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Election Night

Election Night usually refers to the evening after an Election Day, when the votes are being counted and everyone is waiting for the election result.

Election Day Clay Aiken White House

The anxious reactions to Spicer's comments that he spent Election Night on Fifth Floor demonstrate how haunted the GOP is b…
The only goldmine of comedy now is this pocket--which Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle partially cracked on Election Night.
Wisconsin - yeah they put me over the top on Election Night, but they cost me a primary win! Losers!
The remake of 'Dirty Dancing' is the most traumatizing thing I have witnessed since Election Night '16.
And. God was with us thru the whole election from beginning to the end Election Night!!! Yee haw!!!
The most LA thing ever said, overheard in Echo Park on Election Night: "I almost didn't vote. I only did because I found a pla…
Tomorrow will be the 2nd worse day at after Election Night. It's going down - we're yelling timber 🎶 🇺🇸👌🏼
Coincidentally, prepping Election Night is Alright for Fighting for class tomorrow. Election night, and every day.
When WH is citing Trump's Election Night speech as his outreach to unite country, there hasn't been much outreach http…
I added a video to a playlist US Elections 2016 - BBC Election Night in America - Part One
Wolf Blitzer was looking forward to dancing and drinking champagne on Election Night like he did at the Democrat convention. Sad!
Sean Hannity Charles Krauthammer Congressman Jason Chaffetz. Lets go over her behavior. . 1.) Election Night...
the StockMarkets were suppose to crash when Trump became elected President day after Election Night
Reports of at least 200 students protesting campus at Cal State University Monterey Bay after Election Night
Catch all Election Night coverage wherever you are.
You could take Election Night in under the watchful eye of Richard J Daley at Cunneen's too.
Okay, sun's rising quite insistently. I should try going back to bed. I need all my energy to stay up late on Election Night!
Election Night on Bravo with LVP & the results of our Real Housewives election!
In case you need an Election Night toddy,might I recommend the "Mazel tov cocktail"-one part Fireball,one part cheap vodka 😬🍸🔥
This makes my heart feel good the night before the election. ❤️
Must be a perverted night, read that as erection not election 😂😈
Here's what you need to know as Americans head to the polls to vote for their next President
On the night before Election Day Trump is Dissing a Rapper... Let that sink in.
Now for day two: The Election Night Watch Party, Join us in finding out who our next President will be!🇺🇸 Note a Locat…
Thinking I may watch election night coverage peeking through my fingers like I do when watching
Losing sleep over the We've rounded up 23 sleep hacks to help you have a restful night. 👉…
So excited for our Election Day party tomorrow night and then storming the White House once the next President is announced
It's 11 PM the night before the election, and I'm an undecided voter. Who do I write in?
has got you covered for Election Day! Coverage begins on Daybreak @ 4:30 am. Then tune in at 5 pm as we keep you updat…
My first election night not spent in the newsroom in many years. I'll be watching it develop on even…
Today's cover: This could blow up in her face!
"It's the night before the election, and I know I have this much chance to be elected. But I'm going to win anyway!"
Clinton cancels fireworks show scheduled for election night:
I will not watch your coverage of election tomorrow night because your 2 analysts are too similar in outlook. Disappointed
This election night special is pure comedic gold.
I understand this debate but it's an uphill battle the night before the election 😂
On the night before the election, Obama is not targeting voters who have an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton. https:…
Didn't realize (duh) of course Trump AND Clinton are having election night parties in the city.…
My election night plans for tomorrow include getting two medium pizzas at sheetz for six dollars and hating myself
'Muricans, what bar in San Francisco should we go to tomorrow night to watch election results come in?
''Twas the night before the election"
Trump isn’t planning a big celebration for Tuesday night. Just one more way the GOP won't have a party after this electi…
BOOKMARK THIS LINK! This page will be updated with local results all day/night long:
If Hillary ends up winning tmrw night, u people who sat out this election and did not support Trump...own it. U people…
I'm staying in my own small election poll-free bubble until the winner is officially announced tomorrow night bc I cannot handle the nerves
All WaPo content will be free tomorrow. You should read and watch the crap out of it.
