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Elliot Rodger

On May 23, 2014, a spree killing occurred in Isla Vista, California, starting with a stabbing attack at an apartment, which was followed by a series of drive-by shootings and vehicular attacks near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Adam Lanza Isla Vista Elliot Rodgers James Holmes Eric Harris Dylan Klebold Barbara Walters Dylann Roof Peter Rodger

I really want to be so hard to make Elliot Rodger look like a joke.
but Elliot Rodger didn't even take medication.
I didn't move any goalposts. you were trying to connect adhd t…
Unsupported, with serious mental health i…
Elliot Rodger received anti psychotic medication that he refus…
Like ya were not butt hurt by ppl bashing muh white men after Elliot Rodger.
So I just read a recent article documenting the Reddit incels who were commemorating Elliot Rodger,…
Press F to pay respects to Elliot Rodger.
thanks for linking this Elliot Rodger video. I learned a lot :3
Today is 3 years since Elliot Rodger killed 6 people and injured 14 in the name of sexual entitlement.
Projecting again. Elliot Rodger did that before he went on his killing spree. You really s…
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RIP to the homie Elliot Rodger. I miss u buddy 😢
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unfortunately Mateen wouldve likely slipped thru the cracks regardless of focus on Islam. See Elliot R…
PROBABLY ELLIOT RODGER or .what character do u think i would do best as
Elliot Rodger is alive and he lives in Cuba
I liked a video The Day of Retribution: Elliot Rodger VS Reality
Sweet is incredibly insightful and I hope he writes more things
23 May 2017 Elliot Rodger killed 6 & injured 14 near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara, before taki…
boi nfkrz you look like Elliot Rodger
Never insult the birth of their first child, and they named me Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger.
What does & Margaret Sanger have in common with Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger? http:…
I liked a video from Elliot Rodger And The Media Sympathy Campaign
They had just witnessed the age of Elliot Rodger.
My father's father, Peter Rodger, came to be.
My father, George Rodger, came to be.
My father, Peter Rodger, came to be.
memories of my grandfather, George Rodger, came to be.
I get the scary feeling that this is the next Elliot Rodger.
Is this an excerpt from Elliot Rodger's autobiography?
I liked a video from Proof Police Staged Elliot Rodger Crime Scene
Finished elliot rodger's manifesto now I'm on Dylann Roof's and I like it a lot better so far
They had just witnessed the birth of how I, Elliot Rodger...
In this video, you look like the female version of Elliot Rodger. Supreme Gentlewoman?
Elliot Rodger will not give me a worthy place among them, then I will destroy them all.
"The bill that would have renamed I-64 to the 'Elliot Rodger Parkway' was defeated in committee."
On May 23, 2014, Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured fourteen others near the campus of University of California. h…
oh my god I thought that was Elliot Rodger
. If you replaced the dialogue in naria girls with the last 10 pages of elliot rodger's manifesto nothing would change
lmao, it's just a bot that quotes Elliot Rodger. Don't worry about him.
This is the story about how I, Elliot Rodger, respected a woman.
At the age of 4, I, Elliot Rodger, came to be.
This is the story of how I, Elliot Rodger, was only 26 when he impregnated my mother, Chin, who was 30.
They are quoting Elliot Rodger in the Discord now help
Correct. Defenses of similar crimes, ie Elliot Rodger, Breivik and Thomas Mair, are unjustifiable
Classic sociopath. They like to keep a journal, like Elliot Rodger. via
Happy birthday Dylan Klebold, Have fun with Eric Harris and Elliot Rodger.
.you never mention the real crime threat to whites, themselves. People like Elliot Rodger, Brock Turner, Adam Lanza...
Y does look like the mass shooter Elliot Rodger?
Presumably the feminists are too blame - rot in *** Harry. Say hi to Elliot Rodger.
I wish I could be like Elliot Rodger
would link burgdorf's "poor old man" from the fall here but the only video I know with just that clip is about elliot rodger for som
"where else have we heard that “I’m just a nice guy” shtick before? Oh, right... mass murderer Elliot Rodger’s manifesto..."
