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Elephant Man

Elephant Man, also known as the Energy God (born O'Neil Bryan; 11 September 1975; Kingston, Jamaica) is a dancehall musician.

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John Hurt, 'Elephant Man' and 'Harry Potter' actor, has died at 77 via
I'm up because its Festival in Rochester n guess who the fuc they bring elephant man ! Can we all laugh 😂🙄 y'all can do better!
A young woman should be no embryo there are slow at the man has fierce sexual organ as hare, bull, or elephant cow Thus,
Why not try to get the elephant man?
A man balancing an elephant is like a man balancing his character ~ take strength, self awareness and Sagacity
Will firmino drop back and we buy a real striker go get that dirty elephant man costa
This is how you say Use the Elephant Language to save the species with
.you might like my review of the Melbourne play of The Elephant Man.
Every time Harry Kane opens his mouth I'm reminded of the Elephant Man
Saw this superb new play about at today. Kudos to all, esp in lead role.
They are my friends. Together we will end the Dominion of Man and usher in the AGE OF THE ELEPHANT.
Great marksman to hit an Elephant? The moving equivalent of a Barn Door. What many of us think about…
I just saw The Elephant Man at I was challenged and amazed. Review here.
Oh now you want him after you've been calling him the elephant man ever since he destroyed skrtal and Liverpool in 2014
Love waking up on my 21st looking like the elephant man 🐘😳
Got a swollen cheek and have to go to work today! People are gonna think they are being served by the Elephant man!
It's 39 colors, which is a metaphor for the twist in The Elephant Man II (when we find out he IS an elephant)
Me, but sad: I am, I am the elephant man 😥 it is incredible how I can 😪 look just like an elephant man 😰 just like my elephant friends 😭
If a white man kills an elephant in a white owned conservancy, its sport hunting! If an African kills one, its poaching!
Moving and compassionate letters by the London Hospital Chairman re Joseph Merrick.
I listened to DMS earlier and ever since, I've been feeling right down in the dumps? I need to hear Elephant Man ASAP
Happy World Day! Our gorgeous calf Man Jai reminds us how precious this species really is https:/…
It can be no embryo there are defined as doe, mare, or elephant cow Thus, there are middling A woman a man is impossible
Have y'all ever watched The Elephant Man? It's based off a real person but god that movie made me cry
Maybe Elephant Man. Hard to say, they're all very different. Wild At Heart was the weakest
That's my brother edward on the far right (not the elephant the man lol)
Man my dog farts and I swear that shyt could make an elephant pass out
Today I got a filling and the freezing makes me talk like the Elephant man
David, you're a nice & kind man - I listened to you last week. I believe you…
The Elephant Man is a perfect movie
Omg had one last month. Worth it in the end but I sounded like The Elephant Man on the phone after
Bound by the neck, legs, trunk, scrutinized by a man with a hook, a baby elephant learns to lie down.
We all know what happened to the elephant man...
Ai this man is making it easy for the opposition to take bites at this elephant called ANC
No way?? We were drawn to each other babe. I was 7 stone and woke up looking like the el…
Elephant and mouse walking in the desert. Elephant goes oh man it's so hot. Mouse says why don't y…
Wrong Hammond! Out of control migration to the UK fuelling housing crisis. This man wil…
As I said, the ELEPHANT in the room is one EZRA CHILOBA. A very bad man.
How Joseph Carey Merrick came to be known as the
Thank you Tom Wright Matthew Litton and incredible cast for The Elephant Man - just fabulous theatre.
That picture probably surpasses all of Phil Jones's faces. Fellaini doing his best elephant man impression in this one.
Yeah when I kiss him and it transfers on him. That's the only way I better catch my man wearin lip gloss.
If he tells his Mom about you he likes you, but if that Man telling his Barber about you, that's love. Y'all don't appreciat…
My hero is elephant man who can SHOOT BACON!
Wednesday night theatre with The Elephant Man care of the lovely Hannah (@ Malthouse Theatre for Malthouse Theat...)
My hero is elephant man who can stretch all of his body
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
My hero is elephant man who can use telekinesis
Happy 30th birthday to the biggest elephant of them all, me main man Meggy meggytheelephant
"John Merrick: There's something I've been meaning to ask you for some time now. Dr. Freder..." from
Tonight: escaping quarantine to see THE ELEPHANT MAN at Excited about this one.
