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Ellery Hanley

Ellery Cuthwyn Hanley MBE (born 27 March 1961 in Leeds) is a British former rugby league footballer of the 1970s, 80s and 90s, and former head coach of Great Britain, St.

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Just met one of my childhood Mr Ellery Hanley MBE in the
delighted to see that former player Ellery Hanley will be presenting one of GBs…
And I will never forgive the Bulldogs for Ellery Hanley in '88. 😏
Ellery Hanley just called me champ. Died.
I LOVE Ellery Hanley - absolute LEGEND of the game. But in 1948 THE KING presented the Challenge Cup!
Ellery Hanley did. Especially the back end of 1988. Just a freak of a player!
Good to have a chat, albeit I was under the influence of beer. Ellery Hanley, great tee, great play…
Photograph of Ellery Hanley meeting the fans following the 1989 Wigan v Warrington Exhibition match in Milwaukee
I temporarily separated when Terry Lamb was our…
I couldn't support the team when the coach was the man who took out Ellery Hanley in '88
Ellery Hanley, Andy Farrell and Shaun Edwards to name but 3.
Ellery Hanley,no contest,complete player
Ellery Hanley, Edwards, Gregory, Farrell, Offiah, there's been so many world class players
hey Bala I once cheered on a team that had Wayne Pearce, Garry Jack, Paul Sironin, Benny Elias and Ellery Hanley all playing at once!
30 YEARS AGO TODAY (1987). Wigan go top of the table as Ellery Hanley scores FIVE tries as Wigan demolish Bradford 60-6 at Central Park.
I'd never listen to a man who is so deluded to think he was on a par with Ellery Hanley.
asked her, said it could be. She remembers Ellery Hanley trying to chat her up in there, mangled 😂
Italy scrum-half Edoardo Gori reminding me of Ellery Hanley in his Wigan pomp - loitering in opposition line/back-play!
Photograph of Ellery Hanley with Colin Clarke and Alan McInnes after signing in 1985
ON THIS DAY 1987. Ellery Hanley intercepts a Harry Pinner pass to send Wigan top & nick a last minute 22-16 win over Widnes at Naughton Park
Totally agree saw him make debut for Fev at 17 my favourite ever English player alongside ellery Hanley
Totally agree about Ellery Hanley. One of the true all time greats
Never seen a finer rugby player than Ellery Cuthwyn Hanley. How can the club who he rose to prominence with have come to this?
yep s thug ! What he did to Ellery Hanley was terrible!
ON THIS DAY 1989. Ellery Hanley recieves an MBE on the day Wigan meet Castleford in a Regal SF at Headingley. VIDEO:
Pointless. Ellery Hanley killed them off years ago. Can only be for the money.
I heard Micky backed out as Ellery Hanley, Martin Offiah & Billy Boston are up there too 😂😂
Ellery Hanley, Billy Boston & Dave Whelan's broken leg could do the captains run for all i care
You'd think Jake Connor was Ellery Hanley mark ii the way he's being battled over.
Enjoyed Time of our Lives on tonight with Ellery Hanley, Shaun Edwards & Martin Offiah, very entertaining from 3 great players.
The first matches I saw had players like Ellery Hanley, Jim Fallon and Alan Tait.
Top work by Belgium to wear the 1980s Bradford Northern kit at the Euros. Wondering who gets to be young Ellery Hanley & who's Keith Mumby?!
I sold a dummy to Ellery Hanley (honest) on a rugby league coaching course. Hope that counts!
Ellery Hanley . Andrew Johns . Darren Lockyer . Jonathan Thurston. Wally Lewis. Alex Murphy . My top players of all time, in no particular order 😎
watching Ellery Hanley on sporting heroes it would be great to see Ellery replace stevo on superleague.
Just watching Wigan RL legend Ellery Hanley interview the one and only Frank Bruno. Looking as well as he's ever done and 54 yrs young.
There was a guy pretending to be Ellery Hanley (you followed him), but I know him so mentioned it. Lawyer had it down in a day.
Jack Reed, Harkdaker, Ryan Atkins, Paul Newlove, Ellery Hanley and Charnley + Clarke not good enough thisyr
Terry Lamb knocking out Ellery Hanley in 88 GF. Broncs winning all 6 GFs & will make it 7 come Sunday.
