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Elijah Muhammad

Elijah Muhammad (born Elijah Robert Poole; October 7, 1897 – February 25, 1975) was an African American religious leader, and led the Nation of Islam from 1934 until his death in 1975. Muhammad was a mentor to Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Muhammad Ali; and his son Warith Deen Mohammed.

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The Hon Elijah Muhammad was not raised by God to make you a citizen of America because you never were a citizen
When you are looking at a Muslim woman you are looking at a natural beauty.- The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
Elijah Muhammad is an evil mf. Fakeakhan is a manipulative evil mf
I added a video to a playlist Elijah Muhammad Saviour's Day 1973
"And if the"Game" is that, Take Whatever You Can Find; and Make A Home; then We MUST GET A HOME!"- The Most Hon. Elijah…
ELIJAH MUHAMMAD: Tonight...I shall introduce you as my National Minister. It will be a difficult task. Your...
So back to Muslims not seeing color and your beef w/ Elijah Muhammad because he is Bla…
The problem w/ that is you took it personal because you are Caucasian. Well, as Elijah…
I get it now... You’re a Caucasian convert to Islam and you hate the NOI because Elija…
Elijah Muhammad is not a prophet... He is the Messenger of Allah. And yes, Orthodox Is…
Read the "Message to the Blackman in America" by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It'll tell you all about the oppressor
It took me three years to understand that Elijah Muhammad was not dead, and that he was saved from a death plot.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad never taught anything about Scientology
Liars and thieves don't want to give credit to The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. [WATCH]
Yes sir, my Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, may peace and bl…
Why do you think Malcolm left for? It wasn't b/c of how highly Elijah Muhammad considered women, esp young ones
Everything I've shared comes from the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad & Min. ~ Sis. Samiyyah
his story our story or what Allah revealed to Elijah Muhammad as a…
"The ultimate aim of this is to kill the Messenger of God.". -Hon. Elijah Muhammad. "Truly, We are ever...
it was not Noble Drew Ali it was not master faed Muhammad it was not Elijah Muhammad
Allah ((Master Fard Muhammad)) will use Elijah Muhammad & to judge this world, two former slaves who wa…
I thank Master Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad, and because of them I walk proud to be a Muslim! ~
99% of the man's works were done in the name of Allah, through the teachings of Master Fard, & under the guidance of Elijah Muhammad. Period
Elijah Muhammad used his power & influence in the NOI to prey on Black little girls. & They had Malcolm killed for exposi…
Jesus Christ is alive not dead like Elijah Muhammad like Malcolm X like w.deen Mohammed
Elijah Muhammad and fard choose What.Deen Mohammed. the Seventh Son ..
W.Deen Mohammed do not agree with you... When he is the son of Elijah Muhammad..Who are u??
W.Deem Mohammed.. spoke the truth about Elijah Muhammad myth and Fables..
Come to Jesus, with the Supreme Care Plan "HOW TO EAT TO LIVE", from Allaah in Person Master Fard Muhammad, by TMH Elijah Muhammad.
Farrakhan slandered unjustly Elijah Muhammad son who was chosen by Master Fard Muhammad to lead
...Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X's mentor, was also heavily influenced by Marcus Garvey (and thus, indirectly Booker T. W…
Elijah Muhammad had studied the Bible. Who knew nothing of the Holy Quran
Haile Selassie was born in 1892. He was in da era of Master Fard Muhammad & Elijah Muhammad. Mi prophet met him. Elijah traveled ta Afrika
With Nationhood comes and not Nationalism. He called us a Nation for the 1st time. Elijah Muhammad
Today in 1975, Elijah Muhammad, successor of W. D. Fard, founder of the black separatist movement Nation of...
The works of Master Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad and is enough proof, we don't need to be defensive.
They asked me about Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad as His Messenger
Wallace Fard Muhammad aka Elijah Muhammad founder of NOI gave you BLACK NATION while Nobel Drew Ali gave you Moor Nation who haten Moors!
You will never hear about the Honorable Elijah Muhammad or Marcus Garvey in the classroom or mainstream media because of the agenda
A moment in black history: FO I soldiers escort their leader Elijah Muhammad and a young Wallace Muhammad (Imam...
if not for the coming of this man... . Master W. Fard Muhammad. ... there would not be an Elijah Muhammad, a...
