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Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Ann Smart Gilmour (born November 3, 1987) is an American activist and contributor for ABC News.

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3 things to tell your kids -- by Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted as a child . Full AMA
You once accused me of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart.
Elizabeth Smart Details the "Terror, Boredom & Rape" She Suffered During Abduction Elizabeth Smart is putting it all out there for A&E. In …
Elizabeth Smart confronts 'worst nightmare' on the set of her upcoming film
Fifteen years after her abduction, Elizabeth Smart is sharing all the harrowing details in an special.…
Death certificates like dna tests can be faked. Get smart Elizabeth and P6.
Elizabeth Smart is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Watching Unsolved Mysteries & aft commercial 4 Oscar Pistorius movie & Elizabeth Smart movie, I get even more why I don't watch Lifetime.
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Smart ze…
Abduction victim, Elizabeth Smart, shares 3 most important things to tell your child
Elizabeth Smart: "There are things that make me wary, one of them being when someone uses religion excessively to …
14 years after her hellish kidnapping, Elizabeth Smart is telling her story, from her perspective
Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bed at 14. This is what she wants parents to know.
I forgot about and what a terrible person she is until I came across the Elizabeth Smart AMA on Reddit.
It is seriously appaling to me the mean comments people leave under stories of Elizabeth Smart tryin2help people dealing with sexual assult
"But those with shattered souls find it very difficult to speak." — Elizabeth Smart
Elizabeth Smart does an IAMA. Redditors ask: how old is 15, really? [mega popcorn thread]
I see one sentence mentioning Elizabeth Smart and I fall in an internet black hole researching every child abduction since 1990.
Currently waiting for to discover me & give me a free ride to grad school cause I’m smart & poor lol
you gonna tune in to the Elizabeth Smart movie next week?
Elizabeth Smart praises offers tips to keep children safe
On November 12 and November 13 at 9PM don't miss Elizabeth Smart tell her story of survival in the two-part event
I added a video to a playlist My Story by Elizabeth Smart | True Crime Book Reviews
Elizabeth Smart shares her story and value on life with the Loyola community.
An honor to meet Elizabeth Smart, who is speaking at BYU tonight. She is sharing her powerful story and her thought…
Definitely will be watching the Elizabeth Smart story
Elizabeth Smart opens up about her old-fashioned love story with her husband (hand-written letters!!!), as well...
We were lucky enough to interview the gorgeous Elizabeth Smart on her love story with her wonderful husband! She...
She is a remarkable young woman. Check out my conversation with Elizabeth Smart and her story of hope and survival http…
Elizabeth Smart's story captivated the country in 2002 and still does. Tonight I sit down with here.
Elizabeth Smart was in on Friday, sharing her incredible story & advocating to change rape culture
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Elizabeth Smart, founder, author, survivor shared her story at Loyola University, find out how she ro…
After being abucted at age 14, Elizabeth Smart shares her story at Loyola University Maryland.
Elizabeth Smart shares her story of survival. “It’s not what happens to us that defines us.”
You may remember Elizabeth Smart and her story. She is now joint the fight!
Elizabeth Smart Is Challenging the Mormon Church’s Teachings on Women and Sex as victims of secual assault hear them
Teresa Kaepernick says a lot of smart things here, but her sister calling her “Rocket Mom” is really just fantastic https…
When it feels like you're trying to write a reasonably smart science fiction novel from within an *incredibly stupid* scie…
New map gives residents & visitors new way to experience Queen Elizabeth Park…
I have been reading about Elizabeth Smart and her passion for change, thanks to Truly inspirational!
He's a multimillionaire because, unlike you, he's smart, talented and a decent and beloved person. You are a tragically…
Elizabeth I was born 1533. A biographer mines the archives for a truer picture of the English monarch
Let's look at the Nvidia engineer who pretended he was so marginalized for thinking women aren't smart, it might get him…
3) but failed to thoroughly investigate. Same with Elizabeth Smart and a few others. You are a per…
Roquan Smith is one of the best LB's in the Country. Quick, smart, extinctive, fast & scheme proof. Spread or Power O's…
You did. It was a while ago. I wrote a well-meaning thing about Elizabeth Smart. It was off in some…
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Binging, lived in SLC during the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping and it was the most terrifying time. And that's why I drink.
