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Elevation Church

Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a Southern Baptist megachurch pastored by Steven Furtick.

Pastor Steven Furtick Perry Noble North Carolina Associate Pastor

1.) O come to the altar by Elevation Worship. . 2.) Sinking deep by Hillsong Young & Free . 3.) Old church choir by Z…
If you're feeling stressed or pressured, I highly suggest you listen to this.
BREAKING NEWS! We are extremely excited to welcome Elevation Church to Goels Plaza! For those in the Triangle...
I want to visit Elevation Church. Anybody want to take that trip?
thank you for all that you do through Elevation Church to reach people here in Eufaula Alabama my wife and I love elevation
Come visit Elevation Church in Charlotte one day! 😊
Pushpay is used by churches like Hillsong NYC and Elevation Church. Episode 5 of EOM. . Listen Here:…
hi the elevation church app on iPhone is not working 😭
"Religion" in USA: "make more money with muscles". "I hope Elevation can find someone as ripped and godly as me.” 😂
Elevation Church Love Week Buffalo..Partners with Buffalo's Hearts for the Homeless... stop by…
No, isn't leaving Elevation Church. strikes again.
Looks like an opening at Elevation Church in Charlotte 🤣
Podcast sincerely, x ( from Ted talks), elevation church podcasts, and a fun one I listen to is the Wally show.
He is the lead pastor for Elevation church. Started in Charlotte, NC and has a ton of campuses. Not the best dude.
Honestly, I wish the article were true. Furtick is a charlatan and I wish he would move and close Elevation. .
This isn't even true 😂 he's the pastor of Elevation Church
Steve Addressing the spreading around of the article about him leaving elevation church...
For anyone who feels like giving up on whatever it may be ▶️
Pastor Furtick is not leaving Elevation Church so can y'all stop being gullible and start checking your sources!
Look at your house, man. I wouldn't leave elevation church either
Lmao in this Era someone actually saw a news that Steven Furtick was leaving Elevation Church and some people believed it. When will u learn
I love Steven furtick and elevation church
I knew that it wasn't true, brother. Idk you but I can see that Elevation Church is your heart, and truth would show up.
I think it's sad how the people at my family's church were literally running to tell me that Pastor Steven was leaving Elevation.
Lol @ the people who really thought Pastor Steven was leaving Elevation Church. He said it himself that he wasn't leaving. So ha!
You're right to research and yes, people are talkg. At this ti…
I can't tell if this is real or satire. “I wish Elevation the best of luck in the seasons to come, and hope they...
And u also know that said is unfit to preach but elevation paid h…
That man ain't leaving way, he gonna leave his own church 🙄
That man Pastor Steve leaving Elevation Church to join Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church & signed a 6 year $110 million deal. This like the NBA
Dax and the cutest baby in the world!! @ Elevation Church - Roanoke
I sure wish we had Elevation church in Jackson, TN.
Elevation Church looks like a Car Max dealership on Sundays
If you're feeling pressure in your life and needing some encouragement join Elevation Church live...
The only accountability available at Elevation Church is to stop attending Elevation Churc…
..,to the church. At Elevation there is zero accountability to anyone in the congregation.…
The live stream of Elevation Church is having a re-run. Tune in to the message live now!!
Can't make it to church this morning? I got you! Watch here or visit Elevation Raleigh at Millbrook High School...
Join us next week! Pastor Steven Furtick is starting new series! @ Elevation Church - Ballantyne
Love Elevation Church. Worship and the Word. life changing. Enjoy.
Daily 1 hr meetings hold Online from 6am WAT, anchored by The Elevation Church. Download the Zoom app from the app store to join.
Celebrating Him at Elevation Church with Pastor Steven Furtick (my church before I moved to Florida) ... love the...
Is Furtick really the answer for Elevation fans? With such a long contract, I can't see how they free up enough...
Elevation Church is sending a GO Team to Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa today! Pray that they will see Kingdom Work h…
out Elevation Church,Charlotte, NC. Jim Bakker type preacher at it again fleecing people
The God of My Gaps. The weekly podcast of Elevation Church, led by Pastor Steven Furtick.. Podcast Republic.
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My dude Steven Furtick HAS to be on a track. (Pastor of Elevation Church + elevation worship!)
