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Elgin Baylor

Elgin Gay Baylor (born September 16, 1934 in Washington, D.C.) is a retired Hall of Fame American basketball player and former NBA General Manager who played 13 seasons as a forward for the NBA's Minneapolis Lakers/Los Angeles Lakers.

Donald Sterling Jerry West Michael Jordan Kevin Durant Wilt Chamberlain Magic Johnson Adam Silver Baron Davis Karl Malone Charles Barkley Oscar Robertson Scottie Pippen John Havlicek Minneapolis Lakers James Worthy Elgin Baylor Lumpkin

:Yeah, do you mind saying what you read? I am just getting a post-Christmas chance at 'Elgin Baylor'.
On 1/18/1963, Elgin Baylor hit 37 points in the L.A. Lakers' 116-108 win over the Chicago Zephyrs:
On January 18, 1960, Elgin Baylor and the Minneapolis Lakers' plane nearly crashed in an Iowa cornfield:
Nice to see "Elgin Baylor" make a notable books list with , and 's titles:.
i learned that Ginuwine's actual name is Elgin Baylor Lumpkin
Stop by the Lakers Youth Foundation auction this evening to bid on these great items: Elgin Baylor basketball,
On January 17, 1960, Elgin Baylor scored 43 pts on 16 FG & 11 FT, in the Minneapolis Lakers' 135-119 loss to the St. Louis Hawks.
I'm happy ESPN put Elgin Baylor at He was a legendary player.
Elgin Baylor goes in for an easy layup in early 60's Celtics-Lakers game.
What do rings have to do with ones ability to play basketball? Malone, Stockton, Barkley, Elgin Baylor all legends with 0 rings
Rings are team accomplishment. Elgin Baylor is great who never won. Aslong as you get one
"On one side was Elgin Baylor. On the other was Jerry West." Mengelt shares his life experience here:
how is Elgin Baylor and you should beat historic Dom and regular. Scottie is a beast
The year after his protest, Baylor was such an electrifying brand, the moved to L.A. to showcase him.
In 2012, TrueHoop saluted Elgin Baylor's refusal to be treated like a circus animal on Jan. 16, 1959:.
On January 16, 1959, rookie Elgin Baylor became the first athlete to boycott a game in a major team sport due to racial discrimination.
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Ok then how can we put above Elgin Baylor?
Off the bench they have Melo, Dwight, Elgin Baylor, George Gervin, Fat Lever, Pistol Pete, Steve Nash and Vinsanity.
No Elgin Baylor on the small forward list? Man, am I getting old. :o(
deff, Elgin Baylor and Dominique as well
Jerry West and Elgin Baylor in top 10? No shaq? No Kobe? Magic at 8? I'd have mj 1 too
I just realized they had Durant over Elgin Baylor for SF. KD rare talent but in the words of "Not going to be able to do it!!"
Elgin Baylor, who played for the Minneapolis Lakers and was an Army Reservist. Thank you for your service!
Looking through Mostly good, but no way Pippen should be below KD and Elgin Baylor. An argument could be made that he's
has Kevin Durant in front of Elgin Baylor and Scottie Pippen in their all-time SFs list... What a joke.
On January 15, 1961, Elgin Baylor scored 37 pts in the L.A. Lakers' 109-105 loss to the Cincinnati Royals.
ESPN did the top 10 SFs ever. They have KD above Elgin Baylor, Scottie Pippen, & Dominique Wilkins. No...way.
Pharoahe Monch is the Elgin Baylor of hiphop while AZ is the Jerry Lucas
Kevin Durant ranked ahead of Scottie Pippen, Elgin Baylor on ESPN's for all-time best small forwards:
There is no way Kevin Durant should be ranked ahead of Scottie Pippen and Elgin Baylor. So disrespectful
ESPN NBA ranks Kevin Durant the 4th best Small Forward of all-time. Ahead of Elgin Baylor, Scottie Pippen, Dominique Wilk… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Best small forwards all time are the three B's:. Larry bird. Elgin Baylor. Rick Berry
"Old Time NBA"Elgin Baylor and Bill Russell show their moves at the Old Madison Square Garden.
bird better because of rings. Durant can do way more than he could. Also Bron and Elgin Baylor are the best all around sf
Laughable...Elgin Baylor=an inefficient 27 ppg on 43% LOL...McGrady=SG and Worthy?!...lmao
don't even act like you like Elgin baylor
I approve this. And Finally Dr J and Elgin Baylor Gets credit
how do we go from paul pierce to elgin baylor? I never questioned baylor.
Elgin Baylor is a hometown legend in DC.
I will not let myself get mad at Kevin Durant being ranked ahead of Elgin Baylor and Scottie Pippen in
Now the NBA is ranking KD over Elgin Baylor all time? What?!
Elgin baylor, Rick Barry, Wilkins, John Havlicek, James Worthy. just from the top of my head
Russell should have blocked the layup but Mr. Elgin Baylor threw up a high arcing hookshot and it went over the outstretched
Without Connie Hawkins there'd be no Dr. J, either. Same is true for Elgin Baylor. That's history...
I would say so. You still have Elgin Baylor and John Havlicek and Rick Barry to add so yea not top 5 In my opinion
OK. Am I supposed to believe that all those guys are better than Elgin Baylor, Rick Barry, and John Havlicek? Lol
I spend $400 I have a Davis and Durant and Elgin Baylor and all the other good golds it's like y'all buried the amethyst cards
lol He beat Wilt, Jerry West, and Elgin Baylor who were a far more talented team.
Are you guys fixing myteam ? Alot of players are not showing in the collections. Im missing elgin baylor and toni kukoc
I just got Elgin Baylor from a pack and I can't find him in my collections and I can't add him to my main lineup? WTH 2K
anybody wanna wager for a Elgin Baylor rookie of the year on ps4
First bio of Elgin Baylor named to scholarly reading list:.
ps4 2k16 bug: '71 Elgin Baylor doesn't show up in the collections and can't be placed in a lineup.
obvi you sleep on James Worthy, Elgin Baylor,Domnique, Bron, Havlicek, Pip, and the GOAT Larry Legend
what do you like about elgin baylor that makes you prefer him over Kawhi? Im struggling with this choice lol
I pulled an Elgin baylor and he didn't show up in my collection
I sold Bradley Beal for 2750 MT and it didn't give it to me, I also pulled '71 Elgin Baylor and it doesn't say I have him
Publishers Weekly reviews the first biography of Laker legend Elgin Baylor:.
Kobe Is Dr.J and Elgin Baylor, But those guys are better all around than Kobe
it's not guaranteed, it just gives you better chances. Trust me. I had a bunch pulling T MAC, ROTY VC & Elgin Baylor & Amethysts
ROTY Elgin Baylor is the highest rated in that set right? I saw a gold and amethyst version
and he got Alonzo Gee instead of Elgin Baylor.
can someone please post a Elgin Baylor ROTY for 8K?
Elgin Baylor is an 89 and the highest rated rookie in 2k16. I know this cuz i got him lol
My new avi is in honor of the man who took El DeBarge's lightskin greatness torch to another level… Elgin Baylor Lumpkin aka Ginuwine.
