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Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) were a British rock group from Birmingham who released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and another album in 2001. ELO were formed to accommodate Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne's desire to create modern rock and pop songs with classical overtones.

Jeff Lynne Bring Me Down Roll Over Beethoven Elton John Telephone Line Paul McCartney Strange Magic American Hustle Bev Bevan Pink Floyd John Lennon Roy Wood Greatest Hits George Harrison Led Zeppelin Dire Straits Ozzy Osbourne

Listen to Turn To Stone by Electric Light Orchestra on
Mr. Blue Sky Supportin is special especially away from home! We played this very loud & proud on way home
Now playing: "Tightrope" by Electric Light Orchestra from 'A New World Record [2006 remaster]'
Livin' Thing by Electric Light Orchestra from the album ELO's Greatest Hits. Listen at
This is the best Electric Light Orchestra - Hold On Tight on
The Queen and Electric Light Orchestra harmonies are so distinct and fit in our songs so well
ann. of Kelly Groucutt (in Coseley, West Midlands), bassist & vocalist for Electric Light Orchestra between '74 & '83.
I liked a video Electric Light Orchestra - Wishing (1979)
Boy, I've really gone all-in on Electric Light Orchestra in the past month.
I liked a video from Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (Official Music Video)
Mr. Rain with a possibility of Tornados Sky - Electric Light Orchestra
in the Treehouse : Electric Light Orchestra - All over the world ... Tune In at
This is the best now playing Electric Light Orchestra - Hold On Tight on
I added a video to a playlist Electric Light Orchestra - Last Train to London
Turn To Stone by Electric Light Orchestra - Listen: - iTunes:
in the Treehouse : Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone ... Tune In at
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in the Treehouse : Electric Light Orchestra - Telephone Line ... Tune In at
I'm Alive by Electric Light Orchestra can't wait to see this tonight ♫
😢 Pls tell me the ELO rating is a comparison to the band Electric Light Orchestra...
Listening to Don't Bring Me Down by Electric Light Orchestra, on my Echo!
X. Bloody *** this was 15 years ago. Electric Light Orchestra "Turn To Stone" Live. I believe was there:).
39 years ago, Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra entered the chart... ♫
Just watched a clip of Klopp having a good laugh with a translator who looked like Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra
the greatest since until Now playing Electric Light Orchestra: Hold On Tight on
Pray silence please, for the Electric Light Orchestra
Listening to 'Time' by Electric Light Orchestra for the first time in a while. Hot *** this is a great album!
listener request and : Electric Light Orchestra - All Over The World at
How can Electric Light Orchestra not in RnR Hall Of Fame? Jeff Lynne? Moody Blues too. Criminal.
In a Cleveland bar rockin out to this! - Strange Magic by Electric Light Orchestra, found with Shazam
Listening to Electric Light Orchestra - Laredo Tornado on Chestnut Radio via
Not sure where to start with ELO? Enjoy our "best of" playlist for Electric Light Orchestra
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listener request and : Electric Light Orchestra - Four Little Diamonds at
Hold on Tight by Electric Light Orchestra - Listen: - iTunes:
Don't Bring Me Down - Electric Light Orchestra now playing on :
*to the tune of Electric Light Orchestra's Evil Woman*. e-evil pizza
Listened to the new 'Alone in the Universe' record by Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) on me iPod and it's fookin' good.
I'm listening to Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra on
Electric Light Orchestra is the most underrated band
Livin' Thing - Electric Light Orchestra. Peaked at in the U.S. for three months at Woolidge's house.
The Orchestra, featuring former members of Electric Light Orchestra plays at the Superstar Theater on 1/2! Tickets:
Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Original Soundtrack ♫
now playing Electric Light Orchestra - 13 - Mr. Blue Sky
Electric Light Orchestra took their Beatles fixation up a notch on 1977’s Out of the Blue
Cooking yummy stuff — listening to Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light Orchestra is such an underrated band. Those dudes jam.
now playing: Electric Light Orchestra - Yours Truly, 2095 (Requested by Crazywictor Resident)
EVIL WOMAN by ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA is playing on Houston's Eagle soon!
From Electric Light Orchestra to one-man band, Jeff Lynne talks about his new solo album
On the Third Day - Electric Light Orchestra: On the Third Day by Electr...
Out of the Blue - Electric Light Orchestra: Out of the Blue by Electric...
Strange Magic - Electric Light Orchestra now playing on :
I just convinced my dad Electric Light Orchestra belong in the rock n roll hall of fame.
Electric Light Orchestra song plays & barista in cafe says, "is this Paul McCartney and Wings?" . Parents, educate your children
All of a sudden Monday ain't so bad. Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra ♫
Check us out at Turn To Stone Electric Light Orchestra
Now playing on Electric Light Orchestra - Xanadu - Buy this song!
From the End of the World by Electric Light Orchestra ♫
Last Train To London - Electric Light Orchestra # There was music all around. It felt so right.
Now playing on Electric Light Orchestra - Roll Over Beethoven - Buy this song!
Birmingham Blues by Electric Light Orchestra from album Out of the Blue
Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra is in Mad Hatter Hookah, Hiram. Download it now at
a funny thing that could happen at a funeral is if Electric Light Orchestra's "Do Ya" kept coming on during the really quiet, somber moments
Zoom is likely the best Electric Light Orchestra album you’ve never heard
BCPAC to welcome Strange Magic, tribute to Electric Light Orchestra, during new Tuesday Tribute Concert Series.
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky. This song always cheers me up on a bad day. . It helps me stave off anxiety.
Whenever I see a picture of Jeff Lynne (lead singer of Electric Light Orchestra) all I can think of is he looks like Bob Ross with less hair
Electric Light Orchestra is the only thing that could get me through this extra 20 hours of travel time
Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, on stage and in color. What would your dream ELO set list look like?
