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Elliott Smith

Steven Paul Elliott Smith (August 6, 1969 – October 21, 2003) was an American singer-songwriter and musician.

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Here's a li'l clip of my trio doing Sufjan; Weds night we'll play Herbie Nichols, Ornette, Elliott Smith + originals
yo I tried the poutine pizza pops on a whim and i got so depressed I went on an Elliott Smith binge. So thanks for that at least
❤ want to see this ❤ Heaven Adores You Soundtrack by Elliott Smith ♫
If not Adam Driver, then Paul Dano would make an excellent Oscar-worthy Elliott Smith.
So, can we all agree that Adam Driver's Oscar will come due to his (future) portrayal of Elliott Smith?
The Euclidean elegance of the lonesome geometer:George Harrison, Elliott Smith, and Tony Molina. Listen to this guy
6:38am Needle in the Hay by Juliana Hatfield from Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith
Nice! Kevin Devine covert Unofficial: Elliott Smith „Ballad of big nothing“.
If you wanna know how heroin feels listen to Either/Or by Elliott Smith on Amazon Music
I liked a video FIgure 8- Elliott Smith cover of School House Rock
Kevin Spacey once took a photo with Elliott Smith. In case anyone cares (me)
Hear an unreleased Elliott Smith song from the 'Either/Or' reissue
New album from & originals & covers of Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Elliott Smith
Current mood: listening to Elliott Smith and George Michael, rewatching Good Will Hunting and finales of teen dramas.
Frank Ocean's kind of sort of cover of Elliott Smith's Fond Farewell to a friend on blonde is making my night.
On today's talks Greyhound buses, Elliott Smith, and Kids of Appetite. Don't miss it.
I got to say thank you to Elliott Smith in a column for
Now see here This compilation of 15 tunes led by Elliott Smith is perhaps…
there was never an Elliott Smith cover of Stacy's Mom so why is it stuck in my head
Don't call me Billy just HAS to be an Elliott Smith reference.
.cover a beautiful Elliott Smith track for new project Torch Songs. https:/…
Mary Lou Lord's "I Figured You Out" is just one in a long line of perfect Elliott Smith songs. Credit to Lord, her performance is gorgeous.
Coming up this hour 🕖. Nanci Griffith. Dan Mangan. Bajofondo. Moxy Früvous. Elliott Smith. Los Lobos. and more!.
may have disagreed about grammar schools, but Elliott Smith was just so *** good. Hat tip for the photo at the wall.
First Person to Smile by Too Early to Tell - FFO: Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, and Nick Drake. *PLEASE comment!*
.and Yuck discuss the legacy of Elliott Smith:
Got the Elliott Smith tribute record in the mail today. This is solid. Juliana Hatfield - Needle In the Hay
.and Yuck reflect on contributions to new Elliott Smith tribute album, Say Yes!:
Stream new Elliott Smith covers by Waxahatchee, Jesu/Sun Kil Moon, Lou Barlow, J Mascis, Julien Baker, & more
an Elliott Smith tribute album dropped today with covers by Julien Baker, J Mascis, Juliana Hatfield, Yuck, Waxahatchee, & more. I need it
I think Dylan's got advice to you covered with the rest of the lyrics. Elliott Smith's version is cool too
This part was the first time I ever saw anyone skating to Elliott Smith: . RIP Dylan Rieder
I dreamt a serial killer was leaving bodies at the Elliott Smith wall in LA, and a GoPro revealed the killer was Elliott Smith's girlfriend.
Can't believe I saw Elliott Smith and Trent Reznor biking around Minneapolis today
Did anyone notice the Elliott Smith "Fond Farewell to a Friend" reference in the new Frank Ocean album! Hardcore!!
Great start to the bank holiday weekend, listening to Elliott Smith in the garden. First heard on your wonderful station!
solo good also pretty sweet and Siegfried because of that Elliott smith s/o ;)
I actually don't think that I'm gonna sell a lot of records.
