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Eleanor Clift

Eleanor Clift (born July 7, 1940) is a political reporter, television pundit and author. She is currently a contributing editor for Newsweek magazine.

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What's going on in DC and beyond? of returns to Show now to help us make s…
Agree. This is almost as bad as Eleanor Clift saying Ambassador Stevens died from smoke inhalation, When you're com…
I remember that hag Eleanor Clift calling him a charming rogue on the McLaughlin Group.
The McClaughlin Group in the early 90s. I would debate Eleanor Clift out loud.
Eleanor Clift says Chris Stevens was "not murdered" in
Eleanor Clift is stating facts and all Democrats should seriously think about consequences of their actions. Permi…
Seems to me the author (ELEANOR CLIFT) doesn't know that a candidate must apply for endor…
I didn't realize Eleanor Clift was still alive. seriously
Got all the way through the airport security line with Eleanor Clift without rounding on her and screaming ISSUE TWO! .
Years ago--Eleanor Clift from the McLaughlin Group and Terry Ryan, author of The Prizewinner of Defiance…
Yes, sadly he did & I can't imagine the show without him. Eleanor Clift was my favorite. Pat Buchanan was a fun Republican
You get elected, often, if you're a woman, on the strength of the women's vote; then you g
People want change but not too much change. Finding that balance is tricky for every politician. -Eleanor Clift
"People want change but not too much change" ~Eleanor Clift.
Living in the fishbowl is hard enough without worrying about a Secret Service that can't keep
Karma wins.. Eleanor Clift: Ambassador Stevens wasn’t murdered; he died from ‘smoke inhalation’..You know..COUGHING.
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Looking at female candidates today, other women are the hardest on them, especially older wom
The Troll Slayer via Felt that Eleanor Clift had it rough on "The McLaughlin Group" due to gender!
Mara, u r nothing but an old fart liberal windbag who makes no sense & should retire along w that old bag Eleanor Clift.
Love segment on I too was a nerd kid watching Clarence Page & Eleanor Clift battle…
My beauty of the national scenery. -Eleanor Clift
Eleanor Clift: if Clinton beats Trump "by 3-5 points nationally, that is a landslide ... 330 electoral votes."
Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Politics by Eleanor Clift
Pat Buchanan: Obama has "mandate ... for universal health care." . Eleanor Clift: GOP "now a white people's party.".
Right? Eleanor Clift was a liberal before there were liberals.
because Heaven knows we want our foreign-policy and military advice from Eleanor Clift. God help us
Clift: Saying We Should Declare War on ISIS Plays Into Their Hands - Breitbart Dopey ELEANOR! Are you still here?
Eleanor Clift's voice annoys me, she's terrible at debating her points too. Worst part of McLaughlin Group.
At the unveiling at the White House of the presidential portrait, President Bush pointed o...
Politics is so much about serendipity that we've got to have a bigger pool of women, so th...
If you look at where presidents come from, they're former governors or senators.
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Eleanor Clift's face back in the earlier days of The McLaughlin Group was priceless.
The list of women to potentially be on a major party ticket, in both parties, is embarrass...
It's a complicated set of opinions that women bring to the voting booth.
Bush is good at stating the obviously untrue.
If you think of life and death on a continuum, finding the point where it tips is complica...
Reminds me of another crazy liberal Eleanor Clift.
Today's young women don't really see inequities until they go out into the real world.
If there is a ground zero in the cultural wars, it is Missouri, a state where pro-life gro...
When I'm debating others, whether it's Eleanor Clift or Bob Beckel, you're still in a fie...
During the Clinton admin, she was referred to as "Eleanor Rodham Clift"/"Eleanor Rodham Clifton" her fierce defense of Hillary
And this just in. Eleanor Clift is Baghdad Bob.
And Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, and Mort Zuckerman are still regular guests.
Eleanor Clift, still ridiculous: Planned Parenthood does 'very small number of abortions'!
Eleanor Clift, (no liberal mouthpiece) gives Obama high marks for yesterday's gun speech.
FACT: Today, suicides account for roughly two out of every three gun deaths. - See more at:
That crappy article was written by Eleanor Clift? Gad, I thought she was dead. The horror.the horror
.I've already slayed Eleanor Clift once (that went viral), don't make me do it again.
And the day I start getting from news about Warren from Eleanor Clift instead of Warren herself is the day I become a loser.
Bored of Eleanor Clift as I am the Hil...
"The Are Bored, but Below the Radar, Is Connecting" - Eleanor Clift's hat shows tidal wave of love for &
The Media Are Bored, but Below the Radar, Clinton Is Connecting Eleanor Clift's in depth analysis is worth reading
Eleanor Clift attacks Pat Buchanan on "McGlaughlin", as 'those whom KNOW they're cheating/stealing, are too avaricious to care'.
