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Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery (April 15, 1933 – May 18, 1995) was an American film and television actress whose career spanned five decades, best known as Samantha Stephens in Bewitched.

Charles Bronson Lizzie Borden Agnes Moorehead Robert Montgomery Barbara Eden Samantha Stephens Peter Falk Jack Klugman William Asher

Oh I could never hold a candle to Elizabeth Montgomery. She was EXCEPTIONAL. 😍
1st takeaway from OJ doc- Elizabeth Montgomery looks hot in color too, as I'd only seen her in black and white on bewitched
I think Hillary has the leeway to risk going big and that's Elizabeth Warren. Kaine is ok but boring.
📷 Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun, 1951
I didn't know I was compared to Elizabeth Montgomery, but I think that I'm in very good com...
Behind the Scenes: Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift on set of 'A Place in the Sun.'
Forty years ago this week Elizabeth Montgomery appeared on the cover of Mexico's Teleguia magazine.
Headphones Everywhere via -I refer you all to Elizabeth Montgomery & Charles Bronson.
The barmaid in that Batman:TAS episode was voiced by Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched) in her last role.
I get letters from people saying one of the things they like best about what I've d...
.and I spend the afternoon bound in latex.
on Twisted by Elizabeth Montgomery Amazon: Now available in audio: *
Elizabeth Montgomery was my FAV actress ever-Loved Bewitched! Miss her.
Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery in an episode of "The Twilight Zone."
I'd never thought much about a series, because I liked the idea of picking a script...
I'm distracted from my reading so here's a photo of a statue of Elizabeth Montgomery to liven up…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Read this amazing book by Elizabeth Montgomery
• She said softly as she spotted her mother. "I named her Willa Elizabeth Forbes Montgomery-Shepherd. She >
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift on break while filming 'A Place in the Sun.' See more:
I went to big Lots yesterday and I saw The Smurfs 2& Bewitched Season 4. I ranted about how Jayma & Elizabeth Montgomery shouldn't be there.
Bewitched_ Elizabeth Montgomery's Samantha character's name originally was going to be Cassandra.
Fun fact: Robert Montgomery is the father of Elizabeth Montgomery of TV's Bewitched fame.
Elizabeth Montgomery in an episode of ‘The Untouchables.’
James Franco sports Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift tattoo for movie Zeroville via
Read a sample of this book by Elizabeth Montgomery
The Elizabeth Taylor/Montgomery Clift episode is amazing. Can't recommend it highly enough.
and with one twitch of her nose Elizabeth Montgomery's clothes were gone. a kid, I thought Diahann Carroll, Elizabeth Montgomery & Teresa Graves were the prettiest ladies on TV
I always love noting all the stars--William Shatner, Peter Falk, Jack Klugman, Elizabeth Montgomery, etc. etc etc--who appeared
A Case of Rape (TV Movie 1974) Elizabeth Montgomery, William Daniels, Cliff Potts (Updated quality). When she was...
I love her!!! I really do. Its almost weird because I feel like I knew her. Truly a lovely woman. She will always be loved. ALWAYS.
What an amazing review for Scarred 󾌧󾌧󾌧
For the Love of a God Her name was Lady Elizabeth Montgomery, or jus 6
Sandra Gould, Marion Lorne, hair stylist Lillian Hokum and Elizabeth Montgomery on the st of BEWITCHED 1966.
I like the fact that Elizabeth Montgomery always had people of color on the show. A bold move back then! That's my girl!
Davis adored his daughter Elizabeth Montgomery though.
Montgomery Clift || 1920-1966. One of Hollywood's first method actors. Elizabeth Taylor's best friend. Homosexual. http…
I have to say that I adore Robert Montgomery. Loved his daughter, Elizabeth Montgomery, on Bewitched.
Mr. Montgomery is hard to hold.Elizabeth is determined to keep him forever http…
Foveolar type gastric adenoma,&PAS/AB, from Elizabeth Montgomery MD, our new Editor in Chief https:/…
Now you can read a sample of Elizabeth Montgomery books
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift dance in rehearsal on the MGM set of Raintree County, 1956
Elizabeth & her mom share about what it's like to be 27 weeks pregnant in Montgomery Co jail htt…
HAPPY 82nd BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY JONES! Ms. Jones is seen here with Elizabeth Montgomery and Bill Asher sometime in...
Elizabeth Montgomery is so pretty. And she was born in 1933 the same year as Jim Perry. Sadly she died in 1995.