I thought u said Elliot Rodger's. I was all like, hate to break it to u but ur boys gone my man
Elliot Rodger failed as a man. Like a feminist trans woman, both blame their social struggles on maleness.
Isla Vista Massacre 2014 when Elliot Rodger killed six people in California can't believe it's almost 2 years now
you think they have a good life but check out the yute Elliot Rodger
If your men's group is in that diagram, so is Roosh "legalize rape" V and mass-murdering Elliot Rodger.
Just saying in general you anime loving Elliot Rodger lookalike
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- Same can be said of Elliot Rodger La Isla Vista shootings. Too many inconsistencies. False-flag to push GunControl & feminism.
Elliot Rodger Memorial Museum of Thirst. Outside, a statue of Nice Guy with saline pouring from empty eye sockets.
there's two paths, elliot rodger and ben dreyfus. He basically is a hero
Did Elliot Rodger's mountain of skulls manifesto include returning from death as an evil painting and posessing a baby?
You should worry if they ever need a bone marrow transplant. Or if your sons start getting like Elliot Rodger.
Saya menyukai video dari Proof of 'Mystery Man' Shooter Inside BMW with Elliot Rodger!
yeah elliot rodger, I am saying why tf does he have a vine edit
He also has an elbow in his mouth Elliot Rodger
The webpage counts mixed as White (see Elliot Rodger). Even then, it's 48 Whites against 31 non-Whites.
I'm not a fan of Landis (bc of Elliot Rodger IV incident), but this movie looks like it'll be good.
When some 4chan troll pretends to be murderer Elliot Rodger & harasses you on your dating profile. What a time to be al…
.. What is your position on Elliot Rodger (pbuh)?
That feeling when you find out that the stupid meme Elliot Rodger that you saw many times (e.g. videos) is actually...
Even mass shootings have a large amount of non-Whites in them. See Elliot Rodger.
A girl that Elliot Rodger shot at and missed is now dating a famous singer.
I liked a video Cringe Comp Outtake: Reacting to "Elliot Rodger's Retribution"
Elliot Rodger is a god and I bow down to him
Cody Simpson dating Elliot Rodger shooting spree survivor: According to she has been…
A Large portion of American mass shooters are non-European (see Elliot Rodger and Syed Rizwan Farook).
the boys are back at it, making fun of Elliot Rodger's and Christopher Dorner's manifestos
I liked a video The Psychology of Elliot Rodger
I liked a video from Elliot Rodger the Demon
Gotta say Elliot Rodger is sexier than Paul Elam. How can a man get so anti-sexy as this
There is an Elliot Rodger inspired episode of Law and Order on right now. I get so angry thinking about that piece of garbage
I liked a video from Elliot Rodger Analysis
But that's also when Elliot Rodger killed six people, and felt empowered to Kill them speaking of himself in the third person
"aggrieved entitlement": shooters feel rejected, people fail to see their worth ("My Twisted World": Elliot Rodger)
Someone get this guy up to speed with the story of Elliot Rodger. Extreme redpiller, murdered 7 in drive-by shooting.
think we should go on a massacre then kill ourself, Elliot Rodger style
I watched Elliot Rodger's blogs all over again. Still so weird
Criminals should be held to account. Was BMW accountable when Elliot Rodger deliberately ran down several people?
I liked a video [Full] Elliot Rodger video statements made day of shooting
Elliot Rodger was radicalised not by but by sex - or the lack of it
Hey cutie, I'm Elliot Rodger. Wanna go for a ride in my BMW?
What type of car did Elliot Rodger have? I have heard of the model (BMW 328i Coupé) but not the year.