The bond of Master Fard Muhammad and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad is like the bond of a mother and a child. ~
"Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad-out of His Own Mouth-said to me that He causes us to grow into a New Growth."-Elijah Muhammad
This man is a prophet. Some have Noble Drew Ali, some have Elijah Muhammad, those such as myself prescribe to Malco…
Here's some for you Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan.
"The world wants to honor the Students of Elijah Muhammad (Malcolm, Farrakhan, Ali, Imam WD) and condemn the Teacher."
How did The Honorable Elijah Muhammad get his power?
And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that is not going to happen" - The Hon Min
Research proves that Elijah Muhammad & Minister have been right all along!
Just saw this on Amazon: The Theology of Time: The Secret of Time by Elijah Muhammad for $14.00 via
Booker T. Washington. Marcus Garvey . Elijah Muhammad. We must carry into practice the principles they taught.
This appeal by Dr. Booker T. Washington for a Black United Front was echoed by Marcus Garvey, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad
Carry into practice the principles that Marcus Garvey, Booker T, Elijah Muhammad layed down!
You can't kill Marcus Garvey, Nate Turner and Elijah Muhammad bcuz they are here through you and me- Farrakhan
The Hon. Elijah Muhammad spoke on two forerunners before him: Noble Drew Ali and Marcus Garvey.
Malcom X would be locked out for calling his own mentor Elijah Muhammad the same charge & broke from him. Say what it is!
"Our enemies' greatest desire is that we remain asleep." - Hon. Elijah Muhammad htt…
"You can't be beautiful until you accept Islam." - Elijah Muhammad
Just saw this on Amazon: How To Eat To Live, Book 2 by Elijah Muhammad for $9.15 via
Easy, a simple flick of the channel will do ( in Elijah Muhammad voice)
The of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Example of provide is not Required…
"We cannot change ourselves unless we change our way of thinking. It is actually thought that changes." Hon. Elijah Muhammad
We go back trillions of years, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught this history for about 86 years.
But complicit in that my defense of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad...
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said I know the exact day that I will have ten million followers
When I stood up to defend the Honorable Elijah Muhammad against what Brother Malcolm was saying...
"By the help and guidance of Allah, I have put before you the wise and best thing for your future."~Elijah Muhammad htt…
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us many times Satans agents would trap him off and the Savior protected him. I believe Elijah
"A Muslim is not a Muslim until he Loves for his Brother, what he Loves for himself." Hon. Elijah Muhammad
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad butted heads with Malcom and Ali
We have these books and more by The most Honorable Elijah Muhammad @
How can you reject someone who gave their life freely for you.. will Farrakhan give his life did Elijah Muhammad g…
don you follow Elijah Muhammad a con man who had Malcom killed and fathered kids out of wedlock with young girls 😐
How To Eat To Live by Elijah Muhammad NO NUTS !Peanuts take years off your life😕
"There is a universal struggle being waged by the old world against the beginning of the new world" Hon. Elijah Muhammad
big surprise? Read what his mentors (Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad) say about whites and Jews. Feigns moderation, not so.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
"ALL opposition to Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam, will be overcome!"-
When you give birth to your mother is when I will attack Farrakhan or Elijah Muhammad. Ain't going to happen. David L Andrade
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that Yacub went to school far beyond the eighth grade.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us, “The only heaven for man is found in the woman.”
I remember writing my very first public. school essay on this. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught there are such...
Black people: When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “we are gods,” he wasn't making mockery. He was showing us our Di…
Following the Honorable Elijah Muhammad How to Eat to Live taught by God himself vs Dr Sebi 💯
Elijah Muhammad said his son W.Deen mohammad was of a Divine birth and that is what give him the right to rule
Elijah Muhammad stole Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's teachings and has lead Farrakhan (and you) astray.
Farrakhan left the religious body Elijah Muhammad started in 1978 and made his own version of Nation of Islam
I Read this book by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad years ago.…
02/05/2015: Black Muslims and the Law: Civil Liberties from Elijah Muhammad to Muhammad Ali by Malachi D. Crawford
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught me that if a man won’t treat you right, what would make you think he will teach yo…
that Marguerite was being raped by Elijah Muhammad who was in a different body and he was not Elijah at the time and he was arrested and a
So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that are Christians came with every room.