My professor cancelled class tomorrow 🙌🏾 and even asked if we would have an election watch party at night 🤘🏾
Come to the election night party tomorrow at the Holiday Inn near HQ! 1500 Van Ness, close of polls to midnight…
The only levity in this whole election is Saturday Night Live comedy of candidates. Wednesday can't come soon enough.
Authorities on high alert as Hillary and Trump both hold election parties in NYC
I specifically booked my flight home tomorrow night during the election so I wouldn't have to deal with any of it
Ditch the he said/she said on election night. Tune-in for the + livestream for results and tasty intelligence.
We all have our ways of dealing with the election...I have decided to not be sober until we hear results tomorrow night.…
Night before the election, just thinking about what could have been.
Chyron on the NBC Nightly News the night before the election: . CLINTON AVOIDS EMAIL ISSUE ON FINAL DAY . Great work, guys. We…
Beautiful oral history of election night 2008 from Politico.
What will we remember from the 2016 presidential race? CNN has you covered for Election night in America. 🇺🇸
If this election is giving you anxiety (of course), then I'd suggest turning on election night special. It's pure 🔥.
On a redeye from CA to NYC for the Hillary's Election Night Event to witness the historic election of our first woman Pres…
TRUMP ON ELECTION NIGHT: "How did they count 120 million votes in only a few hours?"
List of Tucson election night parties
'I think Susan B. Anthony would be very proud' Grave site of U.S. suffragette open to voters on election night: https:/…
Some thoughts, on the night before this election.
Little over an hour until it begins. If you can stomach it, strap in for the election meltdown list I put together
This is the spot labeled 'Trump TV' on the main riser of the grand ballroom at the midtown Hilton for Trump's NYC Election Nigh…
Tonight marks the final Monday Night Football game before the U.S. goes into "Purge Mode" after tomorrow's election.
It’s all up to you now. No matter who you’re voting for, see your vote counted on CNN election night in America. 🇺🇸
.on why Alaska could be a state to watch on Election Night, w/ a cameo from former Sen. Mark Begich…
🎉 Where to party on Election Night, 👻 the ghosts of Pike Place Market, and more...
In Playbook: Could Election Night be a snore? + Jay Z, Beyonce and...Lebron? for Clinton: h…
The BBC go live at 11.15pm next Tuesday with 'Election Night in America' - Andrew Neill and Katty Kay live in New York, through to 6am.
Election Night in Trump Tower is going to look like a Samuel Beckett play written to star Peter Boyle.
Classic comic strip from the Mr. Wiggles archives - Election Night: 2036.
Election results are in and here are some pictures from Election Night.
Check out where local elections stand, as of midnight Election Night:
Election Night: County supervisor race poised for runoff: by Jeremy Walsh The stage is set for a November runoff…
Ah, to *** with this campaigning crap. My election is in the bag. (thoughts from Hillary every night).
"Gov. Mike Pence told a roomful of LaPorte County Republicans Wednesday night that voters have a choice between...
with arrows on! 'Extraordinary' one way of putting it -were so blatant on Election night all could see it
How can you sleep at night after things like this? Why don't you be less of a spineless loser?
Looking forward to the second election to this post. "My predecessor was your worst Night Mayor."
Zia ullah Afridi team and ISF did day night campaign for Shehzad Khan PK 8 Election candidate let's see what will be the results
More evidence of bias: 'Member of Election Night Team Writes Crude Anti-Sturgeon Slogan.'
Forgot to ask your opinion on this year's presidential election last night. Thoughts?
In order to be sufficiently drunk for Election night, I'm gonna have to start practicing now...
