Elizabeth Tower & Big Ben

Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, and is generally extended to refer to the clock or the Clock Tower (officially known simply as Clock Tower) as well. Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, and is generally extended to refer to the clock or the Clock Tower (officially known simply as Clock Tower) as well. 5.0/5

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Big Ben & Elizabeth Tower are absolutely beautiful!
Under the gray skies of London, Elizabeth Tower (fondly known as Big Ben) sanding tall and beautiful.
Did you know that Big Ben is the bell inside the Elizabeth Clocktower and not the tower itself?
Westminster Bridge - Westminster Bridge and the Elizabeth Tower (aka Big Ben) taken from the Queen's Walk. In the …
11 July 1859. Big Ben, the bell in the Clock Tower of what is now called Elizabeth Tower, tolled for the first time
I'm at Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) - in London, Greater London, Greater London w/
Not quite. Tower is called Elizabeth Tower since 2012 and the bell (not inc the clock) is nicknamed Big Ben (1)
The Elizabeth Tower, famously known as 'Big Ben', was actually being…
Big Ben at Sunset: Alexander JE Bradley posted a photo:. Despite the fact that Elizabeth Tower, more common...
"Big Ben" isn’t a tower, only the bell inside the tower is called Big Ben. The tower itself is called The Elizabeth To…
So if the bell is Big Ben and the tower is the Elizabeth Tower, what's the clock called? Well, obvs *starts petition*
My image Queen Elizabeth II Tower with Big Ben has received special recognition
Big Ben, Queen Elizabeth Tower and Wesminster Bridge framed in A by anshar
Big Ben is the name of the bell not the tower - the tower is called The Elizabeth Tower...
You cant see Big Ben. Its inside the Elizabeth Tower!
Fascinating to go on the Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower tour today.
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First time going up the Elizabeth Tower and seeing Big Ben - really interesting to see it close up! Thanks
Close up of the clock face on Elizabeth Tower (St Stephen's Tower), Big Ben is nowhere to be…
Behind the clock face of Elizabeth Tower, often referred to as Big Ben, 1920s.
Big Ben aka Elizabeth Tower. Can't lie was pretty awe inspiring to see this one in person!…
it's a bit like saying SW1A 2AA is David Cameron. 0AA is the Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben just lives there
The moment you teach your very British friend that the Big Ben is officially called The Elizabeth Tower. Right, ;)
My pic has won the Architectural Photography Challenge. Now buying the family Big Ben gifts for Xmas. via
Discover more about Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower in this illustrated guide book.
So this morning we climbed the Elizabeth Tower and watched Big Ben strike 10am. Went behind the…
A street view of Elizabeth Tower also known as "Big Ben" in See more of our Travel…
Sorry,Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower tours are only available to UK residents. We hope we can welcome you to Parliament one day.
Can't wait to get inside Big Ben tomorrow with Matt :) @ The Elizabeth Tower
You know Big Ben is the bell right? I mean, you're the fact guy. You're talking abt St. Stephen's / Elizabeth Tower.
So they've renamed 'Big Ben' to 'Elizabeth Tower'. Does that even sound cute?
Big Ben is in the photo, however it's inside the Elizabeth Tower.
also fun fact, Big Ben is actually the bell inside of the Clock Tower, not the tower itself. the tower is called Elizabeth tower. NEAT
Big Ben is actually the name of the bell. This is the Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben doesn’t refer to the famous clock, but to the bell inside. The building itself is called the Elizabeth Tower!
Big Ben is the bell. The Clock Tower is called the Elizabeth Tower :3
The face of the clock on the 'Big Ben' tower at Parliament is being cleaned. Workers are abseiling down Elizabeth Tower to carry out the work. You can see more on the One O'Clock News on BBC 1.
