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Life after Life Kate Atkinson or the Neapolitan novels of Elena Ferrante. Or- The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry.
Elena Ferrante on 'frantumaglia' - the 'bits and pieces of uncertain origin' that spark an idea for a story:
for sheer outrageousness and realness of a woman scorned: Elena Ferrante's Days of Abandonment
On “Frantumaglia: A Writer’s Journey,” a collection of press interviews, editorial correspondence and other ephemera
"Another lovely and brutal glimpse of female subtext."thoughtful take on Ferrante's children's boo…
BOXED SET of THE NEAPOLITAN NOVELS by Elena Ferrante available to Providence Athenæum members as an eBook!
On page 32 of 327 of L'amica geniale, by Elena Ferrante
"Creating the persona of Elena Ferrante allows her to go to that place of unspeakability."
John Turturro is not a fan of Elena Ferrante's 'unmasking'
.isn't happy about Elena Ferrante's 'unmasking'
On page 251 of 480 of The Story of the Lost, by Elena Ferrante: " was the hope of p...
A lot of things are hiding in plain sight.
Can't decide what to read next?. This week Book Marks added the following titles: FRANTUMAGLIA by Elena Ferrante, GHOSTLAND by Colin Dickey..
How the remarkable working class novelist Elena Ferrante is boosting Naples tourism.
I haven't been able to finish the second Elena Ferrante book bc my arms keep getting too tired from holding it up I wish this was a joke
This months bookclub is ready! My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. Discussion points and an awesome recipe! https:…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Outing Elena Ferrante, a German translator whose mother fled the Holocaust. At least her husband is from Naples: https…
Is there an untapped value for authors in anonymity? via
It's my Page Six debut -- and John Turturro is not happy about Elena Ferrante's unveiling
"She said that inside her she had a frantumaglia, a jumble of fragments" ~ Elena Ferrante
John Turturro is not a fan of Elena Ferrante’s ‘unmasking’
On page 100 of The Story of a New Name, by Elena Ferrante
A life in pieces on Ferrante's Frantumaglia
Great essay in by Elaine Blair on Frantumaglia: A Writer’s Journey by
A life in pieces: on Ferrante's Frantumaglia
Frantumaglia by Elena Ferrante: a life in pieces - The
Anonymous like Elena Ferrante could be onto something great
"John Turturro is an Elena Ferrante fan and thinks more men should be, too"
on the politicization of Elena Ferrante and why we should "rehabilitate the concept of the *** " https:/…
Marked as to-read: L'amica geniale by Elena Ferrante
I sympathize with Elena Ferrante, I'd like to be an anonymous too
"an addictive, powerful, and disquieting miscellany" on Ferrante's FRANTUMAGLIA
REVIEW: Elena Ferrante's New Book: the Delightful, the Banal, and the Moral Questions
thought you might be interested in one of these Elena Ferrante panels:
Elena Ferrante's new book: The delightful, banal, and moral questions by Maria Laurino via
Graham Hill, Elena Ferrante, Radio Luxembourg and of course, Bros. my column in tomorrow's Daily Express.
If you want to read something really interesting about Elena Ferrante today, this:
Re those last RTs. Maybe Elena Ferrante has very good reasons to write under a pseudonym. It's not our 'right' to know her.
Shame on and Claudio Gatti for revealing Elena Ferrante's identity. No one had any "right" to know she was.…
I will not share the NYRB piece on Elena Ferrante's identity. I will, however, share this great rebuke:
Elena Ferrante is Elena Ferrante. The person doffing her mantle does not need to be revealed.
The refreshing part about today is that I have not read a single pro argument for Elena Ferrante/NYRB. We're ALL mad & want to draw blood.
I've never wondered about Elena Ferrante's true identity. Who cares? That info doesn't change my life. Or make her books better.…
After three seconds of contemplation it now seems possible to make a powerful case for leaving Elena Ferrante alone to…
Wait, HE was Elena Ferrante the whole time?
*elena Ferrante* Spelling and memory not my strengths
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Instead of clicking on that piece revealing Elena Ferrante's identity, read on why it doesn't matter htt…
Sure, NYRB doxxed Elena Ferrante. More importantly, an 11-room, 2,500sq.f apartment on one of the nicest streets in Rome costs…
"Books, once they are written, have no need of their authors.". --Elena Ferrante
I'm not thrilled about the unmasking of Elena Ferrante but I don't think it has very much to do with her being a woman.
