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Ellen Page

Ellen Philpotts-Page (born February 21, 1987), known professionally as Ellen Page, is a Canadian actress.

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New Releases in Physics. Consciousness and the Universe: Quantu... by Roger Penrose, Henry Stapp, Don Page, M…
Just another victim along with Juno and Green Goblin. But even have to wonder whose dumber, David Cage
On page 213 of 627 of Tricks, by Ellen Hopkins
i went to a party last night and a REALLY hot Ellen Page-esque *** told me i was sexy and, honestly, my center…
Ellen,i recently found out i may have ovarian cancer,i have no job right now on top…
Am i too old to join the I was late in discovering them, honestly i got interested after their A…
Lol my girlfriend met Ellen Page and thanked her for being ***
ELLEN PAGE AND ROBERT SHEEHAN TOGETHER IN A NETFLIX SHOW?!?! I'm sold, so glad he's back. Loved him ever since Misf…
On page 65 of 360 of The Best Horror of the, by Ellen Datlow: Los 4 relatos que llevo, h...
Best like the The House Concert European Hub page, this is gonna be where it's all happening.
Michael Douglas, celebrate life at premiere
I just tried to enter this page into the record so the American people know the kind of stunts is pulling to…
Tomorrow, America will wake up to see passed a huge tax overhaul in the dead of the night. There were no public heari…
Hi Ellen! Did you send an email through my support page?
Ellen Page. When I first started questioning my sexuality and went through every YouTube video out there. Hers was the o…
I was just handed a 479-page tax bill a few hours before the vote. One page literally has hand scribbled policy changes…
Roller Girl, Vanessa North Former wakeboarder who quit so she could transition finds a new…
ICYMI: The upcoming series by Netflix has found its main cast, via see who will play Luther…
*** I was hoping Ellen Page trending meant she was coming out with allegations against David Cage
This was how today started. In the 11 hours since we had Ellen Page's Brett Ratner statement, and new accusations a…
After accusations from Hope Solo against Sepp Blatter and Ellen Page against Brett Ratner, the list continues to gr…
"Ellen Page"writes a powerful and spot-on diatribe about the shameful monsters among us. Take a few minutes to read it. ht…
Bret Ratner to Ellen Page is brave and incredible
Courageous post by the amazing Ellen Page on rampant sexual harassment in Hollywood
Actress Ellen Page recounts a particularly uncomfortable encounter with a director who’s been accused by numerous wome…
Ellen Page is leading Netflix and Gerard Way’s series ‘Umbrella Academy’
Ellen Page says director Brett Ratner outed her at 18 with a homophobic slur on the set of ‘X-Men’
Ellen Page accuses Brett Ratner of homophobic harassment on 'X-Men' set
.claims director Brett Ratner outed her as a *** sexually harassed her on set of X-Men film
The actress accuses Ratner of “outing” her on “X-Men” set and slams her own Woody Allen project (via
MOB. Brett Ratner = RatPac = Mnuchin, Blavatnik, James Packer. . Brett Ratner = mentee of Alvin Malnik who was heir appare…
'Make her realize she's *** ' Read Ellen Page's emotional story accusing Brett Rattner of outing her
Ellen Page says Brett Ratner outed her to 'X-Men: The Last Stand' cast and crew - 轉自:
Ellen Page says Brett Ratner outed her as *** in sexual remark when she was 18
Look at the history of what’s happened to minors who’ve described sexual abuse in Hollywood. Some of them are no longer wit…
"If I, a person with significant privilege, remain reluctant and at such risk simply by saying a person’s name, what are…
Ellen Page accuses director Brett Ratner of homophobic harassment.
Ellen Page accuses Brett Ratner of abusive behaviour
Ellen Page posts account of disgusting abuse by Brett Ratner on ‘X-Men’ set:
If you're not too drained from [gestures vaguely at everything], you should really read what Ellen Page just published.…
Ellen Page calls working with Woody Allen the "biggest regret" of her career
Are all these horror games just using the same Ellen Page software for their characters? She’s getting a cut for this, right?
