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Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Anne Holmes (born February 3, 1984) is an American health technology entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Theranos, a health technology and medical laboratory services company.

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3 of 5 stars to The Great Shelby Holmes by Elizabeth Eulberg
Elizabeth Holmes is the Tim Duncan of scamming
I think she's Elizabeth Holmes' evil twin...
He's great but not quite Wasim, Elizabeth.
Good morning to me! Thanks for this fab review, calling SH2 "an excellent sequel"&"a delightful ride"!
Fascinating story on the rise and fall of Theranos.
Elizabeth Holmes, says state isn't funny. Good news: we should just announced
Obama and Clintons, how much money did you make from Elizabeth Holmes project?
Mark Zuckerberg is just an Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos that is allowed to operate freely and in the open.
I invented the Diagnostic Diaper before Elizabeth Holmes was even born.
"I never lose , i either win or learn". -Elizabeth Holmes -. *youngest billionaire woman in the world*
"The minute you have a back up plan is the moment you admit you won't succeed" -Elizabeth Holmes
Read every Verrit verrifact in the Elizabeth Holmes voice.
Remember that Stanford drop out fraudster Elizabeth Holmes? What was that, 20 years ago? Is she still free?
Hi Elizabeth, for Moodle help, please post your question in one of the Moodle community forums:…
like, deep in my heart, I love that Elizabeth Holmes ran a long con with Theranos.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sauce would be able to accomplish had Elizabeth Holmes tried patterned turtlenecks.
Success story about talent vs post-hoc hagiographies about tech mercenaries like Elizabeth Holmes and Travis Kalani…
AICP 1, LLC owned a vacant home on 1427 Elizabeth Ave SW. Did some research, and the registered agent is CFO Gil Patterson.
Yesterday's post was misscheduled so we're bringing you our Monday story today. Enjoy!.
.Elizabeth Holmes and my Daughter at our New York Apartment.jealousy brewed in that little mind.…
Elizabeth Holmes is still out there, not in any actual legal trouble for running a giant scam with people's medical info (and actual blood).
2) Elizabeth Holmes was the 1st genius they used and destroyed. I am the 2nd, I will not let them destroy me. They have tried very hard.
Taylor Swift is the Elizabeth Holmes of the music world... A hyper intelligent, narsasistic, greedy scam artist.
Jeff Immelt, Elizabeth Holmes and Elon Musk discuss global innovation to kick off McCain Inst Sedona Forum this am. http:/…
I feel like the ghost of a Carpathian is about to come out of this image of Elizabeth Holmes
Founder and CEO of Theranos Elizabeth Holmes and actor Gary Busey share a tender moment during a speech by Judge Judy Shein…
I never bothered with season 3. I felt it had lost its already tenuous link to Sherlock Holmes by t…
Just a little reminder: Kissinger wrote-up Kushner for TIME 2017, but he also wrote-up Elizabeth Holmes (2015):
“The drama will star Jennifer Lawrence as 19-year-old prodigy Elizabeth Holmes—founder of bio-tech...”
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes who managed to make blood tests EVEN LESS popular. .
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thanks for the news! such is uniCON! previously we witnessed the elizabeth holmes
I wanna work, and I wanna work hard. I am always aspired to be like Elizabeth Holmes, Sheryl Sandberg, Sara Blanks. Those big names
I liked a video Money Talks: Why Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes is giving away her shares
Lest no one forget the phone call stating the KNOWN risk to patients that Elizabeth Holmes was intentionally allowi…
Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos also called the investigation into her business practices a witch hunt.
Of course he loves the Elizabeth Holmes Eyes filter
Anyone else half expecting Trump to name Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes to HHS? "Anyone disgraced and tainted by scandal wlecome here!"
