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Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann (later Elizabeth Turner) is a major character of the first three films in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

Jack Sparrow Will Turner Keira Knightley Captain Jack Sparrow William Turner Captain Barbossa Black Pearl Rick Grimes Kiera Knightley Kiera Knightly Pirate King Severus Snape Orlando Bloom Bryan Mills John Watson

We want to live in a world where Elizabeth Swann is still out there pirating her own ship.
Elizabeth Swann really is that icon
Thank you! 3 was my favorite. Also, Elizabeth Swann was the best and most compelling character. That's…
We love Elizabeth Swann and maintain that the movies should've been about her more than that Sparrow dude.
Sexy Elizabeth Swann... Which is probably an actual halloween costume
Elizabeth Swann a strong woman who showed that she could be a pirate too, the queen of the brotherhood, a real hero,she d…
We mourn the loss of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that could have been.
I still want to be Elizabeth Swann when I grow up in case anyone is keeping track
I wanted to be Mulan for Halloween once, but they ran out of costumes. I ended up being Elizabeth Swann from POTC:…
Will Turner, are able to see and hug Elizabeth Swann once again. And Jack Sparrow, owns back his ship, Te Black Pearl & his crews + a monkey
Elizabeth Swann is such a nuanced, interesting character. It took me until my like 10th rewatch of the series to fi…
*** Rick, if you think losing Elizabeth Swann to Baron Mordo is bad, you have no idea what's next"
We reflect on what could have been for Elizabeth Swann.
Found a bargain ! 6000 for Excelebration filly out of 96-rated Elizabeth Swann, who placed in a Li…
Angelina Jolie. Jude Law (in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow). Keira Knightley (as Elizabeth Swann). Elijah Wood…
when I was little my sister asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up & I said Elizabeth Swann.. nothing has changed
Remember when Elizabeth Swann said "Like pain? Try wearing a corset" and then smacked a zombie pirate with an oar? Anyway I love feminism
Elizabeth Swann and the lost Pirates of the Caribbean franchise
If you change around the wig, this could work for your Elizabeth Swann impression.
elizabeth swann | serial killer. bow down to ur Pirate King (Vine by
Elizabeth Swann may be King of the Brethren Court, but can she run a half marathon?
Scrap Johnny Depp - if it makes a "Pirates" 6, Disney should bring back Elizabeth Swann
One of our Fangrrls reflects on what could've been in the franchise.
Ugh. That's disappointing. Elizabeth Swann is the best Disney princess AND the best pirate
"My name is Henry Turner, son of William Turner and Elizabeth Swann.”
"My name is Henry Turner. Son of William Turner and Elizabeth Swann."
I really need Keira Knightley to come back to the Pirates movies. Elizabeth Swann is a legend. Plus, her and Will need to…
"I live life like a savage." —Jaidyn Elizabeth Swann, November 2016.
NECA Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann Figure Mint & Sealed just listed
Elizabeth Swann Makeup / Wig / Costume - Cosplay Tutorial I'm now subscribed to this girl!!! Wow!
Are you more like Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swann? Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character Are You? Find out now! -
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Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann's wedding was not only comical in…
If you could marry a fictional character who would it be and why? ___ Elizabeth Swann , she's hot as fck
Professor Abby Swann and Dr. Elizabeth Garcia are co-authors on a research article published Nov. 16 in PLOS ONE.
.. my first celeb crush was Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann in pirates of the Caribbean..I was like Will Turner whom ??
Also sad I'll never see Elizabeth Swann again
Ha! Alas, I think the shop profits before authors 😞. Who was your model for Katherine? I see her like Elizabeth Swann / Éowyn.
All I want is an Elizabeth swann lock screen and I can't find one anywhere how homophobic
I would die for Elizabeth Swann please know this
High key really salty Elizabeth Swann isn't returning for no.5 because where else will I go to hear Orlando Bloom say my name
Mina is a genius fak. The female character in Pirates of The Caribbean is Elizabeth Swann. And mina is black swan. So she went for it.
Elizabeth Swann. -princess & pirate at the same time. -not afraid of anyone. -smart. -just wants to save her loved ones htt…
📷 skywokers: Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest
Mr. Bean, John Watson, Elizabeth Swann, Rick Grimes, Bryan Mills, Newt, Severus Snape, and others all in one movie? *** 👍🏼
K so this whole time I've thought Elizabeth Swann was portrayed by Natalie Portman instead of Kiera Knightley?i feel really stupid now???