Cleaners have been working on the clock face on the Elizabeth Tower today, which was renamed in 2012 to celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Many people know the landmark as Big Ben - the nickname of the bell in the tower. Work is due to continue for 4 days :)
TRIVIA ABOUT SOME OF THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR LANDMARKS THE STATUE OF LIBERTY was once a lighthouse. Lady Liberty was a gift from France, intended to serve as a reminder of freedom. Then-president Grover Cleveland, however, thought the statue would best be used as a light source. After several failed attempts to get the electrical wiring working, the structure was finally ready to be used as a lighthouse. The structure lit the way for 16 years, but was later deemed an unfit way to treat the symbol and its lighthouse days ended on March 1, 1902. LONDON'S Clock Tower isn’t really named Big Ben. Just about everyone in the world refers to the pivotal Clock Tower, which defines the city of London, as Big Ben. But we’re all dead wrong. The little known truth is the tower isn’t actually named Big Ben. That’s the name of the bell inside of it but the tower itself is named Elizabeth Tower, after Queen Elizabeth II. We wonder if the Queen is offended that no one calls it by its real name. THE GREAT WALL OF ...
in 1858, the first, 'Big Ben', the bell housed in the Elizabeth Tower on Westminster Palace, was cast...
great photo, but shouldn’t you guys educate your followers that that’s the Elizabeth Tower (and that Big Ben is the bell)?
'Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower' with over 130 fabulous images of this iconic Clock Tower htt…
you mean Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben is the bell.
Big Ben is the bell located inside the Elizabeth Tower.
It's actually Elizabeth tower, Big Ben is the bell inside. It's an easy mistake to make. I bet most Londoners don't even know ;)
a few years before I can take a tour of Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower then :(
A legendary erection. And that's Big Ben (well, the Elizabeth Tower) in the background BBC3 http:…
The tower known as Big Ben is actually Elizabeth Tower. The bell is called Big Ben.
Looking forward to a rare day off in LONDON - to climb Elizabeth Tower (better known as Big Ben - but of course...
Just gotta put it out there ,that Big Ben is in fact the bell housed in the tower with the four faces that goes by the name Elizabeth tower
Thinks Gene Simmons should NEVER take off his makeup. Singing the SSB and I wanted to change the channel...Sunday Fun Fact: The Clock Tower in London isn't called "Big Ben" as widely assumed. The actual name is the Elizabeth Tower. So when Roethlisberger takes a sack, it's appropriate to imitate Redd Foxx doing the "Elizabeth, this is the big one/I'm coming to see you" heart attack...Vikings flags = FAIL!
Fantastic new book on the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben out today - 154 yrs after the Great Clock started ticking
'Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower', a beautifully illustrated guide to a much loved treasure is published today
Impressed by our tour of Elizabeth Tower today: Standing next to Big Ben (the 13 ton bell), with ear plugs in, as it chimed 3pm. Standing inside the clock face, able to touch the white glass. Watching the massive clock mechanism glacial, then frantic. All for the bargain price of £0.00.
London : Trafalgar Square. One of the busiest squares in London. It is a custom for London to gather at Trafalgar Square on New Year's Eve to ring in the New Year from here as they will be able to see the Elizabeth Tower and hear Big Ben chime. Trafalgar Square is home to Nelson's Column, iconic stone lions, the famous Fourth Plinth and a lot of pigeons.
Big Ben is actually the bell inside. That is known as Elizabeth Tower now. Dedicated to the queen for her jubilee last year
London : The House of Commons and Elizabeth Tower. The famous symbol of London the Clock Tower is now known as Elizabeth Tower and the bell of course is Big Ben. The Parliament buildings with the sun shining on it looked like they were made of gold. Both the tower and the House of Commons are beautiful buildings and some say the most beautiful found along the Thames.
I walked into my gym this afternoon and saw someone painting a mural. Only the silhouettes were finished. "What are you painting?" I asked. "London Bridge, Big Ben, and Westminster Cathedral," he replied. "What did you think they were?" "Tower Bridge, Elizabeth Tower and Westminster Abby," I said. "Wrong," he said. "I guess you don't know London." "I guess not." I hadn't the heart to tell him not one of them was actually in the City of London.
It will always be Big Ben though it will be going through a name change.
Photo: Elizabeth Tower, Westminster. Big Ben is the bell of the clock that sits inside the tower. Photo ©...
AROUND THE WORLD - Most people think Big Ben is the Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminister (the British Houses Of Parliament in London). But the name actually belongs to a huge bell inside the Tower. It was named after Benjamin Hall, the civil engineer who ordered the bell cast. The bell was supposed to be called Victoria, after the Queen, but the common people nicknamed it Big Ben and the name stuck. The clock is an excellent timekeeper and Big Ben is known for its loud chim every hour. The monument is to be renamed Elizabeth Tower to mark the Queen's 60th year on the throne.