Electric Light Orchestra is one of my favorite bands ever!
Dutch Bros and ELO...rain, snow and little b... Good morning – ♫Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra, from
Current ear candy: The Whale by Electric Light Orchestra (via and Spotify)
if you need to feel happy, listen to this. ♫ Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light Orchestra ~ '10538 Overture' from the album Flashback (Disc 1) [1970]
♫Shine a Little Love by Electric Light Orchestra, from with LiveLyrics®
The only Grammy performance I saw was Electric Light Orchestra :|
Electric Light Orchestra - Last Train to London: via Woke up with this tune in my head...
. Lady Madonna, Happy and Electric Light Orchestra were excellent, but the best was The Trio, "4 to 5 min to..."
ELO was originally called 'The Electric Light', but after some heavy drinking decided to add the 'Orchestra' thing . . . to kick it up.
Here's a supergroup we never knew we needed: Ed Sheeran with Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra at the
Paul McCartney, Electric Light Orchestra, and John Mayer were the only good parts of the Grammy's.
Leah performs at the 2015 Grammys with Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra with special guest Ed Sheeran!
Reasons I'm going to watch the Grammys: . 1. Sir Paul McCartney. 2. Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra. 3. Dwight Yoakam
Sam Smith now has to share a portion of royalties from his hit song "Stay With Me" with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra fame.
Written by: Vandita Geoffrey ‘Jake’ Commander, a 66-year-old British rock guitarist who’s worked with George Harrison, Elton John and Electric Light Orchestra, was given a 10-day jail sentence for participating in the December 2010 Operation Payback, an Anonymous campaign that brought down many fi…
December 30th Birthdays: Jeff Lynne-singer & guitarist for Electric Light Orchestra born in 1947 Bo Diddley born in 1928 Felix Pappalardi-bassist for Mountain born in 1939 Patti Smith born in 1946 1999: George Harrison was stabbed by an intruder who broke into his home in the U.K. His wife Olivia hit the intruder over the head with a lamp & son Dhani detained him until police arrived. Harrison suffered a collapsed lung, but eventually recovered. 1999: Dire Straits singer & guitarist Mark Knopfler was awarded Order of the British Empire status by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to music. 1992: ZZ Top filed a $115 million lawsuit against Mitsubishi Motor Sales, and Gray Advertising, alleging copyright infringement over use of their song “La Grange” for a series of TV commercials in the U.S. which ran in 1990 & 1991. 1991: Bruce Springsteen’s wife, bandmate Patti Scialfa gave birth to their second child, a daughter named Jessica Rae. 1989: Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic married longtime girlfriend ...
Now playing: Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra on & via TuneIn app
Sun is shinin' in the sky. There ain't a cloud in sight ♫ Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra
Fourty Three years ago today (3rd December 1971) the first Electric Light Orchestra album was released called ELO (Harvest SHVL 797). The songs were recorded between July 1970 and June 1971 In the USA the album was released in early 1972 as No Answer (UAS 5573), after a misunderstood telephone message made by a United Artists Records executive asking about the album name. The caller, having failed to reach the ELO contact, wrote down "no answer" in his notes, and this was later misconstrued to be the name of the album.
You just missed Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Magic | Tune in now 50s Thru 80s 4 Decades of My Faves
The music reversible, but time is not. Turn back, turn back. ~ Electric Light Orchestra, Fire On High
1944 - Electric Light Orchestra drummer Bev Bevan is b... -
Rain, Electric Light Orchestra on vinyl, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, and some good reading. All nights post work should be like this.
Here's a Classic Christmas video. That time someone set their house lights to Electric Light Orchestra. I think.
People who don't get happier when they hear an Electric Light Orchestra song scare me.
If you've never played Electric Light Orchestra for your kids then why are you even a parent
"You made a fool of me, but them broken dreams have got to end." Electric Light Orchestra. E.L.O. (Evil Woman):
Bev Bevan of Electric Light Orchestra is 70 years old today.
A very happy 70th birthday today to Bev Bevan, drummer for the Electric Light Orchestra.
Happy Birthday to Bev Bevan, drummer with The Move and the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), 70 today. My favourite...
Be sure to tune in to These Days on WDVR, 89.7 FM and, on Monday from 5:00-6:00 p.m. On Monday, November 24, Gordon T. Ward will welcome Eric Troyer into the WDVR studio. An Indiana native, Eric Troyer's professional resume reads like a who's who of rock history. His voice can be heard on mega hits such as "Woman" by John Lennon, "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler and on songs by Aerosmith, James Taylor, Meatloaf, Kiss, Lou Reed and many others. A founding member of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) Part II, which is now called The Orchestra, Troyer's distinctive voice and keyboards – not to mention his tireless work ethic – have been a staple of the band for more than 20 years. Eric has managed to survive years of exposure to the highest levels of rock and roll insanity with his good humor intact. Eric is a health nut and history buff, and, when he is not touring with The Orchestra, he is often found in Charlestown Road Studio, his recording studio i ...
A teaser film to promote the Electric Light Orchestra Mixtape by Chris Read. Chris has produced this with WhoSampled in conjunction with the Kelly Groucutt b...
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky: via Quite ironic on a day like this!!!
Now Playing: Electric Light Orchestra (The) - Turn To Stone **to make a request visit
I'm listening to Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchestra on
The very best of the electric light orchestra CD 1994 via eBay
Classic Rock Hits Variety like Electric Light Orchestra - right now on Bay Ridge Radio!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
You are listening to Telephone Line - Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light Orchestra, Weed, Thoughts of mind and happiness. Tonight is good, Not everyone can have this.
listener request and : Electric Light Orchestra - Rockaria at
I'm listening to Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra on
If there was a house fire I'd probs save my electric light orchestra vinyl first
Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Magic. Y'all go listen to that.
