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El Padrino

Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (born January 8, 1946) is a convicted Mexican drug lord known as El Padrino (Spanish: The Godfather ) who in the 1980s formed the Guadalajara Cartel and became the first drug czar in Mexico to control all illegal drug traffic in Mexico and the corridors along the Mexico-U.S.A.

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El Padrino and Jump Start were both impressive today at Northview PA
Congrats to ATH now a 3 star and ATH 📽
el que no tiene padrino no se bautiza compa. Welcome to the real world.
Message to my ex: thank you for teaching me to not trust a soul
That moment when you crawl into bed after a long day
S/O to motorists that warn us about roadblocks ahead 🙌🏾, the rest of you'll are agents of Satane 👿
Great talk with my padrino... got a lot of good answers from him about life and everything that's going on 😶
tonight at the Polish Hall 7:30pm Lesson (registration) by Clarry & Elizabeth, Milonga-8:30pm DJ - El Padrino
Yo but though, homie just keeps on laughing 🤔
LOL - You should add the option of getting El Padrino OST in the background ;)
He said when are you getting married so I can be el padrino . I was like never Imma party till I die 😋🍻🎉
Partying w Jorge is one of my favorite things to do 🙃 and we know no one here dances like that 🙅🏽
she don't know any better she doesn't party w Jorge
I might be able to do better than this and that is SHOCKING
💀💀💀 I never thought someone could ruin a dance as much as she did. I'm bouta show her what's good 💃🏽
El Padrino got a chance to meet his Godson for the first time yesterday at !
Myfreecams 3pm-8pm pst 🎀 Privates and group chats I do, so no need to ask! .
Now that's what you call a quality teammate.
Not very Santa like but the older kids sure apprish da CA$H from Tio Julio / El Padrino - Feliz…
My place is "kind of" set up like a museum. "The El Padrino" is displayed prominently in the top spot.
Shopping new sexy things follow my other account 👣
Now I am just gettin silly up in here, lol! I get super duper high making these stupid gifs👍Maybe u want to join me? htt…
That said I'm having a lot of fun trying to figure out how O'Malley could top them. "Martin O'Malley Es El Padrino"?
That one time my Padrino in El Salvador took me and the twins to buy fire *** on Jan2 &we drove all thro Santa Ana trying to find some
I like clingy. I'd rather have someone who blows up my phone and shows they care than someone who texts back 12 hours …
I find it cute af when a girl is clingy. Tell me how you feel constantly, blow up my phone, get jealous over little things. It…
234 seconds-worth of awesome highlights and memories?. Absolutely.
Goal for 2016:. Have sex at least twice😅. Probably once Every month😜. . 👹. el_Padrino
Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve : All is calm, Al(is)bright
I want to be productive I just can't move from my bed
Today at El Padrino will be given out by from 6 to 8 pm
Update your maps at Navteq
Lucky Luciano is what they call me paesano . A 100 keys at da piano plays across da Verrazano . El Padrino in the villa in Venice sipping vino
lol my padrino was supposed to leave 4 hours ago and he's still here, señal que deveria de llevarme con el a mexico 😭😭😂
Listen to Mi Padrino el Diablo by La Trakalosa de Monterrey on That would be selling my soul
thanks for sharing El Padrino, have a great Monday :) (insight by
I said i hate saying that cause Wilson bothers me sometimes and Rodgers is amazing, I also said PALMER or AR
Wilson last 3 games 5 TD's no INT each game. So you gotta take one out for him if that list is RIGHT NOW
Take out Aaron Rodgers? 😳😳😳 if I had the choice to take Rodgers or Wilson I'm definitely going Rodgers
On page 373 of 608 of El padrino, by Mario Puzo
"EL PADRINO". "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
I am so done on believing we'll have snow this winter
Bunch of coasters on that team. But I must say OBJ my *** low key. Only reason I watch the Giants 😂😂😂
we don't suck.. We just can't finish.. Defense = full of coasters
LOL chill bruh 😩 that's still my squad!! They're gonna knock these bummass panthers off tho!
But it really ain't that deep cause it's the Giants and they suck 👀👀😂😂
On page 211 of 608 of El padrino, by Mario Puzo
dont talk to him for 5 mins and the whole world is coming to an end LORD!
