First Thoughts

El Presidente

El Presidente is Spanish for The President .

Dennis Martinez Emilio Aguinaldo

Bern dog knew he was going to be el presidente the very second that bird jumped on the podium
"The storm shall pass". Are you and el Presidente Zuma the storm you referring to Madam Speaker?
No, let´s see if El Presidente gets a private audience with The GadFather!
Congratulations, El Presidente. You better have big feet to fit in those shoes for they are big. Mavel tov 🍾
Buy more beer because you can't be el presidente without suds.
some *** fine corn out there, and palisades on april 1st to boot. El Nino para presidente!
Let's see if The GadFather can get a private audience with El Presidente. Get ready!
El Presidente, Dennis Martinez. With Vlad, Marquis and Tim Raines all close seconds...
They couldn't get you better than nosebleed seats, El Presidente? :)
Congrats on being named CFLPA President! presidente
Antonio Gallardo skidmarks at Tampa Downs continue to grow!"El Presidente"gets "Kofaxed"again,now 4 for his last 51!Shocking in this Venue!
El Presidente Bernie Sanders. Beautiful ring to it in all languages. We believe you won already. You have us. Let's win…
Seems like Erdogan's PR folk took inspiration from Tropico!
>. Are you asking us for our best 140-character impressions of El Presidente Trump?
El Presidente says Mtl is a baseball city. God I miss the Expos. Martinez calls on mayor to commit to new stadium
😂😂 no .. El Presidente ..with the CONOR trampstamp lol 😭😭😭 . I'm done!
Pinochet. Chavez. Trump? Yuge political differences but maybe the same populist appeal with Ecuador'…
The drink of choice in El Presidente
but look what happens when the people vote! Anyway, El Presidente, you'll bring a decent bunch to your defence departments
is there an animal with thicker hide than El Presidente?
didn't mean to but did &must go jail; didn't mean to but did so he remains El Presidente with his band of merry bandits
"Colonel", now? If you keep promoting me at this rate, we're going to be at El Presidente for Life soon..!
El Presidente, El Perfecto . Best call by .It was a great Sunday afternoon for fans.
Great having El Presidente Pusha T over for a convo!
And there you have it South Africa. El Presidente apologises
El Presidente harping on about improved supply chain management, while pushing through the dodgiest and biggest procurement ever (nuclear).
Why didn't you remove the letter O...? Just to internet his labialando el culo del Presidente as a Cuban-canadian would put
"I'm el presidente, I run things, I tote gun things and never run from things."
My kids built this for me in one of our worlds. "Throne of Lies" (El Presidente is my screen name)
El presidente con snapchat re canchero
President calls on the People to take the path to the creation of he new wealth
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"Populism tends to be prevalent in very unequal societies." Latin America's lessons for the US in the age of Trump:
I dare you to ponder a future where Abbott takes back the PMs job after Turnbull wins the election and Trump is El Presidente.
Today's is el presidente aka Alex Cuse aka Alex has been a member…
El Presidente's lucky shoes showing at the Flushing FC museum at Hallmark Pharmacy in Queens, NY.
Hopefully you celebrated yesterday at Temazcal with our $50 "El Presidente" margarita...
Watching 'El Presidente' as they announced Emilio Aguinaldo as first President of the Philippines. History unfolds.
Now with the powers vested on me as the self proclaimed el-presidente, I declare a national crisis. We need answers.
bro it's yo day today El Presidente!! NYC better show mad love!!
52 & i wasnt even on that TT, thanks to El Presidente de
claro que si. You realize he was El Presidente in the early 70's when I was your age.
Sam Leccia, El Presidente of Leccia Tobacco and purveyor of such famed brands as the Leccia Luchador, Leccia...
Except for the risk of changing course to hard right by electing as 'el Presidente'!!!
I'm in the Marines. I rather have a fictional superhero as my boss. Than DT as El Presidente.(My views not USMC)
El Presidente is a smart guy, I'll never deny that. There is money in emotion. Love or hate, no difference.
. You could go all the way bumper sticker. first woman VP.Presidente de California
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you got me wanting to drink an El Presidente w/ _havanaclub
I'd be all for him doing something to this affect in his last speech as El Presidente
El Presidente can do no wrong on this app. Remember that
Hm, El Presidente's tyres are very heavily scrubbed nearest the side walls.does this mean no grip there?! :P
El Presidente of the will be Sonny he will be with
h8rs gonna h8: el Presidente Maximus Hussein Narcismo is the bomb.
