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Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks (born Elizabeth Irene Mitchell; February 10, 1974) is an American actress.

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"Is the cake gonna go in her cooch?" -Elizabeth Banks, 1st 3 minutes of I will never stop watching
Really like the color of Elizabeth Banks' dress. 😍
Watch Fred Armisen, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Forte tonight on 9 PM on
3 of Steven Spielberg's 30 films have female leads. Elizabeth Banks isn't here for it.
At least Elizabeth Banks is having fun, I guess.
I still haven't seen it, but now I will! And you're so right about Elizabeth Banks. She's amazing.
"Most men I know rely on woman to do all the literal dirty work." - Elizabeth Banks
Are you too humble to brag about your new home?. Let Elizabeth Banks do it for you!.
I love how literally everyone is obsessed with her jackets, even Elizabeth Banks
Had a few issues as most movies do. Elizabeth Banks had alot to do with it. Her campy performance as Rita is a major negative.
Elizabeth Banks explains to us why President Snow supports a woman's right to choose
Congrats to alumna Elizabeth Banks, landscape architect & 1st female President of awarded a CBE for services…
Well it's not as if Elizabeth Banks had an actual career to lose.
Elizabeth Banks has weighed in on the possibility of 4! See what she had to say: h…
Those correcting those who correctly corrected Elizabeth Banks are missing the point.
Muh acting. ⚡️ “Elizabeth Banks calls out Steven Spielberg for lack of female leads”.
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Elizabeth Banks didn't know about The Color Purple for the same reason she probably doesn't know what the latest Madea f…
Elizabeth Banks' comments remind me of White women who cut in front of or bump into a Black woman and say" Oh. I didn't…
Elizabeth Banks has criticised a huge Hollywood director for his lack of female lead roles
I was looking for a reason to unfollow Elizabeth Banks on Instagram😂
Elizabeth Banks forgot Black women are women too, when she called out Spielberg & forgot to name his adaptation of The Color P…
The issue is not Elizabeth Banks got "figures incorrect." Yet again a white woman dismisses the accomplishments & narr…
If you're going to call someone out, it helps to do a little homework. Actress-director Eliza…
When you're making a kickass point about Spielberg never using women leads but forget a Black woman is... a woman. 🙃🤡
Elizabeth Banks was corrected about The Color Purple but kept soapboxing. There is no "white" feminism. Feminism IS…
I promise I'm not cussing out Elizabeth Banks in it. Yet. We'll see.
*interrupts Elizabeth Banks*. Well technically the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were trans. *stuffed in duffle bag, thrown in trash compactor*
Elizabeth Banks is 43. There's a pattern of white Hollywood actresses finding "feminism" (tm) when they're passed over f…
Newswire: Elizabeth Banks apologizes for inaccuracies in her Steven Spielberg comments
The Color Purple was not a flop. It's a classic in black culture. Also who is Elizabeth Banks?
Elizabeth Banks Apologizes to Steven Spielberg After Calling Him Out for Lack of Female Leads via
If nothing else comes from this Elizabeth Banks situation I hope more people go back and revisit Steven Spielberg's "Th…
In Elizabeth Banks directorial debut, the non-white women were jokes. They were not people, just caricatures.
Oh, Mikki. It's a whole thing. Elizabeth Banks and the Editor at Large at IndieWire. Let me know if you need a…
If I see ANY ONE trying to defend Elizabeth Banks statement about Spielberg and women by panning The Color Purple. I. WI…
Elizabeth Banks, or why it pays to make sure, before you declare anything as definitive.
"Steven Spielberg" Sources say he has optioned the rights to The Congressional Baseball Game shooting starring Elizabeth Banks as Hero cop.
In addition to The Color Purple, Spielberg is currently directing a new film w/ Meryl Streep in lead.
Elizabeth Banks was in Catch me if You Can directed by Sir Steve Spielberg. Haters gonna hate Grace.…
Steven Spielberg also produced Memoirs Of A Geisha. Someone should ask Elizabeth Banks what is her definition o…
Elizabeth Banks said none of Steven Spielberg's movies never had a female lead. While some woman named a A…
Elizabeth Banks: Steven Spielberg has never made a movie with a female lead!. Me: THE COLOR PURPLE 💟
Elizabeth Banks' spirited message to Steven Spielberg wasn't accurate, but it's important
Elizabeth Banks called out Steven Spielberg for not directing female movies
Yep, The Color Purple is a cultural icon and old girl was wrong but Elizabeth Banks: coming for Steven Spielberg tho... http…
Who is Elizabeth Banks? Never heard of her. I have heard of Alice Walker(Pulitzer Prize), Opra…
The funniest thing about Elizabeth Banks is that she has a Mercedes Ruehl impression.