On page 111 of 608 of El padrino, by Mario Puzo
Im watching Blow and Johnny Depp instead of saying El Padrino when referring to Pablo Escobar says El Padroni and its hilarious
EL Padrino Congrats Your picked Go to our site link and get tickets.
Come by for and and Ribbon Cutting at El Padrino in
Come by and see on 22nd 6 to 8 pm at El Padrino in
el padrino Hello You were chosen get tickets on us at our link
Hey El Padrino, I suggest u bend over and someone check ur backside. Your hat is on backwards.
why not go to El Padrino, Corinthian, Fairbanks, or Smarty Jones. I'd be sure of the state budget before deciding though.
Bill Cosby ghost wrote and produced the track U.O.E.N.O by Rick Ross.
try El Padrino. I think a fifth of that is between $18-$20
You hear but you don't really listen
Mi Padrino El Diablo is one of my favorite songs 🔥
The El Padrino team of Alwin Tan and Oscar Chavez could not have hoped for a better send-off ahead of their Asia...
if I see u w/ more than one, I'm having el padrino kick u out lol
Let's be real. I could find a lot of things to do 😂😂😂 but it's all a love for the game
Ups and downs in this crazy life we live
And I need my $1billion from El padrino. For releasing Guzman
A flash-back of last weekend in Cleveland x A late but very special…
"You understand guns? Finance is a gun. Politics, is knowing when to pull the trigger." - Licio Lucchesi, El Padrino III
Oh Vicki. If only you would look at me like that!
Finna go way way's been a beast week, let's make it a beast…
I'm the godfather call me the godfather el padrino
Yes imma blow my own horn, my work rate is scary B
It ain't gonna be easy but we'll find a way
I'll ask my padrino el chapo to lend you some cash
Amazing and sexy does a great job of showing us what is all about. http:/…
inspired by the movement u are bringing forth. We love u and thank u. ✌peace&love💓
Click here to support Adrian's Battle Against Leukemia by Ramiro El Padrino
Bet you wish you were a banker right 'bout now lol
Meet Black Singles 300x250
El Padrino, you're dead to me. Inflation isn't quite THAT bad.
I'm very protective of what's mine..
Nothing like a little Bob Marley to relax
Why is he even worried 'bout other rappers? Jay is reaching lol
Girls who pose wit their mouths open!!! Like *** are hungry mami?
So I'm guessing every white Australian is planning their trip back to SA now lol, fokof stay there
That white Rari wit 'em nose bleed seats
Molly got these youngins going cray
So yeah lads (/ we mos def building a Champions League winning team
has bounced off lows, but remains vulnerable amid worries over supply e.g. Saudi oil output highest level on re…
So Papito done put me up on game wit this one.Drake murked Meek Mill on his own…
They never believe you until it's too late
Wonder how many stocks from Greece are being procured
falling after initial jump on deal. Looks like inverse relationship with back on (EUR being a funding…
I'm afraid to reduce my weight, gents will diagnose a ***
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Next year this time please remind me to shine my trophies
is slightly higher after China’s stronger than expected export numbers, although it hasn’t broken any big resistance …
Great day today... Always nice to have a Birdseye view of things in life ... El Futuro Padrino out 🎶💤
Don't ever go wit the flow, be the flow
Every criminal who I have idolized whilst growing up is either dead, broke or in jail
Already at the office getting them numbers up.Mr 5am
Looks like Mi Padrino El Chapo heard about Mr.Trump's comments on Mexicans 😂😳
Knobs, faders, buttons ... Creepy hand... Vintage ... Oh yeah and I'm ready to be "el padrino" now
El Chapo escaped he Finna go wack Donald 😩
I rather stay down with my day 1s b4 I ever come around you fake *** n
Indulge yourself with the authentic taste of "The Original" Lutong Bahay by El Padrino's Catering & Pulutan...
This dude El Chapo is El Padrino. I mean it's not hard to escape prison when you know everyone in the prison
Reading about ElChapo and El Padrino and its great power these men hold... 60% of all world Coke controlled by one man..
The Mexican Padrino is still alive. A Big hit to Mexican accountability. .
“I watched this about 20 times When you leave your kid alone with your boyfriend
Electronic Device Insurance
Either way idk why he wouldn't want to be there. He's a top prospect
He's just not gonna be there. Like sitting in the room. He'll just be at home or something
When you watch Drumline one too many times 😂😭
Do this to her I guarantee she won't leave😈
the joint we gone be at already cause I can get a cheap rate.
yea but where U stayin at afterwards bruh? Let's fade the hotel.
ima see Wusup tommorow. Frfr im tryna get a car cause I'm tryna go out to eat first.
