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Election Day

Election Day in the United States is the day set by law for the general elections of public officials.

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aren't these similar numbers to those right before Election Day?
So is delegitimizing the President, which the mainstream media & Democrats have been working to do since Election Day.…
There were only 151 votes in the primary for 2nd Ward 4 years ago. Every vote matters. Only 2 weeks until Election Day.
Great review of our Election Day release from the great R. Stevie Moore. He's got albums, collabs, reissues, and a…
Warren Buffett bought $12 billion in stock between Election Day and last Friday, per
This is the point. Nothing to prevent them from casting absentee ballot in one and voting Election Day in another
We have acquired new gigantic Russian made Missiles. We'll commission them on the eve of Election Day
- It should be a national holiday. On Election Day.
Just a reminder about prediction on the day of the US election
The president going round asking people to reg as voters yet; hospitals closed, they're hungry and thirsty..they may die before election day
Myself and MANY hv been referring to him as Pres since Election Day.He got right to work n deserved it.Ob?On vacay again!🙄
Thinking about the small crowd at the inauguration. It just hit me, it's indicative of the polls and Election Day. Trump vot…
Seizing through a legal election? You are really having a bad day, kid.
Pretty much every single day since President Trump won the election.
My mom was nearly in tears at his election, never thinking she would live to see the day...
& only 14 PA counties have been reviewed (only 3 with straight party review & 2 with election day differentiation) 13/
32 new Trump-branded companies registered in 10 countries since Election Day (inc 2 in Oz, 2 in NZ) via
Trump filed papers to open a new branch of his foundation in N Dakota on Election Day
reveal Trump opened 32 new companies in 10 countries since Election Day
Seriously, Election Day should be a federal holiday so all can vote, although some employers will be re…
I remember Watergate. The scandal was already brewing before Election Day, but we didn't know it yet. It could happen.
And Justice Department business writing to handle sensitive cases as Election Day and North Carolina: In a new evidence of
Today is Election Day in Bikita West. May peace be upon the land and ZANU PF fairly and transparently win with a...
.for all ur bravado, your failure 2 object to Electoral College makes you a REAL WUSS! See u on Election Day.…
For those of you cheering for remember, 28% of the market's growth since Election Day has been...Goldman Sachs
Trump's Florida home which is in her district, less than a month after Election Day. "It's not like I everyone's
Tiger Woods joins Trump for his first round of golf since Election Day via
might have won the election but he is still a huge looser... . Trump just can't get over Election Day.
"EAC wants feedback from voters w disabilities experience on Election Day (or earlier if you did early voting)."
White House: Trump knew Russia was behind hacks before Election Day.
Bill Clinton blames 'angry white men' for Hillary's loss on Election Day
If you never registered a complaint about the Electoral College before Election Day, please pipe down and only let the ad…
In other words, nothing that happened on Election Day or is happening now is normal. . Democratic norms have been...
The Trump campaign spent nearly $3 million at Trump companies in the final weeks leading up to Election Day
In Nevada, on Election Day, only 20% of provisional ballots were counted. They still have not been counted. They won't be.
Comey Broke With the Supreme Court struck down as Election Day a letter Friday anyway, shaking the issues that never should
CNN: "Democrats took a beating across the country on Election Day.". Fact: Dems gained seats in the House and Senate.
Do you know how many trans people were murdered since Election Day? Do you know how many veterans kil…
Election Day should be a national holiday, so every voter gets to voice their opinion.
My first patent was issued on Election Day.
‘Missing names’ could create chaos on election day – NDC warns. Source:
Jammeh slams request to stabilize internet on election day
On the last day of campaigning for Phase 1 of Municipal Council Election, travelled in Partur in Jalna and Arvi in Wardha…
Time that whole election system is changed so we have universal voter registration, election day is a holiday and ever…
Trump resembled pugnacious, brawling campaigner Thursday in first major public appearance since Election Day:
What happened to Brian Williams claim that The 11th Hour would self cancel itself on Election Day? Boring show still continues...
The brilliant is turning into a modern day Vincent Hanna, much missed doyen of by-election TV reports.…
Trump returns to his raucous campaign roots in his first major public appearance since Election Day
if ur polling 23% ur hardly goin to plan on a big turnout in Election Day.Labour vote could crash under 20%.
have become the They are old enough to become poll workers on election day.…
asked if social media will be blocked on election day, to which COP Mr Agblor answered, nobody will bl…
Data coming out of Rhode Island illustrate a 13% dip in Clinton's support comparing early voting to election day voting. Coi…
Well done on winning that by-election. Big result for the politics of hope and a future. Long live the day that is dawning.