Amen and Amen and such ... Elevation Church is in Charlotte, Nc...…
I'm so glad they have a church like elevation here🤗🤗
This came from Elevation Church..Pastor Steven Furtick. The sermon is called .. Piece It…
Join in with Elevation Worship as they sing "Yahweh" -
Luv luv luv Elevation Church in Charlotte, Nc.with Pastor Steven Furtick... I luv how he said…
Hi, saw you at Hillsong Conf 16 in London. Is it possible for my church in England to build relationship with Elevation?
Perry Noble Talks at Elevation Church: An Open Message in Response to his Alcoholism :
Favorite preacher on podcast? Keeping in mind that I like those along the lines of Elevation Church. . I've asked...
Perry Noble preaches at Elevation Church after less than a year of falling to alcohol. logo.
Steven Furtick of Elevation Church is talking about the real issues the world and christians are facing.
Here's my open video message to Perry Noble about preaching at Elevation Church:
Why is Elevation Church so cool? Like seriously, church goals. I wanna go so bad!
An open message to you after preaching at Elevation Church:
"If you're not dead, God's not done. Get back up!" Check out this cool episode:
Perry Noble and Elevation Church: An Open Message about his dealings wit...
Awesome Time herw. I love Elevation Church Team& Thank U for this Sacrifice
The Relationship Tool - Steven Furtick - Elevation Church. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your...
Steven Furtick says "COME ON DOWN" to Perry Noble, giving him the pulpit at Elevation Church when just months...
Code Orange. Elevation Church. Time to come to the love and grace of God, Jesus Messiah, the Risen, Victorious LORD
Finally had the chance to catch Elevation Church from this past Sunday. The friendship between Steven Furtick and...
he preached for Steven Furtick at Elevation church this weekend! Take a listen to their latest podcast
One of the most powerful sermons I have heard in a while by
God bless you all at elevation church. God Bless your Perry Noble my brother in Christ. You are in my prayers.
Just weeks after shooting down concerns that he was returning to ministry too soon after his July 2016 firing... https:/…
this message has soo much power in it, I encourage everyone to take some time and watch this
Check out this cool episode: for those of us who have ever fallen, messed up
Also this morning a women with an "elevation church" sticker cut me off then flicked me off. Okay. Someone needs Jesus today.
Thanks for introducing me to the elevation church podcasts! Listened to one on the road and it was so good 😄❤
Everyone deserves 2nd chances!! Amen Ousted megachurch pastor preaches again at CLT Elevation Church
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My dad response in hearing about preaching at Elevation Church. I can't wait to hear the message
Doing my nights a little differently. Instead of music or tv, ending them with sermons from elevation church ☺️
Perry Noble Preaches for First Time Since Being Fired from NewSpring Church at Steven Furtick’s Elevation Chu..…
Do yourself a favor and watch Pastor P💥ROCK💥the mic at Elevation Church.
Just luv luv luv Elevation Church in Charlotte, Nc.
This past Sunday some of our Hickory Team had the opportunity to visit the Elevation Church -…
In case you missed my message at Elevation Church yesterday -
Ousted NewSpring megachurch pastor preaches again - at Charlotte’s Elevation Church | The Charlotte Observer
We went to Elevation Church tonight and I met Jeremy! Folks, this church is tracking with the Kingdom. The teams w…
It wasn't Charlotte or Elevation Church, but I still had a blast! So glad I get to do life with…
Less than 24 hrs away from a miracle! Do whatever it takes to get to the Elevation Church Watch…
Tomorrow is finally happening! Come sit with me Life of Worship Church and let's worship! 10AM! 🙌🏽
Elevation church is always a good time. 💒
Love my church. So blessed to have this.
Excited to be at Elevation Church with a big group of volunteers! Elevation…
domain names
Hey friends, join me this weekend at Elevation Church for the start of our new series Tonight at 5. And Tomorrow 9:30 &11am
You know you're a student leader at Elevation Church when you're cleaning your room and find 8 old glow sticks.
I want to congratulate my Uncle Desmond Sweet on his Elevation as a Elder in the Church of God in Christ. I love yo…
haven't watched Elevation Church in a while !