Here's Ellen Page describing her experiences with director Brett Ratner, including his homophobic harassment and how he oute…
Ellen Page says Brett Ratner "outed me" in a powerful post about sexual harassment in Hollywood. https:/…
This is - by far - most POWERFUL DAMNING statement by ANYONE (coming from victim & witness Ellen Page) I've EVER re…
[tw// sexual assault & homophobia]. I’m so proud of Ellen page. She speaks on how she was outed without her consent, her me…
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Ellen Page: “I did a Woody Allen movie and it is the biggest regret of my career... I made an awful mistake”
+ films I decide to do and I made the wrong choice. I made an awful mistake." - Ellen Page
Ellen Page says Brett Ratner sexually harassed her on 'X-Men' set
I guarantee that Ellen Page's history with sexual harassment has spread to the video game industry too, based on Da…
so remember when David Cage made a scrapbook of Ellen Page throughout her life, including her childhood, before meeting her? ht…
A movie with familiar faces- Diego Luna, Ellen Page and Nina Dobrev...a remake of the original 90s same title film.…
Ellen Page accuses Brett Ratner of homophobic behavior on 'X-Men' set
i think this, from Ellen Page, is the first time I've seen a famous actor say they regret working with Woody Allen. "an a…
You need to Press X to Jason in order to summon the ghost of Ellen Page to kill him with Simon Sez
Ellen Page ? I tried to do Angelina Jolie a few months ago but it was so *** hard 😅😅🤦🏻
Natalie Portman and Ellen Page had a night out with their partners at the LA Dance Project's annual gala:
Saw the new Flatliners. It's a lot like the old Flatliners, but Kevin Bacon is Diego Luna and Kiefer Sutherland is Ellen Page.
Ellen Page, Kate Mara, and Amy Seimetz can't fathom dating a Trump supporter
Kidd Kraddick Morning Show producer Nick got an acting lesson from Ellen Page and the cast of "Flatliners."
Galing casting nitong original FLATLINERS. Kiefer Sutherland,Julia Roberts,Kevin Bacon.While the new one stars Nina Dobrev and Ellen Page. 😳
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Great great grandchildren. Makes me feel strangely proud. Whoa! Ellen Page was in Trailer Park Boys. I think these tattoos on Kathy are the.
I am not here for an Ellen Page's Flatliners.
New post (Flatliners Official Trailer (2017) Nina Dobrev, Ellen Page Sci...) has been published on Viral Newest…
That Flatliners movie is the epitome of white nonsense but it has Ellen Page so I wanna see it.
Ellen Page looking beautiful as always
Remember when my brother met ellen page
'Inception' behind the scenes, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page.
How dumb are you on a scale of 1 to the person who told Ellen Page she should do a Flatliners remake?
characters that I can think of are Ellen Degeneres & Ellen Page. Gotta remember it's still considered…
I'm watching two horror movies back to back tom & then ending the night on a date with Ellen Page/Kate Mara for My…
Haven't liked Cruz since he treated Ellen Page like caca on an episode of Gaycation. Before that, he was just anot…
Ellen Page on Juno's lasting influence - BBC
My Days of Mercy makes Ellen Page all cuddly - first with her costar Kate Mara, and at the after party with girl…
Samira Wiley and Ellen Page, go go go
You make me laugh Ellen Pompeo is a somebody and she has lots of fans . She is entitled to voice her opinion on he…
Update your maps at Navteq
it had ellen page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, and Kiersey Clemons so naturally i was all [josh gad voice] I'M INTERESTED but then it freaked
la nfluenza di BBC and thought you should see it:. Ellen Page on Juno's lasting influence -
Ellen page looks so good with that hair and new style😍
What a great film it was! - Ellen Page on Juno's lasting influence
Ellen Page at the Studio in NYC to talk and cast since 4:04: v…
Sometimes I just randomly remember that Ellen Page is *** and it instantly improves my day
On page 141 of 356 of The Life She Was Given, by Ellen Marie Wiseman
I used to have this huge crush on ellen page. huhu
Honoured to be working with the incredible IFC Films on bringing to US audiences next year.
Read this earlier, home, cuppa now watching Juno...again! BBC News - Ellen Page on Juno's lasting influence
"Would you like to go on a date with Ellen Page, Mags? She's very interested. She's down here."
Can Ellen Page be my girlfriend pls
The fact that the iPhone was released in 2007 is of no consequence? Ellen Page on Juno's lasting influence
its sad to see very talented actresses like Ellen Page & Zoe Saldana do movies like Flatliners & My Little Pony The Movie
BBC News - Ellen Page on Juno's lasting influence
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I just watched "It" and if they don't cast Ellen Page to play older Beverly I'll be VERY disappointed
Great interview with Ellen Page! Matt's correct: You're the best moderator! Get Wes Studi!
How is Ellen Page still an actress? She's a horrible actress, guess they're short on *** in hollywood.