4 ROTY packs I pulled Russell Westbrook Patrick Ewing Elgin Baylor and a random silver good or bad?
and I pulled Elgin Baylor but he sold . and I pulled pg13 and 2 Kevin loves , they fire
Elgin Baylor was one of the game's most exciting and gifted all around players in league history
only ones I kept are mj , ewing , kyrie , Jerry Lucas , and Blake . oh and my like 6th pack I pulled Elgin Baylor
my best player is a rookie Elgin Baylor that I pulled out of a pack
The players missing are Tony Kukoc and Elgin Baylor
no way. That 60's team could probably beat that 00's team. Elgin Baylor, Wilt, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Bill Russell.
Very first Big3 in franchise history! Elgin Baylor & Wilt Chamberlain & Jerry West
The interview about Elgin Baylor on Orlando Magic VP Pat Williams' radio show, airs this Saturday the 26th:.
So hard to leave off Bill Russell wilt Oscar Elgin Baylor Jerry West Dr J sooo so many great players!
i was really lookin at the elgin baylor so high up,and Timmy being so low.
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Elgin Baylor retired with averages of 27.4 points and 13.5 rebounds a game. And he never led the NBA in either category.
Actually behind Oscar Robertson and Elgin Baylor. You almost got me LOL
scoreboard said Mr. Wilt Chamberlain and Mr. Elgin Baylor and Mr. Harould Hairston and Mr. Kermit Washington and
Mr. Elgin Baylor missed 14 of 22 basketball shots and Mr. Jerry West did not hustle to run to get back on defense when Mr.
would have won more basketball game with Mr. Elgin Baylor hopefully taking high arcing hook shots over Mr. William Felnor
JUL 1961 with a 27 year old Mr. Elgin Baylor, things could probably have been different and maybe the Los Angeles Lakers
brought to the Los Angeles Lakers near to the year: JUL 1968 - Mr. Elgin Baylor was already 34 years old and just too old to
airball near to the beginning of the basketball game but I feel that happened since Mr. Elgin Baylor was 35 years old and
shooting baskets for only 21 points and was not able to get 45 points again. One other reason was that Mr. Elgin Baylor shot an
Ms. Tariah and Coach Earvin Johnson and Mr. Elgin Baylor and Mr. *** Barnett and Mr. Jim Mcmillian and Mr. Harold Hairston.
the top 3 small forward of all time: Lebron, Elgin Baylor, Bird. And also Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT
"Who's the best Top 3 SF of all time. Elgin Baylor, Dr.J
Yes, the Amazon page lists the reviews & blurbs, & the publisher description, if you click "reviews":.
Happy 81st to an ALL-TIME GREAT, Elgin Baylor! AVERAGED 27.4 ppg and 13.5 rpg, absolute BEAST. .
."If you're writing a biography of Elgin Baylor, I have to write the foreword. I'm the one who said he modernized the game." B.R.
Getting ready to see Elgin Baylor Lumpkin aka 🐴
A new letter from some 55 Biden backers urging the to run doesn't include many huge donor names. But it does include …
.Dave Zirin, sports editor of "The Nation", and I, discuss the career and gifts of Elgin Baylor:.
Dave Zirin, sports editor of "The Nation", interviews me about Elgin Baylor's influence and athletic prowess:.
magic>rose and isn't number 22 Elgin Baylor so he beats out scottie
Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Magic Johnson, James Worthy. Lakers know something when it comes to top tier picks. Welcome to LA D'angelo Russell
Wilt had Jerry West, Gail Goodrich, and Elgin Baylor on his team? That's four Hall of Famers. Shaq only had Kobe
Bringing up dudes like Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Karl Malone poor Finals records probably isn't the best argument to prove LeBron case.
"...the man who (LeBron) James’ skill set and dynamic play is often compared to: Elgin Baylor.".
Elgin Baylor is def the best to never win it! 10 all NBA first team. 27 points per game!
LeBron may break several of Elgin Baylor's all-time Finals records if this series goes 7 games (& Jordan's PPG?) http:/…
When I'm older I will school the youts on how great James was like my dad schooled me on Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and such..
Michael Jordan. Wilt Chamberlain. Elgin Baylor. Rick Barry. Bob Pettit. Which legend has never scored 50 in a game?.
Elgin Baylor was James before James but I'm not gone speak on it
I am glad to understand what LeBron was doing he mix the game he look like Oscar Robinson imitating Elgin Baylor.
New *** never put Elgin Baylor or Oscar Robinson in any lists. Let's me know they don't know hoops
"if you only SEEN Elgin Baylor you wouldn't care about no *** Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant." *scratches ***
Rounding out that top 5 Laker Greats is Elgin Baylor and James Worthy. Baylor was Melo before Melo.
Elgin Baylor was the greatest power forward he ever played against but LeBron is right there Oscar Robertson on LeBron James
Michael Jordan is still better. Magic Johnson is still better. Elgin Baylor is still better. Wilt Chamberlain is still better.
"Elgin Baylor has long deserved a book like this...". Roland Lazenby, author of Michael Jordan: The Life.
Elgin Baylor should be held in higher regard than he is. I hope your book will help. If Bob Ryan approves, I know it's good.
LeBron James is Elgin Baylor in a different generation
James Dolan isn't the first NBA owner insensitive to women. Elgin Baylor worked for Donald Sterling:.
Elgin Baylor being introduced to the crowd as a true Los Angeles legend and a member of the Clippers family.
Elgin Baylor sitting next to Clippers owner Steve Balmer at
You got to add Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller,George Gervin and Elgin Baylor to the list
Malone & Stockton, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Elgin Baylor, Allen Iverson. This just off the top lol
Think about this... Adam Morrison is a 2-time NBA title winner. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor, Pete Maravich and myself have 0
Woah, shows you how dominant the Lakers are with their 1-2 punch of Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, and to do it in their 40's is just cool.
and they are missing Bill Walton in his tye dye shirt and rhe references to Elgin Baylor and Adrian Dantley
sorry Dan Marino, Ken Griffey Jr., Elgin Baylor, yall are not elite to this guy.
YouTube did for young folks' respect of The Big O & Elgin Baylor, what "American Idol" did for their appreciation of Smokey & Otis Redding.
in 1955, R.C. Owens and Elgin Baylor combined for 62 pts in College of Idaho's win vs. Pacific University.
David Lee, or Andre Iguodala the displaced starter, ala Elgin Baylor
.no ones gone to an all star game sir first year --> In fact 3 rookies won All-Star MVP Elgin Baylor, Wilt & Oscar Robertson
What's going on? Seahawks, Seattle U's Elgin Baylor, Stephanie Verdoia honored at Sports…
Seahawks, Seattle U’s Elgin Baylor, Stephanie Verdoia honored at Sports Star of the Year event
Elgin Baylor with some of Kirkland's finest at the Sports Star of the Year awards
Seattle U's stars of the night - Elgin Baylor and Stephanie Verdoia
… and Elgin Baylor is here to accept the Royal Brougham Award for Lifetime Achievement. The 80-year-old Baylor did a little dance backstage.
