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Eleanor Calder

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Louis Thomlinson and Eleanor Calder are so cute. Love them perfect couple.
Tina, Gretchen and Eleanor Calder who?? I only know the Styles triplets: Harry, Marcel and Edward Styles 😍(this is a joke…
//I wrote up an app for my Eleanor Calder fc but my muse is eh so should I bring her in?
He was talking about eleanor calder because they are so in love
I literally have a talent for finding people who look like eleanor calder
//guys, should I try a second chara again but with a Eleanor Calder fc?
Just a little appreaction post for this here beaut; Eleanor Jane Calder. She deserves so much in life. She has all my lo…
"Louis Tomlinson pictured smiling and laughing with girlfriend Eleanor Calder on break from filming his new music vide…
Eleanor is an only child and OMG! Are you really still using the Calder triplets excuse from 2012?😂
Best explanation of Eleanor Calder ever. She is the sweetest person, and the world…
Eleanor Calder is the best as always
Get yourself someone who loves you as much as Louis Tomlinson loves Eleanor Calder and protects you just as fiercely
.won't be charged over that LAX airport fight after defending girlfriend Eleanor Calder:
📸| : This time Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder are ready to run…errands. 🎶(📷: Marksman/MEGA) h…
I feel like faking eleanor calder but so many people do her so dirty and I don't want to be one of them
for a solo dm with Eleanor Calder. • must be following . • turn notifications on. • POST PROOF . -C
It was Caitlin Beadles and Eleanor Calder at the same time because I started those multiple accounts early my dude
shawn Mendes for a dm with Madison beer / zayn / kevin / jb / austin / Eleanor Calder
I liked a video Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder
Eleanor Jane Calder is a gorgeous human and she deserves all the love ✽ ⠀⠀
can I get a shawn Mendes access follow for a trade DM with kevin Jonas / justin b / austin Mahone (3) / eleanor Calder / zayn
okay I have Justin b / austin Mahone (3) / Eleanor Calder / kevin jonas what can you trade for these ???
if you ship them, fave if you don't. Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder
Eleanor Calder and Max Hurd attended the Folli Follie event in Regent Street
Eleanor Calder: Maid -doesn't do her job. -drinks her starbucks. -sneaks in free starbucks drinks she stole. -chill. -d…
Eleanor Calder attends the YSL Beauty Club party hosted by YSL Beauty and Victor Demarchelier (December 1, 2016) . S…
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can I have a Dylan DM and I can give you a DM with austin Mahone / kevin Jonas / eleanor Calder please
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Hands down ! Eleanor Calder is one of the prettiest female I have seen.
for a SOLO DM with Eleanor Calder. MBF us + . Post proof!. ~🗡🌹
just found Eleanor Calder's instagram which was a weird thing to scroll thru cause I used to genuinely believe she was not a real person...
I want to sponsor me Eleanor calder . Goals: 40 Rt. No saved acc
One year I was Eleanor Calder for Halloween.. how funny is that
chasingmydesir3: Why Eleanor Calder inspired this blog post FemaleBlogge…
Why Eleanor Calder inspired this blog post
'British royalty'. 'Fashion blogger'. 'It girl'. 'Model'. Eleanor Calder taking the world by storm
Since when is Eleanor Calder an it girl
Why is it that the more I look at Danielle Campbell...the more I am reminded of Eleanor Calder? Dafuq?
I want to be my sponsor for Eleanor Calder. Goals : 40 rts . ❌no saved account❌
I want to sponsor me Eleanor Calder🐼. Goal: 40 rts. ❌NO SAVED ACCOUNT❌
Louis Tomlinson wants round 2 with Zayn Malik because of the comments he made about ex girlfriend Eleanor Calder.
I just really never would have envisioned myself saying this but GOD *** I miss Eleanor Calder.
Eleanor Calder and Sophia Smith at the Revolve in The Hamptons Party in New York, USA on July 16, 2016
When Eleanor Calder was big too. Like 2012-2013.
