Eli Whitney & New Haven

Eli Whitney (December 8, 1765 – January 8, 1825) was an American inventor best known for inventing the Cotton Gin. New Haven is the second-largest city in Connecticut and the sixth-largest in New England. 3.0/5

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Eli Whitney died 192 years ago today in New Haven, CT age 59 invented the Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney, inventor of the Cotton Gin, was a resident of New Haven.
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another great morning in the books! Chopped it up the young adults at Eli Whitney and they hooked me up with their specialities for a Food Review. Filmed a Movie Review with my G, Reginald R-jay Lewis aka Reggie Regg! Hit up my old stomping grounds (Lowes, New Haven) to visit with my old team and now it is GTA V time baby!!!
Well, our Roger Sherman letter, dated October, 1790, New Haven, CT, has come full circle. The Honorable Roger Sherman and Yale are all over this place along with, of course, many other historic names: Eli Whitney, Jonathan Trumbull, etc. Well, off to DSDI registration!
Connecticut's Historical Firsts 1639 -- first constitution adopted, establishing representative government 1656 -- first municipal public library in America, a bequest to the "towne of New Haven" 1670 -- first survey for the first turnpike in America, between Norwich and New London 1729 -- first medical diploma, granted by Yale University 1764 -- first newspaper, The Hartford Courant, published since October 29, 1764 1783 -- first dictionary, published by Noah Webster, born in West Hartford 1784 -- first law school in America, Litchfield Law School Graduates included John C. Calhoun, Aaron Burr, Horace Mann, Oliver Wolcott, Jr. and Noah Webster 1788 -- first State House in America, built after the Federal Constitution ratification 1794 -- first Cotton Gin, Eli Whitney of New Haven patented this invention 1803 -- first town library, tax-supported and organized in Salisbury 1806 -- first factory town in America, planned and established in Seymour 1808 -- first movable parts mass production in use, making c ...
Join New Haven sculptor Susan Clinard and Kristyn Zalota, founder of CleanBirth.org for a fundraiser on May 4th at Barn at the Eli Whitney Museum. CleanBirth.org is a New Haven-based non-pr...
Inventor Eli Whitney began manufacturing his Cotton Gins, which revolutionized the economy of the South, at New Haven in 1793.
Global innovation conference in New Haven, not far from Eli Whitney's innovative water-powered gun factory. Interesting.
no lol Porky's is in Shelton. New Haven vs Hamden, Modern vs Eli's on Whitney pizza or other good pizza places in Hamden lol
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