ELO is back & may even record a new album. Watch them perform for 1st time in decades here: .
Electric light orchestra so much better than the Beatles their so under rated
Every time I hear Fire on High by the Electric Light Orchestra I imagine the conductor is Leopold Stravinsky cosplaying Bugs Bunny :D
They invented punk to rid the world of this. . . Electric Light Orchestra - Livin' Thing
Electric Light Orchestra's Jeff Lynne confirms he is working on a new album
Xanadu by Olivia Newton-John & Electric Light Orchestra from: Xanadu - Original Soundtrack
MUSIC NOTES: The story & return of the Electric Light Orchestra:
King Crimson, Kansas, Electric Light Orchestra, Peter Gabriel fronted Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer. Try them all out
Just watching Electric Light Orchestra on the Hyde park concert. Amazing to see the boys (and girls) again.
Epic/Legacy's 2005 release All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra is the latest installment in the seemingly endless series of ELO comps. Si...
Jeff Lynne hints at further dates as ELO play first full show in 28 years
"Just so you are aware of your influence ... We were at the beach this week and after a week of good behavior, I took Claire (from Hawfields) to pick out a surprise from one of those awful beach stores (with rows and rows of T-shirts, sand toys, etc). Her choice amid all this . A ukulele! Thanks for teaching our kids so much about music ... We try to change up the music in the car, and she has recently been listening to ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) from the 70s ... She is able to pick out the string instruments, piano, drums, guitars, etc ... Love that she can do this at such a young age (and especially since her dad and I have no musical gifts)!" ~ Meggan, parent from Hawfields Child Development Center, Mebane, NC
I want to start an Electric Light Orchestra cover band
My neighbor disapproves of my choice of music when I design at 2am in the morning - what's there not to like about Guns N' Roses, Electric Light Orchestra, Girls Generation, Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, Pet Shop Boys and the Killers?
I will never get tired of Electric Light Orchestra radio on Ever.
Last night, I was lucky enough to be here... via Mindblowing!
Sometime when Sue is into her bummer phase. Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down.
The song "Last Train to London" from Electric Light Orchestra makes me want to get a bass instead of a guitar
Now Playing: Electric Light Orchestra (The) - Mr. Blue Sky **to make a request visit
How on earth did I miss ELO at Hyde Park !!!? GUTTED. via
You mihjt be interested in my ELO piece here
Sang along to most of this last night; would love to see a proper concert…"ELO – school-disco joy for 70s maximalism
Jeff Lynne’s ELO review – school-disco joy for 1970s maximalism 5 stars, people. There might be a world tour.
Music news: Jeff Lynnes ELO review school-disco joy for 1970s maximalism
My review of ELO's fantastic spectacle last night.
Something very special indeed to close the show for this year's Festival In A Day. We're delighted to have Jeff Lynne's legendary ELO performing on a festival stage for the first time in 28 years. Formed in Birmingham in 1970, the Electric Light Orchestra went on to become one of the most successful…
I saw the Electric Light Orchestra last in 1981, and watching Jeff Lynne playing Mr Blue Sky now on the BBC red button service. Forgot how mega awesome ELO are.Roll Over Beethoven! :-)
We are Electric Light Orchestra on - This is: Roll Over Beethoven.
I voted in the and am listening to Living Thing by Electric Light Orchestra
"All Over The World" by Electric Light Orchestra from the Xanadu soundtrack on MCA Records.
Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down they don't make erm like this anymore
We are Electric Light Orchestra on - This is: Hold On Tight.
djcallirose is playing Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman
I'm listening to "Sweet Talkin' Woman" by Electric Light Orchestra on Pandora
Way too much fun last night with my best friend. Electric light Orchestra.
You are listening now:. Hold On Tight, of Electric Light Orchestra. Listen this in
♫ listening to Electric Light Orchestra - Sorrow About to Fall ♫ //
Song of the day: Mr. Blue sky by Electric Light Orchestra
Check out Jeff Lynne to Perform with Electric Light Orchestra at Hyde Park
American Hustle titles and ending song. 10538 Overture by Electric Light Orchestra
Listening to the American Hustle soundtrack. Electric Light Orchestra's Long Black Road is just superb...
Until the day that Jeff Lynne returns to the stage with his Electric Light Orchestra, the next best thing for his legion of fans remains the ELO Experience, which returns to Preston Guild Hall tomorrow night.
Has all the groups kids like. Electric Light Orchestra, John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas, and of course Sebastian Cabot.
Evil Woman by the band Electric Light Orchestra. Arguably their biggest hit.
"Evil Woman" is a song written and recorded by Electric Light Orchestra. First released on the band's fifth album, 1975's Face the Music. Released as a singl...
Mission (A World Record) is an Electric Light Orchestra's song, from the album A New World Record, composed by Jeff Lynne. Lyrics: This is Yerffej Ennyl, cal...
It's 4:25 in the afternoon and I'm having one of those days on the radio where I just enjoy spinning vinyl like Annette Funicello's "Hawaiiannette" album with her classic song "Pineapple Princess" in a set of music that includes the Electric Light Orchestra, The Bangles, Pilot, Raspberries, Big Star, Badfinger, Julie London, Paul McCartney, Norman Greenbaum, The Four Tops and to close that music sweep with Foreigner's "Urgent". It's a wonder why the Maui radio audience still puts up with me. I feel fortunate to still be on the air after all of these decades.
The debut recording by Electric Light Orchestra, The Isley Brothers, and The Chicago Transit Authority are here at "The 70s At Seven"...
Electric Light Orchestra with Long Black Road featured in the movie American Hustle starring Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams ...