One of the funniest videos of the year
lol I love crushing 5 or 6 Taco Time hard shell in a sitting but Mucho Burrito is the El Padrino of speedy Mexicana
Can you see Let's Coast and her new El Padrino filly through their camo? Nice try ladies. Bred by Lana Wright
When ur crush walks past u without acknowledging you
Since the cuddling pic was so popular here's an update. The lovely Time To Dream w/her El Padrino filly
When you're a senior walking down the hallway
Judging by bruh face I bet you that whip was mean
When you ding dong ditch the wrong house
LMAO he broke the laptop trying to copy the one dude
El Padrino at Northview Stallion Station's open house in PA today.
El Padrino's Grill is now booking for your CHRISTMAS PARTIES & EVENTS. Call for reservations: (501) 623-2406 Located beside the Albert Pike Walmart next to Rainbow Apparel, Cato, State Revenue.Click on 10 photos:
Odell Beckham Jr. touch down catch was artistic
Keep grinding I know wat u going threw
I am redeemed from all curses of failure and frustration.
[Urgent! We have here the Queen evidence showing that Alvaro Uribe if the
Celta Vigo looks out of place in the Liga standings …
El padrino got these peacocks nigguh.
Rihanna needs to know that she can sit on my face whenever she pleases 😩
El Padrino “Kraft, Belichick & Patriots coaches are rocking the new Patriots-inspired Nikes
Mi padrino el diablo just wrecks too hard
Appreciate the Support dm your email for sick new ringtone by El Padrino via
The count down begins...COPJ 2014! Get ready world, El Jefe, El Padrino, and the founding fathers are about to unleash!!!
Smut has free dinner at the Moose for his cake day 👌
When a *** say good game but you was on the bench
leave him alone you use improper English on a regular basis el padrino
Singapore trained galloper El Padrino was the 2L winner of the the Asia Challenge Cup in South Korea on Sunday afternoon.
Lil mama say she got that fire for me I'm tryna see
If they ain't lookin', I don't want that girl.
lmao I hate you, thats why us women are deminishing cause yall be playin 😂🐸☕️
I know, just rare to come across out here
Like it or not. Im still gonna stunt.
I wish a duffle bag full of hundreds would fall in my arms 💵💰🙌
Still haven't bought my plane ticket
Grandmas party and the wedding in a couple weeks
Throwing bro's bachelor party this weekend
Should be working 3 jobs by next week and I got court on Tuesday 😒
Turkey has got every footballer's look-alike..
“Picture: Halilovic coming on for Rakitic [via Present and the Future !
He banna "is such a turtle alongside his prodigy
A new favorite: Ken I (El padrino) - North Hill Special by North Hill Radio on
Ninja turtles "El_X_Padrino: is such a turtle alongside his prodigy
I'm my fathers son Lol Ja well you are what you are "Fok, castle lite Nyana."
You tweak with the squad, that's yo *** lil *** 💯
On page 55 of 603 of El Padrino, by Mario Puzo: OH, EL DON :D
Want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in our 5th Anniversary Celebrations last night at LA VISTA - Sydney's HOTTEST Latin NiteClub. It was an AWESOME night with a Fantastic crowd and FULL DANCE FLOOR till the early hours. Thanks to Patricia and Ray and all the dancers from La Fiesta, Nola Komis and Alberto from "A Touch of Salsa", DJ El Padrino & Erica Raquel Bca and all the boys from BAMBOLEO Latin Dance Band - Mario Rodriguez Fortiz, Pablito and Chris Avalos. Congratulations to all our major prize winners Mirtha and Joe Martber, Susanna Colussi, James Pappas, Sutini *** and many others. See u ALL next Friday.
Al Pacino está de acuerdo conmigo en que El Padrino es Michael :P : "Al Pacino boycotted the Academy Awards ceremony, angry that he was nominated for the Academy Award Supporting Actor, noting that his character had more screen time than his costar, Best Lead Actor nominee (and winner) Marlon Brando."