Despite all my rage, I am still actress Ellen Page.
don't know any details about My Days of Mercy but i support Ellen Page and Kate Mara playing girlfriends
Lean on Pete! Kate Mara & Ellen Page romance! secret Louis CK movie! i need to clone myself for this lineup
Nina Dobrev, Ellen Page, Diego Luna, James Norton and Kiersey Clemons in the first official Flatliners trailer
Flatliners: first trailer for the sequel to the cult 90s horror film comes to life
Hey you fukin twidiots if you haven't heard UM Ellen page was a star for a full season of trailer park boys LEARN YOUR CANADIAN HISTORY FKRS
I added a video to a playlist Ellen page giorgi
Oddly enough the biggest problem I have with this movie is how accepting Ellen Page's character is to this whole Heist
Into The Forest was really really good. Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood are outstanding. The most realistic society collapse film I've seen.
Sent message yesterday on the contact page but have not heard back
Honestly... Ellen Page could jingle keys and I'd be like "what an artistic genius"
On page 366 of 384 of The Protector, by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Unfortunately there's neither Ellen Page nor Drew Barrymore but now that I understand the rules,…
My favourite Myla meme is the one that she looks like Ellen Page
Nina Dobrev, Ellen Page and Kiersey Clemons on the set of the Flatliners
Guys, Breitbart seems to be making up for lost ads by tripling the number of ads on each page. Let's redouble our efforts…
Riverdale and Tullulah with Ellen Page is an amazing movie.
I nominate Evan Rachael Wood, SIA, Ellen Page and of course my fiance plus…
Our waitress just said "Has anyone told you that you look like Ellen Page? Like, exactly"
On page 155 of 666 of Impulse, by Ellen Hopkins
'Tallulah' has reignited my love of Ellen Page. 👏🏼👏🏼
Speaking of he really looks like a snack in Flatliners hot *** now both him and Ellen Page I gotta see it
Juno. -I love Michael Cera part 3. -this movie is weird but fantastic. -ellen page is an icon . -lowkey underappreciated
Need more movies involving him and Ellen page, it's my drug
There are pockets of it, and sin some places scheduled events, including in Jamaica. Fun fact: Elle…
The GOP knows what’s at stake — people’s lives. Share your health care story with me: .
InStyle: The Flatliners trailer featuring EllenPage and ninadobrev is seriously eerie: All
.is already fundraising vs Let's give him a grassroots push to catch up🙏 👉
"This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another."--Ellen Page
Did you know MPM's Dr. Ellen Censky's work can be found on the front page of the New York Times?
Look how lucky my audience got today. It's a Bonus Day of 12 Days! You can enter to win here. htt…
Read about this in Mark Ellen's book. He had an amusing take on it, especially Harper talking on Page's behalf.
"Today is a good day to die!" See the first trailer for the remake, starring Ellen Page:
Tallulah!So refreshingly good!Ellen Page can never get it wrong, can she!?
The trailer for starring and is here:
The Flatliners trailer featuring and is seriously eerie:
11. Ellen Page. *** •February 21st 1987 . •actress . •nominated for an Oscar for her role in Juno
Preview starts. "Oh, I like this actress." (Ellen Page). "Wait...are they remaking Flatliners?". "This is stupid"
Just saw the trailer for "Flatliners" featuring Ellen Page as a lead actress. The premise looks amazing.
Not a sexy pick but great choice! I would probably go with Ellen Page , Randy Moss or Antoine Winfield
But any of those roles could have been played by women, for example, Ellen Page, Judy Greer or Maisie Williams/Dakota Fanning...
...and Michael J Fox, and Pamela Anderson, and Howie Mandel, and Martin Short, and Nathan Fillion, and Ellen Page,…
Ellen Page and Allison Janney on the set of Tallulah in New York
A page out of "Seriously... I'm kidding" by Ellen Degeneres. I am enjoying this book because…
Ellen page sued naughty dog for making Ellie look like her 😂😂😂😂
Help me stand up to Darrell Issa and Trump and make a statement about what we believe. Join our campaign today at https:/…
Shadowcat (Ellen Page in the X-Men films) is too. Not many comic book heroes make a big dea…
Ellen Pompeo is the only person i would make a fan page for
Top story: ShowBiz Planned Parenthood: All-Female Cast Did a Live-Read of Juno … see more
Ellen Page with the LGBT flag is the best thing that could happen
Did you ever feel like you needed to hear Ellen Page irl say this bit from Juno or is that just me.