Elizabeth Banks' role was originally written for Kristen Wiig but she declined due to scheduling conflicts
“There’s more to people than just how they vote.”. W (2008). Laura Bush(Elizabeth Banks)
presents: Dream Home Tips with Elizabeth Banks and a Piece of Pizza
One day Eva Green, Elizabeth Banks, and Kate Blanchett will do a supervillain team-up, and the world will implode.
Elizabeth Banks, Dacre Montgomery, & Becky G Arrive in Style for the 'Power…
Holy crap. Elizabeth Banks would make a good Enchantress (Marvel).
.is the best because it lets me play GAUNTLET with my dream team of Mr. T, Batman, Elizabeth Banks,…
Blazing Saddles, starring Elizabeth Banks and Brendan Fraser. Directed by Ang Lee, music by Neil Finn. Budget: $100m
Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Emily Blunt, Rinko Kikuchi, Saoirse Ronan and Alicia Vikander to name just a few.
Bill Hader and Elizabeth Banks are like 2013 LeBron and Wade
When I saw Dunham, Elizabeth Banks & Chloe Moretz at convention I thought "they've got Rust Belt blue-collar vote wrapped up"
Elizabeth Banks on why President Snow would have mixed feelings about banning animal testing
Did you guys know that Kate McKinnon and Elizabeth Banks are not the same person? Seriously who knew
| We asked avid readers like Elizabeth Banks ,...
Maybe they cast Elizabeth Banks as Rita so at the end she can turn good (and blonde) and reveal her real name is Tammy... or something
Elizabeth Banks tells us why Plutarch Heavensbee would campaign in favor of raising the minimum wage
Elizabeth Banks HD 'I make a living using my mouth' [14th February 2014] via
Rachel Bloom, Elizabeth Banks, 'Big Bang Theory' cast and more sing a passionate song urging you to vote
Gawsh Elizabeth Banks is such a good actress
WOW, Elizabeth Banks is such a Virgo! I heard they seemingly terrified a pinecone...
When you have one kid, you feel like you can jet set around, an...
I've always wanted to work with Elizabeth Banks. She's so talented a...
I'm pretty sure Kirsten Bell, Christina Applegate and Elizabeth Banks are all the same person.
and Jay-Z, Meryl Streep, Elizabeth Banks to name a few more
*** shame, i always wanted to smash Elizabeth Banks
Producer Bruce Cohen and Elizabeth banks just made this video for Hilary. Please watch and pass it on! thx.
Elizabeth Banks and the Value of the &Voted&Sticker
Elizabeth Banks in a Alice + Olivia printed chiffon dress at the 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' LA Opening Night
Elizabeth Banks might be the first person in history to max out via in-kind video appearances. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Are you voting for Cam Brady or Elizabeth Banks from the Hunger Games? Jw
Rachel Bloom Recruits Adam Scott, Elizabeth Banks and More to Sing About Voting via this was great
Rachel Bloom (recruited her famous friends to sing about how Donald Trump is terrible…
I play Rock Band, which is Guitar Hero times ten. You can play with ...
Why brag about your new dream home when Elizabeth Banks can do it for you?
Elizabeth Banks and the Value of the 'I Voted' Sticker via
The Queen takes to the fields on the banks of the Thames in Windsor
I love working with a stylist but I also love having personal relati...
those "post your lock screen" tags just remind me that my lock screen has been elizabeth banks for at least 6 months 😂 I'm so lazy
"Now Moby is on the drums while Elizabeth Banks plays bass, so we can try to convince the USA not to shoot itself in the face." 😂
You have got to have an agent. It's a business. But I think there is...
Don't listen to Hillary supporters. Just scare tactic. If Elizabeth Warren has her way maybe for banks
Divest from big banks who invest in pipelines. Move your money to a credit union that answers to its members.
Elizabeth Banks at the Hedwig and the Angry Inch opening night at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood
2 whole years since my queen Elizabeth Banks first noticed me on social media I'm emo
All purpose parts banner
Courtney Love was one of many stars on Hedwig's pink carpet in LA including Demi Moore, Taylor Lautner, Elizabeth Banks &…
Cali Cousin's hetty LA GF nannies for Elizabeth Banks full time, got entire fam on da train. Son's fav song=sparkle
Why would anyone trust someone this deceptive in large & small matters is mind-boggling.
