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Elliot Smith

Steven Paul Elliott Smith (August 6, 1969 – October 21, 2003) was an American singer-songwriter and musician.

Seth Avett Jessica Lea Mayfield Good Will Hunting

Ugh no I was not cutting onions you uncultured swine, I was listening to Elliot Smith and romanticizing the pain of mental illness...duh
Elliot Smith's XO is as beautifully depressing as I remember it being in high school.
I hate Elliot this life and the next.
Goalscorer was Liam Smith. Cal Roberts causing all sorts of problems for Villa:
Vernon tossed Tyron smith yesterday in the second half and then brought down Elliot. Insane play
play off the night he stood up smith tossed him out of the way and tackled Elliot for shot gain No one does that to Smith
Oh the things I would do to Ezekiel Elliot
Many feared over Elliot when Krul got injured & Darlow when Elliot did. Both proven to be heroes. Smith spent lot of time with them.
Great to see Rob Elliot back in fold. Surely testament to Simon Smith that both he & Darlow have improved since the GK coach came in.
"Cardell Hayes guilty of manslaughter in Will Smith killing"
Killed it in the gym, still fighting for Will Smith body (focus ) ! Listening to Missy Elliot Haters going to hate !
I'm going to listen to Elliot smith n cry goodnight
SIMPLY AMAZING! Not only did chip in for this reef for my grandad but they raised money for my N…
17 by youth lagoon . elliot smith - between the bars. and beach baby by Bon Iver. these...make me feel
dak, Elliot, smith, Martin, Fredrick, maybe Beasley and lee and who else?
not sure how you can tell me ezekiel elliot is MVP is he can do nothing for his team in this situation. also, dak is alex smith.
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I'm listening to the kingdom hearts sound track and Elliot smith. life is good
Honestly its like the cowboys have aikman smith and irvin again. Prescott Elliot and Bryant the same kind of trio.
So you still have an outside chance. I'm down 130.60-126.56 but have Gostkowski, NE DEF, and Smith jr. against Elliot!!
I never said we would win. Lol. I'm more worried bout stopping Elliot after today tho. I just want to play a top team
If we can't stop Howard, I'm scared to play the Cowboys and Elliot
Also, I served Harmony and Elliot Smith at work last night, they were precious and very sweet to me
Elliot, been a constant threat in most games and playing at a level of a seasoned pro bowler. Same with Dak.
If you haven't heard between the bars by Elliot Smith you are wasting your life
Awards Night by Richard Walters - a song about Elliot Smith's performance at the 98 Grammys. Niche but beautiful. http…
This is the pile of CDs that need organizing, musicians K-Z. Biggest piles are "S" and "P." P is for Pavement. S is…
Listening to Between The Bars by Elliot Smith and whenever I close my eyes, I capture Louis. I can't do this, I have to sleep.
This bar has played nothing but Elliot Smith, Belle & Sebastian, and The Smiths, and it is nice.
What a great send off to a great man he would be proud of you all
The way elliot smith says "clue" in needle in the hay gives me shivers
this is why I'd rather watch Elliot Smith's lyric videos than Ariana Grande's mvs ( pls don't hate, just my perspective)
There's a busker outside work today (bearing in mind it's a busy Christmas shopping day) and he's playing Elliot Smith's Needle in the Hay
I got to say thank you to Elliott Smith in a column for
Follow for intelligent horror discussion, occasional Elliot Smith references, and Christopher Lambert pr…
Elliot Smith was the edgar allen poe of our times. NOBODY could do depressing sad music better than him in my lifetime.
Listening to Seth Avett & covering Elliot Smith on your morning commute is def a good idea is you want a good cry b4 9 AM
Just discovered an album of Seth Avett covering Elliot Smith. A whole album. This could go either way. Crushing disappointment or pure joy?
"Allison has listened to five Elliot Smith songs in a row! FREEZE"
bang bang / Nancy Sinatra or between the bars / Elliot Smith
Former spouses Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss (known as Quasi) playing "The Poisoned Well" with Elliot Smith. (RIP).
Elliot Smith's "Son of Sam" just popped up on shuffle as I read the Ted Cruz news. It's not the Zodiac, but close.
Seth Avett + covering Elliot Smith on perfect Wednesday listening.
Elliot Smith baths are the best but they're also kinda sad 🛀🏻
A beautiful cover of one of my favorite Elliot Smith songs- I can't get enough.
Elliot Smith is makin me sob in class this man is way worse than Adele
Whispered Words by Dan Auerbach and Between the Bars by Elliot Smith have been on repeat for like an hour.