Hello i have a sponsor with Eleanor Calder
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Happy birthday to my ex Louis Tomlinson ❤️😜💋 -your ex Eleanor Calder 😂😂😂 (with David)
Jane got a "Hudson Valley hotties" Instagram account to post a picture of Eleanor Calder and some random girl
Eleanor Calder defends Sophia Smith against rumors she threw shade at her ex! https:…
What really happened when I met One Direction&ex girlfriends Sophia Smith and Eleanor Calder - CelebsNow
Eleanor Calder and Max Hurd at the Diesel Madison Avenue flagship opening in New York…
Gigi no snapchat da Eleanor Calder (ex de Louis).
Eleanor's at a fashion event and she's six feet away from Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid lol
is this the real Eleanor Calder that dated Louis Tomlinson
📷 eleanorj-calder: Eleanor and a fan in Topshop // NYC - 13.2.16
Eleanor Jane Calder you do not get the right to complain about this being cold unless you have experienced real cold
I just met Eleanor Calder in Topshop this is the most 2012 thing to ever happen to me
"Louis Tomlinson to be dad of Briana jungwirth's baby, ex of Eleanor . Calder was seen with a new girl Danielle Campbell
do you have a good friendship with eleanor calder? — She's a nice girl, but we're not friends.
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Sophia Smith, Eleanor Calder but I like Louis's new gf aswell
The guy who gets to date Eleanor Calder is one lucky man
Im giving away a Nash Grier, James Arthur and Eleanor Calder! Yes or no? . -Jen
Do YOU think Danielle Campbell and Eleanor Calder look alike?!
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Niall. 1D BA. Eleanor Calder dms laterrr. When homework is done and when I finished eating and I'll shower first. X be ac…
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what a coincidence i just saw eleanor calder in bed next to me :D
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I was invited to 5 events tonight but I'm home watching TV because life.
we all know the truth about the baby gate and Eleanor Calder, Harry "dating all those girls" , who gets that many matching tats
for a dm with the gorgeous Eleanor Calder 💖 -Amanda✨
Alright so who wants Eleanor Calder dms?
Eleanor Calder is gorgeous and if u deny this you're lying to yourself
would you accept Tyler Posey, Lottie Tomlinson, And Eleanor calder for number 24?
Who wants to trade their free follows for a 1D band account solo dm? Anyone? I also got an Eleanor Calder solo dm. 🙊
Eleanor Calder: Queen of pop Princess of the music industry
Louis Tomlinson's ex Eleanor Calder looks 'too skinny' in new Instagram post
for a solo dm with Eleanor Calder. MBF
Topshop Katz size 5.5 as seen in Eleanor Calder - Full read by eBay
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hi! I was wondering if you could give me a shoutout? Eleanor follows and I'm just trying to gain some more Calder lovers😊
This is how desperate I am for Eleanor Calder to take a selfie xx
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"Their names are Eleanor Calder,Danielle Peazer and Perrie Edwards not Louis',Liam's and Zayn's ex …
Sophia Smith, Eleanor Calder, Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr, idk there's loads of people
Is it me or just Eleanor Calder looks exactly like Katie Findlay 😂 http…
me: i miss you and Eleanor Calder!. Louis: oh you mean Eggplant Cauliflower? she was alright
I thought I was the only human who thought Katie Findlay looked exactly like Eleanor Calder
Breast Cancer Awareness
can you post Selena Gomez, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift and Eleanor Calder?💗
People we have losted in 2015 so far:0. - Paul Higgins. - Eleanor Calder. - Zayn Malik . - Perrie Edwards. One D…
I can trade multiple solo dms with Eleanor Calder. Can also add Mark and/or Lottie Tomlinson to each DM if you want. (Trading)
Saying here, it's that I believe that Eleanor Calder has been nothing but a sweet, loving, and kind girlfriend to Louis…
Exclusive: Louis meets up with heartbroken ex Eleanor in shock summit
Louis Tomlinson & his ex, Eleanor Calder, have talked about his baby & she's seriously hurting ht…
Happy Birthday Eleanor! I hope you have a wonderful day and year 🎉🎁🎂🎂
Eleanor Calder is more popular google search then Eleanor Roosevelt
So Louis Tomlinson's ex Eleanor Calder is supposedly 'shocked' by reports he's gonna be a dad:
Eleanor Calder bae 🌸 Happy birthday to you my most beautiful angel :)
Eleanor Calder is reacting the Louis Tomlinson baby news exactly as you'd expect...