Can someone get that "Leave Britney Alone" guy to do a vid for Elena Ferrante?
Lili's thread on Elena Ferrante is crucial reading.
Why couldn't they just have let Elena Ferrante be a literary Daft Punk?
Elena Ferrante has been very open and clear about why her pseudonymity was purposeful and necessary.
This is an excellent thread on the gendered violence of unmasking Elena Ferrante
Do we need to know who the real is? Read my review of her Neapolitan series here:…
Could this Italian journalist have unmasked Elena Ferrante?
I wish thought harder about why the daughter of a Holocaust refugee in Italy might’ve craved pseudonymity: https:/…
Elena Ferrante's identity revealed: she is Anita Raja, daughter of a Polish Jewish mother, born in Rome 1953. She...
broadcast by Report: Identity of author Elena Ferrante revealed
Important thread re women writers and the Elena Ferrante "unmasking" cc
Elena Ferrante: literary storm as Italian reporter 'identifies' author - the guardian
Who is the real Elena Ferrante? An Italian journalist says he has an answer.
Male journalist outs female writer who wanted anonymity via
Men refuse to grant successful women privacy, so I suppose it makes sense that one of them would hunt Elena Ferrante down…
Shameful. If Elena Ferrante doesn't write another book, it is because of the attention-hungry egos of Claudio Gatti &…
Congrats to all the news organizations who missed the Panama Papers but really made up for it by uncovering Elena Ferrante.
Who else here would rather uncover Trump's taxes than Elena Ferrante's identity?
This by is right and angry and incisive on why the doxing of Elena Ferrante is so odious
I don't understand this desire to know Elena Ferrante's "true" identity.
The identity of the author Elena Ferrante may be a step closer to a solution.
"Individuals without love are a danger to themselves and to others.” -Elena Ferrante
Feeling pretty suspicious about Donald Trump's claims that he's Elena Ferrante.
Read this thread on the outing of Elena Ferrante
"The biggest mystery outside Italy about Italy is who is Elena Ferrante" A literary mystery deepens
There's a girl in Bushwick who always tells me Elena Ferrante is her friend. I just nod because I don't care enough to ch…
Wondering what people make of these revelations by the Italian investigative journalist Claudio Gatti, who...
Amy Schumer loves Elena Ferrante, but won't read her right before bed. |
The best one yet? "I read everything by Elena Ferrante, whoever she is." Amy Schumer: By the Book
"Broadchurch written by Elena Ferrante" Claire Messud on Only £1.99 on Kobo!
“Writing Is an Act of Pride”: A Conversation with Elena Ferrante - The New Yorker
Something to sate Ferrante fever- with a much better cover this time. Little bit of Francesca Woodman.
I have now read 3 of the 4 Elena Ferrante Neapolitan novels: I need the next one
3 of 5 stars to My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
The subtle art of translating foreign fiction: From Scandinavian crime to Elena Ferrante and Karl Ove Knausag...
Fourth of July reading list: from the Hamilton biography to Elena Ferrante
Question. Would you rather know the truth behind Elena Ferrante, or Chuck Tingle? What if they're the same person?!?
Elena Ferrante and Clarice Lispector up for Best Translated Book award
This whirlwind Italy tour gives you 9 days to find Elena Ferrante
Elena Ferrante lines up for the Man Booker International Prize (News)
An Italian writer who goes by the pseudonym Elena Ferrante is among 13 longlisted authors for the Man Booker International Prize.
Translator of Elena Ferrante and Primo Levi this is one Not to miss.
My hero: Margaret Drabble on Elena Ferrante, who was shortlisted last wk for International.
A historian tried to out anonymous author Elena Ferrante. He was way off! Ferrante is actually William "The Refrigerator" Perry.
The Story of the Lost Child, by Elena Ferrante, longlisted for the 2016 Man Booker International Prize
Storytelling at its best. Translator Ann Goldstein deserves credit too. My hero: Elena Ferrante by Margaret Drabble
Love this. One great writer paying tribute to another. My hero: Elena Ferrante by Margaret Drabble
The Jewish translator behind Elena Ferrante — and Primo Levi: NEW YORK (JTA) — It was back in the fall, at an ...
Speaking as Linda Grant I'd give my right arm to write like Elena Ferrante
Elena Ferrante, John Buchan and Toad of Toad Hall – an Q&A with
Floating libraries, Elena Ferrante tourism, sex writing, + more lit links to read this week
I asked my aunt from Italy if she's heard of Elena Ferrante and she hasn't. So we're not that pathetic.