I do like my Teacher. Elijah Muhammad was not about money. The hearts of the people is the objective. [WATCH]
There's a degree of Jesus that Master Fard and Elijah Muhammad fulfilled. Now and we are fulfilling. ~
"I thank God that he allowed me this privilege to fall in love with Elijah Muhammad and himself (Master Fard Muhammad)!"-…
"The Revelation of Allah,Master Fard Muhammad,to the Hon.Elijah Muhammad gives you a key to unlock anything you hear."-…
Therefore Master Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad & work is all done on the number "40"❗..✨. ⬆
Master Fard Muhammad, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are not liars! Read the Fall of…
Malcolm X were to Elijah Muhammad as what were to Yip Man!! Greatest student to Greatest Master of…
Follow the Dietary Teachings that Master Fard Muhammad gave to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad as found in How To Eat…
you're just too blind to see that he is backed by the power of Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad
One time for the Jews putting nationalism to practice while Black people have Elijah Muhammad turning in his grave
Min. is the Spiritual DNA of Master Fard, Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Denmark Vesey, etc! ~in
Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad's message made a whole lot of peopl...
There was NO Islam in America in the 30s when Master Fard Muhammad came and met Elijah Muhammad.
Paul Warburg may have became Elijah Muhammad and he may have raped Sarah on 7th Street because there are two twins…
Conspiracy & hypocrisy A plot was hatched to kill the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Silence his representative the honorable minister Farrakhan
to Elijah Muhammad & Mark Wilson told Elijah to have Sarah Ann raped because she killed him; let's get back to Frank
I loved Elijah Muhammad with a love that I can't adequately describe.
I love Erdogan. I love Gaddafi. I love Idi Amin. I love Elijah Muhammad. I love Louis Farrakhan. I love all the strong black 'n Arab leaders
Skoot that's my blood bro I a kill for him on Elijah Muhammad
In fact, I've never been a church that taught Black Liberation Theology. I think that's what draws me to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.
& Frank from Italy put Elijah Muhammad in the body of Frank Lucas; now, Frank Lucas was shot & killed by Sarah Ann Lucas; Frank Lucas wife
I would not know Master Fard Muhammad or the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, if not for Min. ~
came out of her body and Mark Wilson who is Elijah Muhammad fave that body to Frank Miller and his wife became Sarah Ann DeWitt with that
because Mark Wilson who is Elijah Muhammad did not want him Geno DeWitt and Sarah Ann listed him on her elite because he is an elite child &
Our beloved Minister has defended his self with the backing of Allah God and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the messenger of Allah. peace
All Praise is due to ALLAH! Who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad! And forever thankful for raising the Christ(Elijah Muhammad)
'You can't find where the Blackman will end up one day and have no world.' The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
"The Mission is Greater than our own Personal Hangups." The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. PBUH
I hear the voice of ELIJAH Muhammad
never let the tamahu talk about Malcolm X w you unless they respek Elijah Muhammad along w his pupil (tho they can't "honor" either)
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad never doubted that he would be the winner. I’m going to be a winner with my Father. https…
The Hon. Elijah Muhammad~ I am not here to make a nation of follower but to make a nation of gods.
Elijah Muhammad did what Garvey attempted sans the international business ambitions and he incorporated religion heavily.
Elijah Muhammad, Aaron Hanna, Jeff Evans, Nathan Bramblett and even Dan Bailey didn't make it.
Elijah Muhammad wrote in Theology of Time that he went to these Moorish Temples Teaching "Lost Egyptian Sciences."
Time 3:40-5:00: Because his Father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said through him through Farrakhan he will get all his people.
Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam proven in no limit of time. How 2 Eat to Live by Elijah Muhammad is part of the proof.
Scientist of this world bears witness to the Teaching of Elijah Muhammad. Supreme Wisdom ,man is God and God is man!
The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught the originator of the heavens and earth is a black man. Fact and truth.
Bro Diamond Meeting.Teachings based on the wisdom of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said study the Whiteman. Don't study him with a worshipping mind. https…
Elijah Muhammad uno 😩 man said he saw Allāh, then slept with women and fathered 13 kids in a haram way and said the Qur'ān teached that
Elijah Muhammad said there is no power of a hydrogen or atom bomb that is more deadly to the enemy than the unity of the oppressed.