I'm glad Louis' ex is surprises he's going to have an UNEXISTING baby...
HAppiest birthday to luke freakin' hemmings, eleanor calder and to theo😍😍 wa samok
| Apparently Eleanor is upset at finding out Louis is becoming a dad. The Sun wrote it, so..
Massive happy birthday to the beautiful Queen Eleanor Calder 💕🙆. h…
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happy birthday Eleanor hope you had a good day
Louis Tomlinson's ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder 'shocked' after being informed of his baby news http:…
Louis Tomlinson 'did the decent thing' and met Eleanor Calder 'in person' to break baby news
I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to. Luke Hemmings 😘. Theo Horan 💕. Eleanor Calder 😍. Love you all x
Pic of the day | Eleanor Calder 🌸. with Lottie Tomlinson,. Danielle Bernstein and. Sophia Smith back in August 2014 http:…
Louis Tomlinson doesn't know how long he's been with Eleanor Calder for via
"Has One Direction crooner Louis Tomlinson moved on from ex Eleanor Calder?”
I have daisy tomlinson, Cody Simpson, Eleanor Calder, Jake Miller, luke Jennings, and Ashton
I want to sponsor me Eleanor Calder solo dms, please get this to 50 rts ☺️ .
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3 Luke Hemmings 3 Michael Clifford and 3 Ashton and Both Jacks? For Lady Gaga and Eleanor Calder and Becky G?
I have and Eleanor Calder dm I don't want. I'm trying to get rid of it
I can give you Lady Gaga Iggy and. Eleanor Calder and Becky G for 3 Luke and Michael and Ashton? And Zayn and Louis and 2 Jack JnG
the link for a solo dm with Eleanor Calder.
(Not a LM vocal) Since I see a lot of you haven't heard Eleanor Calder's voice here it is! Xx
Hamilton Collection
Yo I don't care what y'all say Eleanor Calder is absolutely slaying with her style choices
But guys. Eleanor Calder is so freaking gorgeous 😍
can i look like Eleanor Calder pls and thank u
Hi Eleanor Calder . You're unique, extraordinary and I love that about you. I hope you're well. Follow me? ❦*̩̩̩̥
If I had a flower for every time you made me smile,I'd have a whole garden.Thanks,Follow me . All the love Eleanor Calder 💗
I can trade my Eleanor calder solo DMS. Offers? 💘
Eleanor Calder is not a *** celebrity, he was just Louis beard, how can she have fans?!
guess the celebrity (round 1). Winner gets a solo dm with . . . Eleanor Calder . Mbf so we can add you x
Is Eleanor Calder new tattoo sign a ... -
Let me get pictures for Guess The Celebrity ready and the winners will get solo dms with . . . . Eleanor Calder
yep! I'll add the winners now. Next we will have Eleanor Calder solo dms x
I found out that NB follows Danielle Peazer, Eleanor Calder, Keith Tomlinson, Gemma Styles, Theo Horan, and Des Styles. Obsessed much?
Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer are so beautiful 🙈🙈🙈🙈
“Eleanor Calder, turning straight girls *** and *** boys straight since 1992
the media: Louis Tomlinson takes girl home after break up with long term GF Eleanor Calder . louis: *sits on another dude…
Louis Tomlinson's ex Eleanor Calder be heading for Celebrity Big Brother
Louis Tomlinson's mystery girl? Beauty who snogged the star after Eleanor Calder split 'starred in 1D video'
"Eleanor calder is the ultimate goal😘 -A" Chinese sticks
just one question. why is there fan accounts of Eleanor Calder? 😅
Eleanor Jane Calder is forever my girl crush 😍😍😍
'Not related to eleanor calder' im crying😂😂
“Taylor swift and Eleanor Calder lol.what so nasty
Back in those days she was Eleanor Calder and I was so crazy for her tbh
Louis spent his precious time off clubbing in Leeds, Eleanor spent it in LA. Splitsville?