"Drink up baby, stay up all night . with the things you could do, you won't but you might" Elliot Smith
"Between the Bars", my man, spin that Elliot Smith beauty for me, sipping on cheap scotch and tears, ty.
I knew that it was Elliot, I knew he was evil
I'm a genius.. I knew Elliot was bad from the start, and now?!
S/o to The only place I go when I stream my Willow Smith.
That whole Elliot smith scene where Ricks crying has me dying
This is like watching Elliot Smith drive the knife into his heart in slow motion
The amount of times I end up listening to Elliot Smith near the end of a day should tell you where I'm at.
Elliot Smith playing in vegan restaurant. I have reached indie nirvana (not a pun).
should honestly pick a qb or jaylon smith at 13. Assuming Elliot and Jack are gone
RIGHT? I think it's the saddest one in the bracket. And if it beats Elliot Smith, I'll get to write about it for the website.
I'd argue they've been in two the last seven years (Cassel and Smith) Both were huge news stories.
Can I tattoo Elliot Smith's Between The Bars' lyrics all over my body?
Von Miller? Khalil Mack? Exclusive Jaylon Smith pass rushing video should have everyone hyped. .
Elliot Smith for tonight's playlist. Good night 💕
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"Elliot Smith was like... the original Sad Boi™". -
if Stanley is there, he fills a need and may be best available unlike Marcus smith reach pick. Such risk with elliot that high.
This week at Live in Session, all the way from Bristol, we've got the brilliant Elliot hall and rapunzel. Tune in...
any Gordon Elliot handicap runner, just to *** off Phil Smith
Massive game tonight for the boys and I, and we can't wait! Bring it on! .
In honor of Elliot Smith, I'm going to stab myself right in my heart and leave a note that says "I'm sorry"
Two types of music really touch my soul. Good ol' steady punk rock and swingin' ol' honky tonk. And Elliot Smith... And The Replacements...
Between the Bars by Elliot Smith never fails to make me feel 1000 things simultaneously
One of the worst things i've ever heard is madonna's cover of "between the bars-elliot smith". 👎
I really wish Elliot Smith was still alive
Harmony and Elliot Smith are a gift
Never got 2 see Conor Walsh live & haven't heard his EP (yet!) but something about tributes reminds me of my 1-time/2 hr…
The buildup in the menu music from Batman reminds me of a combination of Elliot Smith's Waltz and "ding, fries are done".
I've been in a real Elliot Smith mood lately. Idk what that means but I'm sure it's not good
Harmony and Elliot Smith are adorable lol
Soccer: Elliot Smith-Hastie of Loyola is Division 1 player of the year: Elliot Smith-Hastie of Loyola has been…
Seth Avett and Jessica's Elliot Smith covers are fire
Watching some Elliot Smith festival show on YouTube. Pure taped aff the telly number. Opened with the 'rock' version of 'Needle in the Hay'.
Great achievement by Freedom HS Class of 2014 grad Elliot Smith, a leader on the original BVAL Championship team.
It's like Elliot Smith returned to life, kicked down the door, and demanded more saxophone and jazz organ. I love it
"If you win ball games you don't have to have National Signing Day parties" htt…
A mix of elliot smith and lera lynn and i will be killing myself soon
Im going to listen to Elliot Smith and cry, im so done.
please play some Elliot Smith from Good Will Hunting 'say yes' or 'behind the bars' Ta x😄Louise driving to Dublin
Speaking of plot holes, the girl on said she smoked crack when Elliot Smith died. So if she's 28 that means she was @ 15! ***
ragland, smith, nkemdiche assuming he falls, I'm hating the idea of elliot less and less lol.
Iain Duncan Smith says staying in EU exposes UK to terror risk. it is the safer choice to
All the girls at this party theyre into drama and Ginsburg and lemon lime Bacardi they're into Elliot Smith and try to get to know everybody
Brexit Smith used to be married to the guy from the Fall who peed his pants on stage at Glastonbury.
Lap 20: Chase Elliot spins out and hits the grass. Reagan Smith spins out as well
1st caution on lap 20/200. Chase Elliott and Regan Smith involved. Elliot with heavy front end damage. Smith no damage.
First caution of the day out on lap 20 as Regan Smith and Chase Elliot spin out on the front stretch, 24 car's front end destroyed
1st caution is out on lap 20 as Chase Elliot goes around and then Regan Smith goes around seperately.