Elijah Muhammad continues to be the greatest teacher blacks in North America ever had. From Ali, Malcolm, Khalid to.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the pain of birth is equal to the pain of death.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I liked a video from Malcolm X EXPOSES Elijah Muhammad
We in the Nation of Islam absolutely refuse to let ANYBODY write The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad out of history! https:…
The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is not religion it is VERFIABLE FACT!-
... Especially since Malcolm X had some distasteful things to say about Elijah Muhammad two weeks before his death
Supreme Wisdom,The Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is not religious doctrine. It's verifiable FACT
The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us of a wheel-shaped object that can create new life! ~
"The requisite knowledge that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad gives to us is the knowledge of God and the knowledge of Self…
Hon. Elijah Muhammad said that where there is no water, there is no life! If water is absent, then death is present! ~
The Hon. Elijah Muhammad is an example of what we can and are to become! ~
The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was raised up as an example of who and what we could become! ~
One aspect of Moses is the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, and another aspect is ~
NO 1 is hated more than Elijah Muhammad, Min. & The Nation of Islam bc they produce STRAIGHT Black men & women. ~…
TMH Elijah Muhammad made Malcolm X. The man y'all love to talk about but don't have the character to emulate -
Hon. Elijah Muhammad never wanted to be a great speakers. He just wanted to carry the Master's book and drive His car.…
When we strive to eat once a day like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us how long can this…
Mother Tynnetta on "The work of the angels described by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is…
Mother Tynnetta on Angels walking among us "The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad would tell us…
Mother Tynnetta on "The last correspondence received by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from his…
"I(Tynnetta Muhammad) shared with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad my experience which occurred in…
Read Message To The Black Man By Hon. Elijah Muhammad. Adam represents a people. The Black man is the Original man.
Brother Elijah "Many teachers have suffered violent acts in our schools and are afraid to talk."
rare photo of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad
Read the Holy Quran. It is full of Wisdom. Photo: The Hon. Elijah Muhammad & W.D. Mohammed
"Where there are no decent women, there are no decent men." -The Most. Honorable Elijah Muhammad
The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad came to slow down our rush to the grave.-
what do Robert Hastings, Nuclear Missles and Elijah Muhammad have in common?
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad on the believers getting
I thank Allah for visiting America and raising up The Honorable Elijah Muhammad from us to reveal all truth to us.
"The Hon Elijah Muhammad desired that our entertainers and performers would become spiritually awakened to the knowledge…
Find value in the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
do you think Marcus Garvey, booker t Washington, Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm x, Elijah Muhammad, and others alike had in common
We don't need JFK! why not Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Ida B Well or yourself? Stop worshiping rich white males
"The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us that the red sea means war..bloodshed"... - . St. Min. Ishmael Muhammad
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that The Red Sea represent war, bloodshed, and revolution.
The Red Sea represents War, Revolution, and Bloodshed. The Nations ate going to war. ~Hon. Elijah Muhammad via
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the Red Sea represents war and revolution.
The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught that the scriptures are 25% history and 75% prophecy! ~
Tune in @ to hear the life giving teachings of the The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
We would not know of Islam if not 4 the cming of Master Fard Muhammad & the raising up of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad ~
He's (The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad) not an ordinary one. He's a divine man of God! ~
We are honored and happy to share with you "The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad" as taught by THMLF.-
Come out to 3160 Pennsylvania Ave SE Wash, DC for today's Life giving life saving teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad -- Starts at 11
Join us this morning to hear the Life Giving Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
Of what you read about Jesus, 75% is prophecy said the Hon Elijah Muhammad.
The Hon Elijah Muhammad said, we have to make our own community a decent place for us to live.
All purpose parts banner
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says we eat too much and too often ~
"Master Fard Muhammad on his departure squeezed a piece of paper in Elijah Muhammad's hand. On it was the 23rd Psalm."---…
I liked a video Elijah Muhammad lied about W Fard Muhammad
I think it's a scam cuz the *** that gave the teachings to Elijah Muhammad was a white dude who called himself Master Fard🤔
Things Imam W.D. Mohammed desired to teach and keep of his Father the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.
By hosting 2017 Million Man March in Atlanta ga. The home state of the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
Nation of Islam really had Malcolm X killed and elijah Muhammad basically said "yeah we did it" and nothing was done
"It is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad who teaches us to make our own communities a decent place to live."---
Followers of Messenger Elijah Muhammad only had a great Saviours Day 2016.
Elijah Muhammad born 1897 . and born 1933 . BOTH . Leaders of the Nation of Islam .
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad trained us to be a civilized people. The dominant society wants us to be beast like.
See, in Islam as taught by Elijah Muhammad, sisters have to check that savage and wild life stuff at the door. You're made right.