I finally finished reading this Vanity Fair Theranos exposè on Elizabeth Holmes. Scary. She's as delusional as Trump
Oh, don't you worry. TB proceeded to go on about if Elizabeth Holmes is hot or not. Then, eventually…
Chris Holmes has left his post as the OL coach at Elizabeth City State to become the OL coach and run game coordinator at Fayetteville State
Tonight 16 May be sure to catch Actorum's DAREN ELLIOTT-HOLMES as a Scottish Nobleman in ELIZABETH I : The ENEMY WI…
Elizabeth Holmes is a class hero for stealing a billion dollars from *** VCs by doing Steve Jobs Cosplay
Looks like somebody attended the Elizabeth Holmes School of Resume Embellishment.
The minute you have a back-up plan, you've admitted you're not going to succeed, quoted by Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos. Do you agree?…
From the mag that fell head over louboutin heels 👠 for theranos and CEO Elizabeth Holmes
"I think that the minute that you have a backup plan, you've admitted that you're not going to succeed,"- Elizabeth Holmes Theranos
Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, you must set yourself on fire - Elizabeth Holmes
It was a small home meeting also limited to space…
Christian and Noel Holmes. Enjoy mother's day and remember the end of Elizabeth Holmes' free time is drawing nigh..…
The case for canning Elizabeth Holmes — and why she still may lead Theranos - San Francisco Business Times
"Eric trump has raised millions for saint Jude hospital"-MSNBC " oh so he's like Elizabeth Holmes"-James M. MI-R
Be successful and wear the same outfit every day, you know, like Elizabeth Holmes. A real role model for the girls.
aren't we all tech people now? I remind myself of Elizabeth Holmes more and more every day
Elizabeth Holmes is an American businesswoman who has a net worth of $0.!. Life is always developing
Just make Elizabeth Holmes the new Health Secretary. Conflict solved.
Nice. The Theranos Hollywood movie is based on Carreyrou's book proposal. Question:Who gets to play
Read CEO Elizabeth Holmes' letter announcing new company focus at Theranos:
Have you noticed that news agencies have stopped using the babe photos of Elizabeth Holmes since Theranos went belly up?
When does Elizabeth Holmes get indicted with criminal charges?
When I thought about having the greatest impact with my life, I t...
can I change my name to to Elizabeth Molly Holmes
Is anyone else starting to feel a itsy bitsy bit sorry for Elizabeth Holmes?
Very wealthy people dazzled by founder Elizabeth Holmes…
Very wealthy people dazzled by founder Elizabeth Holmes stampeded to invest huge sums. Now they want their money...
Surprising that Elizabeth Holmes has not joined Trump's cabinet.
On the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos, "Silicon Valley biotech startup"
Whoever won the election Elizabeth Holmes was to have an insider at the White House: Chelsea or Mattis. Astonishing, female Frank Abagnale?!
Elizabeth Holmes gets a Hollywood movie, Martin Shkreli gets a Broadway show, & Peter Thiel...well, we're too scared of t…
like in bourne legacy, he threatens their offshore military pharma programs, I think they'll probably install elizabeth holmes
has nabbed a role in a medical drama on Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes
The rise (and rise) and spectacular fall of Elizabeth Holmes
Fundamentally, the answers to our challenges in healthcare relies...
Smoking gun proving Elizabeth Holmes was knowingly committing fraud. This is exactly why whistleblowers need protection. This man found f…
why you promoted the fraud Elizabeth Holmes in your show as the late Steve job, Itis so absurd and disgusting
Advice for disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes from tech darling Elizabeth Holmes
How the is implicated in the Elizabeth Holmes fiasco
nope... I made a promise to myself that Elizabeth Holmes was the last black turtleneck I would ever listen to
Now do it again with Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.
Shkrelli for DHHS. FDA has to be Elizabeth Holmes.
We love loud buskers like Elizabeth Holmes and Elon Musk now. He should go back to hype and crazy promises.
I hear Elizabeth Holmes is looking for a job.
Mood: Wearing a black turtleneck sweater and I realize I look like Elizabeth Holmes but I don't have time to change . ~*~Friday vibes~*~
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is looking for a new executive assistant Nigel Rushman Don Morris
You shouldn't underestimate Terry Bollea and Elizabeth Holmes. They've got a shot.