To commemorate American Hustle winning bupkiss last night, I'm listening to 10538 Overture by Electric Light Orchestra on repeat!
Roll Over Beethoven by Electric Light Orchestra. Brought to you by The Heartbeat of Hout Bay - Republic Radio -
Ok, I was tagged by my brother, Dalton Sullivan, to name my top 10 albums. I had to think about it, but here goes: 1. REO Speedwagon. - Ridin the Storm Out 2. Kansas - Leftoverture 3. Styx - The Grand Illusion 4. Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band - Live Bullet 5. Boston - Boston 6. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - The Essential ELO 7. Ken Burns Collection of Jazz 8. Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Center of the Earth 9. Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allen Poe 10. Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good 10. Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass - Whipped Cream and Other Delights Per the rules I'll now tag some people who have to post their favorites: Sheila Cox Sullivan Curt Sullivan Summer Smith Lauren Shutter Kevin Sigmon Sam Bates Lynn Current Deb Holiman Have fun...
METAIRIE, LA - The lineup for Family Gras 2014 was released Tuesday morning. Headliners for this year's free event include Cowboy Mouth, Amanda Shaw, Steve Augeri of Journey, Electric Light Orchestra, Courtney Cole, Blood Sweat and Tears, Wilson Phillips and Montgomery Gentry. On Friday, revelers will usher in the Krewe of Excalibur to the music of Cowboy Mouth. On Sunday, Montgomery Gentry will welcome The Krewe of Atlas. Also unveiled Tuesday was the completed Mardi Gras plaza, a permanent festival site for Family Gras as well as smaller events throughout the year. The Mardi Gras Plaza design includes all past and present Jefferson Parish Carnival Krewes which are depicted within concrete-edged medallions of carnival beads within the landscaping. Family Gras will be held February 21-23 beside Lakeside Mall. For more information on Family
Electric Light Orchestra - ELO2 First listen. So far, Momma and Roll Over Beethoven are the only redeeming features.
Fifth Avenue Fret Shop Full Catalog Retrospective Artist today is Electric Light Orchestra. Classic 70's Rock, with strings. Jeff Lynne was the badass, and penned most of the hits. I loved them when I was a young fella, mostly cause they were proggy. Lets see how they hold up.
I want to share my Todd story. 9 years ago (during my first run at Ridenhour Music) I was kind of learning who was who with music in Roanoke because I had spent the past 8 years in Charlotte so I was way out of the loop. Anyhow I noticed the repeat customers and from time to time I noticed this really cool smiley guy who looked like Jeff Lynn from Electric Light Orchestra (sunglasses and all) would come in the store and buy drumsticks. I was always curious about him and I remember Jerry Ridenhour told me one day he was from Flat Five Recording Studio a few doors down and he was an accomplished musician with a very well known band called The Worx. I don't know. I just liked him because he looked like Jeff Lynn to be honest. As the years passed I found myself talking with him one night in Schooners (maybe 2 years ago) and we just talked and talked and talked. It was funny to me because he had the pick of a very full room to choose to converse with but instead he is laughing at my Jeff Lynn associations and ...
BBC Radio 2 - Huey Morgan, 08/02/2014 Love how Huey get's a guilty pleasure from the Electric Light Orchestra
In alphabetical order, these are some of my favorite albums that I've been trying to squeeze into my personal top 10. My theory is not to use Greatest Hits or Best of or Very Best Of--many of the albums that I had to get on CD because I wore them out either on vinyl or the cassette no longer played-- or were relatively recent and CD only. ...Famous Last Words- Supertramp Abbey Road-The The Beatles Achtung Baby-U2 After the Gold Rush-Neil Young. American Recordings-Johnny Cash. Aqualung-Jethro Tull. Barton Hollow-The Civil Wars. Blue Sky Mine-Midnight Oil. Brother, Where You Bound?-Supertramp. Brothers in Arms-Dire Straits. Close to the Edge-Yes. Come On Come On-Mary Chapin Carpenter. Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd. Days of Future Passed-The Moody Blues. Diesel and Dust-Midnight Oil. Dog and Butterfly-Heart. The Dreaming-Kate Bush. Eldorado-Electric Light Orchestra. The End of the Innocence-Don Henley. Even in the Quietest Moments-Supertramp. Fables of the Reconstruction-r.e.m. Full Moon Fever-Tom Petty ...
THIS DAY IN ROCK February 4th: Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, SRV, John Densmore and more ... On This Day in Rock … 1968: Billed as 'Tour 60 cities in 66 Days', The Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared at the Winterland in San Francisco. 1968: Working at Abbey Road studios, London, The Beatles recorded 'Across the Universe'. John and Paul decided the song needed some falsetto harmonies so they invited two girl fans into the studio to sing on the song. The two were Lizzie Bravo, a 16-year-old Brazilian living near Abbey Road and 17-year-old Londoner Gayleen Pease. 1970: John Lennon and Yoko Ono donated their hair for an auction in aid of the Black Power movement. 1977: American Bandstand celebrates its 25th anniversary with a TV special. Among the acts that play the event are Gregg Allman, Chuck Berry, Charlie Daniels and Booker T. & the MG's. 1978: 'We Are The Champions' by Queen peaks at Number Four on the pop chart, where it stays for four weeks. 1978: Talking Heads plus special guests Dire Straits appe ...
I don't know why but Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra puts me in the best mood 😂
Brilliant 70's track from Electric Light Orchestra."Telephone Line" by ELO was released in 1977 on Jet Records (UK) and United Artists (US).The song was writ...