The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is alive. He escaped the death plot with Master Fard Muhammad help.
1964: Sports - boxing champion Cassius Clay was given the name Muhammad Ali by Nation of Islam's Elijah Muhammad.
The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad tells us to think 5 times before we speak.
On this day in 64 Cassius Clay joins the Nation of Islam & Elijah Muhammad renames him Muhammad Ali.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that the Black man is light Himself! ~
Best book I've ever read on the Nation. I'm loving Evanzz's Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad
“I warn each of you to no more accept the white man’s made or chosen leaders for you.—The Most Hon Elijah Muhammad https:/…
I'm reading Evanzz's biography of Elijah Muhammad ... it's an incredible book
The far-right Japanese paramilitary Order of the Black Dragon funded and worked with WD Fard and Elijah Muhammad .
This knowledge brought here from Master Fard Muhammad thru Elijah - Message to the Blackman, How to Eat to Live- REVELATION
Also when they began to plot his death like Jesus of 2K yrs ago. Also when he said he represents Elijah Muhammad.
With a 3rd grade education the Honorable Elijah Muhammad explained that white people evolved as a genetic...
Islam, as taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, will be established in America. We are a nation within a nation: htt…
"The whole universe is on the number six." - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
When The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was arrested, Mother Clara and the women stood up to keep the Nation of Islam going~
On this day in 1964 Cassius Clay joins the Nation of Islam and it’s leader Elijah Muhammad names him Muhammad Ali
Honorable Elijah Muhammad said I will be the winner!
Have u heard of these books by The Hon Elijah Muhammad?! They're Revelation, wisdom not known before! https:/…
"I will be the Winner, regardless." --Hon. Elijah Muhammad | They're envious because God chose us! ~
'Truth will prevail' . Muhammad Speaks 1972. "The Blackman himself is light". Hon. Elijah Muhammad.
He said the President has met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to plan a war. Tell them you got from Elijah Muhammad on the Wheel.-
not sure if it's the same or not. Malcolm X's former teacher who was the founder of the Nation of Islam was called Elijah Muhammad
I wish there was a way I could erase the words "the Honorable Elijah Muhammad" from Malcolm's speeches. Elijah held him back & help kill em.
Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad, MLK, and Clarence 13x, all hailed from the south. So much for the southern Asiatics are…
Lucius Bey, the eldest living Member of the N.O.I. is quoted as saying Elijah Muhammad told him that: "Noble Drew Ali WAS A PRE-CURSOR."
Eat your navy beans. Bro. Jabril told me the Hon. Elijah Muhammad said the navy bean was blessed SEVEN times!
I liked a video Elijah Muhammad: The True History of Jesus
Will Smith didn't learn from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and get assassinated
These words are from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: I wish u all love peace n happiness my brothers.And these r from 50Cent Fuc…
the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said everywhere time you see a black man your looking at Hod
"Elijah Muhammad made Malcolm X "El Hajj Malik El Shabazz". People don't like to hear that, but it's a FACT." - Bro. Sha…
The teaching of Master Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad and the science of Clarence 13X...HAS TAUGHT ME SUPREME...
"The teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad can be summed up, "Accept Your Own and Be Yourself."---
Coming to the Teachings of The Most Hon Elijah Muhammad you aren't accepting religion-you accept your nature
What would we do w/out the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. But what would we do w/out his Chief Student,
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the unity of the Black man would give us a weapon more powerful than any hydrogen or…
Elijah Muhammad said Mars was a planet like Earth in the 50s and was called a lunatic. Now NASA agrees and it's called "breaking news".
The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is still physically alive and on that Mothership...but we knew that already 😏
This just makes me think of how the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that no meat is good for us. https:…
Former home of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. @ Chicago, Hyde park
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: “They all want to sit in my seat or wear my crown, but they don't want to pay my pr…
2.) In what year did The Honorable first boldly and publicly declare that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad i…
Elijah Muhammad said we could turn devil over night! ~
"There will be no more prophets after me. I was your last one. Woe to Jerusalem/You hate prophets"- The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
Jesus and Paul: Signs of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan & Science of Scripture:
thank you blackman you always ! no what elijah Muhammad taught you for a man's salvation .
still the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
Prophet write, Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the mother is the child first role model. Thus Prophet didn't like get a job bit..