Why Cameron Holmes adopts the Elliot Rodger persona I do not know
"I am the ultimate gentlemen and yet you girls never give me a chance" "I'm a nice guy" Elliot Rodger before killing 6 people
elliot rodger was "half white," with mad privilege . Important not to erase his heritage imo even though he's a murderer
Elliot Rodger's last video is the epitome of male entitlement and I'm still angry about it years later.
it appears that Elliot Rodger never once actually approached a girl. Frozen with fear
you lied about elliot rodger being an MRA. There is no evidence at all that he had even heard of MRAs let alone was one
Elliot Rodger wrote an manifesto saying he hated women and blamed them all for the ills in society
Goal /r9k/! Elliot Rodger with the goal to make it all square.
Elliot Roger was not Christian, he was Jewish; however, a Christian ... As Rodger bemoaned his life of...
Wow Elliot Rodger hasn't uploaded in a while I hope he's IKEA
Elliot Rodger aka the famous killer who killed cuz girls didn't like him 😍💘😝😫
I'm sorry but that elliot Rodger kid is really cute
This Elliot Rodger looking boy is actually really cute I want to kiss him
I think Elliot Rodger was kinda cute. Is that a horrible thing to say?
I know elliot Rodger kill people but I felt bad for him and he should of never kill does people but I like him he was very c…
Minorities who do mean things are honorary white. See: George Zimmerman, Daniel Holtzclaw, Elliot Rodger.
I'm watching a documentary about Elliot Rodger called The Virgin Killer, what is wrong with cishet men?
Elliot Rodger complaining he didn't have a gf he should have hmu
Don't complain about being put in the 'friend zone' or you could become the next Elliot Rodger, says
Including half-Malay Elliot Rodger. . "If there is any ethnic group in America whose masculinity is under constant atta…
Are you trying to be like Elliot Rodger?
"There's increasing awareness of such gender-based violence in the media. When Elliot Rodger committed a...
Bernie Sanders is an NEET weeb who thought Elliot Rodger didn't go far enough
Hey howard what happens when Asian women hate asian men but have a half asian son? Elliot Rodger happens
Mixed with what? If Asian, that's somewhat forgivable (although you may end up with an Elliot Rodger, unfortunately)
one of my childhood friends was half sefardi/mestizo and half asian. now that's an Elliot Rodger Grade IV
each and every day that passes I realize more and more just how much of a hero Elliot Rodger was
its like letting Augustus Gloop loose a candy store, except Augustus weirdly has a bunch of Elliot Rodger pics on his phone
23 May 2014: Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree in Isla Vista, California. He killed 6 people and injured 14. https:…
and Adam Lanza and Robert Dear and Tim McVey and Elliot Rodger and James Holmes and Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and
As opposed to, say, Elliot Rodger or Chris Harper-Mercer:
Dylann Roof, Robert Dear, Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, all mass shooters, all white.
Yes because Dylann Roof, Christopher Harper-Mercer, and Elliot Rodger are all imported Muslims?
This is wrong. Recent memory connects Chris Harper-Mercer and Elliot Rodger to 4Chan. For historical example, see William Freund.
Harper-Mercer, Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodger -- all products of broken homes.
Let's talk about the mental illness of these shooters. So Dylann Roof was on Xanex, Elliot Rodger was on Xanex, Adam Lanza was on Calexa, J…
Matt Barnes' violence & Harper-Mercer& Elliot Rodger's terrorism are diff (not that diff) manifestations of America's deeply rooted misogyny
The gunman identified with the perpetrators of those rampages, the sources said, including Elliot Rodger, who
In 10 yrs, PUAs will have a bunch of illegitimate half-waifu Elliot Rodger kids.
Elliot Rodger won't stop chasing me in his black BMW whenever I dream.
Davis Aurini is a creep. He literally reminds me of Elliot Rodger. If Elliot Rodger had 1 BFF he'd still be here today, Davis is beyond help
the only people who watch wrestling are MRA PUA fedora meninist guys. elliot rodger died wearing a WWE belt. your move fuccbois
Elliot Rodger wasn't a big enough wake up call? Is it not possible to create spaces where women can live in peace?
Okay so what did Elliot Rodger do that was so bad?