Elgin Baylor, Brougham Legend Award recipient: "One of reasons I came to Seattle U was O'Brien twins -- 5-9 white guys who could dunk."
Elgin Baylor receiving the Royal Brougham Legends Award at tonight's Sports Star of the Yr Awards
This year, we're honored to present the Royal Brougham Award to and legend Elgin Baylor.
It's a good day when you interview Elgin Baylor Jack Z and Lloyd McClendon in 6 hour span!
Elgin Baylor with Rudy just before the event this evening
Elgin Baylor is being honored with the Royal Brougham Award for a lifetime of achievement in sports
Elgin Baylor being interviewed by before the Seattle Sports Star of the Year Awards
More Than a Name: Elgin Baylor Is More Than a Superstar of the Shadows:
My biography of Elgin Baylor will be released in June 2015, by Rowman & Littlefield:. .
"Elgin Baylor to receive legend award from Seattle University" It's about time ••
Brian Scalabrine has more titles than Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, and Elgin Baylor combined.
Today in Sports History -- Nov. 8 By The Associated Press 1942 — Parker Hall of the Cleveland Rams throws seven interceptions against the Green Bay Packers. 1952 — Maurice Richard of the Montreal Canadiens becomes the NHL's leading career goal scorer with his 325th in a 6-4 victory over the Chicago Black Hawks. 1959 — Elgin Baylor of the Minneapolis Lakers scores 64 points against the Boston Celtics. 1970 — Tom Dempsey of New Orleans kicks an NFL-record 63-yard field goal on the final play of the game to give the Saints a 19-17 victory over the Detroit Lions. 1975 — Kansas snaps second-ranked Oklahoma's 28-game winning streak, 23-3, in Norman, Okla. The Jayhawks defense holds the Sooners' offense to its lowest scoring output since 1966. 1980 — Dave Wilson of Illinois sets an NCAA record with 621 yards passing in a 49-42 victory over Ohio State. 1981 — Don Shula records his 200th NFL victory when the Miami Dolphins edge the New England Patriots 30-27 in overtime. 1986 — Tulsa's Steve Gage i ...
Elgin Baylor is better than James Worthy
Elgin Baylor, Billy King and Matt Millen - dullards all - should move to Houston
Elgin Baylor, George Gervin and Walt Frazier some old school players I love to watch old videos on
1968. The first super team. Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jerry West
like Jerry West, Julius Erving, Elgin Baylor, Oscar Robinson, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and so on. Those greats right?
LeBron will need to channel his inner Elgin Baylor for the Heat to win tonight:
true but look at players like Charles Barkley, John Stockton , Elgin Baylor, Carl Malone who never even won a ring. All HoF.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
key omissions Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Shaq, Karl Malone (if you wanna have Stockton), Dr. J, John Havlicek, and no Kareem -.-
Since the Lakers moved to LA all there greatest teams came from the Draft Jerry West, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant all were rookies drafted by the Lakers and each were paired with a veteran Elgin Baylor, Kareem Abdul Jabar and Shaq. People want a quick fix with players that are already playing when they have a opportunity to get a great young athletic piece and match him up with a talented player in the League like love or kyrie and build around them with a coach and complementary players. Kobe contract is only 2 years and when it expires there is a good class of players we can get 2 players and team them up with a rookie from this draft class and then we are back in business.
Elgin Baylor is the player who has scored more points in a game of FINAL SERIES, 61 Vs. Celtics in 1962.
good point. That was publicized as well but Elgin Baylor lost. Saving Sterling again.
and don't act like Jerry West didn't play with Elgin Baylor & Wilt Chamberlain he had help..
Elgin Baylor tried, but the media/ESPN must not have cared, because I don't remember them bringing it up.
I don't this Elgin Baylor ever one a championship. He retired during the 1972 season
Elgin Baylor agrees with me that OKC had no chance even with Ibaka so don't just come at me with your grievances
In 1961-62 Elgin Baylor averaged 38-19-5. He hardly practiced and could only play on the weekends (48 games) because he was in the Army.
OK FB family here goes--I am a supporter of Donald Sterling. I know, I know. Right now you are saying--are you crazy pastor? No, I don't believe I am. Follow my reasoning...I despise what Donald Sterling said but I defend his right to say it. Before his comments were made public--Doc Rivers had no problem being hired by Sterling--Chris Paul, Blake Griffith, Deondre Jordan, Matt Barnes, etc. had not problem accepting their pay from Mr. Sterling. All of this with the knowledge of Elgin Baylor's lawsuit and claim that he was racist. All of this with the knowledge of his slum lord practices. The NAACP was about to give him his 2nd, I said his 2nd Lifetime Achievement award. Now things are changed and people are upset not for what he has done but because of his words in a supposed private conversation. While I do not like nor agree with his words I allow and afford him the right to have his views. If he doesn't want to hang around Blacks he doesn't have to. We are living in a time of thin skin. You can't be ag ...
You know I'm not one for Memorial Day barbecues but this Memorial Day I've received an offer I can't refuse. I think I'm going to go kick it with Donald Sterling. Yes, I know this will be controversial. I know he has issues. But, he's an old man. Why not indulge him. At first I said, *** naw!", but he began to cry and ya'll know I'm a softie. He said so sheepishly, "Please come, Boy." Now before everyone gets upset I'm sure he meant it like "My homie". He said, "I'll have ribs, chicken and watermelon. I know you like watermelon." I almost said, "Look here, old man", but I gathered my composure. Understanding he came from a different time I said, "Yes a sir. I's like watermelon. In fact, I'll bring the watermelon if you provide the archivists." He was so happy I said yes. He said, "I'm so glad you're coming. You can even bring another black person with you." I responded, "Well thank you, Mr. Sterling. I will. I promise it won't be that scoundrel Magic Johnson. Maybe I'll bring Elgin Baylor." Should be qu . ...
I have tried to not comment on the Donald Sterling case in the NBA. I posit for your consideration that this is not a clear cut case of "racism" as much as Antisemitism--based on his ethnicity of being a Jew. The NBA did not try to take the team when Sterling was found to be a slum lord who preferred to exploit poor white folks, and without a question, when he settled an out of court resolution of his suit by Elgin Baylor. Only when a phone conversation between Sterling and his multiracial girlfriend appeared, did the entire world call for his head. Why? Adam Silver is the new Jew atop the NBA power structure, and I assume there are a number of Jews in other ownership groups and in the NBA executive suite. As of the most recent reporting, Sterling has hired attorneys to fight the NBA. I think he may have some valid points. How could the NBA choose to single him out, especially after they allowed a Kannapolis-born, born-again swindler like George Shinn to move his team from Charlotte to New Orleans. Then . ...
Elgin Baylor will probably still be a top 10 player in today's league
Kevin Durant is 3rd player in w/ 35 pts, 15 reb, 5 ast on road in series clincher. Others: Magic, Elgin Baylor
Fact: Kevin Durant is the third player in NBA history with 35 points, 15 rebounds and five assists on the road in a series clincher. The only other two? Magic Johnson and Elgin Baylor. Bleacher Report will be bringing sports fans the most interesting and engaging Cold Hard Fact of the day,...