Eleanor Clift described Clinton-Gore as the all-hunk ticket. Appearance is wrong way to choose POTUS!
is Eleanor Clift a vampire? She's been the same age since 1982.
It was really sad when Morton Kondracke The Kitten died, but hearing that Eleanor Clift got stuck up a tree was worth it.
These media 'intellectuals' pose a greater threat to our freedoms than the enemy!
At a luncheon and program with Cindy Williams (Laverne and Shirley) and Eleanor Clift. @ American…
It's where I learned of Mort Kondracke and Eleanor Clift. Also, I thought McLaughlin was inspiration for a Muppets character. Ha!
BingeCast: Eleanor Clift explains the language of U.S.
Eleanor Clift: Ambassador Stevens wasn't murdered, he died from smoke inhalation
Bob has the Eleanor Clift role. He makes the core audience tune in to get mad at him.
I saw at least a dozen little girls dressed up as Eleanor Clift last Halloween too.
Eleanor Clift explains the language of U.S.
“Frankly, 2B a Poor Child in Cuba May B Better Than Being a Poor Child in Miami, & Im not going to condemn their lifestyle ..…
Any publication that would employ leftwing windbag Eleanor Clift is a joke anyway.
Also just realized that I've been mixing up Peggy Noonan and Eleanor Clift, AS YOU DO
Eleanor Clift has not had an original thought in decades...
Eleanor Clift?! ... is that old *** bag still alive?. Libtards just don't age gracefully ;)
John McLaughlin, Why did you allow Eleanor Clift back?!! You stupid *** !!
Please bring back Eleanor Clift. I miss her!
I think Eleanor Clift is at this IHOP. I assume she's still alive.
Oh yeah Heidi. Eleanor Clift is just a proxy demagogue for the left. Every issue is demagogued into twisted logic
"The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift recently wrote that Nader and Norquist are enjoying a 'bromance' of late"
Susan Rice is delusional and obviously has been sniffing Eleanor Clift's gas! Juan Williams needs to stay away from Eleanor.
Is it really funny to promote an old-buzzard like Bob to sniff around young women? Eleanor Clift still needs servicing!
We sent Eleanor Clift to Nicaragua and made her drink Ayahuasca until all of her organs failed. (cc:
All those years perfecting my Eleanor Clift impression... for nothing! Thanks
Woodward - every time he says "Re-pub-li-cans" in his halting Marylander voice - I cringe. Fingernails on chalkboard. Like Eleanor Clift.
Eleanor Clift should be removed from airwaves for absolute stupidity. She is so locked into her liberal bias that her word…
There is no essential distinction in Hillary Clinton's "What difference does it make," explanation on Benghazi and Eleanor Clift's remarks that Ambassador Stevens was not murdered..
Eleanor Clift doubles down on denial that Amb. Chris Stevens was murdered
There is no greater political hack than Eleanor Clift.
By this crazy theory that Ambassador Stevens might have died of smoke inhalation instead of a bullet to the head, (even though we do have photos of his live bloody body being dragged into the room where he died), Eleanor Clift is trying to make some semantic distinction about the use of the word "murder". Like maybe using the term murder is hyperbolic or exaggerated. By that logic I guess 911 victims who jumped to their death rather than be fried alive were committing suicide. OMG what ridiculous pseudo-intellectual machinations these trolls will go through to try and protect the president and HiIlary - what difference does it make now - Clinton. What she is trying to say really is that we are just not smart enough to get the presidents very thoughtful and nuanced approach to lying. ECH
Fox News Poll: Obama, Clinton seen as deceitful on BenghaziREAD THE RESULTS Eleanor Clift stands by claim US a...
Eleanor Cliff explains tortured reasoning as to how Amb. Stevens was not murdered
Eleanor Clift criticized for saying ambassador not ‘murdered in Benghazi: A longtime political pundit under f...
Eleanor Clift: Benghazi Ambassador Was Not Murdered Common, we saw his bloody body dragged through the streets.
Eleanor Clift is an *** she IS as dumb as she looks. I hope she is nominated to be the next Libyan Ambassador!
Any news on what Eleanor Clift said bout Amb. Stevens death not being murdered?
PRODUCE THE FACTS LADY!~> Eleanor stands by claim US ambassador not ‘murdered’ in |
I admire wisdom and knowledge of elders. Eleanor Clift is not one of them. She needs to do her homework!
According to Eleanor Clift, are all shooting victims just victims of lead poisoning?
Disrespectful Ingrate Eleanor Clift spits on grave of Amb. Stevens 2 support H'Clinton. There. I said it.
It wouldn't have helped to stop the smoke inhalation according to Eleanor Clift.
After the terror attack Chris Stevens died of ambassador assassination syndrome.
