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El País (literally The Country) is the highest-circulation daily newspaper in Spain, and one of three Madrid dailies considered to be national newspapers of record for Spain (along with El Mundo and ABC).

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IS their banking system detachable from the European Central Bank? IF not, then they could pa…
“Secessionist fraud” Read the editorial on the big news from Catalonia this week:
We at have seen amazing traffic results from Google's AMP. We lack the resources to develop tech like that…
No money to fight hunger: writes on starving countries facing via
The case is not a problem for the , it’s a problem for Spanish sport vía
Argentina: The "eternal Carlos Menem", aged 86, will be candidate once more. via
Faced with soaring rents, Barcelona tenants unite to create a “union” via
President giving interview to Spanish newspaper El Pais
Despite the peace process, Colombia still has world's largest IDP pop., as new violences errupt.
Beautiful photos in El País: Cosmovision & resistance of the Kichwa first peoples of Sarayaku in Ecuador's Amazon: https:/…
Take a look at this article by Jorge Edwards in El Pais, talking about Fidel's visit to Princeton (not Harvard):
El Pais has reported that Sevilla is now maybe ready to pay asking price of £6m for Luis Alberto since offloading Llorente to Swansea
* CUBA & INTERNET: The Government Prepends Fear of Losing Power to the Country’s Development. + CUBA Y EL INT...
20 new rules to remember for Spanish road users via
w/o seing the picture, I thought they are talking about *employment* in SPAIN ! ;/
Spain has the world’s most competitive tourism industry via
oportunista de lo peor! She wants to take political advantage from a tragedy!
Claro que si! Spanish now second-most-spoken language on the social networks via
38% of Europeans already speak English as a second language, but will English continue to be used after https…
Spain’s 10 best beers according to Spanish newspaper El País
The red sky and the rainbow: Why sunsets in Madrid are so spectacular via
Spain readies for another long, hot summer vía
Spain maintains level 4 alert and says Nice attack was “jihadist” vía
If we don't have the UK, we don't have English vía
nice selection, but terribly over priced. Too bad.
Exactly true. A regime that says it cares for its people yet is starving them ?
The solution 2 is 2 accept humanitarian aid, not militarizing distribution of food and meds
'Panoramic twists and turns along the highways and byways of hidden Spain' via
Seen this in El Pais. Should interest you!
Spanish news report tanks open fire near Turkish parliament
But Bibi and Erdogan were pals. June 27th accord.
Icelandic human rights lawyers speak in Spain about the
ciao erdogan I do not serve my interests
You choose the location. US. We take care of the rest. Golpe de Estado en...
US Presidential candidate Trump has announced his pick for Vice President: who is... via
Now it's the whole military, got just a faction, it seems! So good luck to him
One in three arrested Spanish jihadists wanted to attack Spain via
Pleased to see this interview published today in El País.
Because odd Spanish expressions can make translators go ‘from lost to the river’.
El Pais: Real Madrid have made moves for Joachim Low, but despite rejecting the club twice, they may return for the manager after Euro 2016.
"El Pais" claims no longer questioning only constitutional court reform but also prosecution, police and civil service laws
Spain prime-minister Mariano Rajoy wont do leaders debate for El Pais, but in studio for Shakhtar v Madrid coverage tonight.
“We don’t need to know how many shots they fired to kill Federico” via
hey monica real big fan what do you think of the uk and the british guys . Weres your fav place in uk
Vaya... walks out of a live interview at a Spanish radio station vía
Do not make wild extrapolations: we are't developed Scottish,no one can take seriously these pathetic histrionic peak.
Has Mexico City finally found its much-sought-after “dog killer”?
Podemos leader says farewell to EU Parliament with harsh attack via
Secesion proposal's only postponed... there's no way back. Spain'd better wake up & negotiate. via
El País | James's recovery continues to improve & he'll be available for the match against Las Palmas and PSG.
Justin Bieber walks out a live interview at a Spanish radio station
INSIDER TRAVEL NEWS. Take your chance and travel to the Atacama Region - the heavy rains of March/April this year...
To Spanish speakers or those who want practice, is featuring today:
March of high school students against police violence. Photos:
"publisher for the Politikon colective"
Thanks Nick. One was used against me last week 'manda huevos' - send eggs - I think an equivalent of FFS!
Who is poisoning dogs in Mexico City? via
Ten years ago the Venezuelan elite said the largest educational lie ever told.
Cockpit of missing Spanish military helicopter located by search teams
Mexican TV host claims network told her to deny on-air harassment via
Great article on El Pais UY on the resurgence of PEN in Latin America
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Ever heard about Franco's Blue Division? They helped the Nazis in USSR. Well, El Pais says "They were not so bad"
High Court accepts prosecutor’s request to investigate Volkswagen: The German car-maker is facing... by .
Photo Shooting for the Newspaper "El País" . I can not wait to see the result. 😆.
Catalan independence declaration will not achieve its goals, says Rajoy vía
You'll find the same type of comments on The Guardian, The Independent, El País, etc...
Pablo Iglesias is hundred percent Spanish but they treat him like Venezuelano Muguruza she's half but she gets a VIP treatment
Growing drug violence in Costa Rica stokes government alarm: The number of trafficking-related mu... by .
Unionist parties in ask PM for joint effort against Catalan separatists via
Free media attacked in Turkey. TV channels show how their broadcasts turned off live.