Did you know: *The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Egyptologists believe that the pyramid was built as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops in Greek) over a 10 to 20-year period concluding around 2560 BCE. *The construction of the Roman Colosseum started in 72 AD under the emperor Vespasian and was completed in 80 AD under Titus, with further modifications being made during Domitian's reign (81–96). *Big Ben, officially named the Elizabeth Tower, was completed in 1858, and holds the largest four-faced chiming clock in the world and is the third-tallest free-standing Clock Tower. *The Statue of Liberty was designed by Frédéric Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886. The statue was a gift to the United States from the people of France.
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Fireworks explode over Elizabeth Tower housing the Big Ben clock to celebrate the New Year in London, Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth) Fiscal cliff? Recession? Not in Asia, where the first countries to see 2013 are enthusiastically welcoming the New Year. Play VideoAre You Ready for 2013? Are You Ready for 2013? Times Square Ball Gets Facelift New Year's Eve Stage Time Lapse Behind the Scenes Countdown to 2013 Guinness World Records Best of 2012 2012: Superstorm Sandy 2012: Tornado Outbreak 2012: A Year of Drought 2012: Remembering Hurricane Isaac 2012 A Year of Wildfires Covering Sandy: A Reporter's Perspective NASA's 2012 Memorable Moments Understanding Climate Change The buoyant economies of the Asia-Pacific are prepared to party with renewed optimism despite the so-called fiscal cliff threatening to reverberate globally from the United States and the tattered economies of Europe. Increasingly democratic Myanmar is having a public countdown for the first time. Jakarta ...
Today (26th Dec.) is the feast day of St Stephen, who was a deacon in the church in Jerusalem in cAD34-35. Following a disagreement, he was denounced for blasphemy (Acts 6.11.) His trial before the Sanhedrin (Acts 7.52). his theophany (Acts 7.56), and his subsequent martyrdom have resulted in St Stephen being venerated as a saint by all the Western Christian churches, including the Anglican church. St Stephen is the patron saint of coffin makers, deacons, altar servers, headaches, masons, horses, and the state of Serbia. His name appears in the well known English carol "Good King Wenceslas" (composed in 1853) Relatively few places bear his name in Britain, although St Stephens Chapel built in the reign of Heny III, occupied the site later used as the first debating chamber of the House of Commons, hence you will hear it referred to in Welsh as San Steffan. The Elizabeth Tower that houses `Big Ben` was until the Diamond Jubilee known as St Stephens Tower.
Big Ben is the nickname for that big Clock Tower in London the Elizabeth Tower
PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION - The Clock Tower housing the Big Ben bell has been renamed the Elizabeth Tower. A c...
A few months ago, the Clock Tower that people (incorrectly) called Big Ben was renamed for the Diamond Jubilee as 'Elizabeth Tower'!
Looking at the silhouette of Big Ben or the Elizabeth Tower and The Palace Of Westminster from @ South Bank
The official name of the Big Ben in London is Elizabeth Tower. Get to know more about this amazing city with us:
Big Ben renamed as Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Quite a sex change this will be the first. Queen with a Ghanta !!
No, as part of the Diamond Jubilee it was renamed the Elizabeth Tower. (But everyone will still call it Big Ben!)
Big Ben: Clock Tower renamed as Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Big Ben renamed Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen's 60 years on throne | via
Full house at talk in Portcullis House, Parliament, on the Elizabeth Tower & Big Ben
Big Ben's official name is now "Elizabeth Tower", not that anyone in the world would notice.
The bell's Big Ben. Parliament just changed the name of The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster to The Elizabeth Tower.
but now it is Elizabeth Tower doesn't flow like Big Ben
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I will never ever call Big Ben 'Elizabeth Tower'.
When your friend gets passionate about Big Ben being changed to Elizabeth Tower, it's hilarious.
did you know that the Big Ben now is called Elizabeth Tower ?
I don't care what you say. I am never going to call it the Elizabeth Tower. It'll always be Big Ben to me ok.
A ten year old kid just corrected his mate and said "It's not called Big Ben, it's the Elizabeth Tower"
So for Steelers fans...do they now call their QB "Elizabeth Tower" since they renamed Big Ben!
