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Elizabeth Taylor

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Liz Taylor, DBE (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) was a British-American actress.

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I'm gonna move to California. I'm gonna melt into the sand. Slow dance with Elizabeth Taylor. And Audrey. Bum a cigarette from Cary Grant.
Video: Michael Jackson celebrating his first ever Christmas with Elizabeth Taylor in 1993. ❤️
I always get told Amy Lee from Evanescence and Elizabeth Taylor. My Aunty looks so much like Liz Ta…
Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and the sex scandal that ruined America's Sweethearts
I'm thinking of the Elizabeth Taylor and Winona Ryder versions, specifically. I don't know if there…
The movies are better. If you've not seen them, watch the Winona Ryder one or the one with Elizabeth Taylor as Amy.
Elizabeth Taylor, George Harrison, Andy Gibb and John Lennon---all "A-files of interest" are among the cleared policy doc…
movie of the day: Giant (1956) with Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, & James Dean this film is 3.5 hours long…
Two years later in 1954 Peter Finch starred opposite Elizabeth Taylor in one of my favourites, "Elephant Walk" whic…
"To get his oh-so-close friends like Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor there, he had to shell out extra…
Remember ages ago I told you about a lady on my train who looked like Elizabeth Taylor? Anyway today my train was c…
I remember when the news came over that Elizabeth Taylor had died. I looked at my wife and said "Didn't she die lik…
A lot of fabulous woman with scorpio moon Elizabeth Taylor, Beyonce, Katy Perry (if that’s your thing) Lady Gaga (i…
August 29: Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana. Elizabeth Taylor called him the "king of pop, rock,…
Elizabeth Taylor recruited high-profile celebrities to the cause and now one of those celebrities, model and entrep…
"Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week." . Joseph Addison . Elizabeth Taylor as/in 'Cleopatra' (1963) Joseph L. M…
Michael Jackson once described Elizabeth Taylor as "a warm cuddly blanket that I love to snuggle up to"
Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Dean Martin enjoying a... Pic as poster:
James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor taking a break from filming Giant, 8 days after he finished his final scene in Giant,…
Newman with Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , 🔥
Thanks to Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers who have reviewed the b…
Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman star in, . Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)
Michael Jackson did that to pay homage to the white women that love him forever like Elizabeth Taylor and Lisa Mari…
So does Kit Harrington and Elizabeth Taylor and Bjork and Johnny Cash and Alfred Hitchcock
Janet Leigh, June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor taking a break on the set of Little Women, 1949...
Today in 1991 Michael Jackson gave away the bride (Elizabeth Taylor) to Larry Fortensky at their wedding in Neverland ranc…
"Our love is so furious that we burn each other out." -Richard Burton on Elizabeth Taylor
Taylor liked this post about the lyric 'Burton to this Taylor' referencing Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's relationship…
Gillian Anderson as Elizabeth Taylor for s2? I think so
Big girls need big diamonds, said Elizabeth Taylor. Listen up divas, dance in the sexy spirit of bling bijouterie w…
And she solicited money from celebs during Elizabeth Taylor's Oscar party and then delivered that $ personally to t…
James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Giant, 1956
Beautiful white women. Liz Montgomery, Vivian Leigh, Marlyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Mansfield, Carol Lombard. would net get hired
with all your favorites from oldies like James Brown to Elizabeth Taylor to new faces like…
Elizabeth Taylor left whatever she was doing & flew to Singapore to be with Michael during '93 allegations. How many "friends" do that for u
1956 "Giant", directed by George Stevens, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean, premieres in NYC
George Stevens' GIANT premiered in New York City 61 years ago today, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James…
I voted for Team Celia. :) (also cause Lily looked like Elizabeth Taylor in that show) sorry, Kathleen.
Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher, and Elizabeth Taylor did it first
Elizabeth Taylor, Ted Williams, Bob Hope and Lillian Ross have something in common
Elizabeth Taylor on HIV/AIDS this is patriotic Thank you GD bless you & Rock Hudson in our 💖
"It isn't the music that people remember most about me. It's the women.". Eddie Fisher. d 7y ago today. Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor
I liked a video Elizabeth Taylor interview on Johnny Carson 1992
I mean, I know - how else is Elizabeth Taylor going to talk to Doris Day/Doris Day's son/Rock Hudson without the phone? But...
