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El Faro

El faro is a 1998 Argentine and Spanish drama film directed by Eduardo Mignogna. The film is also known in Spain as El faro del Sur.

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'The Lighthouse of the Orcas' - An amazing movie streaming now on Netflix
A lazy afternoon at El Faro Beach Club at Todos Santos.
Drop by at our open house today! . From 11-3pm in El Faro Unit 304 Surf. Located on Calle 10 and the beach…
“Pastor Jaime Chapa of El Faro Bible Church in Sullivan City, Texas said he will be armed when he preaches to his...
Jaime Chapa, pastor of El Faro Bible Church in Sullivan County Texas will be armed from now on. Just what I need is a packing pastor.
Inside the El Faro tragedy... Amy Wegmann Fox 4 has an exclusive interview with the widow of a crew
A Texas pastor said he'll preach with a gun from now on
so I'm realizing. I came back & we dead walked past el faro & this didn't happen, so now it H A S to happen.
It's TUESDAY and the CAMP knows it". We enjoy to have with us every kind of camp here at El Faro, this weekend...
These are the beautiful people of Communidad El Faro in Guayanilla! served hot arroz con pollo, san…
Report points to captain's actions in sinking of El Faro in 2015, deaths of four Lee County seamen among 33 crew. https…
Captain's errors led to El Faro sinking, according to Coast Guard report
Coast Guard final report blames Company owning El Faro & Captain of ship for the sinking that killed 33 people.
What's going on? Final Coast Guard report lays blame for El Faro sinking -… Get found ->
Captain, crew, owner blamed in Coast Guard report for deadly sinking of El Faro.
Coast Guard releasing final report on the sinking of a cargo ship two years ago that killed all 33 aboard:
Coast Guard report blames captain for sinking of El Faro cargo ship
El Faro owner blamed for loss of cargo ship, crew of 33
CONT: As of right now, there are no recommendations for criminal prosecution in the sinking of the ship. |
U.S. Coast Guard holds a press conference releasing the Report of Investigation for the El Faro sinking.
The Coast Guard says the primary cause of the 2015 fatal sinking of the cargo ship El Faro was captain error.
Coast Guard report: Captain's errors led to El Faro sinking (from
cites El Faro sinking in new forecast recommendations - St. Augustine Record :
Looking for my path of enlightment @ El Faro Mazatlan
El Faro is the premium choice for a gorgeous getaway. Let us tell you why...
BREAK IN THE SEARCH? Coast Guard finds debris field in hunt for El Faro
High key I'm going on a El Faro run at 2 am because I need Mexican food and Ik I will be deprived of it in Macomb
please say this at El Faro! Would make sense with all the beans...
Taxi promo to El Faro Restaurant for you. Lyft strikes back at uber with promo code IBEX for free ride credit. WhyNotRide.
Tostada de lobina at Mariscos El Faro in Highland Park. 🙏 Thanks for the rec!…
Wishing I could get some el Faro rn w my boy Xavier
We've had a great start to our Missions Conference at Iglesia Bautista El Faro with Bro. Jeffrey Bush.
Free taxi fares to El Faro Restaurant this month. Lyft credit code IBEX gives $10 in free rides to top uber promo. DontWalkit.
just read your tremendous piece on the El Faro. Would love to chat with you next week for my Containers project (link in bio)
Back in October 2015, the El Faro sank near the Bahamas. These are snippets of the ship's officers talking each oth…
Shrimp case idea from el faro would go rn
Was gunna get El faro for lunch break but it's closed 😭😭😭
Congratulations to June in El Faro, our Free Food Friday winner today!
Wrapping up with a respectful, heartfelt talk about El Faro and the families, plus how we all pulled together.
Got free ride to El Faro Restaurant this week. Credit code IBEX gives free ride credits on Lyft today. MajorSaving.
Why safety suits from El Faro popped up at a local boat shop at 5:30am.
New Photo Selected by RPhotography Addict : El faro by xurxo from
Lead NTSB investigator of El Faro, which sank in 2015, describes listening to recovered audio from the ship
El Faro safety suits end up at local boat shop
Safety suits with the El Faro name were traded to a boat shop owner in St. Augustine. He says he has nearly 50…
This photo was originally published on 500px. El faro by xurxo
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Have you reserved your table for the upcoming Viaje a Protos, a trip to Protos evening in El Faro?