Be sure to get your Pre-sale tickets to the 2nd Annual Pre Valentine's Day Dance at El Presidente Ballroom in...
Zend needs to pay A THOUSAND GAZILLION DOLLARS to to get back and act as EL PRESIDENTE, benevolent dictator of PHP. Lifetime.
Here is a Petition from Cancun citizens to stop Mangrove Devastation, and they need your signs! via
So will Obama’s next Executive Order change his official title to El Presidente?
If I were el presidente id fire ndeitunga today..Here reasoning like a wet tampon u put in a cup of water to test its suction cause u bored😒
BaiLona w/ El Presidente . good to see you all together again..brings back PBB feels~. BAILONA LANG h…
The El Presidente Ginger Mojito served in the shaker.
If NBC is going to do halftime analysis, then they should model it on Howard Cosell's in "Bananas": "El Presidente is down!"
Nice & refreshing on a hot day - Drinking an El Presidente by Cerveseria National Dominicana @ Eden Pool —
El Presidente tracking down The Sheriff! Peyton Manning got his drivers license the year David Parry was born.
The Assasination Scene of Antonio Luna in the movies El Presidente and Heneral Luna were shot at the same place. Heneral Luna perfected it
Sorry, but El Presidente is Dennis Martinez. Mr. Tiant was referred to as El Tiante but not El Presidente.
when you almost cry at Kdike because El Presidente is leaving in 2 months
I badly wanted to tag him. But El presidente noh ;)
That *** had that free mexican *** jersey that comes with bottle of el presidente lmao 😂😂😂😂
Would El Presidente Trump deport all the Mexican National team fans too?
Message from El Presidente: "This wine tastes the most expensive. It has the biggest nose and character..."
Why didn't el presidente honor this man who saved lives? Didn't fire a shot, but had hs gun ready.
El Presidente. Recipe via punch_drink. Honestly not my fave, but trying new things is fun.…
That's because they didn't hire you as El Presidente
El Presidente is proud of his little sis!
El Presidente comes through with a single. Now they just need to do something with him.
Check beastmode and El Presidente both available lease or exclusive
El Presidente Failure at it again with the usual phony blah blah
Roundup: Italy Qualifies for European Championship: Stephan El Shaarawy ended a three-year drought by scoring ...
When Kanye performed at that fundraiser, did he hand the mic to El Presidente?
El Presidente, Futbol, Los Doyers. It's a busy traffic day, give yourself plenty of travel time so…
T-minus 6 hours to kickoff: El Presidente and his cabinet.
Vote Randl Tadlock, El Presidente-for-Life: Because what exactly are your other choices??
Los chinos by el presidente by my house do it with the boy chino
El Presidente is back, and he has friends! Day 73 of supporting
Nevertheless el presidente speech writer for this even did a better job than most times
Lakini since I am a freelance speech writer..that speech from el presidente deserves my applause
im El Presidente, i run things, tote gun things, and neva run from things
Disconnecting for el presidente's birfday. Send pigeon mail
Aye happy birthday to El Presidente! Have a good one bro
Vote Randl Tadlock, El Presidente-for-Life: Because hanging politicians is good for the soul.
"look at me for example, I had mine made up after I became El Presidente!"
Vote Randl Tadlock, El Presidente-for-Life: A dictator to teach our entitled quarterwits the value of liberty!
Hanging with the owl and el presidente.
He's my only choice, my El Presidente!
Soc sec Jen being seen into her dress by El presidente Danny last night. A few sore heads today, malones time.
Follow for all things Biology & Networking! I'll be el presidente of this glorious club next year so hmu with comments & queries
Honored to meet El Presidente today & inspired by the talent of these students in Mexico City!
El Presidente Richard Knill socks it to us at The Annual Charter Dinner of Pocklington District Lions
Right time ready to see el presidente on TV representing
El Presidente wouldn't exist without her
I'm just leaving SeaTac. It's like I'm following el presidente.
Some folks are not big aupoorters of the el presidente.
From my obs, El Presidente is very outspoken & seems to rule with an iron fist
El Presidente is here ready for the Spades Tournament!!! You got 10 mins!
Unbeaten into international break,sensible transfers,kept all the young talent even El Presidente keeping quiet,can't ask 4 much more
Dude, we haven't beat Stanford since George Bush Jr was El Presidente, let that sink in for a minute, those nerds got our number.