I just supported Elevation Christian Church by shopping
Really just wanna go to elevation church one Saturday night 😍😍
"Everything that you have spoken, will come to pass...LET IT BE DONE" Pre-order Elevation Worship's New Album from ITunes!…
I left Elevation Church since March 2016 and I just got a call today. Amazing stuff.
Elevation church sound like one of those churches where you have to pay for membership like Scientology lol
One of my favorite podcasts right now is Elevation Church. What's your current favorite podcast?
I love this song I love ❤️ this band I love ❤️ this church I love ❤️ pastor everyone go get there is a cloud now…
The fortress-like front elevation of Gio Ponti's San Francesco church
Come pray with your church family! Bring yourself, your family, and your friends to Elevation HUB at 7pm on Thursda…
I have got to get myself to an church service! I need some American enthusiasm in my life!
Join us tomorrow morning from 9am to 12am at Elevation Church to hear about practice ways to integrate powerful...
Elevation Church pens are my favorite to write with
Elevation Church is looking for a Elevation Internship: Creative
Our very first service at The Elevation Church, Mainland. God is doing wonders in our lives.…
One of the best sermons as we start our year. Thanks
Singing for elevation church is such a blessing.
Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church streaming in the lobby at Mooresville Vertimax. "Build the Body,...
Thanks Mayme! "I consider it a joy to be serving and loving my church family every week."
...who goes to Elevation Church? Let me guess: she's white, wealthy, and has cultivated a trendy (though soulless) look.
This is on point, what a good episode to hear :
Sound of joy at the second service at The Elevation Church
Church Ain't Just On Sunday's :. See what gems our guest blogger, Jonathan Gardner, has to say.…
Inside Elevation 2017 is filling up quickly! If you’re a church leader & haven’t signed up yet, register now at
Discernment = Hate - Satan is usually much more subtle than this demonic "pastor:" Steven Furtick, Elevation Church
Remember John's Gray word to you about Elevation Church and your word Pastor Steven! It is harvest time!
My favorite podcast is Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church, I love him.🙌🏾
Waiting for the day when and I take our road trip to Elevation Church
.rates. I attend Elevation Church at Forestview and participate in a lot of community outreach both here
People in my mentions still defending elevation. Keep going to a church where the pastor is a liar and theif lmao.
Ok so I have a good friend who showed me about elevation church . And I was listening to…
Join at - The Elevation Church next Sunday for a Radical Time of…
You are invited to watch an encouraging message from Elevation Church in the Greater Hickory…
Don't allow your comfort zone to detour you from your calling. Check out this word:
Sometimes, It takes time before you can see that the problem is the provision you’ve been waiting for .
Im loving the series that Elevation Church is on right now!
Good Morning.Check out this cool episode:
Hey Fam, tomorrow is the big day! . I have my final interview with Elevation Church for one of…
however someone asked me what I did for Easter that year, when I told them I went to elevation their exact words were "that's not a church"
I had heard things about what kind of church elevation was so I had no expectations but I was excited to go
I went to an Easter service at elevation when I was in middle school before I started going to church at all with a friend & her family
so today I went to elevation church in mathews, best experience
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Maybe I just have to have that black church experience bc I've been to Elevation more than once and it just wasn't it
How do people go to that elevation church I went there once and I just couldn't deal . I had to leave .
Another Great Service with my ppl who love . @ Elevation Church - Raleigh
Christian is not the definition of a perfect me. @ Elevation Church - Ballantyne
•There is none like You. The faithful One, Jesus•. 📷// @ Elevation Church - Lake…
Just got back from elevation church an was awesome an saw Luis my bff
Had 2 doses of church today! Elevation Online and Citymark Online... Now time to eat some good food with my...
Catered for elevation church this morning and we only blew the circuit twice lol no big deal 😅😂
Elevation Uptown, you are incredible! @ Elevation Church - Uptown
Give what you want and you'll get what you need. Holly Furtick-Elevation Church
Not feeling well at all. Staying home today. Will be joining elevation church online.
Experienced worship and the Word in a different spot today! @ Elevation Church - Ballantyne
The "Elevation Church" channel on YouTube is the gospel made sense, tailored for consumption for a modernized culture.