I honestly don't see why the *** its changed to the "Elizabeth Tower" *** it was better as Big Ben its ridiculous.
"you can't rename the Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower. That's like naming the Statue of Liberty, Bertha"
Big Ben(used to refer both the clock and the tower) to be called as Elizabeth Tower(refers to tower only) from now onwards.
Big Ben is not a tower. It is bell at the top of the Elizabeth Tower.
Big Ben is now Elizabeth Tower. Senseless people.. :-@
The iconic Clock Tower which houses the great bell, the Big Ben, was officially renamed as "Elizabeth Tower" Wednesday to honor the 60 years of Queen Elizabeth on the throne.
Big Ben renamed to Elizabeth tower in honour of Queen Elizabeth completing 60 years of her reign.
The name of world's famous Big Ben has just been changed into the Elizabeth Tower. OMG, want to go back to London so bad. Time does flies, it has been 12 years already...
'Elizabeth Tower' strikes 10 is the new 'Big Ben strikes 10'!! Certain names ought not to change.
Big Ben has now been renamed Elizabeth Tower?
Big Ben renamed into Elizabeth's Tower! But all the same, for me it remains Big Ben
Clock Tower that houses Big Ben "Elizabeth Tower" in honour of Queen's Diamons Jubilee via
Whisper: It's Big Ben and I'm never going to call it the Elizabeth Tower.
Ever noticed how the Elizabeth Tower/Big Ben leans towards Trafalgar Square? Tip is 40cm out of position and you can just about see it now.
Clock Tower officially renamed as 'Elizabeth Tower'. Redundant really as the name Big Ben will prevail.
Elizabeth Tower? Isnt the clock named Big Ben, not the tower? Or am I confusing something
Most know it as Big Ben, but its real name has changed from the Clock Tower to Elizabeth Tower - watch our f ...
Jokes by Lorne (Sept 13/12) . Full Mental Jacket Canada's boosting its military, Mental Health budget to $50 M/yr. With that many unstable guys with guns . . . maybe its good we DON'T have any nukes. . Bye Bye Big Ben By renaming Big Ben the Elizabeth Tower, it's gone from a short, man's name to a long, woman's name. Maybe they should use the new initials with a gender-neutral name and just call it 'ET'.
Do you know that Big Ben changed it's name? It's Elizabeth Tower at the moment!
Royal news: Harry will celebrate his 28th birthday in british military service in Afghanistan flying Apache helicopters...Big Ben has officially been renamed the Elizabeth Tower, Will and Kate were in Singapore on a nine day tour of Asia and received orchids named to honor Princese Diana who was supposed to be there in 1997 two weeks after her tragic death in Paris, and they may have located the remains of King Richard III, who ascended to power in the late 1400s in England after murdering his twin 8 year old nephews...(I can understand why it has taken this long to find this guy's bones too! lol)
Big Ben renamed as Elizabeth Tower - and there was such a cry when VT was renamed as CST :P
Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Lawmaker formally unveils new name of tower housing London’s famed Big Ben LONDON — The iconic Clock Tower of Britain’s Parliament was officially renamed Wednesday in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. The 315-foot (96-meter)-high structure — widely, though incorrectly, known as Big Ben — is one of Britain’s most recognizable landmarks. House of Commons Speaker John Bercow unveiled a new name plaque designating the structure the Elizabeth Tower. The renaming ceremony is the culmination of a campaign by lawmakers to mark the monarch’s 60 years on the throne. The tower was completed in 1858. It houses a four-faced chiming clock and the famed 13.5 ton Big Ben bell. Over the years, people began calling the whole tower Big Ben — and likely will continue to do so. “There’s not one chance in 10,000 that visitors, that people in this country, will think of this tower as anything but Big Ben,” Labour Party lawmaker Paul Flynn said.
Fantastic news - Big Ben has now officialy been named the Elizabeth Tower after the auld Nazi. I'm so happy for her !
so they have changed the name of Big Ben to Elizabeth tower. why? still always gonna be Big Ben to me and to so many others.
Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower... well, I guess that's a lot better than "A night in Vegas, with Prince Harry"!
Cannot believe Big Ben has officially been renamed Elizabeth Tower - doesn't sound right!!!