Re-entering that phase of my life where I only listen to Elliott Smith. pray4me
Who can I contact re:Elliott Smith song rights for my short film? Hoping to play song off Figure 8 during end credits.
Imagine seeing Elliott Smith live and seeing songs off Either/Or performed live. Would be such an unreal experience
Listening to BLONDE for the first time. Babe just referenced elliott smith
*downloads entirety of Elliott Smith discography to phone*
Have you ever played or recorded an Elliott Smith cover? Maybe you should try one! Would suit you
"listen to it, tiny Rick. Listen to Elliott Smith. Feel what he's feeling." oh my god why is this subplot of the episode so accurate
I suggest listening to some Morrisey and follow it up with Elliott Smith.
Little Giant Ladders
Frank Ocean quoting elliott smith on his album. can I do that??
a barista told me i look like i really like Elliott Smith and i'm so peeved off that she's completely right
Chatted w/David Dickenson about 20th anniversary and the intersection of Elliott Smith & Outkast.
daft punk at academy, Elliott smith in MDH, betas at hop and grape
Respect to Frank Ocean for the Elliott Smith fond farewell reference
Respect to Frank Ocean for the Elliott Smith reference
Elliott Smith's music can basically be described as music to dislike yourself to.
that may have been pre-arctic monkeys. It was more Elliott Smith inspired at the time.
I can't stop listening to Elliott Smith
Help me to one day be the kind of person with a grey quilt and an Elliott Smith coffee table book
The moment when you realise that Frank Ocean is quoting Elliott Smith.
Wondered why Elliott Smith was cited as contributor to Blonde & there it is. “This is not my life / It’s just a fond farewell to a friend."
There are lots of things I like about playing in a band, the things I can't do by myself you
I always thought that Elliott Smith lyric was "like a dead child at dawn," not "like a dead china doll." I like mine more.
Hmmm... For a Bukowski guy, you're sure throwing down a lot of Elliott Smith.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
About to play some Elliott Smith tunes. Soul is full but idk if my meat body can survive this cruel world.
Cold, useless and old. I wish I was no one. ~ Elliott Smith
Amplified Observations: Heatmiser’s earlier version of 'Christian Brothers' is superior to Elliott Smith’s acoustic
Frank Ocean sampled Elliott Smith my tiny soul cannot take this!
Was feeling this Frank Ocean song in a big way when our beloved Frank threw in some Elliott Smith & we are nOT OK!!!
same with frank cribbing lyrics from Elliott Smith's "A Fond Farewell" on Siegfried
Torturing myself into a dour mood with Elliott Smith cause I deserve it
Oh that is definitely elliott smith. Random
Elliott Smith and Dublin Bus go well together
lists David Bowie, Elliott Smith, Brian Eno as "contributors" of his new album:
Owen Smith getting the traditional warm welcome from Mumsnet readers for a politician's Q&A.
Frank referencing Elliott Smith on "it just a fond farewell to a friend, its not what I'm like" - 'Seigfried'
J. Cole went Platinum with no features but Frank heartbreakingly referenced Elliott Smith and no one noticed.
when Frank Ocean referenced Elliott Smith on Seigfried I got chills, this album is perfect
"It's a lot easier to tell the truth usually." - Elliott Smith.
Frank Ocean quoted Elliott Smith so now I gotta go cry
I was in Silver Lake and didn't have my picture taken in front of that Elliott Smith swirly mural thing so basically I win and screw you
Elliott Smith reference on the Frank Ocean album caught me off my guard
how relatable are the Elliott smith lyrics "I know my place hate my face"
if it turns out "Seigfried" has Jonny Greenwood strings over Elliott Smith lyrics, Frank can go ahead and empty my ban…
Elliott Smith archivist shares the song "I Love My Room" in this deleted scene from
Elliott Smith's "she appears composed / so she is, I suppose" is such a perfect example of that.
