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El Nino

El Niño/La Niña-Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, is a quasiperiodic climate pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean roughly every five years.

La Nina North Atlantic Oscillation Shane Dorian Chris Farley Pacific Ocean Mary Robinson

Adios El Niño: Heat is on for 2017, just not record-setting
Lottery of El Niño of Spain 2017. If you do not find your tenth ... you might find it here. Play Now!…
After El Niño: a trail of scorched earth and arid land – in pictures
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Not true, but many of them did. Previous high in 1998 was El Nino year too.
The July 2013 collective bargaining agreement for doctors would only cost 8b from the 14 b set for el ninò that never was
China's massive Qinghai Lake finally freezes over after warming El Nino delays annual spectacle. For more Chinese news, f…
you just wait, Zlat hasn't even dropped his own.
This year was a wild one: Fort McMurray, El Nino top Canada's top weather stories for 2016 ht…
Pakistan bore full brunt of El Niño. Here's the effect it had on the country
World temperature DROPS after El Nino, so spikes NOT caused by man, scientists claim
.well, only one way to find out. Gotta list them all. Greensleeves, "El Nino," jack-in-the-box, Old Glory, Mona Lisa's Eyes,
Wonder about El Nino & the Blob?. Hakai's Jennifer Jackson speaking Thu about BC oceanography…
El Nino has had an impact, but the most significant factor driving temperatures up continues to be CO2 emissions.
Easy to see impact of extended strong El Nino on global temps starting in summer 2015 ... lag response to warming & now La Ni…
Evidence smuggled out of cholera and malnutrition following el-Nino drought.
don't let these lil legs fool you, they call me El Niño de double Dutch.
Indonesia's deforestation nightmare is choking thousands and making climate change worse
Add another 22 B that was allocated for El Nino, was it ever returned tp treasury as El Nino didn`t occur.
Thanks for the fantastic story. I came across hard copy ships' logs of the 1982 largest El Nino, b4 satellites and internet.
Here's this guy riding a horse down the street in West Baltimore
All love and props & respeck to Terio for starting a movement.
. Me, to people in my mentions who try to hard
I have experienced this much rain in California since El Niño
My absolute most favorite song and dance of all time.
El Niño, do it is not work into paranoia, electromagnetism, and DRONES thank you don’t pinch people are a U-boat in a day.
La Niña isn't guaranteed after an El Niño, but this year's conditions are looking more favorable. …
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El nino is the 3rd biggest after eurobond and NYS scandals
We at least 2 years of El Niño storm weather... ·3· Meaning that the rain will probably do nothing
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This year’s El Niño weather pattern has amplified the effects of consecutive droughts in…
M7 who "got" 100% vote in Kiruhura/ Isingiro can't save them fm predictable post-El nino drought!
It was edge-of-my-seat enthralling. Great to see that so many care. Thnx for ur hard work, Eric!
Thanks & all that attended our isotopes/data assim workshop this week. Learned much from you.
Reminder: History shows both El Nino and La Nina are unreliable predictors of precipitation. Read more
I'm sure ya know G and pitos answer..
Wonderful feature on critical new work by et al. on the impact of events on infectious disease:
Is any of this precipitation increase linked to the disappearance of El Niño (in April)?
United States donates to counter El-Nino effects
Last year El Niño mentioned everyday and no rain. This year no El Niño and multiple rain ?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
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because it's El Niño this year!! I mean global warming is real but we should've known it would be like this
- Concentration of in atmosphere hits new high: UN (El Nino, Bovines, Deplorables to blame)
Crazy Weather! And it is not El Nino. Contrary To Media El Nino Is Not The only way the world gets beat up by weather anomalies
State this weekend now thats crazy, Halloween and Michigan comes to play Sparty. Wow thats a combination like El Niño.My…
you've clearly not been in San Jose for the El Niño rain storms.
"El Nino", Masculine GENDER."La Nina",feminine GENDER.The word "gender" never had anything to do with the sexuality of humans.