Grass-roots back to basics Holy Ghost revival meeting in facilitating heart and mind inclined toward God
Elevation Church Debuts Water Slide Baptismal "most number of people baptized in the least amount of time possible"
Take me back to Lörrach :( Happy Sunday!☀ ♫ Undefeated by Elevation Church Kids —
Steven Furtick is really the man, he has me ODing on The Elevation church messages ❤️
Hey Lee peeps: if ur looking for a church home, come check out Elevation tomorrow morning at 9:30 in Dixon Chapel 🤘🏻
We are a me too church come join an ergo up this week at elevation !!!
My future wife probably at elevation church getting her praise on to make up for last nights sins smh
We met last week to officially kick off our launch team for Elevation Church - Winston-Salem Extension. Tonight,...
Our church is reading 2 Corinthians 5:17 throughout out Series! You have to know that you are no longer...
Can we all go to church now... I am rooting for The Elevation Church. Cc
Christianity is not an invoice but an inheritance -Steven -Pastor of Elevation Church
🏞 Today's hiking adventure with the fam! 6+ miles, 3 hours and a 2,000' elevation gain as we hiked to Church's...
The effect of giving you life to serve others . ELEVATION CHURCH
Proud of our group getting up before our game to attend Elevation Church.
A great experience visiting Elevation Church in Charlotte. Thanks & for inspiring us.
An amazing treat for my F22 Elite team this morning, as we visited Elevation Church.
Elevation at noon to chime of church angelus bells. Thank you, Lord for loving us.
It's gonna be broadcasted around the world because Elevation church is big and stuff. I am happy for her tho
Who needs a place at the lake when we have a chance to gather together & be reminded of the gospel? You belong here.
They sang Elevation Worship's Yahweh in church today..and I just couldn't 😭🔥😍
Join our live stream to watch the Special presentation by Children of Elevation Church
There's a super dope church here called Elevation Church and it's like super intense with like magic tricks and stuff and I want to go.
Someone please go with me to elevation church in NC..
I love " Look how he lifted me " A LOT!! But it's painful to play on the piano at church 😞
I want to intern at Elevation or City church so friggin bad! But I'm 26. I need to work too. 😭
Big ups to elevation church and their youth system. So impressed
I'm trying to visit 4ward city church, elevation, and unplugged at some point this summer.
Check out this episode from Elevation church - Handle It :
Had to delete my Bible app and Elevation church app to update my phone. I hope the Lord understands.
At our Elevation Raleigh church office today, a few creative minds gathered to throw around some…
look through this news article. Tell me about that 4th board members name and why it's on there.
Join me at 11:30am Worship Experience on Sunday, May 29 at 11:15am:
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Two: Pastor Flo of Coza Lagos and the Head Pastor of The Elevation Church, Lekki.
But Elevation Church does have some pretty awesome worship songs. I'll give them that.
If you've been wondering how to make it through, Check out this message:
(for business persons) is tomorrow with the Associate Pastor, The Elevation Church, at 10am
Cc's choir, for King& country, big daddy weave, Lauren daigle, elevation church, Colton Dixon & many more all on my morning playlist
This week, we'll be joined by the Associate Pastor, The Elevation Church, Mainland,
Laps around the church. Interesting changes in elevation from one side to the other!
Sunday's message from Pastor was so 💪🏼! Go check it out now at Elevation Church…
Really hope you enjoy this word about Functional faith 😊 From Elevation Church✨
I need to take a trip to North Carolina to Elevation Church to hear Steven Furtick speak!
And the pastor of Elevation Church, Steven Furtick, lives in a $1.2 million house. Search it.
"Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church perfectly demonstrated why it’s time to tax the churches, after...
Friends in ministry - Elevation Church just joined the OPEN resources network. Now you can find more free resources.
I'm so thankful that I got to visit Elevation Church today! Pastor Steven Furtick spoke about…
"The voice you believe will the determine the future you experience." - Pastor Steven Furtick, Elevation Church, Crash the Chatterbox Series
It was 2007 when we first visited Elevation Church at the Providence Campus. We were on a field trip with a...
This is the kid's ministry coloring handout from Elevation Church where Steven Furtick is the Pastor. Anyone see...
I love this quote by Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church:. "God wants you to win. But…
Really considering going to elevation, or a church like it.