This morning on the B-train the ppl sitting across from me were reading Maggie Nelson, David Hume, and Elena Ferrante.
An international reading list that goes beyond Elena Ferrante. Check it! Props to Susan Harris, Eric M. B. Becker
My are My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, and the Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, because I've never read it
Elena Ferrante's amazing, or (if you've not read) Lev Grossman's The Magicians is a bit Secret-History-in-Narnia. Seriously.
I've spent all day doing admin and I'm not through yet. Just. Want. To. Read. Elena. Ferrante. *bangs-head-on-wall*
Why doesn't America have an Elena Ferrante? Stories of economic ascent + the American Dream"
You're a writer..make something of it. These are decisive times, everything is turning upside down. Participate, be present. Elena Ferrante
Dunno, I read Troubling Love in translation (and thought it pretty middling.
book club - the brilliant My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante - tonight. Roosevelvis is a hard act to follow though.
"Take Elena Ferrante. Again and again I pick up her novels and again and again I give up around page fifty.".
Tim Parks thinks Elena Ferrante is overrated af.
An analysis of the parts of Elena Ferrante's novels
I wrote about passion, lust, disaster, infatuation, fear, and Chris Kraus and Elena Ferrante:
"In the East Village in the early naughts, where the primary music was a steady buzz of receipts being printed...
I've been thinking about this too. This is one of my top 'books that should be written that don't exist yet'
Gunna drink beer and read Elena Ferrante BYE!!
"There’s great literature to be written about people being frozen in place by their origins, incomes, and jobs."
the most American response to Elena Ferrante's success:
“I don’t think anyone really knows how a story takes shape.” —Elena Ferrante
All purpose parts banner
MY BRILLIANT FRIEND/Elena Ferrante: Intense, affecting portrait of 2 young women coming of age in Naples, Italy.
When Ethan Hawke is the third person in a week to recommend the Elena Ferrante books to you, you buy them.
"The most successful contemporary novels about the American Dream are coming from Italy."
why are the best recent novels about the American dream.. about Italy.. great piece
Why Doesn’t America Have An Elena Ferrante - This Neapolitan Series was already on my must read list. After...
Not up in arms, exactly, but not a big fan.
Scored big at the McClennan County Library booksale! E. Waugh, Mark Helprin, Elena Ferrante, Graham Greene, Blessed Paul John III, and more.
Found an outlet for my writing about Elena Ferrante's Ischia for
Elena Ferrante's Ischia: an Italian island paradise: Few works of fiction have captured the sultry gr...
also, in answer to your first question: read everything by Tove Jansson + Elena Ferrante
Toni Morrison's Sula (and Nel) reminded me so much of Elena Ferrante's Lila (and Lenu). Such an alive novel!
Will the Strega Prize draw reclusive author Elena Ferrante into the spotlight?
Our new interviews with Elena Ferrante, Hilary Mantel, and Lydia Davis are now online.
At party last night, Antonia Fraser recommended to me Elena Ferrante, "in the same class as Stefan Zweig" - …
Listen back to Jane Austen's Emma at 200 and find out about the enigmatic Elena Ferrante.
Interviews with Hilary Mantel, plus the first-ever in-person interview the elusive Italian novelist Elena Ferrante.
I want that one! Almost finished Station Eleven. Not sure what next really enjoyed first Elena Ferrante so might go for 2nd
This best of '14 from & inc. Elena Ferrante & Marina Keegan is ace. Plus some 2015 titles :)
So excited for the new on which Karl Ove Knausgaard tracks down the real Elena Ferrante
Elena Ferrante on James Wood. Seems to me unusual for a writer to respond positively to a critic in this way.
Remember when Jhumpa Lahiri wrote an open letter to Elena Ferrante? does:
Lovely on Elena Ferrante and wanting to know who your author-spirit guides REALLY ARE:
"The Weight of Language": secretive but now even US-bestselling author Elena Ferrante on 'Madame Bovary' http:…
It's up! Check out our September issue: Lawrence Wright, Elena Ferrante, Joseph Boyden, Nick Harkaway and more.
First match of today: Elena Ferrante knocks off Zadie Smith.
Italy vs. England. Elena Ferrante vs. Zadie Smith. This one was close . . .
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