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Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop (February 8, 1911 – October 6, 1979) was an American poet, short-story writer, and recipient of the 1976 Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

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We are determined to rush to see the sun the other way around - Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop: out of place or out of time – Michael Hofmann
Nova Scotia's moose are close to extinction. What would Elizabeth Bishop have to say?
Utterly shocked! member Elizabeth Bishop targets conservative students for arguing with her. h…
10 books that inspired – picks works by St. Augustine, Elizabeth Bishop & more:…
Elizabeth Bishop on Confessional poets: "You just wish they'd keep some of these things to themselves" . lol.
Poetry: observations broken into lines. Elizabeth Bishop
Great piece on how two women artists portray loss - Elizabeth Bishop and Stevie Nicks
The best of the skeptical takes on S-Town that I've read. “Art just isn’t worth that much.” — Elizabeth Bishop
Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton writes about doubt as part of faith and falling without being afraid.
Final steps of Pilgrimage to St. Elizabeth Church TY Bishop Malooly for faith…
Who told everyone my plan to move to Cape Breton? I chose it because of Elizabeth Bishop & the few sheep pastured t…
What and Elizabeth Bishop taught me about grief, the art of loss, and surviving a disaster.…
Here's a photograph of Casa Mariana in Ouro Preto, Brasil. One of the "three loved" houses Elizabeth Bishop talks about…
I have an essay at about Elizabeth Bishop and Stevie Nicks! So check it out and tell a friend!
When one of your friends is an Elizabeth Bishop expert (I really appreciate this take!)
"The choice is never wide & never free/And here, or there...No. Should we have stayed at home/wherever that may be?"—Elizabeth Bishop
Michael Hofmann writes about the new Elizabeth Bishop biography in this week's TLS.
"If you want to write well always avoid these words" (Elizabeth Bishop tells her Harvard students what's what). https:/…
Just arrived! "Robert Lowell, setting the river on fire: a study of genius, mania, and character", K. Redfield Jamison & "Elizabeth Bishop"
A new biography of Elizabeth Bishop is about how words may supply some order for one’s life and redeem tragedy:
Rhyme as a form of emotional control...things I'm learning via Elizabeth Bishop.
are you kidding me? Alice Walker, Lucille Clifton, Adrienne Rich, Elizabeth Bishop, Rita many heroes.🎉🎉🎉🎉
I have written my Elizabeth Bishop 'after' poem, and am officially finished with her :) On Mon I dive into Marianne Moore - rec's welcome!
Elizabeth Bishop and Marianne Moore go on a pilfering spree...
Elizabeth Bishop, born February 8, 1911. Two photos from her Vassar College yearbook.
Times' Dwight Garner blasts new bio of Elizabeth Bishop.
The whole shadow of Man is only as big as his hat.
I did a short film at Outfest, Where Are the Dolls, based on an Elizabeth Bishop poem done, where I play this woman who is
and I should like to hear about it sometime—I almost went there once but changed my mind. Sincerely yours, Elizabeth Bishop //
No, I would definitely leave Anne Sexton and go to Elizabeth Bishop .
Elizabeth Bishop could feature seafood of both New England and Key West!
The time of the professional minister is over - the time of the missionary pastor has come. Bishop Carter
Please join Elizabeth Bishop and guest Elisa Davis on the next episode of Serving Consciously this Friday! Here...
Take a scroll through Elizabeth's personal FB if you want to see her Christianity in action.
Elizabeth Bishop was planning an unusual seminar series at Harvard: the subject was to be “Just letters – as an art…
01-25 British Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, flanked by Bishop of Bayeux Pierre
Look up Elizabeth Bishop, you can thank me later.
Elizabeth Bishop - One Art. Video and music by Alexey Arkhipenko.
Oh hey if in you're into don't buy from this chick...way2go Elizabeth bishop great biz…
Elizabeth Bishop's biographer was stunned to discover a trove of letters between the poet and her lover, Alice.