More photos from the Live Read event have been added to our gallery! Thanks again to all contributors! 😃📸
The first photos from last night's Live Read have been added to our gallery! Thanks to all contributors! 😊📸 https:…
Actress says "still moves a lot of people" 10 years after the film first came out ht…
Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner had a "Juno" reunion while raising money for Planned Parenthood.
Day 8: Kristen should direct a movie starring Millie Bobby Brown or Ellen Page
Aw! I strongly associate her with Ellen Page so idk. I should read the comics.
On page 374 of 496 of Collateral, by Ellen Hopkins
Joel & Ellie anyone? Or we could go back in time and replace the girl with a younger Ellen Page?
you ever get really mad that you're only 5'2" BUT THEN YOU REMEMBER ELLEN PAGE IS ALSO 5'2" SO YOU GET SOMEWHAT HAPPY
To be fair--I am also just a big Ellen Page fan.
nothing about a crush on Ellen Page is inexplicable
I got Carrie Brownstein. I'm cool with that lol. Which Out Female Celeb Is Your Soulmate?
Have you always wanted to play a game on my show? This could be your big chance.
When you get on the ellen show, ill pay you to promote the beats on my page.
New page from event, on legendary NT nurse Ellen Kettle (here with Namatjira'a twin grandsons): https:…
Ellen Page. Great actress. Not afraid to stand up for herself and supporting human rights. Dress how she wants.
Apparently I have the same personality as Albert Einstein,Isaac Newton,Bill Gates,Ellen Page,Blaise Pascal,Rene Discartes and 3%of the world
Leo, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitz, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy.. how can you not win an award.
Mads Mikkelson as Quint, Ellen Page as Hooper, Chiwetel Ejiofer as Chief, Tessa Thompson as Ellen, Michael C Hall as May…
I'm a sucker for Ellen Page. Jason Reitman can be real hit or miss. You're probably just too tough & cool to like it I think.
She made him hang himself. And no one feels bad for him. Amazing actress, perfect performance, loved it. All the awards to Ellen Page.
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Ellen Page and Will Forte join English-Language voice cast of Swiss Oscar contender
Will Forte, Nick Offerman, Ellen Page, and Amy Sedaris have officially joined the cast of My Life as a Zucchini!
Ellen Page is an icon and she's such an unappreciated LGBTQ+ actress. Please love her
wait I thought the main actress was Ellen Page this movie is even worse than before
It'll be great. Chris Nolan even made Ellen Page seem like an actress.
Ellen Page . - actress/producer/activist . - coming out at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference. - advocate for LGBTQ rights
I wasn't initially sold on it, but... Ellen Page as Clarice Starling has REALLY grown on me
great performances from Julianne Moore and especially Ellen Page
'Tallulah' the Netflix original film is worth a watch. It's got Ellen Page and Allison Janney in it, need I say more?!
is a little sad but also funny, moving, and quite wonderful. Ellen Page, Allison Janney, and Tammy Blanchard are outstanding.
This movie is wonderful, sad, and strange. I love Ellen Page, and Allison Janney, but Tammy Blanchard really...
I get that Allison Janney plays Tori and Ellen Page plays the harpsichord but who does Tammy Blanchard play?
Ellen Page in Juno, James Spader in Sex, Lies and Videotape & Juliette Lewis in The Other Sister
Contact Music - Ellen Page: Coming out made me a better actress
Happy thank you for Degrassi, Scott Pilgrim, Poutine, Juno, Ellen Page, Ginger Snaps and more.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Happy to announce that Arborea's music is featured on the trailer for the new Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood...
Ian McKellen, Ellen Page, Ezra Miller, etc. is the reason why they're awesome being who they are
I dont have enough room to have a crush on Tracer, Jeongyeon, Dani Shay, Amber Liu & Ellen Page. I'm 5'3 109lbs im 2 small 4 all this
Chelsea Handler has her 3rd grade teacher, Florence Henderson and Ellen Page on @ the same time lmao (also the dog)
I want glasses like Eugene Levy and I want to dress like Ellen Page.. Sue me
*** girls I'd like to, uh, *** out with: Tegan and Sara, Cara Delevingne, Michelle Rodriguez, Ellen Page. Is Ilana Glazer straight?
Trailer drops for new film starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood - *** News Network: Trailer drops for new...
Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood team star in upcoming film Into the Forest (2016).
Compliments of Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, ends of days, survival and beginnings:.
One of the weirdest experiences... Taking weed as Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls
she's the whitewashed and less cute Ellen Page
Happy Valley's James Norton is going Hollywood for the Flatliners remake: .
