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Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery (April 15, 1933 – May 18, 1995) was an American film and television actress whose career spanned five decades, best known as Samantha Stephens in Bewitched.

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So happy that the launch of the first Elizabeth Montgomery Music Creative Arts went so well. Wonderful students that love music!
Elizabeth Montgomery made her TV debut on her father's show, Robert Montgomery Presents, in 1951.
Oh, how I wish this was real. Elizabeth Montgomery was one of my first crushes. SIGH!!!
Yes--I watched those as a child, too.Elizabeth Montgomery was wonderful. But I had a crush on Morticia, naturally.
On this day (6/28) in 1992, in a show of support for her former co-star *** Sargent, Elizabeth Montgomery was a...
Bewitched (TV show) *** York, Erin/Diane Murphy and Elizabeth Montgomery (from left) via
There wasn't a "Fantastic Four" TV show in 1963 w/ Russell Johnson + Elizabeth Montgomery. But what if there was?
Russell Johnson and Elizabeth Montgomery for those who don't speak in Pop-Culturese.
This would have been INCREDIBLE! Elizabeth Montgomery as Sue Storm? With Russell Johnson, William Demarest, and...
Twilight Zone -probe 7 over and out. Another appearance by Elizabeth Montgomery in the show.
Actually, Elizabeth Montgomery was pretty much better than everyone at everything. Yes, I think my childhood crush on her is showing.
I'm in love with elizabeth montgomery
"Bewitched" is better than "I Dream of Jeannie" there's no competition. Elizabeth Montgomery is the perfect ex. of a woman w/class & beauty.
she looks nothing like Elizabeth Montgomery.
I would totally be ok with marrying a witch if she looked like Elizabeth Montgomery.
*aggresively rewatches all of Elizabeth Montgomery's password appearances*
Little Giant Ladders
I wish I looked like Elizabeth Montgomery, she is absolutely gorgeous!
A couple morphs of two TV hotties: Elizabeth Montgomery and
STOP STOP STOP OSPTODKFFDKOSFDK omg. that was from the elizabeth montgomery bio that taylor uploaded on
Elizabeth Taylor had a menage a trois with bisexual actors, Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift. She was on fire.
Elizabeth Montgomery relaxing on the set of Johnny Cool in 1963!. -. {
Country Gospel Recording Artist Elizabeth Montgomery formally with The Singing Byrds from junction ,city ky.
.Elizabeth Montgomery's ghost will discuss witchcraft with her TV mother, Endora.
I need this for my car Kyle Smith Paige Elizabeth Montgomery Courtney Koenitzer
Off out for a few pints of dont my club with Brian Elizabeth Montgomery Baillie,aka the lightweight.Then see where life takes me
Not sure why but I particularly love this photo of Elizabeth Montgomery.
Watch Montgomery soldier surprise family members with unexpected at local restaurant - . Matt, Elizabeth...
Last night I heard Erin Murphy on a radio interview talking about her time as Tabitha on BEWITCHED. She had many interesting anecdotes but the one that struck me most was the back story about the episode "Sisters at Heart," in which Tabitha's best friend is a black girl. This was one of the most remarkable epis, as it dealt with race. Erin said that this episode was Elizabeth Montgomery's favorite. She went on to say how it came to be. An English teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in South Los Angeles--which is 90% Black--asked her 10th grade class to turn in their homework, but only some kids had done the work. She asked all who had seen the previous night's BEWITCHED to raise their hands. Every student had watched the show. This led her to begin a project, so the teach and the class spent several weeks writing an episode of BEWITCHED that confronted racial tensions. They submitted the script. And, with just minor tweaking here and there, *wrinkle nose* Presto! "Sisters at Heart" aired on Christmas ...
Great way to spend a Saturday night. Doing the ironing and watching one of my favorite '60s crime films--Johnny Cool! This one's a real treat. It's a sort of Rat Pack Lite, featuring assorted Ocean's Eleven leftovers--Henry Silva, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr.--in a story that's far better told, but just as ridiculous. Silva plays an Italian bandit who's recruited by a deported American mobster to go to the States and take a terrible revenge upon his erstwhile associates. A young and rather hot Elizabeth Montgomery goes a long way toward enlivening the proceedings. I've seen this dozens of times and never get tired of it. Endless fun.
Because I still vividly remember 40 years ago sitting in a university dorm lounge watching Elizabeth Montgomery... 1/2
I want to remember a soldier that I knew very well. My Mother, Patsy Taylor!! She was a true soldier for the Kingdom of God!! She didn't back down! She ran straight for the enemies camp and kick butt!! Many were saved because of her! And because of her much fruit, many are still being saved! Patsy Elizabeth Montgomery Taylor, you are greatly missed!! Love you Mom!!
Throughout the Seventies, we had some very interesting house guests at our house at 2104 Broadway Street San Francisco, California. Allan Jones, Don Ellis, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jackie Coogan, Robert Goulet, Martin Mull, the list goes on. Allan Jones stayed at our house as he toured in "the Man of La Mancha", as Don Quixote. He had a 4-10 shotgun walking stick. He was a nice man. Don Ellis was suffering from Cancer. He was like an angel floating around the house. My brother watched the network premier of "Lizzie Borden" with the "Bewitched" star. Goulet would get so wasted and crawl Up and down our backstairs to each floor of our 5 story Victorian where he had a lady on each floor. He was a bad influence and an inspiration. He gets the door prize. I grew up in a mad house. It gets way crazier...
who remembers the tele movie starring Elizabeth Montgomery called " the legend of Lizzie Borden in '75..i watched it alone in our 2 story house (at night) and it actually put the wind up me...'Lizzie Borden took an axe.."
You know, Elizabeth Montgomery still can turn me on with a throw away line like, "Come here." Oh, how I miss her!