10th consecutive day of protests against election fraud continues in PAP,
2. If early votes heavy for HRC.. what happened on election day? Exit polls vs numbers..?
Bet the pay dropped post Election Day.
The Commission therefore urges the hierarchy of the security agencies to deploy such affected persons to work on Election Day…
I was writing a farcical, comedic post-apocalyptic story...and then I could not, because election day happened.
watch 'young turks election day meltdown'...on utube. The amount of hate these browns have for whites is unbelievable.
Actually, what flunkies like Eich want is for Lefties to STFU and cede to the Center-Right...but still bail out Dem…
and not where they will be assigned to work on Election Day or where they are currently deployed. .
I've been asking myself every day after the election: "What if WE are the fringe group?" What if inclusive, non-racist people r just fringe?
It's never a good sign when a government turns off the phones and social media on election day but that's happened today…
on Election Day more searches for v only reversing rank day after election!
literal real life hate crimes carried out by Trump supporters since election day, but leftists hurt Peter's feelings online…
Ronny Chieng makes a desperate plea to a batch of undecided voters ahead of Election Day.
Join this morning for all the top stories and your reaction to the crucial by-election:
With each new day, Kellie Leitch makes Harper's re-election campaign feel like it was slightly less than a total disgrace.
What is the Ghana police's latest stance on social media blocks on Election Day? Social media is important in exposing voter intimidation
Who is digging on this -- not just reporting on letter and calling it a day?
From day one of this election process the media bashed what they hated instead of promoting what they loved. Not the way to…
Reminder: Clinton campaign aides were popping champagne on election day. Don't let these people ever forget that. https…
Liberals try to shame and troll Trump supporters into submission. Didn't work on Election Day and won't work next 8 year…
Clinton had a firewall of early votes in Florida that COULD NOT be beaten on Election Day--so definitely some "rigging" th…
PA: My precinct is Dem blocks surrounded by Trump area. Dem block precinct lost power election day, then machines not w…
the StockMarkets were suppose to crash when Trump became elected President day after Election Night
Tonight's rally is a good reminder that at the end of the day, Donald Trump is just a bad person. Winning an election does…
I think a lot about this snippet said in his vlog the day after the election. I feel the same, my dude.
On election night in - arguably the most important day since independence - state television is playing music v…
The Icelandic political situation is getting more interesting by the day.
By election day it was obvious to all Trump supporter that the had driven Trump voters into hiding. Everyo…
NV turned blue on Election Day & put 2 Democratic candidates into congressional seats that were held by Republicans.
True about voter fraud in California. My friend and her neighbor both Republicans had problems on Election Day.
Post-Election Day, Americans' interest in attending college in has spiked
Must Read!👀 The crooks R at it again, planning since Election Day (J.S. raises👆$ in 48 hrs than her whole campaign!👀
Did I not predict precisely this on Election Day?
Security and the Vote - When I wrote this, it was the morning of Election Day in the United Sta...
A special police unit will be created in NY to counter the spike in hate crimes since Election Day, Gov. Cuomo said.
Devil's Advocate: Did Bruce Rauner score a big victory on Election Day?
Amazon shares have fallen nearly 5% since Election Day, wiping out about $20B in market value for the company:
In honor of Election Day in America, never forget when Harry was rumored to be having an affair with Barack Obama.
If GOP brings back earmarks by secret vote in closed-door meeting, they didn't get the message on Election Day, says
The DNC dumped for then the DNC got dumped the same way on Election Day. gotta love it.
November is the worst. Profs love to pile papers/exams/group projects this month, forgetting about two holidays and election day.
Since 1968, George HW Bush is the only president-elect to announce cabinet nominations within the first week after Ele…
Watchdog group has counted more than 400 hate incidents since Election Day /
Day after the election I actually read back through several passages of 'A Wrinkle in Time' bc the parallels r so real. R…
Mock School Board election results will be posted at the end of the day by the main office. Congrats to all of this year…
"It's been hard to find the right words" --> on after
Best Of The Young Turks Election Day Meltdown 2016: From smug to utterly...Pants pissing at its finest!