My advance copy of Shelby Holmes: Girl Detective by the brilliant Elizabeth Eulberg arrived today and it's...
did you read this one? I found it fascinating how deluded she was along the way.
.might want to include Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos as another crook with Clinton ties.
Elizabeth Holmes desperately trying to Google Theo's cell number now
What I really want out of life is to discover something new: something mankind didn't know was possible to do.
only one he's got! the male version of the Elizabeth Holmes voice, like if he went up an octave no one would take him seriously
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Interesting article on he rise and fall of Theranos and its CEO Elizabeth Holmes
With some diseases, like type 2 diabetes, if people get alerted ear...
Few tears shed for Elizabeth Holmes as Theranos bleeds jobs
I wonder how much elizabeth holmes could get for suing the WSJ
can be a trusted partner by delivering ,proactive recommendations and driving strategy. ~ Elizabeth Holmes
Take a hard look at the current state then shift towards the ~ Elizabeth Holmes
Where can I find the ingredients of Elizabeth Holmes's concoction?
Variety of training and development for all levels of employees is key ~ Elizabeth Holmes
"Does your company have programs focused on ensuring " Elizabeth Holmes
Today, blood work and science are able to provide more of a movie o...
The right to protect the health and well-being of every person, of ...
Elizabeth Holmes is a disgrace who was willing to seriously harm her patients in the pursuit of her own aggrandizement.
I think a lot of young people have incredible ideas and incredible ...
Here's what Tim Draper thinks Elon Musk got right at Tesla and Elizabeth Holmes got wrong -
And you use Elizabeth Holmes as your example? I can't think of a better person to undermine your entire point.
uh, this is a pic of Elizabeth Holmes. she's a fraud and a con artist. pick a better example.
So unfair Elizabeth Holmes got blamed for her company's crisis that was entirely caused by the exposur…
Great read on how Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards came tumbling down
Ashlé Dawson of the Broadway Dance Center shows WSJ's Elizabeth Holmes three simple steps to make you feel more...
Holmes is a straight up con artist, even a cynic like me would give more credit to more tech ppl than I would to her
Con artist, and all around horrible person, Elizabeth Holmes now a victim of sexism
As the world crumbles around her, Elizabeth Holmes must think, at least I'll be remembered as Jennifer Lawerence
How should we feel about the fall of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos?
Elizabeth Holmes joins the other billionaire club...with Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford and Tom Petters. http…
Elizabeth Holmes should have read the novel "THE BROTHER KARAMOZOV" by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Here are couple lines from…
Elizabeth Holmes should be in Played w/ppl's lives.
It's been known for years that the promises of Theranos were lies.
Theranos closes testing labs and centers, fires 340 workers: Elizabeth Holmes will remain as CEO, but the emb...
Abandoning its business model, will focus on selling machines, which it previously said it couldn't do. https:…
Theranos will close labs and lay off hundreds of employees
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes announces she's shutting down labs, laying off 340 people.
Theranos to fire 340 as it closes labs and wellness centers via
What did is investigative journalism at its best. Elizabeth Holmes/are dangerous frauds wh…
The best rejected ship names:. 1 Holmeson (Holmes and Watson). 2 Dhil (Dan and Phil). 3 Houis (Harry and Louis). 4 Quilip (El…
Former Silicon Valley darling Theranos will close its labs and Wellness Centers, CEO Elizabeth Holmes revealed in a…
it is likely that internal emails/documents would show that Elizabeth Holmes knew of problems/faulty tests
Theranos closing all clinical labs and wellness centers (
Theranos closing all clinical labs and wellness centers (cmts
I must admit, Elizabeth Holmes' Harvard Business School application essays are going to be really interesting.
Theranos Retreats From Blood Tests - The company led by Elizabeth Holmes will shut down facilities and shed mor...
Theranos closing all clinical labs and wellness centers
Theranos closing all clinical labs and wellness centers: ( )
Theranos closing all clinical labs and wellness centers. Article URL:
So, what kind of "genius" is your financial backer Elizabeth Holmes?
Theranos just laid off 340 workers and is closing all its clinical labs
Theranos Is Raining Blood . In an open letter to investors on Wednesday, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes...