The story behind the story on tonight about how we helped find the
This ship youre captaining is headed straight to an anti-anime hurricane. Get to Waypoint's helm before this goes SS El Faro.
Timeline to tragedy: doomed El Faro's final hours.
Timeline to tragedy: doomed El Faro's final hours
Who doesn't want to holiday in a castle, with a cool pool and fantastic sea views? We love Villa Mirador El Faro https:/…
National Transportation Safety Board holds hearing, releases transcript and data from El Faro, cargo ship with five with Maine ties aboard.
Never take life or the seas for granted. It can change in a heart beat...RIP JM,KG and the rest of the El Faro crew. Gone but not forgotten
BBC News - El Faro: Sunken cargo ship's black box found
El Faro's sinking during Hurricane Joaquin described as 'colossal' management failure (from
In other hurricane news: El Faro's loss in Hurricane Joaquin described as 'colossal' management failure (from
Storm data unreliable, TOTE master says: Master of sistership that passed El Faro during Hurricane Joaquin no...
That's the system that gave El Faro outdated storm track info for Hurricane Joaquin
Second set of El Faro hearings underway: A second set of hearings to figure out why the cargo ship El Faro sa...
Feds to resume search for sunken El Faro's data recorder
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Coast Guard was planning to inspect El Faro month of sinking -
El Faro was on Coast Guard list of at-risk vessels - Stars and Stripes
Fundraiser On behalf of Matthew M.Bonvento, May 15th to support a great cause in NY
Usually I make myself a decent lunch or get a burrito at El Faro for work, but today it's ice cream out of the tub
Coast Guard investigation into El Faro disaster enters 6th day - Bangor Daily News
El Faro boiler component was 'deteriorated severely' -
Ship exec grilled in El Faro disaster hearing - WVTM13
to launch second search for El Faro data recorder - Laurel Leader Call
Coast Guard hearings attempt to solve mysteries of El Faro sinking - Washington Times
you guys and gals continually save lives. If you're in NY and need assistance. Give me a shout out to. C/E El Faro's dad 👍🏽
Hearings attempt to solve mysteries of El Faro sinking - Stars and Stripes
Coast Guard hearings try to solve mysteries of El Faro sinking -
Missing burritos & in the Bay Area. Sorry , you can't hold a candle to El Faro in my book.
Search to resume for sunken cargo ship El Faro's data recorder -
El Faro del Museo del Mar by tubi88 ♫♪ and Architecture …
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I don't not own or have taken the photo; this photo was originally published on 500px. Popular on 500px : El Faro d…
to launch new search for El Faro VDR - Marine Log
to Launch Second Search Mission to EL FARO - American Journal of Transportation
Feds to launch 2nd search of wrecked El Faro freighter -
WHOI to Assist in Latest Search of El Faro Wreckage - News
to launch second search in El Faro investigation - WKYC-TV
Search for El Faro black box will resume off Bahamas - Miami Herald
Roll out your mat with me tomorrow {9:30am} at El Faro! Everyone is welcome to join. ✌️
el faro should know my order by now TBH
A sense of place, visit El Faro Beach Club
A Poem by Steve Dickson: Oc.2015...I sailed aboard her when she was the Northern Lights to Kuwait in '03
Other than that I really wanna a steak burrito from el faro in Elgin, IL
El Faro Tapas Bar and Wine: This place has been in my to-do list for quite some time now. Finally had the chan...
El Faro was the nastiest meal I've ever had idk why people hype it up so much
Sebi 3 yrs ago in dog shelter El Faro De Los Animales. Teaching my daughter about compassion and love for animals...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
First Photos and of El Faro Wreckage Released by - GCaptain
Need your locks changing in El Faro call Paul on 657466803 or visit
Critical to recover has a plan. have underwater assets. . … https…
Sen. Nelson calls on to look again for El Faro's data recorder -
Burritos for breakfast from El Faro's because DUH.
Forever craving a burrito from el Faro
Sunday ||9:30am|| commUNITY GLOW Flow Yoga Class at El Faro. For those of you interested in the GLOW Bali...