Oh man I love cage the elephant so much, I want to see them live 😓
Singing along to elephant man's "higher level" is a complicated task on its own but hearing others try was hillariously funny
My hero is elephant man who can teleport
Man they used the elephant from the grand room in Eastman house I can't breathe
A road movie, a man facing mid-life crisis and a charismatic elephant on a journey to Loei Province.
"Inexcusable:" Man, woman caught on camera having sex at Wisconsin State Fair via shirt!!!
That's his normal look, bit like elephant man.
When the elephant man and sideshow bob have a child 😂😂😂
and a hollow point .357 Magnum can take down an elephant - so, I heard but, I know first hand what it can do to man.
Aw man I want powdered elephant ear
I expect Middle Man to play as soon as Elephant ends every time
After all is said and done. The ANC must now focus on removing the elephant in the room. President resign or ANC please recall the man
Whatmatters in the Psalms is to be righteous not a man or a woman or an elephant
But she CANT DO THE SAME FOR HIM???!! That is the epitome of a good man. where she at. I just wanna talk.
Lmao omg yes Elephant Man and Mannie Fresh as well.
I'm listening to Willie Bounce on You should too. via
Elephant Man should just follow me at this point lol
I'm thinking this guy as a candidate for the lead role in the next remake of The Elephant Man.
My hero is elephant man who can use super SPEED
Even when we aren't home to show our dogs love we can always depend on the mail man to give it to them even on rain days now…
Hey Fashion Peaks you guys stole my John Cena Elephant Man joke.
You're talking about perspective. Truth exists; the man touching an elephant leg thought…
Get your tickets for this one!!! ELEPHANT MAN...BUNGI GARLIN...RICKY T...FAYANN...MAC 11...ISLAH…
Bowie as The Elephant Man in a Broadway performance, circa 1980 # via /r/
BRITANNICA News - Britannica: Joseph Merrick, also known as "the Elephant Man" on account of his physical deformities, was born in 186…
Joseph Merrick, the English man w. facial deformities who appeared in sideshows as 'the Elephant Man', born 155 yrs ago tod…
Joseph Merrick was born 155 years ago today in Leicester, UK. Elephant Man exhibited at freak shows. h…
Joseph Carey Merrick, better known as the Elephant Man, was born in 1862…
PC Insanity. Alec Baldwin is an ACTOR. You want a REAL Hunchback of Notre Dame? A REAL Elephant Man? Psst. Gal Godo…
Tim Rice interview as David was appearing on Broadway in the Elephant Man. Check it out on YouTube
Elephant Man was so good! I really liked it. And after many times Isabella and I finally got a picture together!
David Bowie dressed as James Dean while promoting the Elephant Man is a pretty hard thing
No, not John Hurt 😥 From The Elephant Man to 1984, 10 Rillington Place to Tinker Tailor... The man is a cinematic legend... RIP 🙏🏻💔
Saddened at the news of John Hurt passing. A truly magnificent actor. 'The Elephant Man' for me is his finest momen…
Hollywood legend John Hurt has died aged 77
Man brutally attacked by baby elephant seal!
RIP John Hurt — always-intelligent star of THE ELEPHANT MAN, ALIEN and so much more.
Star of more than 200 films dies aged 77 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer
A great actor that always gave his films character is gone. From 'The Elephant Man' and 'Alien'…
RIP John Hurt.Died of cancer 77. Elephant man, V for Vendetta, Alien, and Harry Potter amongst others will be binge…
One of a kind. We’re deeply saddened to hear the news that legendary actor, Sir John Hurt, has passed away aged 77:
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Heartbreaking. Elephant man is one of my favourite performances
Sad news: acting legend John Hurt has died at age 77:
British actor Sir John Hurt has died aged 77. He was known for roles in Midnight Express and The Elephant Man. ➡️
RIP John Hurt. He lived in my hometown and I met him a few times at the Doctors and Morrisons.
John Hurt. Je me souviens du silence pesant ds la salle obscure . "I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human…
John Hurt, Oscar nominated for 'The Elephant Man' dies at 77
His portrayal of Winston Smith was perfect, profound.
