoslavia in 1923. View from Observatory at OWTC.
Saw this: Portraits from Ellis Island show the haunting, hopeful, and beautiful faces of people looking for a fresh start.
Color portraits of immigrants at Ellis Island – in pictures
. I would rather bring Robert Allenby thru Ellis Island & make him 🇺🇸 citizen than picking Furyk for
Steve's father was Uncle Sam and he was conceived immaculately on Ellis Island
An immigrant family on Ellis Island. New York, 1880s
This is exactly what they did at Ellis Island under the shadow of those words.
"Rising seas could destroy...the Everglades, even threaten Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty" - Obama
actually can't believe that i'm here wow i'm . SHOOK 🗽 @ Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island -…
Come celebrate with us on Ellis Island! . Celebrate the National Park Service centennial Aug. 25 -
Beginning with a trip out to Ellis Island, I saw for myself where thousands of European immigra
How lucky am I? I started the week with Ragtime on Ellis Island with Marilyn O'Connell and Brian Stokes Mitchell.
My ancestors came to America through Ellis Island so I could one day come back and see a musical with all my *** friends.
Mine's Americanized Norwegian. So I meet people who actually say it "correctly" but not how we say it. Ellis Island, man.
Look up Ellis Island records... pretty sure their real name was ...
Aviva Winick, Hudson Loverro, Dougie Baldeo, and more join on Ellis Island!
America's symbols-Ellis Island and Lady Liberty: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island with bridge over Hudson River
Dock Worker Jumps in to Save Girl After Boat Capsizes in Hudson River - NBC New York
claims "America was predominantly black before Ellis Island immigrating." Unreal.
Same way America was predominantly black before Ellis Island immigrating and yes we were enslaved by evil.
why are you worried about last names? Ellis Island is shut down and a museum now.
I honestly don't know what to watch now love island is over😫😂
USPP & Statue Cruises employee, rescue 6 people from capsized boat off Ellis Island,
are we gonna take a cab to Ellis Island again and have the driver call us out on it?
Did you swim through Ellis Island to get here?
I'm pretty sure that's the only reason people go to Rhode Island these days.
I've had two Americans tell me that my name can't be real. Americans! Most of them had twerps in Ellis Island make names u…
6 rescued from capsized boat near Ellis Island (-
Six rescued after private boat capsizes near Ellis Island
On a train to Rhode Island, I haven't taken this trip in years.
Cruise employee dives into Hudson River to rescue girl stuck under capsized boat: NYPD
Firefighters rescue 6 after boat capsizes near
More on today's water rescue near Ellis Island:
BREAKING: Boat capsizes off Ellis Island -- 4 kids & 3 adults plucked from the water - ALL expected to be OK
maybe we should start a privilege movement against all that didnt have their name changed to Smith on Ellis Island
6 rescued after boat capsizes off Ellis Island; 20 yr old Good Samaritan aids in effort
6 people rescued from water off Ellis Island after 15-foot boat they were in capsized
Celtic music this AM: Ellis Island et al. Slainte to Monday!
In the 31st round, the St. Louis Cardinals selected a player named "J.D. Murders." One can only assume that's an Ellis Island name.
Reminiscing with Sonny Lopez in Segundo Barrio (the other Ellis Island) El Paso
Ellis Island, Lady Liberty, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway and Times Square on day two
My grandparents, they came through Ellis Island in 1923, and you know,...
Joan Griffis/Illinois Irish writer touched by Ellis Island event: arrival of Annie Moore:
Annie Moore of Ireland, 1st immigrant at Ellis Island, 1 Jan 1892
Irving Berlin was just one of two million who traveled from Antwerp to Ellis Island
January 1, 1892 Annie Moore stepped onto Ellis Island as the first of 12 million immigrants to arrive on the island.
