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Eli Manning

Elisha Nelson Eli Manning (born January 3, 1981) is an American football quarterback for the New York Giants of the National Football League.

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Eli Manning tried to sell me an old, game-used Joe Namath Giants jersey.
Funny-Eli Manning sees Plaxico qualities in Brandon Marshall. We talking on the field right? BMarsh will go after the kicker so watch out NY
"U were much more nervous going into a week vs Tony Romo than vs Eli Manning" . "Eli Manning is not a HOF qb" - Ryan…
Re-watch the entire ceremony as Eli Manning and Larry Fitzgerald win the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award!. 🎥:
Giants' Eli Manning, Brandon Marshall, Odell Beckham and more to spend three days w/ -
Brandon Marshall and Eli Manning holding get-to-know-you camp at Duke next week. OBJ and Shepard surely invited too . htt…
Geno Smith is backing up Eli Manning, yet Colin Kaepernick isn't being blackballed?
What do u think the over/under will be on B. Marshall's chances of catching 65 passes from Eli Manning?
If signed, Geno Smith would join a quarterback group that includes Eli Manning, Josh Johnson and Keith Wenning.
The newest Award Winners insert features Eli Manning & Larry Fitzgerald. Get it now in Gridiron!…
Eli Manning + Odell Beckham Jr + Brandon Marshall. It's gonna be an amazing 2017 season in NY.
Eli Manning's reaction to sharing a huddle with Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall.
Brandon Marshall picked Eli Manning over Tom Brady, just saying.
BMarsh QBs have been Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Chad Henne, Matt Moore, Jay Cutler again, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and now Eli Manning. FeelsBadMan
Eli Manning is on the spot like never before. via
Giants let Eli Manning know his successor is coming
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.No final decisions made just yet, but have let Eli Manning know his successor is coming…
Inside look at Eli Manning's wonderlic test
anyone who puts Eli Manning's name with Trent Dilfer needs meds lol
Congratulations to Eli Manning & 2016 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award winners, presented by
Eli Manning talks about what it means to be a finalist for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award |
Regarding the Lonzo/Lavar Ball Lakers thing, the Chargers essentially got Phillip Rivers, Shawne Merriman, and Nate Kaeding for Eli Manning.
The number is staggering but it's only a small price to pay for what Eli Manning has meant to the New York Giants.
this is stupid. Check Troy Aikmen, Terry Bradshaw, Eli Manning and others Rookie years
Ole Miss QB Eli Manning and Head Coach David Cutcliffe chat on the sideline during a game.
"Hi I'm Tom Brady, the greatest QB of all time. I have as many SuperBowl rings as Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and…
I would like to thank Patrick Clarke for wearing the Tom Brady jersey to Always nice to hear a "Eli Manning" chant.
Patrick Clark vs Tye . Patrick wore a Brady jersey... resulted in an Eli Manning chant, Eli is the
Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson are some of the worst Super Bowl winning QBs. Matt Ryan and Dan Marino as the best w/o SB ring.
Am I right in thinking that the only person to beat Tom Brady in a superb owl is Eli Manning?. Man
Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg arrives at Super Bowl, thrilled that Eli Manning isn't there.
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Good to see the NFL get this right; even if Eli Manning shares award w Larry Fitzgerald. Both deserving.
Larry Fitzgerald earns NFL Man of the Year honors, sharing award with Eli Manning:.
What is it going to take for Eli Manning to add this award to his resume?? via
.is right about this. Eli Manning needs to win this NFL Man of the Year award.
Tom lost with Randy to Eli Manning and was undefeated lmao Joe 4-0
Heres the advice that got from Peyton and
It's ok WE .FANS understand need HELP from EVERY1 to BEAT .. htt…
Eli could give the Giants some payroll flexibility.
Got a question for Finalist Eli Manning? Send us your questions using and we may ask him during week…
Matt Ryan laughed and said a bit too much was made of the "advice" Eli Manning gave him on how to beat Patriots in a Super Bowl.