I thought that was Elliot Rodger from the thumbnail
Remember when Elliot Rodger killed innocent people for being the literal definition of a "neckbeard" sans the neckbeard?
My presentation analysing Elliot Rodger's manifesto is now available online for anyone who's interested!
[Controversial Humor] Elliot Rodger he couldn't have Jennifer Lawrence it drove him mad.
How Quickly they forgot about Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara Shootings , Thugs dont kill women
Women’s responses to the mass murder at UCSB perpetrated by Elliot Rodger
Watching that The Virgin Killer. Elliot Rodger oozing extreme narcissism. "I don't know what you don't see in me because Im the perfect guy"
-You probably see Elliot Rodger as a role model, d-bag.
At least Elliot Rodger didn't spread his euphoria all over me just by looking at him.
I have so much hatred in me its enough to make me go Elliot Rodger on everyone.
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Coming from the guy with a *** for Elliot Rodger. Don't shoot me pal.
I'm not saying I'm pro Elliot Rodger but
.Others have said the same thing.That changes are happening. I hope it doesn't take another Elliot Rodger to do it though.
Now that we've all blocked him he's going to whine harder. He's probably another Elliot Rodger
lol, Mike is such a slimy-toad, milky-toast, loser-Beta dweeb. It's no surprise he seems to idolise the tool Elliot Rodger.
Elliot Rodger jokes are the easiest to make I swear
Why does Cristiano Ronaldo have to pose like Elliot Rodger in every picture
Elliot Rodger was a devote Gamergate supporter
Love the Elliot Rodger pic. You don't look like a retard at all.
Christopher Plaskon. Jaylen Fryberg. Elliot Rodger. Michael Carneal. Are we gonna let those go?
Oh *** Paul I did it again. Tied you to Elliot Rodger. PAUL ELAM and ELLIOT RODGER. I'm so sorry. & Google :)
Debate: Who would win in a fight: Sam Hyde or Elliot Rodger?
Isla Vista Massacre: What do we know about Elliot Rodger's rampage?
New post: ". Parents of three victims slain by 'Virgin Killer' Elliot Rodger file lawsuit accusing authorities and…
Families of victims of mass shootr Elliot Rodgr sue county apartment
The families of three victims slain during a southern California rampage last year that left dead six college...
Families of victims of California mass shooter Elliot Rodger sue county, apartment
Families of victims of CA mass shooter sue county, apartment for failing to recognize Elliot Rodger was a danger
a loser with a gun, like Elliot Rodger or Anders Breivik, fragile masculinity and social failure links them all.
Parents of victims in Elliot Rodger rampage sue police, apartment building for ignoring warning signs
Victims' parents sue over Elliot Rodger rampage via
Victims' parents sue over Elliot Rodger rampage /
Victims&parents sue over Elliot Rodger rampage
Victims' parents sue over Elliot Rodger rampage | Invest
Victims' parents sue over Elliot Rodger rampage
Victims' parents sue over Elliot Rodger rampage -
Earnest Q: When we speak of an Elliot Rodger or Adam Lanza as "monster," don't we other them, & isn't that dangerous?
Since you hold dogmatic, insane views that fly in the face of all evidence, you are more like Elliot Rodger in fact.
Elliot Rodger was a maniac. I am just pointing out the stupidity in the worldview you have adopted. Very different thing
Chilling account of rampage released by Santa Barbara sheriff
Breast Cancer Awareness
this still breaks my heart "Elliot Rodger meticulously planned Isla Vista rampage, report says
With YT, one's now able to study psychopaths such as Elliot Rodger, Lori Christensen, et al. A quick search shows Elliot's back in the news.
Elliot Rodger stabbed roommate 94 times as part of Isla Vista
Chilling account of Isla Vista rampage released by Santa Barbara sheriff: Nine months after Elliot Rodger's…
Elliot Rodger researched ways to kill silently before his deadly UC Santa Barbara rampage
Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger plotted murder spree for more than a year and practiced by… Bing News Top
*** LA news can be really awful. Just saw a story on KCAL about Elliot Rodger and their custom graphic was "Isla Vista RAMPAGE". ***
Elliot Rodger, the disturbed 22-year-old who killed six in a deadly rampage near the UC Santa Barbara campus la...