Donnies past of housing discrimination and the whole Elgin Baylor thing is hurting him. This was like a 3rd strike
Westbrook & Durant are on pace to join Jerry West & Elgin Baylor ('63) as only teammates to average 26 PPG/8 RPG/4 APG in…
*** take a full hour to look at it and fully absorb the greatness if that's what it takes. Stay up all night if the need arises. Not only is Durant averaging 31.5 points per game—once more, the third-best mark of all time—but he's also pulling down nine rebounds and dishing out four dimes per contest. Those are insane numbers. Seriously, just insane. Especially because he's only getting better, as evidenced by this Game 6. After all, it may very well be the most stellar clinching game of his career, given the circumstances, his ability to bounce back from a poor start and his across-the-board contributions. To put his numbers in perspective, here's the complete list of players who have ever averaged at least 31.5, nine and four during an entire postseason run, regardless of how long or short it may have been, per Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (three times) Elgin Baylor (twice) LeBron James Hakeem Olajuwon Oscar Robertson
Congratulations OKC. The Thunder shut the door on the Clippers. Teaching the racist owner you do not win championships with a mostly black team. Dating a mixed raced girlfriend. Telling her who she can talk to on social media, then thinking your money pays to control her. Good for her, maybe Elgin Baylor being fired for racism after coaching 20 years for them looks so much smarter. This is an owner who could not even say he is sorry right. It was still her fault. Get over yourself, the apology was to save your team ownership rights not to the girl. Thunder up boys, no one wants Lebron this year!
The Clippers a classless organization with equally classless fans go down with a whimper. Durant passes Elgin Baylor in points averaged in playoff game, the same Elgin Baylor that sued Sterling for wrongful termination. Please ... Laker Nation for life!
CNN’S Anderson Cooper, AND THE LIBERAL MEDIA, ARE THE STORY HERE, NOT Los Angeles Clippers OWNER, Donald Sterling (“Spotlight On The Media,” Part 2 of a 3-part series) PLEASE HAVE A SEAT, AND THEN BRACE!! Anderson Cooper, of CNN, did another segment on the Donald Sterling story last night, believe it, or don’t, this time with Cooper outrageously focusing on former basketball player, and former executive in the Los Angeles Clippers organization, Elgin Baylor, who worked in the latter capacity for 23 years. Cooper, who, in my opinion, is a demented, psychopathic, racial propagandist, wanted to know if Baylor thought Sterling was a racist, and, of course, Baylor who has the class of a chicken, not only thought Sterling was a racist, but knew he was a racist. Apparently, Sterling was not so racist as to pay Baylor with any “Monopoly Money,” and there is no record of any of Sterling’s checks bouncing, when Baylor went to the bank, which probably explains why Baylor did not find any racism, until ...
Elgin Baylor, a former NBA player and General Manager for the L.A. Clippers, spoke out on CNN tonight about Donald Sterling and what he knows about Sterling'...
Michael Jordan lists several players from different eras that he would have liked to have faced in his prime, the 1990s when he led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA crowns: Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Julius Erving, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Kobe and LeBron. “I don’t think I would lose,” Jordan said. “Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves.”
The Mount Rushmore of Greatest Athletes to Wear Emmitt Smith-not the greatest running back ever but the all time leading rusher/ Elgin Baylor-one of the first NBA players who 'played above the rim"/ Mike Bossy- great NHL goal scorer for the Islanders/ Jim Palmer- one of the greatest pitchers of the late 60's-70's for the Orioles. Greatest Orioles pitcher ever and they've had a lot of good ones.
My take after watching two Donald Sterling interviews, a Magic Johnson interview, and comments from Spike Lee and Elgin Baylor: I would be horrified if my parents were interviewed by Anderson Cooper on National TV... and they are just 70ish. Gotta love them crazy Baby Boomers. He should never be allowed to speak on TV again. Sh.
Came home from work and decided to catch up on the playoffs, then i came across this report by Jason Whitlock. TAKE A MINUTE from your POSTS and PIC and READ!!! The disgraced NBA owner made no real attempt to conceal his feelings of superiority. In his trial by combat, Sterling eschewed the help of counsel, both legal and public relations, and entered the ring alone. He left on a stretcher, unaware of the fatal self-inflicted wounds. There is no defending Donald Sterling today. It can't be done. Anderson Cooper and CNN did not trick a crazy old man. They did not bait him or secretly record him. According to Cooper, Sterling did not exhibit signs of dementia or lack of coherence. He was not an enraged, jealous lover. He is a white supremacist making a final plea to a small council of men he believes sympathize with his plight. "I wanted to apologize also to my partners," Sterling told Cooper. "I have 29 partners in a league that's a wonderful league. I respect them. And I love every owner. Every owner know ...
Donald Sterling just said something I have to agree with, Elgin Baylor never picked a good player.
Michael Jordan said "I would like to play Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Kobe in his prime, Lebron in his prime, wade, melo. I don't think I would lose... except for Kobe Bryant" he clearly said he'd beat lebron but not Kobe because Michael and Kobe have the same passion.
Not to be racist but ..( here comes the racism comment -lol) / Why does Elgin Baylor look like he has black face on .
If anyone thinks Lebron and these players (other than the Clippers' players) will not suit up if Donald Sterling is still owning, put money up right now. And no, this is not a knock on Lebron. This is for all of those involved. Do you think these guys are going to blow their endorsements and their reputations as representatives of the NBA boycotting Sterling? Yeah, whatever. They all knew what type of Sterling was in the first place... so did the league. And if it was all that, why pick an issue that ONLY affects the league? There are tons of other issues in terms of discrimination that they could have stepped up for. Do you know why? It's about them, not us. Furthermore, why didn't they step up when Sterling got sued for discrimination against Elgin Baylor? Why did they wait until the Clippers players flip the warmups inside out. But we'll see if they hold true to their words. Sterling is a former Trial Attorney himself. He knows the Law. This won't be an overnight thing. Moreover, his wife will be fight ...
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Ima say this: There's NO WORSE feeling than to tell someone (especially another minority)...that someone else is racist...and to have ur assertions dismissed!! Been there-done that!! Elgin Baylor vindicated??? Not hardly. Part 3.just when u thought u had heard it all
Elgin Baylor saying Sterling is a racist. Yet he worked for 22 years. Hm
Last night the Magic interview was as close to an apology I have yet to hear towards a NBA Legend Elgin Baylor, whom because He stayed in that position 20+ years, while beneficial yet degrading as all breakthrough jobs which allowed for the Advancement of Black GM's and Coaches ! Thank You Sir Elgin Baylor !
If Elgin Baylor had only had some support. Begging for forgiveness.
If you look up the definition of greatness in the dictionary, it will say Michael Jordan. - Elgin Baylor
Johnson said he & others should have supported former Clippers General Manager and fellow NBA great Elgin Baylor
Radio Show: Wed, May 14th, 6-9a PT/9-noon ET, Call-in 888-77-JESSE (5-3773) People are intimidated by even the thought of racism. HOUR 1: Obama pushing for amnesty in the next “two to three months” and RINOs agree to August deadline for political reasons. HOUR 2: Warren Buffett donated over $1.2 Billion to pro-abortion groups from 2001-2012. May 13th one year since abortionist Gosnell’s guilty verdict for murder. HOUR 3: MANHOOD HOUR: Manliness versus pettiness: Contrasting the dignity of David and Jason Benham with the gossip of Magic Johnson, Elgin Baylor, and Donald Sterling.