Chase Elliot and Regan Smith spin out. The yellow flag is out. That absolutely *** I wanted to see Chase have a good showing today
First caution chase Elliot and Reagan smith
Elliot Smith and solitude is a morning well-spent
Your sitting at 20, Jaylen Smith,Conklin, Decker, Ragland, Elliot. I think you have to LB/OT. No need for Elliot.
Felt good because morning tv is sad so I'm listening to Elliot Smith with my coffee instead. . Meanwhile my friends hike in the sunshine.
Just gonna spend the rest of my playing that game where you listen to a lot of Elliot smith in the dark and wish you weren't existing.
.A Fond Farewell to a Friend by Elliot Smith - says it all.
BBC News - Staying in EU 'exposes UK to terror risk', says Iain Duncan Smith .
Have you seen Aled Smith? He's been reported missing from Cardiff
This is the least active MP of Parliament's new members. However Labours is the busiest with 90 speeches!
Crying to Elliot Smith songs is my aesthetic.
prolly the best place on earth to listen to Elliot Smith’s miss misery. cold, cold night too
Between the bars by Elliot smith will forever be my soul song
RIP Elliot Smith one time. That's a legend
Terrific album full of Elliot Smith covers, from fellow Portland artists. Great Sunday listening.
Love singing this. One of my favorite Elliot Smith songs.
Que bonita es Between the bars de Elliot Smith
Remember that time Elliot Smith died and we did crack?
"the night elliot smith died shaun and i did crack and banged on everyones door and told them about it, THATS a night."
Congratulations to Sr swimmers Nick Smith and Drew Elliot on great sectional performances and outstanding careers. Thank you
Best job Sean Miller has done at Arizona. Also lost jr Elliot Pitts who was the sixth man and stud ray smith for the…
I'd put Elliot Smith/Duhon in same type of player but Maryland especially didn't harass them as much
Our Sophs take the court at OMGC one final time, Sunday at 2 pm. Come out and support and Elliot Smith!!
I like Elliot Smith fine. Maybe there's an age thing here: I listened to Tim Buckley long before I heard Jeff
Elliot Smith for best 'looking out the bus window pretending you're in a film' music
preview of my cover of "Say Yes" by Elliot Smith. Loved it since the "Good Will Hunting" soundtrack.
with 14th overall pick in the draft. Would you take Jaylon Smith or Ezekiel Elliot to go to The Black Hole!!
Hamilton Collection
"SAY YES" preview of Elliot Smith cover: via
All I need is Elliot Smith to get me through this depressing day
my followers would like to see a photo of Elliot's latest wet dream in her most attractive dress.
Drink up with me now. and forget all about. The pressure of day,. Do what I say. Elliot Smith. Between The Bars
Don't talk to me about Amy Winehouse, Elliot Smith, and Freddie Mercury bc I will cry
Never heard Jon Brion before - love this. It's like Elliot Smith crossed with Nick Drake. Beautiful.
Thought I had this whole "young adult" thing figured out until I listened to Elliot Smith alone on the subway.
Liked the DFW, loved the Brian Wilson movies. Will add the Elliot Smith movie to our watch list.
av you heard the stuff shes done with Seth Avett, the Elliot Smith covers are very good..Angel in the snow..etc
Thes are some of my favorites, The Civil Wars, Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, and Willie Nelson! Happy Listening!
Been listening to Laura Stevenson covering Elliot Smith for for weeks (thanks
Thinking about this a little more, I really enjoyed the No Depression tribute & Seth Avett's and JL Mayfield's Elliot Smith covers.
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield's album covering Elliot Smith is seriously golden
I wanted to listen to "Son of Sam" by Elliot Smith so I typed Sam Elliot in Spotify
There is a lot of music that makes me thankful music exists. Like Arvo Pärt and Elliot Smith..
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I can't play this song on the radio show, due to the profanity, but you should still listen. Elliot Smith's great.
Random question. Ever a fan of Elliot Smith? . If yes, check out Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield's album covering him.
Whenever I go for a walk in my hood--Silver Lake, in L.A., it's essential I listen to at least 1 Elliot Smith tune.
A very good friend released a very good EP today, take a listen if you like: Elliot Smith, Matt Pond, Cellos, TF 2
Elliot Smith cover with a harp. Grant Plant
I think the combination of fall approaching and Rick and Morty has me hooked on Elliot Smith.
a girl from my past (literally 12yrs ago) just called me. wow. I use 2 go 2 her house & do drugs & listen to Elliot Smith. ha. I was a mess
Recipe: existential crisis cereal. Step 1. Pour milk in cereal. Step 2. Play needle in the hay by Elliot smith. Step 3. Enjoy!
