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El Salvador

El Salvador (literally 'Republic of The Savior') is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America.

Divine Mercy Shrine San Salvador World Cup Archbishop Oscar Romero Puerto Rico

Don't Say Goodbye by Paulina Rubio is number 3 in El Salvador top 100 songs
Authorities investigate killing of hippo at El Salvador zoo -
The worlds most dangerous gang founded in Pico-Union area of LA is comprised of mostly immigrants from El Salvador.…
Great win VS Mexico today. Next up El Salvador and then time bring home the Concacaf Trophy.
Anger in El Salvador after gang kills beloved hippo "Gustavito" at zoo - CBS News via /r/worldnews
Sky - Beloved hippo beaten and stabbed to death
El Salvador"s muchloved hippo Gustavito killed at zoo
BC's Jovan Sihota and Alexandra Nielsen are reppin' Canada down in El Salvador this week at the…
San Salvador: A fatally savage attack by unidentified assailants on a hippopotamus in El Salvador's main zoo has...
Only in El Salvador, a Hippo died after attack by gunmen -
Brutal Killing of Hippo in Zoo Stuns El Salvador Follow me on
This is just another act of cruelty that shows how life is in El Salvador
Beloved hippo beaten and stabbed to death ^SkyNews
Police are investigating a "cowardly" attack at a Zoological Park in El Salvador that killed a hippo named Gustavito
Beloved hippo beaten and stabbed to death
New post: "Beloved hippo beaten and stabbed to death"
Honduras has the world’s highest murder rate, El Salvador is second.
Beloved hippo "Gustavito" becomes victim to gang violence in El Salvador:
Casually spent all night looking at new sneakers and old El Salvador pictures instead of studying for anatomy
😳 WHO does THAT?! Beloved hippopotamus 'Gustavito' beaten to death at zoo
Brutal killing of beloved hippo Gustavito stuns El Salvador
We need a receptionist to support our RTMA project. Position based in
Donate at to help build safe and affordable housing in places like El Salvador for families in n…
Rip to the hippo in El Salvador that was tortured and killed by randoms in the zoo 😞
Much-loved hippo killed in attack at El Salvador's zoo
Meet El Salvador's growing middle class: Deportees from the U.S. . Under deportations will increase.
Police in El Salvador are investigating a "cowardly and inhumane" attack at the National Zoological Park that…
Brutal killing of hippo in zoo stuns El Salvador
El Salvador: Hippo Gustavito dies after a brutal attack in national zoo
Beloved hippopotamus 'Gustavito' beaten to death at El Salvador zoo
My grandpa just came back from El Salvador today, and he brought Pollo campero! 😩👌🏽
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Hippo beaten to death in El Salvador zoo by attackers who broke into his enclosure
So more deportations = economic violence for El Salvador = more reasons to migrate. Never ending cycle.
Solidarity for El Salvador outside OceanaGold office in Melbourne with Kevin Bracken &…
I looked at it barely El Salvador , china , Mexico , DR , Korea , all sweat shop countries .. 😂😂
Watch Now! Discussion at on lessons from Nepal to El Salvador:…
Featuring a new coffee: George Howell Monte-Carlos from El Salvador. It's exclusive to Come in & we wil…
Sentimental Lady by Bob Welch is number 2 in El Salvador top 100 songs
I learned about where El Salvador is on Where in the world is Carmen San Diego, the TV show… and I learned about MS-DOS 5 from yer moms
Would we consider this an underrated travel destination? You better believe it
I have 3 new followers from El Salvador last week. See
Wish I was walking into this right now... missing you loads today, El Salvador ☀️
"We were already on the way when we found that Trump had won. He makes you afraid, but going home would be even wor…
so are people from El Salvador we mix with Mayan European and African
In El Salvador, there are women sentenced to up to 30 years in prison for having an Enough! We should al…
Mysterious giant bubble captured by over the Island of Meanguera, El Salvador
Little Giant Ladders
El Salvador: The deportees taking our calls
Long read about the Salvadoran Left. "El Salvador's New Battlefield" via
Me and angie are getting married in El Salvador
Thinking about when they killed a cow in front of me in El Salvador and I cried and said I wasn't gonna eat it. But I asked for seconds. 😅😟
Is Golubev even trying these days? 0-6 3-6 loss to El Salvador player Arevelo today in Koblenz
can't trust any chick from Honduras or El Salvador lol
used courtesy WiFi service at Chili's El Salvador, powered by The new Social WiFi service.