And for some reason Monroe and Celia in that pic make me think of Monty Clift & Elizabeth Taylor (Lily should be Liz)
"You'll be the journalist, I'll be Elizabeth Taylor"
Happy birthday to the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. She's pictured alongside George Stevens and Rock Hudson at their imp…
Montgomery Clift & Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Raintree County. Bob Willoughby, 1956
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift on the Metro lot, 1952
Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in "A Place in the Sun".
Beauty to Me.. Best Eyes in the Business / Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift.…
My fave silhouette is back 🎀 Elizabeth Taylor (at 17) and Montgomery Clift, A Place in the Sun
Elizabeth Taylor in Suddenly Last Summer >>>
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift during a break in filming "A place in the sun"
Laurence Harvey with Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8. She won an Oscar for this film (1960)
📷 tcm: Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey on the set of BUTTERFIELD 8 (‘60) with director Daniel Mann
Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Suddenly Last Summer, 1959.
In 1975 Elizabeth Taylor and David Bowie met at George Cukor's Beverly Hills home to discuss a never-realised film…
Forever Elizabeth by Elizabeth Taylor is a feminine scent with notes of dewberry, amber and jasmine
.reinterprets a necklace once made famous by Elizabeth Taylor for modern times…
Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Halle Berry - who's your onscreen swimwear icon?.
Update your maps at Navteq
What a great photo of Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor!
Elizabeth Taylor, Sheila Hancock and Irina Maleeva from the world of film - Gilded observations of a gilded world
Elizabeth Taylor arrives at Oscar night 1960 with Eddie Fisher.
Joe Hart Money is the best deodorant.|Elizabeth Taylor
For those who don't know this is Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. Great movie…
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in, 'A Place in the Sun' (1952). Directed by George Stevens
Just watched the original Spencer Tracy He's great, but Elizabeth Taylor is no
She was like Diana Dors, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor rolled into one in this film. A beautiful woman.
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in A place in the Sun directed by George Stevens (1951)
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift on the set,A Place In The Sun.1951.
I have met Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who performed Under Milkwood (Dylan Thomas) at my s…
You need to read Barbara Pym, Elizabeth Taylor & Angela Carter to get a toehold on the British psyche. And,…
This fall, one of our Whitman-Walker Health locations will start redevelopment on its beloved Elizabeth Taylor...
. . . Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. Here's what the great columnist Liz Smith had to say about the book in her very early . . .
Elizabeth Taylor replaced Vivien Leigh in Elephant Walk (1954) - Here, with Dana Andrews
Grace Kelly, Ann Blyth and Janet Leigh dining at the MGM canteen, 1954. Elizabeth Taylor is on the table behind them.…
Just watched Suddenly, Last Summer starring Elizabeth Taylor and Katherine Hepburn, left w/ one jarring thought at…
1974 Elizabeth Taylor divorced Richard Burton for the first time. Here's a picture from happier days from the…
Oh yes. Elizabeth Taylor was Helena Cassadine & she put the curse on Luke & Laura that still goes on today!
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton during the filming of Edward Albee's Virginia Woolf, 1966, directed by Mike Nichol…
My favourite parts of The Richard Burton Diaries are when he writes about Elizabeth Taylor.
Fashion Trend - Elizabeth Taylor and husband Mike Todd at their honeymoon... - -
Elizabeth Taylor & daughter, Liza Todd (later adopted by Richard), on the set of CLEOPATRA '62. Photo by Paul Schut…
The actress Dina Merrill played a betrayed wife who loses both her husband and her mink coat to Elizabeth Taylor
I like to change it up. I think vintage is always the sexiest. Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Bardot, Bo Derek...
Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret O'Brien, June Allyson, and Janet Leigh on the set of Little Women (1949 film)
Nathaniel Hawthorne, Elizabeth Taylor (actress) and Javier Marias. And Patti Smith. For good measure.
A lady at work said I have "Elizabeth Taylor eyes" and it made my whole life bc my grandma used to say that all the time 💗😇 miss her so much
TMYK: Lana Turner & Grace Kelly were considered to play Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) before Elizabeth Taylor was cast.
Someone tell them about Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney, Lana Turner (all 8), Zsa Zsa Gabor (9) and man…
Show biz '64: "Iguana" director John Huston greets new arrivals to Mismaloya, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Sue L…
Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean in a production still from Giant (George Stevens, 1956)
Elizabeth Taylor with her children,Michael Wilding jr, Christopher Wilding and Liza Todd.