if you list all the street names in Portland you get two Simpsons episodes and three Elliott Smith songs
he's been my fav for so long, it's always a good time to cry to Elliott Smith (this should be my senior quote)
Elliott Smith has such a beautiful voice
I'm not sure if Elliott Smith or Jessica Lea Mayfield makes me cry more often
Little Nicky is just Adam Sandler with an Elliott Smith haircut
listen to Elliott Smith (between the bars, miss misery, waltz 2, son of sam) get back to me in 15
Hey listen of XXI Century. Now playing Elliott Smith - Son Of Sam on.
parisreview: Emma Straub (emmastraub) remembers listening to Elliott Smith in college
Emma Straub (remembers listening to Elliott Smith in college
Emma Straub reflects on her college devotion to Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith is such a killer guitar player ***
Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield did a great Elliott Smith cover album you should check out!
Listen to Elliott Smith - Between The Bars by Kill Rock Stars on
Jess: is it a bad omen to wake up with Elliott Smith stuck in your head?. Mike: not as bad an omen as waking up and having killed yourself.
I especially dig 'Bubbles Burst'. Your voice is reminiscent of Elliott Smith. Hard to find good music nowadays
Emotionally breaking myself by listening to Elliott Smith on the bus home from a 12hr night shift 🌚
Elliott Smith was really great dang
Elliott Smith - Between The Bars via l'll keep them still for us.
Elliott Smith - Miss Misery via A trip out of town, I do miss you miss misery .
How drafting Elliott, Smith shows that Garrett might be getting more control over...
I've been listening to Elliott Smith for about 8 minutes n I am depressed now
Elliott Smith is so good but super depressing
When I go home I'll be happy to go. You're just somebody that I used to know. ~ Elliott Smith
I got static in my head. The reflected sound of everything. Tried to go to where it led. But it didn't lead to anything. ~ Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith - Big Decision (from New Moon) and tonight I'm listening to more of this.
*quickly hides all my Elliott smith and sufjan albums and my vinyl copy of the disintegration loops*
Tomorrow is Bob Elliott's last day at My column will be a tribute to his baseball writing Hall of Fame car…
John Gibbons salutes our retiring Hall of Famer Bob Elliott
I listen to way too much Elliott Smith to be healthy.
Elliott smith rips out my soul but he's seriously so good via
On Air: Elliott Smith - Pretty Mary Kay. Listen now AAC 64k: or MP3 128k:
18. Either/Or-Elliott Smith. hella depressing, but also hella well written and beautiful
Former FSU CB Javien Elliott continues his improbable journey with the READ MORE --> https…
Driving and listening to your Elliott Smith playlist is not a good mix.
Twilight - Elliott Smith (they're both having a hard time in this song, but he's got some advice for her about drugs)
Just heard Queens of the Stone Age's cover of Elliott Smith's 'Christian Brothers' for the first time. . YES.
I just realized that most musicians I admire are dead. Warren Zevon, Elliott Smith, David Bowie, etc. The only still with us is Tom Waits.
I would pay any amount to see Elliott Smith to do a Songo-salsa cover of Shiny Toy Guns's song Season of Love!
Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, The Pixies, Soundgarden,and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the 90's
I go the Elliott Smith and Angel Olsen route and just cry a lot; let out all of the feels
Julien Baker’s inclusion to the Elliott Smith tribute album is as perfect as Bruce Hornsby & Stephen Malkmus’ to the Grateful Dead one.
I'm so excited about Pitchfork Music Festival adding an Elliott Smith hologram to the lineup!
Did Gotye purposefully have two tracks on Making Mirrors with the same titles as two tracks on Elliott Smith's Figure 8?
I think I got Sarah into Elliott Smith though so successful day all in all
The 2000 RomCom "Keeping the faith" has both Tom Waits and Elliott Smith on the soundtrack. This is weird to me.
Colin Meloy, Elliott Smith, Johnny Jewel, Ruban Nielson also moved to PDX. It's a city of transplants. :)
Gonna be listening to a lot of The National, Elliott Smith, Menomena, Afghan Whigs & Mark Lanegan this week. Think you know what that means.