"global temperatures continue to warm even as a record-breaking El Nino event has finally released its grip”
Jessica Blunden from claims El Nino "can have long-lasting impacts that can be PERMANENT EVEN"
Mary Robinson appointed as UN special envoy for El Nino and climate
High Level Event on the impact of "El Nino" and on mitigation of recurrent climate risks
Ethiopia faces the worst drought in 50 years due to El Niño. In the district Janamora we are distributing...
El many problems caused to devastated areas. Please support these causes.
Izumi Nakamitsu: Development the Key to El Niño Resilience: Even when it is over, that dramatic… |
Food availability is threatened by the drought caused by El Nino in Cousin
Will El Niño be victorious in his return or will add to his win streak?
10 million people are hungry because of drought in Ethiopia. Please donate to hunger appeal:
El=Nino was born in 1997. And he was died in 1998.
A Look Back at the El Nino of 2015-16: One year ago, when temperatures were 1°C above normal in the Pacific O...
My latest, on rising temperatures due to greenhouse gases (with an assist from El Niño).
El Nino is gone, but Earth's record heat is sticking around
In an increasingly fractured world, the impacts of climate change hammer home the fact that we are interconnected:
why that listening is about El Nino?I donnot care about it!
I know $204 MM is a lot, but to save 18 MM people from extreme drought & starvation? Pay it, and then invest more:
U.N. appealing for $204 million to combat Africa's food security crisis
was 1878/9 an El Nino? It really stands out as warm in this plot - like the colour scheme!
The Climate Prediction Center issued their weekly La Nina/El Nino update. Here's what you need to know: $UNG $XLE
"We are experiencing El Nino right now but if we plant trees, we will experience La Nina!" Go Laoag!
Ladies and gentlemen... El Nino is the cousin of Aga Muhlach, and La Nina is the Soul Siren. I thank you. Ganern!
Hamilton Collection
El Nino is what we're facing right now. If we do simple things like upgrade to Grindr Pro then we will ac…
Mary Robinson appointed as special envoy for El Nino & climate
Scientists blame El Nino, man-made warming for turning vibrant U.S. marine reserve into coral graveyard
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has announced that El Nino has ended
Latest NOAA forecast shows 75% chance of La Nina this fall/winter. If it's as disappointing as El Nino, the west might be able to squeak by.
After finishing of El Nino it's time for La Nina which will enhance the rainfall over Indonesia, Malaysia ,Northern Australia and India.
Last year's El Nino casued Chile's Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth, to burst into life
world ill prepared4 warming. El Nino like storm surge of heat. As levels rise pulses inundate n over take. #
El Nino: Ministry ready to set up joint committee with Kelantan: MACHANG: The rural and regional development ...
A world ill prepared for warming: From Fort McMurray to South Africa, the year-long El Nino delivers a planet...
Definitely first read this as El Nino causing creatures from the Dead Sea to wash up on Chile's Pacific coast:
El Nino going but La Nina coming; = cold winter but higher middle distillate demand
Post-El Nino, New Jersey Ave "will look like a cratered bombing range" Dan O'Neil of San Jose
The 2015-2016 El Nino winter was one we'll be talking about for years to come. And no one took full advantage...
A historically strong El Nino could trigger floods in China on a scale not seen since 1998
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This is an awesome article on Mark Healey and Shane Dorian and El Nino
Follow Mark Healey and Shane Dorian through their epic El Nino winter, on the Hunt:
El Nino is a periodic occurrence where the sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean become warmer
El Nino season offered a unique opportunity for our our Global Hawk aircraft to gather data for a mission.
During an El Nino, ocean waters are warmer than normal over the eastern Pacific near the Equator. https:/…
Shasta Lake is now 90% full, up from 29% four months ago. El Nino storms have risen its level 136 feet since Dec. 14
El Nino, one of the most underrated player in the game : . .
“I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied, but I’m not necessarily searching for satisfaction.”. Adam Garcia x El Nino
Looking like another hot and sunny El Nino summer. Not sure I'm complaining, but food prices on Cal imports gonna suck.
some *** fine corn out there, and palisades on april 1st to boot. El Nino para presidente!