Poet Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979), 'Sleeping Figure', thought to be a watercolor of her lover Louise Crane https…
It's raining so we're looking at Elizabeth Bishop & Robert Lowell on the beach in Megan Marshall's forthcoming Bish…
Drop 82% Price: £2.01. Paperback: Dear Elizabeth: A Play in Letters from Elizabeth Bishop to Robert Lowell an...
An interesting consequence to Robert Lowell's move to for poet Elizabeth Bishop:
Almost startling to be reminded that Elizabeth Bishop and Bob Dylan were contemporaries...
Right, Bob Dylan belongs to all of us already Alternative: politicos could quote Robert Lowell, Elizabeth Bishop, etc
Tonight's class consisted of my professor reading an Elizabeth Bishop poem in a Bob Dylan voice in the middle of a college food court
A wonderful article on a lovely lady and a great artist! Brava Betsy!
Yes! Do the best you can, when you can, where you can!
"Bishop is the epitome of what success actually looks like..."
Great article about what's really important.
A great piece by on and a career in opera. Betsy is awesome. Check this out.
A good read for all the young up and coming opera singers.
.alum Elizabeth Bishop shows that in opera, success means more than stardom. via
This. THIS is what most young artists could ever hope for: In opera, success not always stardom
"Success is quite different from stardom". Excellent read - especially for young singers. Thank you
A truly wonderful profile of a great singer with a non STAR career. Great reading for anyone curious about my job!
Great panel discussion tonight on Social Media at Shoreditch House, thanks for the insight Elizabeth Jane Bishop // https…
What is success? What is a career? This is a great read and tells the truth.
This is success in the opera world: the life of our friend Betsy Bishop
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Elizabeth Bishop shows that in success is quite different from stardom - The Washington Post
Great interview with about the meaning of success in opera:
Just read this in the is doing the Lord's work. .
Great article! I've always felt that a 'career' takes many forms, as does 'success'. .
Great article about success in opera:
How does a poet in 1974 admit they have not read Blake..Of course I do know Elizabeth Bishop and Emily Dickinson. –Anne Sexton, Sept 10 1974
(On coming back 'home' after living in Brazil) "Being in England is like going to the movies after you've read the book." - Elizabeth Bishop
Check out Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton's message to synod assemblies this year. Thankful for our ministry as...
Lads my book launch date is Elizabeth Bishop's anniversary AND Gerry Adams' birthday . I don't know why . 6th October 2016
Elizabeth Bishop shares tips on choosing the right paper and working with a printer.
Becoming quite good at this "letting go" thing by channelling my inner Elizabeth Bishop
I'm looking at medieval manuscripts and reading a lot of Ted Hughes, Elizabeth Bishop Basil Bunting and Alice Oswald at the moment
"The Moose" by Elizabeth Bishop except instead of a moose appearing otherworldy in the road it's me in Goku cosplay
Elizabeth Bishop says of his beloved knife “the bluish blade, the broken tip, the lines of wood-grain on the handle”
Nick Spencer fields a question conference from Dr. Elizabeth Bishop on civil society.
Excellent and fun poetry analysis!: Badass Lady Poets: Elizabeth Bishop and "The Moose" via'd not expect. I don't think Elizabeth Bishop could write the way she did without reading Herbert & the metaphysicals.
Join Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton on Wednesday, May 25, from 7-8 p.m. (CDT) for a live webcast where we...
Elizabeth Bishop will be the death of me omg
poetry nick laird reads his own and Elizabeth Bishop's Paul Muldoon hosts.
Very glad to welcome Lewisham boy, Bishop Peter Wheatley to Trinity today. Isaac and Elizabeth gave him the tour.
Professor Elizabeth Bishop is speaking on US Foreign Policy at Maltepe University
Elizabeth Bishop in a biblical humour, May 24 1953
Barbara Hammer made a movie about Elizabeth Bishop? Why haven't I seen this yet?
Perdón, Elizabeth Bishop, pero I'm having a *** of a time mastering the art of losing.
"Elizabeth Bishop believed that everyone should experience at least one prolonged period of in life."
Ah, come on. How good is this? Bloody brilliant, no? Nick Laird reads Elizabeth Bishop on Poetry Podcast.