So name change is not just happening here. We have managed to motivate others too. Big Ben is now Elizabeth Tower. One thing is certain, no one will ever call BB by any other name.
How can Big Ben be Elizabeth Tower? I though our Asha Parekh was Big Ben.
Big Ben is renamed Elizabeth Tower to commemorate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Couldn't they have just built her a new tower?
heh.Big Ben got renamed.it's now Elizabeth Tower.
They're changing the name of Big Ben in London to Elizabeth Tower to honor the Queen. It would have been easier, and cooler to just start calling her Big Ben
Big Ben tower name change confirmed as Elizabeth Tower for Queen's Jubilee. Big Ben is not the tower but the bell.
sorry to be pedantic but it's not called the 'Big Ben' either, its renamed as 'Elizabeth Queen Tower'. They changed the name!
I am looking forward to the shot of Big Ben, sorry, Elizabeth Tower, at 11pm
Chilling in garden & notice that they've given up putting clock face on Big Ben, sorry Stephen's Tower, I mean Queen Elizabeth Tower on
: Cross-party group of UK MPs call for tower housing Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower for Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Now that Big Ben is Elizabeth Tower..Tha only Big Ben is at Heinz Field !!!
Yes, I did know this - and, also, think people will always say Big Ben - not the Elizabeth Tower - and it should be Big Ben - and you know I love me some Her Majesty.
it's not even St Stephen's tower, that's a piddly one in the middle. Big Ben is in Clock Tower/Elizabeth Tower..
Big Ben, but it's now called the Elizabeth Tower after the queen in recognition of her 60 yrs on throne.
it's not Big Ben anymore they changed name to Elizabeth Tower
Is anybody else still annoyed that Big Ben is going to be changed to Elizabeth Tower? It's an iconic building. I'll NEVER call it that.
Something is bothering me, they re-named the Clock Tower that houses Big Ben "Elizabeth Tower", same time as the Olympic Games are starting.
Someone just mentioned that Big Ben in London had it's name changed to Elizabeth Tower. Someone else said they should call it Big Liz. I agree, even if the Queen would not approve.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa from Italy. I'd prefer Big Ben, but it was just renamed after Queen Elizabeth for her recent birthday.
Will anyone refer to Big Ben's tower by its new name, the "Elizabeth Tower"?
Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower in honor of Queen's 60-year Jubilee; does this make sense for
True! Regarding name: instead of the Big Ben in the Clock Tower it is the Big Ben in the Elizabeth Tower.
Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) is made from cast iron girders, Anston stone, cornish granite and iron roofing plates.
Which name do you like better? Elizabeth Tower, or Big Ben? They're trying to change Big Ben to Elizabeth's Tower. :P
I agree that Big Ben clock stays "Big Ben" and the tower adjoining the Houses of Parliament be renamed “Elizabeth Tower”
Calling the "Elizabeth Tower" "Big Ben" will result in the immediate DQ of the athlete.
Elizabeth Tower's ready for the Bye bye Big Ben!
Big Ben in is going to be renamed Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben is actually the bell, not the clock. The clock itself is now known as the Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben's tower to be renamed Elizabeth Tower to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
04/19/2012 Parliament's Clock Tower - known to many as Big Ben - could be renamed after the Queen to mark her Diamond Jubilee, if some MPs have their way. Co...
Just wondering since England is renaming Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower Does that mean Big Ben Is Transgendered?
Extremely disturbed by what Chris Tarrant has just said about Big Ben being renamed Elizabeth Tower! Pft!
They're renaming 'Big Ben' to 'Elizabeth Tower' in honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Big Ben will be called as Elizabeth tower :) Wooow yeah~~ Love love love♡♡ Big Ben is definitely my best best best~~!!
I don't care if they changed the name to Elizabeth Tower. To me it will always be Big Ben.
I heard they are renaming Big Ben to Elizabeth tower ??!! :/
Eye and did a tour of Trafalgar Square, Elizabeth's Tower/Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament then went on the London Eye which was fab (c)
ROFL!!! Or should I go English with Big Ben.or as it's gonna be renamed 'The Elizabeth C(l)ock Tower' ;-D!
are people actually gonna rename Big Ben: Elizabeth Tower are they dumb?!
pointless too noone will call the tower Elizabeth, it will all stay Big Ben
Can't believe they're actually considering changing the name "Big Ben" to "Elizabeth tower"...