El Nino is raising the price of sugar, fish and other favorite foods
via|Sultan Kudarat now under State of Calamity due to severe effects of El Nino
The next El Nino spike will be even bigger than this one, Tim Flannery tells
Polluted waters from El Nino cause 'worst fish kill in decades' | Daily Mail Online
Zimbabwe's drought has left 4 million people in need of food
Will El Niño’s bounty in Northern provide for dry southern cities? via
El Niño not the sole answer to Western drought, experts say
The life and times of Fernando Torres. El Niño turns 32 today. (Illustrations for )
Who is "them"? El Nino or La Nina? What a convoluted *** Obama is. Hypocrisy and waffle logic. Worst thing to happen to U.S.
Join Dr. Paul Croft of for an in-depth look at the ongoing effects of El Niño: https:…
An El Niño has compounded the effects of so the are out early this year.
Ethiopia: The El Nino exposes guilt and crime: The cruel, oppressive and massacre facts of the 25 years long d...
Just picture her with someone else for a second and if that thought absolutely kills you, then do everything you can to kee…
This is the 4th snow day this year but is legit. The others were probably workable. Snow days are unusual here - el nino year
"City officials this year released a $2-billion plan to combat the homelessness crisis, but said they did not...
Winter driving in California after El Nino rains.
Read about the drought in East Africa caused by El Niño:
Well...if that's love, I must love teaching.
Small business owners are split on whether El Niño affects the likelihood of a natural disaster. More survey stats:
If you filter for ENSO, the data is pretty limited. But from what we do have, phase 8-3 is generally cold in April during El Niño, too.
Typical El Nino March snowfall. Big flip from last year. No snow threats through the end of the month.
Learn how a yard can sparkle, even in an El-Nino year!
El Nino sounds dangerous. It's not hurricane season over there is it?
Ashbrook wind ensemble leaves MPA with a perfect score of 28/28.
Why not El Nino and diminished solar activity?
still waiting for El Nino or more like El Noshow
El Niño Will Hit Us With a Weird Mix of Floods and Drought on Its Way Out
Green Pool Commodities says global shortage of will be larger than previously expected in the next season 😎 http…
Got it, thanks. I found this article from October, which I missed. .
Chile to experience slightly dry winter as El Nino recedes: government
Thank you El Niño for local bluefin TORO in March. Come and get yours :)
Ethiopia: The El Nino exposes guilt and crime
Pacific Atlantic shipping short cut is evaporating
Ok El Niño, you didn't have to prove yourself all in one day. Nobody likes a show-off ❄️
lolol yea its very warm.we are in El Nino so im enjoying these sunny days till it rain again. then it gets dummy cold
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Not on front page? UN warns: 36m people across Africa facing hunger .
A global sugar shortage will be larger than previously expected, thanks to El Nino
El Nino puts Colombia on the edge of an energy crisis...
Interesting it's mainly concentrated in Northern hemisphere, and Arctic circle at that. Can't be El Nino.
PIA-12/KORONADAL CITY: Surallah town in South Cotabato has declared state of calamity due to drought brought about by El Nino phenomenon.
Delirium SHOW. Top 5 Chart. No 5 - El Nino. If you missed the radio show catch it here http…
We're analyzing El Nino influenced Pacific storms that brought rain & snow to US West Coast:
Despite the chaotic track meet with El Nino rain, the highlight of the day was Chris Mitchell playing a recorder to the song Wrecking Ball.
Learn about El Nino and how it is affecting wine production and quality in this interview with Holman Ranch...
El Nino rains cause rare explosion of color in Death Valley
El Nino-driven storm to dent California's drought with inches of rain next week
El Nino is back at it!. Rain chance returns Fri-Mon. Pinpoint Weather on Eyewitness News This Morning . 5-7am
El Nino has eased to moderate levels: Australia weather bureau: Reuters An ongoing...
PIA-12/KORONADAL CITY: El Nino has not caused increase on prices of basic goods, said DTI South Cotabato...
It is hot hot hot in Kota Kinabalu, El Nino ..thank God for the soothing Jasmine in the cool of the deep night!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Still think California is going to have an El Nino? San Luis Obispo County is considering "cloud seeding" to increase rain pour.