[Theranos to close all clinical labs, lay off 340 - CNET
Is Elon Musk the next Elizabeth Holmes (no positions) $TSLA $BURN $MARS $SCTY
are & partially responsible for legitimizing Elizabeth Holmes & Theranos?
Somewhere off the California coastline there's a secret island where Peter Thiel, Elizabeth Holmes and Martin Shkreli meet biannually & plot
Once called the next Steve Jobs, now-embattled Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes sits down exclusively with CNN's…
Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of Theranos, escorted CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta around her famously secretive lab like
What did Elizabeth Holmes present at the 2016 AACC conference?
It would be a cross between Elizabeth Holmes and Peter Thiel. I alone can write.
Michael give please money this women, Fobes call she bankrupt - Elizabeth Holmes :)
CEO Banned From Lab Work for 2 Years keep you head high learn from it & come back stronger.
Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos has been banned from running a medical lab for at least 2 years
Elizabeth Holmes, Founder and CEO of Theranos, can't own or operate a laboratory for two years
Elizabeth Holmes has been banned from the lab industry for 2 years - and future is i... Read more:
the day of shutdown has arrived and EH is banned for 2 years,any other bad unicorns?.
Update your maps at Navteq
Beginning of the end for Key takeaway: governance
Money-hype medical train crashes into regulation wall: Theranos Founder, Holmes barred from running lab for 2 yrs
Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes banned from operating labs
Theranos founder is barred from running lab for two years
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes banned for two years
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes banned from running lab for 2 years
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes banned from operating labs for 2 years
More bad news for Theranos and it's founder, Elizabeth Holmes.
Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of Theranos, saw her personal wealth fall from $4.5 billion to $0
It's an obvious question, but I don't think anyone can answer it. What happens when Elizabeth Holmes is banned? …
From the "2014 Too Good to be True" file: Theranos Invents Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on One Drop of Blood
Authorities ban Female Steve Jobs from biotech. now unicorpse
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes banned for two years from industry she aimed to transform
I know it's wrong. But I expect more from women.
Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos CEO, banned from operating medical ...
Elizabeth Holmes: still absolutely, resolutely in denial…
BREAKING: CEO of blood-testing startup Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, banned from blood testing industry for 2 years by regulator…
Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes banned from operating blood testing labs
now it's unraveling...and Jeniffer Lawrence has been cast as Elizabeth Holmes in an up coming movie about Theranos.
Theranos founder banned from running blood testing lab for 2 years: Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has been ba...
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes banned from operating a lab
CEO Elizabeth Holmes banned from running labs for two years - CNET The US Centers for Medicare & Med…
founder Elizabeth Holmes banned for two years
CEO Elizabeth Holmes banned from owning a lab
Jennifer Lawrence to play Elizabeth Holmes in upcoming Theranos movie?
Jennifer Lawrence to play disgraced Silicon Valley CEO Elizabeth Holmes in Adam McKay's...
Jennifer Lawrence to play troubled Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes in Adam McKay drama...
Jennifer Lawrence is set to play Elizabeth Holmes in Adam McKay’s drama movie about Theranos
Biotech journalists asked who they'd interview in the industry: "Elizabeth Holmes" "Keith Richards" "Watson & Crick"
Forbes just cut its estimate of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes's net...
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes' net worth is now $0, according to Forbes via
Forbes revises net worth of Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes to zero by
Forbes has reduced its estimate of Elizabeth Holmes' wealth from $4.5 billion to $0
A lot of people hated Batman v Superman's Luthor, but he nailed Peter Thiel, Sean Parker, Mark Zuckerberg, Elizabeth Holmes...
When will Elizabeth Holmes have to pay the price for her mistakes?via
Silicon Valley already pretending like it never even met Elizabeth Holmes
Mark Zuckerberg, Elizabeth Holmes, Palmer Luckey, etc. all millennials that have changed society
Naveen Jain of Moon Express will be replacing Elizabeth Holmes as CEO of as both are space cadets $SPX
Elizabeth Holmes founded blood-testing company Theranos when she was 19.
