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Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams is a 1984 British-American comedy/drama/romance/science fiction film set in San Francisco, California, that depicts a love triangle between a man, a woman, and a home computer.

Philip Oakey Phil Oakey Virginia Madsen Timothy Spall Bryan Cranston Holliday Grainger Bud Cort Human League Steve Barron Geraldine Chaplin Black Mirror

Mireille Enos talks all-things 'Electric Dreams' Photography by Matt Sayles / Interview with…
Have you been watching Electric Dreams on Channel 4? Bryan Cranston talks about the newest, strangest sci fi drama
Who’s in the Electric Dreams cast? Timothy Spall, Bryan Cranston. Geraldine Chaplin and Holliday Grainger star
Geraldine Chaplin was great on Electric Dreams, warmed my heart :3
A week of exciting preview screenings continued with Electric Dreams - The Commuter tonight. Timothy Spall on brilliant form.
First episode of Electric Dreams was pretty good. Nice retro-future, great star turn from Holliday Grainger.
that first ep of Electric Dreams was AMAZING. you and Holliday Grainger were perfect omfg can't wait for next week
Phillip K *** s Electric Dreams was quite good actually, i liked the first episode much more than i expected
The awkward moment when you watch the new series "electric dreams" and realise that you didnt make the…
1/ Cue the nano-sheep dreaming their electric dreams and multiplying too rapidly to be supported by scalp growth..
Hey Electric Dreams Pod thanks for the follow!
Just discover this new show. Philip K. *** Electric Dreams. 10 Eps. He de…
New TV Show recom: Philip K. *** - Electric Dreams. Surprisingly good. Bit of Black Mirror, but less on the nose.
Watched the first episode of Electric Dreams and it was pretty good tbh.
The 1st episode of Electric Dreams was brilliant, looking forward to episode 2
Let's take a look at the Philip K *** story The Hood Maker. It's pretty different from on C4...
Here's our review of Philip K. *** s Electric Dreams episode 1 Spoilers!
Philip K *** s Electric Dreams: Everything you need to know
Hacker News - The endless adaptability of Philip K ***
Electric Dreams on Channel 4 👀 such feels around ownership of your identity and hood makers simulating futuristic face…
First episode of Electric Dreams was a bit blah. An interesting premise torpedoed by leaden storytelling and a low budge…
A peek inside the minds of the creators of Electric Dreams
Who was Philip K *** Everything you need to know about the Electric Dreams author -
Electric Dreams is just as incredible as I'd hoped
Crap! I almost forgot electric dreams' first episode airs today!!! I'll just watch it tomorrow!
Electric Dreams sparks national debate over Black Mirror as they ask: 'Who ripped off who? .
Philip K. *** s Electric Dreams episode one review: The Hood Maker is cinematic sci-fi on the small screen . ...
Electric Dreams’ creators on reimagining Philip K. *** and the ‘grunge’ world of The Hood Maker . ...
Bryan Cranston to produce Electric Dreams – based on Philip K. *** s stories.
Electric Dreams: The Hood Maker looked the part but lacked a modern-day ...
In opinion, says moving to electric vehicles will need serious infrastructure - will Scotland do it? ht…
Tonight is the night! The first ep of Philip K *** s Electric Dreams: The Hood Maker with and
When is Electric Dreams on Ch 4, who's in the cast w/ Timothy Spall & what's it about?
When is Philip K. *** s Electric Dreams on Channel 4, who’s in the cast with Timothy Spall and what’s it about?
Electric Dreams: Bryan Cranston, Timothy Spall and Steve Buscemi star in new series
The best of the electronic eighties tonight at Electric Dreams from 10pm onwards at 109 EC4N 5AD - right opposite C…
First trailer for Philip K. *** s Electric Dreams, anthology series from Bryan Cranston and Ronald D. Moore…
Here's your first look at the Philip K *** TV show Electric Dreams via
Exciting announcement!. Amazon finalises the casting for "Philip K *** s Electric Dreams", with our own
Can you play Phil Oakey feat. Georgio Moroder - Together in Electric Dreams?