Feb 27. Can't take another Sat off. Hope I can c the waterfall?? Thanks faux pas El Nino as drought worsens
The time when I covered El Nino and smashing Bud Lights while I was on the air...and it wasn't even raining smh
"The 2015-16 El Nino has passed its peak strength..." according to the World Meteorological Organization
World Meteorological Organization warns El Nino will continue to impact weather patterns in coming months.
World Meteorological Organization says El Nino beginning to decline
Strongest EVER El Nino to bring extreme weather including more TORRENTIAL FLOODING.
59 days and counting! El Nino drops out this summer. Get your tropical update!
El Nino has been studied since the 1920's, it was first discovered as the Southern Oscillation and then was names the Walker Oscillation.
Latest NMME El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Feb update: CFSv2 on an island of its own for persisting El Nino
NASA Global Hawk studies severe El Nino weather over the Pacific Ocean.
Is El Nino helping to spread Zika?: El Nino is bringing wetter and warmer-than-normal weather to much of Central and South Amer...
Lake Winnipesaukee 'ice-out' pilot focuses on 'ice-in'.Says"You are looking at history,this is all El Nino"..
With the ongoing El Nino event, NHC's librarian has compiled an extensive "El Nino / La Nina Southern Oscillation...
Amazing piece of history uncovered in San Diego with the El Nino weather. Check it out here
Little Giant Ladders
But as Joe Bastardi said, not typical El Nino based on location. He forecast cold Feb into March. Need snow. Lots of it.
IBTimes UK speaks with the World Food Programme following drought exacerbated by El Nino.
Watching coverage from DC right now. Wow. In other news, it may sprinkle here sometime around dawn. Donde esta El Nino?
MT Latest blog below. Looking into upside down El Nino rain pattern so far.
Here is a pic of the Salinas river on Arroyo seco raod. Nothing like last El Nino "yet"
Good God.the *** with El Nino people are starving whenever there is drought subsequent famine follows Code Red’ food Crisis…
First was El Nino, now brace for La Nina
El Nino strikes again! We're due for more rain as well. But so dreary & cold, Dan. This is LA! Yuk!
Winter Wonderland on the San Bernardino National Forest. The first El Nino storms brought plenty of fresh snow to...
El Nino huffed and puffed and blew Goodwill Industries Thrift Store roof down
Wars, record floods, tornados in Los Angeles area, El Nino, earth quacks everyday in Oklahoma...we getting close.
California weathers El Nino, but wild weather not over - San Francisco Chronicle
Dr. Park Williams of the weighs in on El Nino and Wine in .
El Nino? Snow? Start your day with an Wrap, Gourmet in Downtown -
El Nino storms freaking out your pets? Here's some tips - The San Diego Union
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Rio Grande basin snowpack looks great and higher than last El Nino
Dr Andrew Watkins, climatologist at Bureau of Meteorology says El Nino is waning…
PIA-7/BOHOL: Of the P66.99-M El Nino mitigation budget alloted for Central Visayas, P48.1-M is alloted for Bohol,...
Snow occurs every 3-5 years in South Central TX, but chances are greater during El Nino esp. for https…
VIDEO: El Nino is coming! reports on the latest developments.
Apparently you didn't get the update on "Climate Change" and/or what is that that Chris Farley does? El Nino
Learn how to prepare your property for El Nino and what weather changes to expect.
my dad is concerned about El Nino so I just keep texting him gifs of Chris Farley as El Nino
El Nino could impact driving safety, the gives tips to avoid collisions:
El Nino is a warm Southern oscillation climate pattern which causes droughts and floods while La Nina is its colder sister.
Info on the North Atlantic Oscillation and how it may counteract with some effects of El Nino.
El Nino is only one part, North Atlantic Oscillation (although influenced by EN) and Arctic Oscillaton play bigger role.
14 degrees Celcius on Christmas Eve?? Thank you El Nino, North Atlantic Oscillation, and Global Warming!!
El Nino is bringing the rain, Cheers! ,but it's downside, warm water, Algal blooms or Red Tide.