Listen up people!!! Our friend and kitty savior, Elizabeth Montgomery, Boone's mommy has lost her job through no fault of her own. Her mom has been very sick and lost her job a few months ago for being in the hospital too much. Please pray that God will open up a good job for both of them. As of now they have no income. These are wonderful , loving ladies who never let an animal go without food or help. Pray hard for them!
I'm sitting here watching the Bewitched series. Elizabeth Montgomery was such a beautiful woman.
Hannah Elizabeth Montgomery there is something wrong with your bathroom at your house, it really really stinks. Js.
A clip from Johnny Cool (1963) with Elizabeth Montgomery, Joan Staley, and Frank Albertson. INCLUDES SPOILER!! Watch all 7 of my clips, and you will have see...
Elizabeth Montgomery on Bette Davis and being Robert's Daughter: via
Elizabeth Montgomery was so hot in that uniform from the Twilight Zone love her boots yes
Photo : Love me some Bewitched and Love me some Elizabeth Montgomery !!!  ; )  jocha666: Loved bewitched
Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Lynda Carter - and 'natch...Elizabeth Montgomery and Lindsay Wagner, among MANY more!
Elizabeth Taylor, 1951 (at the time she made A PlaCe in the Sun with Montgomery Clift).
Caption it: What do you think Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift were thinking during this break from shooting? http:…
Classic cinema tomorrow afternoon with Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor and Shelley Winters in A PLACE IN THE SUN.
Are you saying Elizabeth Montgomery wouldn't visit ?
I am watching Bewitched. Did you ever know Elizabeth Montgomery?
Elizabeth Montgomery was really ahead of her time as an actress.
Missing my momma, so watching one of her favorites: A Place in the Sun. Does it get any better than Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift?! 😍
I think Elizabeth Montgomery was probably in her late 20's or (possibly) in her early 30's when Bewitched was in it's black/white prime..?
Tim, was invited to halloween party, the person playing his father elizabeth montgomery, cut the pants legs off, to make him look a girl
Check out our to sizzlin' Summer fashion 1940s style:
"The Secret" may have missed the mark at but this proves the original cast had some awesome fashion:
Check out Liz Taylor and Montgomery Clift's banging Summer style in this
This is proof that Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor are the ultimate timeless duo. Get their look:
"The Secret" may have flopped at but this proves the original had plenty going for it...
Montgomery Clift & Elizabeth Taylor horsing around on the set of A place in the Sun-playing this 1pm
ELIZABETH and Robert Montgomery, real life father and daughter. Courtesy Rob Tucker/Memory Lane Magazine Archives.
This / Montgomery Clift is major Summer outfit inspo:
This week in 1975 *** Sargent, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Erin Murphy appeared on the cover of Mexico's Teleguia...
Elizabeth Montgomery starred as Lizzie Borden in 1975. She was actually a distant cousin to Borden.
A truly all-star cast...-admittedly a two hander, but Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bro...
had a strange pre pubescent crush on Elizabeth Montgomery, think that was her name? Probably dead now or 80+
ELIZABETH MONTGOMERYS MOM AND DAD ELIZABETH ALLEN AND Robert Montgomery HER BROTHER "SKIPPY" THE SON ALSO RISES Elizabeth's brother, Robert Montgomery, Jr. BIOGRAPHY Robert Montgomery, Jr. was born February 15, 1936 in Los Angeles, California to actor Robert Montgomery and former stage actress Elizabeth Allen. He was the Montgomery’s second child, daughter Elizabeth Montgomery having been born in 1933. (A first daughter, Martha Bryan, died in 1931, aged fourteen months from meningitis). Skip, as he was known, was raised in Hollywood along with his sister Elizabeth. Summers were spent in the Montgomery farmhouse in Patterson, New York or in England. A portrait of Robert "Skip" Montgomery, Jr. during his acting career. In 1939, Skip became the youngest Lifetime Honorary Member of the Screen Actors Guild, of which his father was then President.
For any friends or family wanting to help Lauren Hunt and Sam Hunt settle in with the new baby, there is a care calendar available to sign up to bring dinner (or have it delivered!). If you are interested, please message me or Elizabeth Montgomery for the log in and secruity code. Thanks!
Elizabeth so beautiful and classy.time machine please.
Be sure to check out the Silent Auction at our 20th Anniversary Party on May 16 at the Natural History Museum. BRANT Nature Tours is donating a 1/2 day guided birding for 4. We also have some incredible art, like this original pencil drawing by Elizabeth Montgomery. There's lots more too! Tickets at
I liked a video Rod Serling's Patterns - with Elizabeth Montgomery (1955)
It was this week in 1970 that *** Sargent and Elizabeth Montgomery appeared on the cover of the Chicago Daily TV...
I get into debates over Cinnamon Toast Crunch being a dessert or breakfast with Amy Elizabeth Montgomery. I have no life.
.select Elizabeth Montgomery with 23rd Pick in
players only love you when they're playing--wise words of Madison Montgomery
Just hit me today that I leave for Greece in 7 days, ah😝😁! I'm not ready, finals have not been graded, I haven't stared packing and almost every piece of clothing I own is in the dirty hamper! I really wish I was Elizabeth Montgomery or Barbara Eden right now😞
Hands down, one of my favorite TV moms has to be Samantha from Bewitched. Here are a few pin-up shots of the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery.
Elizabeth Montgomery Lala. Did I understand correctly? Will had a substitute teacher today for the original substitute? I feel certain Mr. Matonic gave adequate notice for a real teacher to be hired. Wake schools must have more problems than low pay. Seems like a very poor environment for learning. Home schooling sounds better and better!
Elizabeth Montgomery Sanders-you have won the Mother's Day Spa Giveaway package!
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Great to see a young Elizabeth Montgomery on Twilight Zone
ANGEL. In loving memory. Loved and missed by Elizabeth Montgomery and family. "For our sweet rescue girl Angel.
I agree that was an awsome episode "Two" Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery, Probly in their early twentys I'd think
You won’t want to miss this, Montgomery. Elizabeth Warren – a dynamo in the U.S. Senate and a champion on our...
Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in a promotional photo-shoot for 'A Place in the S...
Watching Elizabeth Montgomery in bewitched. Wow it takes me back. Loved this back in the day.
A classic commercial for Instant Quaker Oatmeal from 1967. The commercial features Elizabeth Montgomery and *** York, playing their characters from the...
I was both shocked and appalled last night while watching Jeopardy! The "answer" was This actress on Bewitched played both roles of Samantha and cousin Serena. NONE of the 3 contestants (all previous Jeopardy! champions) knew the "question" Who is Elizabeth Montgomery!...
You may be a badass, but are you Elizabeth Montgomery with a rifle drawing a bead on Bronson badass? "Pryekrasnyy."
Twilight Zone with Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery is on metv!
Elizabeth Montgomery season 4 pictures for "Bewitched" (1967-1968)
Elizabeth Montgomery form the two... Twilight Zone 1961
Elizabeth Montgomery was a beautiful woman and one of my all-time favorite actresses!!
Watching a 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone with Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery (a few years pre-Bewitched). Elizabeth doesn't say a word the entire episode and doesn't wear any makeup but she's gorgeous. What a great show TTZ was ...
My No. 1 reason for never getting remarried: You aren't 1961 Elizabeth Montgomery.
Watching w Charles Bronson & Elizabeth Montgomery. It's a desolate post war city and they're on opposite sides. Familiar?
Watching Twilight Zone episode with Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson! How 1961 cool is that?
Great episode of 'The Twilight Zone' is on... "Two" with Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery.
A couple of hours early...TBT.Elizabeth Montgomery on Twilight Zone! Long before Bewitched! A talented beauty, lost too soon!
Very young Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery (brunette) on Twilight Zone = awesome.
The Twilight Zone episode titled "Two" is on with a brunette Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson. She was a remarkably attractive woman...
Now showing"Two" with Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery,on METV!!!
Remember when a witch looked like Elizabeth Montgomery?
Elizabeth montgomery, was already raising tim anyway,also, tim became an emancipated youth at eight years old
Whoa! Totally forgot that Jenny McCarthy's son is the Grandson of Elizabeth Montgomery!!!
Pretty sure Elizabeth Montgomery was my first major perv-up.
Tim's new management, has been made tim aware, that after elizabeth montgomery, the world court appointed sharon tate his mother in 2002
is this babe, Elizabeth Montgomery 🌟 she taught me if you wiggle your nose real cute you'll get…
This week in 1966 *** York, Joy Harmon, and Elizabeth Montgomery from Season Two's "Divided He Falls" appeared...
Pizza by Elisabeth's helped me remember a clue tonight! Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha in Bewitched!
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these people really didn't know Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha and Serena on 'Bewitched'. I'm so disappointed.
I miss marching season only because I can't see Elizabeth Montgomery.
Elizabeth Montgomery- Senior Editor and lover of everything journalism. Email elizabeth
Elizabeth Montgomery looking super fine in the 3rd episode of Bewitched.
nO LMAO no it's Melody McCord who was Elizabeth Montgomery's double in Serena episodes
Rose Elizabeth Wilkinson has secretary in Montgomery & Charles Limited. Visit
elizabeth montgomery I think u mean elizabeth hotgomery u feel me
Photo: Elizabeth Taylor with best friend Montgomery Clift-Hollywood, late 1950s.
Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor in A Place in the Sun (1951).
New edition of Elizabeth Epperly's book on . L.M. Montgomery's heroines:. The Fragrance of Sweetgrass
Spent the morning at Montgomery Village School & Princess Elizabeth School in Orangeville, ON. You guys are awesome! http…
Elizabeth Elizabeth Montgomery this one for you!
Elizabeth Montgomery and Tom Poston in "Masquerade"...the Bates House makes yet another appearance in this creepy THRILLER episode laced with humor. Great surprise ending...there are numerous subtle hints along the way, but I"ll confess I never picked up on any of them.
Elizabeth Montgomery sings a song with Vic Damone on the Hollywood Palace in 1966. The footage was taken from another video in the public domain at
*** York (1928 - 1992) as Darrin Stephens, George Tobias (1901 - 1980) as Abner Kravitz, Sandra Gould (1916 - 1999) as Gladys Kravitz, Elizabeth Montgomery (1933 - 1995) as Samantha Stephens and Erin or Diane Murphy as Tabitha Stephens in the television series 'Bewitched', 1966.
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Is Serena look hippy than Samantha?? Both are same as Elizabeth Montgomery!!
I thought Elizabeth Montgomery played both roles but when I seen the name Pandora Spock, I believed it was two people. Now the truth comes out! lol
Elizabeth Montgomery was fine in the 60's and 70's.
A pretty dark, pretty violent 1960s crime thriller that influenced a lot of movies in the years to come. Henry Silva plays a post-WWII Italian bandit recruited to pull off a series of hits in America for an exiled mafioso. Can he pull off the multiple hits before getting caught? Bewitched's Elizabeth Montgomery certainly gives a different performance for her TV fans with Brad Dexter, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr., Marc Lawrence, Telly Savalas, Jim Backus and Richard Anderson in a very deep cast.
Headin' down south to see my Mom & help her celebrate her 87th birthday (somebody has to drive!! Lol)... and to do a little wild turkey hunting and pickerel fishing will my good pals Dave & Elizabeth Montgomery.
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in 'A Place in the Sun', 1951
I would like to see a picture of Elizabeth Montgomery,s grave.Also a picture of Annette Funicello,s grave.
fun fact: my mom named me after Elizabeth Montgomery's character on Bewitched lol
His sister elizabeth montgomery, brought tim to philadelphia, he lived here until 2007, when he went chester county, after he got married
Video: Elizabeth Montgomery & Paul Lynde from the Hollywood Palace special (aired 1966) (by tekaveronessi)
Why can't people in montgomery drive?
