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Electra Heart

Electra Heart is the upcoming second studio album by Welsh recording artist Marina and the Diamonds.

Marina Lambrini Diamandis Marina Diamandis Living Dead

15 - Electra Heart (Marina and the Diamonds) . Lonely hearts club. Teen idle. Radioactive
the Electra Heart tumblr will always be my aesthetic
Yes, Electra Heart is her best era, but it's just not a good album in comparison to the masterpiece that is The Family Jewels
Are we all still pretending that Electra Heart is Marina's best album?
I have like maybe 4 songs from electra heart and oh no!
u got a cool Electra heart thing going tho
Women's March, LA. My heart was so glad to see just as many men marching as women. We are finally uniting. For real. h…
*puts passive aggressive Electra Heart quotes on Snapchat so that Aaron will see them* Petty? Me? No...
NE1fm 102.5 is playing: Electra Heart by Marina & The Diamonds
Froot & Electra Heart are some of the greatest albums that were released this decade
Born To Die and Electra Heart. I can't choose one
Electra Heart is the most unique album out there, a journey through the American women's psyche, exploring identities
"If Lady Gaga had not existed, I would have never thought of the Electra Heart concept." - Marina and the Diamonds https:/…
Listen to Radioactive by Marina and The Diamonds . I'm heading for a meltdown. Tonight I feel like neon gold
Best Alternative album. for Born to Die by Lana Del Rey. for Electra Heart by Marina and the Diamonds
You have her super early crappy piano songs, her moderately early pop songs, the family jewels, electra heart when you want to kill youself,
I'm Electra, I'm Electra Heart. Only living, living in the dark. Lights they blind me
Im electra heart only living in the dark, lights they blind me
There are deaf and unintelligent people who think The Family Jewels is better than Electra Heart
I got: Marina . Fave song: Sex Yeah/Forget . Fave album: Electra Heart . Fave video: Don't have one. Fan?: Causal. Like for an artist
Welcome to the life of Electra heart 🔥🔥
Electra Heart will always be my favorite
Electra heart is still one of my fave albums ever! 💕
I am the personified version of the Electra Heart album
Welcome to the life of... ELECTRA HEART
Joanna falling in love with Electra Heart and she's like yes 25k old ghost woman, this is who I am now
Arguing can bring out the worst in people, Skar. Don't take it to heart. If this is about Electra, she apologized.
Electra heart era Marina finally met her idol how sweet
Marina Diamandis made one of my favorite albums ever, Electra Heart
When someone you hate says their deactivating
I'll still be posting just read my last post!
always forgetting how much I love Electra Heart
So excited to announce I'm playing this year!!!
11A all of electra heart but valley of the dolls, radioactive, and lies
10A all of electra heart and all of night time my time but sad in a good way
Lol futures new album title is straight up copying one of the lost Electra heart songs by marina
Looks like he finished listening to Electra heart
actually let me take that back: electra heart AND the family jewels will forever be my 💩
Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart album is so relevant to my life, it's tragic.
I found 365 people do not follow me back (via
The transition from tfj to electra heart when part of toxic is played and electra is wearing the air hostess outfit is go…
I want to be an owner of the Electra heart vinyl ☹☹☹☹
Electra Heart looks like its going to be my least favourite album by her 😪
I was so sad today and I just decided to listen to electra heart and now I feel so betta as always I listen you. Thnk u luv
electra heart : epiclove_,, D0 u want to get an iPh0ne 6s with0ut buying it? Go read my bi0. Thankss
Especially I'm crying over Electra Heart's narrative structure. It's such a masterpiece with many sub-meanings that reflect on 21th century
Electra Heart, ARTPOP and Biophilia are best concept albums ever tbh
Got my friend to listen to biblical album "Electra Heart" yesterday and she's officially obsessed. Doing Gods work is fun
i forgot how great the Electra Heart album is
welcome to the life of electra heart. //Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart//. Got this…
Almighty. Rid my heart of arrogance & selfishness. Fill it with humility & thoughtfulness. Help me to remember You in everyt…
📷 welcome to the life of Electra Heart.