Lmao wow and we are supposed to be the smart ones
Elizabeth Nelson: "lookin for smart, good looking males. I love cuddling and hugging!"
Nobody can say it wouldn't happen here, it probably already has.
“Sleep tries to seduce me by promising a more reasonable tomorrow.” - Elizabeth Smart, By Grand Central...
Went to see Elizabeth Smart speak tonight at Carthage. Opened my eyes to a whole new issue. Google her please!
Elizabeth Smart's book is equally inspiring and heartbreaking and I love it
Bravo Elizabeth! A woman's worth should never be based on her virginity. Religious teachings that reflect that...
Elizabeth Smart speaks in Green Bay against human trafficking
Confused as to why the chapel isn't absolutely full for Elizabeth Smart?
Elizabeth Smart to speak at Carthage College tonight (9/22) about child abduction & exploitation in support of local group ef…
Elizabeth Stone: "Single and good girl looking for smart and hot guys"
Elizabeth Smart on WGN Radio AM 720! Kidnapped out of her bed in the middle of the night! Hear her courage...
Elizabeth Smart emphasising how happens in every corner of the world & can involve any person. https…
Premiere Dates Set for Elizabeth Smart and Robert Durst Movies at Lifetime -
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Well done Elizabeth!! All greens and only the 2nd time using your smart card!!! Your doing fab!! 💪💜
Currently listening to My Story by Elizabeth Smart via
But he's not tough and smart in the is he not? ok...
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Happy Birthday to 2 smart Alpha Women: my Detroit-born baby sister Becky Hull Gorman and my Pittsburgh law partner Julie Elizabeth McGuire.
Elizabeth smart I never paid attn to. I do remember Jon Benet. Casey Anthony totally killed her daught…
Oh ok! I remember seeing a commercial for a special on it! Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped, held for ni…
This is important. Especially because Elizabeth Smart has spoken out about the way the "purity culture" she was...
Crazy eyes to Trump's right looks like he got into the imperial stash 🌨 why does he remind me of t…
This picture of Elizabeth Smart (far left) taken while she was being held captive by her kidnapper (far right). https:/…
Smart words. If we'd done this in the 2016 election we might not have Trump in office now:. Elizabeth Warren...
Here are some things that today's job candidates value most in a potential workplace:
since I'm not that smart to make my own theory, I'll just stream and encourage everyone to do the same too. lmfao 😂.
Not if you not taking smart people classes
(before anyone tries to get smart with me I purposely chose a photo of Elizabeth & Songbird in Rapture to represent the whole series)
Hamilton Collection
I added a video to a playlist Kidnapping Of Elizabeth Smart (Documentary) - Real Stories
Smart women know this, just need to recognize. Hillary, Michelle, Elizabeth, Susan,…
Don’t even think about taking quick glances at the sun during the eclipse; they can add up to eye damage
Had the great privilege of interviewing Jerry Lewis once; he was smart, funny, and sharp as a razor. He also starred in S…
Fantastic. I love the Elizabeth Smart nod. But bit the best song. But never less, OUR song.
please do the Elizabeth Smart case for a twisted Tuesday!
if someone was cruel enough to kidnap and rape Elizabeth smart, maybe someone will be kind enough to do it to
Elizabeth Smart is one of my heroes. Females ARE strong as *** . via
"Elizabeth Smart Finally Ready for a Movie to Tell Her Story" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Elizabeth Smart seems to take a long time to do things. Like, ya know... ...walk home.
Elizabeth Smart finally ready for a movie to tell her story
Smart opens up about abduction 15 years later via
Tried several times to write something about how smart and wise I think Elizabeth Smart is but I couldn't, anyway she's incredi…
An 80-year-old man who punched a police officer at an Elizabeth Smart event has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.
"There's no formula for happiness. I think it's OK to not be OK." -- Elizabeth Smart (something we should all take to heart).…
Some photos from today's panel from the film
New in our shop! Nasty women are tough. Nasty women are smart. And nasty women vote! -Elizabeth Warren mug.