Now playing: Together in Electric Dreams by Philip Oakey and Giogio Moroder on & via TuneIn app
You know you're an adult cuz u get super excited about the electric milk frother u ordered on Amazon. Foamy almond milk dreams for days ❤️
Like the other day when I got Electric Dreams right, but no prizes. Why don't you drop them in the post like I dropped the mic
Together in Electric Dreams - How Big Names are Joining the Climate Change Movement
Together In Electric Dreams - Giorgio Moroder with Philip Oakey. Listen now at
You and CC rocked SA tonight! Thank you. We're going again tomorrow. Please play Love Is Love from Electric Dreams! ❤️ you!
Football transfer rumours: Liverpool to sign Jonas Hector from Köln?: Today’s tattle dreams of electric Stree...
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Together in Electric Dreams. Together in Electric Dreams:-).
You have become one with the numbers. The host in the machine, the android who dreams of electric sheeple, the elder statsman
Hey Virginia- you were one of my first crushes at the age of 12 and I fell in love with you in Electric Dreams! :)
Together in Electric Dreams will always be my jam.
I wonder if he dreams of electric sheep? @ Fort Morgan, Colorado
Electric dreams: how Nissan is building the future ... - -
i really recommend the Oakey + Moroder album. Together in Electric Dreams is so good
Electric dreams: how Nissan is building the future of auto with kick *** avant-garde tech
s/o to the person suggesting snobbery as reason for leaving out ...Electric Dreams, as if Not Being By THL wasn't enough
Dreams are electric..funny to think a programme exists to mimic our own circuitry...what havoc
Androids dream of electric sheep, and Google Deep Nets of psychedelic landscapes: is this how reality looks like?
Tongues on the sockets of electric dreams. Where the sewage of youth drowned the spark of my teens 🎶
Gives "power play" a whole new meaning... Check out this series on Hawaii's most powerful company.
Electric Dreams needs to be released on bu-ray! Lots of us love this 1984 cult classic!
See on Apple TV how it could look when an Android dreams of Electric Sheep:
I added a video to a playlist Electric Dreams 1984
"Han dreams of electric sheep" You win the Internet. Just... Brilliant
BMW i3 review: together in electric dreams
Together in Electric Dreams by The Human League is so good 11/10 would recommend
Thank You Scott! by Alan Sugar, Sir Clive Sinclair, and the makers of Together in Electric Dreams via
Electric Dreams for talking Phil Oakey through his Benicassim set 2 months later on the Halcyon in Sheffield👍
"Together in Electric Dreams - 2003 - Remaster" by Phil Oakey on I'd love to hear play a rock version of this!!
Electric Dreams: The Co...rks of Jim'll Paint It is now on sale for £5.25 at Amazon. Product page:
Phil Oakey & Georgio Moroda "Together in Electric Dreams". Sabrina "Boys" ;-) poss a bit too 80s but will make them laugh
Would you play 'Together in Electric Dreams' by Phil Oakey & Giorgo Moroder :)
When I die I'm going to go up to the silver shooting place I've seen in my dreams. A hot electric bulb of everything.
Sticking with the history theme, worth reading on UK HE's "very own foray into the dot-com bubble crash":
I want a WOW! I want electric. I want crazy chemistry... Nothing less is working! Crazy dreams confirm this 🙀
Electric dreams are empty,People plenty, that our voices never roar. Today we fall in love again.
Electric Dreams is one of the five best movies I’ve ever seen people. Do not miss it. ‘80s.
Electric dreams as you've never seen it before.
Electric Dreams sounds like nothing out there.a body of work you guys can listen to for a long time.
"I see my dreams in your eyes when you say my name"
No woman, no cry. Bob Marley. Going for gold, Shed 7. Together in electric dreams, Georgio Moroder. Black and white, Greyhound. Tbc
I added a video to a playlist Human League - Together in electric dreams
I got my ticket to the Mighty Electric Light Orchestra 2 your dreams😇
Mad About Christmas Lights. Whether you just love an indoor Christmas Tree with a few lights or decorate the...
...It's the end of the world. The end of the world. It's a prison for dreams and for hopes. And still we believe...
Flashback - heard "Video" by Jeff Lynne OST of funny underrated movie "Electric Dreams" remember?
We'd always be together, forever in electric dreams
TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS by GIORGIO MORODER AND Philip Oakey was no.5 in the UK charts on 13 November 1984
Do androids dream of electric sheep? ponders whether dreams are the next frontier for
See also my bizarre obsession with the 80's movie Electric Dreams.