Now is quoting Elizabeth Bishop. Data as 'Bright objects that hypnotise the mind'.
My Elizabeth Bishop moment of the day.
Elizabeth Bishop once complained that she'd never be able to write a villanelle:
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“Consulting an Elder Poet on an Anti-War Poem” - By Duane Niatum - for Elizabeth Bishop You said to me...
'The Moose' by Elizabeth Bishop. How on earth did this marvellous thing pass me by for so long?.
Edmund Bonner: Made Bishop of London by Henry VIII. Imprisoned by Edward VI. Reinstated under Mary I. Imprisoned once again by Elizabeth I.
Looking forward to speaking at the Elizabeth Bishop Society AGM on June 18 in Great Village, all welcom
Nick Laird on Elizabeth Bishop, moose, and his own work on this Just fantastic.
“Have you ever been up close to a moose?” This poetry podcast takes a turn for the wild:
Elizabeth Bishop on poets writing about their childhood: "Everybody does. You can’t help it, I suppose. You are fearfully…
Meanwhile, I chatted w/David Remnick about 3 things on my mind: Elizabeth Bishop, "The Prestige," & county music:
"Hoping to live days of greater happiness, I forget that days of less happiness are passing by." Elizabeth Bishop.
Also, we're already looking forward to Former Fellow Megan Marshall's Bishop book, out next year from
Always good to start the day with some Elizabeth Bishop:
Elizabeth Bishop, age 39, in a letter to her doctor: "I will not drink." Days later, she drank.
"At low tide like this how sheer the water is.". Elizabeth Bishop
ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton is leading "Called Forward Together in Christ," a process to invite ELCA...
Also the border terrier in my seminar was called Chap and was the cutest thing ever and I smashed the session on Elizabeth Bishop archives
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The poet Elizabeth Bishop was a notorious perfectionist. on the humanizing charm of her drafts:
Elizabeth Bishop wrote 77 poems in her lifetime. Emily Dickinson wrote about 1700 poems. Must have been all that travelling.
from Elizabeth Bishop's 'At the Fishhouses' & I can still feel & hear the sea she describes
Elizabeth Bishop's great poem 'The Armadillo', including her own reading, from -
I have English first class tomorrow and we are studying Elizabeth Bishop, who is my favourite person in the whole world, so this is good.
“I have lived very much like the sandpiper just running down the edges, looking for something.” . - Elizabeth Bishop
i really love katherine elizabeth bishop so much. who wouldn't love her? i mean sHE IS SO PRECIOUS JUST LOOK AT HER
Thank yous from to Minister of Hospitality Elizabeth Coldiron, Minister to Youth and to our Bishop!
Good morning Bishop Bloomer was wondering if your livestream was coming on the internet your Atlanta member Elizabeth
Elizabeth Bishop is speaking distance, to be.
Flaubert has gone down, clutching his hamstring...It's not looking good...Elizabeth Bishop warming up on the sidelines...
I have never been so scared for a TV family in my life. They're the best. Also, I'd like Elizabeth to have just one friend
Bishop’s carefully judged use of language aids the reader to uncover the intensity of feeling in her poetry
Anaphora Poem : Elizabeth Bishop - Each day with so much ceremony begins, with birds, with bells, with whistles...
I'd like to cry on Elizabeth Bishop's shoulder. I lost my mother's engagement ring,for one thing. Not your fault,she'd say. -LaWanda Walters
Make your Elizabth Bishop answer stand out with these tips, FREE to read
V.) as Elizabeth Jane Bishop.Welcome and be active bby💋
Elizabeth Bishop: "The armored cars of dreams, contrived to let us do so many a dangerous thing."
Elizabeth Bishop. The art of losing isn't hard to master;. so many things seem filled with intent. to be lost that their loss is no disaster.