I watch your videos as I get ready for work sometimes (I live just outside London) u make me feel like Elizabeth Montgomery
No disrespect to Elizabeth Montgomery, I think she is brilliant and lovely BUT.. Who the *** wants to know if she is a distant cousin?
DNA service asked me:. Are you related to Elizabeth Montgomery?. I thought:. Dunno but she can contact me if she wants to find out :-)
Unleashed by David Rosenfelt and Twitch Upon A Star by Herbie Pilato (Elizabeth Montgomery bio). Don't mind sayin she was hot
Robert Foxworth was such a babe... Elizabeth Montgomery was lucky
Watching an old episode of The Flintstones and laughing so hard. I forgot Elizabeth Montgomery did a guest voice.
Have a pitch? Email your press release to me at Elizabeth.Montgomery
Throw back Thursday... Twitch your nose in honor of Elizabeth Montgomery! This amazing actress played...
Elizabeth Moffett of Taylorsville scores tix & a meet & greet with Montgomery Gentry before their show this...
My is the ever bewitching Elizabeth Montgomery aka Samantha Stephens from the classic TV show…
In Shirley Temple's book she says Elizabeth Montgomery asked how to get into movies-Shirley said ask your Father (good advice)
Podcast Interview with Herbie J Pilato on star Elizabeth Montgomery at
Bewitched's *** York & Elizabeth Montgomery guest star as new neighbors on The Flintstones (Season
Walking with the Great Apes: Walking with the Great Apes Sy Montgomery (Author), Elizabeth Marshall Thomas...
This week in 2000 Elizabeth Montgomery and *** York proved that Bewitched is timeless by appearing on the cover...
Elizabeth Montgomery holds a very special place in my "development".
they watched. Two classic beauties. Elizabeth Montgomery and Julie Newmar. I shall watch them forever
I swear I just saw Elizabeth Montgomery in an episode of "I Dream of Jeannie"... It is making me feel like Dr. Alfred Bellows.
Dwayne Hickman, Annette Funicello, Brian Donlevy, Beverly Adams, Harvey Lemeck, Mickey Rooney as Peachy Keane, Buster Keaton as Bwana (the witch doctor), Frankie Avalon, and tons of stars in early roles like Elizabeth Montgomery and Sheila McRae. Fun in the sun beach flick. Riotously funny film.
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.after seeing how clean and neat my aunt Emma is ... with her pots and pans, floors, mirrors, toilet, sinks, her laundry... etc...I realized what a pig /slob. I like Elizabeth Montgomery
BORN ON THIS DAY:. Elizabeth Montgomery (April 15, 1933 – May 18, 1995) was an American film and television...
Famous Quote Said On April 15 Terrorism is the preferred weapon of weak and evil men. Ronald Reagan, 1986 April 15 Birthdays Emma Watson turns 24 Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) Seth Rogen turns 32 Emma Thompson turns 55 Iyaz turns 27 Elizabeth Montgomery (1933 - 1995) Roy Clark turns 81 Matt Cardle turns 31 Maisie Williams turns 17 Ester Dean turns 28 Tim Thomas turns 40 Evelyn Ashford turns 57 Danny Pino turns 40 Luis Fonsi turns 36 Bessie Smith (1894 - 1937) Nikita Khrushchev (1894 - 1971) Samantha Fox turns 48 Linda Perry turns 49 Patrick Carney turns 34 Luke Evans turns 35 Danny Way turns 40 - All April 15 Birthdays April 15 History 1990 - "In Living Color" , the brainchild of the Wayans brothers, premieres on FOX-TV 1983 - Tokyo Disneyland opens 1955 - First opening of a restaurant owned by Ray Kroc (in Illinois), technically the founding of McDonald's restaurants. 1952 - Maiden flight of most ubiquitous American bomber post-WW II, the B-52 1923 - Manufactured insulin becomes widely available to all ...
On this day in 1933 Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha on "Bewitched") was born.
The Honeymooners repeats, and I didn't realize I liked Green Acres till years later.I loved Bewitched.. (... but that was because I had a crush on Elizabeth Montgomery )
In Kazan's autobiography, he said the casting of Edie Doyle came down to a choice between Elizabeth Montgomery and Eva Marie Saint
Samantha Stephens ( Elizabeth Montgomery )& Larry Tate make guest appearances in this episode of the Untouchables
Wow, Season 4, Episode 12 of The Walking Dead is one of the best pieces of TV I've ever seen. Superbly written, directed, and – especially – acted. Only two un-dead characters in this episode, played by Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney. Reedus is an old reliable hand by now, Kinney's a newcomer, but they deliver a master-class in TV acting. It reminded me a little of that famous Twilight Zone episode with Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery. This show isn't always great, but this episode was.
When I got the full series of Bewitched for Christmas, it was all I could do not find the Boyce and Hart (official) episode and go right to it. But I didn't. I wanted to see them in order. I had almost finished the first season (the only season I had at that point) so I started from there. Tonight I finally got to the episode with Boyce & Hart. YEAH! I just love that episode (can you tell?). Elizabeth Montgomery (or Pandora Spocks/Serena LOL) was so CUTE singing "I'll Blow You a Kiss in the Wind." While I didn't much care for Bobby's blue shirt and red pants, Tommy was adorable in the fringe & hat. That is the first time I've seen the full episode, uncut, in many, MANY years and is THE FIRST TIME I've seen it w/out commercials. May have to watch it again before going to the next disc. :-D
[writes a ballad called Elizabeth Montgomery's legs/Mary Tyler Moore's smile]. [is really just three minutes and four seconds of me crying]
Elizabeth Montgomery waz here!!! Love you babe!! Glad your back. Your the sweetest thing... I love you so much.. you mean the world to me... Your my everything. You mean the world to me... Honestly people say I can be myself around them but really I feel like I can only be myself around you... You make me feel like I am here for something in life which is you... But I'm so glad I can be with you again. I love you babe forever and always for real this time. ~Love your babe Elizabeth Marie Montgomery
This is a reupload of something uploaded by an old user... Elizabeth Montgomery interviewed by Jon Tesh
Elizabeth Montgomery 1991 Interview About BEWITCHED - an excerpt from her 80-minute interview on Criterion's Laserdisc of HERE COMES MR. JORDAN
I Dream of Bewitched ;) Just love both Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery
i revised the montgomery bus boycott in sO MUCH DETAIL and then elizabeth was like 'yeah about that never write more than 2 lines on it'
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I don't know why, but I love being at airports. Even if I am just flying to Montgomery, Ala.