Fact: it's impossible to listen to Elliot Smith and not want to watch Good Will Hunting immediately after
I can always hear Kate listening to Elliot Smith in her room 💘
I was wondering what was the name of the young artist that was compared to Elliot Smith Tuesday around 6:30pm? Thx!
Great pictures! Check your DM’s for your promo codes and exciting info! :)
Can't wait for it to be fall and to cry alone to elliot smith
Opening band's bassist looks like Elliot Smith
Barnes is low key stacked with albums. I found Elliot Smith there one time
Elliot Smith between the bars i dinledin mi hic
Rick and Morty referenced Elliot Smith so the show has probably just peaked
wish I could go to an elliot smith concert
"Elliot Smith fits the definition of 'tortured artist' pretty cleanly."
There’s more Elliot Smith here than Sean P." 'Testimony' LP is out October 9 on .
I'm alternating my music between Carly Rae Jepsen and Elliot Smith
Sufjan Stevens, Mac Demarco, and Elliot Smith kind of day,
just thought of this: what if a candidate walked out to Elliot Smith and completely changed?
The complete Elliot Smith music catalogue coming in October
The Elliot Smith thing in the newest Rick & Morty is fantastic
FREE Entry! Please come down and support my this Saturday versus Reserves at home ⚽️💙
"Listen to Elliot smith tiny Rick.. Feel what he is feeling.." I'm so done this show has my heart
I know Elliot Smith probably wrote this about some stick thin manic pixie bobble head, but this echoes how I feel abt America.
the one he plays in the car to the girl. Elliot Smith - between the bar is golden.
. Oh yes, my tops would be Thursday, the Dear Hunter, Circa, brand new, Thrice, Coheed, Elliot Smith etc etc
When they make Rick listen to Elliot Smith 🔥
Elliot Smith - Between the Bars 🎶. If anyone likes Elliot Smith, please send me some good songs by him. I just got into him.
Listening to Elliot Smith now cos Of that Rick n Morty episode x)
Just put 11 Elliot Smith albums on my ipod
listen to it, tiny rick. LISTEN TO ELLIOT SMITH. FEEL WHAT HE FEELS.
Does anyone know why Elliot Smith killed himself?
Wow I did not know Danyel Smith was arrived to Elliot Wilson. That's pretty *** cool!
Hey I think Seth should play some of his Elliot Smith covers in Augusta! Just a thought!
I covet the Steve Martin t-shirt Elliot Smith wears in HEAVEN ADORES YOU (body and sleeves are different colors). Doc's pretty good, too.
I can't decide if I'm somewhere between Danny Brown and The National or Earl Sweatshirt and Ryan Adams or Run The Jewels and Elliot Smith
we shall see what the day brings- been on a whiny crybaby kick the past coupla days, so lots of Elliot Smith
I live in the dopest town, met a guy who knows mike sniper who gave me a burned DVD of Elliot Smith's doc because we're like friends now
no one new, but the Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield sing Elliot Smith album is a very cool interpretation of his music imo
I appreciate Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield for recording a compilation of Elliot Smith songs and actually doing them justice
Seth Avett covering Elliot Smith. My heart can't take it.
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the string sounds at the end remind me of the strings in Elliot Smith's 'Twilight', in parts
she's great, I've been really into the Elliot Smith project she did with Seth Avett
has selected Seth Avett {& sing Elliot Smith,as 1 of the best albums so far this year.
CineGear 2015: SmallHD: By associate editor Elliot Smith, video by Adam Plowden: We’ll be rounding off our cov...
Need a bass player for my cover band, Missy Elliot Smith. DM me for details, serious inquires only.
beautiful cover of the amazing Elliot Smith (RIP) song:
I just want to go to music midtown to see Elliot Moss, Sam smith, and Drake
drake, elliot moss, elton john, sam smith, catfish and the bottlemen, panic! at the disco, lenny kravitz + @ MUSIC MIDTOWN! too excited.
Elliot Smith just had such a unique and smooth voice.
Sam's complaining so I put on Elliot smith to calm him down
he's also won 1 more Oscar than Will Smith and Leo Di caprio but I didn't realise he was a better actor than those two 😑
I’m in love with the world through the eyes of a girl who’s still around the morning after("Say Yes" Elliot Smith)
I don`t know about breakup songs, but Elliot Smith - Between The Bars is literally Hanni talking to Will.