El Faro was to be put on list of ships which needed further attention
El Faro was listed on Coast Guard's Alternate Compliance and Safety Agreement Program
Coast Guard begins formal El Faro investigation - An image of the El Faro wreckage from the National Transporta...
Hola amigos! Unwind at the authentically Spanish ambiance of El Faro and the chance to enjoy the 1 + 1 offer
Senator Nelson calls for new search for El Faro voyage data recorder
‘Black box’ still missing fromn El Faro, which sank in October
Searchers locate wreckage believed to be El Faro cargo ship - Bay News 9
El Faro suit filed on behalf of Daytona Beach and Virginia Beach mariners lost in sinking
Lost cargo ship sank off the Bahamas: The US Coast Guard says the cargo ship El Faro sank off the Bahamas afte..
Military Sealift Command has decided on their own accord they will try to retrieve bodies from El Faro? Who...
Search confirms wreck as missing El Faro
Feds: Wreckage believed to be El Faro cargo ship located
Local Weekly Paper Sub with camera to dive on suspected El Faro wreckage
Questions may soon be answered for families of El Faro crewmembers
El Faro families react to NTSB recent developments
El Faro crew member's mother reacts to developments
El Faro families react to NTSB recent developments: It’s been 30 days since El Faro disappeared in the Atlanti...
El Faro owners: Company should not be liable for ship sinking COURT DOCUMENTS INCLUDED.
Wreck of cargo ship El Faro found, U.S. officials say
El Faro owner seeks protection from death claims in ship's sinking: OR...
Earlier this week, Sean Holt '03 led a memorial service in Diego Garcia to honor the crew of the El Faro. Kate...
Coast Guard confirms El Faro, a cargo ship with 28 Americans on board that vanished during Hurricane Joaquin, has likely sunk.…
National Transportation Safety Board web page dedicated to the El Faro investigation
NTSB releases first report on El Faro tragedy: The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary…
U.S. National Transportation Safety Board to use submersibles to look for El Faro wreck |...
Geraldo Rivera on the disappearance of the El Faro cargo ship
Jackie Jones scores a TD in pop warner for his father who was aboard the El Faro.
Sign this petition to continue the search of El Faro via
Online petition to resume the search for the El Faro crew is gaining thousands of signatures online:
Last email El Faro crew member sent to her mom before vessel disappeared in hurricane
Coast Guard ends search for El Faro, leaving 33 people lost at sea RIP What a sad story. 🙏
"I have come to a very difficult decision to suspend the search for the crew of the El Faro at sunset tonight" said Rear Adm. Scott Buschman
“Our community will grieve this together,” Maine Maritime Academy president says of end of El Faro search.“We will stay toge…
NTSB to hold press conf. w/ USCG on El Faro accident at 3 pm ET today at CG Sector Jacksonville, 4200 Ocean St., Atlantic Beach, …
Coast Guard suspending search for El Faro at sunset: The U.S. Coast Guard will suspend its search for the miss...
Louie Zamperini survived 47 days at sea. The should continue search for survivors from cargo ship El Faro.
Coast Guard: Body of crew member from sunken El Faro found
jenny pike Doomed ship had engine problem: The captain of the missing ship El Faro attempted to div... jenny pike
The entire news conference is available here as Coast Guard believes El Faro sank in Caribbean | News - Home
"Oh Lord, Thy sea is so great...and my boat is so small...". May the crew of the El Faro rest is peace.
WATCH LIVE: Coast Guard officials hold news conference on search for El Faro ship
WATCH LIVE: Coast Guard news conference on missing cargo ship El Faro
Please keep all those aboard the El Faro and their families/loved ones in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to look fo…
A problem for the ship El Faro survivors is Hurricane Joaquin was stationary over them for so long. They faced the unbearable.
El Faro ship with 33 people missing in Hurricane Joaquin -
search crews have covered approximately 850 SQNM in the search for the El Faro crew: http:/…
Coast Guard searching for missing cargo ship out of Jacksonville (El Faro)
Coast Guard has lost contact with cargo ship El Faro in Hurricane Joaquin via
USCG has lost contact with Tote's cargo ship MV El Faro in Hurricane Joaquin off Bahamas, video brief
All 33 crew members of the missing El Faro ship are part of the Seafarers International Union in JAX. Sent from FCN
These beautiful entertainers set the tone at tonight's Mexican Dinner at El Faro Grill.
