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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren (born Elizabeth Herring; June 22, 1949) is an American bankruptcy law expert, policy advocate, Harvard Law School professor, and Democratic Party candidate in the 2012 United States Senate election in Massachusetts.

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Elizabeth Warren to pardon leninist nazi cleric Richard Wagner
Elizabeth Warren howls over Trump replacement of U.S. Attorneys
Funny to see Elizabeth Warren say that Trump is about Wall Street when Hillary Clinton had her pockets full of cash from them & many others.
I hear we're memeing Elizabeth Warren out of the Senate!.
Bernie Sanders would have been nice. Elizabeth Warren would make a righteous leader. Luis Gutierrez is another.
Two must candidates for President in 2020 are Elizabeth Warren and Elijah E. Cummings.
Two must candidates for President in 2020 are Elijah E. Cummings and Elizabeth Warren.
My prediction:. Mike Pence will be the 46th President in less than 4 years. . Elizabeth Warren will be the 47th, winnin…
Elizabeth Warren to appoint muslim terrorist Richard Wagner to supreme court
Ouch! Elizabeth Warren just got torched by MSNBC, and it's GLORIOUS...
Constitutional Court: "We just removed the president of from office!". Elizabeth Warren: "Hold my beer...".
So your a "convenient native" like Elizabeth Warren. Quick,what's a jingle dancer.
Ok, sorry, I just saw this, but. Elizabeth Warren. Nina Turner. Alan Grayson. Tulsi Gabbard. Russ Feingold. or . Amy Klobuchar
Everyone was so nice to Hillary Clinton. And to Elizabeth Warren, for that matter. Wait.
no matter how many times Pelosi/Warren say it, Sessions did NOT meet about the Trump campaign, as HE SO TESTIFIED.
Elizabeth Warren calls on Jeff Sessions to resign
Sen Elizabeth warren try to tell us about corrupt session but this dough would not let her speak
They made Elizabeth Warren shut up over this liar and bigot. The old boy's club strikes again
Multiple lawmakers including Warren & Pelosi want to resign immediately B…
Sessions lied to the Senate during his hearing. But yeah, Elizabeth Warren violated the process reading a letter from Cor…
Sen. Warren reads from letter written by Coretta Scott King in 1986 and is silenced during Sessions debate
Wouldn't Elizabeth Warren & Michelle Obama make a great ticket in '20?
- McConnell's explains vote to silence Elizabeth Warren "nevertheless she persisted"...
lying under oath gives the silencing of Elizabeth Warren an added dimension of slimy deceit.
Whoops, looks like they shoulda let Elizabeth Warren read the Coretta Scott King letter after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Our strong women leaders warned warned us all of the Russia ties! . Coretta King. Hillary Clinton . Sally Yates. Elizabeth W…
This is Elizabeth Warren calling for Sessions to resign. Take note. You're living through political history.
Elizabeth Warren you will not have it. Investigate Elizabeth Warren for sedition w/Soros now! Arrest them!…
Elizabeth Warren Fails to Disclose $1.3 Million Line of Credit - Dishonest at h…
After liberals lashed out, reverses her stance on
Our Country NEEDS Jeff Sessions! Elizabeth Warren is a who needs to be investigated & who supported Corrupt Hil…
If Elizabeth Warren can make bank off of appropriation, why not this woman?
The letter about Donald Trump's Attorney General pick's 'racism' that Republicans stopped being read in the Senate…
Sad how Republicans had an issue with Elizabeth Warren reading Coretta Scott King to congress but no issues with Session…
the fool, Elizabeth Warren calls for Jeff Sessions to resign 'now'.
Multiple lawmakers, including Warren and Pelosi, want Jeff Sessions to resign immediately
Elizabeth Warren, who was stopped by McConnell from reading Coretta Scott King's letter about Jeff Sessions, calls on AG Sessio…
‘Heap big lies!’ Elizabeth Warren twists and turns to prove claim about Sessions, knots herself up
Afraid Putin will get your money bag terrorist,that's supporting your evil doing?
Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are calling for Jeff Sessions To Resign, Here Comes the Three Stooges! "Crying Wolf!…
Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings & Ted Lieu have all called for AG Sessions to resign. You should too.
Maybe we should start with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters & Elizabeth Warren? Then we need to go after McCain & Graham.
Democrats draw the line: Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Elijah Cummings, Ted Lieu all calling on Jeff Sessions to resign…
"Elizabeth Warren can rally her cries all across America, they will be stifled by all of us."
Elizabeth Warren invites Iraqi refugee to watch Trump's speech to Congress: via
Elizabeth Warren has a $15 million net worth on a $174,000 senator's salary.. has enough hypocrisy to attack Wilbur Ross for b…
Rule used to stop Elizabeth Warren from quoting Coretta Scott King has a long connection to racism
Veterans group blasts Elizabeth Warren for putting illegals first .
LIB WARS! Chuck Schumer doesn't like the GOP posing Elizabeth Warren as the "new" face of the Democratic Party.
"If you can answer any of that, I'll sit down and shut up like Elizabeth Warren." - Constituent to Mitch McConnell htt…
Join us at 6:00 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST 8pm CST, Tuesday, Feb. 21 for a special call with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to...
Trump has no problem lashing out at Sweden, Muslims, the media, immigrants, Elizabeth Warren but has to be begged to deno…
Sen. John McCain is in the same mold as Nancy Polosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and AL Sharpton!
Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she won't be silent about Jeff Sessions' "radical hatred"
remember when Obama kept Elizabeth Warren from heading the Consumer Financial Protection Program? Don't remember any fight.
This is a fascinating piece on how Elizabeth Warren's seen now that she seems to be seeking power.
.Maybe he could hire Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal & Elizabeth Warren to increase diversity
Democrats are Joe Manchin. Democrats are Elizabeth Warren . Democrats are Tim Ryan. Democrats are Jim Clyburn. Democrats ar…
Rachel dolezal and Elizabeth Warren birds of a feather flock together
Chuck Todd is to honesty as Elizabeth Warren is to sexy, as Madonna is to celibacy,as Rachel maddow is to femininity, as NY Times is to news
Elizabeth Warren, Samantha Bee and Rachel Maddow - 3 wise women. Bannon, Trump and Pence - The three racist
Elizabeth Warren tells Congress to pull its head out of the sand and probe Trump’s Russia ties https:…
I feel your pain buddy I'm a *** conservative Trump Supporter in Liberal MA home of Elizabeth Warren 👊🏻
I rather see and investigation into Elizabeth Warren meetings with George Soros. Working against America intreat sad.
Elizabeth Warren silenced in Senate but not on social media
Remember when Elizabeth Warren called George Bush? I call that Liberal Lunacy
Sen. Blumenthal was in Vietnam, Elizabeth Warren is an Indian, Hillary only used one device, and they think Trump is a li…
Whoa! Anderson Cooper challenges Elizabeth Warren when she calls Bannon a ‘white supremacist’
Alveda King is a patriot Elizabeth Warren is nothing but a race baiter and A disgrace t…
Because no men have ever talked over other men, or told them to be quiet (or worse), ever? Puh-lease >> >>
and the hag Elizabeth Warren win against Senate policy also, but let's just keep that quiet
Man about to rewrite banking regulations due $285m from Goldman Sachs. Nothing to see here
Elizabeth Warren: emerging voice of America’s opposition. Her and Bernie seem to be the only voice? Come on folks!
Trump insults Elizabeth Warren at 'awkward' White House meeting
BUSTED: Look what we found Elizabeth Warren ADMITTING in 2003
Elizabeth Warren the hypocritical liar makes more than $100,000 annually for being a senator
Elizabeth Warren you are nothing but a phony, just like the lies of being Indian heritage, you are disgusting
Elizabeth Warren getting paid big bucks by Soros, to come out every day and be an *** hole! Take meds as prescribed, a…
.Native American women are STOP reducing millions of women to "Pocahontas".