10 Rillington Place, 1984, The Elephant Man, Alien... RIP John Vincent Hurt - one of the True Greats
No one could have played The Elephant Man more memorably. He carried that film into cinematic immortality. He will be sorely…
John Hurt, star of Alien and The Elephant Man, dies aged 77
John Hurt, star of The Elephant Man, Alien and Harry Potter, dies - Irish Times
Who hasn't loved a John Hurt Movie or TV drama. Elephant Man, Quentin Crisp Midnight Express it goes on. Loss of a great gr…
Actor John Hurt of 'Elephant Man,' 'Midnight Express' and 'Alien' dies at 77 - .
was amazing in Alien, V for Vendetta, Elephant Man, Harry Potter and more. He was also the perfect War Doctor i…
British actor Sir John Hurt - known for roles in Harry Potter and Elephant Man - has died aged 77, his agent says
John Hurt dies at 77: Showbiz mourns tragic loss of Elephant Man actor who fought brave cancer battle
Thank you for Alien. Thank you for the Elephant Man. Thank you for Winston Smith. Thank you for Alan Clarke. Thank you for being The Doctor.
My hero is elephant man who can go invisible
My hero is elephant man who can use aquakinesis
Elephant man live in tampa video. check us out on utube. howwiliving
Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate. Dalai Llama
My hero is elephant man who can use pyrokinesis
Every time my fantasy football season is over, I like to catch up on movies & wallow in em; such as precious, the elephant man, cast away...
My hero is elephant man who can fly
if I had known you sooner I went to the twin peaks/Portugal the man/cage the elephant show in Minneapolis in the summer 😬
I'd imagine he loved Elephant Man too since it's a prestige film.
Hair is composed of amino acids that wrap around each other like chains on a molecular level ht…
A man can only take so many White Elephant parties in one year.
How does a man put an elephant in a freezer?. fit him in not caring about size and smash the door in
Elephant man...bad man a bad man.greatest intro ever!   10% Off
Arsenal on the top of the table is like an elephant on top of a tree. You're not sure how they got there, but you know t…
The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself. - H L Mencken
Stuffed animals are great WOW items for any age—this young man loves his new elephant! And did you know? (1/2)
This you know yet the Elephant Man.clueless 😂😂
Every man dies but not every man truly lives. - William Wallace
i thought you'd bought an elephant or a child! We once gave money to a man who walked off leaving us with a donkey!
Anybody else who can't hear Barber's "Adagio for Strings" without getting emotional because of "The Elephant Man?" No? Just me, then? Hmm.
Annual 30-man White Elephant gift exchange! Surprisingly went very well considering the number of friends that atte…
Grace look grace. Call it elegant. My Elephant man i represent has anything to do with Alabama. I respect none in the next flash of my shot.
The skeleton of human curiosity Joseph Merrick aka "Elephant Man." The cause of his deformities remains unclear. https:…
Drugstore was sold out of Super Big Boy Condoms. Went for the Elephant Man Condoms instead. Felt a bit self conscious at t…
@ the GQ man of the year shoot in Chiang Mai elephant sanctuary.
Ok so a man in an elephant onesie holding a briefcase has been standing perfectly still outside my apt for 30 min should I call the police?
🙄 *** off lol I'll get back to my computer now researching elephant man xx
My hero is elephant man who can regenerate
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Currency pair as love pair, can't tell more.. Kat DeLuna - Whine Up (Official Video) ft. Elephant Man via
Movie options for today. The Simpsons Movie or The Elephant Man.
Jeremy, someone having a debate with you is like trying to out-ugly the Elephant Man. No-one wins that battle.
The elephant man film When I was told it was a true story.
I see you are ignoring the elephant in the room. Do you want a govt of billionaires? What about goldman?
Man it feels like an elephant hopped off my back ‼️. SURREAL
Ape man but not as Intelligent as an Irish man Why did the Elephant survive and not the Mammoth Colin will tell you🍀😂
Never seen an elephant play the piano before but man could he work the ivory keys.
.plays Dale Cooper, the Elephant Man in experience for https:…
Kenny Baker was in and Flash Gordon, Time Bandits, and Elephant Man. Three pinnacle films of my childhood. RIP
Kenny appeared in so many other top movies too. Elephant Man, Time Bandits, Mona Lisa. He was even in Flash Gordon!!
'Elephant Man' skeleton should be given Christian burial, say campaigners 'Elephant Man' skeleton should be gi
The ‘Real’ Elephant Man: A Look at the Life of Joseph Merrick via
Joseph Merrick - the Elephant Man - spent the last days of his life in the London Hospital
Petition launched to bring home the remains of Joseph Merrick the Elephant Man.