Sinatra, Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Taylor, Gregory Peck. Just a few Hollywood legends planting trees in over the years!…
Me too. I hope he does son w Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn next that would be epic
Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, Michael Todd, had planned for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) to be her final...
Well done Lady Smith of Basildon for getting a mention of Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor into her brexit response in the Lords
Labour's Baroness Smith compares Brexit to Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton...hopes the divorce could one day end in ge…
In “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor play an embittered married couple
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s titillating 1964 trip to Toronto:
Today marks 6 years since the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. Here she is Richard Burton in Paris, 1964. Photo by Douglas…
I liked a video '89 Michael Jackson Receives Award from Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Murphy (HD1080i)
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's titillating trip to Toronto »
Elizabeth Taylor died on this day in 2011. With Joan Bennett & Spencer Tracy on the set of Father of the Bride, 195…
Elizabeth Taylor in 2011, and is interred in Glendale Forest Lawn's Great Mausoleum/corpse prison. 😂
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Here's Elizabeth Taylor as Regina in "The Little Foxes" written by She was an amazing actress...…
I wonder if Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor & James Dean are having tea right now.
he brought out Usher, Nsync, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Chris Tucker, Elizabeth Taylor, Macaulay Culkin, and the Jackson's
those eyes come once in a lifetime,Elizabeth Taylor before and now you.Plain enchanting
My relationship with money makes Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's relationship look tame.
Did you and Robert Osborne ever get to "argue" about Elizabeth Taylor?
Filthy player Aguero ... acting better than Elizabeth Taylor!! . Disgusting
Clark Gable Sophia Loren Audrey Hepburn Elizabeth Taylor and James Cagney. Cagney b/c of your episodes about him and the Warner's
Vintage style painting Art of Elizabeth Taylor by LalasArtWorld via
56 years ago this week, Richard Burton married Elizabeth Taylor… for the first time. Find out more in
PT Kahatex Money is the best deodorant.|Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on their wedding day on March 15, 1964
Love this great photo of 2 of the most beautiful and talented actresses, Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor & James Dean on the set of Giant, 1955.
Money is the best deodorant.|Elizabeth Taylor Beauty and the Beast
You won’t believe how much this ring belonging to Elizabeth Taylor went for at auction! 💎💎💎…
i thought it was dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor 🤔
There is no deodorant like success. Elizabeth Taylor
Just about to start 'Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont' by Elizabeth Taylor
“No-one makes an entrance like Elizabeth Taylor.” - Sammy Davis Jr
Follow your passion, follow your heart, and the things you need will come. - Elizabeth Taylor
She made this necklace last night and now she's Elizabeth Taylor.
Thanks to the interview with Robert Osborne I just started watching Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor.
Who remembers the story of when Robert was a seat-filler and sat in Richard Burton's seat next to Elizabeth Taylor?
Elizabeth Taylor at the 1948 Oscars. She had the perfect arm candy, the perfect gown (I'm thinking Adrian...
wehadfacesthen:. Elizabeth Taylor and husband Eddie Fisher attend the 1959 Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Behind Ta…
15 Mar. 1964, Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton for the first time only 9 days after she divorced Eddie Fishe…
APWestRegion: It used to ferry Elizabeth Taylor, now it's at risk of collapse. The Queen Mary likely nears "point of no…
Elizabeth Taylor was married to Eddie Fisher. Fisher was married to Debbie Reynolds. Reynolds was married to Harry Karl.
Elizabeth Taylor's out of place as Helen of Troy, though. She does look suitably evil dragging Burton to *** at the end.
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I watched movie called Giant (1956) today. I liked it. James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson featured. You should watch it.
That escalated quickly... a normal looking photo shoot to I don't know what 😂. Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clif…
I love Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift but Raintree County wasn't that good and too long
Poignant, enchanting scene with Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift at the ruins of the old plantation.
Tonights classic movie is the original Father of the Bride. Spencer Tracy plays the father & an 18 year old Elizabeth Taylor is the daughter
I it was Elizabeth Taylor's, she left it to Kathy. They were very dear friends.