Banks enjoys day in the park with her husband and two sons
I secretly harbor the fantasy of becoming an action star at any moment. I know I'd be great
yeah, I'm sure Elizabeth banks and Killary really understand the "problems" of everyday Americans. Give me a break
This is roughly the professional political stagecraft version of "woke toddler" meme.
It is ridiculous that you don't think you can win without cheating!!
Elizabeth Banks chats with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during roundtable discussion:
did you not see the host, Elizabeth Banks, another actress? She can't have political opinions either? Lol 😂
I guess I'm fortunate in that I have no idea who Elizabeth Banks is. She sounds like a twit.
Yes, uses child actors all the time. Nothing is real about
Random Child selected by Elizabeth Banks to ask Hillary a question is a "professional child actress" How low will the Democra…
Watch what happened when Uzo Aduba and Elizabeth Banks hit the streets of Philadelphia to register voters and ...
Elizabeth banks is another whom I've…
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If you have to resort to lying and staging events, to get my vote. you really don't deserve it. .
Elizabeth Banks is not trying to be the next Sam Donaldson as she interviews Chelsea. 'What do you want people to know about your mom?'
Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are the second best part of 'Pitch Perfect'
Gwyneth Paltrow, January Jones and Elizabeth Banks were considered to play the lead in this film
See Stephen Colbert and John Oliver spoof Elizabeth Banks' "Our Fight Song" for Hillary Clinton on
Elizabeth Banks made an evocative entrance at the DNC:
Queen's Brian May tells us how he really feels about Elizabeth Banks' entrance http…
Queen's Brian May tells us "Trump has been trumped!" after Elizabeth Banks' DNC entrance
Really was hoping for Elizabeth Banks to do a Wet Hot American Summer parody for Hillary instead.
Elizabeth Banks has brought some great, goofy Wet Hot American Summer energy to her host spots tonight
Sorry Elizabeth Banks, you're a great actress but you cannot convince me to vote for a corrupt, dishonest war criminal.
I think we've gone too long without Elizabeth Banks, can she interrupt Bill?
Psh. Elizabeth Banks? Did you know we had ANTONIO SABATO JR? Yeah.
Elizabeth banks just named dropped the BARDEN BELLAS BYE
Why on earth is Elizabeth Banks talking about Hillary's foreign policy? Is she volunteering as tribute?
Elizabeth Banks imitates Donald Trump's entrance at the Republican convention
Most discussed topic in Los Angeles right now: Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth banks running the show. And you made fun of Scott Baio?
You can keep Elizabeth Banks somebody get me Donald Trump 🇺🇸
I wish Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins broadcast the entire convention as their characters in the Pitch Perfect m…
Elizabeth Banks, I love you, but they have clipped your wings at this convention
Did Elizabeth Banks just say that Hillary Clinton will protect the US from Russia, China and CANADA..?
This is the 3rd time in one night you've given air time to this liberal *** Elizabeth Banks, where's the balance
Actress Elizabeth Banks' jokes fall flat at DNC
Elizabeth Banks does an impression of Donald Trump's RNC entrance for
Elizabeth Banks was quite awkward there and her Canada joke seemed to go right over everyone's head...and air miles joke…
.spoofed Donald Trump during her speech at the - watch video!
Elizabeth Banks co-opting the word "matter" from Mothers of Movement. Y'all need to stop.
I’m not sure if anything in this world is as funny as Elizabeth Banks believes she is
Elizabeth Banks: "Hillary Clinton got results as Secretary of State.". She sure did
Pro-abortion Hunger Games’ star Elizabeth Banks up now stumping for Hillary
Trump is basically Effie from according to http…
Too bad.I liked her-> Elizabeth Banks Falls Flat Trying to Mock Trump Entrance at DNC - Breitbart
Never a thing as too much Elizabeth Banks! Doing Pittsfield proud tonight!
not sure there is such a thing as too much Elizabeth Banks? Watching from the UK thought you did a great job as host
WATCH: Elizabeth Banks parodies Trump's RNC entrance at the
Elizabeth Banks called Trump. Effie Trinket but fails to see. Hillary Clinton is Alma Coin!.
High point of so far: Elizabeth Banks talking about what it was like working with Janeane Garofalo on Wet Hot American Summer
If you don't know who Elizabeth Banks is . Go watch The Hunger Games, she's Effie. Or watch Wet Hot American Summer
Elizabeth Banks is clueless Hillary Clinton worked for the Rose Law firm & the White Water scandal ensued.