This is more than Democrats circling wagons in defense of Obama&Clinton. This is piling up wagons into huge bonfire:
Eleanor Clift slammed after saying Amb. Chris Stevens not murdered at Benghazi … via
Clift need to read some death certificates and criminal cases involving smoke. denying a person air is murder! .
Eleanor Clift proves the average O supporter understands the concept of murder, about as well as the average O supporter can spell murder.
“Eleanor Clift says Chris Stevens was "NOT MURDERED" in Benghazi attack! " RIGHT, Elenor, in your parallel Unicorn Universe
Einstein's wisdom is refreshing even today with ppl like Eleanor Clift.
ELEANOR CLIFT: I would like to point out Ambassador Stevens was not murdered. He died of smoke inhalation in the safe room in that CIA installation. SUSAN FERRECHIO: I don't think that's a fact, Eleanor. CLIFT: I think that is a fact. FERRECHIO: I've heard a drastically different story from people w…
Eleanor Clift saying Ambassador Stevens wasn't murdered and died of smoke inhalation is like saying the victims of the World Trade Center attack died from a building collapse. ***
Eleanor Clift, noted liberal columnist and pundit from the Daily Beast, insisted during a broadcast discussion of Benghazi on “The McLaughlin Group” that U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens wasn’t really murdered.
During a recent appearance on The McLaughlin Group, The Daily Beast columnist Eleanor Clift sparked controversy when she asserted that the late U.S. Amb. Chris Stevens died of smoke inhalation. Clift repeatedly stood by her original claim in an interview on Tuesday.
I sent Eleanor Clift from the Washington Times a comment of TOTAL AGREEMENT, I can't for the life of me understand why she would DELETE IT ... Journalist are so confusing .
Eleanor Clift, columnist for the Daily Beast, said Ambassador Stevens was not murdered. She says he died of smoke inhalation. From a fire started by a terrorist attack on our Embassy in Benghazi. Gotta love that Liberal media!
Eleanor Clift, another liberal columnist speaking about the Benghazi attack has come up with the most mind-numbingly stupid talking point yet: Ambassador Stevens wasn’t murdered that night; he died of smoke inhalation. Of course he wasn't murdered - you oucheday agbay.
Eleanor Clift is proof positive that the radically left liberals are bought off. If she truly believes (BS) that Ambassador Stevens died of smoke inhalation is either suffering from a mental disorder or has ah new house she didn't pay for. After listing to her I kinda lean toward dementia.
Columnist Eleanor Clift says Ambassador Stevens died from smoke inhalation. First time in the history of mankind that smoke ever fired a gun!!
On Sean Hannity’s radio show on Tuesday, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan weighed in on his “McLaughlin Group” co-panelist Eleanor Clift’s statement that then-U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens wasn’t murdered, but instead a victim of smoke inhalation. Clift as stuck by her remarks, but Buchanan admitted he was shocked by her remarks. “I will say this – I was stunned cold for about 30 seconds when I heard he hadn’t been murdered,” Buchanan said. “He died of smoke inhalation. I was really stunned. Susan [Ferrechio] picked it up and we sort of corrected Eleanor, I think. Remarkable.” Later in the …read more Source: Breitbart
U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens wasn't murdered the night of the Benghazi attacks but died of “smoke inhalation,” according to Daily Beast columnist Eleanor Clift. Clift made that pronouncement — and a few other eye-popping claims — on Sunday’s The McLaughlin Group, Mediaite noted. “I would like…
Noted liberaloid Eleanor Clift said that Ambassador Stephens wasn't murdered. He died from smoke inhalation. That's like saying 6 million Jews got some bad air in the shower.
Here’s what’s coming up on today’s (Tuesday, May 13, 2014) Sean Hannity Radio Show: 1:35PM PT - Senator Rand Paul, visits Sean to set the record straight on his position on voter ID laws. 2:05PM PT - In today’s Information Overload/News Roundup hour, we will examine the real “War on Women”, which is the terror of Sharia Law. Sean will interview three women who escaped it, and will tell us their harrowing tales of persecution, oppression and finally freedom. 2:35PM PT - Pat Buchanan, who stood his ground on Sunday when discussing the Benghazi tragedy on the McLaughlin Group when Eleanor Clift made the ridiculous statement that Ambassador Stevens died from smoke inhalation, and therefore he was not technically “murdered” Listen live on 1460 AM & 101.1 FM or online via iHeartRadio at:
Democrat columnist and talking head Eleanor Clift made an amazingly strange declaration on  The McLaughlin Group  on Sunday, saying that former U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was not actually ...
Eleanor Clift's moral compass has never been the most reliable instrument, but it would seem that someone has destroyed hers with an RPG, possibly due to an awful Internet video that Hillary Clinton h
Today in retirement: been getting caught up on news. After listening to Eleanor Clift make an *** of herself I decided too not get caught up in the news today. So I think I will go to the Iowa Cubs day game
Eleanor Clift ? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? I would love to see the families of the 4 Americans murdered in Libya in the same room with this disgraceful trio .