These smart doggos just figured out this spy cam gives them treats — and they are SO excited 😆
Looking to attract young talent? Follow these simple tips to make your workplace smarter:
This is one smart young lady and had a good head on her shoulders! I am also happy to call her my niece. Any...
Elizabeth Smart talks bringing her story to television 15 years later and more from today's htt…
Check out this post in the Entertainment vibe:. Elizabeth Smart on Bringing Her Story to TV: ‘I’m Proud of It, But I Hate It at the Same Tim
Check out what Elizabeth Smart said about Lauren's PoV…
"the stories of young black girls and women who are missing don't get the Elizabeth Smart or Natalee Holloway treatment"
@ a sexual assault awareness presentation by Elizabeth Smart @ BYU. 9/10 of the people here are women...
is never widely covered by media. Whereas like Natalee Holloway & Elizabeth Smart ruled media for months.
Feminist/MSM ONLY care about WHITE FEMALES like Elizabeth Smart,JonBenet Ramsey,Natalee Holloway they care nothing abt the
Elizabeth Smart shares her survival story with Santa Rosa
Is the case more like Elizabeth Smart or Susan Smith? I want to give the benefit of the doubt but there are red flags.
Never once got an Amber alert for a missing girl from the Bronx. Too dark to be the next Elizabeth Smart.
While not all trafficking victims are kidnapped, Elizabeth Smart's story is definitely a horrific account of...
Read the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping story.the spine chills all the way to *** .. :-|
Elizabeth Smart her story of her abduction:
Elizabeth Smart is trending, and the first person I thought of was Dave Chappelle lol.
NEW: Elizabeth Smart talks about how played a role in her abduction. via
I think this is very interesting. Obviously, like Elizabeth says, there wasn't just 1 reason, but worth thinking on.
No comment necessary. This is a painful article to read.
"...he would turn and he would look at me and be like, ‘Now, we’re going to to do this.’ It just led to him...
What an incredible person to overcome the evil that happened to her and choose to be happy! That is powerful! Our...
Please follow me. follow accounts who love idols. follow back 100%. Elizabeth Smart
Elizabeth Smart revealed new details about her kidnapping
The Elizabeth Smart Story Elizabeth is reunited with 3: via
Every few years, I think, 'Maybe now I'm finally smart enough or sophisticated enough to
Watching Elizabeth Smart documentaries alone in my apartment because I apparently enjoy terrifying myself
My Story by Elizabeth Smart. She went through such a horrific event and never lost hope. You'll feel so inspired.
Elizabeth Shue in adventures in babysitting. First time. Man...what a fox.
Making wearables more useful and smart homes less of a chore
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Our children must understand that nothing can take away the we have for them via
Elizabeth Warren is a dorky *** who thinks she is smart.she is a communist and is sexist against men..
Elizabeth smart is such an inspiration to me. Great woman
Elizabeth said the pizza was hot so miryam blew on it she's so little and smart and cute I love her
Queen Elizabeth is all giggles after winning at the races! via
Payday lenders join w/ Native American tribes to sidestep Feds, who else did that but perceived smart. Why that's GOOFY ELIZABETH WARREN
it was so huge when Elizabeth Smart had the courage to talk openly about being harmed by purity culture
Elizabeth is actually very smart lmao my little dummie ain't really dumb 😭😭😭
Elizabeth Smart returns to Logan, offers advice on coping.
John Miller is not smart enough to take on Elizabeth Warren.
I liked a video My Story by Elizabeth Smart Unabridged Audible Audio Edition Audiobook
Elizabeth Warren, ALONE, has accomplished more than the entire Republican Party has in the last 4 years. GOPers hate s…
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With the right sources of funding and some smart, strategic thinking about ...
Mr. Darcy fell in love with Elizabeth because she was smart and independent and self-assured.
Dont forget, tho ... Elizabeth is very very smart.
and Elizabeth are so Stylish, Kind, Smart, Un-assuming. They ground the drama.
My - Elizabeth Smart - talk. You are not defined by something terrible that happened to you.
If Trump was smart he would nickname Elizabeth Warren "Chief" instead of "Goofy". One is a clever burn & the other is a childish insult.