You know you're far up Eleanor Calder's *** when the only Tumblr blogs recommended for you are dedicated to her.
Larry Stylinson news: Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder have reportedly broken up
Photo: Eleanor Calder on Instagram: “Sorry mummmyyy! ??” ❤ liked on Polyvore
Eleanor calder is the ultimate goal😘 -A
Eleanor Calder: A robot that looks like a human. They c...
"I love Louis as a person, not as a member of a band" ~Eleanor Calder .
“Whoever sent this on the fling app must be at uni -said Eleanor Calder as she tried to date Louis
I liked a video from Get The Look : Eleanor Calder I Dizzybrunette3
for Perrie Edwards. for Eleanor Calder. for both
I needed info on King Louis VII and Eleanor for an essay and half an hour later i'm deep into photos of Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder
Hi! This is yet another account dedicated to Eleanor Calder and Sophia Smith!
Are and Eleanor Calder breaking up after almost four years together?!
"for Perrie Edwards. for Eleanor Calder. for both
Woah woah woah, back up a minute - have Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder split??
Is Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder's relationship, in fact, over?
Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder split? lmao louis is *** af
Louis Tomlinson with girlfriend, Eleanor Calder at Bondi beach in Sydney on 14.02.2015 [Credit:
Liam Payne drunk video as he & Louis Tomlinson ditch Eleanor Calder, Sophia Smith!: One Direction stars Zayn M...
.drunk video as he & ditch Eleanor Calder, Sophia Smith!
Sophia Smith & Eleanor Calder should do a tutorial on how they do their hair. Cuz i could use some hairtips lol
Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Calder, Liam Payne and Sophia Smith have all ... - Sugarscape
Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend Eleanor Calder announces some pretty hefty news on Instagram😍
for a DM to Doniya Malik . FAV for a DM to Mark Tomlinson. QUOTE for a DM to Emily (Eleanor Calder's cousin) . {MBF}. ~Kendra
Líbí se mi video Louis Tomlinson talking about Eleanor Calder
I'm never gonna post Louis Tomlinson + Eleanor Calder and I'm not even sorry so just don't ask thank you 💞
Louis Tomlinson with girlfriend, Eleanor Calder arriving at the Heathrow airport in London - 21st Jan 2015 # 2
Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. I what to see how they'd look meshed together! 😱☺️
I never loved you more than i do,right this second and I'll never love you any less than i do,right this second ❤❤❤ Eleanor Calder
I just entered a contest: Eleanor Calder
Eleanor calder and Louis Tomlinson are one of the most shipped couple of 2014
if you're not brother of Eleanor Calder why you block to larry's shippers? uh? why?
Good night sweetheart😪 😘 hope I wake up with the notification saying "Eleanor Calder followed you'' sweet dreams 💁💋
hai im Eleanor J calder. nice to meet you!
"which member of the band is dating the lovely Eleanor Calder"
you can just see her hair millions of girls have that hairstyle it's not her. search for Eleanor calder b…
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Can I have eleanor calder's face.. and body.can i just be her?😔
Eleanor's parents are Clive and Patricia Calder. And she's brother are Keith. OMG
@ all larries I can idolize Eleanor Calder even if she doesn't do anything she is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend what else would I want to be
OMG I just found out that you and Eleanor are brothers, and their parents are Clive and Patricia Calder. OMG OMG
Why you blocked me? perhaps do not want to admit that the beard (Eleanor Calder) is your sister? .. You are …
"Quote with who you got. I got kendall and selena oh. rOBIN THICKE AND ELEANOR CALDER OH NO
Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder (not famous) there's no difference bc they're …
I am obsessed with Leigh-Anne Pinmock for some reason, she is quite a woman and Eleanor Calder is a beauty in my life.