Chums, I am super busy. I'll catch up better in a few days. Grand Daddy came up to watch the big game. Too bad they didn't have it. I did like how Pluto Mars started his show by featuring his Drummer. Too bad the drummer is a "banger" (like the drummer for Electric Light Orchestra - I recommend you listen to how Jon Bonham of Led Zeppelin could make his drums "sing"). It was nice that they had James Brown for the halftime show. My friends tell me I've seenThe Red Hot Chilly Peppers at Einsteins in the old days. I've also supposedly seen the Kinks at the same venue. I don't remember the Red Hot Chilly Peppers at all, but I vaguely remember the Davies Brothers getting into a fist tight with each other, resulting in a shortened show (Rock and Roll was not as "professional" in those days but somehow it was a lot better). The Sweet Baboo tells me that Pluto Mars and The Red Hot chilly Peppers both played their hit. I didn't recognize either of them but the fireworks were nice. My favorite music was as the ...
I'm listening to "Rain Is Falling" by Electric Light Orchestra on Pandora
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) are a British rock group from Birmingham, England, who released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and another album i...
The Fall - Electric Light Orchestra "The Fall" (ELO) - on the film's music track, as Sonny rollerskates toward (and through) the Muse wall painting. Lyrics :...
Electric Light Orchestra here we come - Paarl Amphitheatre and then in April we got.UB 40 YES YES YES so happy !
This is Electric Light Orchestra with All Over the World. This is the HQ Version Copyright SME recording, I do not intend to make money from this video...enj...
My job plays some of the most oddest & random songs ever. I dig hidden gems such as The Rolling Stones-Beast Of Burden, The Pretenders-Back On The Chain Gang, Electric Light Orchestra- Evil Woman, Arcade Fire-Sprawl II and on rare occasion, The Eagles-Take It Easy.The rest of the songs played all day sound like they came out of Grand Theft Auto III's Head Radio Station.Odd...yet funny.
Official Press Release 23 January 2014 HOMETOWN HONOUR FOR Jeff Lynne The lad from Shard End, Birmingham who gained global fame as the frontman and co-founder of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra), Jeff Lynne, is to be honoured with a star on Birmingham's Walk of Stars on Thursday 13th March 2014. The composer, music producer and Brummie rock hero will join fellow musicians Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Roy Wood, in having a star etched with his name on Broad Street, in the heart of the city's convention and entertainment quarter. Last year he was awarded a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in recognition of a vast and illustrious career that has included a highly successful production and writing career, a solo career and the creative force behind the fifty million record-selling Electric Light Orchestra. After the undoubted success of ELO, between 1972 and 1986, Lynne wrote and produced 26 Top Forty hits in the United Kingdom, and 20 Top Forty hits in the United States. As a producer, Jeff Lynne has worked w ...
American Hustle OST - 04. 10538 Overture - Electric Light Orchestra: . the best way to discover music is thru movies!
I liked a video Electric Light Orchestra - Hold on Tight
Electric Light Orchestra was to the seventies what Busby Berkeley was to the thirties.
EVIL WOMAN by Electric Light Orchestra - listen now:
Which Electric Light Orchestra song should play next on BIG 100.3? Vote @
I liked a video ELO LOVE SONGS. Electric Light Orchestra ballads, slow songs and love songs. Free in
Listening to my 7-inch Electric Light Orchestra LP on 45 rpm and it is the best thing I've ever heard in my life
Electric light orchestra is an awesome band
Heard the good news about American Hustle? It's only gone and picked up 10 Take a listen to the ultimate American Hustle playlist on Spotify featuring the likes of Electric Light Orchestra, Carlos Santana, Elton John and many more...h
BORN JAN 15 1954, John Anthony Helliwell (born 15 February 1945, in Todmorden, Yorkshire, England) is an English musician and the saxophonist and occasional keyboardist and woodwind player for the rock band Supertramp.[1] He also serves as a MC during the band's concerts, talking to and making jokes to the audience between songs. 1946, Born on this day, singer songwriter Bobby Bloom who had the 1970 US No.8 & UK No.3 single 'Montego Bay'. Bloom suffered from depression towards the end of his life. Bloom died on February 28, 1974, at the age of 28 after he apparently shot himself while cleaning his gun. 1952, Born on this day, Melvyn Gale, cello, Electric Light Orchestra, (1979 UK No.3 & US No.4 single 'Don't Bring Me Down', plus 26 other Top 40 hits). 1057, Jakey Lou Williams (born February 15, 1957 in Fairmont West Virginia, Virginia, USA), commonly known as Jake E. Lee, is an American guitarist best known for playing with Ozzy Osbourne in the mid-1980s and later in his own bandBadlands. 1959, Born on th ...
Thomas Norton playing to a great song by the Electric Light Orchestra, Evil Woman. Video recorded at my lesson studio at Schafer's House of Music..
Electric Light Orchestra, guys. Electric Light Orchestra. If there is a ballsier intro to a song than ELO's 'Don't Bring Me Down' let me know. BUT THERE ISN'T.
Ugh why is Electric Light Orchestra so freaking good!?!?!?
Strange Magic.. Electric Light Orchestra... This was a way popular song on the radio when I was growing up.. I could remember riding the waves of their voices and melody.
ELO(Electric Light Orchestra) mainman Jeff Lynne turns 66 today. I personally have been an ELO fan ever since I was a small child going through my dad's
Jeffrey "Jeff" Lynne (born 30 December 1947) is an English songwriter, composer, arranger, singer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer who gained fame as the leader and sole constant member of Electric Light Orchestra. He was later a co-founder and member of the Traveling Wilburys together with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty. Lynne has produced recordings for artists such as the Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, Roy Orbison, Dave Edmunds, Del Shannon and Tom Petty. He has co-written songs with Petty and also with George Harrison, whose 1987 album Cloud Nine was co-produced by Lynne and Harrison. Among the many compositions to his credit are such well-known hits as "Livin' Thing", "Evil Woman", "Turn To Stone", "Do Ya", "Strange Magic", "Sweet Talkin' Woman", "Telephone Line", "Mr. Blue Sky", "Hold on Tight", "Don't Bring Me Down", "I Won't Back Down", "Free Fallin'", "Handle with Care" and "End of the Line". In 2008, The Washington Times named L ...