Mysterious giant cloud bubble captured by satellite over the Island of Meanguera, El Salvador
"El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras have become virtual war zones where lives seem to be expendable.." https…
Great review of FMLN trajectory in El Salvador by
Yo I can't wait to go home and have some tamales my parents brought back from El Salvador
My grandma is leaving for two months 😩. I wish I could go to El Salvador just to visit my grandpa, can't believe tomorrow will 5 years
save money when booking a hotel in El Salvador
My dad called me yesterday to tell me he's back from El Salvador, but he got here on sunday like *** ??
Hello from El Salvador an emerging country of talented artists. I am not but I know them :) If you ever need help let me know
If you're going to come at me with gory lies from religious anti-choice groups, go read about what an abortion in El Salvador looks like.
I invite you to do some reading on people's experiences in countries with restrictive abortion laws, like Ireland and El Salvador.
Entering a trail to reach the summit of a volcano in El Salvador [2161x2701] [OC]
Woke up with 5 missed calls from my family in El Salvador and I had a dream I actually went to visit but they didn't let me come back lol
I just lent to a borrower in El Salvador. Join me on today and impact a life too!
El Salvador's rural areas, it can be as mango, coconut, and send money home to El Salvador.
Congrats well deserved. We support you from El Salvador!! Go for it! 👊🏾
When he settles he'll have enough pesos to go back to El Salvador and live like a king
While still facing uncertainty, this immigrant family is together again after many years.
Ana Belen Montes betrayed Green Beret, and others. Raul Castro expects Obama to pardon her?
Sweet Lucho was hit by a car on New Year's Day in El Salvador, leaving his back two legs paralyzed. He and his...
This batch of El Salvador beans roasted by is the best I've tasted in quite awhile
My latest on the FMLN's path from insurgency to governing political party & the post-postwar struggle in El Salvador h…
Los Angeles: Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Peace Accords of El Salvador
Exhausted and ready for home. At the Avianca Lounge inside the El Salvador Airport.
All purpose parts banner
Better version of this piece released last month:
Meet Erick! He is from El Salvador, but has lived here in Honduras for the past 3 years. Read more about Erick on o…
Interesting piece by featuring an industry in El Salvador that is thriving because of deportees.
when in El Salvador you gotta be wild
I would love to show you my at 0 EL SALVADOR
. We hear this every *** year.Even as it snows in the Sahara and In El Salvador.How long can they keep this lie going?
Deportations from the U.S. have fuelled El Salvador's call-center industry with English-speaking job-seekers:
My parents came home from El Salvador and brought me back some fried chicken. They really do love me.
El Salvador just had its first day without a murder in two years
El Salvador, one of the world's deadliest countries, has recorded a rare day without a single homicide
Hey I want to see you this year on tour!!! Please come to El Salvador!!
I'm from El Salvador & I really love ur vídeos,like DANM ure my woman crush,Ure sooo beautiful and especial to me thanks For eve.
Ángel Sepúlveda has showed his explosiveness during last year's 3-1 win at El Salvador. Make sure to keep an eye on him to see if he will+
I would like to congratulate the people of el Salvador. Keep reaching for the stars.
for what it's worth, lots of tattoos on men from El Salvador may = significant gang affiliation. No excuse for repulsion tho!
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El Salvador: No murders reported for 24 hours - I feel sorry for the average law abiding citizens
thank you for your interest in Digicel El Salvador TopUp +info:
A *** story set during the civil war in El Salvador? What about this setting can possibly make me depressed?
No one was murdered the last 24hours! A record for El Salvador 🇸🇻.
Agree. Why Cuba had this special right anyway? Other countries had/have dictators w/out. Honduras. El Salvador. USA 😀
El Salvador finally records first day without murder in 2 years
mitt connected to death squads in El Salvador.
RIP Tia Aurelia ❤ going to El Salvador every year will never be the same. I'll miss you sweet angel.
Where I live it's a bunch of dudes from El Salvador & some from Puerto Rico. I don't think they are Doctors
(real talk, pupusas in DC are better than the pupusas I had in Nicaragua, right next to dang El Salvador)
A group chat with family from El Salvador means my phones never gonna be dry ever🙂
President Tsai has arrived in El Salvador in her last leg of the 8-day visit to Taiwan's central America allies
I think the difference between El Salvador and Nicaragua is that i...