Wow Matt Ryan went and ask Eli manning how to beat the patriots kmsl
Matt Ryan gets Super Bowl advice from Peyton and Eli Manning -
"Yes Eli, I'll remind him the Giants beat him twice" -Cooper Manning
Eli Manning, the only QB to beat Tom Brady in Super Bowl, is texting Matt Ryan on how to topple the Patriots
maybe if you had a better attention span you wouldn't have lost to Eli Manning twice
Here's the Super Bowl advice that Matt Ryan got from Peyton and Eli Manning
I don't know if you heard me, but I am not a Giant hater. I just hate Eli Manning!
beaten the Pats in the Add to their mystique as well as Eli Manning's.
I like the one where he got outplayed by Eli Manning
Matt Ryan seeks advice from Peyton and Eli Manning before Super Bowl week:.
Eli Manning to Plaxico Burress for the championship! (2008)
How do you beat the in a Super Bowl?. The guy who did it twice shared his secret with
Actually the Eagles own Eli Manning so I don't even know why I'm giving you an audience
Giants fans are so worked up about Matt Ryan texting Eli Manning for advice lol
Matt Ryan talked to Eli Manning about beating the Patriots in the
Matt Ryan said he's texted Eli Manning multiple times about how to beat Tom Brady. (via
Matt Ryan says he sought advice from Eli Manning on beating the Patriots.
someone really tried to tell me the other day that Eli Manning is a better QB then Tom Brady will ever be
Breaking: InTyrodWeTrust has traded Eli Manning for Chris Ivory, dropped Michael Thomas for Alex Smith, and dropped L. Trea…
No the would NOT be better off with Tyrod Taylor as opposed to Eli Manning.   10% Off
Check this video on Tyrod Taylor better than Eli Manning for the ? No.
Why Tyrod Taylor, not Eli Manning, should be the Giants’ QB
BREAKING: The Falcons have reportedly traded Matt Ryan for Eli Manning after seeing Brady clinch Super Bowl birth
"We have a good core...we can be a top and explosive offense." - Eli Manning
Eli Manning needs a big target and the New York Giants may have found him one.
Eli Manning won 2 Super Bowl MVPs with the clutch gene, so it's a proven valuable commodity to have.
okay... Eli Manning threw 15 int in 13 games in 02. he won 2 Super Bowl MVPs.
Sure did. Some of those plays reminded me of Eli Manning and his receivers in his Super Bowl wins!
Eli Manning in the Super Bowl against the Patriots stuff
as long as I been alive to watch football Eli Manning the worst QB to win a Super Bowl and…
Eli Manning is determined "to work harder than ever," so Giants need to build a Super Bowl team around him
Odd stat-Eli Manning has never won a playoff game other than the two years they won the Super Bowl.
The Giants are going to have their own Kevin Garnett, their own Allan Houston contract, their own Jacolby Ellsbury in Eli Manning.
Odell Beckham and Giants waste another year for Eli Manning - New York Daily News
Eli Manning subjected to drug test after loss: Eli testing positive for high levels of Flintstones vitamins
oops I thought that was Eli Manning from the pic.
Zlatan is my hero .. lmao he really gave his wife a picture of himself for christmas 😂😂😂😂
Eli Manning has still never won a Playoff game outside of his two Super Bowl runs. via /r/nfl
[Eli Manning throws the ball into his own *** . AIKMAN: OBJ should have caught that. He's the bad boat boy.
On the bright side, Eli Manning played well enough for me to avoid the legitimate "sup wit your mans" questions.
Did a lot of messed up things in the past... to anyone ive hurt in anyway, i am sincerely and deeply sorry.