London's Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower - Yahoo! News via
You may have seen 'Elizabeth Tower' but I'm sure you couldn't see Big Ben 😉
Big Ben changed the name into 'Elizabeth Tower' but everyone is going to still call it "Big Ben"
Big Ben sounding off inside Elizabeth Tower when I snapped this! Oh that didn't sound good, Britain!
Talking about Big Ben, you know that it's Elizabeth Tower now ? That was a quick gender re-assignement :))) Ben --> Elizabeth
The Queens getting a tad to big for her Penny Loafers, about she's changing the Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower in honour of her Jubille.
So the queen changed Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower in memory of her Jubilee, I really don't know how I feel about that. Offended.
Big Ben in to be renamed Elizabeth Tower to honour our queen... Isn't being a monarch enough of an honour?
I see the Shard is being compared to the height of Big Ben. That should be "the Elizabeth Tower", surely to goodness?
Clock Tower housing Big Ben to be called Elizabeth Tower, but everyone thinks it is Big Ben, so pointless piece of royal fawning.
“What a view... Big Ben at dusk RY--> it is now known as Queen Elizabeth Tower!!!
“Big Ben sounds fun! Elizabeth Tower not so much...” The Elizabeth Tower sounds like a KFC burger
In London named was changed [Big Ben] famous [Elizabeth Tower] after the ceremony the Queen's 60 years of assuming office
"Big Ben" Tower to be renamed "Elizabeth Tower" to celebrate the Queens 60 year reign
I thought both were named Big Ben lol. My mistake..."Elizabeth tower" now, right?
I've decided to climb the 'Elizabeth Tower' & threaten to jump from it if they don't change it back to Big Ben lmao, as if they care.
I thought it was 'Elizabeth Tower' therefore the building that houses the bell -'Big Ben'.
What?! Big Ben is now Elizabeth Tower? Younger generations will not understand when I name my St Bernard Big Ben.
why are you calling it Big Ben Elizabeth Tower?! - it's the Clock Tower, with Big Ben being the bell.
Are "they" really thinking of changing Big Ben's name to 'Elizabeth Tower!?' Ugh.
Oiii!! You're not Big Ben anymore! You're called Elizabeth Tower, aren't you?
Is it just to have the palace impose the name elizabeth tower on Big Ben, needless. Fully against, wasting MPs time!
Last night was the Premier of the final season of Weeds. The show opened with the original version of "Little Boxes". For some reason that made me deliriously happy. This was good because before that I was very angry at the British for having the temerity to rename Big Ben, "Elizabeth Tower" as if that ancient cow deserved the honor of destroying the reputation of one of the worlds most well known monument. It's just been one of those weeks.
England is renaming Big Ben, and will now be called Elizabeth Tower. ***
Big Ben to be renamed to Elizabeth tower? How come I just found out about this?
Big Ben's tower renamed Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen --WOW!
Big Ben's tower was recently renamed to honor the Queen. It's now called Elizabeth Tower.
Did you know that Big Ben will not be called Big Ben anymore? For now on it will be Elizabeth Tower, as a tribute to the Queen. - Iberia Air
Big Ben renamed Elizabeth Tower (Our so called elected representatives made the decision. Preposterous!)
They're not trying to rename Big Ben. That's the bell! It's the tower they are going to call Elizabeth Tower. Calm down.
Big Ben tower to be renamed after Queen Elizabeth II
Elizabeth Tower is the new name of the Palace of Westminster Clock Tower. But Big Ben (the bell) remains as Big Ben
"My friend @ Big Ben is it supposed to be called Elizabeth Tower now?
Why the *** have they renamed Big Ben 'The Elizabeth Tower'?! It's always been famously named Big Ben what's the point in changing it?!
I can't believe their changing the name of 'Big Ben' to 'Elizabeth's tower'
Big Ben is now called Elizabeth Tower, *** ! I know its her year but that's taking the biscuit.
Elizabeth tower - a new name for the home of Big Ben via
Proposal to change name of Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower. How daft! Big Liz is a much better name!