A day without murder: no one is killed in El Salvador for first time in two years
Andrés does everything he can to help families fleeing murderous street gangs in Guatemala, Honduras + El Salvador
Finally, some good news . El Salvador: No murders reported for 24 hours -
El Salvador: No murders reported for 24 hours
thank you for your interest in Claro El Salvador TopUp +info:
El Salvador: No murders reported for 24 hours -
tonkin, Iraq just biggest and examples. Crack in LA, Contras, El Salvador, Allende, Mossadegh, Its called Empire
Wow you're living!the very best of the universe 4 U, from Canadian guy living in El Salvador, listen 2 U every day.
'The Salvador Option' fails to deliver its promised fair-minded analysis of US involvement in El Salvador.…
ARTIST NEEDED for RISE Theatre - for our new play about Oscar Romero from El Salvador we are looking for a...
"Aspire not to have more, but to be more." Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador.
El Salvador is known as the Land of the Volcanoes, check out more amazing facts about El Salvador in the link below…
El Salvador prosecutes women who have abortions—some have simply miscarried
"My dad’s from Puerto Rico. My mom’s from El Salvador. And neither one of those is Mexico.” Jennifer Esposito
Read about students talk about their practicum experiences in El Salvador - part 1 via
Magnitude-7 earthquake shakes El Salvador, Nicaragua; no reports of damage…
7.0-magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador, USGS reports.
Giuliani has meddled in El Salvador and Mexico escalating the police state and creating death.
16 November 1989: 6 priests killed in El Salvador by graduates of the SOA. “Song for the SOA” David Rovics.
Gangs of El Salvador: A climate of violence in which crime is rampant and civilians suffer | via |…
We shared Juan's story from El Salvador & migrating to NM. Read/listen to full story!
Local woman brings health, hope to El Salvador: THUNDER BAY – In the 1970's El Salvador was brutalized by a c...
By me: Maria Teresa Rivera jailed and freed, but prosecutors in El Salvador want her jailed again
Right. The attitude of, "Oh well, El Salvador won't take its ppl back, and we have no leverage" is absurd.
It"s also corrupt police/politicians who r slaves to gangs. El Salvador’s Gang Violence is Forcing Thousands to Flee
Bad News . The 39-year-old man from El Salvador, who raped a two-year-old baby in Canberra – and received only a... http…
I miss Jenny and it's been like a day I haven't seen her idk what Ima do those 2 weeks I go to El Salvador /:
'I Was Jailed for a Miscarriage': At El Salvadors Ilopango prison, at least 21 women are serving time for abo...
this looks like El Salvador except it's an old Hispanic lady. But everywhere. Literally. The streets blocked with them lol
My followers live in 8 countries: USA(38%), El Salvador(12%)... Get your free map!
tribunal dismisses case against El Salvador – a relief but not a win
Unbelievable what El Salvador had to go through
Electronic Device Insurance
This Ali Primera cover could be the national anthem of El Salvador. Salsa Clave - El Sombrero Azul
Bolivians Mexicans whatever I love all of y'all, just hate that y'all hate on El Salvador 🙄
It's planned, I'm going to El Salvador next summer
Handcrafted apron from El Salvador! 🇸🇻 thanks to our family for bringing them to us!
Remember when the U.S. decided to bomb El Salvador and train soldiers that killed the poor during its civil war 🤔 https:/…
This ruling is a relief, but it's not a win.This costly suit should never have taken place, says MiningWatch
Historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” an American girl in war-torn ES:.
Time to cheer fans from El Salvador!!
35 members of notorious gang with links to El Salvador arrested in N.Y. via the App
In this country, a miscarriage can land you in prison for up to 50 years—for homicide:
World Bank investment dispute tribunal rules in favour of El Salvador in arbitration case via
if you marry or you will have your Christmas party in El Salvador. your best option is Bach Orchestra & Media -...