Here's a bit on Elizabeth Bishop, villanelles, and the greening of DC classical buildings
Working on Shakespeare song texts reminds me of my love affair with Elizabeth Bishop! Musical Toronto
Elizabeth bishop really breaks my heart anytime I study her she never comes up for any tests
'since there is no greater pleasure than correcting someone's French...' Enjoying Colm Toibin's On Elizabeth Bishop
"In 2018, FSG is slated to release Moore's correspondence with Elizabeth Bishop"
I think your pal Elizabeth Bishop would agree, even if her sport of choice was more along the lines of the bullfight
hi! I'm lija as elizabeth jane bishop wanna join roxta. so verif me pls?
Discussing Elizabeth Bishop, he said he didn't know anyone who taught Jarrell anymore...
*eyes pop, heart skips* "In 2018, is slated to release Moore’s correspondence with Elizabeth Bishop" https:/…
Richard Cole on Elizabeth Bishop as border poet; an important lens through which to read this "American" great.
You do realize that would eliminate Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Bishop, Anne Sexton, Herman Melville & many other great writers?
e.e. cummings (thought he was a woman when i was wee) Elizabeth Bishop, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Richard Brautigan, Robert Frost
Also on the lists: Jennifer Egan, Claudia Rankine, Elizabeth Bishop, and Dinty W Moore
In his new review of THE CARTOGRAPHER'S INK by Okla Elliott, critic Michael T. Young writes, "Elizabeth Bishop...
“I want you to know … Oh dear, I wanted you to know so many things …”. Robert Lowell in a letter to Elizabeth Bishop, August 9th 1957
'Airs or Wind', my cento from Elizabeth Bishop & a response to 'Words in Air', at
(...this movie was my introduction to Elizabeth Bishop and the poem Cameron Diaz reads to the professor is possibly my absolute favorite...)
Elizabeth Bishop is graciously taking the place of Stephanie Blythe for today's performance of Mahler 8, making her subscription debut.
This is the house Elizabeth Bishop bought in Key West (she rented two others). It's called a mustache house!
Guys I just have so. many. thoughts. about Elizabeth Bishop and her magic.
I have a long standing fantasy about writing a dissertation on Elizabeth Bishop, although I have no intention of submitting myself to a PhD.
There’s this wonderful letter from Elizabeth Bishop to Lowell that is like “did you really publish your wife’s private letters to you?"
im kinda drunk my soul feels like Elizabeth bishop having an epiphany and the end of her poems, coming to a sudden realisation
Re-reading a fine Colm Tóibín article on one of the great literary friendships: Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop.
There’s nothing more than being a really. Elizabeth Bishop . Sassy https:…
"It's like what we imagine knowledge to be..." - Elizabeth Bishop
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Forthcoming (2/7/17) – Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast, by Megan Marshall. Part biography and part memoir.
“We always tell the truth about ourselves despite ourselves,” said Elizabeth Bishop.
“None of the books has ever got it right.”. Staff reads Elizabeth Bishop
WAIT—there's some sort of LGBT festival in the UK screening Elizabeth Bishop doc 'Welcome to this House', AND 'Carol', in glorious 35MM???
“There’s nothing more embarrassing than being a poet, really.” —Elizabeth Bishop
I am listening to Elizabeth Bishop's Eat, Pray, Love rather than watch the debate. Also, she has helpful ideas about my future life in exile
Get an in-depth look at Elizabeth Bishop's life and work in the newest sampler:
It’s Women’s History Month at the Poetry Foundation. The editors peg Elizabeth Bishop’s poems—in volumes with...
Read about the geography of Elizabeth Bishop's poems.
Elizabeth Bishop is deceptively straightforward. How to add the A1 factor:
Wonderful lecture feat poet Elizabeth Bishop; what more could an girl want? Congratulations Prof Jo Gill!
my favorite poems in general: One Art by Elizabeth Bishop, Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan, Slyvia Plath's I am Vertical or Lady Lazarus
My favorite writers/poets: Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Bishop.. I could go on for years.
Bishop event 17 Image by WashULibraries Anne Posega gives an introduction to the "Elizabeth Bishop and The New...
One Art by Elizabeth Bishop : The Poetry Foundation . The art of losing isn’t hard to master;.
Sarah Ruhl: "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop is "the only poem I’ve ever gotten in a real fight about." Story, please.