Lotta Rock n' Roll Birthdays today...Rock pioneers the late Bo Diddley, Del Shannon, and Felix Pappalardi, Patti Smith, Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, and Michael Nesmith and the late Davy Jones of the TheMonkees
So, my amazing, but aging husband David, trying to figure out whether the song on the radio is Manheim Steamroller or Trans Siberian Orchestra says, "is this Electric Light Orchestra or Manhattan Transfer?"
*Electric Light Orchestra changes name to Halogen Light Orchestra*. *Extends life of band by 50%*
personally, I think Chris Smith should get special points for you can't have your cake and the electric light orchestra.. Just sayin'
Its a living thing by electric light orchestra is playing in downstein. Jamming hard
The new American Hustle movie is all over the music of 949 KCMO... Classic 1970s tunes by Elton John, The Bee Gees, Paul McCartney & Wings and America are among the 15 songs featured on the soundtrack to the new film American Hustle, which stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. The album was released digitally on Tuesday and will be available on CD starting December 24. The American Hustle soundtrack includes such hits as John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," The Bee Gees' "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," Wings' "Live and Let Die" and America's "Horse with No Name." The album also contains memorable songs by Donna Summer, Tom Jones and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, as well as two tunes from Electric Light Orchestra and a previously unreleased track by ELO frontman Jeff Lynne. American Hustle is the latest film by Academy Award-nominated director David O. Russell. Set in the late 1970s and early '80s, the flick is a fictional story inspired by the ABSCAM scandal. The m ...
John Lennon said of ELO "if the Beatles were still together today they'd be the Electric Light Orchestra" BIG wrap!
I just used to tag Last Train To London by Jeff Lynne & Electric Light Orchestra & Kelly Groucutt.
oh man Electric Light Orchestra are *** good!
LIVIN' THING by Electric Light Orchestra - listen now:
Golly, I still love Bachman Turner Overdrive, just as much as I did when I was a kid. BTO, KISS, Styx, Aerosmith (before they sold out to pop), Elton John (before he sold out to pop), Robin Trower, The Who, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, the Eagles, John Cougar, Bryan Adams, Electric Light Orchestra, Jerry Reed (yes, Jerry Reed), Gary Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot, 10cc, April Wine, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Marshall Tucker Band, Bad Company, Eddie Money, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Van Halen (David Lee Roth), Charlie Rich, Pink Floyd, Charlie Pride, Dan Fogelberg, Chicago, The Commodores, Grand Funk Railroad, Boston, Meatloaf, Prince, Linda Ronstadt, Don Henley, Donald Fagan, Earth Wind and Fire, ZZ Top, Paul Rodgers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Heart, Heatwave, and thousands more it seems, were all a huge part of my world when I was growing up. I hope you read the name of a band or two that brought back good memories for you too. Now, go listen to some classic rock!
Pass the Quaaludes, Electric Light Orchestra's Jeff Lynne has written a new song for the American Hustle soundtrack
ON THIS DATE (18 YEARS AGO) December 4, 1995 – The Beatles: “Free As A Bird” b/w "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)" (Apple R 6422) 45 single is released in the UK (December 12 in the US). "Free as a Bird" is a song originally composed and recorded in 1977 as a home demo by John Lennon. In 1995 a studio version of the recording incorporating contributions from Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr was released as a single by The Beatles. The single was released as part of the promotion for The Beatles Anthology video documentary and the band's Anthology 1 compilation album. For the Anthology project, McCartney asked Lennon's widow Yoko Ono for unreleased material by Lennon to which the three remaining ex-Beatles could contribute. "Free as a Bird" was one of two such songs (along with "Real Love") for which McCartney, Harrison, and Starr contributed additional instrumentation, vocals, and arrangements. Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, who had worked with Harrison on Harrison's album C ...
25 things you maybe did not know about Joe Jonas 1 - . Secretly I'm good for golf . 2 - Once I got 67 points between my eyebrows . 3 - I swam with sharks in the Bahamas . 4 - I was born in Casa Grande , Arizona . 5 - As a child I wanted to be part of the TV show "All That" . 6 - I'm babysitting certificate . 7 - I used to change my name changed when JJ Jonas school. . 8 - I have the costume " Riddler " Jim Carrey in Batman Forever used . 9 - . I've been to Africa twice 10 - . I'm a big fan of UFC 11 - . I consider myself pretty healthy 12 - . Likes Aly Raisman , the captain of the Olympic gymnastics team USA . 13 - . Obtained my high school diploma during a concert in 2008. My teacher took the stage and gave it to me . 14 - . I've been to all states except Alaska. 15 - . Once I played softball with Dean Cain ( AKA Superman) 16 - . I love the TV show "The Monkees" 17 - . A hospital that has my name in Arizona 18 - . "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra is my favorite song . 19 - . Went scout 20 - . I ...
Trans Siberian Orchestra just called itself TSO. You're not Bachman Turner Overdrive or Electric Light Orchestra, you don't get to do that.
STRANGER by Electric Light Orchestra (Resident Evil 4) ~ "on a cold & windy morning, said goodbye to my old friends"
Marge joins us once more, this time with songs from Electric Light Orchestra, Kicks, & Renegade, plus Vanilla Fudge, Os Mutantes, Gil Scott Heron, Petula Clark, Dwight Pinkney, & El Gran Combo.iTunes:
This week, Marge Raymond joins us w/ songs from Electric Light Orchestra, Kicks, Renegade.