So General Kanene has been released and El Presidente pardoned him and made him ambassador spreading awareness for his crime ☕️🐸
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.Even stories of El Presidente and Mamata Di flying on an essar craft. resignation?
. El Presidente wants a banana republic, it sounds like.
Happy Happy birthday to the Boss, to our Superman/Iron Man, our El Presidente and of course our…
Kirsten Powers has her mouth full El Presidente the USA
El Presidente... 2016 might be a little early... But he will be taking this nation, and hemisphere in the right...
sOUR city report to my goons before you come at el presidente
Some after class noodles con El Presidente. 🎉🍜
Supermassive black hole discovered in space . El Presidente?
I guess there wasnt enough warm bodies at Home Depot in Alexandria for El Presidente Bush to bus in.
where is your sis?(N)at this moment sharing an el Presidente cigar with Fidel & Raúl Castro(me) i had to ask ;( X
Run and brunch for Margot's send off! (@ Cafe el Presidente -
Black people's handshakes be like... W/ Pagekennedy, Klarity
Enjoy the *** and autographs at groupiepac, McConnell and Boehner will still be calling the shots when El Presidente Bush takes office
Political positions aside, it's cool for El Presidente to comment on the passing of Leonard Nimoy.
The seudo mexican illuminati Army of Cienfuegos is purchasing vans, tracto trailers to kill real citizens using...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Oligarchs might bankroll Jeb but they can't make us vote for him. No votes, no el presidente
Jeb Bush, El Presidente de Meximerica hopeful, is so bad on the crucial issues that Hillary Schoolmarm Clinton would be the …
Check out what I found. - El Presidente by Rio Grande Games. Cuba expansion game. NEW. FREEPOST via
Shooting the El Presidente yesterday at 3.99 seconds
[President NicolasMaduro announced measures to promote and stimulate growth.
"If you truly believe you could work full-time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, go try it." — President Obama The problem with El Presidente is he fails to tell low information voters you shouldn't settle for minimum wage jobs to take care of your families. These low earning jobs are not meant to live a life of luxury on. Most of the time, these jobs are on-the-job training for young kids, teaching them personal responsibility and work ethics. Obama once again plays to the emotions of the minorities and for some it will work.
😂😂😂 If u remember this then you've been through the "no internet" struggle
How Ghastly? We talk about him earlier.. standing ovation is not enough,ganging up against el presidente
Maybe there will be a coup and Netanyahu will take over as El Presidente!
[President Maduro arrived in Saudi Arabia for the funeral of King Abdelaziz: The President, Ni ...
Sampdoria have presented Eto'o to their fans. Meanwhile, back at El Presidente's HQ, they remain blissfully unaware of what is going on.
Microsoft Transform your world with holograms. Watch:.
This one was El Presidente. First time I've been there. Not bad. There are many Mexican restaurants in our town to check out.
After that PEACE ACCORD, how does El Presidente react to the threats of his townsmen?!... Has he spoken against...
[Learn why President Nicolas Maduro will travel to Saudi Arabia Saturday '
"EL Presidente! you sure you're not Spanish or Portuguese?
Cat furniture heaven. I do spoil him but he's worth it Señor El Gato Presidente supreme dictator
And, beyond Burke, all the BoT and El Presidente care about is a balanced book.
It's nice to have some real beer and not El presidente pony ***
13 year old me is super stoked that I met the awesome Sandy Alomar, Charlie Nagy, El Presidente, Paul Assenmacher, & Julian Tavarez today.
Salute El Presidente for his role in making America a more prosperous land! With the NY Police and Governor!
[Argentine horses donated by the government to President Xi Jinping left for China
*** wish I was in town. Need El Presidente's autograph
I am being shipped with Big Bear, El Presidente and JC.
RINOs mad that conservatives want to force El Presidente to enforce immigration laws and deny
[President NicolasMaduro works to ensure the right and organizes
[President Maduro: The currencies are guaranteed in the country
Yup. They hate us cause they ain't us, in the words of el presidente
could be America's modern philosophical voice, el presidente of a banana republic, and rock&roll's Charles Kuralt all at once!
"So, y'all just remixed el presidente's name? EDIGAR😂😂" yeis.
So, y'all just remixed el presidente's name? EDIGAR😂😂
[Supply Security card is the vaccine against bachaqueros and smugglers (+ Video): President ...