I never knew Elizabeth Montgomery was Robert Montgomery's daughter! She could have been parallel universe Shelley Winters' daughter!
I'd vote for Elizabeth Warren any day. is. a liar. a criminal. and an enabler . of a serial sex offender h…
The January 2016 Member Spotlight shines on Elizabeth Brusio of Wallace Montgomery. Read about her here:
Elizabeth Montgomery (1933 -1995) was an American film and television actress whose career spanned five decades.
Is that Elizabeth Montgomery on the right? I love her. I'm in.
I am a big Bewitched fan... something about the way Elizabeth Montgomery tw...
looks like a lost Elizabeth Montgomery... that girl from Bewitched?
This week in 1969 Elizabeth Montgomery graced the cover of TV Week Magazine in the land of Oz aka Australia.
CLASSIC STAR OF THE DAY: Elizabeth Montgomery major TV figure of 1960s and '70s
📷 20th-century-man: Elizabeth Montgomery, Henry Silva / production still from William Asher’s Johnny...
5 of 5 stars to Scarred by Elizabeth Montgomery
Publicity photo of Paul Lynde and Elizabeth Montgomery, promoting the April 28, 1968 episode of the ABC comedy...
Doesn't have the style of Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) in 'Bewitched'. Sadly missed!
Photo from the premiere of the television series Bewitched. From left:Elizabeth Montgomery, *** York, Agnes...
Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha and Agnes Moorehead as her mother, Endorra, from the television program Bewitched.
Elizabeth Montgomery and *** York in a publicity shot for Bewitched
Got Mischa Tsiganov showing Wes Montgomery some love on is next w/music from his Elizabeth Catlett project!
Mr Patrick, my name is Elizabeth Montgomery and I want to thank you for your ministry.
TWISTED -FEB 29th Wonderland and Oz in one book .
Must read amazon book Scarred by Elizabeth Montgomery
This week in 1969 *** York, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Erin/Diane Murphy appeared on the cover of The Washington...
Elizabeth Montgomery is D-E-D, . That's Elizabeth McGovern on the float.
Twice I heard someone say Elizabeth Montgomery for Downton Abbey not Bewitched. McGovern is the one.
Watching Bewitched xmas episode. Elizabeth Montgomery and *** York were the original Don and Betty Draper.
What ever happened to plain old being alone with Barbara Eden & Elizabeth Montgomery... in a space ship?
I'll see your Elizabeth Montgomery and raise you a Barbara Eden
tough choice,but Elizabeth Montgomery in a black wig kinda tips the scale of tappable in her
On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks chose to not give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, AL.
On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks’ act of rebellion on a Montgomery bus sparked a national movement for equal rights. htt…
also angie dickinson, elizabeth montgomery, lauren bacall, gene tierney... idk there's a ton more but I can't think of them rn 😂
Anyway, got to go. Here's the ref info for my two Lucy Maud Montgomery-related publications if you're interested:
Elizabeth Montgomery lol she was in an episode of the twilight zone and the star of the original bewitched
...& now for some , Elizabeth Montgomery :) . her acting is soothing & fun to watch
Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters behind the scenes of A Place In The Sun (1951)
A new spin on the world of Vampires, Witches and Demons. Bk1 Bk2
51 years ago today, TV Guide, November 28, 1964 - Elizabeth Montgomery of "Bewitched"
This week in 1964 Elizabeth Montgomery and Bewitched made their first TV Guide cover. This photo is a still from...
and Elizabeth Montgomery was a distant relative of Lizzie Borden
Don't Miss! A Place in the Sun starring Montgomery Cliff and Elizabeth Taylor - HOSTED BY BILL COLLINS.
maudelynn: Elizabeth Montgomery in a promo shot for Bewitched c.1964 via
Can you suggest a way to purchase the Elizabeth Montgomery print?
Finished with Scarred, by Elizabeth Montgomery: Hmm...not sure how I felt about this one.
Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor behind the scenes of Raintree County (1957) htt…
You Might Like...Elizabeth Montgomery: Elizabeth Montgomery was born in Williamsburg, Va and raised in Yorktow...
I added a video to a playlist The Victim (1972) - Elizabeth Montgomery
Elizabeth Montgomery looking stunning in black and white
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Elizabeth Montgomery. Such a crush on her during puberty.
Elizabeth Montgomery was in dead beautiful! Left us too soon!
This week in 1968 Elizabeth Montgomery and Marion Lorne appeared on the cover of Indianapolis's TV News magazine.
Just happy to have had a crack at Elizabeth Montgomery!