V proud that election night programme is nominated for an award at the New York Radio Festival Awards as Best Ongoing…
We will not go quietly into the night. We will continue to fight and change American politics long after this election is…
It's not up to election night virtual reality standards but here's the latest from the Senedd.
Poor love only has the one dress in her collection. Seeing that thing on election night was bad enough.
I think Paul Martin still regrets his hurried 2006 election night decision to resign Lib. leadership. Conservatives only…
Well done last again right enough! It was like election night all over again 😂 😂
Tour de France starts on election night so hopefully we are sure the Libs are cooked before 10pm so I can switch to the cycling.
ICYMI Lost in the Shuffle: The BBC’s UK election night was a blow for diversity
Nice Denton election night photo in the coverage this week.
Last night I dreamt Donald trump won the election by offering everyone £20,000 each. Wouldn't put it past him!
Member of BBC Election Night Team Writes Crude Anti-Sturgeon Slogan and Graphic - "Professor" Rob Ford of the
Bautista confirms Smartmatic official altered a script of the Transparency Server at the PPCRV on election night | via
Something I'd missed in all the rush on election night - Plaid's regional vote share actually went down in Mid&West Wales.
UK elections: Jeremy Corbyn declares 'we hung on' after mixed night for Labour –…
DB-Plex :: The West Wing - S4E7 - Election Night was recently added to TV Shows.
The funniest part of the "Election Night" episode of the West Wing is how Josh Lyman is freaking out like DC would EVER go for a Republican.
Ah, Election Night. The night sports employees look up from their desk in the newsroom and wonder "Why am I here today?"
I bet Harold Wilson's pleased it's not Election Night.
Trump pokes fun at his presidential style as 'Saturday Night Live' host
Last night the shed some light on the need for new election technology, watch here (adult language)
The first debate of the runoff election is happening tomorrow night at 7 p.m. on LPB. I hope you’ll tune in to...
The night Seattle changed (or not): Election results, analysis, and liveblogging
Anyone know how to get ahold of city election results night-by-night (i.e. vote counts Tuesday vs. vote counts Wednesday, etc.)?
Some memories from Loanhead by-election 2005. Nerves were really kicking in by this point that night.
So if New Life is about the same as election night, Carabetta actually picked up votes?
Last night I dreamt that Trish told me she was secretly a Tory and voted for them in the election n I woke up with heart palpitations
Vichar Taqrar | as a panelist on yet another program on ptc news on result night of the bihar election! via
I'll wager I'm the only British person to ever turn up at the Danish cultural centre in Brussels on election night unaccompanied.
Officer applications went out last night! Turn in by Sunday night to be eligible for election!
QUIDNUNC: and make Colorado a night to remember
Very excited to announce my election as President of SigEp KS Alpha as of last night. I'm honored to…
In Tuesday night debate, Carson sure to be a new focus: For some Republican presidential candidates, the party's…
Welcome back to and congratulations to on their re-election at last night's AGM.
This mos mtg is election night!! Come vote in next year's officers! 11/12, 7pm. best beer, bourbon and bbq!
It is dedicated to Lady Gaga How to watch Tuesday night's Republican debate - Election 20…
Congratulations to for winning the bi election last night in the St Anne-St Henry. We look forward to work with you.
HEADLINES: How to watch Tuesday night's Republican debate - Election 2016
Shaking the can for election night mapping
Closing cross after Bethel 19 election night, 16 Jobies on the floor
Please help our small newsroom continue to do big work. We’re looking to expand our real-time voting map.
Democracy beats oligarchy! The election night wins you may not have heard about.
I added a video to a playlist 'Papa' Mena Clears Up Election Night Comments
Just found on my phone: a never-before-seen photo of the amazing on election night.
Two days until the Board of Directors Election/President's Night, Nov 12! Don't forget to RSVP to JessicaVCost is $35/person
voters cant pick candidates for party. Voters have their say on election night.