On Election Day,South Dakota approved the first statewide "Anti-Corruption Act" in the USA, (
Normalizing, both in and out of administrations, didn’t just kick into full gear on election day
Front page of a Scottish newspaper the day after the election. The rest of the world thinks Americans have gone insane. And…
Looked her up the other day 2 C what she's saying. Nothing good, but reading her timeline from election night is priceless.
Can we put aside the election for a day and only post videos of people doing nice things for other people cuz I think it'll change the world
Bullying in schools is out of control since Election Day via
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
There have been 400 racist incidents since Election Day Trump brought them out of the closet and…
Students shouting "Go back to Mexico!" and "White Power!" Bullying in schools since Election Day, via https…
Out of all 50 states, Arizona had the greatest increase in Latinos elected to state senate seats. ht…
Race to 270: 3 Paths to Victory for Clinton and Trump
Jones: says the motion was filed in court on 4th; but mailed on 9th due to weekends & election day.
Rate hike odds next month sit at 90%, about the same odds Hillary had heading into Election day
No doubt many see Trump as a positive alternative to the violent, hateful, snowflake progressives we've seen since…
Tomorrow is the big day. Please vote Sylvia SNP Annandale North by-election
Sen. Barbara Boxer files legislation to abolish Electoral College in wake of Trump win
If only there was a "left" candidate who could have motivated voters to go vote on election day, eh?…
Trump took 141 positions on 23 issues during his 510-day bid, by my almost-final count:
Same story, different day: . Before Election - "Trump has no ground game!". After Election - "Trump has no transition team!"…
EL...OH...EL...😂😂😂. North Carolina governor's Election-Day deficit is growing — but he still won't concede ...
Election protestors on engineering mall all day means all day entertainment from hearing what people are saying
Started my day the same way I have every day since the election: By looking out my window to make sure America’s not on fi…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Hey Trump Supporters!! we all got duped on election day. THIS man can actually help us!!
I voted for Clinton on Election Day. My parents are both immigrants and I'm worried for them.
This. Must. Stop. Hate crimes rise in the US, especially in K-12 schools. https:/…
I saw a downswing for traffic Election Day and after then upswing on Thursday. Saw huge increase in rankings since
NCians made their choices clear on Election Day, but doesn't respect their choices
cute that people think he decided on election day instead of just being too chicken to admit he was pro-Trump all along
It's the last day of the election ge…
.releases a song titled "Election Day", written hours before Donald Trump was elected president
that is the only thing that has made me smile since Election Day
There are many students who remain distraught due to the results of Day. A look at one week later. ht…
School's removal of Obama mural on Election Day sparks outrage from parents
The xenophobia, racism and misogyny cannot become commonplace. The hate-surge since Election Day must not be buried in the ne…
oh well... no corruption with Trump!!! Poor Trumpers realizing day bu day what they stood for...
Since 68, HW Bush is only Prez-elect 2 announce cabinet noms w/in 1st wk after Election Day. Most do it avg of 6-8 wks.
Before Election Day I considered that Trump had become the most talked-about human on Earth, now volume of Trump talk has multiplied by 10x.
Slow news day so I made popcorn & watched go FULL meltdown on election day! Classic.
Anti-Trump protests not letting up for sixth straight day after election
Russia's involvement in the 2016 election is growing by the day: via
Russia's Involvement in the 2016 Election Is Growing by the Day via
Idaho women gain ground in Statehouse after Election Day
After a strong Republican showing on Election Day, Missouri's top Senate Democrat is calling for bipartisanship.
I saw her on the view on Election Day, if I remember corrrectly. She said she made the decision pretty much in booth
TWMP: Gov. Jay Nixon and a closer look at Election Day
I’ve been listening to nonstop since Election Day. Simon & Garfunkel always know how to calm me down.
Tune in tonight to for the first interview with our family since Election Day.
2015-11-9. 1d after Election Day,1w after Trump steel return promise. Spray of bullets kills man.
And we lost one in Greenwich where Momentum members were meeting on Election Day to discuss - deselecting Lab Counc…
it should have been done Election Day! What now!! Picketing on Arthur Godfrey Rd on a Friday night is not the answer! SOBE
Election Day's biggest losers - The Old Media, which lacked the wisdom and foresight of Scott Baio
People burning flags in speakers circle on Election Day is what's wrong with this country.