Wonderfully uplifting to read this extraordinarily generous review in El Pais this tired Tuesday morning.
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Big thanks to for supporting wife's career & for your call to action
terrorist is Ayoub el-Qahzzani, a 26 yo Moroccan who was a resident, moved to and fought for in
Flamenco star gives emotional concert just hours after wife’s death vía
Colombia seeks to uncover the mystery of drug trafficker “Megateo” vía
See the top ranked places tourist spent the most money in Spain via
Fresh wave of violence in El Salvador leaves 125 dead in 72 hours via
In Spain no one listen to Mariano ..he has made himself unrepectable one gives a sh...
promovisionpv: Videos shared 12 times more than text el_pais MexicoDiscovery TravelBitt mycolorD M…
Videos shared 12 times more than text
Key quote from the scathing editorial on in Spain's leading paper (
Spain to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan before October 31 via
The world’s best restaurant goes on an American tour vía
Two parties in Spain are nearing an agreement to cooperate against Catalan independence, reports.
The newspaper wrote an article about (in Spanish)
PM Mariano Rajoy issues warning to regions giving health cards to illegal migrants -- -- via
Matisyahu confirms he will sing at Spanish festival that banned him: “Today music wins,” says Jew... by .
Hippocratic Oath doesn't understand about international debts.
Jewish-American singer Matisyahu confirms he will perform at Spanish festival that banned him h…
COPE has actually improved recently. Marca has been off for awhile. El País I believe is the best for Madrid news.
Manchester United have returned to Madrid with an offer of €60M for Sergio Ramos. [El Pais]
Spanish government issues warning to regions giving back health cards to illegal migrants http:…
Major daily runs a special on Donald Trump, wonders what America is smoking
El Pais covers situation of unpaid interns at the
Fake flamenco star who conned dozens in Colombia arrested: Spaniard allegedly swindled people by ... by .
is 2nd country w/ the highest rate of mining conflicts in South America
Spanish fake flamenco star who conned Colombians arrested - alleged swindler wanted in Spain ht…
Daniel Rabinovich, Argentine actor who was part of the comedy group Les Luthiers, dead at 71 -
Next week we update consensus forecasts of 23 Latin economies. El Pais quotes us and our senior Latin economist.
i saw this awesome pic in an article on like its straight out of a Martin Scorcese film
saw this picture in . Looks like it could be from a Martin Scorcese movie.ima try and make it a poster :)
Latest poll shows support for new party Podemos leveling out via
A microbudget love letter to Madrid vía
If you think UK election is uncertain, and Greece a mess, here's the latest Metroscopia/El Pais poll in Spain:
SLIDES: Excellent talk by Rosa Jiménez Cano, SV Correspondent - EL PAIS, at Stanford Engineering yesterday in our...
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Current problems associated with the end of the Third Industrial Revolution
Over 27% of Spanish population at risk of poverty or social exclusion
: is as old as democracy in Spain, continues to promote innovation.
Ronaldo Voted Europe’s Top Footballer Portuguese football phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo was voted by European sports reporters Europe’s best football player for the second year in a row. The results of the survey, carried out by Uruguay’s El Pais daily and released Tuesday, showed 89 of the 144 reporters queried named the Real Madrid forward as the region’s top player, reports Xinhua. German goalie Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich) and Argentina’s Lionel Messi (Barcelona) came in distant second and third places, with 19 and 16 votes, respectively. Ronaldo “was again the grand star (of Real Madrid), winning the coveted Champions League title for the tenth time,” the daily said. Real Madrid also lead the Spanish League’s 2014—2015 season with a total of 25 goals, the daily added. In other categories, the title of Europe’s best coach went to Argentina’s Diego Simeone, who coached Atletico Madrid to victory in the Spanish 2013—2014 season and the final of the UEFA Champions League. Simeone, ...
Death of Emilio Botín the main story in El Pais this morning. This is why
Fabregas: Chelsea my priority Cesc Fabregas admits he retains an emotional connection to Arsenal but says this will not prevent him giving his all against them for new club Chelsea. Former Arsenal midfielder and captain Fabregas, 27, joined Chelsea this summer from Barcelona in a £30million deal, after the Gunners decided against taking up an option to bring him back to the Emirates. Chelsea play Arsenal at Stamford Bridge in a game that is live on Sky Sports on Sunday, October 5. When asked by Spanish newspaper El Pais about the prospect of playing for one of Arsenal’s rivals, Fabregas said: "Don't think I didn't think about it. “I will keep the Gunner feeling forever and I know that I will return to Highbury (Emirates Stadium) and it will be a special moment, but I am a committed guy. "I remind you that I played the Champions League final against Barcelona (with Arsenal) and I swear I would have done anything to win that game - and I have been a Barcelona fan since I was a kid. "So I know that when ...