So it appears Eleanor Clift is all for getting to the bottom of this Stevens/scrap by using a Select Committee. I agree.
Video: Democrats push equal pay for 2014: Molly Ball, Eleanor Clift, Celinda Lake and Sandra Fluke discuss if ...
I saw most of the year-end episode of the McLaughlin Group. I was agreeing with Pat Buchanan until he called Edward Snowden a turncoat. Not surprisingly, Eleanor Clift got everything wrong.
"When the Republicans controlled the Senate in 2005, they flirted with the nuclear option but backed away when a Gang of 14 (seven Republicans and seven Democrats) agreed that judicial nominations would be filibustered only under “extraordinary circumstances,” generally meaning moral turpitude, lack of credentials, or beyond-the-pale extremism. The deal held through the remainder of President Bush’s term. Unlike former Senate majority leader Bill Frist, who sought a deal to avoid detonating the nuclear option, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “was happy to have it happen,” says Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. “He had every intention of blowing up the Senate. If and when they get the majority, this way he can blame the Democrats. He did his cost-benefit analysis.” - Eleanor Clift
It's something like a miracle plant, to paraphrase Eleanor Clift
Making the health site deadline was crucial: Alex Witt talks to Eleanor Clift and Dafna Lin...
"Republicans will win the Senate 2014."--John McLaughlin Eleanor Clift?...Someone needs to spank that biatch
Sebelius Wants a Second Chance: Eleanor Clift, The Daily BeastThe good news stories are beginnin...
God created so that Eleanor Clift would have someone to feel superior to.
Hello all - your input is needed. I am putting together a book themed around inspirational women of our times. Each chapter will be dedicated to them "interview style." Current names include: Cathy Lanier, Eleanor Clift, Lynn Spencer, Sara Caldicott and more. Who do you think should be on the list?
no doubt. but she is tolerable. Think Judith Miller, Eleanor Clift, Tamara Holder.
What we should know: Steve Kornacki, Mary Bono, Eleanor Clift, Shannyn Moore and Ari Berman talk abou...
Eleanor Clift is being naive or disingenuous when she asserted on The McLaughlin Group that we werent listening...
Eleanor Clift on the TV show The McLaughlin Group gives Romney full credit for creating Massachusetts' version of Obama Care. If Romney's plan is so good and he created it why didn't Ms. Clift want us to elect Romney president? This national healthcare reform is so important do you know.
It was bad enough listening to Eleanor Clift cackle the liberal line on The McGlaughlin group. Now they have stuck Tingle Leg Mathews on.
Eleanor Clift and Chris Mathews. WHY do i watch this Sunday morning blather??
November 2, 1938, 75 years ago: Patrick Joseph Buchanan is born. Unlike a lot of people who become political figures, he was actually born and raised in Washington, D.C. And it wasn’t because his father was in politics or government service: He was an accountant. As a not-poor Irish Catholic, and a descendant of 2 Confederate veterans, coming of age in the 1950s, Pat naturally leaned toward Senator Joe McCarthy and conservatism. He became a journalist and then worked for Richard Nixon's 1968 campaign. In the Nixon White House, he became a speechwriter, alongside William Safire (who would spend 31 years writing a column that belied the New York Times' liberal reputation) and John McLaughlin (who would found and still hosts "The McLaughlin Group," with Pat as a regular off and on since the show's beginning in 1982). To this day, Pat is an apologist for Nixon. In spite of having worked for Nixon, Pat has never been implicated in any of the crimes that fell under the umbrella term "Watergate." Nor, as Whi . ...
Eleanor Clift has new rider on her broom.Chri matthews.gonna stop watching MacGhlaugin group
my BWG: Bradshaw, J.Palmer, Gladys Knight, Wayne Newton, Randy Savage, the Cake Boss, and golfed with Eleanor Clift.
Podcast: I talk w/about problems, the media, Congress, & ObamaCare in general.
When Eleanor Clift pities the Republican party, you know we need to pull it together.
"..and all the liberals in despair over the ACA website, like lemmings plunged over the Eleanor Clift."
Christians espouse, "Care for the least among us", yet House GOP Wants to Cut $20.5B From SNAP. Where is the outrage?
Eleanor Clift is an *** people will not crawl through broken glass to sign up for Obama Care.
"You shouldn't have to be a white European to like the Republican party... the Republican party has appealed to people beyond that particular demographic." Eleanor Clifton, McLaughlin Group 10/25/13
I used to *** to pictures of Eleanor Clift when I was 13. What happened?