I don't know who Kate McKinnon is, definitely spent the whole movie thinking she was Elizabeth Banks.
My father is a huge horse racing fan, so I was introduced to the sport long before 'Seabiscuit.' Bu
Elizabeth Banks wearing Louboutin Decoupadiva at the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon http…
If Elizabeth Warren selected as Clinton VP, expect 2 tank at least for ST. She hates the banks
Guarantee? No. A smart decision? Yes. Get Elizabeth Banks to direct the next one, though. Let Feig go back to an R-rating.
The over-representation of Wall Street banks in senior government positions sends a bad message. I
presents: Dream Home Tips with Elizabeth Banks and her dreamy pals!
omfg through all the Ghostbusters trailers I thought Kate McKinnon was Elizabeth Banks 😱😱😱😱 ***
I hope I'm Jessica Tandy, you know. I hope I'm onstage, and I fall over at 85 or something with eve
I'm a good role model. I have an amazing marriage, and it will be long lasting. I think ...
Becky G breaks down this new fight scene with Elizabeth Banks in 'Power Rangers':
Bet with right by your side! . Enter Racing with the Stars https…
I'm very genetically blessed; I cannot deny it, but I work hard at keeping myself togeth...
Goofy Elizabeth Warren, who may be the least productive Senator in the U.S. Senate, must prove she is not a fraud. Wit…
I liked a video High School Theatre Show with Elizabeth Banks - SNL
I think at some point Elizabeth Banks stole Parker Posey's career.
my green haired friend & I said your dress was like Elizabeth Banks. THIS is what we meant. ❤️ you
List of people who always kill it: Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, John Michael Higgins, Tim Meadows, Jane Lynch, Jason Mantzoukis.
"When you don't let women plan their lives or their families, their lives are no longer their own." - Elizabeth Banks
Slither is great. Elizabeth Banks and Rooker are a blast. It and Tromeo and Juliet are my favorite James Gunn works/
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Elizabeth Banks liked one of Brittany's photos and Anna Camp left a comment on it. PP feels.
I've been re-watching the Raimi Spidey movies today, and how, tell me HOW, I never realized Betty Brant was Elizabeth Banks before??
Elizabeth Banks is Laura Bush AND Betty Brant *** life is nuts man
Home Buying in Plain English with Elizabeth Banks: Step 5- Closing the Deal
No Green Ranger. That means the rumours about Elizabeth Banks being the former Green Ranger must be true.
just found out Elizabeth Banks owns this site wc wrote abt Kristen's funniest interviews 💕 https:…
go check out Elizabeth Banks' 'Power Rangers' villain look
Elizabeth Banks' 'Charlie's Angels,' 'Jump Street/Men in Black' crossover, and more confirmed by.. Related Articles:
People keep talking about Elizabeth Banks as Rita Replusa, but when are we going to see Jonah Hill and Michael Cera as Bulk and Skull?
Elizabeth Banks would make an amazing Sue Storm.
First look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa! What say you, followers? I dig her in anything, so I'm in! -Tony...
I'm really digging the new Rita look. Elizabeth Banks is gonna do great.
And on the Power Rangers subject, I'm actually kinda cool with Elizabeth Banks' interpretation of Rita
See the First Photo of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers via TIME.c…
Here’s the first look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in the new “Power Rangers” movie
I'm still happy that it's Elizabeth Banks. She's great! I'm confident she'll play the role well.
even tho she looks like Mirror Universe Katy Perry, it IS Elizabeth Banks so I'm still AGOG.
But that's ok. Elizabeth Banks is great so I'm sure it'll be great and everything else will be great and Power Rangers are great.
I'm kind of interested. I like Elizabeth Banks
First look at Elizabeth Banks as Repulsa in the movie. I'm not sold on the look. Need to see acting! https:…
I'm sooo over it. And I hate Elizabeth Banks, so.
That Old Navy commercial with Elizabeth Banks and $ave Dat Money playing in the background has me rolling
When Brian Wilson calls you at work. Elizabeth Banks in Love And Mercy - 2014
Kate McKinnon is like the love child of Elizabeth Banks and Lady Gaga.
Elizabeth Banks in Elie Saube Haute Couture at the World Premiere of Mockingjay Part 1.