Why do UEA insist on parading around like he's el presidente?
[In IMAGES activities undertaken by President MashiRafael during his visit to -
[Ends with President MashiRafael from - by
[President NicolasMaduro: As would be in opposition to a spokesman with which he could speak
["The people of Chávez with the spirit of January 23 continues the battle with President Maduro"
🎯Bibi is an unacceptable guest of Congress. We need more like El Presidente of Mexico telling us how racist …
[President inaugurates supplies and hyper supplies across the country
El Presidente has a secret power which will be revealed.soon. Gonna get to scratch…
Owner of Rudy Project "Cristiano Barbazza" and the El Presidente of Rudy Australia / NZ Greg Rule…
Interesting conversation with De Smith & El Presidente who is attacking job like DE's
pov ni emilion aguinaldo sa El Presidente, im yet willing to watch Bonifacio to hear andres b.'s pov
El Presidente is offered as a Free Download. It was written while contemplating our great selfless leaders - Mayors, Senators, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEO's after reading the book "The Dictat
What to be looking forward to in Octo-bear (wink wink Karolis): * WORKSHOP: professional teacher Sarah Morris is giving a special workshop for EUTS members on milonga (a dance , not the social event) . This is the event not to be missed! Date: 19/10/2014 ( this Sunday) Times: 15.00- 16.30 Venue: The Debating Hall, Teviot Price: £3 members, £5 non-members All levels welcome! *Norteña Tango 18 -19 October- a colorful tango weekend organised by the famous Jenny Frances and Ricardo Oria. Check out the details: and Ricardo are offering a special DISCOUNT on afternoon and evening milongas for students of EUTS! So if you are a member and a student, make sure you are there on Saturday and Sunday Matinee Milonga at 2.30 - 6 p.m. £3 each and Saturday 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. for £5 What a bargain! *Student Vintage/Retro/Flapper Milonga with the one and only Dj Victor Hernandez-Urbina. Yes, that's right , former 'el presidente' has been missing you , guys, and he is back as an excellent DJ!!! Date: 22/102014 ( Wednesd . ...
"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there". - El Aqua Presidente…
It freaks me out when people I follow change their name to something really odd. Then again, I am el presidente.
Photo: El Presidente and super Kyle racing the Bicycling Magazine Fall Classic
yup. Starts With El Presidente and his advisors. That's all I was getting at. And those people flown into Atlanta.
First game of the season to day vs Portsmouth! El Presidente is on his way to Kingswood!
Thank you and Happy Birthday El Presidente! Will miss you guys! See you when I see you. =)
President Ollanta Humala satisfied with commitments achieved at the Climate Summit -
Scott just grabbed the El Presidente. Uh oh.
you rock buddy vote for Schneider for el Presidente!
100 MPH by El Presidente is in Candystripe. Download it now at
"mixtape called Death of El Presidente" Worse decision u could EVER make in yo life *** Lol.
if you enjoyed that, for DF style Pastor and Carnitas - we recommend that you try Tacombi at Cafe El Presidente
[See here my day with the most popular president in the history of Bolivia! A day with President Evo Morales
tru b, I nominate you to be el presidente.
El Presidente aka Big Spanish is going to shut it down tonight for along with…
Isis on the march in Iraq. Ebola in Texas. 200th round of golf played by el presidente. Trifecta of a pathetic term.
*in spanish*. 'who is Obama' . class: el presidente. me: mi padre
i sometimes like to imagine how much better things would be if el presidente was in charge, I support the silence rebels edict
Please make sure someone mentions the El Presidente? Converted me to rum cocktails. Thanks in advance.
The Peoples Republika Del Wardos Birminghamos. We all stand to salute El Presidente before KO. All dissenters shot
El Presidente inigelnolasco with his first lady!
El Presidente Mr S WIlliams has today posted his latest blog on the rugby club web site. It's worth a read!!
now El Presidente's words carry substance... SBP should listen... Chino Trinidad, like Chot Reyes,…
Barry Brown, El Presidente of Spanish Wine Society in Toronto, introducing a flight of reds.
How am I supposed to finish El Presidente the movie in just a minute? Iz dat even possibool :((
version of Gold and DLCs now on sale. Great opportunity to become an El Presidente!
El Presidente is now in police custody.