Captain Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must sail off the edge of the map, navigate treachery and betrayal, and make their final …
Morning all! It's show day and tonight Jack Sparrow hits the dance floor with Elizabeth Swann
I love redhead female characters since I was a kid. I love selina, and elizabeth swann is kinda different BUT i love redheads
Daily Funko Spotlight: Elizabeth Swann! "I've had it! I've had it with wobbly-legged, rum-soaked…
I'm getting my Elizabeth Swann pop on Wednesday 👐👐👐
Unpopular opinion 10. Elizabeth Swann and Capt Barbossa would've been a killer couple that should've been explored more
📷 jonnhydcpp: WE❤POTC CHALLENGE; (2) main characters: Elizabeth Swann You will listen to me! Listen! The...
I like to eat meat like Elizabeth Swann after Captain Barbossa tells her there's no need for formalities
To be fair, "Rick Grimes tries to steal Elizabeth Swann from Solomon Northup" is my summary of EVERY plotline in Love Actually.
I like these aesthetics I made and just want to post them again. It's me, fem Marty, Jim Hawkins, Elizabeth Swann
Elizabeth swann makes me wanna be blonde again
I liked a video How to make an Elizabeth Swann Dress ($5)
Glances out the window and sees Elizabeth Swann out and in town with her father. Smiling Will watches her for a moment +
Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightly) from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 2003
and also can we acknowledge the badassness of Elizabeth swann again bc WOW
quite excited to dress up as Elizabeth Swann tonight
E:"How many times must I ask you to call me Elizabeth?". W:"At least once more, Miss Swann, as always.". (1/映画)
i used to know a miss swann kin and id always call her that and one time she said it was okay to call her elizabeth (LIZZY, even) and i was
I'm wearing some kind of a sport bra. And they r too small on me and they r squeezing my boobs and i cant breath.Feel like Elizabeth Swann.
📷 bybyeblackbird: OTP MEME: [1] otp Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann (Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean)
" Elizabeth. My name is Elizabeth Swann. ". Her eyebrows raise as asks again and again how she got here. If she knew the ~
RayGrey Cosplay as Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean. Photo by Sergio Mazzotta . Full post:...
Brian May be looking like Elizabeth Swann's dad, you know the chick from Pirates of the Caribbean.
ooc: Hello there, I was wondering if you'd be interested in roleplaying an elderly Elizabeth Swann with me.
dang girl first you no'ed me when I decided Elizabeth Swann was my spirit animal now this?!!
Srsly. Best movie wedding ever is Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner's. Nothing beats it.
Is it just me or does the pope really look like Elizabeth Swann's dad out of Pirates of the Caribbean
Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth Swann will forever have my heart
Ultimate woman crush is Kiera Knightley when she played Elizabeth Swann
How to video: "How to be Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann"
But they have a strong female lead- Elizabeth Swann is literally king of the pirates.
Ethan: I feel so loved that Free Willy approves. :P. Ta'lun: Shut up Will Turner. Go back to your Elizabeth Swann.
I'd be Tauriel one day, and a Little Sister another day, and Elizabeth Swann another day. Or Luna Lovegood perhaps...
You were the best Jack Sparrow I've ever seen and You were a wonderful Elizabeth Swann We love you
showed my best friend a pic you as Jack Sparrow she said you look awesome I love Pirates as well but I'm Pirate Elizabeth Swann
Keira Knightley was 17 when she took (and KILLED) the role of Elizabeth Swann in Curse of the Black Pearl. *** were you doing at 17?!
The Imitation Game: Tywin Lannister and Archy convince *** Sherlock and Ozymandias to win WWII for them. Elizabeth Swann looks pretty.
In Love Actually the Walking Dead cop has a crush on Elizabeth Swann who is marrying Solomon Northrup & we haven't even gotten to the stars.
Snape, John Watson, Mr. Bean, Elizabeth Swann, and Jojen Reed all in one movie
Pirates of the Caribbean: Keira Knightley "Elizabeth Swann" Exclusive Interview Who thought of this,
Had fun being Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann last night 💀
That awkward moment when you tell the guy at Starbucks your name is Elizabeth and he starts comparing you to Elizabeth Swann's personality
Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann in world most big budget movies Pirates of the Caribbean: At World...