The ESSENTIAL magic ingredient for your gift book shelf...
Out of curiosity, did you ever see Elizabeth Montgomery in The Legend of Lizzie Borden?
George Hamilton weeps, Elizabeth Montgomery consoles. Shot by Dominick Dunne. Someone should paint.
Really Elizabeth Montgomery? she was everywhere back when I was a kid
‘Oh’, she thought, ‘how horrible it is that people have to grow up-and marry-and change!’ L.M. Montgomery.
I've just discovered that wholesome Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched once played axe-murderer Lizzie Borden. Ace.
I was thinking this in the kitchen earlier. But I was in love with Elizabeth Montgomery when I was four :-)
And very good she was to...but blokes of a certain age will ONLY remember Elizabeth Montgomery.
I loved the girl with the twitchy bugle! Elizabeth Montgomery
Fairest and best adorned is she Whose clothing is humility. James Montgomery.
Campaign for America's Future . . Montgomery,. Join us to honor Senator Elizabeth Warren's leadership at our...
Cats in Art and Illustration: Elizabeth Montgomery caricature with cat for the sitcom, "Bewitched."
Watching an episode of The Twilight Zone with a very young Elizabeth Montgomery.
Did the Nation ever write about Elizabeth Montgomery ?
After all these years to realize the beautiful heart and mind of Elizabeth Montgomery A life for others
. Elizabeth Montgomery. Barbara Eden. Adam or Eve. Adam West. Batman (best speaker ever).
then you just need someone to play sound effect each time you do it, & a Darrin of course! Elizabeth Montgomery is a goddess😊
Elizabeth Montgomery - perhaps my earliest celebrity crush. At age 5 or so.
This week in 1973 Elizabeth Montgomery appeared on the cover of Belgium's Telepro magazine. I love this picture...
Tony, were you also a huge fan of Elizabeth Montgomery?
and Elizabeth Montgomery, the actress who played Samanatha, was a *** rights activist.
Caught some feels with this review of my retelling of Alice in Wonderland! 😍😍😍 http://
I can't be the first to have said this but WOW does look like Elizabeth Montgomery, or vice versa.
yay!!! a nod to Elizabeth Montgomery and Love it!!!
His passion for Jenny marked Devin Montgomery forever. He found his baby, but still held revenge in his heart.
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift, taking a break from filming A Place in the Sun to have fun outside at …
The Rev. Fletcher Montgomery visited with Elizabeth and Les Cotter on Thursday afternoon. Please keep them and...
Photo: maggiepollitts: Actors Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor lounging on the grass during the...
Elizabeth Taylor to Montgomery Clift in 'Suddenly Last Summer': "Mr Venable was a good man, but dull to the point of genius."
Back tour today today for Fairy Tale Confessions by Author Tish Thawer, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jessica Sorensen,...
Eden Riegel is an American artist.She portrayed Bianca Montgomery in the daytime drama
Yes I did notice on 1 TV, Elizabeth Montgomery's face's crisscross stripes on it. Alivia on the other TV has numerous liquids on hers.
Rare TV on DVD: Between the Darkness and the Dawn (1985) Elizabeth Montgomery, Dorothy McGuire...
*Sigh* Elizabeth Montgomery never visits me anymore...
Now in My Bookbag: Casting Crowns and Other Curious Things – A Retelling of Alice in…
Nice hat. Is that you or Elizabeth Montgomery?
One of my favorite actresses in "Two" from The Twilight Zone. Elizabeth Montgomery
You and your nude, hatchet-wielding Elizabeth Montgomery fantasies. Give it a rest.
'60s TV: Agnes Moorehead and Elizabeth Montgomery promo photo by LIFE for "Bewitched"
Thank you, Barb. Between you and Elizabeth Montgomery, you both made me believe in magic as a young boy. Thank you so much.:)
Agnes Morehead, Elizabeth Montgomery and David White are the others, right?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Bewitched is on. I'm a happy girl. ❤️😏 'Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched'
Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame was smoking hot.
. A love sacrificed, a species in peril, He must help her remember or...
That's pretty darn awesome! Loved me some Elizabeth Montgomery & Agnes Moorehead!
on . Scarred by Elizabeth Montgomery . Sticks and stones can break your bones...
I just wish that I looked like elizabeth montgomery
New burn bans for Montgomery, Brazoria and Harris Counties, including Houston and Conroe. News now on KHOU 11 News.
Tell-all book reveals details of Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery's 'other' life via
Bewitched episode of Roswell is awesome. Katherine Heigl does a great Samantha voice! Sounds a lot like Elizabeth Montgomery.