"Former Clippers executive Elgin Baylor, who once sued Donald Sterling alleging discriminatory treatment, believes NBA commissioner Adam Silver did the right...
Elgin Baylor is an 11-time NBA All Star and a Basketball Hall of Famer. For more than two decades, he was the General Manager of the L.A. Clippers. He says he was fired unfairly and filed a wrongful-termination suit against the team, naming Donald Sterling directly in his complaint.
For the first time, Lakers Hall of Famer and ex-Clippers GM Elgin Baylor speaks out about his former boss Donald Sterling.
Elgin Baylor: ‘Of course’ Sterling is racist Basketball Hall of Famer and former Los Angeles Clippers General Manager Elgin Baylor told CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360″ that he had arguments with Donald Sterling about his views on race. “He would say, ‘Well, that’s the way I feel,” Baylor said in his first national television remarks about Sterling since the scandal unfolded. “Occasionally it might come up about players.” Baylor, who lost a lawsuit alleging he was fired by the team because of his age, said Sterling never directed racist language at him. But when asked if the longtime owner who now is banned for life from the league was a racist, Baylor didn’t pause. Quick Clicks Videos NBA bans Sterling for life over comments Steve Nash: Sterling decision 'a… Sterling fined $2.5 million for… Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reacts to… Media galleries Racism in sports Sports owners who have been punished Biggest sports scandals of all time Stories Experts: Banning Sterling good for… NBA vs. S ...
Kevin Durant is only the fourth player in NBA history to average at least 32 points, 7 rebs and 5 assts a game. The other 3 are Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, who did it twice and Michael Jordan who was last to do it back in '88-'89. He's also the first person to win MVP and the scoring title since A.I. back in '01
32 ppg 7 rebounds and 5 assists putting him in the same category as Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor, plus leading the Thunder to the 2 seed in the west, defiantly more then deserving of the NBA MVP. Congrats Kevin Durant.
The NAACP knew full well that Sterling had been sued by the DOJ and Elgin Baylor. But that didn't matter. Money talks, …
a lifetime ban when you're 80 is no biggie, Elgin Baylor is the guy who got screwed with no outcry
to Elgin Baylor when he was an employee? NBA punished him bc the media blew this
so what happened wen Elgin Baylor sued him before fa discrimination? Or the department of justice? Same topic of conflict
Interesting that Adam Silver apologized to but not to Elgin Baylor over the debacle. At least in the remarks I heard.
I think Elgin Baylor a great Blk player sued him before. Guy bad news! Has a history of racial incidents
I think the NBA needs to apologise to Elgin Baylor.
Sterling really told Elgin Baylor go get him 12 strong blacks from the south and a white coach to coach them lmao
What about non-player employees? What about Elgin Baylor? Filed a discrimination lawsuit. Easy to hide discrimination for players..
Brothers, Let us not be fooled. It wasn’t the sting of “racism” that caused the NBA to sanction Donald Sterling. It was “capitalism.” There was too much money at stake for the other team owners, the NBA, ESPN and ABC, and the advertisers to allow the matter to continue. By addressing the matter, the NBA controlled the situation. By not addressing the matter, the people with money at stake ran the risk that ball players, Al Sharpton and others would control the situation. The sanction of Donald Sterling made business sense for the NBA. The newspapers report that Sterling had a “long and well-known” history of racist remarks and action, which even prompted a lawsuit against him by NBA hall of famer Elgin Baylor. Because the Clippers were not on the radar screen, the NBA took no action against Sterling; many other owners probably hold the same views. Sterling wasn’t costing the other owners anything so he got a pass. The others only acted against Sterling when it started costing the ...
I feel bad for his tenants who sued him and probably lost. I also feel bad for Elgin Baylor who lost a suit that he should've won.
2009 Elgin Baylor suit says Sterling told him to put together a team of poor black kids from the South with a white he…
so was Elgin Baylor's suit in '09. where's the press conference launching an investigation into those claims?
So they banned one bigot in order to save face for the other bigots. Smh No honor among thieves. All I'm saying is, it's been reported by several sources that this had been going on for a long time. Barron Davis said it was going on when he was there. Elgin Baylor said that the clipper organization had been being run like a plantation My question is, why all the snitching now??? All if a sudden everybody singing like first 48. this was the one opportunity to separate the real from the fake and we see what happens. Not an ounce of integrity in the entire bunch
Excatly. And the claims from the former Clippers GM Elgin Baylor.
The LA Chapter of the owes Elgin Baylor an apology for rewarding in 2008 when he was being sued 4 racism by Elgin
they probably didn't knw to the fullest extent but they had an idea. Elgin Baylor a HOF sued him like 5 years ago for racism
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what about all these players not standing up for Elgin Baylor and his lawsuit ??? They all knew he was racist then and still
Sterling told Elgin Baylor in '09 he wanted his team to be made of "poor black boys from the south and a white head coach"
I believe that is being recalled and null/void! Elgin Baylor told of his plantation mgmt. yrs ago
Elgin Baylor called out Donald Sterling as a racist a few years ago and no one listened. It took the recordings of Sterling's blatant racism to get him banned from the NBA. The reality is racism more often than not is subtle especially today. My respect to NBA commissioner Silver for making strong statement in banning Sterling.
and the NBA should be ashamed for not launching a full investigation after Elgin Baylor sued him in 09 for racial discrimination
nobody mentions elgin baylor. In hindsight, Baylor was clearly right, even if he lost his case.
they ignored Elgin Baylor to the fullest.
Well they WERE PRIVATE... Not anymore & it's subject 2 public opinion... HOWEVER THIS IS NOTHING NEW ABOUT Donald Sterling In previous reports there were complaints about his conduct towards the players on the team (former LA Clipper/ NBA Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor referred 2 Donald Sterling having a plantation mentality) as well as the ill-treatment by way of his employees who worked apartment complex that he owns... Tenants have charged Sterling's employees with making life difficult for residents: refusing checks; then accusing renters of non-payment; refusing to do repairs for black tenants & harassed them with "surprise inspections" Now of course some of these allegations were never accepted or legally documented or upheld in the court of law during its initial phase but Elgin Baylor will still have his day in court. Why? Proof is in the pudding & the audio recorded conversation proves that Donald Sterling's silver is fake.
if the league wanted to be moral, they should have gone after him in 2009 when Elgin Baylor sued Sterling for racial discrimination.
Elgin Baylor is black and was employed by Sterling for 22 yrs. Doc Rivers is black and Sterlings head coach...he wasn't discriminating
I've seen 2 decades of discriminatory comments. That one lawsuit from Elgin Baylor which he lost. I haven't seen him hurt
put up with a know racist for over ten years. Elgin Baylor's lawsuit told us the truth, but the NBA ignored it because it didn't
too sad none of u supported Elgin Baylor when he had these issues!!