Almost two-thirds of people want popular vote after abdication of King Juan Carlos in favour of son, according to El Pais poll
euro millionaires are having a good crisis. El Pais' 2013 ranking of listed company fat cats:
Review in El Pais for Jhumpa Lahiri’s THE LOWLAND, which publishes today in Spain
Chelsea supporters licking their wounds after the 2-0 defeat at Manchester City on Saturday will no doubt be perked up by the news spreading from Uruguay this Sunday. The likes of Ovacion and El Pais report that Cavani’s agent has briefed the Uruguayan press, informing them that his client will be leaving PSG in the summer. Cavani will join Chelsea for a whopping 50 million pound fee and become the main target man in Jose Mourinho’s side. Both Ovacion and El Pais suggest that Cavani is unhappy at PSG where he plays second fiddle up front to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and has often been shunted out wide by Laurent Blanc. Roman Abramovich is willing to pay 50 million pounds for a striker Chelsea chased last summer and will fund the move by selling both Demba Ba and Romelu Lukaku. Edinson Cavani would undoubtedly be a sensational signing for Chelsea but you suspect the Uruguayan is not the only striker will be linked with in the coming months. Radamel Falcao and Diego Costa are just two names constantly still li ...
although it was tremendous to read Xavi's tribute in El Pais
[Psuv blamed Maria Corina Machado and Leopoldo López of violent events in the country (+ Audio)
Netanyahu to visit + Goal: head off boycott. becomes observer.
"como goza el presi mientras el pais se cae a pedazos With this Youth, we will build the Homeland the
Spain just passed a law banning abortion, where is the news? MT
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
High Court asks Interpol to arrest former Chinese president and prime minister via
[Governor of Mérida: Called to violence seek to create chaos in the country: Merida state governor, A. ..
hi John . Great fan of your column in El Pais. First thing i read with my coffee. know you are a culè but what about the prem?
Used to obay German threats the Spanish Gobernment suffers China rebuke via
An article published on the mag with appears today on "El País" !!
Brazil studies possible trade sanctions against US over new farm bill via
Catalonia would definitely vote yes. El Pais Vasco? I am not sure. The others all no.
Valenciano: "Do not vote as deputies of the PP would not vote and women .
Recent air brushed photos of Fidel Castro! via
Updated story: PM apparently foils his deputy’s plans with appointment in Andalusian Popular Party via
Viñeta: Erlich - 11 FEB 2014 -Why party? -The crisis -Are u mad!? -Don't u cheer the goals of your team? vía
The finally catch up with the rest of in cheaper via
Growing majority of Americans favor new relations with Cuba via
High Court to follow through on arrest warrants against top ex-dictators, over via
. China rebukes Spain for allowing international arrest warrants against Chinese leaders to prosper
A revolution in the electricity bill. Price will be fixed on hourly basis for households with new meters via
spanish said the Assad regime speaks of a slaughter but there is no evidence
Madrid's Golden Cinema. A visual journey inside one of the capital's cultural landmarks for TransIberian via
How an ideal couple’s life went to *** Officially, the princess's marriage to Urdangarin was idyllic. via
EL Pais ( rebukes for allowing international arrest warrants to prosper).
On day of universal justice reform vote, China rebukes Spain for allowing arrest warrants to prosper via
Good work, keep working. Thanks for taking in occupied s genocide case to court.
Living Bass Legend Mike Watt will tour in Europe. 6 gigs in Spain! info
Ruling Popular Party alone in bid to eliminate universal justice via
Light at the end of tunnel... BBVA raises GDP growth forecasts for 2014-2015 via
Editorial: Raising the standard of competition for European Parliament via
[Newspapers of the country begin to receive the newspaper and opposition insists mount via la_iguanatv Show
A surprise candidate to head the Andalusian PP Following months of tension and delays, the Popular Party (PP) has finally produced a candidate to head its Andalusian branch. Juan Manuel Moreno, currently the state secretary for equality and social services, will officially become a contender between Tuesday and Wednesday, with the support of the national and regional executives. It had been four months since the Andalusian PP, with Juan Ignacio Zoido at the helm, first started to ask Madrid for a decision regarding a new leader. But the announcement kept getting delayed against a backdrop of tension between PP secretary general, María Dolores de Cospedal, and Javier Arenas, a veteran party official who used to hold the same post. Until now, all eyes had been trained on José Luis Sanz, Zoido's top aide and Cospedal's preferred choice. But the PP's plans have changed all of a sudden without the reasons yet being wholly clear. Source: El Pais
If you take a moment to digest the many glittering highlights of Messi's career so far, this is actually a far more difficult question to answer than you think. The player himself has often said that he does not care for individual awards, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais (via Inside Spanish Football), but four consecutive Ballon D'Or's cannot simply be ignored. Scoring against every La Liga team consecutively is surely a record that will never be equalled and must go down as one of his best ever accomplishments. An unbelievable return of 91 goals in a calendar year is also likely to stand the test of time. Being a major part of Pep Guardiola's sextuple-winning side, a feat never before achieved in 150 years of football around the world. Becoming Barcelona's all-time record scorer, and about to become leading El Clasico scorer, leading Champions League scorer and all-time highest scorer in La Liga. None of these achievements are insignificant, and there are others. Perhaps it won't even be anything ...
French actress, model, director, singer, and writer Melanie Laurent photographed by Eric Guillemain for S Moda El Pais.
This is a long piece from El Pais, 9Feb 2014, but worth reading for the value of its being a synopsis of a case that really began in 1992. Judge Garzon is a hero, and Spain has embarassed itself by not treating him fairly: INTERVIEW “Judges should have an ideology” Baltasar Garzón reflects on his career, his supporters and enemies, his political aspirations and a possible return to the judiciary JESÚS RUIZ MANTILLA 9 FEB 2014 - 14:25 CET The human rights lawyer and former judge, Baltasar Garzón. / JAMES RAJOTTE T hree hours of sleep give one plenty of time to do things during the rest of the day. And three hours of rest is all that Baltasar Garzón needs to recharge his batteries and deal with all his national and international commitments. In his new life, the former High Court judge chairs a foundation with programs in nine countries, heads the legal team defending WikiLeaks mastermind Julian Assange, presides the International Center for the Promotion of Human Rights in Argentina, has worked on ...