Follow the top Ellen DeGeneres stories for May 10 on our topical page:
Hi Tracy Ellen, Ink thanks for the follow! Download my free ebook, The Politician,
Ellen Page is in India to film the country’s LGBT community via
It is indeed! If you ever get a PS4, you should play Beyond Two Souls! x3 The lady you saw in the video is Ellen Page.
I may or may not hAve an actual crush on Ellen page.
Newly listed on our Ebay auction page! a character that was written for a man but luckily someone decided to put Ellen Page in the driving seat.
On page 114 of 320 of A Totally Awkward Love Story, by Tom Ellen
Chuck Ellen Page and the film channels the hot casting of the original.
Okay but why does Ellen page actually make my life 100x better
What makes you say that Ellen Page is doing so?
"Weird to think that once I graduate, I'll no longer be in the "Early life" section of my Wikipedia page" — Stanford Univers…
James Norton joins Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev and Diego Luna in 'Flatliners' remake
I really like Ellen Star and wish she didn't make a big White *** timeline of colourful *** rights movements.
Nina, Diego Luna, James Norton, and Ellen Page in Flatliners. And one other actress I can't remember, but - this is a…
On page 89 of 320 of A Totally Awkward Love, by Tom Ellen: This book is causing a knot in...
Just come out, hun, like your betters eg: Ellen Page etc You'll feel so much better
On set with Keith Carradine and Ellen Page for the movie, Peacock. Drawn on set in Iowa, 2008 http…
15. Ellen Page. Confronted Ted Cruz about LGBT+ issues also made a documentary about the community. *** Actress. http…
I have this weird idea of a film with Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, Michael Cera, & Ralph Fiennes.
and Jim Carey, Keanu Reeves, and Ellen Page to name a few.
Tom Brady, Brad Pitt, Ellen Page and Hillary Clinton. Curious? Of course you are! WATCH:
Hate to say it, *** seem to love her... Ellen, Ellen Page, Gloria Steinem, Madeline Albright, Rachel Maddow...
Ellen Page and her friend Ian learning about LGBTQ life in other countries. So far, Japan, Brazil and Jamaica
📷 ellenpagedaily: New stills of Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood and Max Minghella from Into The Forest...
Ellen page has been talking on my tv for like 3 hours now GTF off
Ellen Page increasingly looks like she should be cast in the next Phantasm movie.
Aaron Gordon to Appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and ESPN's The Jump: Note: The contents of this page have n...
How long before Ellen Page becomes insufferable?
I'm not sure what's more prevalent: my crush on Ellen Page or her wardrobe in Gaycation
We're watching days of future past . Li: FASSBENDER COULD KILL YOU. . Me: fassbender can kiss my assbender I want ellen page to kill me
Really love Ellen Page's character there, a nice sweet movie in overall, the plot is a smartly done one.
Watching the movie 'American Crime', had to take a pause because Catherine Keener just made Ellen Page shove a beer bottle up her ***
Need some healing on an energy boost? Pop on over to my FB page & request distance https:/…
David S. Gallant and an army of coders are combining Ellen Page and Myst. The twist? it's going to be a DayZ beater
Who has PS4 & I need a group, man! 😩 I'm playing as an Xmen Ellen Page. Add me shan_xx
Ellen Page goes ham on Ted Cruz I love her
Watch Gayland on the new Vice Channel staring Ellen Page , set ur DVR
Ellen Page! What a remarkable young woman. Very brave and kind. Could she be president please!!!
"Gaycation": Watch Ellen Page and Ian Daniel face off with a hitman. And Ted Cruz
I hate how as soon as I saw Ellen Page on screen I said "Hey! Shadowcat!" Out loud
Really want to watch Ellen Page's docuseries
Ellen Page; Canadian actress, feminist, beautiful person, LGBT+ activist, and produced the-
BT: I've mixed feelings on most things but Ellen Page's is some of the best TV this year. Seek it via
I’m about to do something I’ve never done before — give a car to someone on the Internet. Who wants a https…
EXCLUSIVE: Ellen Page and Spike Jonze out in downtown NYC
oh My GOD I JUST found out the Ellen Page is gonna e in Austin this weekend for sxsw
Ellen Page and this new doc project, Gaycation, is just perfect. Moving insight on LGBTQ Japan in episode 1.
Nearly Wednesday? You know what that means: FREE COLORING BOOK PAGE TIME! DL hi-res here:
Repost Kaya Jones I am in tears after watching this Ellen Page thank you for having original thought...