Dan Humphrey is obviously the kind of guy to put on an Elliot smith vinyl to have sex to
Elliot smith was right when he says nobody broke my heart. Yeah I broke my own cuz I can't finish what I start.
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I just used Shazam to discover Angeles by Elliot Smith.
If these Aussie commentators say "Elliot Smith" tonight then the international power of the GC's will be obvious
A nice video of Jason Lytle and myself performing Elliot Smith songs on Radio One in Paris. Great moments.
I know my place, hate my face. I know how I began and where I'll end; strung out again.
this is when I start getting nervous; jimmy Howard, Kari Lehtonen, Mike Smith, Brian Elliot
Say Yes by Elliot Smith has one of the best openings to a song ever
Marriage is a Social Justice Issue - Don't miss this outstanding dialogue between &
Elliot Smith, 17 from West Des Moines, stands and waits at the shattering silence sculpture in Des Moines.
Prom king and queen Elliot Dunn and Megan Smith
"Happy Birthday Here are 10 reasons to love her... 🙈😘
I am still upset over Elliot Smith and Lou Reed's deaths
MLFB stars Owain E Roberts and Elliot J Smith trying to guess Pokemon during some downtime away from the course...
Congratulations to alum Chris McCullough for being a 1st round NBA pick. Another jersey on the Smith Center w…
I'm going to start an Elliot Smith cover band...the most depressing cover band ever i know...
Whoever works her records, we need much more from Jessica Lea Mayfield. We're loving her new CD with Seth Avett, of Elliot Smith songs.
Phillip Chbeeb & Renee Kester dance on an empty subway platform to Elliot Smith's 'Slip' --
When Lou starts playing Between The Lines by Elliot Smith for Sam and she starts crying and showing emotions is probably my fav scene
Jessica Lea Mayfield and Seth Avett "Between the Bars" - Elliot Smith song, of course.
be sure and check out Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield covering Elliot Smith. So good.
Hi guys, any chance of putting on a screening of Elliot Smith film like you did for the Bill Callahan film?
Via Seth Avett doing Elliot Smith. This album is great, going to be on my playlist for a while.
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield's Elliot Smith cover album is so good. Holy cats. 10/10
“I'll fake it through the day somehow with Johnny Walker Red.”. ― Elliot Smith
This Seth Avett album of Elliot Smith covers has become an albatross around my neck.
Geez and Seth Avett's new Elliot Smith album is absolutely beautiful!.
Sufjan Stevens sure did channel his inner Elliot Smith on Carrie & Lowell
For the 3 or 4 people that may care, Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield did an album of Elliot Smith covers. It's wonderful.
Will there be more of Seth and Jessica "playing Elliot Smith" tours- they were SENSATIONAL!!! So different and hearing another direction of both their talents!
Seth Avett playing Elliot Smith on world cafe rn. 😍
Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield don't quite do Elliot Smith justice:
and cover Elliot Smith... but who did cover? Watch:
Seth Avett & played a beautiful, and at times, moving tribute to Elliot Smith tonight at The Wilshire Eb…
Win tickets to see Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield perform Elliot Smith songs at the Wilshire Ebell Theater:
Really enjoyed the sets and interview of Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield singing Elliot Smith by . Thank you.
one of my favorite mbe performances this year happening right now -- a beautiful Elliot Smith tribute
Seth Avett & perform a set of Elliot Smith songs on!
have you heard this Seth Avett/Jessica Lea Mayfield album of Elliot Smith songs?
WIN FREE TICKETS to see Seth Avett of & perform their collection of Elliot Smith songs
& Seth Avett will be performing the sounds of Elliot Smith at Neptune Theatre on 3/26! Tickets here:
Erik Ervin thanks for introducing me to Elliot Smith back in the day. I just saw the Seth Avett & Jessica Lea...
Seth Avett and provide some lovely Elliot Smith covers on their new album.
also second time around I realised 1) how good the music is 2) that Elliot Smith/ Son Of Sam plays during the pool scene 😙
Just listened to Scott Avett & Jessica Lee Mayfield, they do right by Elliot Smith. Sad haunted voices sounding beautiful.
Wish Seth and Jessica would schedule MORE of the Elliot Smith shows- maybe when touring slows- we LOVE this different sound from these 2 talented artists!!!
Elliot Smith coverage by Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield- very different- maybe he should pursue this line- reminiscent of some of the " Darling" works
"Carrie & Lowell" is a stunner, even when you know what to expect. Sufjan meets Elliot Smith - every track is gorgeous.