Elizabeth Taylor: let the story melt away and just gaze
Ravageuses do not throw trash in track pits. | Elizabeth Taylor by Bob Willoughby
Happy day from Bob Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor "Raintree County" directed b…
Just watched the Elizabeth Taylor clip on Montgomery Clift they showed on TCM after West Side Story. 😭
February 27, 1932, One of the great screen actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age, Elizabeth Taylor is born.
Elizabeth Taylor (1932–2011) Seen here with Eva Marie Saint and Montgomery Clift in Raintree County (1956)
Seems like we always spend the best part of our time just saying goodbye. -Elizabeth Taylor as Angela Vickers in A Pla…
The tribute to Montgomery Clift from Elizabeth Taylor is so wonderful
Montgomery Clift's accident took away the delicacy of his features but not the beauty- Elizabeth Taylor
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Wow, this clip about Montgomery Clift narrated by Elizabeth Taylor. ***
Did you know Elizabeth Taylor climbed into the twisted wreckage of Montgomery Clift's car to save his life?…
I'll never get tired of gifs of Elizabeth Taylor drinking in Montgomery Clift with her eyes.
Elizabeth Taylor with her sons Michael and Christopher Wilding, and her baby daughter Liza (March 1967)
Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in the drama film 'A Place in the Sun' 1951.
Absolutely every single photo of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift is PRECIOUS
King Edward Hotel (Toronto). Elizabeth Taylor (birthday today) & Richard Burton about to marry as people protest ad…
Happiest of birthdays, Adam! You share your birthday with Chelsea Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, John Steinbeck and Josh Groban!
All it needed was the streaker from the '74 Oscars. David Niven and Elizabeth Taylor delivered ad-libs for the ages. 😂
Back in 1974, David Niven was about to introduce Elizabeth Taylor on the Oscars when he was interrupted by a...
Congrats to Elizabeth Taylor, Ashlyn Stanislaw, Emma West, and LeaAnne Hart on your recent scholarships! Turn those letters in seniors!!!
Elizabeth Taylor in the Taylor-Burton at the 1970 Oscars!!! ___. Elizabeth Taylor had one of the world’s best...
she got to ruin Elizabeth Taylor, that's as goood as it gets. Maybe you can play Melania
and there will be no Taylor Swift played in my car ever, unlike in Elizabeth's
James Dean's cat was named Marcus, a gift from Elizabeth Taylor.
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Money is the best deodorant.|Elizabeth Taylor GUNAKAN JALUR ALTERNATIF
is the movie I'd point to for people who don't understand or know how beautiful Elizabeth Taylor was.
Stand Up Comedy Money is the best deodorant.|Elizabeth Taylor
Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor - a soulmate who offered unconditional emotional support
you mean the Elizabeth Taylor quote with what you ate?
George Stevens, Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift find A Place in the Sun.
‘You find out who your real friends are when you’re involved in a scandal.’ –Elizabeth Taylor.
is one of the best movies ever made. Elizabeth Taylor was at her peak. She was so beautiful, she didn't look real
It's crazy to think that Elizabeth Taylor was the first E.T.
Elizabeth Taylor was 17 when shootng started on
Can we please talk about how I pretty much have the same dress as Elizabeth Taylor??
The real tragedy of this story is that SPOILER ALERT George has sex w/Shelley Winters but not w/Elizabeth Taylor. .
It was to read about the wonderful Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift had She seems to have been very kind person
No one ever loves you as when you've got to lose them. She's so breathy, Elizabeth Taylor.
Viewing(8:33): reminder of a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor in one of her early uncredited roles one year after her death h…
Elizabeth Taylor is so in this movie What a drama with a ending First time I saw it was
Poor Elizabeth Taylor in Love with an man who has a girl 'in trouble' and who is contemplating Murder .
This photograph of Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Cleopatra is amazing.
Talking to Taylor and Elizabeth is so difficult sometimes 😂
How could you look at Elizabeth Taylor in those years and not go Shelly?.. not so much. lol ..
also at first I read Elizabeth Taylor so...
The story of Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, America's first black pop star via
It's a tacos, margaritas, and Elizabeth Taylor kind of night. 💜
Elizabeth Taylor was 17 when she started filming "A Place In The Sun". No one was more beautiful. Ever.
Montgomery Clift in the Billiard's Room with Elizabeth Taylor . hm.
Elizabeth Taylor is just unreal here with all this BEAUTY.