No that's El Faro. This one is on Grant, downtown.
It has been such a privilege to learn from and serve with everyone at El Faro over the past 10 days!
I know it is raining right now... but I really want El Faro.
. Just uploaded my documentary about an amazing orphanage - Rancho El Faro.…
We believe that happiness can be easily found inside a paella pan from El Faro!
Da Bruno Water Polo in Marbella: The El Faro beach, right in the centre of Marbella,... The post Da Bruno Wate...
Really bad: journalists of excellent in receive threats for reporting on abuses by
The most beautiful girl Is at El Faro right now😍😍😍
The journalists at have received death threats after alleging involvement in killings.
In a perfect world, El Faro would deliver.
El Faro denounces threats against its journalists
Reading: El Faro denounces threats against its journalists
El Faro offer to our customers in Doha the authentic Beef Ham from Leon/Spain
Journalists from El Salvador's El Faro report death treats and harrassment
Salvadoran news site El Faro reporters threatened after reporting on abuses by national police.
At El Faro in Cadiz. Fish in salt of the highest quality
A breakfast burrito sounds from El Faro sound soo good right now😍😔
Our favorite place in New York. Our post about it
El faro doing it dirty tonight with the pineapples on the alpastor and the grilled chille asada bomb…
You know it's real when they pick you up and bring you a burrito from el faro when you're off :3
El Faro's for dinner with Jonathan and Gab was a goood idea 😌👌
I could go for the fattest el faro burrito right now. The time will come sooner than later I promise
Dude at the El Faro asked me if I wanted a 32 ounce horchata. I'm like "no good will come from that!"
of course you did cause you're El Faro!
El Faro beach is cold but beautiful, one of the favorites at Mochima National Park
Nah f that. Go to El Faro in Concord.
When the gang comes to Elgin, you just gotta take them to El Faro!
It's sad that I m trying to create an excuse to go to the city today so I can get some el faro
hookin it up for G on 24th & Mission El Faro... Bout to try to Carne Asada x Shrimp combo word to
I'm sure he was Spanish and works as a night porter at El faro in benidorm, let's no one in the pool apart from the telly
I'm craving a burrito from El Faro.
Get a taste of the Aguachile Tostada at Mariscos El Faro, a spicy dish from the beaches of Mazatlan
Being hungry & only having $5 is when it comes down to wanting el faro.
El faro was so good haven't had it in like a year 😍
El faro just reminds me of being drunk in high school
Make time for your mat this week. Join me on Tuesday & Wednesday at Centro La Paz or on Sunday at El Faro! ☮❥ॐ
today's meal at EAT Deli at Plaza El Faro: BEEF STEW. Sides your two chose of: green salad or...
I love the tranquility of the El Faro Lighthouse!
The El Faro Lighthouse is one of my favorite places to go!
All these people at El Faro at 2am tho 😒
This El Faro is gonna hit the spot 👌
Sean Connery flew home with us from the sanctuary, El Faro in Puerto Rico. He was the only cat lucky to fly home with 30 dogs. He is currently in a foster home learning what it's like to live in a house with dogs and other cats. A little shy at first, once you get him, he purrs and purrs and purrs. If you are interested in adopting this little cross eyed guapo, go to and under website features click on forms/applications to fill out an adoption application. Thanks to "Uncle Ken" for taking his beautiful photo shoot today.
OH: Tourist, upon walking into El Faro on Haight St: "Oh, it's like Chipotle!"
New post (2 bedroom Apartment for sale in El Faro) has been published on to purchase a BEACH FRONT apartment!! Right on the beach, with lovely sea views. It is a ground floor. The property has 2 good size bedrooms, the main bedroom has an on suite bathroom. Good size lounge with direct access to the t
Judy, I will be hosting karaoke this saturday night starting at 10 pm at El Faro bar & Lounge. 189-09 Jamaica Ave.