Dr. Kalam has said, "you have to dream before your dreams can come true". We have a dream of a clean river Yamuna in D…
Together In Electric Dreams by Phil Oakey And Giorgio Moroder is in Taurus Bar & Kitchen, Manchester.
CORRECTED-Middlemen the key to corporate bond market's electric dreams via
is my goal for 2017. I'll go by myself if I have to.
Trains,. smirking electric eels,. smelling of loneliness, tears, hopes, voltage and creosote,. hunt me in blind waters of m…
I've had dreams about almost every night this week ✨🌲😻
Ever put the narration of an Adam Curtis doc over Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder's 'Electric Dreams' video? We have. https:/…
Friday 13th in 1985 - C64 version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" by Electric Dreams Software for you.
Also "Video!" and "Let It Run" from the "Electric Dreams" soundtrack. Essential listening for fans of Jeff Lynne and ELO.
This conjures images of 80s Dylan and him strumming "Electric Dreams." via
I wpuld love an in my dreams..
hear Andy Hearn electric dreams on URSMAN RadioShow
Enter for a chance to win and design a Fender Custom Shop Guitar in Guitar of Your Dreams 3 =>
Listen to Radio, Now playing D'Mixmasters - Together in Electric Dreams, By
Thought 'Electric Dreams' at the Dome was stunning. Fascinating, distressing, shot through with humour, incredible multimedia design.
Dragnet - Together in electric dreams every Saturday at
electric dreams was complex, funny and thought provoking! One of the best shows on the fringe. A MUST see!
Do androids dream of electric sheep? Only androids know! Sweet dreams! ;-)
Mike barva has made my dreams come truuu
Electric Dreams theatre show at political thriller inspired by Shock Doctrine
100% the most incredible Tumblr of all time ever, 'Jim'll Paint It' is here in book form:
Still 2for1 tickets available for today at 3.50pm, Pleasance Dome. Get em quick. h…
Image Woman - Cerruti 2000 : together in electric dreams.
Zingy together in electric dreams Hear from this year's Grand Prix winners EDF
It's 2 for 1 day Great opportunity to catch & more
Electric Dreams at Edinburgh festival review – political thriller inspired by Naomi Klein
Highlights have included and closely followed by and and Electric Dreams
Just found out about Electric Dreams, a movie where Bud Cort is the voice of a computer that falls in love with Virginia Madsen. What.
in the Treehouse : Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey - Together in Electric Dreams ... Tune In at
A limited number of signed copies of Electric Dreams available now:
Please play Overkill by Men at Work or Together in Electric Dreams by Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder. Thanks!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Issue 2 of Metroland features a soundtrack by Nirvana, The Knife and Electric Dreams.
telling people about boring dreams as if they were a crazy dream is FUN. "and there I was. _paying my electric bill_"
We'll always be together... together in electric dreams.🎶
We'll always be together. Together in electric dreams. ☺
To the person that lives above me, like follow your dreams and aspirations of playing electric guitar but just not while I'm trying to study
80's BEST music.I write my music inspired by it. Debbie Gibson "Electric Youth" / "Only in My Dreams": via
Your dreams can be controlled by electrically stimulating your brain - ExtremeTech
Do robotic dinosaurs dream of electric sheep?
Can't hear 'Together in Electric Dreams' without thinking of the orange blob dancing around
Dorm atmosphere is electric with aspiration. Hopes and dreams abound, and for good reason.
It's Electric Dreams week! We can't wait for this Friday at Savoy Cork and we will have lots of competitions all...
Ma. Thank you for the music. My mom's fav. Song title - Together in Electric Dreams.
well you're now playing electric dreams.. Faith restored 🙌
How I hope Neil and Rufus appear in my dreams again tonight...I could use some kind words from them to help survive school tomorrow. :-L ❤️😍
Went and bought some electric clippers. Gonna try to make this stinky dog beautiful
Going back to 1982 to visit the Electric Dreams Factory arcade in (Pic via director Chris Columbus) http…
if you watch together in electric dreams Paul Oakley wearing a dark judges tshirt from 2000ad
Lockheed says nuclear fusion is on the way. But how does it work?
thanks for "Together in electric dreams"reminds me of a good pal of mine who moved to Denmark LONG ago. He used to sing it to me
I love u guys. Like seriously. All my dreams are slowly becoming a reality. And I can't thank you enough
we go behind the scenes of popular software house Electric Dreams.
and I'm sure you must own an electric toothbrush! Sweet dreams
Electric Dreams: The Collected Works of Jim'll Paint It is out today!