It's so important to be thoughtful and articulate, missed on both!
At its most recent funding round in 2014, the company attained a $9bn valuation, making founder Elizabeth Holmes one…
One is moved to wonder if Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos purposefully pushed the "inspirational founder" meme to cover fo…
What to Know About Theranos’ Rise and Fall - News this week of an investigation by federal officials into blood...
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes: 'I feel devastated' via Not new. She was challenged before & brushed off critics
Elizabeth Holmes addressed the allegations against her empire: —…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Elizabeth Holmes addressed the allegations against her empire:
Here's Chelsea Clinton w/ Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, at the campaign's San Francisco fundraiser today:
Here’s a picture of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and Chelsea Clinton
MeFi: How to Blow $9 Billion in 6 Months: In 2003, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford University and for...
IBTimes SFBusinessTimes JabberMate : CEO Elizabeth Holmes says she's 'devastated' but ther…
Theranos board member David Boies defends company, Elizabeth Holmes: She is "clearly equipped to be CEO"
What are 2 things these people have in common?. Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. Marissa Mayer of Yahoo. Gini Rometty of IBM. Meg Whitman of HP
My advice to Elizabeth Holmes -- cease and desist from the listening and collecting of any hip-hop and rap…
US government wants to ban Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes from operating a lab for two years | The Verge -
Elizabeth Holmes to Present Research on Theranos Proprietary Tech at 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting
New post: "US regulators want to ban Elizabeth Holmes from Theranos for 2 years"
Born in the US capital, Elizabeth Holmes took the crown of youngest "self-made" woman billionaire thanks to revolutionary blood tests
Elizabeth Holmes and Elon will be doing blood test together in a model S very soon 😂
This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on Only One Drop of Blood | WIRED
Patients are empowered by having better access to their own health informat...
Hamilton Collection
Hi Elizabeth, it's scam if it's telling your you're due a refund &/or it's asking for you give any personal information. 1/3 ^EC
Former CEO Dennis Crowley & Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes on the wrong end of the
Elizabeth Holmes has fought harder to keep her scam company going than fought for that fumble.
My answer to Is Elizabeth Holmes a liar?
Before we rush to take down Elizabeth Holmes
"Raise our little girls with the stereotype that they can be the best in engineering and science and math."
Elizabeth smiled and nodded her head, [E: You look very stunning tonight Ms Holmes]
2017 Elizabeth Holmes at Shawnee Mission South had 15pts against Lawrence high school
We know more about our credit cards than we know about our bodies.
Congress questioning money but not Elizabeth Holmes's? Lol.
Amy K Clark Neil Holmes Elizabeth T Jones Nikki Renieris Amy McCracken I totes stole this from the awesome...
Nellie Bowles of The Guardian & Molly Wood of Marketplace on Elizabeth Holmes & Female Founders ... "This Week in …
Ruth Langsford reveals husband Eamonn Holmes is doing well after his double hip ... -
The Theranos scandal should be a wake-up call for the biotech industry. Here are 4 reasons it won’t be:
What do you and 31 year old billionaire Elizabeth Holmes have in common? -
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Self-made billionaire Elizabeth Holmes on re-inventing blood tests:
Can No longer tell the difference between Elizabeth Holmes & Marissa Mayer, they're both Talkie lying blondes convinced of their own genius.
Elizabeth Holmes is already preparing her 5th for later in the year.
BTW, has still not started their promised validation study
Didn't Elizabeth Holmes address this at a TEDMed talk some time ago?
Now they've admitted the data doesn't exist:.
Two of my favourite people in the world Elizabeth Holmes and Jack Ma.
Elizabeth Holmes, Marissa Mayer, you are not the first, nor the last people to gracefully faceplant.
When you find what you love, you do it. That’s it! ~ Elizabeth Holmes
Elizabeth Holmes: An example for ALL of us to follow... Do you agree?
Has Yet to Begin a Promised Validation Study and no timetable for Cleveland Clinic study to begin-
The only thing that can save it is a marriage between Elon Musk and Elizabeth Holmes.LOL!