Exactly. Nero proved that Elliot Rodger deeply respected women, but was *forced* to murder by game…
Mass murderer researched Nazis, silent kills before Santa Barbara rampage, . Elliot Rodger, the disturbed...
California mass shooter Elliot Rodger had interest in Nazis
Elliot Rodger, Gunman in California Mass Shooting, was influenced by the "Men's Rights Movement" via
James Holmes, Adam Lanza, & Elliot Rodger's lack of believe and Love for GOD & CHRIST [life & humans] led them do do it,
look all the recent crimes up also Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Elliot Rodger, R Atheists, GOD & CHRIST believers dont do that
Elliot Rodger, Victims of Hate by Joey Cochran Discipleship and Counseling via
I saw that YouTube video. Elliot Rodger made where. he was pumpin . Father Figure by George Michael. 👸.
Elliot Rodger wasn't your average Joe misogynist. Don't trivialize that tragedy by blaming misogyny.
With the exception of Elliot Rodger or Cho Seung-hui (both of whom everyone acknowledged were seriously disturbed), after nearly every school shooting it seems to be the intention of good-hearted people to say, "He was a happy kid, a really great kid." In many respects, I'm sure the Marysville HS shooter Jaylen Fryberg was a good kid. But the teen years are rough for nearly everyone, and I question why we generalize about our kids during those years. As parents and educators, shouldn't we take a more nuanced view of our kids during this time of their lives? Their initial experiences with failure, heartbreak, and rejection are bound to be intense and unbalancing, even for a great kid. There's no conventional "normal" when kids are in high school — their private battles are unique each in their own way. Maybe as adults we've idealized or just forgotten how turbulent those years of adolescence can be.
.Despite warning signs, cops saw no threat in Elliot Rodger
Enter title here. The measure was introduced after Elliot Rodger, a Santa Barbara City College student, went on a...
"If there’s a cultural milieu that contributed to the creation of Elliot Rodger, it was that of nihilistic video games..."
Here's latest champion at Breitbart's Ghost saying video games made Elliot Rodger crazy and violent
Elliot Rodger committed mass murder in May in Isla Vista. Nicolas Holzer murdered his parents and two young sons in August. Severely mentally ill individuals wander Santa Barbara streets, sometimes shouting loudly at passersby. One could start wondering if we’ve become the next Waco around here, and…
Past 6 months: Elliot Rodger, ISIL, Russia/Ukraine, Ferguson, Ray Rice, Ebola, Malaysia Airlines (x2), Gaza Strip. Off the top of my head.
The way they're referencing Darren Wilson on is the same way they referenced James Holmes, Elliot Rodger, etc. Always empathetic.
Humber College may have a Marc Lépine or Elliot Rodger on their hands and I will be forwarding the administration Adam's threats.
gstalking attempts to breech the emotional and psychological threshold of the individual. By that time Elliot Rodger would >
Don't miss out on the Mentoring Luncheon in with Dr. Mary Anne Franks on cyberlaw and gender.
Read your article about Elliot Rodger. It was a refreshing and an eye-opening read. Well written. :)
i feel there are ideological parallels and similar complexes between Putin's Russia and Elliot Rodger
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tell that to the victims of Elliot Rodger who were murdered by a gaming psychopath
Most PUAs are MRAs. Elliot Rodger was a disillusioned PUA.
Ikr?? Elliot Rodger brought us back to basics with this! But, I know you'll spread the word, MRK!
is the most ignorant, disgrace to social media since the reactions of the Elliot Rodger and Alyssa Funke incidents.
Elliot Rodger’s half-white male privilege: why is it so hard to get his race right? via
Also, the guy looks like Elliot Rodger.
because I'm watching the Elliot Rodger and then I come upon this happening to my friend.
followback! Top Ten Facts About Elliot Rodger: You most likely have heard of him ... folowwwback!