I wonder how he got to be so peaceful. *** met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad
A tribute to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mother. Article
Thanks brother Andrew. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad parents should be honored, without them there is no him
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has told us before the consequences of eating pork, now that it's been proven to produce cancer now y'all woke
you need to speak with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad tbh
I'm a student of the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership /guidance of the honorable…
8"Jesus was born two thousand years ahead of the judgement of the Jews.". So teaches. The most. Honorable. Elijah Muhammad. O.S.H.A pg.166
Ture, Steve Biko, Elijah Muhammad, black scholars/historians, & ect more you getting confused to not understanding the basis
imo he was used to undermine Elijah Muhammad and Adam Clayton Powell wit a more "docile" approach
Elijah Muhammad planted some of his children in because he wanted the unity of the and
black holacost alex Haley talked to minister ! malcolm x and the houndble .Elijah Muhammad
Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali and Amos Wilson gave us the blueprint! There's no more excuses!
PD "chilling" in Harlem with one of Elijah Muhammad's top students, Bro. Shabazz. :)
Well listen hear this post verifes the truth The last messenger Elijah Muhammad . He said that GOD sent The...
KKK’s J.B. Stoner’s letter to Elijah Muhammad of the NOI. | Moorish Science Temple of America via
Nation of Africa contemplates Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam...
Didn't the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teach that the white man is the devil?
You really have to be humbled when it come to this program of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad..
And I used to run to liquor and weed, for my life's stress but educating myself with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad not knowledge
Master Fard Muhammad's physical won't be here forever.Exalting Himself into TMH Elijah Muhammad,who will exactly himself into THML Farrakhan
They missed, Stokely Carmichael, Elijah Muhammad and THMLF bc they thought it was Dr. King.-
See the scene in "X" where the strong Betty Shabazz has to make a naive Malcom believe Elijah Muhammad was not "honorable"
Noble Drew Ali was on to something. Elijah Muhammad was on to something. Marcus Garvey was on to something.
I am not the leader of the NOI! The Hon Elijah Muhammad is The Eternal Leader of The NOI!
In the name of Allah the beneficent the most merciful. I urge those who have agreed to follow the most hon Elijah...
My brother Akbar called me the leader I REJECT SUCH TERMINOLOGY. Elijah Muhammad is the Leader of this Nation
Master Fard Muhammad taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for 3 years and 4 months -
As the Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us that this day of judgement is the day in which we NOW LIVE -
As the Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught us, the day of judgment is the day and time in which we now live.
He (Master Fard) had given to his servant, Elijah Muhammad, everything he needed to go into his Mission.
Master Fard Muhammad gave to Elijah everything he needed to go about the resurrection of the Black & Native -
Now you arrive at Plutoon you can bear witness Elijah Muhammad said! Mind-blowing Pluto has ice mountains and water
Moses was not an integrationist, and neither was Elijah Muhammad & neither is his Minister
Moses was not an integrationist. Neither was Elijah Muhammad or his student.
"Since 1981, I have been saying that The Hon. Elijah Muhammad is NOT dead! He escaped a death plot against him!" -
Here's why I'm not bothered by people calling me crazy for saying The Hon. Elijah Muhammad is Alive
chapter 23, verse 16 'How to Eat to Live' by Elijah Muhammad:
Elijah Muhammad said we should only have one meal a day. Two when trying to transition...
Elijah Muhammad said I cannot promise you that some of us won't be jailed we will
"I could never have done, what I have been blessed to do, if I did not come to see, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad was Yet ALI…
If u say you're "with" then you MUST Know and Believe that The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad IS Physically …
'Elijah Muhammad' is trending nationally?! You know Min. taught *** the
the 1st mention of 'Elijah Muhammad' appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United States!
I am NOT the leader of the Nation of Islam...I am his (Elijah Muhammad) representative.
Elijah Muhammad: One thing I can promise you is Victory!
Hon. Elijah Muhammad said the one thing I can promise you is VICTORY!
Elijah Muhammad was. Elijah Muhammad is. . Elijah Muhammad always will be.
884,465 people could have seen 'Elijah Muhammad' since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic.
For the first time ever, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is trending
Moses was not an intergrationist neither was the Hon. Elijah Muhammad nor is his Minister
"The United States of America calls all so-called Negroes who want to live as decent civilized men or women un-American."-Elijah Muhammad
Keep on eating the dead & whats left? Absolute disease&negative,Read the book 'How to eat to live' by Elijah Muhammad, its a brown paperback
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