Since I was a kid I was interested in advertising - blame it on Elizabeth Montgomery. I pay attention to the way marketing people express their message. In print or static advertising typically the job of the headline is to capture your interest and get you to read more. But today i saw a headline that both intrigued and confused me. It read "Free Pre-Paid Cremation'. Clearly I'm missing something. If it is 'free' why do I have to pre-pay? Or does it mean they won't charge me to pay in advance? The message was on an envelope not addressed to me - so I didn't open it to read the details. But it got my attention - and that was its' job.
// Offline I need go work but it a short day tho bye Aria Montgomery-Fitz I love u babe Isabella Melody Mikaelson love u auntie Blair Elizabeth Montgomery-Fitz everyone don't pinch her she will pinch u back and it hurt XD McKenna Elizabeth Montgomery do ur school XD bye
Montgomery weather sure knows how to trick a ***
Montgomery Clift was almost as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor.
Between the Darkness and the Dawn (1985) Elizabeth Montgomery, Dorothy McGuire DVD $6.99 Free ship .
Elizabeth Montgomery in Johnny Cool is a yes.
so, Princess Grace Elizabeth Montgomery, if you see this, I am so sorry. I should have done more to love you yesterday.
...not to mention Elizabeth Montgomery,wow!
Here's an early cheesecake shot of Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery to start your weekend right.
good luck Montgomery county mock trial you will make the tribe proud
I loved Elizabeth Montgomery as a brunette!
I... I... can we just talk about Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor for a second? I mean, WOW.
Why can't Elizabeth Montgomery still be alive?
Goofs: The Legend of Lizzie Borden-High voltage lines can be seen on the hills behind the Borden house.
Why Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha from Bewitched of course!
Did you know Bewitched star, Elizabeth Montgomery, had & passed 8 wks after diagnosis? Take preventative measures now.
Guess I'll get up and make this ride to Montgomery!
Fellas if you had to chose... Barbra Eden or Elizabeth Montgomery? For me, Barb.
YES! And some ladies! A Nan Adams and Elizabeth Montgomery for sure! Mannequin Marsha!
Fan of the 70s TV movie starring Elizabeth Montgomery? U can pre-order DVD (avail 5/13)
I have just been informed that "Montgomery" comes from Elizabeth Montgomery of "Bewitched" fame. - So there...
Zack liked it so he went ahead and put a (huge) ring on it. Flash that bling, Ella Montgomery!
My friend just showed me this Elizabeth Montgomery Doll! So pretty! I love her and Bewitched! ♡
"You are the only person who loves me in the world," said Elizabeth. "When you talk to me I smell violets.". L. M. Montgomery
"Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in a in the day.
And Cat Montgomery too...Coal Valley is full of courageous women that I'm glad to know.
Watched the of Lynda Carter, Elizabeth Montgomery and Ann-Margret today.
Bewitched loved it as a child and I was named after Elizabeth Montgomery's character :-) thank you!
Did you know that when you watch later episodes of "Bewitched" that have the announcer say, "Elizabeth Montgomery in...", in the original broadcast, it was preceded by the mention of that night's sponsor like,"Kraft Foods presents..." Did you know that? No? Now you do. *wiggles nose*
I love how American Horror Story draws on so many different references from popular culture. I'm just realizing now how similar Fiona and Cordelia are to Endora and Samantha from Bewitched! It's brilliant really. Sarah Paulson even looks like Elizabeth Montgomery!
My All-Time Favorite MILF? - Hm, I'm probably going to have to go with Beverly Garland (the step-mom in "My Three Sons" and Tuesday Weld's mom in the cult-classic, "Pretty Poison"). 5'5", 115 to 120 pounds, gorgeous dark brown eyes, beautiful blond hair, wonderfully high cheek cheek-bones. Yeah, it's fair to say that I had a major-league crush on the gal.P.S. Yes, there are several more obvious choices from that era (Elizabeth Montgomery and Donna Reed most immediately come to mind), but a lot of those women I really didn't think of as "moms" in the first place and so I decided to go with a much more prototypical one. Forgiveness, please.
Elizabeth Montgomery on "Bewitched" was a happy housewife. But she was no Donna Reed. Even without the witchcraft, she had personality.
ok, my peeps, who do you think will KICK *** Barbara Eden, as Jeannie, or Elizabeth Montgomery, as Bewitched? who will WIN ? who has more POWER?
A lot of the classic shows we know and love was shaped that way because of the constant reruns we saw. So I want to know, what criteria was used to decide which shows made it into syndication and which didn't? For example, Petticoat Junction stayed on one extra year in prime time just so CBS could "sell" a five-year color package of the show. Might it also have been that residuals paid to the actors ran out on some shows like Gilligan's Island in 1970, so the TV stations programming VPs didn't have to pay so much for some shows rather than others? I know Elizabeth Montgomery had to go to court and won (right before her death) back residuals on Bewitched. Then I remember not seeing it hardly at all for the next ten years or so. Does anyone have any insight or knowledge into who and how these decisions were made?
Well after trying to watch that God awful Lizzie Borden movie, I have a genuine feeling the Elizabeth Montgomery should have won the Academy Award after she played Lizzie. Christina Ricci was awful as Lizzie.
It was ok. Nothing beats the original with Elizabeth Montgomery. Christina Ricci did a good job, though. Enjoy it. :)
the music is awful in this Lizzie Borden movie AND it doesn't even resemble Fall river AT ALL Elizabeth Montgomery did a better job playing the roll of Lizzie Borden
Sorry, Christina Ricci, but Elizabeth Montgomery was a better Lizzie Borden than you.