First NATO missile shield vessel due to dock Tuesday at Andalusian base The USS Donald Cook with its crew of 338 is due to arrive at Rota naval base in the province of Cádiz on Tuesday as the first of four destroyers that will form part of NATO’s missile shield in southern Europe. The Arleigh Burke class vessel left its home port of Norfolk, Virginia on January 31. However, it will take some time before the 29,000 inhabitants of Rota, 4,200 of whom are out of work, start to see the economic benefits of being the new home of some 1,130 military personnel and 1,800 civilians. The first families are not due to arrive until summer and it will not be until 2015 until the full contingent that will make up NATO’s Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF) attachment in Rota is in place. The USS Ross is due to join the USS Donald Cook in June and the USS Porter and USS Carney will arrive next year. The ships will be equipped with the Aegis combat system and SM-3 missiles. The deployment in Rota is the fourth eleme ...
Prosecutor seeks 17 years in prison for princess’s husband Urdangarin After Princess Cristina’s unprecedented testimony before an investigating judge in Palma de Mallorca on Saturday, the anticorruption prosecutor in the Nóos investigation, Pedro Horrach, maintains that the infanta should not be implicated in the business dealings of her husband, former Olympic handball medalist Iñaki Urdangarin, and has also stated that over half of the 40 official suspects in the case should not face charges. However, the prosecutor has now asked that Urdangarin, the Duke of Palma, should face a 17-year prison sentence and his former business partner Diego Torres 15 years, both on charges of embezzlement, falsifying documents, tax fraud and other financial crimes. Torres’ brother-in-law and financial advisor, Miguel Tejeiro, who designed the shell companies and tax fiddles though which Torres and Urdangarin allegedly funneled millions of euros of public money, also faces 17 years if found guilty. In the case of ...
Catholics’ views on abortion differ from those of Church, says new poll There is a deep divide between what the Spanish Catholic Church says and what its followers believe, a new survey has revealed. An international poll by Bendixen &A mandi for the Spanish-language US television network Univisión shows a huge gap between Church doctrine and many Spaniards’ views on issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, divorce and contraception. Only eight percent of the 1,000 respondents said they were against abortion in all cases, compared with 88 percent who support it in all or some situations. Yet the Spanish Episcopal Conference recently said that “nobody has the right, in any circumstance, to take away the life of an innocent human being. Any abortion law, no matter how restrictive, would still be unfair.” Evaristo Villar, spokesman for the association Redes Cristianas, is not surprised by the survey results. “The beginning of life is a scientific matter and there has been no particular problem ...
Arda Turan was likened to Muhammad Ali in Spanish newspaper El Pais - Do you think Atleti can win La Liga this season?
Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas says the reason behind his famous phone call to Barcelona midfielder Xavi was because he thought the two clubs were at breaking point, which could have adversely affected the fortunes of Spain. Following a number of ill-tempered El Clasico matches, the defining moment for Casillas was after the Supercopa touchline fracas in 2011 that saw former Madrid coach Jose Mourinho poke the eye of Barca predecessor Tito Vilanova. The goalkeeper and Xavi have been friends since they were teenagers and the shot-stopper felt a call to his international team-mate was needed to avoid further divide and conflict in the Spanish squad - the bulk of which is made up of Barca and Madrid players. “I called Xavi because it was my duty to do so, as the captain, it’s my responsibility,” Casillas told El Pais. “I knew what I had to do because the group was becoming divided, because I represent my country and I have to defend an idea. “We chatted about how we could re-direct what was g ...
Is Francis-Bergoglio Poised to Appoint the First Female "Newcardinal"? Linda Hogan, a Feminist Professor of "Oecumenics" Is Reported to Be under Serious Consideration From: The TRADITIO Fathers Linda Hogan Linda Hogan May Be Poised to Be Bergoglio's First "Scarlet Lady" Media in Spain and the Americas Are Reporting That Bergoglio Wants to Shake up His New Order Sect Further By Appointing the First Feminist "Newcardinal" He Could Finally Force Newchurch's Pseudo-traditionalsts to Get Some Testicula And Leave the Uncatholic New Order Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Sect Spanish and American media report that Trinity College-Dublin's Linda Hogan is in line to become the New Order sect's first female Newcardinal. Hogan is a professor there, not of physics, history, or Classics, but of "oecumenics," whatever in the heck that is. Hogan is described as a "feminist." The Spanish newspaper El Pais was the first to report that Bergoglio again wanted to shake up a Newchurch already reeling with seven months of his anti-Cat ...
Gareth Bale, the world's most expensive player, is dubbed 'irrelevant', 'a mistake' and 'the worst player' in the Real Madrid side that lost 2-1 to Barcelona on Saturday Gareth Bale has been labelled 'a mistake' and 'irrelevant' by the Spanish press after being substituted during Real Madrid’s 2-1 defeat by Barcelona at the Nou Camp on Saturday. The world’s most expensive player, whose start to life at the Bernabeu has stuttered following a string of injuries, was replaced after 61 minutes on his Clasico debut having failed to make a telling impact in the Real attack. In contrast, Barcelona's Neymar opened the scoring in his first match against Real Madrid and was instrumental throughout a heated contest. In contrast, Bale’s most telling contribution of the night were the two shots that passed harmlessly over Victor Valdes’s bar and a booking picked up just before half-time. Barcelona’s sports daily El Mundo dismissed the Welshman as “irrelevant,” while the Madrid-based El Pais went further, ...