This is a bad take by ... The Offense - including Eli - was not Championship caliber
TOUCHDOWN GIANTS!. Tavarres King brings in the TD catch from Eli Manning, and the Giants are now within 1 of the Packers! http…
Report: NFL drug tests several Giants after playoff loss
Manning. He say they're going to Superbowl. . Eli
Eli & Peyton Manning have the same playoff passer rating(87.4) & the same amount of SB wins(2), yet Eli is seen as clut…
With today's win, QB Aaron Rodgers becomes the 1st QB who wears to beat Eli Manning in a playoff game.
Forgot to take my meds today again smh -___- but its ok. Jesus got me 😆
Clay Matthews' sack of Eli Manning moves him into a tie with Charles Haley & LaMarr Woodley for fifth-most sacks in NFL po…
Insult to injury: Giants' Eli Manning subjected to drug test after loss
Eli Manning, the King of Clutch, has won playoff games in 2 ". seasons. Out of 13
Eli Manning has two SB rings. He never had nearly the talent to work with that Tom Brady had.
Manning’s chances at a third Super Bowl ring running out via
I truthfully believe that Eli Manning was a failed clone attempt of Peyton who escaped and is playing in the NFL to…
Eli Manning is the definition of not studying for a test and getting either a 0% or a 100%
"It's always disappointing but it's a process. When you have some young guys like we do it's a learning experience." - Eli Mann…
Players pictured on "The Boat": 43.9 passer rating when targeted by Eli Manning. Players not pictured: 105.8 passer rating…
The toughest part of having Eli Manning on your team is finding a hotel in every city that offers a racecar bed.
QB Eli Manning on a disappointing loss to end the season
"I thought we had a great week of practice...overall the Packers played better than we did and that's what it came down to." -…
"We had a lot of decent drives going we just couldn't make key plays at times." - Eli Manning
A sad end to Eli Manning's season: Standing in nothing but compression shorts waiting for a drug test.
MSESPN: "Cam Newton gets treated differently than everyone else!" (Eli Manning is decapitated with no flag. Crickets.)
Aaron Rodgers: I can find an opening in any defense coverage. Eli Manning: I can't figure out how the straw goes into a Capri S…
THREAD: for your enjoyment, every picture i can find of Eli Manning looking stupid
You could swap out Kevin McCallister for present day Eli Manning and the first hour of Home Alone would be exactly the same.
And that turnover on downs is, indeed, a huge momentum shifter. Eli Manning goes deep to Tavarres King for the TD, it's now 14-13 Packers.
TOUCHDOWN! Eli Manning to Tavarres King for a 41-yard score and Big Blue is right back in this!
"Eli Manning looks like Aaron Rodgers!" -Joe Buck. Wow. The disrespect. Acting like Eli doesn't have a pretty good case for the Hall of Fame
Today is the day Eli Manning's bum *** gets exposed. No he is NOT a elite QB
Giants/Packers: Eli Manning has as many playoff wins at Lambeau (2) as Aaron Rodgers
Stat of the Day:. Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning have the same # of Playoff Wins at Lambeau Field (2)
Eli Manning has a better playoff record at Lambeau Field than Aaron Rodgers
Over the last 10 seasons, Eli Manning is 7-0 as a postseason underdog, including 2-0 at Green Bay.
Eli Manning & the look for their third straight playoff win in Green Bay! More STATS+ >>
Aaron Rodgers was on Green Bay's roster BOTH times they lost to Eli Manning's Giants in the playoffs. Coincidence? I think no…
Eli Manning vs. Aaron Rodgers will be first wild-card matchup in NFL postseason history between former Super Bowl MVP…
The last 7 games Eli Manning has been an underdog in the playoffs, he's a perfect 7-0. Giants are underdogs @ Green Bay
Jon Gruden warns on 'Iceman' Eli Manning of is last guy want to face in the playoffs.
Jon Gruden: 'Iceman' Eli Manning is last QB teams want to face in playoffs
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The matchup between Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers will be the first wild-card matchup in NFL history between Super Bowl
Eli Manning blocked for his receivers Tuesday better than Ereck Flowers ever has for him.
