Ellie Mae & Beverly Hills

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Am I the only one who, on reflection, has questions about the credibility of The Beverly Hillbillies? Judging by clothes, accent and customs, I put the Clampetts' original home somewhere between the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian foothills, probably in the easternmost regions of Kentucky or Tennessee. Both states produce some oil, but only in the western counties, and it's a light crude, which looks nothing like what's shown in the opening of the show. What's more, the oil is buried far too deeply to be released by a single shot from a hunter while shooting at some food. So there's that. I also question whether Beverly Hills zoning ordinances would have allowed any of the animals Ellie Mae kept--and I'm thinking specifically of the bear. Finally, nobody could be as stupid as Jethro Bodine and still be a higher primate, and yet he's depicted as one. Look, I don't mean to be Mr. Persnickety, but did no one fact-check this show?
A Heapin’ Helpin’ of Audacity Pretty much all of us remember a television comedy series that started around 1964, called The Beverly Hillbillies. The premise was that Jed, Granny, Jethro, and Ellie Mae moved to Beverly Hills from the hills of Tennessee, after Jed accidentally struck oil on his land and became instantly wealthy. The funny follies of this family of mountain hicks trying to live in ritzy Beverly Hills made for very popular tv. The theme song for the show was “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” and you can probably sing it right now, without any help from anyone. In real life, though, it isn’t always funny when a band of misfits move into a city. Take Washington, D.C., for example. When a bunch of Chicago thugs move in, it doesn’t really make for a good sitcom, because it’s just so darned destructive. Oh, sure, there are lots of situations to joke about - a President who pops up out of nowhere to take the most powerful job in the nation, to rule over the Land of the Free and the Home o ...
There was a little girl named Ellie Mae at the grocery store today. I suppressed the urge to tell her that Edinburgh is a long way from Beverly Hills.
Return of the Jed: Jed Clampett returns to Beverly Hills for more hijinks with Jethro & Ellie Mae.
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