I have such a big crush on Ellen Page
Why and co-creator Ian Daniel traveled the world for GAYCATION
*** women like Ellen Page (love) and Ellen and Audre Lorde and Sally Ride and Jackie Woodson.
Gayation. All we ever wanted. Gayation. Had to get away. Gayation. Meant to be spent w/ and .
Ellen Page departs her downtown Hotel in New York City.
Apparently if Ellen Page, Erin from the Office & Helen from Bridesmaids had a baby it'd be me.
Maybe not but we can call Ellen Page a strong person so it's getting a pass.
I liked Juno. It put Ellen Page on the map.
Stellar job shedding light on the culture in Japan in the first episode of &
Ellen Page and Ian Daniel Learn How Difficult It Is to Come Out in Japan on the First Episode of 'GAYCATION'
it IS!! At first it could be a bit slow but then WOW. Also ellen page and Evan Rachel Wood did a film adaptation
I just want Ellen Page to adopt me and take me on a gaycation
I added a video to a playlist Beyond: two Souls - Lost Cause by Ellen Page (Extended) + Lyrics
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[VIDEO] Evan Rachel Wood dishes on her favorite scent, Ellen Page and 'Westworld'...
I love that movie. You're thinking the one with Ellen Page right? And Jason Bateman, and Allison Janney Ellen Page launches travel series exploring LGBT culture: Actress Ellen Page is heading out on a world tour as the star o...
How great is Ellen Page too, as an actress and person!
Actress has a new show called It premiers tonight. Ellen Page...
Ellen Page's 'Gaycation' travel show isn't all R&R: Actress, friend look at LGBT life in Japan, Brazil, Jamaic...
This show is lit. It featured actress Ellen Page and her friend traveling to different countries to see how life is for lgbtq people there.
Ellen Page is such a natural beauty, isn't she?
if you have a chance, do watch the new documentary series by actress Ellen Page - “Gaycation”...
Ellen Page: an Oscar nominated *** actress working for lgbt representation in film
Ellen Page in Hard Candy was the Best Actress that year. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was the Best Original Screenplay.
that's actually a quote from the critically acclaimed film by Diablo Cody starring Ellen Page. "Juno"
Watch the trailer for starring Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Michael Shannon and Steve Carell:
According to Ellen Page in Hollywood you can sense 'double standard' for LGBT actors - (10)...
Nick Jonas, Ellen Page and Chelsea Handler stopped by the lounge
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Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute from the Office) and Michael Cera got to bang Ellen Page in a movie but Joseph Gordon…
|: I'm hoping Ellen Page gets to do another Beyond Two Souls.
Michael Shannon is great in that one (he always is, though). Ellen Page does a mean T2-era Eddie Furlong impression, also.
Remember that time when you're centainly sure that both Ellen Page and Diablo Cody will hit it big after
Ellen Page, Carrie-Anne Moss, Alicya Eyo and much more in our new issue! Get yours now at https:…
Ellen heaps prizes on teacher who pays for class supplies out of her own pocket I love Ellen even more now!
Showing this to my husband :) ellen page rocked it in this flick.
also later recast your main romantic male hero as Ellen Page in a semi official but mostly unofficial production
I dont see what anyone can see in anyone else… ♫ Anyone Else But You by Michael Cera & Ellen Page (at —
if just dyed her hair dark brown she would look like ellen page. I mean she already looks like ellen but I'm saying
He throttled Ellen Page while grilling pork chops. I have no doubt he can handle this bunch.
. Ellie resembles Ellen Page, but Ashley Johnson voiced her.
I thought Ellie was played by Ellen Page. My bad.
Not rom com but Ellen Page as a roller derby wannabe is good in Whip It
Name from YA magic tricks are trash leave it to me. U look like a more depressed version of Ellen Page from Juno.
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On page 90 of 384 of The Sparrow Sisters, by Ellen Herrick: This didn't get great reviews...
My friend just told me its Ellen Page from Juno not Janet Page so my car is now Ellen.
when Ellen Page confronted you sang her praises. This rape victim asks the Queen a question and you clutch your pearls
A look back at Ellen's year across social media in 2015! Which photo is your favorite? (:
Don't forget Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde, who is Jewish.
I want a cute awkward relationship like Ellen Page and Michael Cera in Juno ❤
Juno is like one of my favorite movies. I adore Ellen Page.
Want a free bottle of tanning lotion from the 2016 ? page to be entered to win 😉
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