Wanna play election season? You can be BenCarson. I'll be FoxNews...and stroke your ego all night long.
An account of Elizabeth Warrens speech on Sunday night to kick of her re-election campaign. via
I do like their election night graphics. Other then that MSNBC is worthless.
Another this Sunday night We're screening 'Election'. Screening begins at 7pm! $3 or free for members.
"While it was a disappointing election night for the Dems, it was a promising one for democracy,"
.I remember thousands softly chanting "yes we can" the night of the 2008 election. One of eeriest moments of my lifetime.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"'Saturday Night Live' with Trump earns best ratings in years" -
I had a dream last night that the presidential election was decided by a game of 2 hand touch snow football. I won.
Went for Burmese last night with YoMa in Allston was celebrating the election. This was our dessert.
Election Night Landslide for Pro-family: Faith and Freedom with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and BarbWire’s Ma...
Ok I am interested to know who won the election, but don't necessarily want to hear it ALL NIGHT! 󾰬
Election night around the country had a number of stunning victories for the pro-family, pro-life agenda. And one...
Now Online!. CATV's LIVE coverage of the 2015 Election Night at Gloucester City Hall!.
It's an Election Night tradition... stop out at tonight's Manchester Lions Club Soup Supper and Gas Card Raffle!
. When the news came out on election night. The Conservative Party'd won the fight. God *** them all!
7/7 With that I bid you g'day or g'night. ICYMI here's the RCMP report about these folks. 1►2►
Vote to make this the last unfair federal election in Canada, Mulcair told 800 people in Courtenay last night https…
Post-election, Saturday Night Live should just be Weekend Update and lip-synching hipster bands. The rest was unfunny.
I can't wait for election night and to see Trumps face when it's announced he has lost the election to
If I wake up on election night & our Nation has elected a billionaire real estate magnet turned reality.😎
Where election night 2014 Dems said it's over we lost nothing ahead but gloom . THEN 2015 Came http:/…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
What was nonsense from BBC last night talking to ex Labour people who can't vote in leaders election? That felt like political interference
Election night 97: "corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles".
Breaking news: BNP beat Labour and UKIP in last night's election...
Late night with K Rudd during the US election? Now that would be fun
We worked all day and night in Pretoria TUT SRC election and we came out victorious, Salute to student who took Sasco Tshir…
Kellner was positively giddy on election night in May, couldn't get him off the BBC
Saturday night - reading about how Robert Ray used calls from local scrutineers in 1987 to beat election computer predictions.
The Canning by-election will be a real test for Tony Abbott. Canning is normally a safe Liberal seat, but two...
That's kind. I think there is a strong argument for choosing JC as I said last night. But not that he will win election. I
to make election night sweeter..George Christensen also set to lose Dawson by 4.4%, & Mal Brough from Fisher by 2.2%.
Catalonia's Together for Yes saw 57,000 "election candidates" gather in Barcelona last night in an unprecedented show of force ahead of 27S.
Late night emailing thoughts about election narratives. Sleep time!
Relive the excitement of the election night 2015. (SNP gains start at around the 4 hours mark =P)
my night ✨ its been a busy day; i won the election and was voted GSA secretary 2day so yay🌈💓!! im super tired 💤
I had a nightmare last night, that Hillary Clinton had paid-off Trey Gowdy to avoid prosecution, rigged the election.
Breast Cancer Awareness
If they are and holds it up to Oct 19, Harper will look like this on election night.
Beautiful night, tough game, but a great sign! Rockwall ISD bond election is November 3rd. Support Better...
Now I'm a broken man on election night...the last of Harper's privateers...
those were fun times. Also, re-watch the Karl Rove show on election night 2012 (Fox).
It is a lot worse than that for Harper .90% of voters will hate him election night and applaud the extinction of CPC.
Need a whole lot of defibrillators for the election night victory party.
13 hours and counting in this office. Practicing for Election Day/Night I guess.