: the Eleanor Clift of : grumpy old illogical liberal
Dead Kids and Democrats: Eleanor Clift, at the Daily Beast, finds someone who sees this thing clear.
Count Eleanor Clift of as one of the "Obama's Words Are Magic" dead-enders:
Eleanor Clift is trying to defend her main man Obama re: red line...pathetic ideologue shame
Just like Eleanor Clift on McLaughlin group, her nose is so close to Obama's rear, a head injury will happen if Obama stops
Eleanor Clift is such a *** spinner for Obama, she is such a *** leftist, truth& transparency is not a priority with her, same as Obama.
Video: Breaking down Clinton's 'three strikes and you're out' policy: Joe Watkins, Paul Butler, Eleanor Clift,...
so love & respect Eleanor Clift. Bring her back often.
struck me curious too.. But then Eleanor Clift partially cosigned so I let it ride
"He ate. He drank. And he lived to be 85 years old" Eleanor Clift on Jack Germond.
Eleanor Clift reminds us "Golden Age" of journalism had its issues: "Boys club", journos of color rare in mainstream
Problem is that you watched too much McLaughlin Group, why would someone exhume Eleanor Clift, as anachronistic as Leggo of the 70's
I'm going to cry when Eleanor Clift eulogizes Jack Germond on - I'm such a politics/news dork.
1st: Eleanor Clift is an *** >:-( And 2nd: Did anybody on the panel call her out on that piece of BS?
Eleanor Clift says Obama didn't reach out to GOP, like when he called Boehner & McConnell after winning and they refused his call
Any panel is better with Eleanor Clift
I like Eleanor Clift and it's or the weather channel. Oh wait. West Side Story is coming on TCM.
Whoa - Eleanor Clift on Does that mean we can expect a future Pat Buchanan cameo?
Totally random comment - Eleanor Clift looks great! Love her hair and so happy to hear her voice on
Been rude and dismissive to Eleanor Clift.
Eleanor Clift makes the case for crime stats driven by population of each generation - larger gens = more criminals. Simple math.
I have not seen Eleanor Clift on tv in awhile. Very nice to see her on today.
Great Eleanor Clift piece on late Jack Germond, wise old political writer. Lots of wisdom in these brief paragraphs.
On the eve of football season, Eleanor Clift, one of IWLC's featured speakers at our April 2013 event, shares a...
Eleanor Clift: Praise and Propaganda for a Jew-Hater via
Eleanor Clift remembers one of Helen Thomas' "scoops"
I'll ask Eleanor Clift what is was really like then
Remembering Helen Thomas’ ‘scoop’: The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift offers up one of the late Helen T...
The Trail She Blazed: Eleanor Clift on reporter Helen Thomas’s legacy—and what her perseverance meant for...
wow...I can't stand Eleanor Clift.isn't she past mandatory retirement age.
"They'll be read by future generations, all right. Then, those people will scratch their heads, mutter…" — UpNorth2
All I will remember of Eleanor Clift is John McLaughlin yelling "LET ELEANOR SPEAK!" And her whiny voice.
Unlike anything Eleanor Clift has ever said or written.
I think Eleanor Clift meant, wordsof Obama's teleprompter would be repeated *by future generations.*
Eleanor Clift: ‘President’s Remarks on Friday Are Going to be Read by Future Generations’
I think Eleanor Clift and John McLaughlin should the the Bob and you, thing!
I think Eleanor Clift and Jon MsLaughlin show the the Kim and you thing!
Clarence Page and Eleanor Clift should go for Pat Buchanan's sorry racist ***
I remember the "old" Bob who took over for Tom Braden on Croosfire. (Eleanor Clift with a tally-wacker.} Mellow Bob.
Pat Buchanan: Sarin gas use by Assad in Syria Has Gulf of Tonkin false flag Written All Over It
For more on the threat of cuts to SNAP, read this column by
We simply can't let them get away with this. Spread the word! Image by Read more here:
Over the weekend Eleanor Clift preemptively accused Tea Party Republicans of using racist language in an effort to undermine passage of the farm bill. Appearing on The McLaughlin Group the longtime editor for Newsweek and Daily Beast contributor, during the "Predictions" portion of the show predicte...
no sweat Republicans have identified an offset (or at least a week or so worth) House GOP Wants SNAP cut
What they say is what they do. Tea Party Republicans Use Racist Rhetoric About Food Stamps t Kill Bill |via
A must read..a program that used to have bipartisan backing: . Food Stamps Under Threat: House GOP Wants to Cut $20.5B htt…
House Republicans to cut $20.5 billion from food aid to the poor
210,000 kids in school will go without a free lunch if food stamps benefits are cut? Some members of congress trying to do the s.n.a.p.s. challenge... for a week or a day or so... eat off of $4.50Food Stamp benefits what is wrong here?