Feeling every bit of Electra Heart right now
Oh Dear diary, I met a boy he made my dull heart light up with joy. oh dear diary, we fell apart. welcome to the life of Electra heart.
i was really into marina in the summer of 2012 and 2013 and 2014 but REALLY heavily in 2013 and i remember listening to electra heart on the
the signs as album aesthetics: AQUARIUS . electra heart - marina and the diamonds
im listening to electra heart to gain my senses baCK
The entirety of Electra Heart is just a sad *** s anthem and I LIVE for it
Watched all the Electra heart videos now I'm emo
welcome to the life of Electra heart 💎💖
Electra Heart is and will be the core emotions I function on
But why does Amara remind me of Electra Heart
I love how dark the whole Electra Heart album is. 😩
i'm always in the mood for some Electra Heart
I love Melanie so much but a lot of what she does for her Crybaby character is almost too similar to Electra Heart
Electra heart is marinas best album I hate all of you
Marinas Electra heart segment was the best wig off
I'm just so glad I didn't missnthe electra heart
My first tattoo is gona be Electra Heart, the second Born to die and the third will be unapologetic. Got it
Electra heart is my favorite album from marina
Me: Hi I'm here to see electra heart NOT MF 4/4 ELECTRA
thank you for such an unforgettable show. The Family Jewels & Electra Heart were so nostalgic & Froot was insane! Thank you
I don't care if it's almost 11 the whole house is gonna hear Electra heart
I would get an Electra Heart tattoo if I ever got a tattoo
I eventually ended up somwhere in between family jewels and electra heart spiritually
I found 249 people do not follow me back (via
i love the electra heart era i was never ready to let it go EH is so much better than froot
Marina needs to do the Electra heart act in a wig
hey have you ever listened to Listen to 'Electra Heart' really think you'd like that album
Idk why but i prefer electra heart over froot
Call me selfish but she could play the rest of the songs from Electra Heart and just casually Forget about Froot and I'd be ok with that!
Electra heart is dead and I'm still not over it
What are your top 5 favorite albums? — Plastic Beach, Electra Heart, Too weird to live! Too rare to die!, A fever y…
I do wish she'd gotten to finish videos for all of Electra Heart--mostly I wanted a Living Dead or Valley of the Dolls video.
Electra Heart was the one that got me to fall in love, family jewels was good but I like more electronic music.
Fans who hate on Electra Heart are honestly so boring
Ora mi scarico the family jewels e Electra Heart
You'll never know... love love. Electra Heart, are you for... Real?
do you guys have Electra heart by Marina and the Diamonds on CD
listens to Marina and The Diamonds - Electra Heart - Full Album 15 times
I feel part of what makes FROOT so special is that we've now done it together. A lot of 💎 came during Electra Heart.
I'll be living in the Electra Heart era forever
I'm scared that Froot is marinas last album. Electra Heart had the potential to be more than an album or an Era
Speaking of Marina, I always wished that every song on the Electra Heart album had gotten a video... but especially Living Dead.
Not all the songs are happier than Electra Heart, but there's a more kind of contented air.
Nevertheless, I also like that Froot, despite its number of slower songs, feels more... stable? than Electra Heart.
(I love Froot, but I think Electra Heart is pretty high up my favorite albums ever list, and probably my favorite of Marina's!)
I can't wait to get my Electra Heart tattoo
My favourite songs are probably Obsessions, Starring Role and Teen Idle aha, so Electra heart wins 2-1. But all her songs are great
I'm always surprised when somebody else likes it tbh aha. I would probably put it behind electra heart though...
Check out Marina and the Diamonds RARE PROMO CD Power and Control from Electra Heart
Why are Electra Heart and Froot the best albums released this decade?
Electra Heart Marina will always be fave
Electra Heart was hands down Marina's best era
it's more Marina than Electra heart so I enjoy it now. Can't really compare they're two different sounds
I was hesitant about froot. But I love marina. Is it better than Electra Heart ?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
FROOT is AMAZING but electra heart is just idk i love it more than anything
Encore is a dissection of why the Electra Heart album is actually the most punk rock album of this decade.
but a month or two ago I said I liked Electra Heart 4748389x better than the family jewels which is wrong now so who knows
i can't wait to grow up and be Electra Heart
I love the fashion from the Electra Heart era
Electra heart was so much better that froot
I should just mail him a copy of Electra Heart
I like to think im froot af but im honestly still Electra heart
messy bewtz! I suggest watching all the parts of Electra Heart & getting into the story while listening 2 the album!