BTW: shame on the for their undignified display last night.. I KNOW who will not get my support on the next election..
Remember this night come Election Day. Remember who stood up for the law, and who subdued it for personal gain.
. I have an unhealthy interest in seeing Abbott's concession speech on election night. . Gloat Cit…
To have more Latinos to compete for low paying jobs? Sounds like a GREAT idea. Stay home on election night moron.
Last night, The SMC Dems voted on our endorsements for the 2015 election. Please check our site for the full list:
Election Night Special. Followed a week later by another Election Night Special because they didn't respect the first…
ALL Comedy Series Emmy submissions are in, but Election Night?
John French Sloan ( 1871-1951 ). 'Election Night' 1907. Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester http…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
What to expect on Election Night in the San Antonio mayor’s race: via
My favorite block was Ann Romney. On Election Night 2012 I told her "tell yo baby daddy that he SUPA WEAK!"
Gerald Ford on Election Night & Betty Ford on her last day in the White House via
Excellent night last night!. Next Monday is Election Night. Tonight we're in Stoke Newington. feat.
Historical Trivia: On Election Night, Tammany Hall would sponsor huge bonfires in the streets of NYC. For fun and burning ballots.
Cubs game postponed? I guess I'll be spending my Election Night counting votes to the tune of John Wiedeman and Troy Murray.
The central committee of the SLFP had met yesterday at Temple Trees last night has given the green light to call for presidential election
In 14 House races that were too-close-to-call on Election Night, Democrats have won 13, and Republicans have won 0! put out the word!
I was in Austin Monday when I got a call my mom fell and broke her shoulder & wrist & hurt her leg. Her surgery went well last night. At 88 she's smart as a tack, tough, & still plays a mean game of poker. I tild her she needs to recover for the Inauguration. Keep Jean in your prayers for a full recovery. Thank you Photos: day after surgery today, on Election Day & Election Night.
Don’t miss a celebration of wins & lessons learned from the 2014 election in tomorrow night!
Last night the heartbreak of 'Election Day' made me cry; tonight they're tears of joy!
Watch our interview with longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader during our 2014 Election Night Special. "We shouldn’t let Citizens United and voting restriction laws ... be used as alibis by the Democrats in Congress," he says of the GOP’s victories.
Democrats lost three Utah House seats Tuesday that they initially thought they had won on election night, the official election canvass in Salt Lake County revealed. That gives Republicans a 63-12 super majority in the ...
Fox News, the most watched news channel on election night, just destroyed Obama's switch re EO for Illegal Aliens. Megyn Kelly rockstar
A recount has given the lead to a Republican candidate in state Senate District 25 after the election night winner was the Democratic candidate.
Election night madness. Messy desk tells the story. With
And that's a wrap on another night of live election coverage! Thanks to for hanging with us. http:…
gr8 pic from election night via taking a moment to play w her golden retriever Boomer http…
Lol election night . Behonest stop beeing a fake and a wanna be thug lol been through it smh
VIDEO: Asked to explain himself, Gruber runs like Debbie Wasserman Schultz's mascara on election night
Malcolm Turnbull on ABC last night says you can't take Abbott's promise of no cuts seriously election eve...
"I know. On election night I was so sad"
So, the CPC netted 49.2% of the vote in Whitby-Oshawa last night. In a by-election. After 8 years of government.
Winston is precious whether quietly napping or even snoring after election night.
When Abbott & Co are voted out, and they will be, I can't wait for the tears. There are always tears on election night defeats, Libs cry.
Forgot in the hoopla of election night that failed 2010 candidate Ken Buck was elected to the US House, by an overwhelming margin.
Sad part is I thot she won the numbers on election night. What happened to the DEMS in her state? DNC fail again!
Rochester & Strood by-election tomorrow night. I guess it is UKIP's to lose.
Whilst the Council meeting video is processing why not live our footage of election night
Goodness I remember the night was elected at by-election in summer 1997. I was a reporter at the time.