I got a chance to do this story back on Election Day. I believe my life is genuinely better for meeting Marie Maddo…
One silver lining on Election Day — North Carolina's anti-trans governor lost his bid for reelection
Moving on after Election Day: Finding healing and peace | The United Methodist Church
Congrats to Sal Perez who was also selected on Election Day. 4 time Golden Glove winner. Kansas City Royals
Anti-Trump protesters march on Market Street in San Francisco. [Video credit:
Reading "day-1" after election day, and realized that trump isnt the only villain. His supporters are.
Post Election Day Playlist for Stormy Weather on Wednesday, November 9th 2016 -
US Elections: The Day After The aftermath of yesterday's Presidential election and how it might translate into tre…
I hate how this election have me feeling. I've been upset most of the day😒
No matter what your political leaning, listen to this from Van Jones
But then what the poop does this mean?. "Decisions by states’ courts are conclusive, if decided under laws enacted before Election Day."
Ya mcm thought inauguration and Election Day was the same day
And, with all the festive cheer any of us can muster, I compared the US election to the John Lewis Christmas advert:
Obama: "Everybody is sad when their side loses in the election. But the day after, we have to remember that we’re actually…
I can't wait for the day the ad drops, and only partially because I'm looking forward to any day after Elec…
Nick says he didn't know it was Election Day. -. FREE…
Those who didn't show up on election day turned up in their numbers on protest day. Okbye
WATCH LIVE: Large crowd gathers in Oakland to protest Trump presidency.
'No war': This is what a Trump victory means to some Russians
In case you missed it, the Electoral Map from last nights Election Day results.
A sudden amputation without insurance, causing me to be unable to vote, and then the outcome of the election. November 8th was not my day.
W.Hogarth Humours of an Election read more: https:/…
Fact of the Day: The Republicans haven’t won a presidential election without a Bush or Nixon on the ticket since 1928. Until now.
the only good thing about Election Day was the fact that it's your bday. 💖 so thanks for being a lil bit of light
To inspire those who are still hesitating whether to go to the poll
I've been crying all day today. Not about election, about how bad Hollywood comedies are.
A day to remember... When all people got shocked by the America Election it feels like the end of the world.. Come on, take it easy
Ida B. Wells getting the love on Election Day in Chicago!!
I thought the political posts were gonna stop after Election Day but they're just getting worse
Day after election, UO student encounters 3 kids in black face on campus in Eugene h/t https…
Who's your leader? Trick question: none of the above. Election Day. The House Always Wins. htt…
Day 1 in Trump’s America | An attempt to catalog what’s happened to our citizens the day after the election
I was thinking same thing. Both parties asking 4 $ day of election.
Here's what the Trump victory means for the tech community | cc
Busy day unfriending anyone who's happy about the election results. I know it's childish but it makes me feel better.
after a day of silence and thinking about the current state of my countries politics, I have decided not to rant and cry about this election
Remember those anti-Obama protests the day after his election. Neither do I. The Left continues their bullying ways.
Happy Election Day! "The Avenue in the Rain" by Frederick Childe Hassam found via
The fight isn't over yet. . Watch our Special Report: The Day After The Election on.
Disturbing stunts in Wellsville, at Canisius College follow Election Day:
councilwoman calls on protesters to shut down Inauguration Day.
Why haven't these good for nothing protesters fixed anything it's already been an entire day since the election ended https:…
There's this sinking feeling in my stomach that I've been trying to shake all day. I've never had an election affect me in…
Police deploy flash-bang grenades in trying to clear anti-Trump protesters from streets of Oakland.
This happened in a small town 100 miles south of Buffalo, NY today
Things are so bad and it's only the second day after the election
.on Russia: This is the first election where an enemy power explicitly interfered and got away with it
I'm incredibly heartbroken at this election and the choices we had to make. What's done is done and we must take it a day at a time.
Sorry You should have opened the ballot on election day instead of assuming that the presidency was by fi…
reaction to president-elect Relief. Our piece from Moscow today with the talented https…
Pentagon chose 4pm on day of the US election results to admit 64 new civilian deaths in 24 casualty events in &
A day after the election, I'm hearing many stories of Latino children worrying about being separated from their parents…
Americans overwhelmingly said yes to marijuana on Election Day via
Reminder: Donald Trump due in court after Election Day on child rape and racketeering charges
Here's what stock market has done between Election Day and inauguration since 1928
Sigma Nu reaction to the Election Day results.