Catching up on current events can feel like a stroll through a Goya museum whilst listening to Elliott Smith on headphones
Iron & Wine now ("Upward Over the Mountain"); Elliott Smith, Okkervil River, Joanna Newsom, and Father John Misty coming up this hour!
Decoder key to our songs in no order: Oasis, Nirvana, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Guided By Voices, Teenage Fanclub, QOTSA
I owe my fascination with the guitar entirely to George Harrison, Johnny Marr, John Fruciante, Elliott Smith, and Jeff Buckley.
LISTEN: founder David talks his relationship w/ Elliott Smith & going from hobby to successful label
We chatted with about Elliott Smith &
Interview with the guy who put together the Elliott Smith soundtrack 'Heaven Adores You'
to 1997, Elliott Smith's live performance in the WMUC studio. Listen here!
A Fond Farewell by Elliott Smith from his final album before he killed himself
Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, and 2Pac are releasing albums this year. Frank Ocean, you have no excuse
Late to the game, but: Very much here for the Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield album of Elliott Smith covers.
A track-by-track guide to the rare Elliott Smith songs of Heaven Adores You via soundtrack supervisor Kevin Moyer:
Waxahatchee, J. Mascis, Amanda Palmer, more to appear on upcoming Elliott Smith tribute LP
White girl w/ dreads playing Elliott Smith followed by Hank Williams Jr. What are we doing here?
Luke Babbitt's hair is near Elliott Smith length, maybe he can shoot again.
It’s like if Elliott Smith and Neutral Milk Hotel did a jam with Sufjan Stevens.
The album’s influences can be traced back to Miles Davis, Jack London, Schumann, Elliott Smith and Jackson ***
I'm prety sure Ariana Grande is Kim Kardashian's version of Elliott Smith.
I'm not quite to the "Elliott Smith live at Henry Fonda Theater YT" point, but it's getting close
My Pandora changed from having every song be Colin Meloy/the Decemberists to Elliott Smith.
Still one of my faves. Know every word by heart. Elliott Smith & Mary Lou Lord - I Figured You Out
does this Elliott Smith song sound a bit like the theme tune to Jim'll Fix It? And the title?
Elliott Smith, "Figure 8". 2000. 1. Son of sam. 2. Somebody that i used to know. 3. Junk bond trainer. 4.
I LOVE Bon Iver and Elliott Smith.. Do you listen to Whitley, Amos Lee, Ben Harper, Jose Gonzales or Radical Face??
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield have taught me who Elliott Smith is. Their cover album gets 8/10.
A says: Only Seth of and could do the late Elliott Smith so proud:
Elliott Smith, Son of Sam, Live Performance on the Jon Brion Show via
I could do this all day. Fond Farewell, either Elliott Smith or Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
Or just listen to her "Angel in the Snow" Elliott Smith cover on repeat forever:
Arcade Fire and Elliott Smith! Also, film scores by Alexandre Desplat, Jon Brion, and Yann Tiersen.
I'm listening to Angel In The Snow by Elliott Smith on
You won't have much luck with Scott but Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield cover Elliott Smith beautifully.
John Mayer, Elliott Smith, Band of Horses, City and Colour...all good 😴🎧
Some movie recs: Heaven Adores You (on Elliott Smith); The End of the Tour (on David Foster Wallace); Love & Mercy (on Brian Wilson).
Laura Stevenson's beautifully understated version of Elliott Smith's "Angel in the Snow" is the definitive cover.
ok I cheated with this but the last artist would be either Esperanza Spalding or Elliott Smith
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Sometimes I forget if it's Elliott Smith or Billy Elliot who gets the two t's.
If you like eating delicious pizza to a soundtrack of Bowie, Talking Heads, Kate Bush, Elliott Smith & Sonic Youth, go to
I don't know that Roman Candle is Elliott Smith's *best* album, but it is the one I find myself listening to the most these days.