In every session, it seems as if SNAP is under threat. Will this be the year the GOP succeeds in wiping out the food stamp program? (Donna)
The context of the NSA surveillance program is the political abuse of the IRS. The IRS is a "confidential" organization, but it cannot hide itself behind a national security cloak, not yet at least. So when I hear that blabbering fool Eleanor Clift screeching about how there have been "no documented abuses" of the NSA program, I'd like to know how she would even know that? Because if abuses had been documented, *that* would be classified. And then there's the fact that the abuses could be so highly classified that they could not even be documented. There's a reason why our coins say, in essence, "Trust God," and not "Trust Us." I trust you to be yourself, and I know that to trust the current Commander-in-Chief you would have to be an *** fool. That's the problem, not that we "have to stop the terrorists." Terrorists can be stopped; a government that you cannot even see cannot be stopped.
Pat Buchanan, Mort Zuckerman and Eleanor Clift agree with Obama administration on nsa\snowden
And our concert tomorrow at Peabody Conservatory is a tribute to those veterans. Medical Musical Group, with special narrators such as Jonathan Polevsky and Reed Hessler from WBJC, Dr. Ben Carson, Eleanor Clift... full orchestra and chorus and tons of patriotic tunes.
On Tuesday’s broadcast of Laura Ingraham’s radio show, conservative columnist Pat Buchanan gave Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio some advice about how to handle his
Marsha B. yoy were right as usual, I was watching the channel 11 show The McLaughlin political analysists especially Eleanor Clift stated the fact that he phone & computere monitoring started under Bush!! Sure wish when you retire you would run for political office, your the total package, smart, kind, beautiful, I would vote for you. Carol
“no progress being made in governing" Eleanor Clift Obama's runaway administration
he's has too many skewed predictions, the last being his worst. He's the Eleanor Clift of the right.
IRS Tea Party audits, Benghazi, oh my! John Dean tells Eleanor Clift why Obama’s flaps are no Watergate.
I can't hear Eleanor Clift on the w/o screaming,"ELEANOR!!" every 5 mins.
Eleanor Clift says she doesn't know where idea immigrants 10 IQ pts lower, but it discredits anyone who says it.
A new Pentagon report shows that, for all the noise and promises in recent years, the level of sexual assault in the military has increased.
Obama and his reelection campaign win award for effective propaganda tactics
However Pat Buchanan and Eleanor Clift will be handing out tuna sandwiches. via
Obama Could Win in 2014 by Losing Now: Eleanor Clift, The Daily BeastThe expectation is taking hold that this ...
At Politics and Prose tomorrow night!! Maternal legacies - what do we leave behind for our children? 7 PM.
Political commentator Eleanor Clift, who'll be speaking at our April 23-24 event in Coralville, was wowed by...
i fact that Eleanor come in to defend louis makes me want to jump off the clift of relif. love her to death
Love when channels his inner John McLaughlin. He should do a with Eleanor Clift & the gang 1 day
Eleanor Clift Howler: 'Clinton Administration Was Focused on al Qaeda in the ’90s' - Warning: Please remove all...
Speaking on the McLaughlin Report this weekend, liberal columnist Eleanor Clift accused Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) of "trying to stir up a revolt against the U.S. government," an act of treason. Clift m...
Eleanor Clift on today's McLaughlin's Report - It is a plus to our culture to have a diversity of Hispanics coming into our country. So, according to Eleanor, the fact that 1. I have to press one to speak English is a plus. 2. The fact that the illegal immigrants have decided that we must learn their language to communicate in our country is a plus. 3. The history of our country means nothing. 4. the Italians, the Germans, the Polish, the Swedish, the Irish, etc. came here and brought their culture but knew that to become American meant to assimilate and learn English is not relevant. 6. lastly, Eleanor and her ilk do not recognize the damage they do to a country founded on an ideal of a melting pot not a cloth of many colors.
When Pat Buchanan and Eleanor Clift's politics converge on drones and foreign intervention... Glad I'm safely not aligned with either.
Throughout her tenure at Newsweek, Eleanor Clift has been on...
Clift: Drones 'Blessing' - press do or say anything - even if counter to previously stated beliefs - to protect Obama
Anyone else watch the 'McLaughlin Group' on Sundays & think Eleanor Clift is the most liberally biased big mouth?
This week on AFGE's "Inside Government" attendees of the Families USA Health Action 2013 address the future of health care and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Common Cause President and CEO and former Rep. Bob Edgar, D-Pa., former Clinton White House spokesman Bob Weiner, Newsweek and...
Celebrate the Legacy of Rosa Parks through this special collection of facts and films from PBS.