Watching Christina Ricci is good but Elizabeth Montgomery was better.
Watching Lizzie now. Christina Ricci has the right creepy look but I like the version with Elizabeth Montgomery better.
I thought Christina Ricci was great in Lizzie Borden takes an Ax! Will always love Elizabeth Montgomery!
My review of Lifetime's Lizzie Borden Too An Ax : For me, Lifetime's Lizzie Borden Took An Ax had a lot going against it. I'm a huge fan of 1975's The Legend Of Lizzie Borden starring Elizabeth Montgomery. Secondly, the horrendous mess Lifetime made of Flowers In the Attic. My expectations were greatly lowered. However, my final review is that it was great. A grade A+ TV movie so much better than it had to be. Christina Ricci was perfectly cast as Lizzie. And her acting was superb, especially by TV movie standards. You could almost feel the rage running through her. The supporting cast was also on point. None more so than Clea DuVall as Lizzie's older sister Emma. While Ricci spends the film concealing her rage, DuVall is tasked with concealing her ever growing awareness that her beloved baby sister murdered their Father and his wife. Throw all that in with the script, directing, and an oddly out of place, but somehow still fitting, hard rock/heavy metal soundtrack, and you're left with a highl ...
Watching the Newest version of "Lizzy Bordon" . Christina Ricci, should be good in it. Last one they mad was with Elizabeth Montgomery...been years ago.
I could go on and on about the historical inaccuracies in the new Lizzie Borden movie but they are just way too many to list!! The original with Elizabeth Montgomery was light years better and far closer to the truth!! But Christina Ricci was great.she just deserved a better script!! I won't even mention the music!!
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I give Lizzie Borden took an ax a C. There's a version with Elizabeth Montgomery and I gotta tell ya, it's a lot better. The house doesn't look like that one at all, the music is not in that century, and Christina Ricci was a bit over the top. It wasn't a bad movie but I would've liked it better if the music was different and also, I think telling her sister at the end was dumb. She also didn't meet Nance O'Neill until years later. Night.
I've been watching old Twilight Zone episodes on the Kindle HDX. Half the fun is picking out the actors who became big(ger) names. Today's episode had Robert Redford. Yesterday I saw Dean Stockwell and Leonard Nimoy in the same episode. In another episode, I got to see Buster Keaton and Stanley Adams (the trader in Trouble with Tribbles). An episode last week had Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson. Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters playing pool, Peter Falk as a paranoid dictator, Lee Marvin and Strother Martin with Lee van Cleef in a western tale, John Dehner being stalked by a lion in New York City, and the list goes on. The previous seasons featured a couple of Burgess Meredith performances, two episodes with Shatner chewing the scenery, even Art Carney as Santa Claus. It's been a star-studded stretch of episodes.
Care to share? Is there a witch or a pin up (or both) who has inspired you for ages? As I mentioned Elizabeth Montgomery and Agnes Moorehead were and are still my top idols. I was in love with the vintage tv shows such as Bewitched, I dream of Jeanie, and The Munsters. They were silly and beautiful. Lucile Ball remains a classic as well. Any of these women inspired your childhood? Please comment below! Or even better send us a picture of your "witchy" heroines! *RuDemont*
THRILLER ‘Masquerade’ A time-honored TV tradition is the ‘Halloween Episode’, the one time of year when even the bland, family-friendly likes of ‘Full House’ or pretty much the entire Disney XD lineup can pull a mask on and have fun being spooky. But what happens when a horror program does Halloween? You get ‘Masquerade’. First aired on October 30th, 1961, ‘Masquerade’ is basically meant to be a fun ‘haunted house’ story, one a bit more palatable to the general public than, say, ‘Pigeons From *** or ‘The Incredible Doktor Markesan’. And, with that caveat in mind, it succeeds pretty well. ‘Masquerade’, adapted from the short story by Henry Kuttner, tells the story of a honeymoon couple (Tom Poston, Elizabeth Montgomery) who get lost in a storm and end up on the doorstep of the rustic- and decidedly suspicious-looking- Carta family (John Carradine, Jack Lambert, Dorothy Neumann). While the Cartas fill them with stories of vampires and bloody murder, our honeymooners beg ...
Loved BEWITCHED with Elizabeth Montgomery! Second fav TV show of that genre next to I DREAM OF GENIE with Barbara Eden!
Christina Ricci will be taking on the role of Lizzie Borden for Lifetime. I can't say I am happy with the choice however, I am pretty sure my unhappiness stems from the fact that I am a huge Elizabeth Montgomery fan. For those of us born and raised in Fall River Lizzie is so much more than a legend she is a part of our culture. With that being said I hope Lifetime sticks to the facts. If you watch the trailer you will hear Lifetimes version of the infamous nursery rhyme we all jumped rope to.really? Why try to change something that is a century old?
Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery are classic television beauties!
I have been watching a DVD of Burke's Law (1963) with Gene Barry. What a hoot! It was filmed in black and white. Simple detective work with all the flaws and simplicities that would not work today. Back then they took the killer downtown and booked them (there was no Miranda Rights back then.) Also back then there was a lot drinking (any time day or night) and smoking. The show was filled with at least 6 guest stars (listed in alphabetical order) and these were well know stars. Not the ones who you see listed and you say to yourself, "Who are these people". They ranged from the young to the old. Barbara Eden, John Saxton, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jamie Farr to the old Ed Bagley, Chill Wills, Dorothy Lamour and Gloria Swanson. The DVD also featured vintage television ads. And back you could advertise beer and cigarettes. Example. L & M had an ad that Arnold Palmer preferred smoking their cigarette when he was playing in a tournament. It showed him a smoke in his mouth when he was putting or driving a ball.