Eli Manning turns 36 today. David Tyree turns 37 today. . In honor of their big day… THE HELMET CATCH! 😱😱😱
Eli Manning on WRs trip to Miami: "I was telling people I'm the one who took the picture. They just wouldn't let me in with m…
Eli Manning was the worst. Mcadoo an *** Easily could of been david carr and ended giants season. Esp against a rival
Dak Prescott . Matt Ryan . Aaron Rodger. Matthew Stafford . Russell Wilson . Eli Manning.. . NFC playoffs are gonna be great.
Say "Eli Manning" three times and Victoria will pop up.
ICYMI: Ronda Rousey took the time to show off her Eli Manning impression during the fight Friday night.
To all atheists; the fact that Eli Manning won not one but two Super Bowl's is proof their is a God, and he has a weird sense of humor.
When I play roulette I was play:. 10 for Eli Manning. 5 for David Wright. 31 for Mike Piazza. 4 for Greg Manassa
how is Eli Manning the most overrated QB of all time when Troy Aikman, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw and Joe Namath exist?
why not John Elway did it and so did Eli Manning
There's a special where David Blane blows the minds of Eli Manning and John Mayer. Congrats?
Eli Manning sounds like he really doesn’t want to sit
Can’t stop laughing at this Eli Manning photo. . (📷: James Lang | USATSI)
Jake Delhomme to Eli Manning the comparison makes no sense
NY Giants QB Eli Manning has lost MORE games & has MORE INTs vs Eagles than ANY other NFL Team!. .
As Fredo Corleone is to Michael, Eli Manning is to Peyton.
[NFL: Videos] Eli Manning dropped by Anthony Zettel for sack - NFL Videos
rookie Anthony Zettel gets his first sack taking Eli Manning down.
Anthony Zettel gets his first career sack on Eli Manning.
Anthony Zettel bullrushes Eli Manning and gets a big sack
Every time announcers point out that Eli Manning is the NFL's current Iron Man, I get the sick feeling they're jinxing him.
Hmmm maybe copas for a lil .. beer or 2
by that logic Eli manning is way better than Brady
"They're a good team, we know that. I'm proud of the way we fought and stayed with it." - Eli Manning
"Our defense played outstanding all day." - Eli Manning
All I want for Christmas is for play-off Eli Manning to show up during the regular season
Eli Manning's full name is Elisha Manning just so everyone knows
Glauber: Eli Manning ready for playoff push via
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Eli Apple. Eli... Apple... ELI Manning... . Plays in the Big APPLE... CB Eli Apple will get drafted by the New York G…
Would you have brought Tony Romo in for Eli Manning in the game? (25:50)
Giants are looking like the overlooked Super Bowl teams of their past.
It has to be MetLife stadium doing this because Eli manning makes them same reads
Eli Manning was generally aware of this violation. 4 games sounds about right.
have a great show. QB help, Mariota or Eli Manning?
Watching Heavyweights and this guy this guy looks like Eli Manning
With a defense that looks capable of winning a championship, it’s up to Eli Manning to do his part…
twice at your house and once online with rakitics free kick against Madrid :)
I've already proved to you I can beat you idk why you're fronting 😭
id take 00' Zidane when he was playing for Juve still
That's the only way they go in lol Eli Manning with the 3
at their prime. I'd take Ronaldinho over zidane
so did zidane .. world cup 98, Euro 00' and won titles everything with Juventus and Real Madrid
[Newsday] Giants are finding ways to win, but Eli Manning knows he has to pick up his game
won everything with Brazil and Barcelona what are you saying?
Holiday cookie decorating - shout out to Eli Manning and the NY Giants
Will Eli Manning turn it on with playoffs around the corner?. "I know I can make plays, I know I can get hot."
i love Ronaldinho but Zidane was way too nasty .. skill moves yes ronaldinho was a magician , but Zidane has silverware to back up
come on Ronaldinho was too disgusting I'm sorry but you can't be that much of a Madrid fan can you?
lmaooo nah fam Ronaldo yes hes 1st.. just switch zidane and ronaldinho
Petty reminds me of Eli Manning.CANNOT SCRAMBLE out of trouble.