Its the DM wankers theme choon klaxon. Together in Electric dreams…:
Life is like a book, follow your dreams, and you get lemonade. That's why we have electric cars.
I've just uploaded my new which highlights my influences for my Check it out now!
now playing Together In Electric Dreams by Giorgio Moroder - Human League
Electric Dreams, the movie, was released in this day |
Together in electric dreams never fails to put a smile on my face.!
I saw Electric Dreams at the Plaza Theatre. Ah, memories!
Electric Dreams - The Duel (DVD rip): via 1984 film with Virginia Madsen, if you love music you'll love this
And the song stuck in my head this morning would be this : 'Together in Electric Dreams' - Human League/Gior…:
Heard this on ESPN and now it's my life anthem. . A Tribe Called Red - Electric Pow Wow Drum
Check out my Electric Forest hoop troupe submission! Please LIKE to help my dreams of performing...
"Natural Phenomenon, Electric Neon Blue Water, Maldives. /// Oh!! destination in my dreams.
Electric Dreams had a great night at Anglers club in Leeds. First time we've both ever been in here so a bit of a challenge. Had to load trolley to get gear in the club and it was siling it down with rain whilst we did it. We got set up and was told no smoke machine gr but the same guy came back to us before the start and said we actually could use it and he had made a mistake. I nipped to the toilet and a bloke said to me he and his friend were epileptic and could we change the colour of the lights. I explained that we had them all programmed into the computer and he was ok with that so they faced the other way whilst we were on stage. The 1st spot was a little reserved as the crowd didn't know what our show was like but we kept most of them in for the second spot which is unusual I was told so a great result there. We had a good number of dancers, including the lady who was epileptic which was very nice to see she really enjoyed the show despite looking the other way for most of the night. We both enjoy ...
Will always be together however far it seems together in electric dreams 🍋⚡️
We'll always be together...together in electric dreams x
I can't believe the electric chair is making a comeback. But I said the same thing about vinyl.
"Electric shocks could hold the key to manipulating dreams" via
Literally had dreams about the electric palette last night.😴😍
Holding at No. 22 in todays Chart is - Electric Dreams -
Exciting podcast about lucid dream technology!! from
Radiohead's "Codex" into the slow movement of Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint. You'll thank me in your dreams.
Yay for sweet Rufus Wainwright dreams. :-) We shall catch up today, I promise. :-) ❤❤ x
I'll be (special guest) moderating a panel on at this Internet of Things event in Sydney, June 4. Come along.
Now, direct your dreams with electric current!
Caleb and I are here to see Electric Dreams
Mission R - the motorcycle of your dreams. Your electric dreams.
Goodnight everyone have beautiful dreams of the electric sky
don't lose Electric Dreams this time :p
Why isn't electric dreams available on blue ray...?
yo MGM - seeing as ya so into "releasing blurays" for the 90th anniversary - how about RECKLESS and ELECTRIC DREAMS!?!!?!?
The night would be electric dreams and the first track would be...
“Phil Oakley Electric dreams !!! Followed by Don't you forget about me - Simple minds!
"My electric soul will crush you and your dreams whole" - some pokemon trainer on Ruby red
I'm gonna stick to Saturday but we'll always be together in electric dreams! Hopefully cya soon, give my best to your mamx
Trip to Skegness tomorrow for Electric Dreams to perform at the Big Top Show Bar Ingoldmells.
I now "Her" is the modern "Electric Dreams". Let's see if it is as good as the original. Still don't know why It won original screenplay.
Davros & Steven Hawking in Electric Dreams, a Flash Animated video by Mike Trinder / A. Taylor.
her Callum Goodes I realise now why you didn't exactly recommend this movie and that you were really asking for an opinion. "This is dedicated to the ones I love". (don't bother looking you won't find it anywhere on the Internet, I have looked. It will hopefully be a pleasant surprise when you come across it) OK "her". sigh. I had preconceived ideas going into this movie. I had seen the trailer and was a little excited about a chick flick with a Sci-Fi edge. This will be one we both will like. I have in the past enjoyed the mix of romantic meets AI. The idea is not new the outstanding classic "Metropolis"was the first in 1927. One of the first movies I saw on VHS was the 1984 Sci-Fi romcom "Electric Dreams" great music with a funny computer, loved it. I enjoyed the sensitive and some times confronting issues in "Bicentennial Man". Talking about confronting, the brilliant Kubrick inspired 2001 Sci-Fi drama "Ai" took prejudice head on and cleverly explored the coming of age for a new "life form". "her" wan ...