Elliot Rodger, hashtags, and who has the right to womens bodies - Chicago Reader
Gonna put some Elliot Rodger into these lyrics now.
I liked a video from Elliot Rodger: WHY?
If you r not a feminist, wants to push u into the same corner with Elliot Rodger & make you responsible for him. …
Women against a trend to watch:. R they Elliot Rodger supporters, d'ya think? ;).
Why men think they deserve sex from women:
227's YouTube Chili' The case with Elliot Rodger: . The case with Elliot Rodger. From:. SC... Jamaal Al-Din - NBA
he's Elliot Rodger silly, that's not me
if you broadcast it beforehand, it gives them time to try to stop you. Just ask Elliot Rodger
Well, I hope he has no access to weapons. Could be another Elliot Rodger in waiting. .
lmao i got one of the leading men's rights activists to admit he couldn't distinguish a quote from Elliot Rodger and Stefan…
I think Kendall Jones learned how to use social media from Elliot Rodger.
Spokesman: Parents of Elliot Rodger believe he killed 6 people in Isla Vista, California.
Check out the Top 5 best Elliot Rodger moments from his extensive video catalog.
When Santa Barbara police arrived at Elliot Rodger’s apartment last month—after Rodger’s mother alerted authorities to her son’s YouTube videos, where he expressed his resentment of women who don’t have sex with him, aired his jealousy of the men they do choose, and stated his intentions to remedy t…
New Youtube video! This is a discussion of mine on Elliot Rodger. Late, I know, but I wanted to hear…
I liked a video from What If Elliot Rodger Was ***
thats IF u have projects over there rich boy Elliot Rodger LOLZ
whole following that this criminal garnered really gives a lot of credence to what Elliot Rodgers said...
so uh what, Elliot Rodger never heard of OkCupid or Tinder?!
Watching this story about Elliot Rodger is making me sooo scared
Must watch The secret life of Elliot Rodger on channel 9. Just incredible how a person could think. How is it possible that nobody found out he had been planning it for 3 years.
Elliot Rodger we love you ..r.i.p and all the victims as well...
Is anyone else watching the 20/20 thing on Elliot Rodger? That guy who decided to kill a heap of people in Santa Barbara a few weeks back.
Are you sorry for being part of the misogynist inspiration for Elliot Rodger's murderous rampage?
By Nick Allen 12:00PM BST 27 Jun 2014 Follow The British father of mass killer Elliot Rodger has said he didn't think his son could "hurt a flea". Rodger, 22, went on a rampage in the university town of Isla Vista, California, on May 23, killing six people and injuring 13 more. He left behind a 140-page manifesto in which he revealed a hatred of women, that he was a virgin, and that he planned to carry out a "day of retribution". His Hollywood film-maker father Peter Rodger, an assistant director on the Hunger Games films, broke his silence to speak to Barbara Walters on ABC News' "20/20". He said: "Every night I go to sleep, I wake up and I think of those young men and young women that have died and are injured and were terrorised when my son did that. My son caused so much pain and suffering for so many families. "It's like a reverse nightmare situation. When you go to sleep normally you have a nightmare and you wake up and 'Oh, everything's OK'. Now I go to sleep, I might have a nice dream. And then I ...
Mras make up lies about Elliot Rodger being abused by his mother.
US police confirm that the man who killed six people in a rampage in Santa Barbara, California was UK-born 22-year-old Elliot Rodger.
.This guy is like the Elliot Rodger of entertainment writing. "Men deserve these black/Latina female/trans roles!"
Life is so unfair because girls dont want me – Elliot Rodger Parody
Yeah and unless this culture of sexism stops I'm afraid there will be more Elliot Rodger incidents.