Big Ben's TOWER, not Big Ben the bell, is being called Elizabeth Tower, to match Victoria Tower (the only other 60 year Queen)
You aren't anymore the Big Ben, your name now is,Elizabeth Tower...
Katie asked 4 divorce, Luongo is coming back to the Panthers, Big Ben gets renamed to Elizabeth Tower, CO fires, NE heat wave..what a wk😳
I know this is late but calling the tower Big Ben in Elizabeth Tower really ... so Big Ben is in Big Betty ... what will Graham Norton make of it.
London's Big Ben Clock Tower renamed after queen - Travel - News ...: It's one of the most famous names in the w...
"The announcement that Big Ben was to be renamed The Elizabeth Tower was met with pure bafflement" says
It's not my fault I'm an Anglophile. Big Ben is Big Ben not Elizabeth Tower. no offense to the Queen but no way. Now Harry Tower... I like😁
Me: they renamed Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower my friend Angie: She couldn't just rename a street?
For me is the Big Ben , No the Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower... What does everyone think about this?
I don't like that Big Ben is being renamed Elizabeth Tower
Visit London to see Big Ben inside Elizabeth Tower (extract from 80’s adult guide to Soho).
exactly!! 'Big Ben' is so iconic nobody is going to refer to it as elizabeth tower anyway.
In London they are renaming Big Ben to the Elizabeth Tower. So are we renaming Ben Roethlisberger to Elizabeth Roethlisberger?
Did anyone else notice that they're going to rename Big Ben? Elizabeth Tower! It's not right.
"Can people stop comparing Justin Bieber and 1D before I jump off the Big Ben" its the Elizabeth Tower now...sooo
News Media, by way of reporters saying that officially it’s now Elizabeth Tower, are now saying that Big Ben is no longer Big Ben. But it never officially was Big Ben, and it’s not the tower but the clock in the top of the tower, and its name is not what it is but what humans call it and may or may not continue to call by their own initiative or habit. The Fleet Center is now the TD Bank North Garden unless some other company has bought the right to name it, and the Superdome is now the Mercedes Benz Superdome, but only those corporations care. And Big Ben doesn’t stop at stop-watching periods of petty pomp. It’s tolled a city’s centuries. www.hitrt.com
Big Ben will be renamed Elizabeth Tower, but I think I'm still going to call it Big Ben. :/
Big Ben named "Elizabeth Tower" in honour of Diamond Jubilee of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the thrones of seven countries. Quite a sex change, I would say! LMAO hehehe ;D
Big Ben is going to be renamed the Elizabeth Tower.
No more Big Ben? The Parliament in England decided this week to rename the tower Elizabeth Tower in honor of Her...
the health care law has been upheld. It was a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court, with Chief Justice Roberts being the surprise swing vote. I have heard several reports that please me: the talk of alternating the French and Belgian Grands Prix is over, so Spa will be on the calendar every year! I have also heard reports of a Grand Prix being hosted in London around Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben Clock Tower, now Elizabeth Tower, and other famous landmarks. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone himself is offering to put up the money for it, estimated at between 35 and 55 million dollars.
If the Brits want to rename Big Ben, that's their business. But I refuse to participate based soley on the fact that repeatedly saying "Look kids - Elizabeth Tower, Parliament" doesn't have the same ring to it.
Big Ben to Become the Elizabeth Tower in Honor of the Queen | NewsFeed | -
London's Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower. So bongga! :)
Big Ben renamed Elizabeth Tower.now how stupid is that!
just heard they renamed Big Ben the Elizabeth tower why would they change it???
hey everyone within the sound of my typing...ha ha.with the news of Big Ben Tower being renamed Elizabeth Tower in honour of Her Majesty's 60 year reign does anyone without cheating and using google or any other search engine.know how Big Ben was named
Well folks, it now seems the Transgender movement has spread its tentacles into the great city of London, England. It appears that even 'Big Ben' will now take the plunge and go under the 'knife'! I am sure supporters of the LGBT cause are tickled that the giant clock will soon have his big brass 'bells' removed. Reports are sketchy concerning what will take their place, but one popular choice would be a synthhesizer playing a wide range of musical melodies. These tones would be drastically different from the 'masculine' sounding bell banging that Big Ben is known for. It would no doubt have much broader appeal to the plethora of culturally diversified peoples of the world. After Ben's transformation is complete, he will forever be known as, Elizabeth Tower. When this metamorphosis is to take place has not yet been determined, however, many are already calling for him to change his outter appearence as well. Perhaps a new coat of paint with colors borrowed from a nearby rainbow would suffice? Note* This p ...