I think you look like Eleanor Calder ^^
Whether you like Eleanor Calder or not she is fashion goals
Dear 1D fans,. To clarify (yet again): I am not related to Eleanor Calder. I can’t confirm that members of One Direction ar…
I love Eleanor Calder bc she makes Louis happy. I love Sophia Smith bc she makes Liam happy. I love Perrie Edwards bc she…
Josh Devine, Eleanor Calder, Daniel Peazer, some 1D fan accounts and etc. has more followers than Carter. BUURN 😂
goals: being rich enough to shop wherever Sophia Smith and Eleanor Calder shop (aka Burberry, Topshop and ASOS)
"Before I was with Louis, I was a fan of One Direction. So girls, never lose hope." -Eleanor Calder . I admire her so much in general
I'm eleanor calder and I love starbucks 😊 lol
My Eleanor Calder Hairstyle video with 6 different styles will be up tomorrow! :D
if you think that Eleanor Calder is beautiful and that she doesn't deserve the hate she receives 💜
12/19: Sophia Smith and Eleanor Calder in soho with fans
if you are Directioner who Respect Eleanor Calder.
☕️Eleanor Calder Layout☕️. Rt/Fav if you want the layout and I'll DM you it must give credit💖
Lou Teasdale, Eleanor Calder, Gemma Styles, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Luke Hemmings all in one picture. Wow.
Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. people call this a kiss?
Louis Tomlinson:. Eleanor's beard to hide true love for Max. Eleanor Calder:. Louis' beard to hide true love for Harry http:…
Sophia Smith is perfect . Eleanor Calder is perfect. Danielle Peazer is perfect. Lou Teasdale is perfect
"Louis' "girlfriend" Eleanor Calder couldn't fully attend the match as she was being beat up by some larry shippers" WHAT THE …
Eleanor Calder diet: purge until Louis is straight
Louis Tomlinson worries about Eleanor Calder wedding after THIS admission ... - Unreality TV
Hi! I have a question to ask you, you are the brother of Eleanor Calder?
When you want to unfollow family on a social media platform cause they're posts annoy you but you can't because they're family 😩
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And the actually Eleanor has 2 twins sister. They are Christina Calder and Gretchen Calder
"on a scale of Michael Clifford to Zayn Malik what is your model status" Eleanor Calder
People call Sophia Smith and Eleanor Calder ugly, well than let me please be as ugly as them 😱😍http:…
Can I still think my sister is Eleanor Calder.
What would you do if I told you that I was actually Eleanor Calder?
lol Eleanor is Eleanor calder now I'm cool.
Eleanor Jane Calder, will you please follow me?
"Everytime I see a fan crying, I just want to take her home to see the boys." - Eleanor Calder 🌚 NEXT JOKE 😂
I may be a Larry shipper but life goals are to look like Eleanor Calder
""Eleanor Calder is ugly" . Can I be as ugly as her please..
Who wants a dm to Eleanor Jane Calder? :)
Guys! if you take us to 30K by the end of the year... i'll DM 10 names to ELEANOR CALDER
“Eleanor, Lottie and Gemma leavig the hotel in New Orleans, (9/24/14)
Louis and Zayn take the One Direction *** on the double date of dreams. Pics:
"Eleanor Calder is an ugly beard" . Can I be an ugly beard then please
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My dream:Wake up and see that Eleanor follows me.😭💞
Someone: what time is it?. Jay: Eleanor Calder. Someone: how are you?. Jay: Eleanor Calder. Someone: hello, I-. Jay: Eleanor Ca…
Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder have been double dating on a boat and it's all too cute http:/…
Please follow my brand new side blog I take questions about Eleanor (makeup, style, etc) & outfit requests
Niall Horan 21st birthday bash with Louis Tomlinson but MINUS Harry Styles The pop superstar invited a whole host of pals to Shoreditch House in London including bandmate Louis Tomlinson and his gorgeous girl Eleanor Calder on Saturday night. The guest list also included Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley, Jamie and ... Read more on…
If you could be another person for a day, who would y... — I'd like yo be Eleanor Calder :) or Simon Baker's wif...