Why am I just hearing about who is Elliot Rodger
"I'm the perfect man. I'm marvelous.". -Elliot Rodger
The "Amazing Atheist" is a freaking *** and gives Atheism a bad name. During the entire incident with Elliot Rodger and the emergence, he just ranted on and on about feminism being some other-worldly death sentence to humanity. Just white guy mansplaining rants. No different than Elam. No clear understanding of world history and women's oppression. No coherent argument that holds up against FBI, UN, and social worker statistics about gender violence.
I liked a video from Full, Rare Videos Filmed by Elliot Rodger Before Mass Murder
If your 24 and still a virgin shoot up a collage ~Elliot Rodgers
Isla Vista mass killer's videos reflect cold rage - In video after video, Elliot Rodger roamed Santa Barbara like...
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So, as of today: -A woman has roughly a 1 in 5 chance of being sexually assaulted in her lifetime. -Better play it safe and just be abstinent, right? Well, there’s a chance that a maniac like Elliot Rodger will kill you for not sleeping with him. -If you do sleep with a guy, end up pregnant, and seek an abortion, protestors are no longer required to stay 35 feet away. Now they can get in your face as much as they want. This is assuming, of course, that your state hasn’t closed down all their abortion clinics. -If you want to protect yourself with contraceptives, your employer can make you cover that expense yourself. Good luck, since you’ll be earning, on average, only 77% of what your male co-workers make. And yet there are still those who say feminism is not needed because we have gender equity.
Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger vowed to slaughter women who rejected him - New York Daily News
Chivalry IS dead. So, will you choose to be a winner, or the next Elliot Rodger? Make your choice.
I feel like Elliot Rodger rn. Lol. In a nice house, but experiencing it all by myself.
Reading the sprawling 140-page autobiography/manifesto "My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger by Elliot Rodger" in search of answers.
Is it really possible NOT to notice your child's antisocial behavior? Elliot Rodger's father thought his son...
Excited to have my first piece published for Altmuslimah. Thank you Zehra Rizavi for giving me the opportunity to do so! "Instead of shying away from the reality and pinning Rodger’s murders on flimsy excuses like him being lost in the shuffle of the American mental health system, we must face the ugly fact that Elliot Rodger was a terrorist. By calling a spade a spade, we, as a community and a nation, can no longer conveniently dismiss the issue of terrorism as a systemic problem belonging to a religious ideology or ethnicity, but instead are forced to critically examine the world we have created, a world in which unstable individuals of all ethnicities, nationalities and ideologies terrorize their victims. Ultimately, it is a disservice to insist on a double standard when it comes to the word terrorist. When we excuse acts of terrorism by young, white males as individual acts of violence, while labeling those by non-white perpetrators as a systemic problem, we create a skewed criminal justice response ...
Unfortunately, I know exactly how Elliot Rodger felt.
If I were to make a movie about Elliot Rodger, I'd use Michael Bay's Pain & Gain as a influence. Why yes I'd mock his *** hard.
If the Israelis can kill any Palestinian because of the recent murders, does that mean any woman can kill any man because of Elliot Rodger?
I've met someone who looks like Elliot Rodger .
Laci Green explains to us exactly how Elliot Rodger was a demon in human skin, and how so many other men are also devils made flesh.
Why am i just now hearing about Elliot Rodger
Interview with the Psychopath: on Elliot Rodger & human predators
I guess broads that post thirst traps and get mad at the thirst because it's only Elliot Rodger like dudes showing thirst
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here's a really great essay on elliot rodger called "On Elliot Rodger(s)":
ELLIOT RODGER CONSPIRACY: . Elliot Rodger's step mother Soumaya Akaaboune is his 'REAL MOTHER'.
ICYMI: cremated, mourned by family in private ceremony --
I feel so sorry for the innocent people Elliot Rodger killed!!
Elliot Rodger is a disgusting boy who deserved everything he got, he makes me so angry😡
I can't believe Elliot Rodger killed people because some girls didn't find him 'attractive'
I liked a video from Why I pulled the Elliot Rodger De Souza video - Santa Barbara
Hi Darrell...I'd like to ask you a few questions in regards to this article you wrote: Please DM me back!