College bowl games are the order of the day on New Year's Day but for those with the TV station Antenna TV ( and a DVR) they will be airing the very first episodes of Hazel, McHale's Navy, The Patty Duke Show, Dennis the Menace, Mr. Ed, Green Acres, I Dream of Jeannie (God bless Barbara Eden), Bewitched (Elizabeth Montgomery - see note about Barbara Eden) Good Times, Diff'rent Strokes, Sanford and Son, All in the Family, and finally Maude.
Did you know that Elizabeth Montgomery and Lizzie Borden were cousins?
Upcoming stories - Mike Tyson, Ike Turner, that guy on Jeopardy, Jack Lemon, Elizabeth Montgomery, Muhammad Ali (my all time hero), Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Taimak (Last Dragon). All goofy or interesting things that happened when I was around them.
It was on this day (12/22) in 1955 that Elizabeth Montgomery, just 22 years old, made her big screen debut in...
Love reading about Elizabeth Montgomery - one of Hollywood's 1st to fight for LGBT rights (among many other causes). She was truly magical!
Set de fotos: Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift on the set of Raintree County, 1957.
Great weekend for interviews for NJR Elizabeth Montgomery great vocalist and composer pianist Onaje Allen Gumbs stay tune
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I think many of you will love this episode of "The Untouchables." TV Guide said it was the best Untouchables episode ever. It barely cracked the top 100 of best tv episodes in the history of television. .Elizabeth Montgomery plays a real femme fatale here. Can Eliot Ness resist her charms? This is the first time Elizabeth worked with David White. He would later work with her again as Darrens boss on "Bewitched." Enjoy!
in 1961 on US charts. Photos of lovely actress Elizabeth Montgomery,
Look on your chatlist and use the first 9 friends. NO CHEATING. Sets the tree on fire: Spencer T-Bells Hastings Eats all the cookies that were left for Santa: Spencer Avery Hastings Tells every little kid they see that Santa ain't real: Em Fields Tries to kill Santa: Santana Blaize Lopez Leaves the fireplace lit: Alison DiLaurentis Still believes in Santa: Aria Elizabeth Montgomery Loves sitting on Santa's lap: Toby Lôvlý-Liâr Cavanaugh Burns Christmas dinner: Emily Fields Caught eating the tinsel: Miranda Collins
On this evening (12/21) in 1985 Elizabeth Montgomery was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight in regards to her TV...
What is it with some people? Think they can say "I want," and it's just going to fall out of my *** out something. I ain't Barbara Eden; I ain't Elizabeth Montgomery. I do support, no more, no less. Worse than kids.
she's at Montgomery square shopping center
I'm still movin and a groovin! Thanks CECIL for some great music and dancing tunes..we look forward to watching your career! Thanks to Herbie J. Pilato for some delightful insights on Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery! And as always, thank you listeners..see you next week for our special Christmas show! ( Kerryj)
Montgomery has his innocence but must still get record purged from the false claim that he sexually assaulted Elizabeth Coast.
for the 1966-1967 television season, ABC-TV promoted Elizabeth Montgomery from "Bewitched", Judy Carne from "Love on a Rooftop" and Marlo Thomas from "That Girl" as "The Sweethearts of ABC" - unfortunately, "Love on a Rooftop" lasted only one season, where as "That Girl" ended its run in 1971, and "Bewitched" ended its successful run in 1972-
I had crushes on Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie and Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched). I also loved Diahann Carroll who starred in Julia.
I want to give a big shout out to my beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Montgomery, on passing her GED test today. Way to go! Love you. I knew you could do it.
Not sure about this.Elizabeth Montgomery played in the original which I thought was very good.we will see!
Elizabeth Montgomery as Sam and Serena and Jaleel White as Steve Urkel, Myrtle, Stefan and other characters.
Photoset: Merry Christmas from Samantha Stevens of Bewitched Elizabeth Montgomery c. 1960s
Elizabeth Montgomery is probably the hottest woman to ever walk the earth like omg
domain names
Elizabeth Montgomery from the original bewitched... ***
Ah Samantha of Join us this Thursday 9PM ET to get the inside scoop on Elizabeth Montgomery .
We'll be talking about Elizabeth Montgomery, blond, brunette and otherwise, this week on TV Confidential.
TV Confidential airs tonight at 8pm ET, 5pm PT on WROM Radio. Join us as we welcome authors Herbie J Pilato ( The...
Did you know Elizabeth Montgomery was the daughter of the very handsome actor, Robert Montgomery of the old...
50% done im gonna chill and watch some movies then back to work i go . i need alittle help from Elizabeth Montgomery aka Samantha
Herbie J. Pilato has been interviewed for this radio show that will be airing in several markets talking about...
I'll be on TV Confidential radio show this week--Dec. 18-24. Check it out:
Essential Elizabeth Montgomery and Next on Dec. 18-24 on our affiliate stations
Samantha/Elizabeth Montgomery gets in on the merriment with the town…
I always loved his Darrin looked into Samantha's eyes. *** York and Elizabeth Montgomery had beautiful chemistry.
Elizabeth Montgomery in The Twilight Zone with Charles Bronson, if she could wiggle her nose, they'd be out of that mess (lol)!!!
1966 Promo for Tournament of Roses Parade with Elizabeth Montgomery and Vin Scully.
I love this hand drawn Christmas card from Elizabeth Montgomery to Agnes from 1964
Watched this spanish christmas film from the fifties about Santa Claus vs. Satan. Satan wears a jesters trousers and can disappear like Elizabeth Montgomery, while Santa enlists the aid of Merlin the magician to ensure that he can deliver all of his presents. My kind of christmas entertainment!
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Oh my. Elizabeth Montgomery was one be-au-ti-ful lady!
I will never understand why Elizabeth Montgomery wasn't a bigger star...
Biography of actress Elizabeth Montgomery Please subscribe to my second channel as well:
Today is back to back to back to back to back gigs. I'm going to need my Elizabeth Montgomery powers to make it all happen.