Elizabeth Taylor is my favorite Old Hollywood legend, this one is one of my favs
Elizabeth Taylor's best performance is _. Put your vote in the comments.
Elizabeth Taylor in her prime more Liz Taylor pics at
Black women in Egypt, circa 1905. Right...and Elizabeth Taylor portrayed Cleopatra as a white woman.
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Timothy Bottoms making out with a girl in the movie theater while keeping his eyes on Elizabeth Taylor on the screen… 👍🏻
- Classics division - Choose wisely: Eva Gabor or Elizabeth Taylor?
*insert Elton John, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Pia Wurtzbach, this is a fundraising for HIV awareness gif.
They did that with Princess Diana (I think) and Elizabeth Taylor and those were trash too, like, stop
Four Rooms, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Rachel Weisz. Directed by Geoff Murphy, music by Cornerstone Roots. Budget: $300m
"Elizabeth Taylor white diamond perfume i smelled it when i came in" 😂 Ricky Smiley a fool!
Veteran actor George Segal paid tribute to Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor
RIP Elizabeth Taylor one of the best actresses to grace the silver screen.
George Segal with Mike Nichols, Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton on the set of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf... http…
Richard Ellman's Oscar Wilde bio is perfection. So is Furious Love, about Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor's love & marriages.
📷 James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and the director George Stevens. (Texas - 1955)
Decided 2 watch so I can see Elizabeth Taylor &Debbie Reynolds take the *** out of their ex husband Eddie Fisher 😂
Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s sets of LOOK
Elizabeth Taylor was always known for her checkered love life, but her good friend Debbie Reynolds definitely...
Sherpa, starring Elizabeth Taylor and James Stewart. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, music by The Bravery. Budget: $100,000
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor photographed by Marcello Geppetti in Ischia, 1962
1963: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton during location filming of Night of the Iguana
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor before the filming of 'Taming of the Shrew' on March 1966 in Rome, Italy
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton ( with Celtic scarf )-1972.
Alexis, thought Elizabeth Taylor was the gold standard of beauty but when I first saw you, I changed my mind. U R BEAUTY
Actors On Set.Director George Stevens, Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor on the set of PLACE…
Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters chat on the Lake Tahoe location of "A Place in the Sun", 195…
First of all Elizabeth Taylor's eyes where blue.way closer to violet than green
In 1969, Richard Burton gifted Elizabeth Taylor a 69 carat diamond ring. What are you giving your sweetheart?…
Photo of the day- Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, a true love
. best for them. How he'd get visits from Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. So many great stories 😂
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on location in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during filming The Night of the Iguana, 1964…
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton with their friend Stanley Baker (one of my favorite actors)!
"Now, I dont think Troy Donahue is worth all that - Im more of an Elizabeth Taylor fan my self.. give them another chance" 😂
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton at the Film Awards at fifty years ago!
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Elizabeth Taylor photographed by Mark Shaw in a shoot for Life Magazine in 1961.
Stockard Channing's transformation into Elizabeth Taylor is scary good.
Montgomery Clift to Elizabeth Taylor: “You are the only woman I will ever love.”
The 9/11 road trip never happened! Elizabeth Taylor stayed in NYC and MJ went to New Jersey with his kids at The Ca…
Later Linda: So.. Are you happy that Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor also Brian Griffin here…
Elizabeth Taylor goes head over heels with James Dean on the set of the movie 'Giant,' which was released, 1956.
While I'm not fond of Fiennes being cast as Michael, casting Lil' Kim as Elizabeth Taylor was brilliant...
Judy Garland welcomes Leslie Caron & Elizabeth Taylor on the set of "A Star Is Born", 1954, directed by George Cuko…
1983 photo call for The Corn Is Green with our prod., Cicely Tyson and Elizabeth Taylor - who is trying to undress…
The Simpsons had so many goofy guest stars. Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Midler, Hugh Hefner, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the same episode.
MGM's America: In " A Date With Judy" Jane Powell asks why Elizabeth Taylor had a maid & butler and they only had a maid.
Watching the life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. After I binged watch biographies of Elizabeth Taylor.
One week left to see Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road, a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor through her home and belongings…
Fisher, Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor she stole a man
Carrie Fisher explains how Elizabeth Taylor stole Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds.