"Elizabeth don't be a smart elic. It's not attractive." lol what a bummer
"You're a beautiful young woman with a smart *** mouth"
Few English monarchs have been subjected to as much historical bias as Elizabeth I
Smart piece by - Key point is that, if Warren did become VP, Charlie Baker would pick the replacement
The Elizabeth Smart kidnapper has been transferred from Texas to a Utah prison. Article here:
theory I saw Dr George Hodel suspect in Elizabeth Smart murder fled to England and became jack the ripper
I'm so glad I missed that interview. All I could think of was the Elizabeth Smart case.
Elizabeth Warren not smart as Marjorie Torres,should be rolfing the roaring boy.
Searching for My Story by Elizabeth Smart book. Where I can buy that?
do you have a copy of book of Elizabeth Smart?
A wonderful tour of the Queen's castles
Class is about to be lit when you see:. Im quick! Im sharp! Im bright! Im smart. I'm rich & good lookin' and a major ble…
Just shows how smart and compassionate animals truly are. Especially horses ❤️
Elizabeth you are lieing about everything you say. and when you go to bed you still are not smart
(you're*) but not as smart as you, right? I guess since i actually have friends I don't have as much time to study as you do.
I wonder if is smart enough to ask to be VP, and I wonder if Elizabeth would accept.
My biggest hero in the entire world (Elizabeth Smart) is coming to Logan and speaking while I will be in Zion, running the Ragnar! 😫😫😫
"Elizabeth, get smart", wins quote of the night from the younger brother... He is very smart, if you couldn't tell from his remark...😂
Elizabeth Warren would be my choice!!! Love that woman. Smart. Honest. Ethical.
When Elizabeth Smart was missing for a couple months it was all over…
I know Wayne got a smart phone bruh. Gone send out the class cancellation email.
okay... I used to drink almond milk. Dang I forgot about it! Smart woman!
I just wanna be as cool as Lana Del Rey and as influential and smart as Elizabeth Warren
Money is the best deodorant. Elizabeth Taylor
I am The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth Church. I love seeing smart women in fiction!
My wife amy.elizabeth.schell is strong, smart and so darn beautiful. Today we went on an…
I'm talking about Elizabeth Smart. I was supposed to get this big award but all I got was a cold hand shake.
Elizabeth Smart kidnapper Barzee out of federal prison, in state custody via
Beginning of relationship: you're so feisty I love it... 6 months later: you always got something smart to say...
Hear Elizabeth Smart explain this one crucial detail that helped her escape.
Elizabeth and I are running our music tech workshop at 2pm in Section B - bring your smart phones / iPads!
Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper moved to Utah prison -
Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper moved to Utah prison
You is kind, you is smart and you is important
Wife of 'prophet' who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart is moved to prison in Utah
Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper Wanda Barzee is back in a Utah jail
We’re pining to see and Elizabeth Debicki in on April 19 at 10|9c.
Kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart moved to Utah prison - Danbury News Times
oh that's so smart! Just like a mini raffle :'). Wow, thank you for that suggestion
All purpose parts banner
Kidnapper of moved to Utah prison via
Kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart moved to Utah prison: Wanda Barzee, 70, was admitted to the Draper prison on Frid...
"Don't just tell her she's pretty. Tell her she's PRETTY SMART too."
Kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart moved to Utah prison - Daily Mail
New post: ". Kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart moved to Utah prison. " .
Kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart moved to Utah prison. .
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A woman convicted in Elizabeth Smart's 2002 kidnapping is back in Utah, where she'll finish serving time on state
Elizabeth Warren is AWESOME. i wish I could meet her and tell her how much i admire her. she's so smart, so fabulous. a role model for all
SageLinQ Kidnapper of Smart moved to Utah prison
"Kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart Moved to Utah Prison" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart moved to Utah prison.. Related Articles:
One Mormon's Work to End Homelessness - The kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart by homeless preacher Brian David Mitc...
Moving Holy Thursday tradition at the YMCA of Central Florida Celebration of Prayer breakfast with Elizabeth Smart.
Biker scum had a Havelock Ellis look alike with a Viking tatoo into wet work and crime tying to Elizabeth Smart.
Elizabeth Smart brings attention to cases of three missing Utahns: SALT LAKE CITY — A group of families in Utah is…
do yourself a favor and read the book "My Story" by Elizabeth Smart . it's possibly the best book ever written
Elizabeth Smart speaks out, "I need to share my story, so the survivors know they're not alone..."