Key to beating Broncos next week. Take out Milford like Terry Lamb took out Ellery Hanley in 88 Grand Final. It works!!
Some people calling for Harris's head and then other saying who else is there ??. Just throwing this out there.. . Ellery Hanley?
Ellery Hanley is by far the worst chaser
If video refs had been around in his day, half of Ellery Hanley's tries would have been chalked off
just so long as it's not ellery Hanley!
Hmmm. Talk of Ellery Hanley again. What could possibly go wrong there?
British former rugby league star, Ellery Hanley MBE speaking to our students.
"didn't Harris refuse to have Ellery HANLEY as football manager?".
I've a nasty feeling the Ellery Hanley rumours will resurface again!
Ahead of Friday's clash with Widnes, here's our clash with them in 1995 with Ellery Hanley scoring four
maybe, if it's pre Super League I only know one play and that's Ellery Hanley!
Just give it to Ellery Hanley. He'll do the rest.
didn't Ellery Hanley try his hand at bench warming for the London Monarchs?
Andy Gregory, Ellery Hanley, Gary Schofield, Shaun Edwards, Fantastic players, the best this country has produced.
on my way to the NORTH. friendly folk, doors unlocked, fresh egg a piece, whippets, fights, hotpot, Ellery Hanley, eccles cakes, gravy etc
Used to be best mates with Ellery Hanley's daughter. Their house was mega
Sam Burgess, James Graham, & Ellery Hanley are freakish British talents but my personal favourite was Adrien Morley
Interesting to see impact of Poms James Graham & Burgesses on ARL finals. Memories of Ellery Hanley when it was Terry Lamb made the impact.
The thing that makes me laugh about the Todd Carney pic is that if were Ellery Hanley, he would be standing up drinking properly
I might get the boots bk on coz if Wilkin by kickin afew kicks has had a quality game id look like Ellery Hanley
Nephew has developed an outrageous dummy and sidestep combo not seen since the great Ellery Hanley was a lad! Great 7s today.
we will have to agree to disagree, Ellery Hanley, Andy Gregory both greater class and can commentate better.
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up there with Ray French on Ellery Hanley "He's still going..."! Brilliant game on Sunday too!
bet you didnt like Henderson Gill ans Ellery Hanley tho
Yep, remember Les Boyd and Ellery Hanley getting a crack off John Holdsworth after a brawl
Sam Tomkins has signed with the Warriors I'm getting sick about the fact that people say he will not be a good player in the NRL. Tomkins is the best fullback in England, he is a great Athlete aswell. Look at guys from England who have made it in the NRL. Ellery Hanley, Adrien Morley, Sam Burgess, James Graham. Tomkins will be very successful in the NRL... Good luck to him
PAUL FINCH'S WARRIORS COLUMN FROM THIS WEEK'S COURIER - WHAT DO YOU THINK?? IS SAM TOO BIG FOR SUPERLEAGUE?? I’ve got another quick question for you all this edition. Is Man of Steel Sam Tomkins too big a star for Super League? I ask this in all seriousness for two particular reasons. The first is Sam himself. This kid is quite simply the best British back currently plying his trade in world rugby today. He would have found a comfortable berth in the great Wigan team of the late 80s/early 1990s, an era when natural but phenomenal talents like Shaun Edwards and Ellery Hanley bestrode the world stage like the colossi they were. Sam is that good in my opinion. Some 30 tries in 17 games in 2013 alone surely proves that. And of course it isn’t just the numbers of tries; it’s the quality of the tries – he can score them from anywhere. Sam’s mere presence on the field is worth points to the Warriors. Wherever he goes he draws defenders with him, opening doors for Wigan’s other strikers all over the p ...
Winterstein showing shades of Ellery Hanley there in finishing that try.
top man well done ... Player / coach just like the real Ellery Hanley lol
What if there was a video ref when Terry Lamb knocked out Ellery Hanley in the 89 GF
There have only been about 8 English players that have been able to cut it . ellery hanley balmain tigers has been the best IMO
looking forward to Ellery Hanley, Kevin Iro & laying the to City at Wembley
apart from a very good team at Saints (built by Ellery Hanley) what has Ian Millward ever achieved?
My all time fav league player is Betts after Ellery Hanley.