You are Electric Dreams (1984) - offputtingly emotional but Bud Cort is in you so you must be of some substance.
Isn't Spike Jonze's Her like Steve Barron's Electric Dreams (1984), except that the computer persona has been changed from male to female?
Roadshow Home Video Australia trailer for the film "Electric Dreams" (1984). Funny, the popular song doesn't seem to feature in this trailer. Sourced fro...
Not sleeping. Tired. Rewatchng "Creator" because Jenni watched it recently, because it's one of our favorites, because it's a favorite Peter O'Toole movie, and I liked Virginia Madsen in it (Electric Dreams is cute too plus Bud Cort). Looking forward to being in Seattle soon, sad it's only a visit. Come on Prize Van!
BOOM, Smashed it. Played, like, 9 Nate Dogg records then finished with Electric Dreams and Mercury Rev's Tonight It Shows. Emotional.
Haunting in Connecticut -Virginia Madsen (Sara Campbell) One of the hottest stars of the mid-1980s, Virginia Madsen is one of Hollywood's most talented actresses. Voted as one of the most beautiful actresses in 1986, Virginia has had several excellent performances in her career thus far. Audiences first caught a glimpse of her as "Princess Irulan" in the 1984 science fiction epic "Dune". She followed that up with "Electric Dreams"; however, it was in 1986 that Virginia captured the hearts of the audience with an intense portrayal of a Catholic school girl who fell in love with a boy from a prison camp in Duncan Gibbins' "Fire with Fire". Virginia played the role of "Lisa" and her co-star was Craig Sheffer, who played Lisa's love interest, "Joe Fisk". Kari Wuhrer also made an appearance as Virginia's best friend, "Gloria". "Fire with Fire" was a low-budget production, starring a bunch of fresh faces who were till then-unknown to Hollywood. However, the movie was a success and elevated its three young stars ...
Together in Electric Dreams by Philip Oakey, from with LiveLyrics®
Love the drive to work when my favourite song comes on the radio... Giorgio Moroder and Philip Oakey -Together in Electric Dreams! 󾠀
"Together in Electric Dreams" is a song by the British singer and composer Philip Oakey and producer Giorgio Moroder. It was written by Oakey and Moroder ...
Electric Dreams is a 1984 British-American science fiction romantic comedy-drama film set in San Francisco, California, that depicts a love triangle between a man, a woman, and a home computer. It stars Lenny Von Dohlen, Virginia Madsen, and the voice of Bud Cort and was directed by Steve Barron. It...
Virginia Madsen & a sentient computer (Giorgio Moroder) jamming it up in Steve Barron's fab/bonkers Electric Dreams.
Oh, Virginia Madsen made this movie in 1984 its called 'Electric Dreams'. What a film. Yessir. Very abstract.
what about that classic 80's song Electric Dreams.
. We'll always be together in electric dreams. "roohaani bokifathi"
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Together in electric dreams. was brought to you by Silvervine powder. special thanks to keithdador 😁👍
Spent time tonight drinking in a student bar in Cardiff to a live cover band that covered Giorgio Moroder's "Together in Electric Dreams".
Very serious. I just wanted to hear Together in Electric Dreams :(
i got a song for you from the 80's. Electric Dreams!!... boom
Giorgio Moroder has pulled out of EP :( BUT I WANTED TO BE TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS!
now we won't get to hear Electric Dreams at the Electric Picnic. Electric nightmare :(
Thank you for airing 'Electric Dreams'! The concept sounds similar to 'Turn Back Time' - another brilliant :)
Do you remember what technology was like 40 years ago? For the next 3 weeks we go back to the 70's, 80's & 90's!
Don't leave me this way, Just can't get enough, Maniac, Over my shoulder, Sit Down, Electric Dreams.
Electric dreams that electrify, bombing lights and liquid skies, robotic arms that radiate into the lives that they create
But anyway, I want to go here and live my electric dreams
Disturbingly, I've somehow managed to get "Together In Electric Dreams" in my head where it's been stuck since early this morning.