El presidente of the itty bitty titty committee
When first I came here, I was scared. The days disappointed, hours made me sickened. Somehow all the bad luck had found me, possesed the better of me. I almost gave up. Down the same unknown path still, and the Lord keeps reminding me that all is possible through Him. Who am I to fail? Nothing can ever bring down the spirit of El Presidente. Not even the greatest stronghold.
By the way, finally saw El Presidente, the biopic of Emilio Aguinaldo. Was on PBO movie channel days ago. Wats ur opinion of it
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
"Gen. Antonio Luna and Andres Bonifacio were portrayed in a bad light in El Presidente." Actually! Really bad.
Congratulations on winning the World Cup Germany! El Presidente commends you!
EL PRESIDENTE!!! Grabe tlaga ROYALE! BRAND NEW na nman PERSONALIZE FERRARI SPIDER by our own PRESIDENT! Grabe! Congratulations to my Pres. Juluis Nolasco, for acquiring his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder Fully customized and first in the Philippines! ONLY IN
Watching El Presidente for the second time around. Asiongg :)
I'll stand by you El Presidente *sobbin* the junta are about to break through the gates. Mucho devestados *loyalty tears*
Afternoon shift today because of el Presidente's speech. It better be worth it.
“I'm starting to feel like the President of Mexico” EL PRESIDENTE NUEVO
El presidente is gone. Which means I don't have to be concerned with getting too close and getting shot.
Very heroic,Sr.Presidente, but you had no intention of forgiving ninguno.El future of our species begins now(Magneto)
Cornbread is using my controller as a pillow! How will El Presidente rule Tropico now?!?
🙀🙀- el presidente. Possible my favorite senior! I've had a blast with you this year and you will hold a spot in my heart
When I finally get off my *** & become el presidente, my state of the union is gonna be riddled with adjectives like "bonerific" and "dope"
only way he can become El Presidente for life!
yes EL Presidente will be attending. when is this?
I know. Good game though. And the wee man himself there to hand the trophy to el presidenté ...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Once personas pateando el balón de lado a lado. - Presidente de Nice way to sum up the !
just got to get rid of El Presidente now.
Jaysus, too many Jaegerbombs for Joachim Gauck. El presidente, the lose canon.
Best put the Falklands on alert. El presidente will be looking to raise the national mood somehow.
Obama a sicko drugged up pothead in high school.Lazy had sparse work history and bam, Chicago politics makes him El Presidente a destroyer!
I have a hate/love relationship with Scandal. Y el presidente me tiene Jarta.
I confess, I went to bed, but El Presidente's *YES* told me all, to date!
this is more like a cubra libre on da side ofDos Equis w/an el presidente chaser game
is this because I'm el presidente of the billy piper fan club?
Happy Birthday El Presidente - Don't worry we won't blow your cover.
Ah, further explanation of the offside rule on its way from El Presidente, I would think...
El Presidente, he again try to explain to me the offside rule...
Swiss defender Rossini was to neutral and didn't have the hunger to fight for Lufc,according to our el presidente.
Not at all, El Presidente only prefers The Prancing Pony!
El Presidente, he say he agree with Alan Hansen, and the BBC pundits are more smartly dressed than ITV
Does yr use of the Spanish vernacular for El Presidente indicate a preference for the game? ??
El Presidente, he wonder if is in da room?
[This Saturday, July 12, join us at with President Correa from Prov-Canar. We are waiting!
says Uruguay's el presidente gives 90% of his salary to the poor. Now I like the guy.
Angry Sri Lankan politician arrives at profound revelation that El Presidente is only concerned with elections. Also dogs apparently bark.
El Presidente VIP was the house anthem of 2009 for sure
From El Presidente: You don't need no stinkin' papers if you're invading America from the south. We'll take care...
[JVR: Shares reinitiate terrorist attacks in July with personalities from the government and ...
[| Relive the program Alo President with the Lord Commander from Los Teques
we will have crushing victoros for you El Presidente Wardos, Oldbury Terror Squadros. Por y DEVESTADOS junta!
C'mon in, the door's always open & we'll put a fresh flag down so you can wipe your feet. - El Presid…
Prezzo is El Presidente & not El Housekeepo! The homie took a selfie & his room looks like a bloody riot occured...
How many murders so far this weekend in Chicago el stupid presidente Shut up & go golf yourself.
El Presidente/King Obama what Constitution did you teach?
No idea if Doug Liman's El Presidente will get made; I'd hate to see a screenplay by Jesse Armstrong, Paul Attanasio & Dan Goor go wanting.