How is there not an R-rated ALF movie with H. Jon Benjamin as ALF and Paul Rudd & Elizabeth Banks as the parents? David Wain directs, obvs.
Well imagine if Ana wrote a star wars fan fiction involving Elizabeth banks nd not finishing it 4 u
.XXL doesn’t have Alex Pettyfer (and has Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell & Elizabeth Banks). I rest MY case.
Elizabeth Banks is actually hot as ***
I'm watching a film with Willie Garson, James Marsden and Elizabeth Banks in and this is great.
I do try to eat healthy, and I find that's easiest when I just avoid the Do...
Elizabeth banks how are you doing this evening
Your funny gets developed pretty early on. Comedy requires that you underst...
the govt crawls all over banks for perceived errors. This action is a result of that.
Elizabeth Banks joins the Power Rangers movie as Rita Repulsa
I'm so happy that Elizabeth Warren endorse Bernie Sanders . She agrees with him about the banks and I adore her!
Elizabeth Banks – known beauty lines are the brainchild of makeup artists: Some of the best-kn...
I'd prefer Lisa Kudrow, Julie Bowen, or Elizabeth Banks as a personality. Especially Julie, she's hilar.
They got Elizabeth Banks playing as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers
So I only just found out that Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Banks are different people???
Elizabeth Banks Arrives at the Lido for the 72nd Venice Film Festival
Tbh the first thing I'll forever know Elizabeth Banks from is Scrubs and I'm 100% fine with that
Elizabeth Banks has some tough love for Hunger Games hopeful Kenan Thompson: "You would die"
Adam Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Rashida Jones and Paul Rudd in one movie. yas.
trust me, the main characters are Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and Elizabeth Banks
study that, it's obviously starring Demi Moore . this ones free! the world needs it. Elizabeth Banks too but we can talk
I've thought about the Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa casting every single day since it was announced.
Elizabeth Banks was born to play Rita Repulsa.
Didnt know Elizabeth Banks is going to be the new Rita Repulsa
Excited that Elizabeth Banks is playing Rita Repulsa :p
Elizabeth Banks cast as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers movie via
Elizabeth Banks (Wildstyle, The LEGO Movie) is apparently Rita Repulsa in the new Power Rangers movie. I can see that working, somehow.
Elizabeth Banks is the epitome of elegance in Ralph & Russo at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Everything there is to know about an w/ Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Live Now: Linzis Life
Elizabeth Banks is perfect for role of Rita Repulsa in the upcoming . Great casting move.
The unions should buy the banks with their trillion dollar pension funds so they can run it the Elizabeth Warren way please do it
Elizabeth Banks - Love and Mercy Photocall at the 65th Berlin Film Festival
You can embed the Elizabeth Banks webinars on your site. Mark Allen demoed
Mark Allen gives a plug for spokesperson Elizabeth Banks. Visit consumer ad section of
Senators Elizabeth Warren & John McCain introduced a bill to reinstate Glass Steagall & break up the big banks:
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Elizabeth Warren on “the Unfinished Business of Financial Reform” Here is the statement re Banks-your $$$
elizabeth banks hair in the next three days - Yahoo Image Search Results
Amal and George Clooney go glam in Berlin, and more pics Feb. 8-12
Elizabeth Henstridge and Elizabeth Banks ARE NOT Elizabeth Olsen, do you get it???
I didn't quite believe I was pretty for a long time. I never thought about ...
Elizabeth Banks Arriving to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles - November 2015
Elizabeth Banks - 2015 Hammer Museum Gala in the Garden in Westwood
Spies Who Chased Terrorists Join Banks to Hunt for Rogue Traders - Bloomberg Bu… see more
I like Elizabeth Warren, Hillary's gender isn't an issue for me. I just want a POTUS that will break the banks and
Recently found out that Chelsea Handler and Elizabeth Banks are different people
elizabethbanks - Elizabeth Banks to Play Villain in Power Rangers Movie:
Elizabeth Banks on the Set of Extra in Los Angeles, September 2015
is actually Elizabeth Banks, I'm almost certain.
NEW/Old picture of Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Josh Hutcherson on set of Catching Fire!
Elizabeth Banks is going to be in the Power Rangers reboot and she's playing Rita Repulsa -*Auditions for Lord Zedd*
Elizabeth Banks will face off against the Power Rangers:
Elizabeth Banks signs on to play Rita Repulsa in 'Power Rangers' movie:
Stoked 4 Elizabeth Banks in the Power Rangers reboot. I think u meant Ritas partner Lord Zedd
I want a live action Bayonetta movie starring the product of a fusion dance between Elizabeth Banks, Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman.
Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa.excellent. Now who will play Lord Zedd??
Elizabeth Banks is playing Rita Repulsa. I'm totally on board for that. Now gimmie Lord Zedd.
Black Jeopardy with Elizabeth Banks - SNL I like this.
Wow, Parker Posey was, like, 5 years away from being Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks recalls going to festival screenings of Wet Hot American Summer just to fill our audience award ballots
Priyanka nominated for Shorty Awards along with Reese and Elizabeth Banks:
Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks battle an alien invasion in scary movie SLITHER, tonight at 8.30PM.
To me, Elizabeth Banks is a younger version of Elizabeth Shue.
Why did none of you tell me there was a film with both Elizabeth Banks and Sarah Wright? Keeping it all for yourselves were you?!
This awkward moment when you realize that Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Banks are different women...
Baking some cookies and my cousin keeps wanting them to be 'Pinterest Perfect'. Good idea for a movie Elizabeth Banks
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Includes Kristen Stewart for BSA along with Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander https:/…
Elizabeth Banks drops a bombshell about Effie and Haymitch
.congrats on the Creativity 50 for 2015 nod! We're proud you're part of the family!
so far IMO Miley Cyrus is the only female host that sucked this season, but Tina, Amy (Pohler & Schumer) & Elizabeth Banks were great?
Elizabeth Banks: The Hunger Games star visits troops at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.
my favorite actors in good movies: Naomi Watts, Jena Malone, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson,Elizabeth Banks,Owen Wilson
Watched LOVE & MERCY -- great performances by John Cusack & Paul Dano as Brian Wilson. Wonderful work by Paul Giamatti and Elizabeth Banks.
Elizabeth Banks & Shawn Mendes guest on Live with Kelly & Michael. Dennis Quaid on the Wendy Williams Show. Sharon Stone on The View.
Elizabeth Banks was so good on ‘SNL’ last night, we almost forgot she wasn’t a cast member
I liked a video Black Jeopardy with Elizabeth Banks - SNL
Elizabeth banks is so underrated as an actress. Like every movie I see her in she looks diff and the acting is always good!
TV Club: A game Elizabeth Banks at least lets SNL get back to the comedy business
Not many hosts can perform AND direct her own monologue like
Elizabeth Banks knows what's good with hula hoops
Elizabeth Banks Gets Taken on the Uber Ride from *** on SNL
Disclosure: takes Elizabeth Banks on the Uber ride from *** …
Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon directing new comedy The Pact: ... Elizabeth Banks the chance to become a dire...
Elizabeth Banks - Behind the scenes with Elizabeth Banks directing Pitch Perfect 2:
Elizabeth Banks trusts Kenan Thompson too much in her 'SNL' promos: …
Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are comedic gold in Pitch Perfect 2
Is it weird that my most fave part of Pitch Perfect 2 was Elizabeth Banks, and John Michael Higgins as the judges. Seriously, I LOL-ed
Hey what's your star rating for Elizabeth Banks' feet?
ti was near me I stay next theses lucky girls. I had luck too bc I meet Elizabeth Banks. ily
Woody Harrelson & Elizabeth Banks, the fandom asked for a photo together & you gave us little arm touches,...
Elizabeth Banks wore an Fall 2015 Couture gown to the http…
Elizabeth Banks wore a Fall 2015 embroidered high-low dress/top to the
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, who owned the Julianne Moore of Elizabeth Banks
sure, Elizabeth banks put a video on FB and I have captures in where u appear!!!
Eyes bright, chins up, smiles on... it's our Effie, the stunning Elizabeth Banks!
Elizabeth Banks to host 'Saturday Night Live' for the first time. .
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elizabeth banks. It was in the director's commentary that was released in bluray
I'll say this right now, I find Elizabeth Banks very attractive
Elizabeth Banks on the and What It Means to Her
See who stole the show in at the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 premiere
Serious Q: Does TV and movie acting not pay well anymore? Why are Elizabeth Banks, Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, etc. doing commercials?
📷 ellendegeneres: Elizabeth Banks has an interesting nickname for Katniss and Peeta.
right here Bechloe is defined by Elizabeth Banks as the "beca - Chloe love story."
Elizabeth Banks in Elie Saab Couture at the Berlin premiere for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 on Nov 4, 2015 h…
EXCLUSIVE: Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks on bicycle and lunch during a break of interviews for the world…
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