(FRINGE) Elizabeth Bishop: Bring him back to me. Walter: I promise. -- Fringe - Peter [2.16]
Try reading Sharon Olds and Elizabeth Bishop and Virginia Hamilton Adair. Read Barbara Comyns and Christina Stead.
eleanor_chai: Elizabeth Bishop sending Buster Keaton with love to Marianne Moore...
“On the Back Porch” by Dorianne Laux. It’s the birthday of Elizabeth Bishop and
Great to hear from you. Niall Griffiths' latest is very good. Andy Croft, Liz Berry. Shelley and Byron. Elizabeth Bishop.
Some of my favorite poets are Seamus Heaney, Langston Hughes, Wislawa Szymborska, Elizabeth Bishop, Charles Wright, and Natasha Treathewey.
Gertrude Stein wasn't that great of a writer. Elizabeth Bishop and Marianne Moore were better and oft overlooked.
Elizabeth Bishop - One Art - Read by Blythe Danner - Commentary by Mexican poet Octavio Paz.
I suffered through Poetics of the body Edna st. Vincent Millay, Elizabeth Bishop, Marilyn Chin and Marilyn Hacker by Catherine Cucinella.
'A scream, the echo of a scream...' . In the Village, a short story by Elizabeth Bishop, 1953
For my friends who are Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Bishop fans: in her review of Emily Dickinson's Letters to...
but while you're at is Charlie baker and Elizabeth Jane bishop too plz
You know her from See BECKY ANN BAKER htt…
Bishop P. Babalola | If God could give Elizabeth a Child at Old Age... Your case isnt Hard for HIM.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the Memory of It by Millier, Brett C.
On and that feeling of with Elizabeth Bishop, who was from
.stars in new CHINOS Remixed campaign -
Elizabeth Bishop was a great fan of Rimbaud's work.
lovely article on Elizabeth Bishop, travel and longing
Our opening move for Poets' Mornington Crescent is Elizabeth Bishop.
Taco Wednesday - is it a try. Also Elizabeth Bishop.
Elisa Wouk Almino writes for Hyperallergic about her search for a home in Elizabeth Bishop’s poetry of estrang...
It is Marvellous to Wake Up Together by Elizabeth Bishop | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor
"and suddenly you're in a different place / where everything seems to happen in waves." -Elizabeth Bishop
The art of losing is not hard to master. ~Elizabeth Bishop
"Being a poet is one of the unhealthier jobs--no regular hours, so many temptations!". Elizabeth Bishop
In search of a home in the homeless poetry of Elizabeth Bishop:
"I want YOU. To know me. From head to toe...". - Poem by Elizabeth Bishop. .
It was crazy at Elizabeth Baptist with Bishop John Guns at the Mens Conference
I couldn't be more pleased with this review of Lyric Shame. Fall 2015 | Elizabeth Bishop Society
Sarah Ruhl’s play, at the McGinn/Cazale Theater, follows the mostly epistolary friendship of Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bis…
"Dear Elizabeth" follows the friendship of Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop.
"Casabiana" by Elizabeth Bishop, in the bricks of Davis Square
I wrote about Elizabeth Bishop and her strange, unfriendly friendship with Clarice Lispector:
Clarice Lispector to Elizabeth Bishop back in the day: "Nah, I don't know you like that." via
Elizabeth Bishop's bizarre relationship to the work of Clarice Lispector: via
Seems a beautiful film! Will use the trailer as intro to Elizabeth Bishop's 'Sestina' with my students. Perfect timing ;)
no one from Baker County hates a school more than they hate Bishop Kenny
Similarly, Socrates should not take the hemlock, and some experts say Virginia-Wolfe Elizabeth-Bishop were crazy?
Just bought Elizabeth Bishop's Brazil book. Not as if she was exactly happy with that book... but, you know...
So the higher level English class looked at Elizabeth Bishop poems today while the ordinary level class watched The Lio…
”I've never written the things I'd like to write that I've admired. Maybe one never does.” —Elizabeth Bishop
He also made the leap to Elizabeth Bishop's Brazil poems. And of course mentioned Ruskin, Breugel, and nostalgia.