The most Spanish I'm using in the Dominican Republic is "El Presidente con límon"
JSC is a bit of a time waster with or without El Presidente appoints whomever he wants regardless of JSC input.
r u haymitch or Effie or peeta or prim or Madge or cinna or cressida or el presidente coin
"El presidente, in a suit! At What a very snappy dresser he i…
you've changed since you became el presidenté
Ese still de Peeta al lado de el Presidente Snow, oooh my feelings.
El Presidente - Dr. Edwin Cordero of Sherman College of Chiropractic bringing TIC to China. 1 billion people...
El Presidente!! lilvillapub King of the grungy & still got his smoking jacket lyrics. 1/2 of…
el Presidente' Barack: Please give us citizenship & all the FREE stuff & *** property,, U Promised us...
Free movie later care of el presidente and the first lady!
There's no shame in that. El Presidente margs were invented to wipe away social awkwardness.
Multi-kisses from all of us, el Presidente! :-*
I've decided I'm in need of a sign that says "el Presidente" for my office b/c it sounds more official in Spanish.
El Presidente says buy this bundle! Grab the Tropico Trilogy for just $2.99 in Reboot 4.0:
any player caught with a Mars bar or bag of crisps will be given detention and a strange long lecture from el presidente.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
the Ivory Coast el presidente promised to double the Players bonus's if they made it into the knockout round...
It came quick, but it's here! Time to support Tre Presidente and El Camino Football COLT PRIDE. This…
Our consitution also advocated for term limits, which were then scrapped by el presidente M7, or did you forget that too?
[Mujica, waiting their turn at a public hospital
El Presidente, Lord Sensei, do ya job, it could be pay-yo-rent day, gettin' riskay.
[President Maduro comes to the celebration of 193 anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo: President of the Re ..
[President Maduro greets officials in attendance on the day of the Battle of Carabobo and Army Day
Here you have Pepe Mujica's most remarkable phrases (in Spanish)
[The Government of the Citizen Revolution has tripled access to health care benefits, says President
Queremos que el sea nuestro presidente> Kid President: "20 things we should say more often" (Subtitulos español):
[GabrielaEsPais closes debate and gave the floor to MCarvajal_A president Sovereignty Commission
[President Maduro honors at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, in the glorious Campo de Carabobo
[President MashiRafael just opened a new in Ambato. Works vital to enhance safety in local government.
[In UPC UVC and the Government has invested $ 700 million, said President inauguration UVC
"El Presidente" Ramon Fernandez scored 18,996 points to finish as the PBA's all-time scoring leader.
Slightly flummoxed each time I see Mahela bowl. It's like seeing El Presidente act.
One in Chelsea, one in Nolita. Ruby's is in Nolita, too. Eatly and El Presidente by the Flatiron.
Without You by El Presidente is in Swan and Mitre, Bromley. Download it now at
Rico Love - I Love Somebody. Best at the moment, hope more is released from him just like it and just the whole of El Presidente in general
.I think el presidente dropped his pen and phone in the food.
I miss el presidente... It kinda just hit me. :/
perhaps William Hague could have a word with El Presidente, after all he backed him less than 30 days ago
Dear Colleagues,. . Please sign the following petition addressed to Chairman of the Parliamentary Justice...
El Presidente makes the decisions round here. We'll ask him if he intends to expand to Steam and will let you know if he does.