Insulted? After what Trump has been going through and being assaulted, he should be clearer still.
Elizabeth Warren, from the state that has brought us so many presidential failures, would be a horrendous choice on any presidential ticket.
Al Franken to Dem senators: Call Trump ‘racist’ to his face for Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ slur ht…
That's not true. She never got any scholarship money based on her claiming she was Native American
Hi, with Elizabeth Warren speech, there is a Congress rule in the Chamber.
“No one got up and said, ‘The facts that Coretta Scott King identified are wrong,’ ” said Elizabeth Warren.
Trevor talks with after she was silenced on the Senate floor.
Top story: 'SNL' Weekend Update crams a week of Trump missteps into 8 minutes see more
Opinion | Elizabeth Warren is a grandstanding phony
Key Words: Here are the words that got Elizabeth Warren silenced Tuesday.. Related Articles:
Senator who told to 'take a seat' got a not-so-warm welcome back to Montana via
Add your name: Thank Elizabeth Warren for persistently speaking truth to power
Kate McKinnon has been Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. The last time I checked they were Democrats.
Is there anyone Kate McKinnon can't play. She's brilliant Hillary, Kellyane, Bieber, now Elizabeth Warren love…
Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway and Elizabeth Warren all in one episode, Kate McKinnon is a BOSS. https:…
Watch: SNL’s Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren grills the Weekend Update hosts.
Report: During meeting with senators, Trump only refers to Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas’
Mitch McConnell tells Elizabeth Warren (and Coretta Scott King) to sit down and shut up
It wasn't just Mitch McConnell who silenced Elizabeth Warren — These senators did too. Let's name them.
Mitch McConnell's crime of passion against Elizabeth Warren
I'd argued Elizabeth Warren contrasts more with Trump -- and is more progressive than Obama on many issue.
Elizabeth Warren went one step further in her lie about being a Native American feminist. She's been calling her vajayjay a Tomahawk Wound.
Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken are on my Christmas list. And I wish Barney Frank would come to dinner.
Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren r solution. Cedars Sinai & Kindred Hospital-should be out of business.Killing people not curing them
They need to squeeze in Elizabeth Warren for being the first woman to be silenced on the Senate floor.
Rachel Maddox and Elizabeth Warren have more back bone than any male member of congress or the senate.
Elizabeth Warren looks like Michael Dukakis to me.
All purpose parts banner
.discusses the hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren on
Flashback: Elizabeth Warren advocated for school vouchers in 2003 - Red Alert Politics
Trump is still calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” from The White House
Thank God for Elizabeth Warren who spoke out against the now confirmed racist Attorney General, Jeff Sessio…
I want to see get Patrick Stewart to play Mitch McConnell and Chelsea Handler as Elizabeth Warren.
Every time I talk about how proud I am of Chris Murphy someone from NY or MA feels the need to bring up Elizabeth Warren or Chuck Schumer
GOP's silencing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren raises her profile as the Democ.. Related Articles:
Mr Sessions needs to sue Elizabeth Warren for desalination of character
Elizabeth Warren puts GOP on notice: "We will speak out. And we WILL persist."
The silencing of Elizabeth Warren and an old Senate rule prompted by a fistfight - The Washington Post
Please, I beg you Democrats, don't let Elizabeth Warren be your spokesperson to replace HRC and be the next presidential Dem front runner.
Senator Ed Markey is now reading the letter from Coretta Scott King, which his colleague Elizabeth Warren was reprimanded for l…
Tonight at 11/10c, Trevor discusses the Senate’s rebuke of Sen. Elizabeth Warren with herself.
GOP gives Elizabeth Warren a boost as Dems seize on 'silencing' theme.
Katty Kay on Elizabeth Warren: For a Party that Has No Hand to Play, ‘They Played it Pretty Well’ Yesterday -
Anyone ever notice Elizabeth Warren voice kind of sounds like Jimmy Stewart?