Catch Ðj El Padrino tonite @ LA VISTA - spinning the very best SALSA, BACHATA, MERENGUE and CUMBIA for your dancing pleasure! PETERSHAM RSL , 7 Regent St Petersham See you on the dance floor!
Movie night with las shanaynays and el padrino .
once again: it is AMAZING how quick people throw away all their “winning is what matters” stuff when kapernick is on top.
"Just when I thought these were pull me back in" todo un clásico El Padrino
I already know. I'm finna go listen to Mafia Music and change my name to El Padrino.
I don't think that's where I play. It's called "El padrino" I think, lemme find my wallet.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
It's holding by the offensive lineman. He strangled McDonald off the sack. The playoffs are officiated totally different.
El Padrino will do for this millennium, I'm not tolerating his shenanigans next time.
Been an issue since last season. Fancy formations and bs
Aaron Rodgers told me he is throwing an INT on this drive here.
“Moyes is a joke tho. Screw his political interest.”😂
A: Would you like to see Messi returning to competition soon?. CR7: Football needs great players like Messi, nobody dese…
In our household we call our oldest dog of 12 years "El Padrino" = The Godfather
She's low key gonna ask Chava to be el padrino de bautizo 😂
"The allure of breakin the law is always to much for me to ever ignore" - El Padrino
So its not ok to hit qbs but they can run qb sneaks? Defense dont stand a chance
This game isn't quite as much fun as the last one.
When my cousin was little he would say "mi comadre la muerte y mi padrino el diablo" ._.
2 things. El Padrino is Italian, and it means The Godfather! Maybe Gran Santo Savage is better! Lmmfao
Demetrius I deem you El Padrino savage since you were Hispanic in another life. *** don't speak a lick of Spanish though. 😒
Happy new year el padrino, with u a few weeks for a cheeky couple of days
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Rather unfortunate Better_ Off_ Ted was cancelled, I miss the soulless conglomerate of Veridian Dynamics.
Sherlock siendo el padrino de John i just can't
I used to call Paulo Henrique Ganso..El Padrino meio-campo in FM but now with so many injuries in his career..hope he recovers fast
Head of the family , el Padrino , welcome home to Emory , lets get back to this dinero
I going to my brothers game at el padrino tomorrow. I havent been in a month 😑
With El Padrino, in the villa sipping
duude I would, but ima listen to whatever my padrino tells me cx
I really don't know why all I wanna do is sleep
just left my meeting with Pablo Escobar & El Padrino.
team Mhene is Good bro, if we ever hit the ground we go hit the ground running, let me know when you back
last saw you at the Square buddy 'been a minute 4sho!! compliments to the new year!! urikupi ko???
Boss BeeZo im good bro, been a minute wrup? RT"mhene wts up my guy?"
Congrats to our 105.9 KLAZ El Padrino's Office of the Week, Faces By Praetzel. Kelli Stinson nominated them at and they won. We'll see you guys tomorrow with a free lunch of awesome Mexican food courtesy of El Padrino's with two locations on Albert Pike by Walmart and in Hot Springs Village. Nominate your office at and try to win next week
It rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus due to their atmospheric conditions.
"Good Grades, Enough Sleep, a Social Life. You can only pick two *** true !
Both Hitler and Stalin were once nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes.
Daydreaming is good for your brain -- It makes you more creative but in some cases, it can cause depression.
anytime, didn't wanna disapoint el padrino or I would get battered
Last night with the one and only aka "El Padrino"
I'll make you and offer you can't refuse.- El Padrino
AC Milan:. 2003: Buy Kaka for £8m from Sao Paulo. 2009: Sell Kaka for £65m to Madrid. 2013: Get Kaka for free from Madr…
See what I was saying about K. Asamoah? Awesome goal.
Hehe yhh he's carrying a slight injury not match fit
"KP Boateng you are still not going to brazil!" lmao! so now you decide
Im goina miss the start of the match
Please make all checks payable to Jesse Viera at the end of the season. El Padrino is going all the way.
Rumor: OS X Mavericks release scheduled for end of October.
Quarterback that yayo like Tony Romo . And if its not fast enough holla at el padrino. Aa yayo.
"never rat, never bow down, never lie EL PADRINO!