It was so wrong calling John Merrick the 'Elephant Man' because of his deformities. He was really more of a manatee.
I had the smooth gangsta rock! Lol . Listen to Gangsta Rock by Elephant Man on
Theatre in the Park's "Elephant Man" has great Merrick & Mrs. Kendal, plus elegant sets and costumes. My N&O review:
Female wisdom guiding brute energies of her man & male relatives is natural order. Mahut astride an elephant
Elephants in the room. W/Bradley Cooper after his triumphant portrayal of John Merrick The Elephant Man at Haymarket. htt…
Imprisoning is like displaying the man back in the days when we were
There was a segment in life when the islands took over the radio. Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, Elephant Man... We was Jamaican. Lol
"I get 'fat head' at LFC, 'Elephant Man' at MCFC and 'Mr Potato Head' at West Brom. Is there something wrong with my head?"~Steve Bruce
Loving Keeper remembers the day he helped this tiny named Shukuru
Cage The Elephant (are back with a date at the Shrine (Info: https:…
= a tragic existence redeemed by a beautiful soul inside, rather like the Elephant Man
Samini sends warning to Alkaline, Elephant Man, others in new single, ‘Anytime’
My mother is the most embarrassing ever, a woman had a cat tattoo'ed on her *** so my Mum said 'ey a man could have an elephant' ffs😂😂
Opening night for Tin Roof's "The Elephant Man" at the Stage at Island Park. We run this week-end and next.
Unsure if "The Elephant Man" is your kind of show? Give it a try at Pay What You Can Night.
It's supposed to be a dog. Looks more like the Elephant Man.
The elephant man was in the 27 club. True story.
have you seen this man ... last seen with a paste brush in his hand running through the Elephant and castle.
Portugal the man and cage the elephant on June 3rd. I love my life
My hair hella long now Lmaooo I gotta decide whether I wanna trim this joint down a lil or turn into elephant man
Check out these little known facts about David Lynch’s The Elephant Man:
I'm going to see Cage the Elephant and Portugal. The Man 😭😭😭😭
THE ELEPHANT ROBE. As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge...
Arsenal fans to Costa: "Elephant man". Costa scores and takes away Arsenal's title. What a man.
what I've been up these past days. feat. cool elephant man reflection. enjoy!
my husband was 41! He looked like the Elephant Man. Spots on top of spots on top of spots!
Lets put more preasure on elephant man give us 3 points gers !!!
I wanna do so much before I die. zip line thru the rainforest, ride an elephant, snorkel in bora bora. tired of the Nebraska scene man
Cage The Elephant and Portugal the Man done done and done
I added a video to a playlist Elephant Man - Elephant Message
Little Giant Ladders
If the elephant man was set up with an average looking woman he'd be like "her?"
Just got my tickets to the Portugal. The Man & Cage The Elephant concert!!
Elephant man had hella hits back in the day lol
Ordinary People. Fine drama but better than Elephant Man or Raging Bull in 1980 for Best Picture?. 68/366 3/5
List of Childhood Heros I don't want to turn *** - . - Krull . - Ralphie Parker . - Elephant Man. - Dr. Emmett Brown . - Garp
When lil John and the Eastside boys and Elephant Man collaborated .lets just say I was that fast little girl poppin at the sock hop
The skull of Joseph Merrick, otherwise known as the "Elephant Man"~Mark.
Freak shows inspired Adam Pearson who has been compared to the Elephant Man - Daily Mail: Daily MailFreak show...
"Films are really good. You can get lost in them...Elephant Man, Kes, Mission Impossible 2" -Karl Pilkington
Bowie's "Elephant Man" left mark in Delco - The Delaware County Daily Times: Bowie's "Elephant Man" left mark ...
Elephant Man - Blazay on UDR Radio the home of Great African Hip Hop
Elephant Man the best island artist ever idc
Y'all out here talking about Ayesha Curry while Elephant Man still "remixing" songs. Let's just focus on the real issues he…
"Beautiful" by Christina Aguliera but sung in the style of John Merrick, the Elephant Man.
My top 4 shows of '15 Elephant Man & Bruce Forsyth
John Merrick in the streets, Elephant Man in the sheets.
Theater review | CATCO: Challenging 'Elephant Man' brings out actors' best...