Actually that was from Electra Heart not TFJ.
I can't believe it's expected to be released basically three years after Electra Heart's release goodbye miss Marina Lambrini Diamandis
On the English version of Wikipedia, Electra Heart by is the 'Today's featured article'
Fotoset: 'Electra Heart' in the style of 'Born to Die'
I want Marina to hurry up and release a new album, because I've worn out "The Family Jewels" and "Electra Heart".
I'm Miss Sugar Pink, liquor liquor lips. Welcome to the life of, Electra Heart. 🎧💁
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♡ Part II of 'Track by Track' on Electra Heart ♡ : power & control, Living Dead, teen idle, valley of the dolls etc ht…
ROFL no! Electra Heart was the character,her real name is Marina Diamandis.She calls herself MATD bc its her&us her diamonds
marina needs to release Electra Heart if she wants her career to stay relevant
omg me too I still get goosebumps !!RT "I get chills when I listen to I'm electra heart???"
the song Electra Heart will be the last video which Marina stated as "putting a bow on the Era" & will be showing all the …
Marina should write a book about Electra Heart
I'm electra i'm electra heart, only living in the dark
I'm electra I'm electra heart . only living living in the dark
what if daniel buys me Electra Heart or The Family Jewels and gives it to me as a gift the first day of school omg
I just bought Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart on iTunes. Last time I listened to her was when Mowgli’s Road was released.
Electra heart is one of my favourite albums ever👌💜
marina is rubbing of on me, I've been listening to Electra heart
that's what people said to Jenny Frost and she went on to be my favourite member of Atomic Kitten.
So pull me closer and kiss me hard im gonna pop your bubblegum heart 💜😘🍬
Electra Heart and im crying a river, again.
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If Electra Heart was a real person I'd marry her.
welcome to life of electra heart Lady Gaga
Electra Heart was meant to be my album because it exactly came out the day after my birthday ❤
Listening To electra Heart Rite noww im so bored.
Electra Heart and The Family Jewels are two of my favorite albums
I'll be cumming soon when I hear Electra Heart.
I've liked marina since 2010 yet I only downloaded electra heart because I was seeing her live lol okay
I don't understand why radioactive wasn't on the normal version of Electra Heart
Electra Heart is a 10 and the Family Jewels is like a 6 fs
Marinas writing her next album by herself so it won't be like Electra heart. Ok
Electra Heart subindo no itunes us. yes
Marina and the Diamonds plays a track from her album Electra Heart. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late ...
When she says, "I'm fine," she really means, "How do you think I am Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who and Electra Heart is over."
Lately my music diet has consisted of the albums Nothing This Real by Justin Utley, Born and Raised by John Mayer, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, Electra Heart by MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS, Ghost On Ghost by Iron & Wine, Gravel & Wine by Gin Wigmore, The Origin of Love by MIKA, and Volume 3 by She & Him. Quite a diverse mix, but check them out. They're all fantastic.
Lonely Hearts Club is the best song from "Electra Heart"
Marina Lambrini Diamandis, also known by stage name Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh singer-songwriter and musician. She rose to fame after reaching number two on the BBC Sound of 2010 poll list, coming second to Ellie Goulding. After releasing one private EP, Diamandis released her second extended play, The Crown Jewels EP, with help from Neon Gold Records, in 2009. Now signed to 679 Recordings, she released her debut full length studio album, The Family Jewels, followed by her third extended play, The American Jewels EP, in 2010. In 2011, Diamandis announced that she was working on her second album, Electra Heart, which was released in April 2012 and went to No. 1 in the UK and Ireland. Her stage name, "Marina and the Diamonds", consists of Diamandis' first name and the translation of her surname, which means "Diamonds" in Greek. According to her, "The Diamonds" are not her backing band, Diamandis' musical style ranges from keyboard-based ballads to more up-tempo New Wave-style songs with full band b ...
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