"Where are you from". Me: El Salvador . You don't look Salvadorian. Ok how exactly is a Salvadorian supposed to look 😑
Read article on El Salvador's new pro-abortion bill and what it means 4 Salvadorian women & girls:
Just had pollo campero straight from El Salvador. YES
When you start seeing people with Pollo Campero Bags You know flight from El Salvador has arrived 😂😂
pollo campero from El Salvador tastes so much better than it does here
I'm good at talking in a Salvadorian accent even though I'm not from El Salvador, man they geek
every time you visited El Salvador you always had to bring back pollo campero and queso fresco
Bless my grandma she just got back from El Salvador and brought me pollo campero y crema 😭😭😭😭
Don't miss: Event 13/10 in Sthlm reg trade possib. in El Salvador with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of El Salv.…
San Antonio from El Salvador will brighten up any grey Monday... Black tea, rooibos and watermelon... It might...
The only jerseys you'll see today at blade is Mexico, El Salvador, Real Madrid, & Barcelona 💀
it's "international day" at school so that means ima see endless El Salvador and Mexico soccer jerseys
Grandma brought pollo campero from El Salvador 😋
Bystander on a church at sunday. =) @ Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental
Just finished a great week training cops from El Salvador in intelligence-led policing.
Marc Weber: Canada's 3-1 win over El Salvador too little, too late, for World Cup 2018 dreams - Vancouver Sun
El Salvador stun everyone with audio recording of alleged World Cup bribery offer
when has El Salvador really ever made to the World Cup let's be honest here Mexico had potential years ago when they blew it away
You chant "siete cero" . We eliminate you from the World Cup. ☺️🇲🇽 bye El Salvador. Maybe in 2022
This look from Juan Carlos Osorio sums up how Mexico's first half against El Salvador went. Can El Tri rebound?
We will be serving Aida Batlle's Cascara (coffee cherry tea) from El Salvador tomorrow at Upper Merion Farmers'...
San Salvador, Aug 26 (Reuters) - El Salvador's Supreme Court on Friday released three former military personnel who had been detained over
How countries like El Salvador and Haiti are strengthening financial access:
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 19: A fan reacts as Luis Lopez of El Salvador and Hirooki Arai…
My dad was supposed to go to the Montreal Olympics in 1976 for El Salvador
Welcoming Pan American associations AGEQF-BO, El Salvador and TOFARMEX, Mexico into the Federation! Viva la pharmacie!
Primo Jeff - "Them *** El Salvador's at Julio's can't cook no Mexican food."
'19 Kids and Counting' alums Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard to stay in El Salvador; Patriarch dealing ...
Megan Clark clears 4.25 & 4.40 on first attempts at NACAC U23 Championship in El Salvador
So will Obama send their illegal aliens back now?
Sure. All their murderers are up here now: deadliest nation in 2015, sees drop in homicides & violence;
Too few Americans know about how between Reagan & the drug war, the USA has really messed up El Salvador. :(
So excited to teach the people of El Salvador🇸🇻
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when someone in your family comes back from El Salvador and your entire fridge is filled with fo…
Gang violence has made El Salvador the murder capital of the world. Will the government's ‘iron fist’ solution work?.
Raising money to build a well in El Salvador
I wish I could take dad back to El Salvador. Left ~40 yrs ago. Unfortunately the violence is too much. It even took away my uncle.
The world's murder capital last year has seen its monthly homicide rate fall by about half.
people thinking pollo campero is from El Salvador
Leaving to El Salvador in the morning.
Sad to be leaving El Salvador tomorrow. Back to Nicaragua I go.
El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador.. And, once again, he said some who have come in were murderers and rapists
This 12-yr old girl from El Salvador dreams of being a nurse & helping people https:/…
the trip to ocean city got me really nostalgic, i just kept thinking about being in El Salvador and going to las tunas :(
when your grandma pulls through with El Pollo Campero after coming back from El Salvador
STUDY: develops misleading social programs to gain social support in Sa…
Seven years of injustice for El Salvador
I miss those days when my grandma used to come from El Salvador to visit us😔. I miss her so *** much 😩😢
Order Miche Bag Online!
After spending five days in El Salvador, here are 5 things, in no particular order, I found out…
Supporting the "Ni-Nis" of El Salvador -- first you need to understand that 80% are women.
traveling to Panama City, Panama from El Salvador international airport
I'm suddenly feeling so sad about how it's almost been 10 since the last time ive visited el salvador and I miss it so much im tearing up..