Elizabeth Swann's character development is very important.
Elizabeth Swann, you have made my night- thank you.
Or I just wish I was Elizabeth Swann in general, she's brill
Swann's November 25 auction includes the 1940s archive of a young woman from Baltimore who visited Guatemala and...
Why does Sehun look like Elizabeth Swann to me here 😳😂 well close enough to a pirate I guess lol
Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Elizabeth Swann after riding at
I am the son of William 'Bootstrap Bill' Turner and my wife is the lovely Elizabeth Swann.
maybe the girl who played the younger Elizabeth Swann from the first Pirates movie. at a guess
Fav if you think is the hottest pirate since Elizabeth Swann in "The Curse Of The Black Pearl"
Me with Cpt. Jack Sparrow. This is my Elizabeth Swann costume I made for MNSSHP2014.
Elizabeth Swann shall be here tomorrow. Can't wait to talk to her.
"...and some men offer desire as justification for their crimes." - Elizabeth Swann smashin male supremacy since the 18th century
Madam du Pompadour can be Elizabeth Swann for a moment.
and I coulda had a thing last night since I was Batman and he was the Joker... But I also coulda been Elizabeth Swann...
Elizabeth swann did you mean my whole entire childhood/life
Aaannnddd now I'm mad at Elizabeth Swann forever. 😡
If you're dressed as Elizabeth Swann, of course you have to get your picture with someone dressed as…
Elizabeth Swann: Barbossa! Marry us!. Capt. Barbossa: I'm a little busy at the moment!
The love between Elizabeth Barrett Browning & Whathisname was She was born on Today's date.
//Why do I imagine Raleigh and Makos wedding being a Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann in the third movie type of wedding?
P.S. You are Will Turner and I am Elizabeth Swann so ;) ;)
It hurts me so much when people reduce Elizabeth Swann to a damsel in distress trope.
Captain Hook, Elizabeth Swann, and Captain Jack Sparrow take on recruitment
Elizabeth swann from pirates of the Caribbean
Yeah. Plus, it turns out, the role of Elizabeth Swann was actually played by Henry Kelly, with really good make-up.
The Elizabeth Swann depicter says 'the ship has sailed' for her to join Captain Jack Sparrow i...
Keira Knightley Confirms She Won't Join 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5': . The Elizabeth Swann depicter says 'the ...
. Will Turner Will you marry me?. Elizabeth Swann: I don't think now's the best time!
I'm gonna tell ppl on the ship to call me Elizabeth Swann.
when i look at that dress I think of the one elizabeth swann was wearing in the first pirates of the caribbean
all of these first three movies are about elizabeth swann not will not jack this is ABOUT ELIZABETH.
Im sorry but Elizabeth swann is so *** annoying!
Diaporama : taurielsilvan: pirates of the caribbean I-III + elizabeth swann “They will see the flash of our...
Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann have the most epic wedding!!
13-year-old girl tells a lie and breaks up Elizabeth Swann and Professor X, literally ruining everything.
Elizabeth Swann learns how to kick a soccer ball like Mr 23 (
Elizabeth Swann is so badass. Long live the Pirate King 💣👑🔫
That moment you're clearing out the crap from your desk's previous owner and you find an receipt for "Elizabeth Swann Costume"
Heh. I watched the 3rd one after Princess Bride. Westley & Buttercup > Elizabeth Swann & Will Turner.
Not that I’m saying Elizabeth Swann is by any means a strong capable character. She has moments of strength & independence but then still
Buttercup is at least consistently helpless while Elizabeth Swann flip flops from needing to be saved to capable like a catfish on dry land.
As feckless as Buttercup is & as much as they try to make Elizabeth Swann interesting, I’d much rather watch The Princess Bride than PotC.
I need a Jack Sparrow to match my Elizabeth Swann Halloween outfit this year, but I can't find a captain that lives in LA...Help? 😉
I always wanted Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann to finish together
Elizabeth Swann is such an important character though.
Elizabeth Swann: I'm here to find the man I love. |. Jack Sparrow: I'm deeply flattered, son, but my first and only love is …
Talking in British accents at 12:30 at night pretending to be Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann... Typical... 😂👍
Elizabeth Swann, King of the brethren court.
a-faekindagirl: You know, one day I might be over the fact that Elizabeth Swann fell in love with Will...