Full shot of The Great Hall at the Ellis Island
Today was my first time experiencing Liberty and Ellis Island. Loved them both. I'm a sucker for…
At least 13 busted in crackdown on fake Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island tickets
Scholars exploring Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
New York - Vendors accused of selling fake tickets to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
Hanging out with the Statue of Liberty @ Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island - New York
EXCLUSIVE: NYPD goes after scammers peddling fake trips to Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island featured in NBC s Science of Love
My Papa landed on Ellis Island kissed the ground and said L'America è grande! Make IT Great again
Ellis Island was declared part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument on May 11, 1965, under the Antiquities Act of 1906.
Boat trip to see the Statue of Liberty today @ Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island - New York
tickets on Ellis Island, enjoying the view of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan, and eating a hot dog.
Plan for barges near Liberty State Park & Ellis Island scrapped; company to look for another spot via
Shipping company to withdraw bid for commercial buoy near Liberty State Park, Ellis Island
Controversial plan to moor barges between Liberty State Park and Ellis Island is scratched
.and I do not support the proposal to moor barges in the Hudson River between LSP & Ellis Island
Sweeney and Cunningham nix barges between Liberty State Park and Ellis Island
I'm Jewish on my dad's side but they're Russian/Polish lol they got their last name changed at Ellis Island in the early 1900s
gonna be there with my Mom May 12-14. Seeing Wicked, Ellis Island and Hamilton.
Fascinating article on Castle Garden, the pre-Ellis Island immigrant processing facility in NY.
NOT Ravensbrook! Ravenswood power station near 2 Ellis Island. Mel Gibsons film Conspiracy Theory had this chimney motif too?
New plan for old Cook County Hospital is welcome regeneration of 'Chicago's Ellis Island'
Lady Liberty was erected in 1886 just in time to establish the first immigration regulation station at Ellis Island in 1892.
15th Annual Tartan Day on Ellis Island to Celebrate “The Life and Legacy of John Muir” and the Natio...
A shot of Ellis Island while chasing the sun today after work at Battery Park.
Lewis Hine's Young Russian Jewess at Ellis Island (1905). referenced in Field Guide to Getting Lost
Between our summer long Ellis Island program and acclaimed Christmas concert, we're ready for them all!
aw remember when I was in New York me & my mam were on the boat to ellis island & my mam was wearing a yellow top & a bee flew up it
Statue Cruises is the only ship that takes you to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.
. My Mom ,and Great Grandparents all came in through Ellis Island
Always regret that we never got a story about the SWEU Ellis Island where immigration officials add needless apostrophes to names.
The Ellis Island Medalists for 2016 have been announced!
On this date in 1982, comedian John Belushi died in a hotel room. Here’s our review of the Ellis Island Super 8:.
If I've learned anything from watching TV, it's that people really like to gather across from Ellis Island to talk about car insurance.
Two people I really want to meet: Barack Obama and Peyton Manning
The family name Schreiber, was originally Schraiber. My dad's side is Russian. Ellis Island changed all that, and thank God it happened.
Time for Flashback Friday! This week we're staying pretty close to home - The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island!... h…
Gr8 coverage for our Tartan Day on Ellis Island program from Celtic Life magazine!
this isn't what it sounds like I swear
Save Ellis Island. In honor of Women's History Month: Dr. Rose A. Bebb was the first female physician to work on...
RIP to that guys eyes in my snaphat story 😂😂😂😂
Before Ellis Island, Castle Garden was the city's immigration processing center.
Remember when people came to Ellis Island name from check weapons here's your tax # what ever happened to that. FREE NOW?
Ellis Island has FREE access to records. Go to the site! :)
Then I discovered during immigration they spelled family name wrong at Ellis Island.
Life couldn't get any better right now
Illegal is the issue not illegal. Ever heard of Ellis island or was that racist also? Sick or criminal was deported
And let's not forget how high the crime rates were among the "new Europeans" that came via Ellis island at first.
The best you can do is that his father changed his name on Ellis island. Pathetic.
Donald Trump needs to take a trip to Ellis island and check himself.
Grandfather immigrated from France as a small boy with 2 sisters..did the whole Ellis Island thing!