The National Day of Courage is today in honor of Rosa Parks' birthday. If you can't make it to the museum, you can watch the live stream here. Danielle McGuire is scheduled at 2:35 pm along with Douglas Brinkley and Jeanne Theoharis; Julian Bond, 9:50 am, Eleanor Clift, 1:00 pm, Arlie Schardt at 5 pm, Aaron Dworkin and Gareth Johnson at 7:10 pm:
I added a video to a playlist Eleanor Clift - Forecasting the Presidential Election - September 24,
I liked a video Eleanor Clift - Forecasting the Presidential Election - September 24, 2012
Allowing women in combat is a recognition of reality—and the right thing to do, writes Eleanor Clift.
Clarence Page previewed the political environment heading in to 2013, reviewed some of the news stories of 2012, and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included ithe 2012 presidential campaign, the major political and legislative battles for Congress in 2013, and "fis...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Have now spotted 40% of the quintessential McLaughlin Group out and about DC in 2012. Eleanor Clift? Check. Fred "The Beadle" Barnes? Check.
Eleanor Clift on MSNBC.despite lack of print edition, "Newsweek will continue".
Eleanor Clift on the GOP: Its become the party of the rich and assault weapons. A prisoner to special interests.
Biggest loser of 2012: "NRA, for having no answer on why Americans can possess assault weapons" -Eleanor Clift
The final print edition of will be on newsstands Monday; it's all digital after that. End of an era:
Eleanor Clift: Marco Rubio is "articulate to the point of almost being demagogic, but a riveting speaker and he has got a future"
+ Jefferson MT What Jesus, Lincoln teach us MT Meacham Whitaker Isikoff back for last Newsweek
The final print edition of Newsweek will be some kind of ghoulish wake, featuring everyone who destroyed Newsweek!
Meacham, Whitaker, Isikoff back for final Newsweek, but no word yet on the cover:
All-star roster for Newsweek's final print edition, on newsstands Monday:
Judging from the noise next door, Eleanor Clift & Bobcat Goldthwait are having a huge argument but Fran Drescher's trying to break it up.
I thought eleanor clift was hands down the worlds ugliest woman
still can't believe me, and Hannah Clift ate a whole tin of quality streets in under 2 minutes!!
Race to the Top is a brilliant idea. America loves competition. And our schools need modernizing. Eleanor Clift, McLaughlin Group 8/29/2009
Eleanor Clift being interviewed on local CBC radio: Call it gun *safety*. _ control always loses to _ rights.
Little Giant Ladders
Eleanor Clift, political reporter, television pundit and author, examines the outcome of the 2012 elections in “The Road Ahead: Is There a Mandate for Change?” at 7 p.m. on Nov. ...
New polls shows that voters are ahead of politicians in understanding the necessity of reforming entitlement programs, writes Eleanor Clift.
Head's up!. ding dung - Prez is feedin, not true!! "Telemundo national correspondent, Lori Montenegro, asked Obama whether immigration reform would include a legalization program. In response, Obama took a victory lap touting a significant increase in the Latino vote. Obama falsely claimed immigration reform has “not historically been a partisan issue.” It might have been a nonpartisan issue back in 2006, but not since. On April 5, 2006, Republicans compromised and the Senate appeared to have reached a deal on comprehensive immigration reform. One day later the compromise proved to be stillborn. In a web-exclusive commentary, Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift, a commentator generally regarded as being politically liberal, laid the blame on the Democrats [the original link no longer works, but I found Elanor Clift's piece posted at Hispanic News.]: A compromise fashioned by Republicans Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Mel Martinez of Florida had toughened the earned citizenship portion of the Kennedy-McCain bill . ...
The scene: Newsnight in Washington last night Cast: Paxman, Eleanor Clift (longtime Newsweek columnist), some rabble rousing Republican and Martin Amis (now resident in New York) Paxman’s question to Amis: what do you think a Republican in the White House would mean for America? Amis: It means that we would have a man as leader of the free world who believes that when Jesus returns to earth, he would split his time between Jerusalem and Salt Lake City. Cue for everyone except grumpy GOP to fall about laughing. Classic moment!
Love Martin Amis - but Eleanor Clift knows a heck of a lot more than him!
Eleanor Clift, on Mclaughlin PBS BLAMED Ambassador Stevens for his own death for going to
Patriocracy is a non-partisan examination of Washington dysfunction. Alan Simpson, Bob Schieffer, Eleanor Clift, Pat Buchanan, Senator Warner and Senator Conrad are just a few of the notable Washington personalities who offer their valuable perspectives.
Bob Beckel & Eleanor Clift, just two examples of fair-minded, rational, truthful patriots that care more about the Country than their views!
Hospice means end-of-life care. The admission ticket is a diagnosis from a doctor that you have six months or less to live. Eleanor Clift
Cold weather is just around the corner (although you might not believe that today!), and you'll want a good book to keep you company as the
Eleanor Clift on Romney: "He has good family values, strong religious values. I don't know what his core values are."