Social media takes center stage on Election Day, tense nation waits for final result
Why this billionaire hedge fund manager is treating Election Day like Brexit 2.0:
State attorney general investigating after record number of problems reported on Election Day:…
Veterans Marcel Cartagena, Bill Corbett, Gabriel Gero, and Tony Reese join KC in the studio on Election Day! . I...
Did you miss anything on Election Day in Colorado? We’ve got you covered — just check back through our live blog.
What Happened on Election Day - NYTimes.comp Trump will have to be cautious about hostile media
He's hired! The Donald Trumps Hillary Clinton at the polls on Election Day. (Asso…
The Subtle Message Found in Ivanka and Melania Trump’s Voting Outfits on Election Day: via
Green Party voters didn't achieve our goal anyway so all in all a bad Election Day
Election Day in Philadelphia. John Lewis Krimmel, 1815. -. To all my followers in the Un…
Now how divine it is, that on today of all days (Election Day), I'd run into this game changer; civil rights activist Joh…
Record number of problems reported by New Yorkers on Election Day, state attorney general says:…
The overlooked history behind the movement to wear white on Election Day
Voters are paying tribute to Susan B. Anthony on Election Day by placing "I Voted" stickers at her gravesite
Hillary Clinton may lead in national polls heading into Election Day, but this race is won by state -- and Florida is one that…
Tomorrow is Election Day, and I need you to write in Connor Whittle for Towaliga Soil and Water Conservation District Sup…
As the US votes on Election Day today, keep up with the latest on our poll and results tracker.
Some just prefer voting on Election Day - Many East Texans chose to vote early, but there were quite a few in L...
Election Day should be a national holiday so everyone can vote AND deer hunt!
Election Day sunset from Raleigh, NC this evening.
Who voted in Boise? Social media packed with 'I Voted' stickers on Election Day:
A prayer for Election Day from Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Cardinal Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Washington.
Earlier today, and I spoke with voters about their selections and feelings on Election Day.
Yay!!! Election Day plate sale! So glad we saw that sign at the road! (@ First Baptist Church)
Thomas Jefferson gets trapped, soaked on Election Day
I can't fill in for every worker today. Election Day should be a national holiday so that everyone has the opportunity t…
I'm watching The West Wing because Election Day and Juwan Howard is on this episode. The sports world collides with everything, apparently.
Hundreds flock to Susan B. Anthony's grave on Election Day (President Jimmy Carter got her on our currency in 1979)
This showed up this morning while driving Julia to school. Interesting enough it is Election Day. Praying for ou…
playing Election Day games with service. Stopped at West Oakland. Vote NO on RR.
Election Day fever takes over social media - CNET
Old but good one for Election Day. El Shaddai, El-Elyon, Adonai. God Almighty, God Most High, LORD. HE still reigns.
It might be Election Day but National Geographic is asking the real important questions
I'm watching on Election Day. And I think that Daphne Oz is so pretty. I'm crushin a little. :) lol
It's Election Day! If you think today is a mess, wait until Thanksgiving dinner.
It's Election Day, but here's something we can all agree on: This pie from is delicious!…
Today is Election Day! In Oregon, the polls close at 8 p.m. and you must deliver your ballot to a drop box by then.…
I firmly believe Election Day should be a federal holiday but ya'll we can't even get Target to close on Thanksgiving.
When it's Election Day and you already voted so it's in God's hands so you start planning your menu for Thanksgivin…
Election Day overload? Grab a drink with us & friends this Fri. 11/11 at our post-launch Thanksgiving happy hr. RSVP http…
Just a reminder: the Friday after Thanksgiving is a federal holiday to boost Xmas shopping but Election Day isn't to boost…
Election Day update: Satellite Beach: Voting was proceeding smoothly with no line just before 9 a.m. at the Scotty……
It's Election Day & polls are open from 7am - 7pm. Find your polling location here: ht... | I'm talking about roland garros.
Fmr. Senator George Mitchell writes Election Day op-ed, giving advice to the new president.
Fmr. Senator George Mitchell writes Election Day op-Ed of hope and perspective about the economy and immigrants
LIVE today at 1pm on Election Day. Jeff Beal, Supt, Jackson Public Schools - Where Community Comes Together. Reps...