There's some news about renaming the UK's parliament building's Clock Tower to the 'Elizabeth Tower'. American tourists will, of course, continue to call it Big Ben, because we're dumb and because we all want to re-live this scene.
“Parliament Clock Tower, home of Big Ben, to become Elizabeth Tower in honour of Diamond Jubilee > I love this idea, very fitting
Big Ben, as I know it, we did some open mics together is now being renamed: Elizabeth Tower! They are going to add a simple black purse to the structure!
Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower. Maybe a little too sedate but I guess they couldn't call it Big Liz.
Elizabeth's Tower? Bah... humbug! Nice sentiment, but it will always be Big Ben to me!
Impressive job Big Ben, you've done quite enough. Now it's time to send the Elizabeth Tower on spotlight.
to my friends in the UK and Ireland: any thoughts to the renaming of Big Ben to the Elizabeth Tower?
Instead of Elizabeth Tower, why don't the Brits rename Big Ben "Ronald Reagan Tower"? Pretty ungrateful if you ask me.
Dear ignorami of the world, the bell and clock are called Big Ben, it is actually the Clock Tower of Westminster Palace that will be renamed Elizabeth Tower ...I didn't sit on a tour bus listening to this oft-forgotten fact in the middle of winter just so you all could get it wrong, okay? okay... "...Ooooh, bitter much, you closeted Anglophilic royal-groupie..?"
Big Ben no more! English lawmakers have renamed the iconic London landmark after Queen Elizabeth...heretofore to be called Elizabeth Tower.
Minor rant for this morning. Renaming the London landmark Big Ben 'Elizabeth Tower' is just lame. It'll never stick! GIVE IT UP!! Rant over.
"Big Ben is still Big Ben.Big Ben is the bell inside the now-named Elizabeth Tower, formerly the Clock Tower."
Oh NO! London no longer has Big Ben! I am glad I got to see Big Ben. Now they have Elizabeth Tower .just won't be the same
I don't know about any of you, but for me, "The Elizabeth Tower" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Big Ben."
I think it's about the most inane thing I've heard, the British changing that time honored tradition by renaming Big Ben as the "Elizabeth Tower." I should display a more positive resistance and continue to call it Big Ben, but I'll probably take the cynical route and call it "Big Beth" (or "Bong Bong Beth." Maybe "Bling Bling Beth." I'll resist "Banging Betty.")
London's Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower via RT
tell me it is a joke ? Big Ben is being renamed Elizabeth Tower ? are u serious ?
I guess nobody will call the name bcoz Big Ben is the nickname: Big Ben WILL be renamed the Elizabeth Tower
Why would the Brits change the name of Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower? Don't they know that people would make of Roethlisberger with that name?
Big Ben is being renamed "Elizabeth Tower", because it is still easier to say than 'Roethlisberger'.
Big Ben will still be Big Ben. Itll just be inside Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben is renamed "Elizabeth Tower" WHY? no disrespect to the Queen but they have just finished off iconic landmark by renaming it
Olympic 2012 symbolic destruction of the queen! Big Ben's tower renamed Elizabeth Tower
“Big Ben Clock Tower to be renamed 'Elizabeth Tower'. No! if 70% of public against it, why change it?
PM on renaming of tower housing Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower: "a fitting recognition of The Queen's sixty years of service".
Big Ben is being renamed Elizabeth Tower. I'm ok with this, gets rid of all the *** jokes... hopefully.
So, if they changed Big Ben's name to Elizabeth Tower, should Roethlisberger change his nickname to Elizabeth, too?
"Elizabeth Tower" the tower was often called St Stephen's tower it is the main bell that is called Big Ben
So they're renaming Big Ben to Elizabeth Tower? I think they should change Ben Roethlisberger's nickname to that as well.
Now that Big Ben is being renamed to Elizabeth Tower does that mean we also have to start calling him Elizabeth Roethlisberger?
The Clock Tower we call Big Ben (which is in fact the bell) will be renamed Elizabeth Tower which we'll call Big Ben
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