Hopefully Elgin Baylor's nonprofit can get a donation from the fine money.
There need's to be a conversation about the relevance of the NAACP's, "Life Time Achievement" award. The NACCP withdrew it's award to Donald Sterling in view of the recent exposure of racism. But, the NAACP was willing to over look Sterling's discrimination in housing, and discrimination against Elgin Baylor, to award Sterling because he paid the salary of basketball player's (a very small minority), and created housing & cars for a small few & their "basketball wives". The NAACP is out of touch with the Black American diaspora, and the youth, and promotes & backslap the wealthy [ With hat in hand, "Yes'a boss, you sho treat us *** s mighty fine!].
BTW shame on the league for not going after him after Elgin Baylor sued him for racial discrimination in 09
Does this mean elgin baylor can get his jib back ija?
UCLA and NCAAP two of a kind. David Stern was a great Commissioner. Adam Silver explains away Elgin Baylor First Take pacified
Donald Sterling hired elgin Baylor and paid him 250K for a $1.5M - $2M job lmao how he not racist?
Perhaps Elgin Baylor should have his case re-heard?
The funny thing about this whole Don Sterling ordeal is, for the past years, he has been accused of several discrimination incidents. He told former Clipper Executive, Elgin Baylor, that he wanted the Clippers to have a plantation style franchise. Where they will have a white southern coach with poor black players. Also, Don Sterling was sued over discrimination with renting his property out to African Americans and other minorities. He lost and it was the LARGEST justice housing settlement in history.. They must not need his money anymore or billionaire influence anymore. It's time to bring in the next scum bag.. “In this country, people are allowed to be morons.” - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
OK, some of ya'll who know me know that i had to chime in on the Donald Sterling ban. Well here goes: 1. This is not news that he was who he was. History already showed that from the time when it was documented about his real estate empire! His wife, estranged wife what ever she's called, was also going around knocking on doors of their properties to make sure there were not any black people occupying none of their Apts. 2. Elgin Baylor, a great ballplayer in his era, worked for sterling and exposed it then with a lawsuit that he lost( don't understand that) but anyway he lost it, said he ran the franchise like a plantation. As it would be easy to jump on the band wagon to beat up on sterling, HERE'S who i'm going to jump on: ALL the PLAYERS, COACHES, who went there and played from the time they knew who Donald Sterling was as an owner of the clippers! And you know why they went? GREED for the MONEY!! Now let's talk about who else should be BANNED: The NAACP(LA CHAPTER)! REALLY, a Lifetime Achievement awa ...
50 years ago NBA HISTORY 50 years ago -NBA All-Star ultimatum paid off for players Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and other NBA big names threatened not to play in the 1964 game, and it led to a pension and recognition of the union. Instead of All-Stars, NBA fans were almost treated to All-Silence. The NBA was about to go live on television in 1964 for one of the first times, a major opportunity for a struggling league, when the game’s top talent threatened to back out of the All-Star game a few hours before tip-off. Long before the labor lockout in 1998-99 and before whatever awaits the NBA this summer in a new labor negotiation, in 1964 a group of players became pioneers of a sort, banding together to fight for a pension, among other things. Call them in today!
If only Elgin Baylor knew that a cell phone coulda did this, he would have made this happen years ago!
Transcript of Adam Silver's presser. Note shameful non-answer to follow-up on Elgin Baylor.
Donald Sterling was a racist and ran a "plantation" team back in the day when Elgin Baylor sued him, but just like in Dred Scott case and in recent rulings, the courts were blind to the reality of racism. rich people rule.
NBA great Elgin Baylor spent 22 years as the General Manager of the Clippers. Then he was dismissed by Donald Sterling. Some say that the dismissal was allegedly racially motivated. Now, this same Donald Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life. Karma has an interesting way of catching up with a person. Good riddance to you, Donald Sterling!
They knew, they just couldn't do anything apparently
If Elgin Baylor isn't from Texas, his name makes no sense.
I want to clarify. The clippers should sit a game. In playoffs. In solidarity. With the warriors, bulls, spurs, heat, wizards etc to demand that the nba adopts policy to address the racial issues in the entire league. Elgin Baylor lost his suit cuz he didn't have the most money for litigation. Not cuz he was wrong.
There are no winners in Elgin Baylor's lawsuit against Clippers - Los Angeles Times via
i support Magic, but some Clipper fans are paranoid because Elgin Baylor was a TERRIBLE GM for the Clips and conspiracy theories
I am sorry but... this is pathetic. Weren't they one when Elgin Baylor had to suit Sterling for racial discrimination? Weren't they one when all those black families were denied a house - that they were willing to afford - because they were black?
So, I imagine Elgin Baylor is having a pretty good day.
the people he discriminated against with housing? Elgin baylor and his termination? His comments against blacks/mex as a whole?
With decisive action, Silver does what Stern never could — oust Sterling
Source to David Stern considered trying to oust Sterling more than once. /
(2) For unfair housing practices, or when he told Elgin Baylor to get him a team of "Po Black Boys from the south and a white head coach"
why the *** not? Elgin Baylor suit, Brain Davis basically telling anyone who dealt with Sterling how he REALLY was.
Never said blatant things like this. Got sued repeatedly for being a racist slum lord and for the way he fired Elgin Baylor
I'm very proud of the solidarity exhibited by the NBA players and it's super stars past and present. The great Elgin Bayl…
The Elgin Baylor Vindication Tour is about to begin:
Elgin Baylor brought up complaints about color discrimination when he worked there, Baron Davis was berated on court by him
Shows you just how seriously discrimination lawsuits are taken in this country if Elgin Baylor couldn't get a W off ol' Don…
If only Elgin Baylor knew how to work a cell phone, this coulda happened years ago! Lol
How can people say anything about sterling so now u want too judge and he has been doing this since he owed the team only because it was Magic now they want to react wow should of stop it 22yrs ago when Elgin Baylor filed his law suit against him about racial comments so how did the NBA look out if they was looking out they would of stop it then
David Stern had, more than once, considered ways in which to oust Donald Sterling, sources told SN's
A Los Angeles County jury Wednesday declined to award damages to NBA great Elgin Baylor, rejecting his lawsuit against the Clippers for unlawful termination based on age discrimination. By a 12-0 vote, the seven-man, five-woman jury informed Judge Kenneth R.
What about Elgin Baylor??? How quickly black people forget... This man was ignored, shunned and was dismissed by the NBA when he was trying to blow the whistle on that racist *** years ago... Donald Sterling and the NBA should make restitution to Mr. Baylor.
Should there be restitution to former GM Elgin Baylor, now that his previous allegations are now deemed truthful?
Elgin Baylor is vindicated. The Clippers have been set free. Doc Rivers is breathing easier. Chris Paul can pass. And Blake Griffin can dunk.
Shocked that Silver and the NBA have "spoken" so strongly. Glad and satisfied, but still shocked. Stern should be ashamed of himself for letting this go on so long. The league owes Elgin Baylor an overdue apology.