Dumb stuff like that is why I hate Eli Manning
Just saw that NFL network is having a segment for Eli Manning's "toughness" and puked all over myself
I know Eli Manning made two of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history. As a Dolphins fan from '71-'75, I loved 18-1!
I can do this too sign me somewhere
Eli manning in my opinion is the most up and down QB there is. Hopefully we get the one who throws lots of picks tomorr…
"We have to keep finding ways to win. The defense is playing outstanding and we have to help them out." - Eli Manning
Eli and Peyton Manning aren't the same person? What?
Eli Manning is 10 for 16 for 80 yards and 2 lost fumbles. ... Dak Prescott is 9 for 17 for 101 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT.
I think Ryan Fitzpatrick kidnapped Eli Manning & took his jersey so he could play in his place tonight...
Eli Manning is the second-most sacked quarterback for Tyrone Crawford. The QB he has sacked the most is Mark Sanchez.
John Jerry and Eli Manning on the Giants from Ole Miss vs Dak Prescott on the Cowboys from State... I think it's obvious who I'm for
Eli Manning asked about facing next week said the are "still trying to win the division"
Giants facing a 4th and 13 from the Steelers 35 go for it ... and Eli Manning throws across his body and the field and is picked off.
Just think how the Giants' offense would be playing if Eli Manning didn't get all those pointers from Peyton about facing the Steelers.
"Eli Manning is the most clutch quarterback in the history of the NFL Playoffs.". -
Eli Manning climbed the NFL record books on Sunday in another win!. VIEW STATS:
With 149 passing yards in the first half, Eli Manning moves in front of Fran Tarkenton for the 8th most passing yards in NFL hi…
OBJ! That's a 32-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning and the go up two scores!
TOUCHDOWN! Eli Manning to Dwayne Harris for 13-yards puts Big Blue on the board first!
Congratulations to Eli Manning for passing me for 8th on the all-time pass yards list! Well done!
NFC notes: Eli Manning, Greg Olsen climbing the all-time charts: Arizona: David Johnson has 863 yards rushing and…
last time i was at that stadium I worked security for the ole miss game while I was in the Air Force, Eli Manning balled out
"Whatever the situation is guys don't get nervous, they get excited about the opportunity." - Eli Manning
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
he's garbage TBH Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning all better.
With the Bears down two nose tackles today (Eddie Goldman, Will Sutton), bump Eli Manning up the fantasy ranks a...
Andy Dalton throws an INT. Eli Manning throws an INT the following play. MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!
ICYMI: Eli Manning throws his 4th TD pass of the game!
People happy Browns tanking for pick, may be surprised that the pick might Eli Manning/ John Elway the Browns. 0-16 does that.
Woke up this morning. World didn't end. Eli Manning is still a two-time Super Bowl MVP. Let's all have a great day
Giants giving the man who drafted Eli Manning his moment
Eli Manning staged a great comeback in 4th quarter--an elite quarterback.
Eli Manning with the greatest audible of the season.
Colin Kaepernick has 286 passing yards in the 1st half. That's the 2nd-most in a half this season (Eli Manning, 296 vs R…
Eli Manning has 4 TD passes. He had thrown 4 TD passes in his previous four games combined.
Sterling Shepard was mauled by Malcolm Jenkins; broke free and still scored a touchdown. Great job by Eli Manning, stepping…
TOUCHDOWN No. 3 of the first half for Eli Manning! This one to OBJ (again) and Big Blue leads 21-10!
Eli Manning has passed Vinny Testaverde (46,233) for 9th place in NFL history on the all-time passing yards list!
TOUCHDOWN! Eli Manning to Roger Lewis for 30 yards puts Big Blue up two scores!!!