News Hours NSA 'monitored 60m Spanish calls' The spying allegations have caused outrage in many European countries The US National Security Agency secretly monitored 60 million phone calls in Spain in one month, Spanish media say. The reports say the latest allegations came from documents provided by the fugitive US analyst Edward Snowden. They say the NSA collected the numbers and locations of the caller and the recipient, but not the calls' content. This comes as a European Union parliamentary delegation prepares for a series of meetings in Washington. The officials from the European parliament's Civil Liberties Committee will speak to members of Congress to convey concerns and gather information. Mass surveillance The White House has so far declined to comment on Monday's claims about US spying in Spain, published in the newspapers El Pais and El Mundo. The reports say the NSA tracked millions of phone calls, texts and emails from Spanish citizens between 10 December 2012 and 8 January this year. The U ...
Spain may ask United Nations for support over Gibraltar – El Pais
Top News Today: Spain may ask U.N. for support over Gibraltar: El Pais
El Pais: "What are the British and Irish Lions?". Soldado: "No idea.". El Pais: "What is the name of Mou's dog?". Soldado: "I do not know."
yes, that was included among a number of quotes attributed to the driver on Thursday by El País.
El País report both train operator Renfe and track managers ADIF are blaming the driver for the crash.
In FROB (Spanish state bank bailout fund) admits it has lost €36bn of €52bn injected into nationalized banks
The "inevitable" Exit of Emergency : "Cloning the Euro" into 18 Offsprings , each one with the National Emblem. Then , the Markets!
"You can´t always get what you want. You get what you need." *** Jagger: entre la gloria y el fracaso via
Brian Shimansky (finds summer love in this romantic editorial for El Pais magazine -
Judge dodges congressional appearance with votes from PP vía
Powerful photo on El País print front page of crashed train lying next to first Alvia to Santiago since accident:
According to El País, there was a warning, acknowledged by Garzón, but, apparently, not acted upon. ???
Santiago train driver “should have braked four kilometers earlier” via
El Pais dice This week’s movie releases - Hugh Jackman is back for his sixth outing as Wolverine
Pope Francis backs the demands of protestors Vía
Word choice matters. Nuance matters. No mention of recklessness in the El Pais or Guardian article.
Government toughens up punishment for drunk drivers via
Court lifts stay on sale process for Madrid hospitals via
Dr Merkel "has achieved" to "neutralize" Paris , Rome and Madrid , while promising a "different model" of EU
I'm reading El Páis and it's all about Santiago de Compostela and I'm just heart broken. ] :
Video: France24 - Red tape in not-so-red China halts Sky City - IN THE WORLD PAPERS: We look at El Pais and El...
Great from El Pais detailing the high speed rail crash in Spain
Fireman told El País he didn't rescue that girl, that he was taking turns with lad in red t-shirt. H/T
Fear/determination on faces recall women/men fought for freedom everywhere!
I have an ear infection and for that, I blame el pais vasco.
Police lower number of rail crash fatalities from 80 to 78 via
One of the train cars demolished in Spain wreck. From comprehensive photo gallery.
Injured man identified by Spanish newspapers El Pais and El Mundo as the train driver Garzon - …
Spain train crash: Driver had been 'unable to brake in time', says newspaper El Pais.
Terrible Scene: One of the train cars ripped open in the Spain crash, seats spilling onto ground. 80 dead
Spanish train engineer immediately after crash. via
"Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas is on 3-man short list to be the new Barcelona coach [El Pais]
Overheard: El Pais: How much do the *** of a rhinoceros weigh? Juan Mata: More than yours!
Pope protests Brazil considers fair and consistent with the Gospel. ( El Pais - Spain) Pope Francisco, coming to Brazil next 22, has been informed directly of the ongoing protests in the streets of the country , with a majority and active youth who confess not match. In his speech addressed to more than one million young people who will focus on Rio de Janeiro for the World Youth Days (WYD), the Pontiff allude to the demonstrations, according to information received from a reliable source this correspondent. more The protests in Brazil are now a national epidemic Rousseff's image collapses due to protests 'Brazil, that rebellious teenager', by JA The Pope had already written his speech to young when informed by Brazilian prelates what happened in Brazil, and rewrote part of it to deal with demonstrations. According to the Pope, these demands for greater justice does not contradict the Gospel. Three Brazilian prelates spoke personally with the Pope in Rome when boiled in the street demonstrations and viole ...
Manchester United: Transfer news and Market Everton left-back Leighton Baines will cost Manchester United £16 million, which is £4 million more than their initial bid. (Sun) David Moyes will turn his attention to Tottenham's Gareth Bale, 23, if they can't convince Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Old Trafford from Real Madrid. (Daily Star) Fredy Guarin is happy at Inter Milan and an Old Trafford switch is unlikely, his agent has said. (Give Me Sport) Cristiano Ronaldo will meet secretly with Manchester United officials before the Spanish club's pre-season training begins in order to try and secure a transfer in the near future. (El Pais) New manager David Moyes is deperately trying to convince star strikerWayne Rooney, 27, to stay at United. (Daily Mirror) INS: Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace, undisclosed),Guillermo Varela (Club Atlético Peñarol, $1.5m) OUTS: None {MG14}
Pressure builds to save monument to the International Brigades via Blog by my buddy billy
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
A Cymatic visualization of 432 Hertz sounding in a drop of water. This is the classic tuning, in harmony with myriad ancient teachings, and modern quantum ph...