Greg Fox for returns to alphabet town, haunted by ghost-notes, Elliott Smith, and Tonic
You said you'd be for real but. I don't think that you are. So bad, so far. You make me sad, shooting star. -Elliott Smith
Took a long time to stand. Just an hour to fall . -Elliott Smith
Don't mistake my kindness for Loch Ness or Loch Ness for Elliott Ness or Elliot Ness for Elliott Smith or Elliott Smit…
over the years Chance showed me Radiator Hospital and I Hate Myself and Hunter showed me Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes god bless these boys
Death by Camu Tao, There is a Light That Never Goes Out by the Smiths, Son of Sam by Elliott Smith
I saw Jessica Lea Mayfield do an Elliott Smith cover set with a few of her originals last May, it was perfect
Coming soon: Heaven Adores You – adoring Elliott Smith doc will purr for fans
Documentary Painting the Life and Music of Elliott Smith to Screen Throughout Australia: The critically acclai...
Music that does a good job of exploring mental illness - From Ian Curtis to Elliott Smith, these are the … via Dazed
"Somebody That I Used to Know" by Elliott Smith, covered by Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield
I'm listening to way too many Mountain Goats and Elliott Smith songs tonight and my dog is clearly emotional about it.
I'm usually not 1 to compare musicians but this Alex G song channels so much of Elliott Smith in a darker/modern way
Elliott Smith live at the Reading Festival, England 1998-08-29 (Full Show)
We got high at the LA County Fair (on the Ferris Wheel, of course!) The role of Jack was played by Elliott Smith!
I should probably stop listening to elliott smith and daniel johnston on a rainy day before i walk into traffic
The incredible underdog story of Clemson's Tony Elliott, an Industrial Engineering graduate from CU:
Elliott Smith was with a full album though. I'm doing it with OutKast right now lmao
I do that too. I did it with Elliott Smith actually, and the Pixies. but they ended up being favourites of mine
Spurrier says he normally makes play calls, but they recently put GA Mangus in the box and Shawn Elliott calls half the runs.
For some reason, this reminds me of Elliott Smith.
I think we can all go ahead and stop selling covers of Elliott Smith songs. The guy did it right the first time.
weird. "thirteen" by Big Star is stuck in my head even though I haven't heard it in ages. forgot Elliott Smith didn't write it.
When the bar starts playing Elliott Smith’s “Angeles” just as you’re about to leave…
Ken Lass shows that technology is no match for his skills. Brooke Smith WVTM 13, Eunice Elliott WVTM 13 News and...
Shooting my 2016 Calendar with the babes at My Boudoir - Make-Over Boudoir Photography / Elliott. Get...
How come there are virtually no Elliott Smith songs available on anymore?
Jayrone Elliott picked up a sack but Alex Smith lost 10 yards which halted a drive in the third quarter
the new album is grainy, raw and amazing. It sounds like a combination of Elliott Smith, Dylan & Stones recording at 3am
A lot of hours to occupy. It was easy when I didn't know you yet. Things I'd have to forget. ~ Elliott Smith
"Dreadful sorry, Clementine" ~Elliott Smith. This one is near the top for me. I'd tell you who introduced me to it. But you'd never believe.
As a huge fan of Elliott Smith, Heaven Adores You looks back at his sadly too short career beautifully. Don't know his wo…
Tonight I chose between the Elliott smith documentary 'heaven adores you' and 'this is us' the one direction documentary.
Watching Heaven Adores You just made me so sad again that Elliott Smith is gone. All of his songs are so beautiful. http:/…
Heaven Adores You was too sad. A shame we lost such a rare talent as Elliott Smith but important his music is amplified t…
Elliott Smith will never die. His body is gone but his soul lives on through his music.
Elliott Smith is love, Elliott Smith is life
Elliott Smith's music brings forth emotions my late friend was unfortunately unable to share with me.When I hear his music I hear my friend
Elliott smith sings Between the Bars, right?
No matter what song it is Elliott Smith never fails at making good music.
(5:13) (Shotgun) A.Smith pass short right to J.Charles to KC 49 for 6 yards (J.Elliott).
Whelp. I've stood up for him enough, but it's time. Alex Smith was a mistake.