We'll always be together . However far it seems. Love never ends. We'll always be together . Together in Electric Dreams
Tongues on the sockets of electric dreams..
Have you seen the 80s movie ELECTRIC DREAMS? Was fascinating to see their version of Siri
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My all time favorite song as a kid was Georgio Moroder & Philip Oakey – Together In Electric Dreams :)
The annual festival of everything exceedingly Euro and Bike kicked off today in a wet and soggy looking...
I can't be the only person who saw and enjoyed "Electric Dreams."
Electric Dreams, a song that just makes you happy when it comes on the radio!
Hearing the song electric dreams reminds me of school in pe
Together In Electric Dreams - 2003 - Remaster by The Human League on eve eve.
Electric Dreams, 1982ish, IMDB it. I'm sure you've seen it
While electric dreams is a flawed movie, I do love this scene/music.
Does anybody with a VCR want to watch Electric Dreams?
Good morning. Song for the day "Together In Electric Dreams" by Georgio Moroder and Phil Oakley
I put this on morning song: Together in Electric Dreams by Phillip Oakley & Giorgio Moroder 🎵Good morning!
Can't get together in electric dreams out of my head
Psyched to see Joaquin Phoenix wearing Begleys in "Her". Now want to re-watch "Electric Dreams"
Electric Dreams by Phil Oakey & Georgio Moroder is very good to exercise to in my opinion.
Still looking for a theme tune to my life using songs about electricity. 'Electric Dreams' Phil Oakey & Georgio Moroder. Anyone got another?
My lovely neighbour is playing Philip Oakey, Together in Electric Dreams, very loudly! Takes me back to my school days..
Messages from the ever after, electric fuzzy haze of regrets and dreams denied.
A plug-in electric flying car? Don't forget to recharge before take-off! Not the sci-fi Holy Grail it's trying to be.
A music video project for The confusons song everybody...
Together in Electric Dreams by from with LiveLyrics®
Can't wait to listen to this next Monday
From the film that was Electric dreams 'The dream by Culture Club
Dreams in Infrared Do dream of electric sheep?
It *** that I have no rhythm and one of my biggest dreams is to learn how to play electric guitar
So cold. Going to climb into bed now with my electric blanket and doggies. Nite nite friends. Sweet dreams. ❤❤❤
'Together in Electric Dreams' could be worse than that?
Have tried to explain Electric Dreams to ppl, they seem to think it's a Kylie and Jason-esque 80s night. Really hope to be there.
We'll always be together. Together in electric dreams.
I favorited a video from Piano Cover - Together In Electric Dreams (Human League)
Together in Electric Dreams on WK Radio. Won't deny; i'm fully pretending i'm in an 80s rom com.
Feeling electric Dreams seem like reality Waiting for the night jazz poet snaps to that Jessica! :-)
Riding the solar wind on electric sails:
It's time for some POPular music - Get down to Electric Dreams tomorrow from 10pm and join in the fun with some classic mixed up 80's music.
It's time to brush the cobwebs off your 80s outfits again and get down to Electric Dreams club in the heart of The CIty, EC4, tomorrow night
Electric Dreams is based at 109 Cannon St. (right opposite the railway station) from 10pm onwards until late. Entry is only a mere 5 quid...
Electric Dreams club will be playing a mix of classic 80s, electronica, synth pop, new wave and punk for the pleasure of our loyal clubbers.
The sun is out... and it means it's ... time to party!! Why not come along to Electric Dreams club tomorrow night in the heart of The City.
How would an electric sail manage the extreme variability of the solar wind? Possible answers from its creator:
Centauri Dreams To Ride the Solar Wind: What we hope to learn from early experiments with the electric sail is...
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? 1. Take the Highway to *** 2. Rock down to Electric Avenue 3. Walk Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Still walking like an android though no dreams of electric sheep last night. Loosened up in the bath but still cant put shoes/socks on..MAM!
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For some reason i woke up this morning singing 'Together in Electric Dreams' and it will not get outta my head!
Think im going through some weird 80's phase "TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS!"
Electric Dreams: The Giorgio Moroder Story Can't wait to hear this on my radio! Xxg
Ooh! Ooh! Electric Dreams! Or was that just the computer not the internet?