Elizabeth Smart inspires hope for sex trafficking victims
Hi Ian just reading Elizabeth Smart on recommendation wow a very good read :-)
Elizabeth Smart to speak at World Congress of Families event: SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Elizabet...
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We are so excited to host An Evening With Elizabeth Smart. She is a true survivor with an inspiring message you...
"All through the night it is centaurs hoofed and galloping over my heart: the poison has got into my blood." - Elizabeth Smart
DISCO's co-founder, Liz Hughey, is one of the Smart Party honorees this year! Buy a ticket and celebrate with Liz!
Let's all recognize the progressive entrepreneur winner: Elizabeth Blount McCormick
We LOVED you in Utah Valley. Thank you for supporting and please learn all you can about Elizabeth "Amy" Smart
I knew Elizabeth leaked those photos. I said it. I'm so smart.
If Abby was smart she wouldn't have bothered meeting w/Fitz & Elizabeth. She should've talked to Liv right away.
competition. Just ask Green Party Elizabeth May. Harper is frightened to debate her. She is to smart for him. Grin.
SMART Customers in Orange Walk, show how smart you really are THIS Saturday, October 3rd at the Queen Elizabeth...
Ballerina smart but ya sex like art, oh!
That Elizabeth smart kidnapping really instilled in me a fear of being taken
Elizabeth Smart in San Antonio to Bring Message of Hope to Others
Don't miss this exclusive event to hear Elizabeth Smart! Designing Women is partnering with Selah Freedom to...
Elizabeth Smart in to bring message of hope to others
Remember this face? Elizabeth Smart was one of the biggest stories of our time. Come learn how this abduction...
Elizabeth, 23, Spanish. She is able to start ASAP for 9-10 months. Childcare experiences include bab
I've come to the realization that this might be my last year here in Port Elizabeth.. Lindidikile ndonele li bhayi rhaa
"My Story" by Elizabeth Smart. It's a biography about her kidnapping. It's seriously interesting!
Hi Elizabeth. We've seen no irregularities on your account. Can you please provide us a photo of your SMART Bro Pocket Wi-Fi?
you is kind, you is smart, you is important. Save CA, Save me. Come to Harvard.
if only I was smart. I could've saved California.
Just shed tears meeting Elizabeth Smart. My Mother's heart will never forget the moment she was found - alive. …
The Art of Healing. Thank you Elizabeth Smart for sharing your story.
Elizabeth Smart in San Antonio to support Ecumenical Center: Smart talked about how she survived her ordeal back in…
This is a great cause. Elizabeth Smart was at our Summit and the founder of this can...
I wish Elizabeth Warren was running for President. Smart, empathetic.
Nobody in his right mind would've left her, even my heart was smart enough to stay behind🎶
Elizabeth wears fake glasses to look smart
Elizabeth Smart's abduction captured the nation. Come hear about her experience, and learn why Designing Women...
Reading "My Story" by Elizabeth Smart (with Chris Stewart) and this passage just caught my attention dramatically.
I listen to the Elizabeth Smart book by day and read the Ted Bundy book by night so my life is one continual horror story.
'Like Madame Bovary blasted by lightning' Angela Carter on Elizabeth Smart
Elizabeth Smart, dad, to help look for missing Provo woman: SALT LAKE CITY – In a matter of three...
Always breaking. First, smart. Second, Elizabeth Arden. Sticking to my ike pafum
don't b friends w people that R obsessed with U, not smart
remember Elizabeth you are a smart, strong, independent woman and you do not need a man to make you happy
Elizabeth Smart, child protection advocate is coming to on March 25 Tickets
Beautiful triumph over evil. Strong faith and strong, close families!! In the hard times, there is NO SUBSTITUTE.
David, you're very welcome. I hope last night's event for the Elizabeth Smart Foundation was a huge success?
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These girls are such an ego boost on a hungover Sunday morning. . Like I'm smart as *** y'all.
Benefit concert for Elizabeth Smart's Operation Underground Railroad is incredible!