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.notes that on Election night, seeing the returns, it was easy to get depressed. But to him, the response was "Game on."
Delphi Network Red Alert event on the Japan General Election occurred last night. A million thanks to our great speakers, Robert Madsen and…
Can't wait to see this chick crying on election night. Go get a real job, Mary.
All these "poisoning the well" references from Rs are hilarious. Wasn't it poisoned on election night '08 when you vowed to ruin Pres Obama?
It's Dems election night! Be sure to come to our meeting tonight, so you can cast your vote for our new exec...
A great analysis of the leadership debate last night from my colleague
Mayoral Transition Underway: Today was the first time the city’s two Mayors have met since election night. Ove...
It's ELECTION NIGHT! Brave the cold to exercise your right and enjoy another coding session with CSS! Right here...
.has declared a victory that seemed pretty unlikely on Election Night.
So excited for the by-election special! I'll be taking my ProPlus to get thru the night!
Top top night, love Sophie election batzer😆
You know Obama scrambled the night of the election,
It's the Rochester and Strood by-election tomorrow. Will update through the day/night on results and news.
I personally have stopped watching All of you showed your true colors on election night when you verbally attacked Obama
Bash foxnews all you want Chuck they kicked NBC's *** on election night an continue to beat everyone
Order Miche Bag Online!
is such an Obama sycophant. Did you pay attention on election night?
Malcolm Malcolm Malcolm. You can't break your leader's election night promises. People don't have time for that nonsense. Tough titties.
Wish me luck! It's (re)election night where I volunteer! I may not still be president when I get home :'(
Indeed I can remember one branch of that held a victory dance on the night they lost an electi…
Poor He probably still cries every night over the 2000 election.
No 'scrutiny' of unworkable migration claims from LibLabCON night before by election from the increasingly less reputable
On election night, what separated Oregon from the rest? Progressives learned to fight together| nwLaborPress
It was as clear as election promises go. There would, Tony Abbott vowed the night before last year's federal...
Reminds of the night François Hollande won the election in France. The French with african roots celebrated with african flags.
Just so U folks that only watch has higher ratings than & combined! It beat on election night!
needs to go he's the GOP front man. Did you see him salivate election night
Caption this moment from Election night...
Clearly the AEC/VEC need to count more of these votes polling night, otherwise election outcom…
Democrats lost big on Election Night in 2014, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts argued Wednesday that...
Midlothian Lib Dems were out tonight delivering near Dalkeith ahead of the by-election. A bit of a dreich night...
The CIA partied on Election Night, swelled with joy at the elevation of pro-secrecy hardliner Sen. Richard Burr
"Armed" Marine Calls Out Obama in Front of White House on Election Night via
ICYMI: Monmouth Co and its voting machine vendor did a full set up & runthrough in search of Election Night glitch >>
One woman made history on election night. Find out how:.
A Bad Election Night for Democrats, but a Great Victory for Workers
Wrap Up. We're looking at the winners of Election Night at
Pay Attn to MSNBC Commentator’s Answer When Chris Matthews Asks: What’s the ‘Good News’ for Progs on Election Night? h…
"After scores of useless fundraisers & Obama's election night of the living dead, we will hear from the president."
Could be the craziest result of the night: Sam Brownback wins re-election in KS governor's race - KCTV5
Purple gets its day, in election night attire. Or maybe fans? via
I was going to comment on last night’s election results, but I figure I’m just as misinformed as those already chiming in…
Last night, this 30-year-old Republican became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress
Still nerding out on how great the social coverage of election night was...h/t for this map:
One more: Stop accusing me of being a democrat because I was not happy with the election last night. I don't follow a party.
PHOTOS Press working early at HQ Election Night 2014 in
The election last night made a statement for certain but the fight is not over by a long shot.
The 3 publicly financed campaigns that won last night!