Eli Manning is 35-12 in his career in October, but 17-28 in his career in November. He’s lost 9 of his last 10 November…
Jerry Reese on how Eli Manning's age affects the team's plans:
"I'm a 5'7 Giant, Brandon Jacobs, Eli Manning" Lol that *** Mac Miller be spitting man
Eli Manning: I remember last time Brandon Jacobs really wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower.
Its time isn't it? This is about the same time of the season Eli Manning replaced Kurt Warner in NY.
Landry Jones. 0 Super Bowl losses to Eli Manning. Tom Brady. 2 Super Bowl losses to Eli Manning. That's all you need to kn…
Eli Manning shouts ‘Trump!’ as an audible in Giants match against Rams… and it seems to be a call for a protective…
Eli Manning's comments on OBJ v Eli Manning's comments on Josh Brown
Wait, Eli Manning called Josh Brown's actions a "distraction"? Isn't he the same guy in the "No More" campaign? Makes sense.…
I liked a video Nick Wright explains why Eli Manning needs to give Odell Beckham Jr. more credit |
Nick Wright (is VERY critical of Eli Manning for not standing up for OBJ. Again.
I was offered Eli Manning for David Johnson in fantasy
The last three QBs Eli Manning has passed in alltime TD passes:. Johnny Unitas. Warren Moon. John Elway. C U in Canton
Cowboys have faced Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton & now Aaron Rodgers. Not one of them has surpassed 20 points on thi…
Eli Manning texts Odell Beckham Jr after a big win.
John Elway's got company. Eli Manning ties the Denver Broncos legend with his 30... -
Eli Manning matches John Elway with his 300th career touchdown pass, tied for 7th all-time
I have T. Brady & M. Ryan : would you trade M. Ryan & J. James for G. Olson & Eli Manning??
QB's with 30 or more starts with better win % than Eli Manning. Quincy Carter. Matt Hasselback. Rex Grossman. Marc Wilson
Eli Manning, a certified Packers killer, never faced a Green Bay defense like the one he did Sunday night.
Good news for fans. This is usually the point where Eli Manning goes all Jay Cutler.
It's getting to the point that I'd rather have Jay Cutler as my QB than Eli Manning...if I was a giants fan anyway
Odor threw an Eli Manning pass to first and cost the another day of life. on to the ALCS.
Eli Manning:. •Carried by Odell Beckham Jr. •Throws the Ball with his Eyes Closed. •Worst QB to win a Super Bowl. •Jay Cutler w…
Nick Wright (blasts Eli Manning for throwing Odell Beckham Jr. under the bus.
WATCH: Eli Manning throws a highlight pass ... to the Vikings' Xavier Rhodes
PAUL PERKINS WOW! A huge gain off the short pass from Eli Manning and the are in business!
Super Bowl LI, home of the Lady Gaga Incident and Eli Manning's famous 97 yard game winning rushing touchdown
Wow. Quinton Dunbar only needs ONE hand to pick off Eli Manning in the end zone.
Go to the NFL and demand a trade if the browns draft him, like Elway and Eli Manning
Great football talk, information and killer Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning impressions.
Eli Manning on if Vikings have his ‘number’: “I don’t think anybody has my phone number on the Vikings.".
Some lady thought I had a Redskins jersey on so she started yelling at me to leave and then complained about Eli Manning
Joe Buck: "There's not a defense in the NFL that wants to see Eli Manning in this situation". Next play: *Eli interception"
Chad Kelly has thrown a TD pass in 17 straight games, breaking Eli Manning's school record.
.is giving away an Eli Manning autograph FREE! Enter to win ⬇️
You could win an Eli Manning autograph FREE! . Seriously, just click here ⬇️
Drew Brees talks about Matt Ryan much like he did Eli Manning last week. He has a lot of respect... http…
If Joe Namath can be in the NFL Hall of Fame, so can Eli Manning.
BIG GAIN! Eli Manning finds Sterling Shepard for 32 yards and a first down!
Vikings vs Giants, Josh Freeman vs. Eli Manning. This clip says it all.