I took this as a compliment: 'Elizabeth Bishop would've been pleased knowing a film had brought such passionate attention to her work'
“Should we have stayed home and thought of here?” -Elizabeth Bishop
What binds us together and makes us Lutheran? Read Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s article in The Lutheran to...
Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eating addresses the convening prayer luncheon now.
she is Elizabeth Jane bishop. she is freakin hot
Elizabeth Jane Bishop attends the ashish show during LFW SS16 in London.
Meet The Model Who Is Winning At Instagram - And discover why you'll never see her post on
"Words not true enough were cut away." Colm Toībin of Elizabeth Bishop
Becoming a Poet : Elizabeth Bishop with Marianne Moore and Robert Lowell by...
"I have so many holes in my soul…" - Robert Lowell, from a letter to Elizabeth Bishop (via...
I wish Elizabeth Bishop had made a cameo in some axual lava because I h8 her (EXCEPT for "Art of Losing") amirite?
Elizabeth Bishop describes a "lava cameo" that Robert Lowell sent her. This is the closest match I can find
'All my life I have lived and behaved very much like the sandpiper/looking for something' Elizabeth Bishop >>
In a dim age. of water. Song for the Rainy Season, by Elizabeth Bishop
I guess it's what attracted me almost instantly to Elizabeth Bishop. Her work doesn't pretend to 'be' art. It is, but doesn't pretend.
A look at the paintings of American poet Elizabeth Bishop
Wonderful article on Elizabeth Bishop's paintings. I couldn't find the issue in England unfortunately. A nice read:
Elizabeth Bishop Goes to the Hairdressers, a short film by the brilliant
Meet London's Model Skater, coming to an Instagram feed near you!
Reaching For the Moon. Such a fan of Elizabeth Bishop and Rare and Commonplace Flowers. Inspiring, heartbreaking
Photo: Elizabeth Jane Bishop by rainie-minnie featuring a swivel lamp ❤ liked on Polyvore Marc by Marc...
"Careful looking, whether it results in a poem or picture, initiates a transformation" Elizabeth Bishop: Poet's Eye
The Poet's Eye: a lovely piece of writing by about Elizabeth Bishop's paintings, in
“I swear if I see any more handcrafts I’ll go mad!” —Elizabeth Bishop
The poet's eye: terrific essay on Elizabeth Bishop's painting by
Got Elizabeth Bishop's collected today. Excited to tuck in.
"If you've had too much booze,. You can take a little snooze.". --Alexander Calder (artist), small poem composed for Elizabeth Bishop (poet)
Elizabeth Bishop, a poemfilm, and conversation. Do come!
Elizabeth Bishop biography and poetry explication
Charlie Barker and Elizabeth Jane Bishop have the coolest styles/ clothes and are beaut why can't I be them?
would do anything to look like Elizabeth Bishop😍😍
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Day 12 of my 30/30 was a riff on Elizabeth Bishop's Fish Houses.
A post. Read my A Poetic Response to the poem “One Art” by...
of England honors 2 for contributions to society: Dr. Shafik & Bishop Angaleos
Lovely essay on the despair of hotel living... Mentions Jean Rhys, Elizabeth Bishop and (less famously) me.
Congratulations to His Grace Bishop Angaelos for Queen Elizabeth's recognition of his work in religious freedom.
For his work on religious freedom to be honored by Queen Elizabeth with Order of British Empire Axios
why dont we ever talk abt elizabeth bishop ? i mean she was a *** poet in an interracial partnership w adopted children . ICONIC .
Great reading of Elizabeth Bishop poems last night alongside her art at Tibor de Nagy! Next time I promise to tell you before the fact, ok?
A Poet in Place ~ The life and work of Elizabeth Bishop, a ‘fastidious perfectionist.’
Tennessee Williams greatly admired and sought to emulate the work of Elizabeth Bishop, and on August 14th, the...
From A&L Daily: An aesthetic of shyness. Elizabeth Bishop wasn’t much for confession. In her life, as in her apart…
There is a magic made by melody:. A spell of rest, and quiet breath, and cool. Heart, that sinks through fading colors deep. - Elizabeth Bishop
"The failure to know and to study and to absorb the work of Elizabeth Bishop would be a calamity. Her work...