Looking forward to the MN gig with Jessica Lea Mayfield- tickets expensive , but we love Elliot Smith- certainly different from usual Avett Brother performances!
Elliot Smith is literally the best lyricist I've ever heard
U know elliot smith is sitting next to beethoven up in musician heaven
I'm preparing to cry my eyes out to some old Elliot Smith. Just a little tired of being here. In this place
If anyone's bored listen to Between the Bars by Elliot Smith
and people wonder why public transport doesn't get used to it's full potential. What about card readers?
You'll never beat Elliot Smith for best performance at the oscars. Miss misery was beautiful.
Touching and beautiful: Elliot Smith unheard interview with from 1998. Animated
Many fans may be expecting the " Seth Avett from the Avett Brothers" on this mini tour with Jessica Lea Mayfield but it is a totally different type of music - soulful introspective Elliot Smith
So, today I discovered Elliot Smith, and it's amazing.
Come on out to to sing The Beatles and Elliot Smith with tonight!
I say put Chase Elliot in the car seeing as it's his home track. He'll do better then Smith would in that car.
Down down stairs to the mirror he's gonna make it all okay-Elliot smith
Whenever I show Good Will Hunting to a class I lament the loss of Elliot Smith. The most beautiful music is made by the most troubled people
Dunk of the Night: J.R. Smith & Iman Shumpert haunt their old team with this awesome reverse dunk on an alley-oop. http:/…
Between The Bars by Elliot Smith is such a beautiful song
A little Elliot Smith to start my day 👌
*Between The Bars - Elliot Smith*. *starts crying*. I'm scared to love and not be loved- he told me as I listen with a cold heart
Today I listened to Spooky Black, Kitaro, 2 Chainz, Elliot Smith, Blessthefall, Skream, and Bonobo. Idk what that says about my day
Elliot Smith's Between the Bars is always a good choice
Sometimes the thrift stores and flea markets, are just A plus plus. Homemade patch, dedicated to someone's cat. Elliot Smith cigarette case.
Glory v. Lost Stars... It's like watching Celine sing that titanic song when all I wanted was for Elliot Smith to win.
Only Elliot Smith songs for In Memoriam from now on!!!
Are they going to commemorate the 17th anniversary of Elliot Smith holding hands with Celine Dion & Trisha Yearwood?
Remember when Elliot Smith performed Miss Misery at the Oscars? .
Adam Elliot and Pete Smith award the winner of our Best Foreign Language prize!
this much Elliot Smith must be bad for the heart.
That performance was my favorite weird moment since Elliot Smith.
Elliot Smith 1998. Still weird and amazing via
remember that year Elliot Smith sang at the Oscars? *** that was pretty cool.
The only way this could be worse is if Maroon 5 was covering Elliot Smith.
I miss Elliot Smith in moments like this.
But this Anne Elliot, cannot possibly have stooped and Mrs Smith, I am sure.
Ballad of big nothing by Elliot Smith
Dad said he is gonna steal my Armani watch I'm getting before my birthday because he paid for it 😂😂
Spent the whole day in bed drinking wine from a giant cup and listening to Elliot smith and jeff Buckley my mom would be proud
Between the bars by Elliot Smith will forever be my comfort song.
Elliot Smith is a genius . Really . Wish he was still around .
I didn't know sadcore was a thing but Itunes pretty accurately defines my Elliot Smith as that.
Elliot Smith-Between The Bars. This is the weirdest song I've ever heard but I love it 😍😍
Best song not to win an Oscar (imho) - Miss Misery, by the late great Elliot Smith. Good Will Hunting
Niva has Elliot smith stuck in her head today. I have Roth-era Van Halen. It's creating a fascinating emotional dynamic
Think I might make an Elliot Smith tribute blog
i likee ittt listen to .. One day -kodaline andd Betweenthebars elliot Smith ka
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I wish Elliot Smith was still alive and making great music
Elliot Smith is playing in Noodles & Company. Time to hang myself.
Alan smith claiming Liverpool should have had a penalty, ha
I'm that guy from portland who always gets nostalgic when he hears Elliot Smith in nyc coffee shops
If you missed at Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield have an Elliot Smith covers album coming March 17th.
waiting around to die by townes van zandt, unknown rooms by Chelsea Wolfe and all of Elliot Smith
Maybe will do some Elliot Smith covers tomorrow night? Fingers crossed.
Lost interview tapes on how Elliot Smith found his voice as a musician
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