Eli Manning: I hate seeing Tony Romo injured; 'I have a great respect for him' | https…
Eli Manning or Kirk Cousins? And at the flex Tyler Lockett or John Brown? Standard score
Doug Baldwin or John Brown for my flex, and Eli Manning or Matt Stafford at QB?
Eli Manning looks like the guy who farts in the elevator & can't play it off
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Manning Academy alum Dak Prescott:"Peyton would be so serious and Eli was just like whatever, but he would hit every sin…
.says Eli Manning has the potential to be a top 5 fantasy QB this year if Shepard lives up to the hype & OBJ stays healthy
Joe Flacco is not elite but Eli Manning has 2 Super Bowl MVPs
The and Eli Manning look to return 2 the playoffs in Yr 1 of the Mcadoo era
Blessings coming from every corner, thank you Jesus.
Ronaldinho has officially announced his retirement from football. . One of the greats.
Eli Manning, wife make huge pledge to UMMC
When Eli Manning started his first NFL game, Dak Prescott was 10.
officially name Eli Manning, Zak DeOssie and Jonathan Casillas as their 2016 team captains
Jonathan Casillas named one of three Giants' captains
Congrats to Eli Manning, Jonathan Casillas and Zak DeOssie on being named team captains for the this seas one.
Alright y'all do I start Drew Brees or Eli Manning this week?
What if Eli Manning's rough preseason is actually a Super omen?
I swear it's selective memories like this that will one day lead to Eli Manning getting enshrined in the Hall of Fame. I'm not bitter AT ALL
Can't believe it manning era is done! Eli don't count after the finals with NE!
Jets_Headlines. Jonathan Casillas named one of three Giants’ captains - Yardbarker
Jonathan Casillas named one of three Giants’ captains
announce QB Eli Manning, Jonathan Casillas & Zak DeOssie have been voted captains for the season.
"Skip: Dak Prescott's team is better than Eli Manning's team | UNDISPUTED"
Dak Prescott's Manning Camp experience prepared him for his first NFL start—against Eli Manning (https:/…
Eli manning has never had a QBR over 100. Not even in a single season. Way more INTS than romo too.
Eli the Elite Prophet Manning would have had 14pts with all the chances Cam had
Question of the day: would you play Eli Manning vs the Dallas defense OR Ryan Fitzpatrick vs the Bengals defense? 🤔
"He's always poised. He's never rattled and he leads this team." - Shane Vereen on Eli Manning
LB Keenan Robinson intercepted an Eli Manning pass to Will Tye in the seam in a 7-on-7 drill. S Andrew Adams picked Logan Thomas, also.
Is trading Eli Manning and Latavius Murray to much for either Lev Bell or David Johnson?
"He's always been a special guy in the slot." - Eli Manning on Victor Cruz
.Eli Manning 'excited' to make more magic with Victor Cruz via
Eli Manning ‘excited’ to make more magic with Victor Cruz
Happy 65th B-Day to former NFL HC & OC Kevin Gilbride! Played big role in development of Giants star QB Eli Manning!
From earlier: Eli Manning spoke with the media after Bills loss (Video)
Don't miss: Eli Manning talks about living in NJ, favorite QB growing up (Video)
QB Eli Manning joins us Tuesday on w/Dan Patrick from RIO
QB Eli Manning joins us Tuesday along w/Dan Patrick from RIO
. Ben McAdoo already knows Eli Manning is pretty good, so Ryan Nassib will start for Giants in preseason opener
Eli Manning has more than Romo and the jewelry. Matt Ryan is one behind Romo is fewer years...
is not the future. He's more of a turnover machine than Eli Manning
I'm at Buffalo Wild Wings rn and this guys first 3 fantasy picks were. •Eli Manning •Tony Romo •RAY RICE
NYG Star Ledger: WATCH: Giants' Eli Manning dressed up as a banana in new commercial
Michael Phelps looks like the lovechild of Eli Manning and young Abe Lincoln
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