Election Day! Here are primary source docs related to the presidential election throughout history.
Today is Election Day! Theta Nu encourages everyone to make their way to the polls. Confirm your…
Sure, it's Election Day but more importantly it's Laura Jane Grace's birthday
Election Day! Make your voice heard. Find your poll:
Election Day is here but what does your candidate say about sustainable cities; will yours be one?
Election Day!. Who will it be; Trump, Clinton or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?. America, choose the form of your destroyer!
Latino group hopes to troll Trump with taco trucks on Election Day
It's 9AM on Election Day and I haven't seen a single picture of Napoleon Dynamite yet—is my phone broken?
For the day that's in it. Here's Lyle Lovett with an auld Blaze Foley song aptly called "Election Day." All...
Election Day op-ed from one our greatest living heroes of civil rights and liberties. Last lines are just ***
Seth Meyers dissects the wildest moments leading up to Election Day
Polls are open on Election Day in until 8 p.m. tonight
We, as North Americans ARE all better together! Have a great Election Day my brothers and sisters in central Turtle Island
This is Tim Davis reporting in from the Ellis Co. Sub Courthouse in Ennis. Election Day is off to a booming start.
No day illustrates the importance of like Election Day! Quality civic education is the first step!
It is Election Day! Join us in the Student Success Center this morning from 8-10am for an Election Day Breakfast. Don't forget to vote!
An open letter to Americans from a Tiananmen Massacre survior on the Election Day, November 8:
Gliding into Election Day in a self-imposed Pump Rules/Real Housewives OC reunion stupor. May just watch both on a loop for next 24 hours.
Ad of the Day: Johnnie Walker Has a Simple Message for America on the Eve of Election Day
Election Day is tomorrow! Here are primary source documents related to the presidential election throughout history. https…
High school students: can't vote. No school on Election Day. . College students: can vote. School on Election Day. . Makes comp…
Wall St soars as FBI clears Clinton ahead of Election Day -
LIVE on We're Live with Some of the Best from the Jay Sekulow Band on the Eve of Election Day.
So excited for our Election Day party tomorrow night and then storming the White House once the next President is announced
has got you covered for Election Day! Coverage begins on Daybreak @ 4:30 am. Then tune in at 5 pm as we keep you updat…
If you don't know who Gary Johnson is on Election Day, don't vote! You didn't do your homework. Catch you next time. Peac…
Election Day is TOMORROW. Jill Stein is still polling at 2%. A vote for 3rd party is not only a waste of your rights but…
Who votes YES to real-world math?Got your Election Day lesson right here, folks. . https…
Haven't registered to vote? No problem! In New Hampshire, you can register at your polling place on Election Day! https:/…
Election Day is TOMORROW! We hope you will join us in voting for Prince George's County Circuit Court Judges...
"Election Day" premieres tomorrow! I'm not sure if it should be nominated for "Outstanding Comedy Series" or "Outstanding Drama Series"...
3 year anniversary of when I had a party on the Monday before Election Day 😂😂
Election Day 2016 Survival Kit: An Illustrated Guide: From Republicans in Georgia to Democrats in California, we…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Election Day is almost here! Don't forget to down-ballot! From - Susan Sonne for Buena Park District…
US Election Day tomorrow. No doubt the TL will be funny
Is it a terrifying sign that my husband's Urban Survival Kit arrived from amazon on the eve of Election Day?
why is lawrence township the only school that has school tomorrow on Election Day 🤔🤔😩??
EC Pages Ashley and Nicole show off their delicious candidate cupcakes while on a short break this Election Day!…
If Bill Mitchell keeps calling Election Day "ED" I'm going to giggle to death.
We're celebrating Election Day tomorrow in the Boise River Cafe! Show your "I Voted" sticker for a free cup!
Reminder Smyth County Schools will closed on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 2016 for Election Day.
7 things Montgomery County residents should know before voting on Election Day via Community Impact Newspaper
Justice Department to monitor polls in Palm Beach County on Election Day
Some 500 people in 28 states will monitor the polls this Election Day. In 2012, 780-plus personnel were in place.
Election Day will be like Clay Buchholz start. Could be a great day, could be horrific. Hope for 5 good IP & Mich., Nevada, etc in relief.
N.J. attorney general: 350 deputies will be dispatched across the state on Election Day
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