It's kind of enjoyed watching Elizabeth Holmes pwn the node operations in advance.
Theranos has still not started a much vaunted validation study via
Dr. Cosgrove why did you say you were verifying the technology on CNBC? Explain?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Theranos has yet to begin a promised validation study on the accuracy of its blood tests https…
Yoga with Fisher combines art, exercise on campus: Elizabeth Holmes probably never...
“I don’t know what you mean by the word ‘publish’” are not reassuring words from Theranos PR.
Roundtable "put off to late February or early March because of a family issue relating to one of the experts." Hmm.. htt…
Too often you see someone fall, break a rib, go in to the doctor and discov...
Sorry for the double metaphor, but may be some combination of smoke & mirrors and a house of cards.
Cleveland Clinic hasn't started validation study with reports in
At age 31, Elizabeth Holmes is the world's youngest self-made female billionaire at $4.5B. Her uncle's death from ca…
"Data is a powerful thing because it speaks for itself." So does the lack thereof.
Another promise to hold to: the plan to publish what a roundtable of experts finds in late Feb/early Mar:
K-12 taught me nada bout a $! We push STEM so ya can be Mark Zuckerberg or Elizabeth Holmes, anti-Wall Street bias.
Elizabeth Holmes staring at her nanotube is now emblematic of Silicon Valley snake oil:
Elizabeth Holmes is already on the plane to Massachusetts
Elizabeth Holmes is regarded as the Steve Jobs of biotech.
and the first thing they see is Elizabeth Holmes and Linda Powers there on a date...
Based on estimates of dollars defrauded, Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes is (conservatively) 10x-1,000x bigger fraud than Ma…
Inc Magazine cover photo = time to short. Past two covers were Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes and Dan Price of Gravity Payments
These brilliant minds blur the lines between big and harnessing goodness through...
This Elizabeth Holmes na fine girl oh. If only she would stop wearing all black all day.
Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, Jessica Sanders, on what makes a Woman of the Year.
Published the latest CS183C notes - the story of Theranos with Elizabeth Holmes
Meet 5 visionary tech entrepreneurs who are changing the world in piece by founder
Elizabeth Holmes says Theranos doesn't need more m
Really compares and contrasts Utilitarianism with Profit Maximization
Why aren't people talking about Elizabeth Holmes more?
Elizabeth Holmes: "When you do something that's different , people question it. We've doubled down on transparency."
Leo Melamed & visionary awards CME's Innovation prize to Elizabeth Holmes of theranos
And the CME Innovation Award goes to... Elizabeth Holmes. Decision made before recent articles on Theranos business model, I'm told
Looking forward to hearing from founder Elizabeth Holmes on innovation at
Theranos Defends Its Accuracy Press smells blood, and it's way more than...a pin ***
You need to read about Elizabeth Holmes! via
Elizabeth Holmes: Start-up star touted as Steve Jobs of biotech, but the ...
Elizabeth Holmes is youngest female entrepreneur.
Elizabeth Holmes' advice to girls: "Do everything you can to be the best in science math and engineering." https:/…
Acclaimed entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes is questioned for Theranos' 'stealth research' …
.documentary by Jessica Sanders: A woman leader in tech
I heard Elizabeth Holmes speak in an interview, are we sure she is not a bro?
"Why I am Inspired by Elizabeth Holmes" by on
Elizabeth Holmes & Theranos... How do you become the youngest, self-made, female billionaire in the world with a product that doesn't work?
Another Holmes/Theranos story, this from The Independent VERY skeptical
has some way to go, but I still applaud their intend of making blood tests easily accessible & affordable
Scientists already had major doubts about Theranos — and now it's a full-on crisis
suddenly remembered what I wrote awhile back. it was about Elizabeth Holmes and her blood phobia
"After years of awards, funding and fame... suddenly proof and hard, cold scientific logic are in play."
Why Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes evoke a central theme in tech today
True or coz she's a woman? MT “Elizabeth Holmes faces a barrage of criticism
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