Watching Twilight Zone episode "TWO" on DVD starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronsom
Is this photo from a Bewitched episode in which Sam was cursed with giant man hands? If so, I don't remember that one. If not, what's up with this photo? Elizabeth Montgomery looks like she could break coconuts with that hand across her knee!
You get pregnant. No cheating! 1. The one who freaks out: Katheryn Elizabeth Montgomery-Lopez 2. The one who supports you: Amelia Ayanna Jade Lovato 3. The baby's daddy: Danielle Allie'Rose Lopez (thats awk. shes my step sister :o) 4. The one who tells everyone: Heaven Jones 5. The one who wants a shotgun wedding: BåbyBrėė Westbrøøk 6. The one who buys baby stuff in the wrong colour: Quinnie Fabray 7. The one who beats up the baby's daddy: Santana Lopez 8. The one the baby's named after: Dani Rose Luna-Lockwood
I wonder if the term “hatchet job” came about because of the killing of Lizzie Borden’s parents? Also, I want to order the Elizabeth Montgomery movie about Lizzie Borden called “Between Darkness and Dawn”. I know that women who did what they say Lizzie Borden did are not safe to be around, but like a lot of guys, I do have a dark fantasy about evil women wielding axes. Chop! Chop!
Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback. Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery was one of the most prolific and popular actresses of the twentieth century. In her more than five hundred appearances on television, film and the stage, Elizabeth
She looks like Elizabeth Montgomery a little
Top Ten Books that have touched me Walden Henry David Thoreau Anne of Green Gables Elizabeth Montgomery Book of Mormon Holy Bible The Law of Love and the Law of Violence Leo Tolstoy The Federalist Papers The Green Pharmacy Dr. James Duke ( Pharmagosony) Da Vinci Code Dan Brown The Gospel of the Great Spirit Joshua Moses Bennett Hymn Book Church of Jesus Christ PLease list your top ten on your status John Dougall Thank you .
Can you believe that this photo is 50 years old? and that Christmas is only 2 weeks away? I just love this photo of Elizabeth Montgomery.
Bewitched When I was a child, if I wasn’t spending my time hopping about in the wind with an umbrella trying to be Mary Poppins, I was standing in front of the mirror wiggling my nose and trying to be Samantha Stephens. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Bewitched's Samantha Stephens (played by the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery) was a modern day witch, who wriggled her nose every time she wanted to use a magic spell. She looked cute when she did it; I just looked like I was trying to manage a severe cold without a tissue. If you had wandere... read more
I kind of liked the version with Elizabeth Montgomery.
Vince Edwards and Richard Chamberlain (Now if I could only find a picture of Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery together:))
A note from the Women's Ministry about welcoming Elizabeth Montgomery Music to our church. Ladies this Fri the 13 evening there is a Meet and Greet for Elizabeth montgomery from 6-8 pm at the Bandy home. Elizabeth will be with us on Wed evening for Choir, joining in on the visit to the Nursing Homes Fri and then sharing a Mini Concert Sun evening along with the CBC Choir Christmas Musical and Dinner. So drop by the Bandy home Fri and welcome our guest with true Christian hospitality.
And this Ladies and Gentlemen is the reason that Elizabeth Montgomery is the All-Time Supreme DIVA :)
Rogets Thesaurus American Heritage Dictionary A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Muscle by Samuel Wilson Fussel Good Times with our Friends by Dorothy Baruch and Elizabeth Montgomery 1948 Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder Pilgrimage of a County Preacher by Father Ralph W. Beiting Left Behind Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins Nero Wolfe- Murder in E Minor by Robert Goldsborough A Dirty Job by Christopher MOore Nero Wolfe of West Thirty Fifth Street by William S. Baring-Gould Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton The World of Ripleys Believe it or Not Medicine an Illistrated History by Albert S. Lyons M.D. and R. Joseph Petrucelli II M.D.
LOVE the story of Bonnie and Clyde...always have...and NOW the Lizzie Borden story coming in January??? WHAT? SWet! I loved that movie with Elizabeth Montgomery. Hm...this post makes me seem like a creeper.I'm really not!! ;P
"Samantha Stevens" (Elizabeth Montgomery) this was on air when we ALL really believed in SANTA ! some maby a few episodes (years) later
Lizzie Borden remake is going to be on Lifetime in January. I remember watching the creepy original with the kids singing and Elizabeth Montgomery smiling.
In all seriousness though, Stevie Nicks is such an inspiration to me. She, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Sierra Boggess are my role models
Can't wait..very intriguing case. Loved the old movie where Elizabeth Montgomery played Lizzie.
Family game nite!!! Biscuits and gravy for dinner...Troy a friend of Megan Elizabeth Montgomery-Gaethke joined us. The game is Mexican train...
Feeling much better . But now need to decorate for Christmas!! Hope to at least get the tree tomorrow!!! Every year I wish I were like Elizabeth Montgomery in "Bewitched" -- twitch my nose and everything is decorated! Twitch again, and it's all stored away!
I am a big Bewitched fan... something about the way Elizabeth Montgomery twitched her nose. Barry Williams
My God what a first love(well she and Elizabeth Montgomery of course)...,Diana Rigg...Mrs. Peel.
kidman is no Elizabeth montgomery even if she is one of the best actresses , amazon spree!!
Elizabeth Montgomery is such a lady :)
Everyone has a pre-gig ritual. Some shine their shoes. Some oil their valves. I watch the Elizabeth Montgomery episode of Johnny Staccato.
Apart from the obvious children's TV shows, I'm going for with the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery,
Tribute to Elizabeth Montgomery, America's favorite witch :-)
She is not Elizabeth Montgomery. But she looks like her.
This week in 1964 Elizabeth Montgomery appeared on the cover of the Detroit Free Press's TV Channels.
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in A Place In The Sun is so captivating
is that Elizabeth Montgomery in the meditation triangle?
Listening to Wander Years Transformed Traveler goes to France wi... by Lessons Learned
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