Yo creé este video con el Editor de video de YouTube ((
Laws that make it difficult to convict or dismiss members of Congress, described as “the most despised institution in Brazil,” have led to wide public disgust.
2/2. The is having its 2nd meeting in
Government creates new eco-tax and raises fees on alcohol and tobacco via
Photo: El Pais Q&A: Sergio Ramos Sergio Ramos (born Sevilla, 1986) has the art and courage of a bullfighter.
cancels constituent assembly plan to usher in social changes vía
QSSI's 2013 Medical Conference "CNIC: Controversies in Aging" featured in a great article in El País
A bitter price to pay for the French grape harvest. Pensions slashed due to seasonal work rule change via
One click opens window to world. Topnuz compiles most popular news stories from 5,000 media outlets via
Tax agency chief quits in wake of Princess Cristina real estate report controversy via
"El Pais que Soñamos" of a must read to understand Chile right now. It can also be said: to understand Latin America as well
and also another interview that he did for El Pais of Madrid that is the most recent one ... About 3werjs ago I think
Mother who killed daughter’s rapist gets reprieve from prison via
From Ronaldo Isn’t Sure About Moyes?: El País is a Madrid based newspaper and is the highest-cir...
How one became three — filming an incredible family reunion vía
Why not? May all the competitors run without any drug! They should finish later but they will! And it'll be fair!
Ex-PP treasurer also has funds in US, Bahamas and Uruguay via
The myths behind airport transit areas: are they really a no man’s land? via
Judge orders ex-PP treasurer Bárcenas to be sent to prison without bail via
In 2002, the average user spent 46 minutes on the Internet a day. In 2012, the average user spent 4 hours on the Internet everyday .
When Franco went to Hollywood via interesting read about Hemingway and franco censorship.
Our black leather Sermoneta Gloves ROCKS in Spain on El Pais - Moda!
Derry featured in one of Spain's leading newspapers …
439 atrocity crime convictions in Argentina since 2008. I bet they did it cheaper than the International Tribunals...
For Spanish visitors coming to the city over the next few months, check out this article on in
Forget it, the Men has just trotted out El Pais tripe.
Won't you help to sing this songs of freedom, because all I ever had: redemption song vía
Why the crisis is keeping the stork at bay vía
Good News | EU will give Spain two billion euros to boost jobs for young people, says minister | In English | EL PAÍS
# of La Roja players with an underwear fetish, as revealed by handy-dandy El Pais Q&A: 10 out of 11. This is Sergio Ramos after all.
Gerard Piqué: “I lost my virginity when I was 20 years old, it's that I'm very shy.” [el pais]
Snap judgments from Sergio's El Pais Q&A:**SNORT** of course (IYKWIM), question diverter, a man of quality ;)
Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly set to meet with MUFC officials in the next few days ahead of a EPL return via Spanish n…
“The US militarization of the border is a threat to Mexico” via
Cristiano Ronaldo will be meeting up the Manchester United officials within 3 dayd to discuss his future at Old Trafford. [Source : El Pais] -akHiL-
Latest News: - Derby County turn down a bid of around £1m from FA Cup winners Wigan Athletic for defender John Brayford, reports the Derby Telegraph. Brayford, 25, has 12 months left to run on his current deal and manager Nigel Clough may opt to make money on the former Burton Albion and Crewe Alexandra full-back this summer, rather than allow him to leave for free at the end of the 2013-14 season. However, the club are holding out for more than Wigan are willing to pay at the moment and they remain keen to negotiate a new contract with Brayford. - Spanish paper El Pais says Cristiano Ronaldo and officials from Manchester United are due to hold an unofficial meeting in the coming days. The Portuguese is said to have been offended by recent comments made by Real Madrid President Florentino Perez in which he said "everything has a limit" in reference to negotiations over a contract extension. - Former Manchester City midfielder Kevin Horlock pays tribute to ex-team-mate Marc-Vivien Foe, who collapsed and d ...
According to El Pais, Man Utd will meet with Cristiano Ronaldo in the coming days:
75 In what game do countries play for the Venice cup Contract Bridge 76 BA British Airways AA American Airways what is AI Air India 77 In Roman mythology Faunus was the god of what Prophecy 78 Rosetta Jacobs became famous under what name Piper Laurie 79 What does the girls name Linda mean Serpent – meaning wisdom 80 Myosotis is the Latin name for what blue flower Forget me Not 81 The WWSU governs what sport World Water Skiing Union 82 Susan Abigail Tomalin became famous as who Susan Saradon 83 International dialling codes - What country has 33 as its code France 84 What links Augsburger - La Stampa - El Pais and Duma Newspapers Germany Page 58 Spagers Quizzes Volume One Copyright © 2002 Italy Spain Bulgaria 85 What countries national anthem is The Patriotic Song Russia 86 Who rode a horse called Magnolia George Washington 87 What pop singer was born in Lucknow India Cliff Richard 88 In Bonanza what was *** Cartwright's characters first name Eric 89 Who said "The child is the father of the man" Wordswo ...