You can't break Senate rules just because you're Elizabeth Warren
Dr Alveda King called you out as a race baiter today. Elizabeth Warren is a Marxist fraud.
Alveda King is officially fed up with Elizabeth Warren. Accuses Warren of Playing a race card in her families name
Martin Luther King's niece accused Elizabeth Warren of playing "the race card."
Sessions who would still support Trump if he shot Elizabeth Warren on 5th Avenue.
Mitch McConnell's Elizabeth Warren quote ("She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.") now…
Mitch McConnell has two "southern gentlemen" to thank for the rule he used to silence Elizabeth Warren
Mitch McConnell’s censure of Elizabeth Warren just gave her a much bigger platform via
The rule Mitch McConnell used to silence Elizabeth Warren is almost never invoked.
Mitch McConnell silencing Elizabeth Warren shows what women put up with every day
Elizabeth Warren's triumphant moment of opposition to Trump's agenda, from
"Elizabeth Warren could not have done anything on her own to help herself as much as Mitch McConnell just helped her."
Elizabeth Warren will forever have my heart. Fell in love with her brilliance during her first Daily Show appearance
I am proud to read responses from you again Mrs. Clinton. Please never be silent. God bless you Ms. Elizabeth Warren.
becomes a new battle cry after the Senate silence Elizabeth Warren
I love you Elizabeth Warren. You are a Warrior Woman. We stand with you. We will Persist.We are Women.There are no other options
Elizabeth Warren is the new face of the Democratic Party. Not since William Jennings Bryant have Republicans had so much good cheer.
She persisted too: Coretta Scott King's daughter hits back over Elizabeth Warren silencing
Millennial's have 2 questions for Mitch McConnell. Why was Elizabeth Warren not allowed to read that letter...and wha…
I just took action on Thank you Elizabeth Warren. Take action here:
Elizabeth Warren "all talk" try doing your job!Your obstructionist rhetoric is getting tiring/embarrassing
I wonder what thought he was accomplishing by shutting Elizabeth Warren down WHILE SHE WAS QUOTING CORETTA KI…
By silencing Elizabeth Warren, the GOP gave women around the world a rallying cry.
GOP censors Elizabeth Warren for readin' a letter from Corretta Scott King but let's Ted Cruz call Dem Senators the "Party…
Sen. Ted Kennedy said this in the Senate abt Jeff Sessions in 1986. Elizabeth Warren was told she wasn't allowed to repe…
It is unconscionable that Sen. Mitch McConnell silenced Sen. Elizabeth Warren because she read a letter from Coretta Sco…
(Canada Free Press):That King letter Elizabeth Warren wanted to read on..
Top Democrats read Coretta Scott King's letter from the Senate floor after Elizabeth Warren was silenced Jeremy Ber…
By trying to silence Elizabeth Warren they only amplified her voice.
The shameful actions on the senate floor wasn't Elizabeth Warren but McConnell silencing the words of Mrs. King.
Senate Republicans formally silenced Elizabeth Warren as a warning to other Democrats not to--oh wait.
LET HER SPEAK! Sen. Elizabeth Warren, ordered by a vote of Senate Republicans to sit down and…
The Republican effort to silence Elizabeth Warren just backfired spectacularly
Senate Republicans did the nation a great service by silencing Elizabeth Warren.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren reads part of the Coretta Scott King letter she was silenced from reading on the Senate floor:
Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “The kind of people Donald Trump is sending our way — it’s like a bad movie.” https…
Elizabeth Warren is more akin to Preston Brooks than Rosa Parks.
Bernie Sanders condemns Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for not allowing Elizabeth Warren to read Coretta Scott Kin…
Wonder how many senators who voted to silence Elizabeth Warren's reading of Coretta Scott King posted a quote from Dr. K…
"Nevertheless, she persisted" becomes new battle cry after McConnell silences Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren was formally silenced while reading a letter by Coretta Scott King critical of Jeff Sessions
More Dems need a backbone such Elizabeth Warren.Elizabeth Warren represents the leadership we need to win elections.