D Rickles Master of Jaymohrsports HOF. Congrats Dean Montgomery..nice last name. Say high to Elizabeth. ..anyway .
Elizabeth Montgomery didn't need magic to enchant men.
"Tried to twitch your nose like Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched."
AoSHQ ONT brought to you by Elizabeth Montgomery.
Elizabeth Montgomery is so GORGEOUS in all the photos from this photo shoot taken on the set of Season One's "It...
What's happening? Elizabeth Montgomery justpulled an elephant by its trunk to a room oohLawd pullme like that :)
Remember when Taylor and I wanted to be in Elizabeth Montgomery's womb? Good times
I don't know who I'm a fan of more Elizabeth Montgomery or
See our latest PA and click to apply: Retail Cosmetics Sales - Beauty Advisor Elizabeth... -
Elizabeth Montgomery did not in fact play cousin Serena on Bewitched. It was Marion Lorne, in astonishing makeup.
Elizabeth Montgomery was actually a witch and cousin Serena was played by her actual cousin not Elizabeth as credits said.
It took four episodes before Elizabeth Montgomery realized they had switched Darrins
Bewitched was cancelled when Elizabeth Montgomery was burned at the stake behind the studio for killing the first Darren
North Star & True North are that make you believe there is a soul mate out there
Love it! I can't stop watching on Weirdly glad that you liked Elizabeth Montgomery.
On sale for Memorial Day weekend! This is a fantastic paranormal love story with a great story to boot!
I added a video to a playlist Dark Victory (1976) Elizabeth Montgomery, Anthony Hopkins
Elizabeth Montgomery in a ad for Quaker's Diet Frosted cereals, 1966.
I liked a video from Elizabeth Montgomery Documentary
when I saw Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched for the first time
And of course Robert Montgomery is the father of Bewitched's Elizabeth Montgomery :)
here is as Emily Montgomery & as Elizabeth Thatcher in a scene. So sweet.
What's happening? Elizabeth Montgomery izzz on mah TV'ay ! she just sparks magic to mi veeezion .
Only real witches I've ever really heard of are Wiccan. Oh, and Elizabeth Montgomery. :p
I feel like Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched about eight times a da…
What's happening? Bewitched is on , Elizabeth Montgomery is magic , cause she automatically puts a smile on my face ... What a spell :)
"There is a land called Passive Agressiva, and I am their queen." - Addison Montgomery
Photo: beatnikdaddio: elizabeth montgomery.  Oh *** she is SEXY ,
Used to love it when Elizabeth Montgomery would tidy the house that way. Was a weird kid.
everyone has left out the hottest of them all! Elizabeth Montgomery!!! (Bewitched)
FREE on Damnation (The Dyphillum Series A new spin on the para world...
hyperwave:. astromonster:. Elizabeth Montgomery…but what is this... -
Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery, who died on this day in 1995. Samantha & Endora had the best wardrobes on TV!
The US must enforce worker protections in trade agreements -- a damning report by
"Surviving Brooklyn" by Elizabeth York is available on Kindle & Google Play. Brooklyn Montgomery, daughter of a...
RIP Elizabeth Montgomery 🌟 thank you for being such an important part of my life growing up, I shall always love you. h…
I added a video to a playlist Rod Serling's Patterns - with Elizabeth Montgomery (1955)
Rest in Paradise: Elizabeth Montgomery d. May 18, 1995. Actress, best known for playing Samantha in "Bewitched.".
Meet Jose and Elizabeth, 32 and 27, from Montgomery County, MD: Sun. at 10p ET http:…
Elizabeth Montgomery, star of "Two" passed away 20 years ago today. She was purdy.
Remembering the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery who passed away 20 years ago today.♥🔮
Remembering Elizabeth Montgomery, who died 20 years ago today on May 18, 1995. pic: .
Elizabeth Montgomery was a stone fox.
I'll give "Tabitha" this much, Lisa Hartman is perfect casting. Easily convincing as the daughter of Elizabeth Montgomery.
I added a video to a playlist A Case of Rape (Elizabeth Montgomery Full Movie)
Working on my book review for 'The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery' by Herbie J. Potato (@ University Of Winnipeg)
New GIF tagged love, i love you, classic film, elizabeth taylor, montgomery clift, a place…
On this day in 1956, driving home from Elizabeth Taylor's house, actor Montgomery Clift (shown in The Misfits) is...
Start the series with Persecution, on for a limited time!. 5/8 - 5/11.