I was disappointed last night, was expecting Ellery Hanley to be there.
As much as I love I still think Ellery Hanley should have been in that Greatest ever Leeds team, simply the greatest ever for me
I think it could be Ellery Hanley because Graham Lowe at
who's going to be the new coach at Lou? maybe some 1 like Ellery Hanley or a top Aussie coach
Bringing ellery hanley back into rugby league would be a wise move!!
Wigan fans responding in kind by singing the names of Ellery Hanley and Martin Offiah.
*** Burke , Des Drummond , Des Foy , Garry Schofield , Martin Offiah , Cliff Lyons , Andrew Gregory , Kevin Ward , Kevin Beardmore , Paul Dixon , Roy Powell , Michael Gregory , Ellery Hanley was the team I selected for my dream team in League Weekly with afew honorable mentions to 1 or 2 others, what you think face bookets?
Sinfield Takes Golden Boot Prize Posted 4th January Leeds Rhinos and England Rugby League captain Kevin Sinfield has been named as the winner of the 2012 Golden Boot, awarded annually to the game’s greatest player by Rugby League World Magazine. Sinfield led the Rhinos to World Club Challenge success against Australian premiers Manly Sea Eagles and a sixth Super League title in nine years, collecting the Harry Sunderland Trophy as man of the match in the Old Trafford Grand Final. He also captained the Rhinos to the Challenge Cup final at Wembley and led England to victory against France and Wales in the Autumn International Series. He becomes only the fourth Englishman to win the Golden Boot, after Ellery Hanley (1988), Garry Schofield (1990) and Andy Farrell (2004). Rugby League World editor John Drake said, “The British game can and does still produce individuals of world class ability. Kevin Sinfield is one such player and it is right that his towering achievements in 2012 should be recognised with ...
Have a look at old film of Ellery Hanley, Offiah, Sean Edwards, Andy Gregory, Bobbie Goulding, Denis Betts, the list is endless!
It is a fact that the tomkins brothers are in fact a rugby league experiment made by DNA from greats such as Billy Boston, ellery hanley ect
greatest RL player Ive ever seen was Ellery Hanley followed by & notice the connection
Enjoying wigan game but not sure what number Ellery Hanley is!
Captain Sinfield's the man for England: Ellery Hanley backs Leeds star - Mirror.c...
After years of watching the chase, Ellery Hanley has finally been beaten, great performance Sue and the gang.
What happenned to Ellery Hanley in the 1988 GF?
What, pole axe Ellery Hanley? I don't think Vangelis played that day.
that was on Ellery Hanley in the '88 GF. Nothing accidental about it. But...:
I like my bananas green and not looking like ellery hanley
Good team, but any team of the 1990's should include Ellery Hanley IMO.
Lindsay right about one thing,Ellery Hanley was the greatest player of his & probably any generation,an athlete before his time
no one is like Ellery Hanley!! And you have NEVER seen me in the shower unless u r a peeping Tom!!!
Moley has seen u in the showers... suffice to say u are NO ellery hanley
Always liked Wigan from back in the days of Ellery Hanley and Shaun Edwards
Saw you on Time of Our Lives the other night with Ellery Hanley and Shaun Edwards. Some great memories of brilliant times.
Ellery Hanley, Martin Offiah and Shaun Edwards all in the same room
Time of our lives on with Shaun Edwards,Martin Offiah and Ellery Hanley - legends of the game and legends
Only 3 British players have ever won the golden boot Andy Farrell,Garry Schofield and Ellery Hanley
SHOH patron wins the inaugural Ellery Hanley ACE Award. Well done Gareth from all at SHOH
Did anyone see the Baa / Ellery Hanley story on Sunday?? Wow magic moment to see!! 2 of the great personalities in RL!
Ellery Hanley,it's Jake trying to contact you.Squash playing friend 10 years ago.Details at Wests Tigers Concord
Terry Lamb apologises to Ellery Hanley for "that tackle" 24 years later. Check out our interview with the pair here-
Gareth Ellis proud to receive the Ellery Hanley ACE Award
Very gracious of Ellery Hanley to forgive Terry Lamb and nice of Lamb to have apologized. But we will never forget!