A psychologist shares about the DANGERS of anti-depressants and more
The undeniable connection between mass shootings and psychiatric medication, see the news .
My next blog post will be about It will be simply called "A *** Man's Thoughts on Elliot Rodger." Maybe live this weekend...
Not everything Elliot Rodger said was nonsense, you know.
The word of day is entitlement. Seems like Rodger Elliot thinking he deserves any girl or the asu professor who...
So I know a lot of people were angry with Barbara Walters for her interview Friday night with the father of UC Santa Barbara mass killer Elliot Rodger…. But I have to tell you that what some of the most compelling TV I’ve seen in a long long time. Saw this morning that 6.2 million watched which is good for that show-20-20.  Although her interview in May with Donald Sterlings girlfriend  V Stiviano had an even bigger audience but no not nearly as compelling. I hated whenever there was a commercial. I just wanted to hear what this man said about his sick son Elliot. Didn’t make me feel any better when the interview was over, but it was quite the interview. Barbara Walters biggest interview audience by the way?... the one she did with Monica Lewinsky in 1999. 70 million watched. Can you believe that? Speaking of TV. Are you watching Big Brother?. I just love that show for the summer. Don’t think Id want to watch in the winter…but it’s become part of my summer. I get such a kick out of it. But b ...
"Prior to the shootings, Elliot Rodger seemed normal; so much so that when the police came to his door to check on his violent tendencies, he successfully thwarted any suspicion by being shy, timid and polite. The authorities had been notified about the misogynistic videos he had posted online, but they didn’t take the time to watch them, taking Rodger upon his word when he explained away the videos as “merely a way of expressing himself."
Simon Astaire's protégé Sebastian de Souza bears a striking resemblance to Elliot Rodger. Could this be the ACTOR playing the part of Elliot Rodger... he jus...
20/20 looks at the life of Elliot Rodger.
"Mental health units" are harvesting everything from medical records to gun purchases to online posts. Citing the crimes of Jared Loughner and Elliot Rodger, these units are being given the green light with new legislation to involuntarily detain those who are flagged.
So I received a friend request from a guy I don't know, went to his profile page and there is no photo. He mostly hates on American women even though he says he is an average looking Christian. Posted some love ballads and also posts that if you receive a friend request from him don't question it, he'll be the best friend you've ever had. I'm kinda scared because the first thing I thought of was that this guy sounds a lot like Elliot Rodgers.
All I'm saying is that if there were an American me then the whole Elliot Rodgers thing would have been avoidable tbh...
Here's a gloves off response, posted as a comment, to my latest column, BOOM: An Alpha Dad’s Letter To All The Whiny “Elliot Rodgers” Out There from a subscriber. I loved it. Ladies ... would you concur?
Almost nothing you have been told in the government controlled media about Elliot Rodger is true. This is according to a thorough search of pertinent records...
If we talk about mental, emotional, psychological imbalance of the Devil who did this in the hope of being compassionate, then we should never forget that almost everything Evil or Wrong done on this planet is Only done by people who are psychos or are mentally unstable or dysfunctional to a certain degree and have some sort of reason for their actions including terrorists. So what should the world do - Forgive them ?? One more thing I am no "India Is Great" propagandist, but for the "Frogs in the well" who keep saying such things happen only in India, we have got worse psychos in other countries as well. One good example out of the countless which i shared last month is Elliot Rodger's Retribution
It's a gut-wrenching realization for a parent. Your child is a mass killer. On ABC 20/20 Barbara Walters' exclusive interview with Peter Rodger, father of UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger. The secret life of his son, and the one question Barbara Walters asked that gave him pause. Tonight at 10pm exclusively on ABC7.
Parents of students killed by Elliot Rodger express sorrow and anger in TV interview - LOS ANGELES (Reuters) –...
I added a video to a playlist Elliot Rodger, Lonely Vlog, Life is so unfair
Thank you Andrew Solomon for these thoughtful and important comments about the similarities between Elliot Rodger...
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