Head of the family.. El padrino.. Welcome home to emory.. Let's get back to this dinero
this block will look great for Peyton Manning "EL PADRINO"
Head of the Family. El Padrino. I cant stop.
has decided to reschedule the baby shower to next Friday due to the fact that el padrino will be out if town
Head of the family, El Padrino. His name is Brian Lee, He's your favorite Chino
It's almost Backyard Bash time! Come to El Padrino on Albert Pike and join us for the grand prize drawing at 4:45pm.
I reckon Harito was just suggesting a Bastille Day bevy for El Padrino
Verrazano is the second foal o/o Giant's Causeway mare Enchanted Rock, whose first was El Padrino. Two foals, potentially two Derby starters
El Padrino is moving from Bishop Arts District to Pleasant Grove
Way to lose a great Oak Cliff taco stand : El Padrino moving to Pleasant Grove
El Padrino taco stand moving to Pleasant Grove
Todd Pletcher has won 2 of the past 3 Risen Star's - 2012 El Padrino ($3.60) and 2010 Discreetly Mine ($7). Most by a trainer is 3-N. Howard
Bourbon Courage Arrives at Gulfstream... (from the TDN) Bourbon Lane Stable “TDN Rising Star” J Bourbon Courage (Lion Heart) arrived at Gulfstream Park yesterday ahead of an expected tilt at the GI Donn H. Feb. 9. He got his first tour of the track yesterday morning, said trainer Kellyn Gorder of the 4-year-old, who was last seen finishing third in the GI Clark H. Nov. 23. We're in Jonathan Sheppard's barn. I'm going to stay and watch him breeze Sunday morning. After the Clark we gave him a couple weeks off, and he's done well training at Fair Grounds. Javier Castellano will ride. Bourbon Courage has made eight starts--all last year as a sophomore--for three wins, including the GII Super Derby. He finished second in the GII West Virginia Derby, and the GII Indiana Derby. Among those expected to oppose in his seasonal debut are Grade I winners Flat Out (Flatter), Pool Play (Silver Deputy), and Ultimate Eagle (Mizzen Mast); Grade II winner El Padrino (Pulpit), and graded stakes-placed Citrus Kid (Lemon ...
Watch the interview I did to Univision Radio Personality for TV
I just ousted Paola J. as the mayor of El Bife Del Padrino on
and i 7 years ago at BHI Cinco de Mayo performance as "A.D. y El Padrino" our first…
Here is Cinder's airbrush version of Alan Pastrana's 'El Padrino'.
Here is my version of Alan Pastrana's 'El Padrino'...
Here is Cinders airbrush version of Alan Pastrana's 'El Padrino' (Spanish for 'The Godfather)
favorited a track on SoundCloud Respeito e pra quem tem ( Zegon EL Padrino edt) by on
Wow... What a change.. On the top pic is and i back in 2007 as A.D y El Padrino and the bot
I just want to not do any homework or go to class ever again. I just want a margarita! take me to el padrino please? 🍹
La Noche! Tonight Dj El Padrino will be playing at establishment! Come down for a dance! See you all there! :)
Going to Estradas... Who trying to get this good *** Mexican food on padrino?
"Never ask me about my business, never" Al Pacino (El Padrino)
1 of my new favorite tracks wit me flowing in Italian El Padrino, inspiring my new mixtape cover First 48: DR...
I think El Shaarawy and Neymar are gonna be the next Ronaldo and Messi when they retire
Verrazano just breezed easy 1/2 mile in 48:4 with a very nice gallop out...on cruise control the whole way. El Padrino goes tomorrow.
but you know k es el padrino de mi nephew right? Lol wait didnt u went a la fiesta?
Pablo Escobar. el padrino. the fact that my phone knew what name I was typing shows how legend this guy was.
ha you already know. El Padrino aka me
El Padrino was expected to vie for favoritism with Csaba in Sunday’s Grade 3 Hal’s Hope, but trainer Todd Pletcher has instead opted to pass the race to await the Grade 1 Donn Handicap on Feb. 9.
A field of six or seven older handicap runners is lining up for Saturday’s Grade 3 Hal’s Hope, a group led by the red-hot Csaba and El Padrino.