Clay Aiken & supporters, election night. My voice will not be silenced.. .
GOP politicians celebrate last night's election results.
Last night's election results were almost as good as Nebraska winning a National Championship
Gov. Quinn refused to concede the gubernatorial election last night. Here's my coverage from his election party:
To me, gubernatorial election surprise of the night is not that Brown lost, but that LePage won.
Huge win last night! All Governors who signed the Health Care Compact that were on the ballot won re-election!
What the election means for Wall Street: USA TODAY's David Callaway discusses what election night ...
For those still bitter about the Election results last night, Ferris Bueller has some advice: "It's over, go home."
Wasn't a good election night for Clay Aiken, but at least he's getting a reality show out of it.
Something seemed off about CNN's election coverage last night.
Photo: guardian: Not sure how to keep the party going now that election night has rounded the corner into...
My stomach hurts from eating too much Election Night pizza & leftover Halloween candy last night.
11 things that happened Election Night that matter to tech
Microsoft Surface loses on election night as CNN commentators use it as iPad kickstand - insert evil laugh here:.
Obama is "irritated" with election. Not because D's lost Senate but because until last night he thought there were 114 senators.
The biggest loser in last night's election? Our warming planet:
Election night 2014 was a good one for Utah's Republicans -
So without cable/internet last night, I completely missed the election returns... sounds like the GOP did well.
Congratulations to Brother Sim Gill (Utah '85) who won re-election last night to continue as the Salt Lake County... http…
It’s here! Read our memo detailing last night’s election results for the U.S. House.
Was there an election last night I turned on wbal ,top story was molly 6 1/2 min.then briefly about election
CNN commentators used a Surface to hold up an iPad
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will speak at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday after a successful Election Night. Be...
¦ 34 ¦ 7 things that will almost definitely happen on election night ¦ Related: Sound like a ...
Don't miss Chris Matthews' election night face; That and this sneering remark sum up lib tears [photos of the night!] http…
Last night was huge for criminal justice paid sick leave & minimum wage http…
Why Barack Obama never talked to Mitch McConnell on election night via Will be talking more often now
Make no mistake, last night's only goes to prove that voters can be fooled by an agenda focused on obstruction from the
This is boring. When's the next election? Is it Thursday Night Football yet?
ICYMI: joins us at the table to talk on
Our fax finally failed us last night for election results. It spat out four blank pages and that was it. Internet: 1, Fax: 0.
Thanks to for making our Election Night Watch Party so much fun!
It was not a good night for Obamacare...
.squeezed some time in Tuesday night for live midterm election coverage and a visit from the devil
for those who missed it last night: Republicans didn't win as big as you think they did. And Obama didn't lose
Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell reacts to his party's massive gains in last night's election. Watch live: via ...
Last night, voters overwhelmingly endorsed a higher standard of living for American workers. States as red as...
Thank goodness we're past election night! Now we can be free from the endless, misleading, manipulative ads that only serve to remind us how broken our political system is.
Another quick note of thanks before I forget to our election coverage team at WHMP. Mary Serreze, for bringing in some great audio from the 2nd Franklin race, and our analysis team, Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz, Northampton City Councilor Ryan O'Donnell, Hampshire Register of Deeds Mary Olberding, and, of course, WHMP host and ACLU Attorney Bill Newman. This is the second or third Election Night snow I've done with Bill, and it's always a blast. The guy is a great talent, and you should check out his show weekdays at 9 on WHMP if you haven't already, and hear it for yourself. Can't wait to do it all again next time..
While Americans watched intently as Republicans re-gained control of the U.S. Senate with some close victories, there was very little political drama in Fort Bend County on Election Night.
After an election night filled with far-right victories, it’s hard to dub any single winner the most extreme. But Michael Peroutka, newly elected to the Anne Arundel County Council in Maryland,
For the second time, the President struggles with Election Night well wishes to Republicans. But Vice President Joe Biden got through.
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