Tamera Mowry The 4th Annual Night with the Friends of El Faro held at …
LBC pick-up the last 10 boxes of assorted clothing, canned goods and children suffs. We want to inform everyone that as much as we want more donation for the typhoon Haiyan victims, LBC has no more available boxes and the 10 boxes that they pick up this afternoon is the last we´re sending. We still have loads of stuff in our drop-off point here in Sotogrande so we will see what we can do to send more of these stuff to the Philippines. For now, we want to say "thank you again" to the local resident and Filipino community of Gibraltar, the good hearted people from Manilva, Casares, Sabinillas, Cartama, Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis, El Faro and Sotogrande. Thanks also to our volunteers who did all the sorting and packing for the last two weeks. Special thanks also to local newspaper The News and Euro Weekly News for publishing our appeal for aid to the Philippines. On behalf of the victims of typhoon Haiyan THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
Had to write a poem in Creative Writing about a memory and I could think of no better one than Puerto Rico with the ones I Love most...Hope you like it =)     Cabo Rojo    Summer in December Rare but possible   Waking to the clucking roosters in the backyard And Merengue music playing in the kitchen To the smell of warm bread from the Panaderia next door This is Cabo Rojo   Hiking up the mountain to the El Faro lighthouse Overlooking the ocean from the limestone cliffs Nothing but clear skies and crashing waves This is Cabo Rojo   To the North Hidden in the cove, La Playuela A crescent beach with bright blue water Warm and calm, fine white sand between our toes This is Cabo Rojo   A celebration, a renewing of their vows My grandparents celebrated 50 years of love And that’s what brought us all together that day Back to the place where it all began This is Cabo Rojo   The smell of Pasteles and Arroz con Pollo Filled the harbor with watering mouths And a shot of Coquito quench their thirst This i ...
She has been seen on Pubic Service Announcements (PSA) for the St Jude's Children Research Hospital which she has been supporting since 2008. In 2009, in further support of St Jude's, Ms Aniston and her father, actor John Aniston, had recorded an audio chilldren's book ''Loukoumis's good deeds'',  the proceeds of which went to St Jude's Children Research Hospital.       The actress has also helped raise funds for Friends of El Faro, a non profit organisation that helps raise money for an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.   In 2011, Jennifer Aniston spent $450,000 on a painting at the 'Artists of Haiti' auction in New York, an event that was co-organised by Ms Aniston's close friend Ben Stiller and raised in total $13,662,000 to benefit health and education initiatives in Haiti.   In 2011, Ms Aniston was among the stars who designed a limited edition of Holiday Cards for Tiny Prints. Proceeds from the sales were given to benefit the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation which helps adults and ...
What's your favorite meal at El Faro?
Pregnant sharks, mother and baby frogfish, AND a school of mobulas We can give this Coiba trip the name, Trip of white-tip sharks. We had white-tips on each dive. Sometimes we where surrounded by 7-15 big females, and a lot of them were pregnant. Our top spot was El Faro with about 15 white-tip sharks, schools of bluefin trevallys and big-eye jacks. We also had good luck diving Wahoo Rock, where after a few minutes we already found a small, yellow pacific seahorse, and later on an eagle ray, 3 guitar sharks, big stingryas and 7 white-tips lying in the sand. Shark City and Bajo 20 were a challenge to dive with strong currents and very cold water (sometimes down to 13 C/55 F). We spent 3 days around Rancherita and Canales. One afternoon we went for a trip down a nearby river. On the way back to our boat we stopped to watch the sunset on Isla Granito de Oro. The timing was perfect and the lighting across the sky was spectacular. During the dive breaks the two guides and Captain tried to find new and interest ...
Thinking about the Bay Area this morning...about Laurel, Bret Harte, Skyline, former classmates & basketball teammates, the City, Alameda, Oakland A's games, Berkeley, Pier 39, Chinatown restaurants, El Faro burritos, walking the Golden Gate area, Oceanside pizza, Jack London Sq., sourdough bread, Market St., BART, Union Square at Christmas time, the Exploratorium, Sausalito, Piedmont. Oh, the memories!!!
One of the best meals I have ever eaten today. Taken to El Faro restaurant in Cadiz by the people who's house we are staying in (after a visit to an incredible back street bar/ temple to El Toro and Flamenco). Simple and cooked to perfection. Fried squid and fennel in oil; mixed salad of artichokes, fresh tuna and Beetroot; whole Sea Bream baked within a salt crust; something deliciously chocolate to finish.