Fall: the time when everyone gets together to share Elliott smith songs on their face books
Really tried to be optimistic on smith this year. I think I'm done. Why didn't we draft bridgewater.
And down goes Smith! Jayrone Elliott, Mike Daniels and Mike Neal all sack the QB in the 3rd Qtr.
Elliott just blew threw 2 guys to get to Smith for a huge sack!
Interview: Seth on respecting Elliott Smith, music as conversation, & their rise in Americana
Interview: Seth Avett of The Avett Brothers on respecting Elliott Smith music as conversation their rise in Americana
Foy Vance has definitely graduated into my list of fav songwriters joining Tom Waits and Elliott Smith. This song.
"It's a picture evening and I'm staring down the sun.". "Sweet Adeline" by Elliott Smith from XO ♫
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett cover Elliott Smith, which is obviously lovely.
Press is playing Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield's covers of Elliott Smith. I'll be here for a while.
Margo and the Pricetags "Sounds Like: Tammy Wynette and Elliott Smith's lovechild" - Rolling Stone 10 New Artists... ht…
It's autumn, which means it's now the season of Modest Mouse, Bon Iver, Elliott Smith, and other depressing indie rock
Sunday spin with Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield doing a beautiful tribute to Elliott Smith.
It's a Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith type of day. Maybe a little Sufjan Stevens, too.
And 20-grade hair. He's on the spectrum with Elliott Smith and Moe from Calvin and Hobbes.
The voices of Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield together to sing Elliott Smith is something beautiful.
I'm missing Robin Williams and Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley and Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor and every other dead hero…
I wonder how much Elliott Smith affected the sales of Johnny Walker Red Label.
Finally got the "Seth Avett & Jessica Lee Mayfeild sing Elliott Smith" :)
90s Lois Lane: "funny... you never see Elliott Smith and David Foster Wallace in the same place at the same time..."
First top album of August goes to vaneyes 4.0 out of 5 - Fans of Elliott Smith will enjoy this one
At a bar and Elliott Smith comes on. I instantly feel happy and heartbroken.
Very pretty cover of Elliott Smith's "Needle in the Hay" by Juliana Hatfield.
I never gave that Elliott Smith cover album by Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield a good listen, but you reminded me.
u could make sweet playlist of acoustic singer/songwriters who killed themselves in their 30's - i.e. Phil Ochs, Elliott Smith, Jason Molina
Now, for the remainder of my night, I will listen to Elliott Smith, Mac Demarco, and Erik Satie.
Elliott Smith was born on this day! In high school, Elliott played clarinet in his school band & also played punk as…
What Robert Plant and Alison Krauss did with Country covers, Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield have attempted with Elliott Smith covers!
Have y'all listened to the awesome album that and Seth Avett from made!? Huge fan of Elliott Smith? Check it!
Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley incredible talents much missed but never forgotten gigs here in London !!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Elliott Smith music makes me want to marry my high school crush and hang myself all at the same time.
Listening to Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliott Smith. Because my wife just sent me an email telling me I should.
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield - Miss Misery GORGEOUS cover of Elliott Smith
Listening to Seth Avett + Jessica Lea Mayfield's Elliott Smith covers for the first time. Mixed feelings! It's easy to judge covers, tho. :/
Roger Miller and Elliott Smith will rescue from the grasp of
"The litebrite's now black and white, cause you took apart a picture that wasn't right" -Elliott Smith (via
THANK YOU Smith, Elliott, Kerns & Co. for Sponsoring the 2015 MUDD Volleyball Tournament and the Community Free Clinic!
I dreamt of Elliott Smith last night. He was here, alive and talking with us. Both awesome and heartbreaking because I knew he was dead.
Elliott Smith - Either/Or. . Elliott Smith is my favourite musician of all time, hands down. When I…
Yo La Tengo and Elliott Smith could be worth considering for acoustic ish
I wish I could have seen an Elliott Smith concert :(
Back to green with 15 laps to go: Scott, Reed, Sadler, TDillon, ADillon, Logano, Jones, Gaughan, Ragan, Suarez, Wallace, Smith, Elliott.