I never did get to finish that drawing of Elizabeth Swann...
Will Turner for VP, Barbosa for treasurer, Elizabeth Swann for secretary 👌 solid
Elizabeth Swann is really a crybaby that always has to be involved with everything. Like ya not special. Stahp.
Wish I was Jack Sparrow or Will Turner, just so I could get with Elizabeth swann.
can I be like Elizabeth Swann and find a cute boy floating in the ocean
words cannot express how much i dislike elizabeth swann and William Turner get those characters AWAY from me ple ase
When I grow up I want to be Elizabeth Swann
I wanted to be Elizabeth Swann when I was little
Fav love story will always be that of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner ❤️
Elizabeth Swann: Dude I want to meet a pirate. Dad: *** no. Elizabeth: *meets pirate 5 seconds later* neat
PotC: At World's End is on aww yeah. Elizabeth Swann, Pirate King.
Turning yourself into Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann turns out to be extremely tricky! Just…
then coming for jake "the snake" roberts & then i'm coming for you stone cold & Elizabeth got the champagne
Dear God,. I'm not asking for much. Just for a man that loves me as much as Will Turner loves Elizabeth Swann; and loves You more.   10% Off
{Narnia} Iliana is the daughter of Caspian the tenth and a nameless Queen whom died at childbirth. Growing up, Iliana grew up to be alot like her father; free and willing to take chances, believing in herself and she could do anything, but since her brother disappeared, the Kingdom has been left to Iliana to take control. Iliana hates it, in fact she would rather roll around in dirt and muddy her dress rather than control her father's kingdom. Iliana is known for wild rides and not telling anyone where she's going, leaving her father in distress. Another thing she took from her father's personality is her love for the Kings of Old, the son of Adam whowould come into Narnia and save it from the evils that lurk in the shadows.       {Pirates of the Caribbean} Daughter of Jack Sparrow. Her origins is muddled. Jack was known for his womanizing and given the time, there was no protection. He had gotten a woman pregnant and to keep herself from being reminded on how badly Jack treated her, she gave the baby ...
Orlando Bloom missed justin just like he missed Elizabeth swann
2017 - Pirates of the Carribean 5: Dead Man Tells no Tales (Elizabeth Swann) QUERO LOGO ESSE FILME
Cathleen and Alexander remind me of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. Charles reminds me of Ted Mosby. :D
Photoset: sebstanned asked: elizabeth swann or aurora
whatever Elizabeth is my favorite Swann
Post a photo of your favourite outfit! — this is my fave pirate elizabeth swann costume!!!
oh, right, Elizabeth Swann is the actual hero of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I’d forgotten
Elizabeth Swann: There will come a time when you have a chance to do the right thing. Jack Sparrow: I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.
Elizabeth Swann is the worst fictional character evA
Elizabeth Swann's hair is always perfectly wavy, even after being dunked in the ocean. It's also bouncy and soft looking.
Set de fotos: sebstanned asked: elizabeth swann or aurora
Set de fotos: peremadeleine: get to know me meme ★ [2/5] relationships ↳ Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swann “We...
how come no one ever mentions the fact that Elizabeth Swann is Pirate King
is Keira knightly coming back for her last time as Elizabeth Swann ?
Went to the London Apple Store panel for Begin Again with and Keira Knightley! Smithy, Hulk and Elizabeth Swann! Woo!
Elizabeth Swann should have gotten her own pirate ship at the end of Pirate's of the Caribbean At World's End
for the same reason women can't be like Jessica Rabbit, Elizabeth Swann, Hermione Granger, and Black Widow.
Lil kiddie Elizabeth Swann was in a show I used to watch called Help! I'm A Teenage Outlaw XD
"The names Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, ring a bell?" I ask curiously as I answer his question.
-- and I at SDCC in 09 as Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann.
*What actress played Elizabeth Swann in pirates of the Caribbean?
Elizabeth is serenading me w/Aerosmith and let me just tell you it is awful
I want to see Dejah Thoris, Quorra, and Elizabeth Swann added to that lineup.