El Faro's on journalism and investigative reporting, after winning the Anna Politkovskaya Award -
God is opening them doors: I will be preaching Sunday morning at 10:30 AM at Mercy Pointe Church... Tonight 6:30 PM we will be at New Creation Church in Oxford, Florida. (The old El Faro church on 301 just N of 466 on your left. Motion
To our El Faro friends: check out the DVD "The Exotic Marigold Hotel". See if you notice any parallels? Of course we are all much younger than this cast of characters. Jake, you and Adam are the exceptions. ;)
When John Wesley was converted, he said his heart was strangely warmed. Tonight, I felt that way! I preached at El Faro (which is 6th ave.'s Hispanic church). There were 63 people there, and Pastor Barbosa shared the history of the church which was started in 2006. He then presented me a plague of appreciation for our vision to start El Faro and for our burden to care for the Hispanic community. We had fellowship afterwards, and as we talked I realized there were 8 different nationalities present. We all feel at times that we haven't accomplished a lot for the kingdom, but this is "fruit that remains." TO GOD BE THE GLORY!
I dropped my digital camera one too many times, so no more photos this trip. A camera couldn't have captured what I want to share anyway, it was too dark. I was sitting in the hammock I've got slung between the mast and forestay last night at about midnight. I was watching a very impressive lightning show to the east, over the mountains between here and Durango - jagged flashes of light illuminating the towering cumulonimbus storm clouds. I was about to call it a night when the two harbor tugs, brightly lit with running lights and deck lights, steamed past to hover just inside the harbor entrance. Every arriving or departing ship of any size has to be escorted by the tugs as a precaution, in case they lose steerage due to a malfunction or loss of propulsion. I decided to see what was coming. In about 15 minutes the lights of a very large container ship appeared suddenly from behind the rocky point atop which sits El Faro - the lighthouse. (second highest in the world) Slowly this huge dark mass took ...
Suitcase is packed, passports at the ready, alarm is set for 3am, taxi booked for collection at 4am, Manchester airport at 4.30am leave for Malaga at 6am for El Faro, Mijas Costa, for a fortnight. Yip hee, yip hee, no more work for x2 weeks.
St. Kitts & Nevis [05/03/12]: Fort a ‘Must-See’: St. Kitts & Nevis’ Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park has been listed as one of the 10 must-see places in the Caribbean. Caribbean cultural editor, Nick Marshall, listed the fortress in his BellaOnline article. A Unesco World Heritage Site which dates back to the 1990s. a fortified citadel that marks St. Kitts’ importance as a strategic island during the naval wars between the French and the British. It is beautifully preserved with majestic views over the neighbouring islands. The other places listed are Castillo San Felipe Del Morro [San Juan, Puerto Rico]; Pitons [St. Lucia]; Shoal Bay Beach [Anguilla]; The Baths [Virgin Gorda, BVI]; Punda [Willemstad, Curacao]; English Harbour [Antigua]; Maho Beach [ST. Maarten]; Malecon [Havana, Cuba] and El Faro a Colon [Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic].
Those artists and Dj's from my song are as follow, if you can make it today to video shoot I would appreciate it greatly...ty all again...mad love que lo ssepa Artists first.Dramaticc Influencee, Jova, Drew 'Dice' Farrar,Etniko SD,Porkchop, Joka, Bigmike Ceo,Chino,Young Shots, Big O, E Black Bandana, Victor Ocasio, 100Miles, HustleBunny TheMadame and now the Dj's.DJ-Mike Acosta,Dj-Kimbo El Original, Berlioz Ortega,Dj Buda, Chad, Tito, Alejandro, Dj Chewii, Dj Omar, Dj Ces, Crystlz, P-Killa, Dj Baby Bear , Johnny V and locations Lily's Bar, Mita's, Netty's, Gomez, Frank's, Nick's, Atown, Jet Set, 809, Silo Club, El Faro, Reverb, Rancho Merenque, Yoly La Isla Del Encanto, Storks, Legions, Democratic, Puerto Rican Club, Malibooze, Silver Dollar.hope to see you all there.ty let me know if you will be able to make it and represent
Salvadoran goverment pledges protection to El Faro after it reported on govt deal w/gangs to reduce murders
Salvadoran goverment pledges to protect safety of journalists of digital newspaper El Faro: A spokesperson for P...
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