El Salvador, deadliest nation in 2015, sees lull in violence via
World War II it had been delivered to El Salvador. Maybe this signifies that food prices near record)
El Salvador, considered deadliest nation in 2015, sees drop in homicides and violence via
So apparently, in El Salvador, people dressed like clowns will try and rob you, not even kidding lol
I live in El Salvador and here there's a lot of americans, some of them criminals, they stole and kill people too. 😢
Born in El Salvador . Moved to Farmers Branch . Moved to Garland. Moved back to Farmers Branch. Back at Garland 💀💀
Born in San Francisco . Went to El Salvador . Back to San Francisco . Moved to Hayward . Been here since lol
El Salvador & Mexico are two completely different countries. Which means I am Salvadorian not Mexican, pls get it right!!!…
My dad and my sister are going to El Salvador this sunday. I am so jealous !! 😩😩😒
Cuzcatlan is specific only to parts of west El Salvador pipil land (excludes lencas), but that's another convo and we have so little
She made it to El Salvador safe and sound 😊❤
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Track and field delegation to El Salvador for Central American Senior Championships
- wifi not great here in El Salvador. Miss KTLA and you. Wish you all the best.
Wish I was in El Salvador, girls actually talk to me over there 😔
look at all these beautiful people from El Salvador 😍🇸🇻
Ah *** Nah some woman appeared in some prison in El Salvador.Then the men who were there ended up dead due to weird bruises and suffocation
My dad's telling me how in El Salvador they used to get rice straight from the plant in order to eat. Honestly want to try that one day.
El Salvador isn't even in the tournament relax
Come Back to El Salvador we have more Pupusas for you LOL😭😂
Why am i wide awake knowing i have to wake up hella early to shop for my family in El Salvador :(
How Four Dudes Skated from El Salvador to the U.S. to Flee Gang Violence
"why do you like El Salvador so much if it's one of the poorest countries in the world"
I love nights here in El Salvador🙌 Spending them with my family telling stories couldn't be better💕
"looks like Decameroon in El Salvador lol"yes sir
Yesterday, June 10th was Father's Day in El Salvador 🇸🇻, today…
My family in El Salvador have somehow gotten hip to ig and somehow found me so it is time to retire it's been fun y'all
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looks like Decameroon in El Salvador lol
The bad 1 from El Salvador asked me how do u say piña colada in English today(i was suppose 2 teach her english). Said she was goin out.
My dad even forgot today was Father's Day (in El Salvador it's today)
El Salvador is technically named after Jesus.
MEDICC Review Journal on Chronic Kidney Disease Launched in El Salvador: Hosted by the Pan American Health Organizat…
(23), Hondurans, currently in Honduras searches for Nanny & Senior Caregiver jobs in El Salvador ...: Jasmin ...
When you have family from El Salvador visiting and you're constantly speaking in English 😂
so I officially have a lifting partner for the summer. he is 36 from El Salvador is a doctor here in SF wife and daughter his name is Manuel
Aren't Pupusas from El Salvador? .. And Colombians farm too.. Actually every country does .. 😂 .. You salty
The indigenous beauty of El Salvador. My people. Nican Tlaca. 💗
Happy Father's Day to my grandpa in El Salvador , it's Father's Day today over there :) 💓
looking back at my El Salvador pictures brings back so many bad memories of how I felt when Kelly was in the hospital
Hispanic doesn't mean your just from "mexico" lmao cause there's other countries like Honduras, el Salvador, equador and other
Update from El Salvador the people said sometimes when the Holy Spirit is super present the walls drip anointing oil, half hour-
El Salvador To Auction 170 MW Of Renewables: El Salvador will conduct its second auction seeking to deploy 17...
I leave tomorrow to El Salvador and I haven't packed anything:-)
bro u look like a native from El Salvador
El Salvador and São Paulo carrying the Royals tonight. I love South America.
😂 hold up pupusas from El Salvador thoe
I leave for El Salvador tomorrow night 😁 So excited to see God's hand at work there
"That is the cheapest Michael Jordan jersey I've ever see, I've got a guy in El Salvador that hooks me up with jerseys."
Bro if only El Salvador didn't suck at soccer lmao :(((
That means his/her mom is from Honduras and dad from el Salvador lol or the other way around lol
I wish El Salvador was good at soccer
I'm really keen to travel Central America next summer but am anxious about crime in Guatemala and El Salvador, any tips?
That group would have been us, them, Hungary and El Salvador. Easier prospect than Brazil and USSR.