After a one-week hiatus, The Hank in Chains Show is back! Tune into Silent Storm Radio at 10 PM EST tonight for over an hour of excellent music from all genres, from all eras, and from music legends and independent artists alike. This week's show will feature great music from Paul McCartney, BR5-49, Warren Zevon, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Reall, Fitz and the Tantrums, Leonard Cohen, The Doors, Mike Ness, Electric Light Orchestra, Scott H. Biram, Johnny Horton, Mark Lanegan Band, Queens of the Stone Age, Brendan Benson, Pearl Jam, and more. Be there or be square!
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA "No Answer" 1971 AMG Review by Bruce Eder [-] Electric Light Orchestra's debut album is an astonishing creation in its own right, but neophyte listeners should be aware that it bears very little resemblance to the sound for which ELO would become known on its subsequent records. No Answer, as it ended up being called in America through a miscommunication with ELO's U.S. label, is a minimalist work by comparison with anything on the band's later albums. The core trio of Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne, and Bev Bevan, augmented by one horn player and a violinist, approaches the music alternately like a hard rock band attacking a song and a string ensemble playing a chamber piece. Filled with surprisingly loose playing and sounds throughout, and with a psychedelic aura hovering over most of the music, No Answer is unique in ELO's output. Written and sung by Lynne, "10538 Overture" is the opener and the best song on the album. Wood's "Look at Me Now," by comparison, plays like a sweet, melodic . ...
Super pumped to be part of this show. Tributosaurus does Electric Light Orchestra. Get tickets and come - these guys are crazy fun Wed, Oct 2nd at Martyrs' 6855 N. Lincoln - Chicago, IL Tix available at : Fri, Oct 4th at Wire 6815 W. Roosevelt Road - Berwyn, IL Tix available at:
Song of the day. Electric Light Orchestra - Roll Over Beethoven: via
Turn To Stone by Electric Light Orchestra - listen now:
The last track from A New World Record is stuck in the head... Electric Light Orchestra - Shangri-La:
Now playing ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - Last Train to London on Box Uk
SWEET TALKIN' WOMAN by Electric Light Orchestra - listen now:
13 - Electric Light Orchestra - Lonesome Lullaby: via I was weak when I should've been strong
Now playing Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone on 100% Solid Gold
Today I learned that the words to the Electric Light Orchestra song are "Evil Woman" not "Medieval Woman" as I've been …
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I get Olivia Wilde and Olivia Munn confused, but I also get Electric Light Orchestra and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Ma…
40 years on and the music of Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra is still regularly played on radio...
It was Electric Light Orchestra, Elton John, The Walker Brothers and The Moody Blues when I was little. Not bad, considering.
Roy Wood + Jeff Lynne = some kinda messed up magic. Electric Light Orchestra - No Answer.
Electric Light Orchestra are one of the greatest bands ever
I'm listening to "Strange Magic" by Electric Light Orchestra on Pandora
Why are ELO and Electric Light Orchestra not in the same section?
Found an awesome old piece of modern rock. -Twilight- by Electric Light Orchestra (1981) …
Classic that was in the movie Super 8 ♫ Don't Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra
I favorited a video Electric Light Orchestra - Calling America
Fun fact: I just discovered I really like the electric light orchestra. They good.
Pick-A-Song voting is on now. Choose from songs by:. Elton John, Electric Light Orchestra, Doobie Brothers...
Monday Trivia Question: Sorry no Sunday question. I had some internet problems with the rain. Todays question is Which member of the Traveling Wilbury's was also a member of the band Electric Light Orchestra? Saturdays answer was: The Postman. Tom Petty played the mayor of High town.
Because I love lists and music. What's your ten favorite albums? No Greatest Hits, no live albums. No repeating of specific artist. Example: you have only one Beatles album but you can also have a solo album by any member. Here's mine in a sort of order: 1. A wizard, a true star- Todd Rundgren 2. Here comes the warm jets- Brian Eno 3. Hunky Dory- David Bowie 4. Sgt. Pepper- The Beatles 5. Pure pop for now people- Nick Lowe 6. Close to the edge- Yes 7. Rocking the Suburbs- Ben Folds 8. Born to run- Bruce Springsteen 9. Country life- Roxy Music 10. Eldorado- Electric Light Orchestra
Here is "Mr. Blue Sky", the documentary the BBC produced last year about Jeff Lynne, the creative genius behind Electric Light Orchestra. The documentary is ...
Marafon was introduced to music at a very young age in early 1980,from his first steps using a UNITRA GM-7602 listening to vinyl records bought by his father, found love for music on trips to Europe and the USA. It was special as the Soviet Union didnt have any imported music that time. It’s was a destiny gift for a kid from the USSR to have the chance to listen to all this international music. His first musical influences include The Beatles, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Ritchie Blackmore, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Shocking Blue, Suzi Quatro, Queen, Pink Floyd, Rick Wakeman, Electric Light Orchestra. He cannot live without music even for 1 minute and eventually started to touch it as drummer at the age of 7 playing in all school events. Marafon started DJing in 1993 age of 13 in the Far East or Russia in small disco club with records from U96, Doctor Alban, Ace of Base, 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, Culture Beat. And he got new huge influences from Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, ...
I am a huge fan of the Electric Light Orchestra. However, Dave Detweiler disagreed with my characterization of them as "pop." He said they are more accurately called "classic rock." Who is correct? :-)
Origin Point of History pt1 Before I immersed myself into the esoteric teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood I enjoyed music from bands like Supertramp, Electric Light Orchestra and the Eagles. Then I was introduced into the science of sound and the science of the spoken word. The syncopated beat and jagged art forms were to be shunned. Obviously from spiritual science perspective and now confirmed by present day physics, light and sound frequencies affect DNA and actually program your genes. I thought about how the WingMakers Materials produce vibrations (light and sound) that “mingle” at the subatomic levels and are capable of shifting predispositions held within the DNA clusters that govern spiritual will. In this case, the determination to sculpt time into spiritual experience – not simply physical or material experience. In fact, a Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist, Pjotr Garjajev explored the vibrational behavior of DNA. The bottom line, “ Living chromosomes function just . ...