Sue Perkins, referring to either your most recent book release, or your current WIP, if you were to cast your characters, what actors would portray them? (You must supply pictures). Tell us about the character, and why the actor/actress fits. Sue: Caishel will be released in February 2014 but the leading character is easy to cast. I always thought she would be Meg Ryan, but time has passed and now I believe Keira Knightly would make a very suitable Caishel, especially after her portrayal of Elizabeth Swann in "Pirates of the Carribean". Caishel, disguised as a gamin, is petite and gutsy. She will do almost anything to drop her disguise as a street urchin and become the female she really is. When offered the chance of working in the sky castle she accepts but life becomes complicated when she falls in love with her employer, Duke Ailan. Duke Ailan is a loner, but has good moral ethics and is tall, dark and handsome. He believes those less fortunate should be helped not exploited. Caishel becomes his page b ...
That moment when Jack calls Elizabeth 'Captain Swann' in Pirates of the Caribbean and you fangirl like crazy cause you think of
I'll be your Elizabeth Swann if you be my Will Turner
Photoset: katoakenshield: the curse of the Black Pearl + William Turner & elizabeth swann "Will, how many...
Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann (I know that's crazy, but they are my crackship, lol)
I'll root for till the day I die! Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swann should've been together in the end! They …
*She smiled* greetings sheik where's my manners? My name is Elizabeth Swann
Also used to pretend i was Lara Croft and Elizabeth Swann
Keira Knightley plays Elizabeth Swann and Elizabeth Bennet, two of the best characters
Wow, Keira Knightley was 17 when she played Elizabeth Swann? She kicked some major butt. Very cool.
Amanda Bynes was almost cast as Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean
New Year Revolutions:. Help more. Be more outgoing. Wake up eariler than 12pm. Become Elizabeth Swann. Apparently these can all happen
I want my wedding to be like Will Turner's and Elizabeth Swann's ❤️
I love how Elizabeth Swann became a total badass
I had a dream that I was Elizabeth Swann. Her life is so much more stressful than mine...
Elizabeth Swann's dad is a jerk and also kind of a ***
Just imagine how boring Pirates Of The Caribbean would be without 'Elizabeth Swann'...
I think we can all agree that Elizabeth Swann is the true hero of Pirates/Caribbean.
There should be a holiday dedicated to Coco Chanel from freeing women's waist from corset. Lol thought after seeing Elizabeth Swann faint.
Elizabeth Swann: It never would've worked out between us. . Jack Sparrow: Keep telling yourself that, darling. :))) ht…
Not too sure about this Pirates of the Caribbean. Keep expecting to see Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.
Elizabeth Swann Pirates of the Caribbean outfit video/costume
My Pirates Of The Caribbean Marathon has taught me 2 things. 1: I dislike Elizabeth Swann, and 2: I want to be a pirate!
Watching Love Actually; imagine how immense the film would be if the actors starred in it as their other film roles?!? Bryan Mills (Taken), Severus Snape, King George, Mr Bean, Elizabeth Swann, Bilbo Baggins, Rufus Scrimgeour (Harry Potter), Rick Grimes, etc. etc. Now that would be a crazy film!
I can be your Elizabeth Swann God I am such a freak. Don't unfollow me. Please?
Elizabeth Swann caused her dad a lot of grief
If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie w... — Pirates of the Caribbean. Elizabeth Swann would be mine!
I don't want another Pirates Of The Caribbean movie unless Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann return, I miss them :C
well if he turns out as Will Turner then.. He is the captain's errand boy then.. But wait who plays elizabeth swann ahhaah
I never understood what Rick Grimes could possibly see in Elizabeth Swann...
Elizabeth Swann is actually a white dove. when Jack points this out in his own defense everyone glares at him.
I had to prepare myself for such touching Evanescence/Elizabeth Swann video montages.
Elizabeth Swann: everything you said to me...everything was a lie!. Jack Sparrow: Pretty much. Time and tide, love.
Set de fotos: Elizabeth Swann… There is more to you than meets the eye, isn’t there?
Not Elizabeth Swann, the actual hero? Plus, Dianna as Jack… You know it’s perfect that way.
My favorite part of Pirates of the Caribbean is when the commodore falls in the love with the 9 year old Elizabeth Swann.
Oh ok so Elizabeth Swann makes it onto Wikipedia's list of historical pirates but I don't?!?
"By the sweat of our brows, and the strength of our backs...and the courage of our hearts!, gentlemen!, hoist the colors!" Elizabeth Swann
"Elizabeth Swann" "What?" "Curious, isn't it?" *chaos* "Am I to understand that you lot will not be keeping to the Code, then?"