Twitch upon a Star : The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery by...
Photo: retrogasm: Happy National Twilight Zone Day! Elizabeth Montgomery from the episode “Two”
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Bond missed. Clearly an Elizabeth Montgomery nose-twitch sent him down ;-)
This is an apple at Damascus high school in Montgomery county
It's too bad Logo couldn't clear the "Elizabeth Montgomery in...Bewitched" voiceover that aired during the theme in later seasons.
Photoset: Elizabeth Montgomery and William Asher (director of ‘I Love Lucy’ and 'Bewitched’) with their...
Happy Mother's Day to my Professor Elizabeth Feldman of Montgomery college,
Maybe he just wiggled his nose like Elizabeth Montgomery did on "Bewitched"
the actual dress Elizabeth Montgomery war in the 1975 movie legend of Lizzie Borden
Happy fictional 13th birthday to Elizabeth Montgomery (Hart) man i wish Reba still aired. :(
Wcw(for ever) elizabeth montgomery from bewitched 😘😍
They used to have reruns of the show when I was a kid with Elizabeth Montgomery like who could even do the nose twitching
A wonderful publicity still from Bewitched featuring Elizabeth Montgomery & Agnes Moorehead, 1960s.
"Surviving Brooklyn" by Elizabeth York has released on Google Play & Kindle today. Brooklyn Montgomery,...
- Anne Shirley from Lucy Maud Montgomery's 'Anne of Green Gables' & Elizabeth Bennett from Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in their dressing rooms on the set of "Suddenly Last Summer". Burt Glinn
it was wild as Elizabeth Montgomery ie in the wild as in Bill Hickok . Poor old flipper still couldn't Buddy ( hack it )
O_O Elizabeth Montgomery is a distant relative of Lizzie Borden.
Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite mother, wife and witch-Elizabeth Montgomery of 1960s.
Okay but like is the opening here I reference to the Elizabeth Montgomery movie? I hope so.
If my future wife looked like Elizabeth Montgomery I'd give her everything she'd ever want.
I've been watching a "Bewitched," marathon on Logo. Elizabeth Montgomery was lovely.
BEWITCHED - Elizabeth Montgomery. *** York, *** Sargent, Agnes Moorehead. The show is about
Heya u were in Bewitched too - another great show. 💓 Elizabeth Montgomery was fantastic 💖
A Place in the Sun - Starring Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift. A movie version of the the classi
As a child bewitched opening credits music was a favourite, plus Elizabeth Montgomery who played Samantha was hot
Do you guys remember when Elizabeth Montgomery showed up as Samantha from Bewitched on The Flintstones cartoon? As a kid, I was SO confused.
Salsa dancing with elizabeth montgomery and Barbara Eden , Good Friday Easter
I miss Elizabeth Montgomery, the most beautiful witch of all.
It was Incredible to work with Elizabeth Montgomery! What a beautiful and talented lady!
What was it like working with Elizabeth Montgomery?
I'm in my 20s & I miss Elizabeth Montgomery I wish she was still with us noone plays Samantha Stephens like Elizabeth
Classic TV like Bewitched should never be remade there's only one Samantha Stephens and that's Elizabeth Montgomery
Photo: gatabella: Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift Early examples of the Faghag and her ***
Our statue of Elizabeth Montgomery in Salem, MA looks much better than their statue of Lucy in Celoron, NY.
Don't know if anyone ever told you this but Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched, looks like she could've been your mom.
This week in 1972 Elizabeth Montgomery graced the cover of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: TV Magazine. This is...
Yes! And his name is Julian from Persecution by Elizabeth Montgomery!
Yet more of today's Beauty...Elizabeth Montgomery & Friend. . `.
~Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery~. "They just don't make them like this anymore.
📺CBS Primetime, April 2, 1980:. -- Elizabeth Montgomery stars in the TV movie 'Belle Starr'
I am very excited to share this news. I just received this notice that Elizabeth Montgomery Music now has a...
A new spin on a the world of Vampires with a 4.8 STAR overall rating!! Start the journey here --->
This is so random but I would love a slice of key lime cheesecake right about now. If only I were Elizabeth Montgomery
Meet EMom, Elizabeth McGlynn - Exec. Director of Girls on the Run of Montgomery County!