“Elizabeth Warren was just silenced on the Senate floor. Her crime was quoting Coretta Scott King.” by https:/…
PLEASE RT: Read the Coretta Scott King letter that got Elizabeth Warren silenced by the Senate
Electronic Device Insurance
Elizabeth Warren is to Charles Sumner as Mitch McConnell is to Preston Brooks.
It really is. I sincerely believe that Ted Cruz is Elizabeth Warren's inspiration in many ways.
No, that is completely false. And your silencing of my senator, Elizabeth Warren, is bey…
Flashback: Elizabeth Warren refuses to shake Betsy DeVos's hand. Shame on you, Senator Warren (a title you don't deserv…
Senate silences Elizabeth Warren for the rest of the Senator Jeff Sessions hearing! Poor Lizzy is stunned! 😳 . 😂Ba ha ha ha…
Elizabeth Warren is writing a new book. Its title, and theme, is familiar to her last one: She wants to fight.
its important the Senate upholds decency & decorum. Elizabeth Warren needs to respect the racist Senator the crotch grabbin…
I am not the biggest fan of my home state Massachusetts, but I am very proud to have Elizabeth Warren as the Senator from my home state
By a 49-to-43 vote, Senate rules that Elizabeth Warren broke rule impugning a senator. She now cannot speak during debate on Je…
Elizabeth Warren refused to shake hands w/our New Secretary of Education. Pocahontas wouldn't have done that.
While Mitch is dissing Coretta Scott King and Elizabeth Warren, remember that they also hate puppies and safe food.
Senate silences Elizabeth Warren after attacks on Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions
Senate rebukes Elizabeth Warren for quoting Martin Luther King Jr.'s widow in debate on Jeff Sessions
Mitch McConnell asks Elizabeth Warren to take her seat for impugning another senator during debate on Jeff Sessions https:…
GOP votes to rebuke Elizabeth Warren for quoting Coretta Scott King in debate on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General htt…
This is the letter Sen. Elizabeth Warren was reading when she was silenced by the Senate
Elizabeth Warren barred from Senate debate for "impugning" Jeff Sessions
Sen. Elizabeth Warren silenced in Senate after reading quote calling Jeff Sessions "a disgrace to the Justice Dept."
Join me in supporting Elizabeth Warren via
Elizabeth Warren once impugned a man in Reno just to watch him die.
UPDATE: Senate votes 49-43 to silence Elizabeth Warren for quoting Coretta Scott King
Elizabeth Warren speaks for all of us! We won't be silenced
A rare rebuke: Sen. Warren cut off in a clash with Majority Leader McConnell in Sen. Sessions' confirmation debate
Sen Warren Reprimanded for Reading a Letter from at
Senator Mitch McConnell just propelled Elizabeth Warren to the frontline of roaring lionesses who won't be silenced in…
🚨🚨 Elizabeth Warren speaks exclusively to about her silencing by Mitch McConnell: "I've been red-carded." https:/…
😂 Lovely!. Mcconnell cuts off .for criticizing Sessions, Senate Republicans Bar Her From Speaking
UPDATE: Warren calls into the Rachel Maddow show to discuss the ordeal. Says everyone should read King's letter
For Elizabeth Warren & Mrs King,we must stop business as usual,block highways nationally in unison until GOPimpeach…
Republicans just silenced Elizabeth Warren for reading the words of a civil rights icon
Order Miche Bag Online!
Elizabeth Warren continues campaign against Trump to racially divide this country. Unworthy of a Senator biased reading…
Senate rules against impugning another Senator don't apply if you're Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren reading
So Ted Cruz can quote Green Eggs and Ham, but Elizabeth Warren can't quote Coretta Scott King?
'LIKE' if you think she should lose her Senate seat!
Not only did McConnell make Elizabeth Warren a Progressive hero tonight - but he also showed is absolutely afraid o…
Elizabeth Warren tried to speak out against Jeff Sessions and his racist past. She was silenced.