Elizabeth Swann is one of my favorite characters.
Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann .. it seems you brothers? Ph…
I'm always amazed at how one film can have professor snape, bilbo baggins, the bloke from the bt advert, and elizabeth swann in it
Even though it was quite bright outside, this place still had it's alluring and beckoning powers over him Tortuga the town that would always linger to a man and woman who came here. The instant smell of this place wafted through out the air, allowing the night breeze to carry it towards the port, the shore, any where that anyone would welcome the alluring smell. The darkness that did slowly creep over this place added to the atmosphere, and that was just what he liked. A mysterious, quaint, and of course often loud environment added to the amazing wonder that was Tortuga. He had just briefly docked here, leaving his first mate and crew on board to reorder and restock whatever needed to be done before they set sail once more for their final destination. Jack had retrieved a map and a myth but was it true to it well there was only one way to find out wasn't it he was Captain Jack Sparrow and he knew if anything had a tale, a myth a story of somekind he would smell it out even easedrop a conversation, someth ...
Ok Scally Barbossa and Wench Elizabeth Swann the African land snails think they don't like red pepper, but they don't realise they must try it 15 times before Mummy believes them. At their speed to get to the table, that's gona take at least 15 years. xx
Pirate Queen Elizabeth Swann more like queen of my *** life
When Will Turner literally gives Elizabeth Swann his heart in Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End > well done Will.
Emma Elizabeth Swann I came to neverland I hear footsteps and I walk to the bushes and hide as I saw you all talking*
I love you Tara Elizabeth Swann i do... Il be back
Elizabeth Swann is one of my favorite female characters of all time.
"I think it'd be rather exciting to meet a pirate.". Me too, Elizabeth Swann. Me too.
If it weren't for these bars I'd have you already ... - Elizabeth swann to Will Turner ; )
Would you be like William Turner? Chasing Elizabeth Swann all over to world.
At the end of Pirates of the Carribean series why doesnt Elizabeth Swann just join Wil Turner's crew that way can be together
Emma Elizabeth Swann I came to storybrooke after hearing magic was there and I went to job Clark's store you got an emergency call from him* Emma Emma Emma hurry quick there's a.agh! Come quick!!! * I was growling at him had him up against a wall*
Aye, I'm Elizabeth Swann! Arr, are you Jack Sparrow? We be talkin' bout tides now, mate. Savvy.
Celeste Swann and Ashley Elizabeth Swann hung lights outside. Too cold for me
Ooh Mane Elizabeth Swann is one fine pirate
How much older is Commodore Norrington than Elizabeth Swann?
-- ask you, Miss. Swann. {Will always found calling Elizabeth by her second name much more fitting than her first name. --
-- there was only one girl that caught his attention. Elizabeth Swann. Will had his eye on her from the first day they --
Elizabeth Swann was a straight dime
blend Elizabeth Swann and Katniss Everdeen and you have everything I wish I can be.
Elizabeth Swann: It would have never worked out between us. Capt. Jack Sparrow: Keep.telling yourself that, darling.
Regina Eve Mills Emma Elizabeth Swann you all were in neverland and the lost boys surrounded you cause you cheated I was in the bushes you didn't even know I was there all of a sudden I attacked Peter Panning and some of the boys but the boys attacked me not with the poison but you could hear my whine*
2007.Pirate Fest in Tybee Island.Me as Elizabeth Swann,and one of the Jacks from the movie.
"If you don’t like Elizabeth Swann you’re wrong." is not liking Elizabeth Swann even an option seriously
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I didn't like her as Elizabeth Swann either. *laughs* But she's a good and annoyng Miss Bennet.
Elizabeth Swann is hands down the coolest fictional character, she wears pretty dresses and acts like a pirate.
Mine and Scotty's relationship is like Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner's relationship because our ability to see each other is restricted
I never once noticed that the Operative married Elizabeth Swann in Love Actually - For some reason, even...
Potc is literally the best if you don't love elizabeth swann please don't talk to me
"Our destinies have been entwined Elizabeth, but never joined." ―James Norrington to Elizabeth Swann
Formal outfit inspired by Elizabeth Swann from ...
Portman all the way,Queen Amidala vs Elizabeth Swann. Star Wars vs Pirates of the Caribbean NO CONTEST!