Congressman Jim Costa talks with about stalled CA water negotiations in DC, El Nino
El Nino will keep winter warm this year in Vermilion County.
All that's missing for winter fun is snow: Beacon-News Thanks to El Nino, we haven't had much of a winter to speak…
Nora, we need to build an EPIC snowbank to start the restoration of the Colorado River Basin; it will take years of El Nino...
Droughts, erratic rains and frosts brought by a super-charged El Nino are severely impacting the Pacific, with Papua New …
73,000 people affected by El Nino rains in Tana Delta
This warm winter weather isn't due to El Nino. It's happening because of a change in air pressure at the North Pole. "Arctic Oscillation"
Federal, local officials gear up for coming El Nino | News | Palo Alto Online |
today covered new AlertLongBeach emergency notification system, related to El Nino prep:.
Figures released by NOAA today show this El Nino has now beaten previous record for 5 weeks in a row. New chart:
El Nino major influence on hurricane season: This year's hurricane season has officially come to an end, and it was…
A market squid fishery in Alaska or an anomaly due to the impending El Nino and/or warm water...
SW Riverside County: Are You Prepared for El Nino?:   The Murrieta Fire and Police Department reminds the public…
El Nino to cost the world economy billions of dollars
Michael Asten, School of Earth Atmosphere, Monash University: WMO exaggerating the effects of El Nino
Any link between El Nino and snowfall patterns in the Alps is extremely tenuous at best...
Also interested if any diff in years across resorts in Predictions for this El Nino?[2/2]
El Nino is back and may be stronger than ever: 'The risk is especially great for East Asia-Pacific countries t...
El Nino blamed for clumps of rotting kelp: The city says they're expecting an extra high tide next week and al...
.If "trends based on short records" aren't meaningful, why should we care about El Nino temperature spikes?
How much snow will this winter bring?
Hello my fellow Bay area and SoCal friends El Nino is coming there please at least be prepared. And stay safe.
Any fans and club music fans might dig this lightsaber dub
The editors at had a powder day on Tuesday and turned it into an assignment. Awww, yeah.
WATCH: video. Low streamflows likely over summer; El Niño easing early 2016. See
UN warns 1.7 mln people could be affected by heavy rains caused by El Nino in East Africa
El Niño coming up Jan-March ur gonna spend double that. Might as well get a new whip
What you need to know about potential El Niño winter impacts:
October wasn't just the hottest on record—it was the biggest departure from normal for any month in the past 136yrs. https:…
Some western data to support my observations and rhetoric, "the water is getting too warm in Hawaii, I like NZ."
It Is Snowing: Are You Ready?: El Niño is coming, and California will see a lot of water this winter. If it's...
el nino is SUPPOSED to dry out Mauna Kea. harumph.
This El Niño – the child – could grow big and strong this winter.
Looks like we getting into the business end of El Nino; hot/dry over OZ,good westerly flow for NZ+active jet over US
This huge El Niño is essentially fast-forwarding global warming by more than a decade.
Is Hawaii far enough east to get more fog during el Niño years?
info hub from basic FAQs to latest reports & infographics
[S.A] Ecuador gears up for El Nino mayhem - The Straits Times
"El Niño is coming, and if predictions are correct, Los Angeles could get more than of 30 inches of rain in the...
Some model projections for "Godzilla" El Niño so high they're literally off the chart.
This year’s El Niño has ushered in the hottest October ever recorded
wan throw me down this gbeke. The devil is a liar
It's official: This is the biggest El Niño on record, and a killer La Niña is coming via
UC Davis water experts say is not the calvary.
El Niño Survival: How to Tell If You Live in a Flood Plain
By one measure, this wicked El Niño is the strongest ever recorded: What it means
Get prepared for El Niño! Storm Prep Workshop this Saturday 12-4pm at the Civic Auditorium. FREE & family-friendly. ht…
American meteorologists have skewed priorities. by
Jealous of our friends at Outside Magazine down in Santa Fe. Godzilla El Niño has arrived!
As El Nino rages, still a warm winter foreseen, but 2016's looking wetter: SEATTLE -- It's probably the first time…
All you need to know about El Nino impacts!