Eleanor Clift on hesitancy to reelect Obama-at least your reelecting the devil you know
midwest nonprofit conference listening to the wise and wonderful Eleanor Clift with Steve Kraske remembering dems and reps working together
"Republicans and Democrats working together is a lost art form." — Eleanor Clift at
Yesterday was the first day of the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) Annual Summit in San Antonio. The General Session featured conservative views from Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard and liberal views from Eleanor Clift of Newsweek on The Election and its Impact on Health Care. On Medicaid Expansion: "What's a viable reason NOT to expand?" Barnes: "...eating up state budgets already!" Clift: "...for 3 years feds will pick-up the entire cost - I expect the number of states agreeing to take $ will increase after the election. If Romney is elected that will slow progression but not stop Medicaid."
Take away from Fred Barnes + Eleanor Clift on the election & healthcare: Free need to focus on visibility on a national level
Thank you Eleanor Clift for sharing on Romney's voodoo arithmetic.
Get to see twice today. Breakfast with Eleanor Clift and tonight with James Carville and Mary Mattalin.
Listening to Eleanor Clift and discuss current political climate is like listening to segment in person! Love it!
Eleanor Clift tells the plan is voodoo economics.
Eleanor Clift and Steve Kraske. Discussion starts by asking why so little discussion in the campaign about...
Romney taking credit for education gains Massachusetts made before he took office -- Eleanor Clift (
Eleanor Clift Romney is for gender equality in middle east and more money for economic aid that his party just voted to block
We have got a full house for Eleanor Clift and Fred Barnes!! Moderated by Nicole Lamoureux Busby ;)
The political seer lost in a landslide to Nixon in 1972, was ridiculed for his anti-Vietnam War stand, and caricatured as the candidate of “amnesty, abortion, and acid,” went on to be revered as the conscience of the Democratic Party.
Watching Eleanor Clift of on MSNBC talking about Iran and these Nuclear talks
It's amazing how somebody as dumb as Eleanor Clift gets a weekly gig. She just can't understand why Benghazi is important.
Eleanor Clift on "O campaign is victim of own success"... Come on - O is victim of good fight from
Eleanor Clift is a joke; the black woman is identity politics personified; Pat Buchanan is on his best behavior.
was way too entertaining today. I wonder how Eleanor Clift & Pat Buchanan interact off camera?
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Right -- when someone mentions Eleanor Clift, the word "humility" immediately springs to mind.
I love every word, but I love the words describing Eleanor Clift most of all.
Now that Newsweek magazine is folding, will Eleanor Clift be replaced by another lib on McLaughlin?
Would You Please Let Me Finish ... By DEBORAH TANNEN “I’M used to being interrupted,” President Obama said Tuesday night in his second debate with Mitt Romney, an event in which each man repeatedly cut in while the other was speaking. The debates this year might be most remembered for the frequency (and ferocity) with which the candidates have interrupted each other. Nearly all commenters on the phenomenon seem to assume that it is self-evident when an interruption has occurred and who’s at fault, and that interrupting violates the rules of conversation. But just as conversational styles vary widely by gender, ethnicity, geography, class and age, so do ideas about what constitutes interruptions, and whether and when they are good or bad. The moderators know this. Critics lambasted Jim Lehrer for not interrupting the candidates more, seeing his not doing so as evidence that he’d lost control. But if his job was to get them interacting with each other as in a conversation, then the more they inter ...
If so, a very attractive one, much better than what the Dems have... Eleanor Clift? Candy Crowley?
Eleanor Clift in '92 McGlaughlin Group clip says "Remember Bruce Babbit? well, he's the real Paul Tsongas" via
You're absolutely right! Shelley Berkley almost made it a "McLaughlin Group" She sounded just like Eleanor Clift.
Before he jumped to the Democrats, longtime Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter, who died at age 82, was an energetic, aisle-crossing, effective Republican. Eleanor Clift remembers him.
Interesting "civil" debate going down at the surrey regional economic summit with Eleanor Clift and Bill Bennett
Eleanor Clift, Bill Bennett, and Fazil Mihlar talk at the Surrey Regional Economic Summit this afternoon.
Schadenfreude is sweet. Eleanor Clift, Gail Collins, Chris Matthews, Jonathan Chait. Their horror is my glee. (Apology to Taylor English)
I agree with Eleanor Clift -Mitt Romney’s Glib Performance Won the Debate, but What About Voters?
Another, similar view from Eleanor Clift: Romney won the debate but couldn't convince voters to trust and like him.
Hey please go ask Pat Buchanan if he has ever seen up Eleanor Clift's skirt.
Eleanor Clift's response to Biden's "slip of the tongue" would be, "Oh, that's just Joe being Joe.".
where can we watch your debate with Eleanor Clift tomorrow?
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