‘Beyonce-Crazy in love Remix||Elephant Man, Ying Yang Twins, Bubba Sparxxx etc||Weed Smokers Riddim’ on
dear ladies,. “Ego is a man’s language. A man has an ego as large as an elephant but as fragile as an egg“
No ethics or mitigation: a golf course in Assam's forests is killing elephants.
Watch this elephant protect the man who rescued her. (Via
we were all seeing The Elephant Man sry :-\
What's with these weird animal hybrids. Dog-Man doesn't look too bad, but I just can't accept Elephant-Man.
When I totalled my truck and looked like elephant man. too bad you only had the throne for a week.
How did anyone ever take Elephant Man seriously with that lisp he has?
I saw it right at that age and was fine. However, I don't recommend the Elephant Man for 3 yr olds. Scarred me for life.
"It was legal and he did nothing wrong" Since when does law=ethics?-German man pays 60k to kill 50+ y/o Elephant
Cleverly will look like the elephant man in few hrs
Holy Crap! My fingers aren't working correctly! You DO NOT look like the elephant man!
Sorry man the people in politics are insane, I am sure they care more about the money than the animals! On way my...
Elephant defends man who is being attacked in front of him .
Sadly another wonderful animal was slaughtered for the sake of one selfish man, who took what was not his. What...
These hunts make me nuts. Such a small little man. Legal hunts for big elephants spark ferocious debate
Proteus syndrome causes uncontrolled growth of bone and tissue. Also called "Elephant Man Disease"
This is so sad, disheartening and sickening. I am ashamed of man. A German man in this case.
Rich man slaughters majestic elephant for fun. Makes me sad and confused.
Elephants have nothing to with golf, but we have everything to do with their future.
"Elephant trumpet is a bad man." -my 7 year old cousin, on Donald Trump 😂
My family is not appreciating the movie "The Elephant Man." Cmon people. Appreciate greatness.
That man was really looking for an elephant. I almost died that day.
.offers £40 to knock teeth out of man who killed Africa's biggest elephant http:/…
No matter how many times I've seen it, I just can't pass up The Elephant Man.
A baby elephant that lost her mother greets the man that is caring for her.
Sir Frederick Treves - who took the 'Elephant Man' into the sanctuary of the London Hospital http:…
ICYMI: A look at David Lynch's Th Elephant Man and Joseph Merrick, the real, Elephant Man
.please thank Mel for taking a chance on for Elephant Man.
CT scan of Joseph Merrick's skull - the 'Elephant Man' spent his last days at London Hospital
What's w/face?-understudy "Bride of Elephant Man" or going all Pokeymon Jiggly Puff or MsPiggy II?
didn't have the patience to be to of my class at graduation. But I still have the mind of an elderly man and the memory of an elephant
Elephant man,Born in Kingston, Jamaica, he started out his musical career as a member of the Scare Dem Crew,
The Elephant Man (1980) was truly magnificent on the big screen.
dude looks crazy deformed more like the Elephant Man
Everyone in the world needs to see The Elephant Man at least once. ❤️ ✌
Spending Friday w/ & at 35th anniversary screening of The Elephant Man 👍
At the Elephant Man screening inside the TCL Chinese Theater! @ Grauman's Chinese Theater
Forgery preschool – white elephant inner man space headed for go by topping cross-grained way in your niche!:…
I'm sorry for using the wrong pronoun. Is Goblin or Elephant-Man pronouns?
You're not supposed run from a charging elephant, what you're supposed to do is terrifying
See you all at THE ELEPHANT MAN 35TH ANNIVERSARY SCREENING inside the Chinese theaters in Hollywood tonight
While in England making THE ELEPHANT MAN David Lynch created this "Fish Kit."
Tonight at 9 pm presents The Elephant Man at Tickets -
Roland Rees: Theatre director who occupied a central role on the fringe and was haile
My roommate told me I should get a tattoo of Iron Man riding a purple elephant 😂😂😂 my 3 favorite things
On holiday in Kilkenny and went to see the KATS performance of The Elephant Man. was awesome as Dr Treves. (kudos to Fergus too)
Elephant charges, and man does the exact right thing
I've been watching The Knick and somehow my heart is now set on the Elephant Man showing up in a Stan Lee-esque cameo
You would've thought my whole family was Jamaican back when Sean Paul & Elephant Man was on top of the world
Elephant Man has had the whole Dulux Line of Pastel Paint Colours in his hair, I wish work would allow me to be so outlandish with mine..