The nations of the world. United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica Peru Republic Dominican Cuba Caribbean (something) El Salvador too
Because you're worthy of our praises o' Lord 🙏 Thank you for all 🙏 @ El Salvador, Misamis Oriental
Erasing Mara Salvatrucha gang graffiti in El Salvador: "We are going to erase these tags as many times as is ...
No great radio stations there, but this one time in El Salvador, I did manage to fit an entire mariachi band in the back of my pickup. Truth
Uniting capacities for the development of our peoples: The President of El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez C...
President of El Salvador to Attend 7th ACS Summit in Cuba: Salvador Sanchez, president of El...
El Salvador: British man and wife in baby swap ordeal take son home: A British man and his Salvadoran wife wh...
this women asked what my ethnicity is and i said Salvadoran and she said "i only visited Mexico once" okay ? El Salvador isnt in Mexico so ?
The violence is only getting worse in El Salvador, but who really hears about it?
people from El Salvador always tel me I don't look or speak like a salvadoran and I'm just like -_-
Live from San Salvador, El Salvador: PGA's 37th Annual Parliamentary Forum: The Role of Parliamentarians in...
Why did my aunt put she's from San Miguel, Zacatecas Mexico? When she's from La Union, San Miguel, El Salvador 🙃
El Salvador Will Attend ACS Summit with Experiences on Unity: San Salvador.- El Salvador will participate in ...
A new spike in the El Salvador's murder rate is likely to send even more youth across the border seeking safety.
Madrid won😏 , now going to see El Salvador game😛
"El Salvador, the most violent place on the planet not called Syria."
Diplomat Found Dead in El Salvador: Lemus, a Salvadoran citizen and businessman, had held his diplomatic post...
Why leaving El Salvador and coming to US doesn't mean escaping the gangs there
Happy Turtle Day! Big thanks to our ocean hero Fabien Cousteau for supporting our efforts in El Salvador!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Collection of articles on gang violence in El Salvador from English language press. Not the attention El Sal wants.
Jesus is our light and savior. ©mr.smirkaholic . @ Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador, Misamis…
My dad migrated from El Salvador when he was 15. He works 3 jobs & today he graduates with a degree from CSUN. 🇸🇻🇺🇸 htt…
Light shine on me, baby 💕 @ Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental
was it not not the Sandinistas in El Salvador he was on about,Daniel Ortega visited Galway on invite from MDH?
These are kids who were escaping violence in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, riding on top of trains to get to th…
George Bush Snr. guilty of war crimes in Iraq, Nicaragua, El Salvador was knighted...
Hager's Mission Trip to El Salvador w/ Grace Bible Church: Juliana and I will be going to El Salvador this su...
Archbishop Oscar Romero killed during Mass for speaking out for the poor in El Salvador.
Liga Royale - Rich Fantasy League in El Salvador: Liga Royale is a top-tier league based in El Salvador, that...
This small town in El Salvador has 18,000 residents but a whopping 18 coffin companies. Why?
What a way to start the summer. Starting in Houston before I leave to El Salvador for the rest of it, and coming back and ending it here.😊
Molasses spill in El Salvador river from sugar cane processing plant
Incest, lack of sex education drive teen pregnancies in El Salvador via
Exhausted kids sleep in shade of 40 degree heat. It's a long & dangerous journey on foot from El Salvador
Website Builder 728x90
Using an El Salvador grade A Espresso bean to bring u a creamy head with a chocolate finish! Also to buy n take home
A new, heavily armed elite force is targeting 100 gang bosses in El Salvador
New post: Sky in El Salvador left blood red by mystery fireball | Weird News | Funny, Strange Bizarre UK #
El Salvador unveils new military force to fight gangs: The government of El Salvador has deploy...
El Salvador military and police brigade lining up to confront the a lil bit of is being done
Gangs declare war on police in El Salvador, country with the world's highest homicide rate.
Authorities in El Salvador raid the offices of the Panama law firm at the centre of a massive data leak, the attorney generals office says.
Like its namesake, the cantilevered HQ of Puma Energy in El Salvador embodies both force & grace:
The public prosecutor's office in El Salvador raids the local office of Mossack Fonseca.
Beatriz Cortez's intimate work explores life after escaping El Salvador's Civil War:
A courageous justice warrior from El Salvador, Prudencia Ayala! . "In 1930 - at a time when women still weren’t...
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