We were going for Elizabeth Swann, Pirates of the Caribbean
Making moments with the pirates from the Carribean Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann :)…
well that's good at least you weren't saying random things..? Lol you weren't going round looking for Elizabeth Swann! =p X
she is Elizabeth Swann duh. And yes please take her.
The lovely ladies of Torrco: Minnie Mouse, Farah Faucet and Elizabeth Swann
New day, hopefully better. Get to help mom out with the nibblets, snag one of my lazy day costumes, (Either Elizabeth Swann, Femme!Castiel, or Femme!Dean) and try and get the day back on track.
Happy anniversary Andrew Swann and Anneka Elizabeth Swann. Have a great day
Sorry I missed you tonight! I got my Elizabeth Swann on, and Ethan's costume was a huge hit.
*Arrives at Vic's house and smiles at her Elizabeth Swann costume. We then start heading to the party, but as we walk I look around for RC*
this if I should make a Elizabeth Swann account?
Captain Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must sail Off the edge Of the map, Navigate treachery and Betrayal, and make their final alliances fOr One last decisive battle.. (^_^) (^_^) (^_^)
"One word, love; curiosity. You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. To act on selfish impulse. You want to see what it's like. One day you won't be able to resist" ―Jack Sparrow to Elizabeth Swann
Literally thought I was gonna just flop over my wall elizabeth swann style
Quote I got: "Well, you may tell the captain that I am disinclined to acquiesce to his request." Character: Elizabeth Swann Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Lms and I'll give you a quote(it can be from a movie, a book, or a tv show)
I was gonna be Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean for Halloween but I changed my mind. Now I'm going to go as a Dauntless member, as a tribute to Allegiant coming out :D Lynn-Dauntless
Captain Barbossa: Aye, we are good and lost now. Elizabeth Swann: Lost? Captain Barbossa: For certain you have to be lost to find something that cannot be found, else everyone would know where it is.
Elizabeth Swann, the new Pirate King - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Oh heck no, mom's not done. Elizabeth Swann.
Tried to channel my inner Elizabeth Swann today but ended up looking like an Olive Garden waitress with a red scarf
"There will come a moment when you have a chane to show it, to do the right thing." - Elizabeth Swann
Fun Movie Fact: In Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest, In order to get an actual surprised reaction, the small kissing scene between Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann was cut out of Orlando Bloom’s script.
Hello!I am so happy today to introduce a new friend of mine named Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth contacted me to review her book a few weeks ago, and I soaked it all up. I was never very big into green smoothies for some reason, but had them every once in a while, particularly while I was pregnant in…
And we're spent.what an event!!! There were some EPIC costumes! And a big wedding for Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann!!! It was great! No word on the official count yet, but we had such a grab time, I don't care!!!
If Elizabeth Swann can go 10 years without seeing Will Turner, then u can last 10 mins without your man child
I feel like Elizabeth Swann in pirates of the Caribbean..right before she passes out and falls off a cliff.
I hope she put them straight. Haven't they seen Pirates of the Caribbean and Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Swann :)
Val and Skul as better versions of Elizabeth Swann and Captain Barbossa
"sexuality: the way elizabeth swann just slightly smirks after threatening to drop the pirate medallion into the sea" ME
Jack Sparrow, William Turner and Elizabeth Swann - Pirates of the Caribbean
is the Elizabeth Swann of the Conservative movement
"His name's William Turner. That's all I found out. I definitely did not steal his necklace." Elizabeth Swann: Pirate
Pony Finals pics & videos posted and price adjusted for Miss Elizabeth Swann: 13th O/F & 16th Overall out of 71...
Who knew that Elizabeth Swann's dad would turn out to be so progressive?
MSN shared the following link and had this to say about it: Ahoy! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, so we rounded up the best pirates in pop culture. Who are your favorites? Dread Pirate Roberts? Dustin Hoffman as Hook? Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Swann? One-Eyed Willie? In the real world, pirates were known for maraud...
International Talk Like a Pirate Day: The only day of the year when its ok to be called a wench by your employer. In all fairness, I was dressed like Elizabeth Swann and he Captain Sparrow!
Seriously, is write. Elizabeth Swann is an example of a female written right in a male-centric movie.
So I am allowed to do my rhetorical analysis english paper on Elizabeth Swann's Speech of The Pirate King, right?
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