Don't forget the sale for Cheri Stephens Keading next Saturday at Superior Marble across from Wal-Mart in Hot Springs Village. The sale will be from 9:00 - 3:00. We will also be raffling off several goodies every 30 minutes to an hour. These items include: gift certificates to The Shack, Sonic, El Padrino, El Acapulco, Burgers and Moore, Dominoe's, Paradise Grill, and Charlie's. Tomorrow's Therapy has donated a 2 month gym membership that we will raffle off. We will also raffle off a Chi straight iron donated by State Beauty Supply. Raffle tickets for the Chi and gym membership are $2 each or $6 for 10. You may get tickets from Holly Robertson, April Mungle, or from me. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN any of the prizes. — with Holly Reid-Robertson and Jennifer Penn Tucker.
Two people are dead following a shooting overnight in Oakdale, according to police.
nah I didn't miss nothing. I was getting it in, ran 3+ miles weights sit ups and sauna and steam room
i see u... u missed out on that football game at Merritt with us
Baby...You can leave your hat On XD / Baila Sabri a ver
Neil Young, el padrino del grunge, cumple 67 años hoy... keep on rockin' in the free world!
I just wanna say i just got home i had an awesome time partying wit my team so many beautiful women in nuevo cafe i mean gorgeous hennesy bottles on deck FRESA had a blast We doin it again tonight at La Ceniza Bar Grill all the way live Tortura Alo Foke Osiel El Padrino
Michel & Rose, I can't believe that Camila turned 1 year old today.unbelievable how time fly's. Enjoy these day's, they are crazy precious. Happy Birthday Camila from your El Padrino xo !
your always part of the crew if u leave no frills I leave with are my El Padrino
I just ousted Bruno C. as the mayor of El Padrino on
He swears he's fresher than big brother Padrino.. He's close but not yet..
Thank you brothers for everything you're doing. El Padrino Robert Morgan And everyone else.
Laboom tonight looking cra. Live on x96.3 with El Padrino
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Saben si habre el padrino..kien me imforma?
smh. I'm basically sayin whatever you want to be up could be up. And that's the first time you called me Padrino. Always Marcus
Verrazano is a nice-looking horse Wishing El Padrino well in '13. Do you plan to keep Jocosity as a sprinter or stretch him out?
El Padrino had his first work back yesterday, going 3/8's in :38 2/5. He looks fantastic and have big plans for 2013!
Ready for Premiership Fantasy game week 11!! ... Has been a season of discontent for El Padrino as they star
Session with and his brothers and friends chill night
*** no you didn't... You ain't ever welcomed back to Padrino's boom boom room... And stay yo *** off INSTAGRAM
He subido un vídeo de (- euro truck 2 and put lights and moving mirrors and mirrors.).
I am watching Little Fockers I Spanish and I can't help myself...El Padrino Fornica...I think I am going to pee my pants!
ChromeGT is a modern, powerful and professional Blogger template made for your Portfolio, Business or almost any other kind of website.
El Padrino Restaurant to participate in the first annual ‘A Taste of Oak Cliff at Rosemont’, November 14, 2012...
Up early 2:30am *** no matter who you are. Working with El Padrino today and another driver doing local deliveries. Texas to Louisiana be home this evening.
When i was 12 i was stuck with el padrino leaugue.
Sitting so I can see every move being made. Feeling like El Padrino.
El Padrino in English is The Godfather you said it right at last :)
Comme dit el padrino the best doctor is Air France poke
When I first saw 'el padrino', was sure it was another actor. I felt in love with those eyes. GR ;)
El Padrino Riding out Smoking the aka "Ron Jeremy" courtesy of cigar merchants
Check it out!!! >>>RT My new sounds: RAIN BY EL PADRINO on
no me impolta como el padrino deja de ir al baby shower yall got some serious making up to do! Thats a lot of food!
El padrino “"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse"”
el padrino? Loool your fatna buwe's friend I remember you off myspace
I'm bouts to call El Padrino to hook it up with some refs lbvs
I added a video to a playlist el padrino don vito corleone
It's not el maguey, but it satisfies the craving @ El Padrino
2nite it goes down at jubilee in queens come thru!! El Padrino on the 1n2 and your boy @ jubilee in queens
Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer ( El Padrino 2)
Deadass? If you do there's no doubt I'm the god mother!!! Like forreal!!! NO ONE ELSE CAN I RESERVED IT! El padrino is Justin.
El Padrino approves of such violence. So it is to be!
Ladies and gents, this is a historic evening! The Mrs. is FINALLY watching El Padrino with me.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
You know you've been to el padrino too many times when the waiter memorizes your order.
It's can refer to me as: EL PADRINO.
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