Elizabeth Blackburn: My Hero For It’s Okay to Be Smart and Smart Girls’ collaboration to find amazing…
In ? 2nite at 7P Elizabeth Smart Fdtn. Benefit Should be GR8!! cc:
Get tickets to see English singer Alfie Boe tonight @ 7 PM to benefit the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.
I'm "uses the same password for everything" smart.
being her smart lawyerly self at Thanks for being on 4evah!
I thought I had ADD because I have a hard time concentrating when I read books. But it turns out I'm just lazy and not very smart. Phew!
Mergers & Acquisitions come to the NB if you had any doubt that 'saving children' is an industry -
Hearing Elizabeth Smart tell the story of her kidnapping left me in tears. Thirteen years ago today she was rescued.
He's not, but what if Elizabeth Smart's dad was my celebrity crush?
Don't all electronic devices come with spell/grammar check of some sort? If you're smart enough to turn them all off, then.
Benefit concert for the Elizabeth Smart Foundation this Sat. at UCCU center w/ The Strike, Alfie Boe, and more. Tix $20
Elizabeth Smart Foundation merges with Operation Underground Railroad to fight human trafficking: . var myPlay...
becaus shes killed so many an id be a magnificent Queen pen.. She was smart an loved Al Capone she felt she was
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Twelve years after being rescued, Elizabeth Smart reveals how she is helping other exploited children via
What do Elizabeth Smart, Alfie Boe, Larry King, Lexi Walker, & Jenny Oaks Baker have in common? All r in:
let's raise a glass to Elizabeth Smart when you're back!
3 of 5 stars to My Story by Elizabeth Smart
Laugh and barf at this Elizabeth Smart comedy! Plz!
Elizabeth Smart talk being rescheduled: ... Corwin, known for his work on Animal Planet, in October; and by multi-instrumentalist Tod...
“Read. See how its done. Then forget all that and let yourself off the leash in your head…".
Be smart and choose wisely who you give a key to your heart.
Quiet evening. A sense of accomplishment. Finished reading My Story by Elizabeth Smart. On to my next book...
She's too smart to run just yet. “Huff Post: Elizabeth Warren Is Good and Bad News for the Democrats
I found this so interesting: "she's not Elizabeth Smart yet, and she could have been." Never thought about it like that.
Kesha, Nolan Gould, Elizabeth Banks, plus more celebs who are actually geniuses
by Elizabeth NicolettiTourist resorts in Jamaica stand to benefit from more sustainable climate-smart business...
“Wont say, you may be cross, Hubby allegiances elsewhere. He is a Bomber tho.”. Smart girl :-)
Eff sad! watch this Elizabeth Smart comedy and laugh! Plz.
Update your maps at Navteq
Ahah true! And I'm sure you're Fineee. But idk it's not a book smart for Elizabeth. It's more of like a thinking-smart
The Associated Press made a major announcement on statehouse reporting today
What the *** happened to the smart savvy Elizabeth from S1?.This whiney Elizabeth is pathetic!
Eureka! I've found the reason why Elizabeth is so smart!!!
"Senate Democrats’ new plan: Listen to Elizabeth Warren now they're getting smart
"I don't know him very well, but he seems like a smart *** " Elizabeth Zenner on Laith Almashhawari
Her Majesty is clearly a marketing genius and is spreading rumours to boost her Christmas ratings. Smart.
I heckle Elizabeth Smart daily yelling "if you were so smart you wouldn't got kidnapped"
the Elizabeth Smart book is so messed up and I can't stop reading 😩😭
"Just because you're book smart doesn't mean you can't be life dumb." -
Trivia Crack either makes me feel smart or not smart. There's no in between. ;)
She was smart Until she fell in love
Senator Elizabeth Warren. Smart, articulate, not intimidated by anyone, and cares a great deal about her flock.
if Republicans were smart they would dig up all dirt and video and begin the branding of Elizabeth
If Hillary is going to run, she would be smart to enlist Elizabeth Warren as her VP. Imagine how that White House will run!
I hate when people try to be smart with me. If anyone's gonna be a smartass its gonna be me, so chill.
Santa is a smart guy. Visits people only once a year.
Smart Dana Milbank on how Elizabeth Warren's rise on the left is analogous to Jim DeMint's rise on the right --
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