Elizabeth Warren: ‘I spoke out about Sessions — until McConnell decided to silence me.’
Outrage! Elizabeth Warren was banned from reading the words of Coretta Scott King in opposition to Jeff Sessions.
"they can shut me up but they can't change the truth."-Elizabeth Warren
That is their intent. We will not let Coretta Scott King OR Senator Elizabeth Warren be silenced! We will lend our voices! http…
.fires back after the GOP blocked her from reading Coretta Scott King's dire warning about Jeff Sessions:
Interesting to see self-proclaimed free speech purist Mitch McConnell be the one to silence Elizabeth Warren on the Senat…
Hey Mitch McConnell... you realize that you got 1000% more press by silencing Elizabeth Warren than if you had just let her…
How dare you not allow Elizabeth Warren read Coretta Scott King's letter!
In an extremely rare rebuke, gets cut off while reading a letter on the Senate floor
Senator Elizabeth Warren joins us live next after this remarkable turn of events on the Senate Floor
Elizabeth Warren being shut down while engaging in one of the nastiest attacks on a colleague I've ever seen.So. Much. Winnin…
"Liberals are snowflakes" says the party whose Senators just censured Elizabeth Warren for hurting Jeff Sessions' feelings.
Elizabeth Warren will take on Donald Trump in new book
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is now forbidden from speaking on Senate floor on Sen. Jeff Sessions' nomination.
Senate votes to shut up Elizabeth Warren via
Mitch McConnell cuts off Elizabeth Warren for criticizing Jeff Sessions, Senate Republicans bar her from speaking. https…
Senate floor, Mitch McConnel Silenced Elizabeth Warren. Silenced her as she quoted Coretta Scott King. This is missuse o…
"Nevertheless, she persisted." Mitch McConnell just gave Elizabeth Warren the title of her autobiography, if not a line of T…
Read Elizabeth Warren’s full statements to the Globe after she was rebuked for reading Coretta Scott King letter
Fraudster Elizabeth Warren violates Senate rules and lib snowflakes are crying again in ANOTHER faux outrage campaign. Sad.
Stunning moment: Elizabeth Warren silenced by McConnell on the Senate floor for speaking out against Sessions' confirmation. h…
Elizabeth Warren, unable to speak on Senate floor, is now standing outside, reading the Coretta Scott King letter:
McConnell silences Elizabeth Warren as she tries to read Coretta Scott King's 1986 letter that pleaded with Congress to opp…
Here is the Coretta Scott King letter that Elizabeth Warren read from — and was then rebuked, and silenced, for doing so. https…
These are the 49 Senators who just voted to silence Elizabeth Warren for QUOTING Coretta Scott King
Elizabeth Warren silenced from reciting Coretta Scott King letter by Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell's use of Coretta Scott King's words as an avenue to silence Elizabeth Warren only succeeded in...
Elizabeth Warren own state is fed up with her, Poll shows Warren is no sure bet for re-election next year
Elizabeth Warren's side-eye is so strong that Theo Huxtable just grounded himself.
Elizabeth Warren is like the female version of John Kerry, except in a swift-boat canoe.
Can't stop listening to Elizabeth Warren on the floor right now
Elizabeth Warren needs to be arrested for inciting a Riot at . .
I love Elizabeth Warren so much. She should run with congressman John Lewis as VP in 2020.
(Canada Free Press):takes on a regulatory agency set up by Elizabeth Warren..
But as long as we have people like John Lewis & Elizabeth Warren in our corner, We will protect our Constitution!
2/ Boston is the town with 35 colleges, Elizabeth Warren, strongest anti-discrimination laws in the nation. These jerks do…
I think of it as John Rocker vs. Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren gives progressives in Congress a rousing call to arms against Trump via
Just putting it out there, if Elizabeth Warren ever put out a rap album, it would be my jam.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Elizabeth Warren to Trump's $285 million Goldman Sachs man: Recuse yourself
So did Hillary Clinton. So did Eric Holder. So did Harry Reid. So did Nancy Pelosi. So does Elizabeth Warren!