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By far my favourite passage in Shockaholic: the moment a gleeful Elizabeth Taylor pushed Carrie Fisher into her swi…
He married Debbie first then when MikeTodd died became involved and married Elizabeth Taylor
Success is a great deodorant. It takes away all your past smells. --Elizabeth Taylor. *sniffs armpits*
A Wiggin retirement is like an Elizabeth Taylor divorce
Elizabeth Taylor and Carrie became friends after Carrie let Elizabeth push her into a pool at a party.
For Taylor Deckard, a 10yo boy battling a severe heart condition, his Christmas wish was to meet Today hi…
Carrie Fisher’s complicated relationship with her Philly-born father, Eddie Fisher via
I feel for everyone who idolized Carrie Fisher. When Elizabeth Taylor died I cried for hours on end. It was real grief and I'm sorry.
Ps Rebo - Cibubur PADAT Money is the best deodorant.|Elizabeth Taylor
Carrie Fisher’s affection for her mother was never more prominently displayed than in "These Old Broads."
Carrie Fisher's father, Eddie, was once married to Elizabeth Taylor
That time I recycled some Elizabeth Taylor clips in the service of a dead *** French poet.
Elizabeth travels the world to see Taylor Houston wouldn't be a problem
Let's all imagine Carrie entering Heaven and the first face she sees is Elizabeth Taylor and she opens her arms and embrace…
Elizabeth Taylor will always be my favorite woman of Old Hollywood.
Not too many things are worse than getting on the elevator behind someone drenched in Elizabeth Taylor's 'White Diamonds' 😩
Elizabeth Taylor was the first Hollywood star to receive $1 million for a single picture – Cleopatra.
In what city Alfred Hitchcock Bob Hope and Elizabeth Taylor born?. London
8am Trivia - In what city were Alfred Hitchcock, Bob Hope, and Elizabeth Taylor born? LONDON
Carrie's Broken Home: Eddie Fisher divorced Debbie Reynold in 1959 for Elizabeth Taylor, then both appeared in a film in 1960 Butterfield 8
Elizabeth Taylor? Marlon? Julie Harris? Brian Keith as the nasty? a swarthy Robert Forster as the stalker/heartthrob? Swoon.
Ralph Kiner out on the town with a 17 year old Elizabeth Taylor, 1940s
1956: Elizabeth Taylor being catty on the set of Giant
tbh the day Amy plays a *** is the day you bury me next to Elizabeth Taylor @ Hollywood forever cemetery
Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Bennett publicity portrait for Father of the Bride, 1950. Both ladies coincidentally play…
Kayne has Warholian thing where all fame is sacred... Elizabeth Taylor, Mao Tse Tong. What makes it post-post modern is…
Elizabeth Taylor is the most beautiful; Monica Vitti is the coolest; but Ann-Margaret is the hottest!
Elizabeth Taylor gets a complete makeover in ASH WEDNESDAY. From this date, 1973
Every day Kenny Rogers looks a little bit more like Elizabeth Taylor... and no one is talking about it!
"I think Michael is like litmus paper - he's always trying to learn."-- Elizabeth Taylor, absurd non-sequitir about Mich
Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean hanging out on the grass, 1955
Madie serving up some classic Hollywood glam a la Elizabeth Taylor's Maggie the Cat. 🔥❤️
Gilmore Girls getting too much attention. Mary Kate & Ashley had to put their names back in the news. Like Liza Minnelli & Elizabeth Taylor.
we finally agreed on Maggie the Cat as we both have a fondness for Elizabeth Taylor lol
📷 Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy in the MGM comedy Father of the Bride, 1950.
Donald Trump and Elizabeth Taylor being 'Photobombed' by Osama Bin Laden in 1993.
Elizabeth Taylor & her husband, Senator John Warner, visited campus in 1977-78.
buy now $5.58 Father of the Bride (DVD) Academy Award winners Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor star in this...
Which actress married for the seventh time on Michael Jackson’s ranch in 1991? Elizabeth Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor pictured on her wedding day in 1964
Carrie Fisher's mama got her man tooken by Elizabeth Taylor and Carrie grew up acting just like Liz Taylor.
Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson in Giant directed George Stevens, 1956
CRIMSON CLOSET. Photographer Catherine Opie captured the details, textures and opulence of Elizabeth Taylor's home i…
Peek inside the home of Elizabeth Taylor. Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road on view at . © Catherine Opie
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