The Night of Hope. TONIGHT. 6pm. University City Elevation Church. Join us as we stand united in a night of worship. .
Guys I'm on my way to Charlotte to work at elevation church. This is still so surreal. So ready…
Anytime you see a blessing there was a battle. — feeling determined at Elevation Church - Rock Hill
Keys to Crossing Over. — feeling blessed at Elevation Church - Rock Hill
We work with others for the same cause. @ Elevation Life Church
The message doesn't change...the methods do! @ Elevation Life Church
We love and all the new worship they bring to our church! We’re so blessed.
The new song this morning 🔥. Grateful for this church and the for bringing it to me!
It's a great day to be at elevationuc !! @ Elevation Church - University City
Maybe you're sick. Maybe you're skipping church because you feel guilt or shame over things you've done this week...
If you've never heard of Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ready to see what elevation church has in store for me this morning 💜
It may be cold out there but the coffee is hot in here so come experience the gospel with us. You belong here.
I wore this yesterday. It's okay, it doesn't smell. I think. 🤘🏻🐰 @ Elevation Church - Uptown
Yay last day! My is set... @ The Elevation Church, lekki, Lagos
Welcome to the First of The Elevation Church this Sunday! Our weekend of Prophet Blessing continues join us via
elevation Visit whenever you're ready !
lovin home church,but grown leaps&bounds in last few mths hearing all these elevation msgs! It's a God send for me.
Church of the Elevation of the Cross,Tobol'sk,Russia,William Craft Brumfield
Church of the Elevation of the Cross,Solikamsk,Russia,William Craft Brumfield
Church of the Elevation of the Cross,Tiumenka River,Tiumen',Russia,Brumfield
When sings one of your favorites at church 😍
at it again! Serving in the community with other Elevation Church members. Thank you…
Pray for Wyoming kids who are hungry TODAY then bring donations of healthy food to church TOMORROW. You belong here.
Thank you I have a question for you I want to make Elevation church my Home church can I do that and give my tithe to y'all
As a church family, we are so excited about the elevation of the ministry gifts to be honored this day.
"If all power in heaven has been given to Jesus, how much power is left for the enemy?" - Israel Houghton Live at Elevation Church ⛪
WIN A BATTLE, TAKE A BITE! Thank you Pastor Check out this cool episode:
Pastor Sam is going to Elevation church this sunday. No😔
At that time no mission work had been attempted or suggested for the elevation of this seething mass by either Church or State.
Singing some Elevation Church music for beach camp tonight! (Vine by DraviusDawkins)
Nothing like elevation church to get you pumped for your soccer game 🔥🔥🔥
Super bummed bc she won't get from Elevation Church until April, but super pumped for what God's doing in her life‼️
Fam there are babes at this Elevation church tho.
"Hello from the other side"! So good so so good. Check out this cool episode:
Elevation Church in moved forward this week, after the Planning Commission approved site plan.
Sow the word of God into your future. Tonight is your day of elevation. Msg: HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD. Dont miss church today. 6pm
Welcome to Riverwalk, Elevation Church! The Rock Hill Planning Commission recently approved site plans for a new...
Plans for new Elevation Church in Rock Hill get approval via
All the boys are at the Elevation Church student house party and the sweet chocolattes are all…
Elevation is a cult, end of discussion. The church revolves around Steven Furtick, not God or Christ.
Breast Cancer Awareness
hey! Saw you were connected with Elevation Church & just wanted to let you know there is a group who meets here in RVA. DM 4 info 😊
Matt Chandler giving a sermon at Elevation church a couple of years ago. "It's about God..not you"
thank you for pre-releasing this song. Our church played it over communion and it was so needed. Thank you!
Elevation church is on after SNL on Saturdays now? So at 1am? Ok.
On my way out to Alabama this morning, I had the to attend Elevation Church i…
Before elevation you going to have to go through isolation - church
'Tis the season in eKidz elevationuptown! @ Elevation Church - Uptown
Picked up an extra shift at FD today so couldn't make it to church. Great to worship our God through with streaming online!
"Commitment Weekend", it's not a have to, it's a Want Too! church
Elevation doesn't start in the church. It starts in our minds.