The Ball was dropped sometime ago with regards to Donald Sterling……. He Disrespected Elgin Baylor and the Court records show his Prejudicial Comments and Actions with regards to his Discriminatory Housing Policies yrs ago…….. But now he is a bad man. He's been this way and that did not stop any of his Past nor Current players or Coaches from refusing Employment ?. Shame on us all whom acted Blindly during his Rein. Confusing, to say the Least. I would like to know the exact relationship with him and David Stern…….. Do they share any prior Past or Present Business Ventures ? Elgin Baylor must be crying tears of Joy and Deeply hurt that few stood with him. And what about the Court that ruled against Mr. Baylor…….? Actions have been taken but Nothing has been Accomplished in my Opinion.
The point is that he was racist before the recorded whether or not sme feel like his rights were violated..what about the rights of ppl like Elgin Baylor,or Byron Davis,the ppl that clean the stadium,serve concessions,take tickets etc.??it is much deeper than what is on the surface..racism is racism all the way around the board..!!
In the midst of this Sterling issue, how come no one talked to Elgin Baylor who was the GM for the Clippers for all them years?
Tell me owe Sterling was gonna win Lifetime Achievement award from the NAACP ! This after being sued for racism before, throw in embezzlement etc! He's always treated the organization like 12 years a Clipper! Elgin Baylor was lowest paid gm by wide margin! That being said I'm not sure what smells like more *** mR.Sterling or the NAACP
My initial reactions to NBA Comis Stein's decision today regarding Clippers owner Donald Sterling, was that the 2.5 million dollars fine imposed should to go to Elgin Baylor, to compensate him for the many years of slavery he endured while acting as General Manager of the team under Sterling's ownership. But then i started to find myself having conflicting thoughts about Elgin Baylor's role over the 20 year period. Yes he suffered racist indignation that most of us can only image, yet he remained in this man employment for some two decades. I finally came to the conclusion that we should equate Elgin's role the same as that played by Samuel Jackson in the movie " D Jango Unchained ", that of a willing "House N.". He was asked and complied with Mr Sterling request that he put together a team comprised of nothing but poor, hungry black boys from the south to be coached by a white man only. How could Elgin Baylor or anyone else be so naive as not to understand that this was a plantation system request co ...
If i was D.Sterling, im going out like Scarface!!! Hes 81 and rich so I would take the NBA with me. I would rehire Elgin Baylor again and dress him up like Fiddler,then I would dress as Monsuier Candy and show up at the Staples Center on horseback everyday, you want Amisted? I got Amisted for you! Lmao!
Am I the only one who finds the public posturing surrounding the Donald Sterling verdict to be shameful? This is the man, after all, that is almost universally understood as the worst owner in professional sports for years; he's accused of improprieties in business dealings both inside and outside of the organization, and many of these accusations (like the one the media summarily dismissed several years ago from Elgin Baylor) center on racial discrimination. His own fans loathe him for being such a poor ambassador. And it's only now, when his sponsors flee and the NBA realizes that franchise is a soon-to-be financial disaster with him at the helm, that he's deemed guilty of conduct detrimental to the league. There is no safer soap-box to stand on right than the one that speaks out against Sterling, and now, some investor with the right contacts will be steered towards a NBA franchise for pennies on the dollar. Everyone will wash their hands clean of a man against whom very few owners--and certainly not t ...
That jury who ruled for Sterling in the suit brought by Elgin Baylor ought to feel like fools.
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Ok. Good job NBA, but I have a bone to pick. It's with the NAACP. You knew about the lawsuits which were based on racial discrimination, but yet gave Sterling a Lifetime Achievement award in 2009. Then Elgin Baylor sues him for discrimination. But up until Saturday the NAACP was going to give him a second Lifetime Achievement award. They were reported to have given back a donation given by Sterling. What does this say about the NAACP? What is their criteria for giving out these awards? Seems like money made them blind.
It's amazing how quickly you see results when a situation that involves money with billionaire's get resolved. Donald Sterling has said and committed heinous acts for over 30 years, and not once has he been punished for it. Until now. When sponsorship threatens to discontinue any future business with the franchise. The NAACP was going to give this man another "Lifetime Achievement" award. Yes, I typed "Another", because he gave away Clippers tickets to the youth? Or was it because he donated over 3 million dollars to them? But then look the other way when Elgin Baylor gave us warnings of his "Plantation Mentality" or the refusal of having African Americans live in his Los Angeles complexes. But lets look at the act that was the nail in the coffin. He was being recorded expressing his opinions in a what is supposed to be in the sanctuary of ones home. In the state of California, it is illegal to intentionally record a private conversation without that person's consent. There's just so much wrong with this ...
Yes.. It is great to see the what everyone expected to see today about Donald Sterling. However, after further research, I'm truly appalled at the NAACP for giving this man, Donald Sterling, known racist, a Lifetime Achievement award just because he give free tickets to kids to go to his game. NAACP knew he was a racist. They knew about allegations between him and Elgin Baylor and Baron Davis. Anyway, this fool was about to get another Lifetime Achievement award prior to the tape being revealed from the NAACP. What the NAACP has done to support Donald Sterling is absolutely reprehensible. He's giving you free tickets to make you think you have arrived while still calling you a house ngr. What are free tickets to this man when your behind is sitting in section Z1, row 310, seat 1000. You are so far away that you have to watch the game with a telescope. Absurd! Principles don't matter when it comes to dead presidents on fiat money. The truth always comes out.
UP to now, this story was not a feel good story at all. It's certainly turning into one if you look at the glass being half full. Clipper players and fans no longer susceptible to Donald Sterling AKA Donald Tokowitz fascist ownership, Elgin Baylor has finally been vindicated and the Billionaire's Boys Club CAN have boundaries and a conscience! Now let's show the Warriors the meaning of a hostile-homecourt-advantage.
I'm hearing some ppl say this Sterling situation was to harsh because it was a private matter. Why I do agree it was a private matter, this is not the first to become public. The league is made of all nationalities. There is no team of all black, white, or Hispanic players. So there should be no room for bigotry. Elgin Baylor called it years ago. He's lucky to have profited as much as he has. This should have been done years ago!
I think Donald Sterling got what he deserved from the NBA. Those who aren't willing to evolve get left behind. But lets all take a second and be honest here. He didn't just start being a racist with those comments. He's conducted his business this way for more than 3 decades. Elgin Baylor, a respected hall of famer who worked for Sterling filed a suit claiming he ran his organization like a "plantation". Donald Sterling settled the largest housing discrimination lawsuit of its time for almost 3 million dollars. I think we can all agree on the dangers of housing discrimination as it pertains to the development of any people. Despite all this information being public knowledge, people both black and white continued to sign contracts to work for the man. The NAACP was going to be giving him a god *** Lifetime Achievement award because of his donations of tickets to youth groups, despite his housing discrimination settlement and reported racist views. The fact that he was openly racist didn't deter ...