Lawyer explains Messi's tax case Barcelona star Lionel Messi could be facing up to a 24 million euros fine and over two years behind bars. Tags: Lionel Messi, Barcelona, Spanish Soccer, La Liga, Espn Fc, Soccer Barcelona star Lioness Mexxi and his father, Jorge, have been indicted on tax fraud charges and a court hearing has been scheduled for September 17, according to El Pais. soccernet#
SUAREZ TO MADRID The Liverpool striker has once again commented on his future in the media, and says he is "disturbed" by the Anfield outfit's absence from the Champions League Liverpool forward Luis Suarez has once again heaped praise on Spanish giants Real Madrid as speculation continues to surround his future on Merseyside. The Uruguay international, currently in Brazil for the Confederations Cup, had previously claimed he would relish the chance to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo for los Blancos. And now the 26-year-old has begun discussing the qualities he feels he could offer Madrid, saying he would give his all for the Santiago Bernabeu outfit. “I will give my soul every time I step on the pitch,” Suarez revealed when asked by El Pais what he would bring to a team like Madrid. “I have done this with Uruguay, Ajax and Liverpool. I do not hold anything when I finish a game.” Suarez also reiterated his belief that joining Madrid would be the pinnacle of any player's career, and admits he is d ...
Suarez: “It disturbs me that LFC are not in the CL every season. I’ve suffered at Liverpool." (El Pais) Kop
Spanish women have the highest mercury levels in Europe Levels of mercury in Spanish women are over six times greater than the average in 16 other European countries, according to an EU-funded study. The findings of the Democophes project, which analyzed the presence of mercury and four other contaminants in 1,844 pairs of mothers and children in 17 European countries, confirm what was already suspected about the raised levels of the heavy metal among Spaniards, which have been attributed to high fish consumption. A 2011 Spanish study revealed that 64 percent of babies born in Spain contain more mercury in their blood than is desirable. In the same year, the government issued an official recommendation that pregnant women and children under three should avoid eating swordfish and Atlantic bluefin tuna because of the high amounts of the neurotoxin they contain. Source: El Pais
Iniesta then followed that up with a harsh critique of his own. From Reuters: "You just have to look at the facts," Iniesta said in an interview published in Sunday's edition of El Pais newspaper when asked if Mourinho had harmed Spanish football. "Yes he damaged Spanish football, in general more harm than good," added the 29-year-old. In the press conference to announce Jose Mourinho's return to Chelsea, the Portuguese was asked about Iniesta's comments. He responded: "I damaged Spanish football by being the manager that broke Barcelona dominance. ... I hurt them, I hurt them." And now, Perez has chimed in to back up Mourinho's claim. From The National: Perez, speaking during an interview with Marca TV, concurred with the 50-year-old's assertion. "I understand why Xavi and Iniesta are angry with Mourinho, they haven't beaten us in any of the last five games," he said. "It's not a good strategy to criticise your opponent when you don't win." Referring to Mourinho's comments, Perez then added: "Mourinho en ...
Nou Camp midfielder sticks the knife in. Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta believes that Jose Mourinho has damaged Spanish football, echoing similar statements made by team-mate Xavi earlier this week. Mourinho’s three-year spell in Spain came to an end last week and after Xavi said on Saturday his style of play had not left a lasting legacy at Los Blancos, Iniesta claimed he did more damage to Spanish football than good during his time at Madrid. “I refer to the facts,” Iniesta told Spanish newspaper El Pais on Sunday. “Yes, he has done damage to Spanish football, in general more bad things than good, but it doesn’t appeal to me at all to talk about this character.” Iniesta also touched upon the current situation at Barca and the Spanish national team and fiercely denied that after a period of phenomenal success over the past five years both could be approaching the end of an era. Despite reclaiming the La Liga title from Madrid with aclub record 100 points, Barca’s season was blemished b ...
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Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta has said in an interview that Jose Mourinho damaged Spanish football. The Spain international believes that the former Real Madrid boss was not good for La Liga but refused to elaborate. “I don’t want to talk about that character. Mourinho damaged Spanish football,” he told El Pais. The Barca player then reviewed his side’s season, which ended with La Blaugrana winning La Primera by a landslide margin from eternal rivals Madrid. “We won the title and that’s always good. I’m proud because the difficulties we had were very special. It got harder day by day but we tried to do the best possible,” said Iniesta, before referring to Tito Vilanova’s absence of through illness for much of the campaign. “Tito is essential to us. The Coach is a leader and everything revolves around him. His opinion is fundamental in leading the way.”
Interviewer to James Robinson (in El Pais): Let us imagine you know nothing about Spain and I tell you that the Spanish princess and the husband are been investigated for fiscal fraud, that the current government party treasurer is a proven tax evader with bank accounts in Switzerland, that the president of the Supreme court has had to step down due to inappropriate use of public funds and that the former chief of the countrywide business association is currently imprisoned for similar charges. What would you say? R: This suggests that transition to democracy was less successful that originally thought, and that the political system was far less inclusive than expected.
¡Caramba! Poll in El Pais has corruption as Spaniards' second biggest concern, and 70% call for new political parties
El Pais, Spain : The last thing the president needs is to give life to the leaderless Republican Party.