Look who Ellery Hanley ran into last week! Check out our story here-
Ellery Hanley and Terry Lamb share a special moment at Allianz Stadium
Ive slept with Ellery Hanley,Steven Gerrard Paul Deacon,pat Richards and Sam Tomkins .. ALL TEDDIES ..all Sian's lol
hey I remember ellery Hanley at Bradford northern.
You have, like it. Fave player ever? You're probably too young to have watched Ellery Hanley
If you love rugby league in the 80s check out page 52&53 of the Sunday Telegraph. T. Lamb apologizing to Ellery Hanley.
All square at the DW. What a crazy, crazy night of Super League so far. Wonder if Ellery Hanley is watching...
Probably my kids now but in the early days it was Ellery Hanley
Great night mate! How good are Ellery Hanley and Gary Schofield. Good to meet Gary Leo and Dave Bolton as well.
and Martin Offiah & Ellery Hanley appeared on Gladiators in 1994!
fittest I've ever seen are Wayne Pearce & Ellery Hanley. But what Steve had done over a long period incredible!
how about a classic stars vs current stars mode. Likes of Ellery Hanley and Wally Lewis against Slater and Peacock etc.
Ellery Hanley was one of my favourite players as a kid
Great that Terry Lamb apologised for wiping Ellery Hanley out all those year ago. Ellery is a forgiving guy.
Ellery Hanley is possibly the biggest wanker in Rugby League!
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Great honour to be at the Hall of Fame function to induct Ellery Hanley and Gary Schofield to their hall of fame.
Wests Tigers players with greats Ellery Hanley & Garry Schofield at the WT Gala Dinner
Ellery Hanley absolute class act and consummate professional. Just donated his Lance Todd trophy to the Wests Tigers in gesture of thanks
Ellery Hanley also inducted to Wests Tigers Hall of Fame. Said he met Terry Lamb today 1st time in 25 years.
Rugby League Royalty at training today. Recreating 88 GF stiff arm by the great Terry Lamb on Ellery Hanley.Dogs 24-12
He,s on a zimmer, crutches 2day thank you. Did Jon clark get there? Ellery hanley, Martin Offiah,Well gutted I missed it x
that was a classic kit that him Henderson Gill and Ellery Hanley wore towards the end of the 70's
Great to see that Ellery Hanley & are going to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
Best of British: Pom greats team up for Tigers' big night: England aces … Garry Schofield, Ellery Hanley and Gar...
Great article today in by on ellery Hanley Garry schofield and Check it out.
England Rl need a captain who can boost the games media profile ala ellery hanley. Only one man for the job. Sam Tomkins
How long as Ellery Hanley been a chaser on the chase lol
Just heard on radio interview. Class act. Met Ellery Hanley a few days ago. It was an honour.
Ellery Hanley was 'allegedly' a pimp in his youth. His last coaching job was Doncaster. Did a fair job tbh.
Who's going to join Ellery Hanley and Garry Schofield at the WT Gala Dinner on Thurs 28 June? Click here for more info!
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Ellery Hanley is a dead ringer for Seal, I reckon.
Some great guests for Big Ten debut of Kieren Foran, the black pearl of Ellery Hanley.
Look out for Ellery Hanley on tonight's after 9pm tonight talking about our WT Gala Dinner on 28 June-
has Ellery Hanley live tonight. fans: are you still sore about that hit on him by Lamb in 88 grand final?
Ellery Hanley urging Sam Tomkins to go down under! Sounds good to me ;)
Ellery Hanley: "When you compare with Super League, there is no comparison. None whatsoever."
Ellery Hanley calling it like it is: Super League 'miles behind' NRL:
Ellery Hanley on the gap between Super League and the NRL
how can they call it 'best of the best' when Ellery Hanley, Mark Graham and Benji Marshall don't qualify? Love the hype tho..Go Seal!
Great Britain Rugby League legends, Ellery Hanley and Garry Schofield, will be special guests at this year’s Wests Tigers Gala Dinner which will be held at Curzon Hall, Marsfield on 28 June. Read Story
"Who are the 5 best players never to play origin?" Gary Freeman, Ruben Wiki, Benji Marshall, Ellery Hanley and Tawera Nikau
If it's your birthday you share it with David Coulthard, Duncan Goodhew, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Gaizka Mendieta & Ellery Hanley
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