good luck today and all week El Presidente :-) from me and the other members of your security team
I liked a video from INSIDE CITY 3: De Jong's tea run for 'El Presidente' Patrick Vieira
Bonifacio was NOT a traitor (Jessica Zafra reviews "El Presidente," historically flawed, inaccurate movie on Aguinaldo) h…
Life in Midland doesn't get any better than this. Hanging at El Presidente's @ Geoge W Bush Childhood…
Dear Hollywood: Please hire Doc Emrick if you ever remake "Bananas" - "El Presidente is down", honeymoon scene...better than Howard Cosell
I'd love to hear what Alan Davies and El Presidente are hitting him with right now.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I think I have half of Buenos Aires trying to pronounce my name correctly! ...should have stuck with El Presidente
This guy attacked me using Google-Androit-Sparrow Hospital, he is a killer with IT technology El Presidente de Mexico y de EU tienen implantados dispositivos de "Mental Control" es un hecho president of Mexico and USA were implanted with mental control devices is a fact . I can identify the bad guys in a SAP project easily. I do not know if it the case of someone else, but all the cartel members are detecting me when I am near them. If the mexican and US government really want to catch them, NSA and CIA will have all the information about them already. Adalberto, your are correct they are no gov they are criminal cartels.. from logical reasoning the only way to profit is through life insurance All gangstalking vehicles are suspicious This guys are making a lot of money for killing us. Also most of them are cartel members
Bartender (could be Tom Cruise, Ted Danson or the geezer behind the bar in the Winchester Club): " Good evening, sir, what can I get for you?" El Presidente {for it is he): "Cut the 'Sir' crap, I can see you sneer as you say it. Just bring me a large Grand Marnier and a box of chocolates. And while you're about it play something decent on that phonograph." "Are we in celebratory mood?" "You bet, and I demand Duke Ellington live at Newport '56 as I tell you of the triumph of the three-strong (yes, just three) Southern Belles at last evening's Walton Bear quiz." "Oh, pray continue. This could go all the way to the White House." "Have you ever listened to 'Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue? There's nothing comparable in music. But, as quizzers, I give you Dave 'Lean Machine' Sackett and Ian 'Not So Lean But Full Of Fibre" Woollatt. Yes, we three, we humble three. We band of brothers. For he who quizzed with me the eve, be he ne'er so base, shall be my brother..." [Goes on misquoting Shakespeare and quaffing l ...
And there are only three Red Sox I ever liked. Jim Rice, Luis "El Presidente" Tiant , and the venerable Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd.
Stuck on lockdown on West Fort Hood until El Presidente leaves...
Tropico 5 launching May 23 on PC, comes to PS4 this fall Kalypso Media announces release date for upcoming city-building game. by Carl Johnson on April 2, 2014 City-building simulator game Tropico 5 will launch globally for PC on May 23, publisher Kalypso Media announced today. The physical version will be available in the U.S. on May 27. The Xbox 360 and Mac versions of Tropico 5 will release this summer, while the PlayStation 4 iteration is scheduled to launch sometime this fall. In addition, Kalypso is working on a an "extensive" Steam OS version of Tropico 5 that is scheduled to launch with Valve's Steam Machines sometime later in 2014. Tropico 5 has not been announced for Xbox One. In addition to advanced trading mechanics, scientific research trees, and island exploration, Tropico 5 will be the first game in the series to include cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players. The game, developed by Haemimont Studios, puts you in the role of El Presidente, the dictator of a fictional ...
The Crow.El Presidente. The Rock. The Expo's players had the best nicknames in baseball. Edmonton Expo's. I would die for MLB in Edmonton.
El Presidente hits Londonshire this afternoon 3pm. IT'S TIME TO SMASHDOWN LONDON TOWN! Anyone who wants in on our 3 day bar crawl, incorporating a trip to Kenilworth Road on Saturday to watch Chester take on the Hatters, get in touch. For the rest of you enjoy London while it lasts. Because by Monday it will be SMASHDOWNED!
Who is Saul Alinsky? Give him a Google, and find out how he is tied to El Presidente, and Empress Hillary.
Hey guys! Bath tomorrow!!! The bus will be leaving at 6.30AM! On another note if you haven't met these people, they're a great bunch to know if you need something: Stef (Disabilities Officer) she's here if any of you need any help, emotionally or educationally: Emily (Welsh Officer) If you want to learn some Welsh words ask her: (Women's Officer): (LGBT Officer): (Cultural Diversity Officer): (Non-Portfolio Officer) she basically deals with a bit of everything: (Welfare Officer) If you have any concerns, complaints, homesickness, international inquires, etc. She's here to help!: last but not least! El Presidente! Abi (SU President):
If I used FourSquare I'd be El Presidente of this place. Also...Jamie & I are looking to purchase a "Golden Tee" video game. Like the REAL "Golden Tee" arcade game you see in the tav.
Okay. Strong feelings on both sides of the Boston Barstool Sports debate. I deleted the articles because I think it should just die down- but I hope a real apology surfaces with no excuses. I don't want to be part of a group-bash on "El Presidente". We're all quick to take offense, and some are quick to make a joke. Lessons to be learned all around on this one.
Contest Time: First person to spot Jia Yi Chan carrying the Demosthenes banner at TLI gets a ribbon and a congratulatory bear hug from El Presidente, Rafael Alvarez.
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