I remember the demos against Doug Ellis. Talk abt b careful what u wish for!
How many questions did at Ellis Island have to answer?
If only the current owner was as loyal as Doug Ellis who is supporting the club at the Ethiad today as always
by statueellisnps: Ellis Island gets its name from Samuel Ellis, a former owner of the land. . His heirs sold the is…
The Ellis Island party date is set🗽! You’re invited to join the Unrated Sisters party on Digital HD 🎉
Sunset cruise with champagne seeing Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan, etc.? Or boat to Ellis Island to walk around?
That's how they renovated Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, Reagan appointed Lee Iacocca to oversee the project.
Vietnam Wall, Ellis Island, Korean Memorial, FDR, Holocaust Memorial, NMAI, MLK, WW II do much more to unite than to divide.
Yesterday was another insane day where we visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the New York Film Academy, Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co AND
2 eras, 1 dream: Photos of immigrants on Ellis Island and today's Syrian refugees | Public Radio International
A Favourite Philip Levine Poem - The Mercy The ship that took my mother to Ellis Island eighty-three years...
View from the second story balcony of the main hall at Ellis Island. Over New Year's weekend I traveled to New...
When EU talks about “not being able” to process refugees, compare with Ellis Island: arrivals in 1907 = 1.004 m
from Battery Park to Brooklyn Bridge @ Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island - New York
Here's a sketch of Ellis Island that I painted on site at Liberty State Park this past weekend.…
since when is the Statue of Liberty NOT on Ellis Island 🤔
When boarding ferry to Ellis Island, WWII vet made to remove his belt, tried to hold up pants and then wa…
Year 13 Linguists: Long 'S' evident in this poster from Ellis Island in New York City. What date do you think?
heaven is a place on earth with you✨ @ Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
Jan 1 / 2-1892 Immigration center on Ellis Island in New York Harbor opens
Eunaudi Lame. I'm in love with Meredith monk I love Ellis Island for two pianos. Or.
What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island.
today is:. Apple Gifting day. Commitment day. Copyright Law day. Ellis Island day. Global Family day. Nati'l Bloody Mary day. Nat'l First Foot day
Third graders see the Great Hall on Ellis Island after learning about the immigrant experience this fall.
Hitches facial expression when Sara Milas flips out at Ellis Island.
The immigration registration hall on Ellis Island @ Ellis Island
Is the Wayback Machine the Ellis Island of the 21st Century?
Sue Van of the Coulter Foundation Diamond Sponsor of NIIC speaking . . . came to the U.S. through the Ellis Island
The library during finals week is how I imagine Ellis Island back in the day: crowded, uncomfortable, everyone is saying things I don't get.
The abandoned Ellis Island that tourists don't ... -
Thanks Mr. Andy for making our campus safe . Taking a break to enjoy some expresso on Ellis Island
other trucks are in Times Square, Central Park, Wall St., the subway, the harbor, Ellis Island & the museum of African art.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! -The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island
Donald Trump Reveals That Statue of Liberty Actually His Mom:“I was born right on Ellis Island,” said Trump. “From a big, beautiful copper v
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: An immigrant family on Ellis Island looking across New York Harbor at the Statue of Lib…
How did the vetting process at Ellis Island go? And can you please respond to this? https:…
Ellis Island processed millions of immigrant at the turn fof the 20th century. why don't we use Gitmo, Ellis Island, & Alcatraz
We processed & millions of European immigrants in Ellis Island. Today we have Gitmo, Ellis Island,, & Alcatraz. Peter J. Paragone
Immigrants bringing this in! No medical tests required like Ellis Island! Planted in your towns! Worst Kind of TB...
"Winter Winds Cold and Blea” by John Clare. On this day in 1954, Ellis Island formally closed its doors...
[Edo screaming from a small rowboat off Ellis Island circa. 1907]
Pier A and Lower Manhattan... - View on the Pier A and Lower Manhattan on our way back from Ellis Island. Captured…
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