Whitehawk trips mentioned in Spain's newspaper El País as one of the recommended activities in Cadiz via
Catalan town’s plans to grow marijuana go up in smoke via
care merge sa vedem fast and furios 6? :D
Interesting article on Pritzker Prize winner Toyo Ito in Spain's El Pais newspaper.
Judge demands Popular Party reveal all payments to third parties via
Whats up my addicted fb homies..well its friday,,some of u is ur last day of work but not for me ..have to work tommorow too...
Love this line from El Pais today: "[Luis Suarez] could hand in a 'transfer request', which is common in England."
Turkish students are going to gather for Taksim-Istanbul in Sol at 8pm.
Edward Piñon, editor of Uruguay's 'El País' has given us his brief thoughts on Suarez's decision. "Luis Suarez...
Don’t gamble with the smoking ban, Sheldon Adelson vía Spain needs jobs, but Spain needs laws even more.
Turkey needs yours impartial news please help us !
reports 's Constitutional Court bench divided over
Quit trying to make someone be everything to you. You've got to look up to your heavenly Father and say, "God, I know You will give me everything I need."
Portugal gives nationality to descendants of Sephardic Jews via
That wasn't a quote from The Times in reference to Luis Suarez, no. That excerpt was taken from Madrid's best-read newspaper, El País...
In an interview with Rafael Pineda of Spanish daily, El Pais, Pellegrini said:
Don’t gamble with the smoking ban, say no to Eurovegas' Sheldon Adelson. A blog post by James Badcock. via
Bon Jovi waive performance money for Madrid gig via
After watching total recall, i wanted to find a slow version of the original song so that it was more alike the film version, unfortunately i couldn't find i... is the worlds biggest curated photo gallery on the web. Think Tank by Rizki Dwi Nanto
Airbnb, scourge of the hotel industry? via
Only footbal and the rest of sports will die...El deporte del copago vía
US reaches out to Caribbean leaders who believe Washington doesn’t care vía
Víctor Valdés to stay at Barcelona for one more year, reports - hope it means Reina to stay at Anfield too!
I don't understand this debate at all. What's the big deal? Wear a helmet, coño!
Rajoy denies decision on smoking ban lift for Eurovegas via
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“Airbnb, scourge of the hotel industry? via
Could a pair of minority groups spell the end of Spain's two-party system? via
Cyclists and opposition parties revolt over bike helmet plan via
Private sector wages fall for the first time. GDP shrank further 0.5%
Maduro acuses of sabotage + planning his overthrow. With Roger Noriega. (Sp) via
PSOE leader El Pais artlcle quotes from most definitely is pro-EU. Social democrats are claiming EU austerity is SO last year.
Peaceful environmental protesters faced police violence in Istanbul. We seek support from international community.
El Pais says Rafa feels at disadvantage w/ Fed & Djok, who are already in 3rd rd, contributed to frustration. No quotes tho.
The spaniard prince has been booed at the Barcelona's Opera House. Spain ready for the third Republic vía
me neither. I just want it to put a line under it all, a clearly distressed McGuire told AFL360, Dolly, El Pais, Der Spiegel...
Neymar signs with Barcelona Sao Paulo - Brazil's Neymar announced on Saturday on his Instagram account that he is to join Barcelona, who have edged out their great Spanish rivals Real Madrid in a tussle for the young striker's services. "On Monday, I sign a contract with Barcelona. I want to thank the Santos fans for nine incredible years," wrote the 21-year-old. Santos had received offers for Neymar from both Barca and Real, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais, quoting the club's vice-president. Barca confirmed the move on Sunday. "FC Barcelona and Santos FC have agreed to terms for Neymar da Silva Junior. The Brazilian forward will don the Blaugrana strip for the next five seasons," said a statement on the club's website. Despite his tender age, Neymar has been a first-team regular for Santos for the past four years, scoring 156 goals and providing 77 assists in 256 matches. In 2011, he guided them to their first Copa Libertadores triumph since when Pele represented the club in the 1960s, and he has ...
As Spain seeks to rein in ballooning deficits, it has discovered some of its bloat surfacing from an unexpected place: under the sea. According to El Pais, the S-81 Isaac Peral -- the first of four state-of-the-art new submarines commissioned for the Spanish Navy -- is 75 to 100 tons overweight.
This piece appears in the May 6, 2013 edition of the Spanish daily El Pais. You can read the original (Spanish) version here. When the Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins announced that he was g
The perkins are one of the Missionariy familes here in Costa Rica. Currently they are learning Spanish but are...
Me lembro do dia da produção deste, (em 1985) do qual tive a felicidade de acompanhar de perto as cenas gravadas no Viaduto do Chá. Saudade do telão luminoso que tinha no Vale do Anhangabaú na época! Bons tempos!
Anti eviction law so convoluted basically useless to ppl but protects banks: via
Ex-Aznar spokesman on drink-driving charge Another one for a slap on the wrist.vía
Christians receive different opinions and teachings about sports in different churches and denominations. I assume that this made the readers of the portal to ask me this question, wanting to know what the Bible says in this regard. In the New Testament there are
The Civil War and WWII stood against fascism, now people are selfishly, stupidly voting for it. I'm sad & angry too.
- Metroscopia/El Pais survey on health and community services in Madrid
Vilanova counts on Victor Valdes for next season, but the board wants to sell him. He has one year left on his contract. [el pais]
Gipsy Casual performing their version for the international hit Kan Marau La. Important note: Please respect the work of the artist. Don't upload the song on...
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