Barbara Hammer’s portrait of Elizabeth Bishop focuses on her affairs with women but bears testimony to her literary disciplin…
Variation on a Line from Elizabeth Bishop’s “Five Flights Up”
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thank you so much for your recommendation. I will check it out this weekend. I tried Elizabeth Bishop last night...
Tremendous thanks to our readers and the 900+ crowd that braved the teen-degree weather last night for "Elizabeth Bishop at 100!"
(got tired of writing im sorry) - is that elizabeth bishop in your icon she is my mother ok but i love your @ !!! :D
Marshall: Spoke today to Elizabeth Bishop's lover, who said "I have become expert in the art of question deflection."
Marshall is now beginning her talk on Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979)
have you read the poem The Moose by Elizabeth Bishop?
I'm so in love with elizabeth jane bishop
"I kept a notebook of my dreams and thought if you ate a lot of awful cheese at bedtime you’d have interesting dreams." - Elizabeth Bishop
Engaging podcast with Colm Toibin over Nora Webster and his monograph on Elizabeth Bishop.
Spent the morning with fog in the Ozarks and a book of Elizabeth Bishop's poetry.
💞 Barbara Hammer discussing her lovely new film about Elizabeth Bishop 💞 @ MoMA The Museum of…
A new film about Elizabeth Bishop. h/t
A new film on Elizabeth Bishop? I'm there. Anyone want to go with me? =)
Es-so-so some Elizabeth Bishop for anyone who enjoyed Colm Toibin's brilliant intro to her yesterday
Moronic w/ excitement for trip to NY in a week and its motivation, new doc on Elizabeth Bishop—
the Colm T on Elizabeth bishop book is lovely, have you read it?
"To write poetry is an unnatural act" Owen Sheers has this Elizabeth Bishop quote on his desk, he says.
"She had a feeling that the world would disappear if she didn't describe it accurately" says Colm Toibin on Elizabeth Bishop
Colm Tóbín's new book about Elizabeth Bishop sounds amazing, from the discussion at Hay & STW
Colm Toibin talks most engagingly re his new book "On Elizabeth Bishop", & his affinities with her
Colm Toibin talks about Elizabeth Bishop on Start the Week this morning
👻 you remind me of Elizabeth Jane Bishop which is probably the best thing I could say about anyone
Colm Toibin on how Elizabeth Bishop's poetry has become central
My book on poets' letters gets a mention here Yes, it contains Paul Muldoon's essay on Bishop and Lowell's letters!
"This is not my home. How did I get so far from water? It must be over that way somewhere.". . Elizabeth Bishop
I'm surprised that Queen Elizabeth's authorized Bishop's Bible didn't hold more weight than the King James...
As I expected, Ralph Ellison, Nathanael West (and Elizabeth Bishop) were on his alternate list.
'It was just a bit too much' (From Toibin's book on Elizabeth Bishop, which I'm finding horribly moving).
I've learnt 2 Lear answers and I can sing off an answer on Elizabeth bishop , surely I'm ok
Hay highlights today Colm Toibin on Henry James & Elizabeth Bishop and Ishiguro on Never Let Me Go and "ogre-prejudice..."
THE MOOSE - Elizabeth Bishop: goosebumps on An antidote to hammy story last night from Bath
current tie btwn 'In the Waiting Room' by Elizabeth Bishop & 'Dark Poem' by the still-alive
Colm Tobin making us roar with laughter discussing his new book "On Elizabeth Bishop"
"You don't expect to pick up a book on Elizabeth Bishop and be roaring with laughter, but that's exactly what happened" - Sarah Churchwell
"Ports are necessities, like postage stamps, or soap...". 'Arrival at Santos' (1952) by Elizabeth Bishop:
'A Day With is online now. Read all about it...
though not as good as Robert Lowell/Elizabeth Bishop letters which are quite remarkable
Hear Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, Gwendolyn Brooks, Czeslaw Milosz et al. in a great new (free!) audio archive.
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