Music News: The recipients of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for 2014 were announced Thursday (June 20). No induction dates are yet available. The honorees include Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, Ray Parker, Jr. and the Motown songwriting team of Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland. Singer/actors Rick Springfield and Sally Field will be honored, as well. Other celebs chosen include Katy Perry, Jessica Lange, Liam Neeson, Dabney Coleman and the late Tupac Shakur and Phil Hartman.
Listening to a super playlist I just made ... I call it "The Sound" ... includes "Angel's Lullaby" by Richard Marx, "Atlantis" by Donovan, my favorite Johnny Hates Jazz tune "Different Seasons" (yes Calvin, it's true, I'd forgotten about it until last week but it's the prettiest lyrics and melody of that particular album) - "Do it or Die" by Atlanta Rhythm Section - "I Fell Flat" by Glenn Case - "If I Knew" by Bruno Mars - "Lady" by Little River Band - "Livin' Thing" by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - "Mandolin Rain" by Bruce Hornsby and the Range - "One More Night" by Phil Collins - "Shadow Dancing" by Andy Gibb - "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac - "Stairway to Heaven" Led Zeppelin - "The Tracks of my Tears" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - "Whatever's Written in your Heart" by Gerry Rafferty.
Electric Light Orchestra's Jeff Lynne and the Motown songwriting trio of Holland Dozier Holland were among the recording artists announced June 20 who will be h
Roy Wood! Yes, he created Electric Light Orchestra, but don't hold that against him. The saccharine sound set in after he walked. This tune--like Phil Spector on a month's worth of acid--shows what he had in mind. He plays every instrument on the tune. .
"And if there's one thing I really, really love, then it's Jeff Lynde and the Electric Light Orchestra. 'Cause you can't beat a bit of ELO."
Was planning on buying different things with the iTunes gift card, but Electric Light Orchestra called to me!
I'm confident this other aging hipster on the train is also listening to Electric Light Orchestra.
Bucket this took a lot of research) Best Songs in SPN 10. Evil Woman by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). Dedicated to Ruby, the evil temptress who fooled us for two seasons. 9. Devil Woman by Cliff Richard. For Lilith.Nuff said. Beware the devil woman, with evil on her mind, . she's gonna get you from behind. 8. The Final Cut by Pink Floyd. For the demon Meg. She was always cutting throats to fill her bowl of blood, so she could make a call to the underworld. 7. Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper. This creepy '70s song is for Alistair. 6. Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. For the reaper chick in seasons 3 and 4. She helped in her own demented way. She may be back later. I think we rather liked her, didn't we? 5. Magic, by the Cars (1984). For the Angel Castiel. Oh oh, it's magic, when I'm with you. He's not always there when you need a spark of magic to save the day, but ...when he is around, it's cool. I think Castiel would be an 80's fan. 4. Like a Rock, by Bob Seger. For Bobby. He's the so ...
Watch the music video for Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra and more new Pop Rock, Classic Rock and Rock videos on VEVO.
Does anyone else remember the Electric Light Orchestra?
Stream Midnight Blue by Electric Light Orchestra on Discovery for free on Grooveshark.
Revisiting some early Electric Light Orchestra this morning
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Words to live by. ♫ "Don't Bring Me Down" by Electric Light Orchestra (@ Charter Township of Clinton, MI, USA)
Listen to Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra!? How many people will listen to it this afternoon (adjust according to your timezone!). That was my idea.
Think back to your days before digital downloads. What was the first music album you bought? (Vinyl, tape or CD) mine was Out Of The Blue by Electric Light Orchestra.
1978...was a very good year Sometimes, to know where we are going, we need to appreciate where we came from. Just watched ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) at wembley in the summer of 1978. Inspiration for a generation, me included.
Happy Sunday Koolrockers! DJ Cleaver is on now with ► Cleaver's Classic Cuts! Brand new episode today featuring Angel, Thin Lizzy, Wings, Elton John, Paul Simon, Foreigner, ZZ Top, Pilot, Electric Light Orchestra, Steve Miller Band, Heart, Loggins & Messina... and more. Tune in! Music On Vinyl proudly presents the classic 2 LP album set of Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue. The first 1.000 copies will be...
Jammin to Electric Light Orchestra with my dad outside.
"Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky there is no better hopeful & appreciative song for Ireland!!
Good lord, have I become so old that it's acceptable to have the Electric Light Orchestra on my playlist? Meh, who cares? (chair dances)
Fifth graders at after school blog meeting are listening to Electric Light Orchestra & Bob Seger. Wow. So much for that pop stuff...
BETTER/STEREO SOUND! CLICK HERE: The first two tracks on the Electric Light Orchestra album "Eldorado." Eld...
10-year-old boy at work today: "Miss, have you heard of Electric Light Orchestra? I really like them. Jeff Lynne, man. Jeff Lynne."
Starting to lifted off at 1pm for the Magic Carpet Ride here on Classic Rock The Vault. With them songs that have the word OVER in the title. Just in the nick of time to bring some magic to you on this Monday with Electric Light Orchestra, AC/DC, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Hall and Oates,and then your first stop on this ride these bands will be playing Joe Walsh, KISS, and Led Zeppelin Official. ~ jess rabbit
Listening to some new records in the collection. Currently: Electric Light Orchestra!!
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