This makes Shia Lebouf our Harry Potter, Bernie Sanders our Dumbledore, Elizabeth Warren is McGonagall. Mike Pence is clearly Lucius Malfoy.
Elizabeth Warren has the same effect on my nerves as Harry Reid did w/ Pelosi a close second. geezus gawd I'm sick of seeing/hearing them🦇💩🤡
why haven't Leslie Knope, Harry Potter & Elizabeth Warren teamed up to save us??
I'm playing a mayor in a play and my references are 100% Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Selina Meyer from Veep.
Elizebeth Warren No child should emulate. Harvard Law School hired its first woman of color,  Elizabeth Warren, in 1995.”"
Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey say they will oppose Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.
Knowing Hilary, she probably would pick Harry Reid or Elizabeth Warren!
Bet Harry Reid is sorry he didn't listen to Mitch. Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. With Donald...
Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor blasting GOP leaders who previously opposed Trump's ban: "Where are you?"
Elizabeth Warren wants to know why a website for Wells Fargo complaints has disappeared - Fast Company
Mary Ann Marsh, Elizabeth Warren, Maddona, Judd, and of course Cher. The 5 that are most Anti American. which is worst, "All equal"
Mary, Elizabeth Warren says all these refugees coming to USA are doctors and lawyers and people who contribute to U…
y'all should know how Elizabeth Warren feels, she was at Logan airport last night.. Protesting..but Edward Markey!! Keep calling all week!!
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Oh my god the sky is falling. Elizabeth Warren faux Indian is more like Henny Penny. They lost
Elizabeth Warren Can’t Win for Losing When It Comes to Her Vote for Ben Carson via
Freakin' Dems ... we can't even get Elizabeth Warren to commit to full resistance
SHOCK POLL: Elizabeth Warren will likely lose Senate reelection for being so anti-Trump
Where are the when Elizabeth Warren is caught re-handed?
The federal Wells Fargo complaint site has vanished. Lawyer hindering inv says she will be in WH admin... -
this photo of Elizabeth Warren in college applying for Native American student loans just got leaked!!
POTUS made a statement "All talk and no action". That's Elizabeth Warren a big loud mouth that's not funny. Go Sen.…
I bet Elizabeth Warren was nasty in elementary school music
A government Wells Fargo complaint website has vanished. Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to know why
LISTEN AMERICA!!!. That great Native American Leader Elizabeth Warren is talking about ethics!
Elizabeth Warren says we are a country of Immigrants? Really that's the best she can come up with? So we should just open the flood gates?
My favorite white people are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders!
The price of selling out to the Clintons.
Things keep getting worse for Elizabeth Warren via
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
If CAIR and Elizabeth Warren are your enemies, you know you've done something right.
Elizabeth Warren: We are a country of immigrants. Native Americans:
⚡️ “'We are a country of immigrants': Elizabeth Warren reacts to Trump's refugee ban”.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is bleeding in the polls. She's even too extreme for Mass & may go down. Read my column: https:/…
Elizabeth Warren taking heat from the left
We must measure Elizabeth Warren by actions, not only words. And today she made things harder for us by voting to confi…
9. Among the Democrats voting for Carson were progressive stalwarts Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown
There's a good reason Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown are confirming Trump nominees, it's because... S…
Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she will vote for Ben Carson for HUD Secretary. 😶
Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown indicate they'll vote to confirm Ben Carson. Will they face the same backlash as Cory Booker did?
Elizabeth Warren statement on her support of Ben Carson's nomination to HUD
hi this actually isn't my personal account anymore it's an Elizabeth Warren and Wendy Davis fan page thanks
4 days into Trump era & rumors of Elizabeth Warren, Michele Obama, & Caroline Kennedy runs are swirling. Will 2020 see 2.0 ?
Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren turn out for women's marches in show of resistance against Trump. Puppets of Soros. W…
12. Harry Reid was the worst senator before he retired. Now the least likable is Elizabeth Warren.
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