Thanks Jay ~ A Man Of Taste ~ Play It Loud. My son got scared of the elephant horns at the beginning !
Everybody fi a do bogle move 🔫 coming out soon look out!! Elephant man Bogle move . New empire records - wire dem
Oops... Harare - A Zimbabwean man has been trampled to death by an elephant in the top resort town of Victoria...
50 mls from Lincoln but only 10 from Loughborough! Home to Richard III, The Elephant Man, Walkers Crisps and of course Tetenal!
Why do I always get the big sweaty elephant man lookalike sitting next to me ffs
for years i've wanted someone to make Elephant Man The Musical as featured in The Tall Guy
Fie upon humanity that calleth me the elephant man! I too am human, I too am capable of love! 😩
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Aha! I wondered why he was visiting the Elephant Man exhibition recently!
When an Elephant falls under the cowardly shots of a man the whole earth trembles. - Sign it! htt…
The skeleton of Joseph Merrick aka 'the Elephant Man' is in a private room in our Whitechapel campus.
There once was a chick. I killed the Elephant Man. It's never lupus.
If I like you an we hump you get the trey songs playlist. But if we just *** you get the beanie man and elephant man …
Personal story about being a huge fan of a man…who becomes a woman. on Jenner & more:
Elephant babies are bare dumb sometimes man... Not everyday play lool
Elephant man named one of his dogs "pon de river" and the other "jook gyal" 😩😩😩
Teacher: What did you do this summer?. Me: Enough hard drugs to kill a large man... Or a small elephant.
On tonight's Man killed by elephant after crowds follow herd.
wait till he's in the elephant man of war. I told you people Martin was an Anti hero
Don't wanna bore but. India is doing some great work on elephant-man conflict. One such is Whitley winner Ananda Kumar 
telling me I looked like the elephant man
Bradley Cooper exits London's Theatre Royal Haymarket after last Elephant Man - Daily Mail
Irina Shayk heads back to Bradley Cooper's after Elephant Man wraps via
Back when thought I sounded like John Merrick from the movie the Elephant Man. And the name stuck
It would've been the Elephant Man's but the Michael Jackson estate has a death grip on it.
Elephant Man - London Suede - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
Two pictures of Jamie at Bradley Cooper's Broadway Show 'The Elephant Man' in London yesterday …
Mon: Oliver Twist child slave gangs in UK, 5 Star review for Bradley Cooper in Elephant Man and Matisse wins BGT.
The reviews are in for Bradley Cooper's "Elephant Man" in London: & &
★★★★ Bradley Cooper is terrific in the West End's Elephant Man .
Irina Shayk with Bradley Cooper at Elephant Man gala along with Anna Wintour and Joan Collins
INTERVIEW: Bradley Cooper: 'Who knew the Elephant Man was so good for a laugh? As is traditional for stage act...
love a good shoe, ha. Helen Mirren must have been amazing. Seeing Bradley Cooper in Elephant Man for my bday. Pumped.
the David Lynch exhibition was interesting. Like the short films he made. I need to get a hold of Elephant Man & this Nicholas-
The True History of the Elephant Man by Michael Howell & Peter Ford
The skeleton of Joseph Merrick, the 'Elephant Man' is still kept at the London Hospital
I liked a video from Andre Marshall "Move Around" by Diplo ft. Elephant Man & GTA
lol.(elephant man). I am NOT a DJ. That was a drunk send from drafts. .like the pic I sent from the show last night
Some of these drugs eff your face up. Got a wedding to go to and I look like the elephant man.
Man killed by elephant in Dooars, India -
All my followers are slobs and i hope you all get fisted by the elephant man
Man city will disfigure so badly. That fluke midfield of carrick, herrera will be exposed by the elephant man
so true man , so true. I finally found the elephant tattoo I want to get
Earth Changes: Man killed by elephant in Dooars, India: A herd of elephants entered Karbela tea garden of Dooa...
Feel like the elephant man here alright Joleon Lescott lad
Man killed by elephant in Dooars, India -- Earth Changes --
News: 'Elephant man' to give NHS one last chance before flying to India for operation - Aberdeen Press and Journal
FACT Joseph Merrick, 'the Elephant Man' was a 19th-century Englishman who suffered disfigurement from a still-incurable disease.
Man suffers grievous injuries in elephant attack in Wayanad - The Hindu
Man killed by elephant in Dooars, India
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