It’s funny and sad how everyone hates him now, but most people have always known that Donald Sterling is a racist and nothing has been done about. In 2003 he settled a racial discrimination suit for $5 million. In 2006 he was sued and settled out of court for $2.25 million because he wouldn’t rent his houses/ apartments to black families. Elgin Baylor, who spent 22 years with the Clippers said Sterling had a “Plantation mentality” and had “rejected all black coaching candidates” and said that he wanted “a white Southern coach, coaching poor black players.” He told Danny Manning that his contract was “a lot of money for a poor black kid.” And Baron Davis said he suffered with anxiety playing for him. I guess insulting Magic Johnson was crossing the line. SMH
Devil’s advocate – I think it was the right descion if looking at the collection of things from his past like - Elgin Baylor, Baron Davis and the other law suits from discrimination etc. Everything combined it doesn’t look good on his behalf and he should be removed as owner a team with multiple races involved as his employees. BUT IF IT WAS JUST “THIS” PARTICULAIR INSTANCE. I wouldn’t have been so *** him if it was just this. I mean how racist can he be if the Girlfriend is 1/2 blk..and he did say, sleep with them, do your business etc. but “Don’t bring them to my game”. What man wants his side chick that he spending money on (apparently 1.5 million or so) to bring another man to his place of business? LOL Heck, when I was younger and single I wish one of my chicks would bring another man in my place of employment LOLOLOL IJS
Forget the lifetime ban for a second . The best part of this story is that for YEARS a handful of journalist, Elgin Baylor (HOFer), the U.S. Supreme Court, tenants, NBA employees and former Clippers players have been trying to expose Donald Sterling for what he really is, but it took a 21 year old mistress' secret recording for justice to served . I guess the only thing money can't buy is a woman's silence
I hope Elgin Baylor goes back to court and wins$
Banned for life, see ya Donald Sterling, sweet revenge for how you treated Elgin Baylor, just one of your injustices.
Former Clipper GM Elgin Baylor on Donald Sterling. "Myself and other people of color were subjected to this mentality for over 20 years." Wow Never Suject Yourself To This from Anyone. No Matter How Rich They Are!
Think about this people. Donald Sterling had a past. Slumlord. No Hispanics or African-Americans giving housing. The Great Elgin Baylor sued him for Sterling attempting to run a plantation type organization. And lost. *** ?? Did they think he was lying? Leading up to racist comments we heard over the weekend. NAACP-Los Angeles gave this ignorant man a Lifetime Achievement award. Word of advice to NAACP. If you going to give someone this type of award. If the individual is a Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, all races, check their background first before jumping to giving a hasty achievement. Already made bad mistake check the references.
I'm just getting the news about the lifetime ban of Donald Sterling. Kudos to Adam Silver [to a small degree], I mean he was pretty much force to do what he did so I'm not all too impressed with it. What DOES concern me is that all day I'm hearing various people associated with the NBA [current and former players, coaches, executives] along with many media outlets asking the question "WHY ARE WE SURPRISED?" They then go on to talk about how he was a slum lord, how he has been sued for previous discriminatory actions. They bring up how he underpaid Elgin Baylor for so many years as his GM. They talk about how he use to sit courtside and call Baron Davis everything short of *** ! [yes I said it - you hear worst in real life]. I am and have been an avid follower of the NBA and I've never heard of any of this. All I've EVER HEARD about Donald Sterling was that he was CHEAP. So I blame all of those who idly sat by while all this was going on. This also proves that MONEY IS POWER!! Only because THIS TIME it w . ...
".and the LA Chapter of the NAACP oughta be ashamed of themselves giving this man a Lifetime Achievement Award and about to give him another because he gave free tickets to our youth!! Ignoring the allegations of black people, ignoring Elgin Baylor! We call out everybody who is wrong even if it's our own because right is right and wrong is wrong! I'm in LA now & I hope one of them find me I'll tell 'em to their face!" - Stephen A. Smith
So the LA chapter of the NAACP.. Gave Donald Sterling a "LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD before(after all the issues..slumlord accusations.. Elgin Baylor incident..).. And were gonna give him ANOTHER ONE on May 15...? That chapter should be disbanded and fined..
The examples I aim to follow we're set by Elgin Baylor and Baran Davis who spoke when others refused to hear
Sterling got banned and have to pay some pocket change. I have a problem with the people around him black and white who knew about his behavior for many years and did not push for justice until some young woman thought it was ok to record a private conversation and fish for information to make herself look more like a victim than someone looking for a bigger paycheck. In 2009, Elgin Baylor brought this man behavior to light but he did not receive support from the NBA on his lawsuit. So as the present and post players high five and give props to the new NBA commish just remember "justice delayed is justice denied". Knowing the bad behavior exist and don't speak out about can be interpreted as saying its ok.
The NBA made the right decision. Sterling's views are despicable. Elgin Baylor has enough dirt on him to write a book called Twelve Years a Clipper. Good job Commissioner!
I guess Elgin Baylor now has proof and can refill his lawsuit!
It would be great if a group of retired NBA player and can investors could put a deal together to buy the Clippers? Even better if Elgin Baylor and Kareem Abdul Jabbar along with Magic Johnson and A hosts of divers minorities.
I love how the NBA and everyone in it pretends that Donald Sterling being a racist is new... Smh lol has anyone taken the time to talk to Baron Davis or Elgin Baylor the past 12 years?? Or even taken the time to read the "public records" of what was told to his tenants in their lawsuits over the past 20 years!!!??? Great job washing your hands of ignorance and putting money first today guys!! I guess it takes a gold digging blackmailer selling the tapes to tmz to get you to step up!
Way to drop the hammer on an 80 year old owner with a ban for LIFE (it is the only course of action)...but seriously Clippers fan don't act appalled because everyone knew he was a racist, ask Elgin Baylor (no he didn't play for the Clippers, he's actually a Lakers legend, he was just your GM for 20 years who was handcuffed by penny pinching Sterling from doing the job the right way for years). You may have missed the memo were still wearing Lakers jerseys and flying purple and gold flags while celebrating back to back championship titles when the story broke. PS Darren Reynolds you're excluded from this group because you have been a Lakers hater for life...Clippers fan by default counts in my book.
Kinda weird that an article on TMZ got Donald Sterling in more trouble than a record-setting housing discrimination lawsuit ($7.5 million smackers) or a lawsuit by Elgin Baylor (who set a few records of his own). Good for business, actually, since I'm a flak and not a lawyer, and a good part of what I do is shaming rich people in the media for the stupid, mean things they can't seem to help themselves from doing. But it's still kinda weird.
Elgin Baylor should feel vindicated! They thought his lawsuit against Sterling was frivolous.NOT!!! If doesn't come out in the wash, it'll definitely come out in the dryer!!!
Finally it's been done. Now let's get back to the product ON the court. The nba did what it had to do but why now? The guy did much worse in the past. He got rid of Elgin Baylor cause he was OLD and black. That's two counts of discrimination. He settled out of court for housing discrimination while making comments like I won't rent to blacks in Beverly Hills cause they stink and attract vermin! But because he tells his girlfriend (in the privacy of his own home) that he doesn't want her seen with black people or bringing them to clippers games people our outraged! Lol the entire thing is ridiculous. My guess is there are plenty of Donald Sterlings in the world in control of multi million dollar company's. I guess we should go after all of them now.
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