My life changed from the moment i got to know the existence of Pastor Steven Furtick and the Elevation church. since. that friday afternoon
Welcome to the 4th service of The Elevation Church. Today's Thanksgiving Sunday. We're glad for new births, birthdays and anniversaries!
I am really blessed and changed since i started watching Pastor Steven Furtick preachings. I so love the Elevation church
Off to Charlotte, North Carolina to go to Elevation Church's Saturday service ☺️
Sorry to hear, but tithing the first fruits of your money should remedy this according to your church, Elevation.
The Promise Land aka Charlotte NC!! The place that is home to Sweet Tea, Elevation Church, and…
House on the rock church . Or . Elevation church
Elevation church is the equivalent to the Death Star. And I'm at the whole no bigger than a womp rat.
I love elevation church for these moments
i love the elevation church it is the church Of century
I had a moment where I felt like I was in elevation church .. It was uncomfortable
Elevation Church, we are happy to report that you have now funded over 165 bags for our downtown Engage Green Bay...
that's my local church.. I do elevation every Sunday nbd 😊😁
The salt life, crossfit, elevation church trifecta of bumper stickers, doesn't get more Gaston Co. than that
This whole excerpt is from Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church. If you want a "Real Life Savior & not just...
You know those Taco Bell / Pizza Hut combined spots?. Elevation Church is about to open one with Limited Too and I'm dying!!
I have missed out on so much at church
Brushing her teeth just now my daughter was singing. It was "Jesus I come" from I love our church 😊 blessed 2 call it home
That's awesome! My sister and brother-in-law go to one of the Elevation Church campuses in North Carolina. Small world!
You can download the Elevation Audio Podcasts from the iTunes Store here:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
2NITE! Can't wait to party and worship with students at UC. @ Elevation Church - University
Strike the Water, Live at Elevation Church with Outcomes16 artist
Love kids? Volunteer with us by joining our team!
The Elevation Church is moving on UP and OUT from Remi Olowude (2nd roundabout) to Elevation Drive!
Whatever you do , don't bombard Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC with eggs on Gift Mas Day. Okay?! Thanks for your support!!!
Gratitude is not natural. It takes practice. . - Elevation Church . ;)
󾓑LADIES NIGHT OUT!󾓑. 󾓖Dec 1st | Panera Bread | 6:30PM󾆕. Come join the ladies at Elevation Church on this LADIES...
We will be at Elevation Church in Clearfield on Saturday, October 31st from 2-4pm for their Fall Festival. Join...
A packed house tonight at Elevation Church - Lake Norman with an amazing message from Pastor Steven Furtick.
I am forever inspired by Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church!…
Come sit with me this weekend! You've wanted to come to Elevation Church! Come on!
It’s going to be a great week at Elevation Church! Take a look at what’s ahead!
Your expectation determines your elevation! Come hear more tonight at The Embassy. Christian Embassy Intl. Church...
"Your body can be in church, but your heart is far from God." - Fave sermon Crash The Chatterbox, week 4, Elevation Church
You know you're in the when you see "elevation," and you assume it's a church. Fortunately it's a trampoline park.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Great workshop from the guys at Elevation Church and at circlesconf
Find out how YOU can help feed hungry kids in You belong here.
Hearing Steven Furtick's sermon just makes me wanna go to Elevation church in NC to hear him preach.
I just started following Elevation Church on
We exist so you can find H O P E and L I F E! Check out We launch in 17 weeks! . L O V...
Oh, and how does Milla get enough elevation on her motorcycle to jump through the stained glass window? Giant ramp left outside the church?
In honor of his elevation and ordination to the Episcopate (being ordained a bishop of the Catholic Church)...
Well come to the Elevation Church this SUNDAY to hear the new Fall sermon series: RELATIONSHIP REHAB!
Thanks to the Elevation Church in Clearfield for showing CPD Officers your support!
Can you recommend anyone for this Public Relations Intern - NC
I saw Elevation Church, Lekki share this pix and its so funny and kinda true of what's on the minds of lots of men.
Soon I'll head off to bed, and read or listen to a video sermon from Elevation Church or New Spring Church. The...
The name Elevation church makes it sound like its for Rastafarians
So proud of the growth in the people of The Elevation Church. If you commit to the process God will grow you.
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