I hope the remake of Bewitched is USA April Fool's joke cause no one can play Samantha Stephens like Elizabeth Montgomery
Selfie with my first new baby girl Melody Elizabeth Montgomery
What do Jack Klugman, Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Redford, George Takei, Peter Falk and Charles Bronson have in common for
Elizabeth Montgomery & Robert Foxworth...they were together for 19 years before they were married. I
(o: I don't know! I have all the seasons as well, I love it so much. I love Elizabeth Montgomery and Agnes Moorehead.
Isn't there a girls school in West Lake? I think Elizabeth Montgomery went there.. Yes LA traffic *** Stonehaus sounds good
Actual dress worn by Elizabeth Montgomery in Lizzie Borden movie. At the Lizzie Borden house.
Elizabeth Montgomery without the stupid "Bewitched" hair style.
Which one is more beautiful, Montgomery Clift or Elizabeth Taylor?
A place in the Sun. Featuring Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Cliff.
Have they cast Elizabeth Taylor yet in the movie where Matt Bomer is Montgomery Clift?
Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame was a 6th cousin to Lizzie Borden.
One of my fav movies 'A Place In the Sun' is on at 8 on Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift at their finest. Watch it!
Tonight 8 pm pst. A PLACE IN THE SUN . Montgomery Cliff/ Elizabeth Taylor/Shelly Winters. (1951). This movie should be an essential.
Lisa sounds a lot like Elizabeth Montgomery.
Here are some Local Views from Elizabeth Covington and Ashley Montgomery that I'm sharing during weather at 6.
Elizabeth Montgomery dancing to a Boyce and Heart song. Does life get any better?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Can anyone explain why I keep whistling the theme to Bewitched? I did have a crush on Elizabeth Montgomery as a lad.
I'd pledge him £100 for that t-shirt of Elizabeth Montgomery sucking her finger. (If it's not Elizabeth Montgeomery, I'm not interested.)
one of the last things actress Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched) did before she died and it won an Academy Award
Who wants to be stuck with Elizabeth Montgomery for eternity?
3 of my favorites. Still can't get over how beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery is in "Two."
MLK marched to Montgomery. I can twitch my nose like Elizabeth Montgomery
How can be so bad at casting attractive men? Seriously Elizabeth Montgomery is flirting with that stiff?
hey! Meredith Baxter-Burney, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Jennifer Anniston need work, too, ya know!
Elizabeth Montgomery is so important honestly can people please appreciate love adore worship her
Congrats to on being in the top 10 for State DYW!!! You represented Montgomery County so well!
I love Montgomery Clift. He still was a *** . I'm partial to some of Elizabeth Taylor's work, but not much.
Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor worked so well together because they were both *** Talented *** Still ***
Tomorrow's blog features a picture of Elizabeth Montgomery in a leotard.
"ORIGINAL BIGGEST BEST and MOST COMPLETE Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery web site on the net"
Elizabeth Montgomery with then husband William Asher and their son Robert Asher (born in ‘65). On Be
WOW! Elizabeth Montgomery side boob! Btw, this is exactly how I wake up every morning.
All right, I admit it, I have a giant Elizabeth Montgomery ***
A beat up Elizabeth Montgomery, something I never thought I'd see in a movie.
he ain't trying hard enough, tell him to cue up the one with Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery
& if you don't know who Elizabeth Montgomery is go back to 2014 and stay there x
so much Elizabeth Montgomery love tonight, love it
New Year's Day 1967 Elizabeth Montgomery and Vin Scully hosted the 78th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade, in...
It's colder than a witch's titty,not that I would know but I assume it's lukewarm at best. Elizabeth Montgomery/Samantha is an exception.
Foto: virgules: Montgomery Clift to Elizabeth Taylor: "You are the only woman I will ever love."
Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched 1964 8x10 photo movie stills print
Mine is always 'Two' with Elizabeth Montgomery & Charles Bronson. 'I Sing the Body Electric' is
My favorite episode of the Twilight Zone. Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson star in the tale of two...
Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery in a half-hour episodic TV show together as the last "Two" ppl. How great is that?
The way Bronson is devouring that chicken you'd think he would take advantage of an unconscious Elizabeth Montgomery.
If I got to wrestle Elizabeth Montgomery after the Apocalypse I'd consider that a win.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson. Helluva cast on this one.
Now on "Two" starring Charles Bronson & Elizabeth Montgomery as only 2 survivors after war, from opposing sides natch
Did the one with Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery air yet? The two enemy soldiers
Hey -- I know you! This is kinda like that whole Elizabeth Montgomery as Mrs Stevens and Sabrina thing. lol Happy New Year.
I named my daughter Samantha in honor of Elizabeth Montgomery ..I just loved her in Bewitched✨
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