Saw an Eleanor Calder look alike in dentist 🙋😬😷
when you're not Perrie Edwards, Eleanor Calder or Sophia Smith
"Louis's girlfriend Eleanor Calder was bridesmaid at his mum's wedding
AW, can even make wearing ponchos look totally adorbz! Check out the pic HERE:
Louis Tomlinson's mum Johannah gets married and Eleanor Calder is ...
you cannot deny how beautiful Eleanor Calder looked yesterday oh my jesus
You'll be next! Louis's girlfriend Eleanor is bridesmaid at his mum's wedding via
Yes, I let Larry Schipper. . But I love Eleanor) . And respect the opinion Elunor Schipper. I love you, Eleanor Calder♥
The weekend was the wedding of Louis Tomlinson's mum in Doncaster But Eleanor Calder also had a bridal bouquet!
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I hope one day I woke up looking like Eleanor Jane Calder:) One of the most beautiful girl in the world:) One Direction
eleanor calder is just so pretty Taylor Swift
You gotta admit, Eleanor Calder is hot.
I so badly want eleanor calder and zoella to do a video together about fanshion. could u make that happen?:) x
'Is Johannah Darling cheating on her long term girlfriend Eleanor Calder?'
Keith Calder's a brother of Eleanor-Christina who are children of Clive Calder. It means Eleanor's a beard.Dont tell me Im wrong
PICTURES! Louis Tomlinson's mum marries in front of One Direction and Eleanor Calder is bridesmaid
Happy birthday to these great lads 👇 and Eleanor Jane Calder
If u like Eleanor Calder then we r best friends
"Eleanor Calder is prettier than about 80% of other models kokkkok" true
did she say Eleanor Jane Calder or Eleanor Calder? Beacuse the livestream doesn't work very well for me in Italy :(
"I'm Harry's girlfriend and my best friend's are Perrie Edwards, Danielle Peazer, Sophia Smith and Eleanor Calder"
Eleanor Calder and Danielle have the same YVES Saint Laurent Bag
I'm not beautiful like Barbara Palvin,Sophia Smith or Eleanor Calder. I'm not talented like Perrie Edwards,Danielle Peazer but, I'm proud.
I want to be eleanor calder even just for a day
Eleanor Calder is the definition of perfection 😍
Always in my heart Eleanor Calder, Yours sincerely, Starbucks!
Did eleanor calder disappear off of the face of the earth or something bc like
"If you're going to hate me, then wait until you meet me. I may not be as bad as you think." -Eleanor Calder
I will sacrifice my first born for Eleanor Calder's legs
"I don't get why Louis talks about Stuffed Chicken I've never ate it." - Eleanor Calder.
“i think nick grimshaw and eleanor calder would be perfect for each other. caldershaw is the ultimate OTP”
|| I have a feeling that every (not all) Harry Styles rp ... hates Eleanor Calder rp.
Zayn Malik is engaged to Perrie Edwards. Louis Tomlinson is together with long-time girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Harry Styles is the forever bachelor. Liam Payne’s relationship status is a bit unclear, but he’s been linked lately to former girlfriend Sophia Smith.But what’s up with Niall?Rumor has it that Harry’s older sister Gemma has her sight set…
Louis Tomlinson e sua namorada Eleanor Calder e Niall Horan assistindo o show do McBusted hoje. Louis Tomlinson and your girlfriend,Eleanor Calder and Niall Horan watching the concert McBusted Today.
One Direction member Louis Tomlinson opened up to The Sun about dating girlfriend Eleanor Calder. He revealed about his relationship: Without wanting to
While Louis is in concert I took over his account - Eleanor Calder
To the guys who think that One Direction are *** .. Lets say for a minute they are *** .. That means that over a million girls want 5 *** and not you? -Eleanor Calder...
- Another World, Alive B - Best song ever, Back for you, better than words C - Carrot D - Diana E - Eleanor Calder F -
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