As 80's songs go, Electric Dreams is pretty funky
an Android app, for recording your dreams, called Electric Sheep. I don't know why this doesn't exist already
Just saw the video of you Dad dancing to Electric Dreams... No wonder you were out of breath
We're always be together, in electric dreams :)
"Electric Thoughts & Railroad Dreams" by Ryan Jones featuring Donovan Moran on piano
You had your dreams, I had mine, you had your fears, I was fine. - Demi Lovato
Tongues on the sockets of electric dreams
"And when I dream electric dreams I dream that you still think of me."
Video of the plant and our "Electric Dreams" - "..a market riddled with misconceptions" -
"Together in Electric Dreams" by Philip Oakey, just makes me feel instantly happy, best for revision!
Wow I shouldn't of fallen asleep with my electric blanket on last night.crazy crazy dreams!!
Sloanes blasting out Electric Dreams and shining the outside disco light in my eyes in the hope of getting me to cut some shapes for them
Electric Dreams is a film about a love triangle between a man, woman and a pc. Just naming other weird stuff carry on.
What a boring yet effective propulsion! Electric sail. 100km/s Nice but no yet
ESTCube-1 is the first test of an electric sail concept from Pekka Janhunen. Thoughts on where this tech leads:
The next installment in the HAKT MIX SERIES is a real exploration into all the feeling's you never knew you had. The timing of the warmer weather a...
Freaky Japanese jam collective with about 30 different incarnations... lead guitarist believes he is a conductor for sounds of the cosmos... output of approx. five albums per year, most cover pictures are parodies of famous record sleeves... music fuses 6000 different styles noone else would dare t...
Yes had half of a redundancy cheque on Brazil to beat some outfit in the first game! It's up there with Electric Dreams.
Jayne here. OK todays playlist is set! Kicking of with Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey's Together in Electric Dreams, Def Leppard's Animal for Karen, Gilly gets On the Radio by Martine McCutcheon, & Gail will be getting Katrina & the Waves Walking on Sunshine. I'll be playing ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man for Richie! Olly Murs for Amy & Stephy, Aly gets Kelly Clarkson's Stronger and Journey's Any Way You Want it for Graeme & Shane & all the guys at RAF Syerston. Michelle & Jessica & Suzy will be getting the Lumineers *** Hey PLUS I will be playing Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere" - famous as the "Dance Pony Dance" music! Add to that the mystery year music and loads of other fantastic songs with everything from Gary Numan to Plan B, Madness to Matt Bianco & Pixie Lott to Eddy Grant! So tune in to Gravity FM from 10:00am to 1:00pm for Girl Talk! Be there or be square!! LOL
What a happy bunch!!! St. Scholastica's College-Manila was a virtual 'Sea of Smiling Faces', as you can 'sea'...errr...see, i mean. I like the first two photos, as the backdrop carries the color of my Alma Mater, La Salle. But the night was all about a 'Sister School' from way back. The last time i stepped into the St. Scho campus was during the 80's when i was still with RAGE. You can imagine how anxious i was to be back, performing again for perhaps the same crowd who used to watch me during my teen years. To think, that was just 10 years ago! Okay, so i'm lying. But it sure felt fresh again last night as THE AUTHORITY performed for their Alumni Homecoming, sponsored by Batch '88. What was really amusing was seeing a group of lovely ladies in red, from the higher batch, positioned at the foot of the stage and raring to dance even prior to our opening song. As the Band Leader, It was fairly easy for me to decide how to work the repertoire. It was nothing but dance music from the get-go. Electric Dreams i ...
I love this song from the movie Electric Dreams...Let it Run! Jeff Lynne
De la película "Electric dreams", lo que me parece la mejor parte. From the movie "Electric Dreams", the best of it.
Together in Electric Dreams at the end of Always makes me think of and Boogie Nights 2.
OMG Electric Dreams is on the television now! Defo going to watch after hearing your review last week!!
I liked a video Together in Electric Dreams - Phil Oakley / Giorgio Moroder
Andrew and I may have decided Phil Oakley and Giorgio Moroder - Together in Electric Dreams is our wedding song.
i saw that film. is that the one with 'Electric Dreams ' as a soundtrack but sung by Aled Jones. Yes yes yes
I favorited a video Electric Dreams -P6 - 1984 Lenny von Dohlen and Virginia Madsen
I saw Human League at the Corn Exchange as well - Phil Oakey is still a fabulous frontman and Electric Dreams my highlight!!
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