"I'm damaged bad at best/she'll decide what she wants" - "Say Yes" by Elliott Smith is too real for me right now
I remember seeing Elliott Smith for the first time. Recalling that feeling as I watch Sondre Lerche (for the 9th time).
Let's get sad and celebrate Amurica together "Independence Day" by Elliott Smith from XO ♫
Remember to keep some background tunes on for pets during the fireworks. Delf requested Elliott Smith specifically.
The notorious South London gangster Eddie Richardson and my Dad at an ex-proffessional boxers dinner
Elliott Smith. "Independence Day". Everybody knows. You only live a day. But it's brilliant anyway.
Will Smith says he is working on new music with Drake.
US rallies to stop British actors taking Hollywood movies by storm
Independence Day by Elliott Smith from the album XO
Roman Candle by Elliott Smith from the album Roman Candle
One of the greatest openings in film ever
Why Apocalypse Now is the finest film of modern times.
Another fantastic performance from Ray Winstone in Tim Roths 'The Warzone'
Between the bars by Elliott smith is such a deep song
Elliott Smith had a great mellow 4th of Julyish song too: Independence Day.
Celebrating my half country's birth by being drunk and listening to Elliott Smith.
This album of Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield singing Elliott Smith covers is pretty cool.
I liked a video Elliott Smith on David Letterman
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Playing it safe is the most popular way to fail. - Elliott Smith via
In my opinion, obit missed a key James Horner accomplishment: defeating Elliott Smith at the Oscars. No small feat.
Nite 2 of Tonight's headliner, Matt Pryor with a tribute to Elliott Smith. Before the show, a martini at The Jayhawker ;)
If you're into early Modest Mouse or Elliott Smith, check out a cool guy called Alex G (
Cultural Vision Award winning is showing a documentary on the life and career of Elliott Smith tomorrow.
Thinking about a grad school paper I once wrote comparing ballads by Woody Guthrie, Elliott Smith and Eminem.
Can’t spend less than 30 minutes when watching Elliott Smith videos online. Genius.
Elliott Smith was an absolute one-off, we'll never hear anything like that again
Stuck In Love (2012): Girl's favorite song is Beatles' Polythene Pam (huge eye roll). Guy's is some Elliott Smith song (barf on my *** .
"This is Jason Derulo featuring Elliott Smith" - on the Song of the Summer
If you're an Elliott Smith fan, I highly recommend the Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield cover album...very cool takes on some great tunes.
Oh, I tried. I guess it's OK, but if I want to listen to an album of Elliott Smith songs, I'll play Elliott instead of Seth Avett/JLMayfield
Listened to Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield's Elliott Smith covers album today and it's really, really good.
An Avett brother sings Elliott Smith? This should make your Friday better. ♫
Brilliant cut from scarily channeling Elliott Smith. Carrie & Lowell is a gem. via
Pretty certain that if Elliott Smith heard Carrie & Lowell, he'd tell Sufjan to lighten up a little...
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett's album of Elliott Smith overs a candidate for record of the year? It'll certainly be difficult to top.
Fan of the recent Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield do Elliott Smith album. Here they are Live on KEXP.
Sufjan Stevens got that hard core, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith-level depression transformed into haunting musical genius thing going on.
Seth Avett & Jessica Lee Mayfield's tribute record to Elliott Smith is wonderful.
A great video featuring Elliott Smith on The Jon Brion Show, shot by Paul Thomas Anderson in 2000
Rilo Kiley - 'So Long' for days! It's like Elliott Smith meets The Beatles with some cheeky backing synths. Absolute timeless tune ♥
Hot *** Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield absolutely do Elliott Smith far better than expected. They do the king justice.
Just found out Seth Avett has an Elliott Smith cover album!?! My day was made instantaneously.
There's an album where Seth Avett covers Elliott Smith songs and it's beautiful.
Swoons, Oreos & all the Elliott Smith for this book!
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