Uh-Oh. Blame El Nino for some strong winter weather this season:
It's said El Nino plays makes for mild winters, snowless winters. But in some places it brings on the snow
All you need to know about potential winter impacts via
I no get any matter talk on this case
This El Niño continues to pick up steam and it just set a weekly record
nino has become abig threat to Commerce and Agriculture in the Victimised
The latest comparison of the El Nino from 1997 and 2015 continues to show this year's is much stronger or in...
Polar amplification, El Nino or both? October 2015 hotter than all previous 1,617 months
El Niño rains predicted to wipe out Arizona drought | Story by
The first images of New Mexico's Godzilla El Niño: by jakobschil…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Tony Barnston (on El Niño and media coverage:. "Some of these reports are a bit overblown.".
El Niño seen as easing drought as odds of wet winter rise again:
There’s not much doubt that 2015 is going to be the hottest year ever.
They are making El Nino seem like something out of a Roland Emmerich film ...
Resident meteorologist extraordinaire has a special report on El Nino tonight at 10 on
Last night Tim Conway Jr. was ragging on El Nino. It's a case of "I'll believe it when I see it."
John Chiang, Professor of Climatology at UC Berkeley comments on Another warm water phenomenon adding to El Nino
City Council Prepares for El Nino: David Alvarez said he wants to call a state of emergency in ant... -
El Nino has arrived, and these crazy storm chasers are after the monsoons!.
El Nino sends rare tropical visitors to California waters
El Nino still on track to deliver deluges - Daily Democrat
El Nino still on track as ski resorts open
Are you prepared? To learn more about El Nino Preparedness visit:.
I entered the El Nino and it's not working.
El Nino threatens "millions in east and southern Africa:" via
Every time I get down I think about how it's el niño and how we're gonna have mad powder days all season long⛷🌨🌫
Not yet. And never will be finished El Niño is still here and will continue to effect us in Texas-Houston/Galveston
Tubbataha official confident corals will bounce back from El Niño bleaching - CNN
No change in latest Climate Prediction Center El Niño forecast. Still should be 1 of 3 strongest on record.
spotlight:In Central America 2 million women, men and kids will need food assistance
Learn how to prepare for the effects of an El Nino winter at a Nov 18 info-session at the Danville Senior Center!
Someone just emailed that our weather radar looks like Godzilla is charging across? (Well, it IS Godzilla El Nino!)
UC scientists test inexpensive way to capture El Niño rains by
Are you sure that's not just a high pressure system resulting from El Nino?
The latest news from Property Management compliments of Preparing Your Properties for E...
Are you El Niño ready? Public Info Meeting tonight in Rancho Cucamonga for info http…
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.
The flooding of the Ventura River during the El Niño of 1997-1998, make sure you're prepared when the rain comes!
San Diegans will get a chance to learn about preparing for El Niño.
New homepage feature El Niño Drives Drought in the Philippines   10% Off
El Nino is this dare to under estimates Gods power I wouldn't if I were you God Bless u in
Alright El Niño, my boots arrived and I'm ready for even more rain.
What will El Niño do to this creek this winter, I wonder?
Elinor Teague on Gardening: Trees can't wait for El Niño rains: In the fall, gardening expert Elinor Teague re...
LIVE on Ask your questions about El Niño!
November El Niño update: It's a small world: Warmer-than-average waters in the tropical Pacific are expected t...
How will El Niño affect kentucky's winter this season?
Coming up at 5 and 6: What's going to happen w/all that trash, tires and debris in Tijuana River Valley during El Nino?
MyZA: South African Temperatures Rise to Record in El Nino Drought The temperature soared to 39.8
thank you El Nino, just been on a long MTB bike ride here in Flin Flon, no snow, no ice, and plus temps, please stay EL !
STORM ABIGAIL to hit TODAY: UK faces 100mph gales and rain as El Nino whips up ... : - 28
r pac ocean currents slowin like atl ocn currents? If so wont that let mor h2o n to pac nw reg b/c of el nino?
Warning river dwellers of the coming storm
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