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El Classico

El Clásico , also known as El derbi español, is the name given in football to any match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Real Madrid La Liga Sutton United

Nigerian league has a long way to go!. I'm watching Cape Town city vs Orlando Pirates and it feels like I'm watching the El classico
but I slept off during this season's El Classico
learn how to make this delicious dish via---> TOMALICIOUS: EL CLASSICO "ARROZ CON LECHE' via
or why i support Real in el classico.
Because el classico is the only thing football is about
Sanchez has gone from playing for Barcelona in an el Classico in front of 100,000 to playing Sutton in front of 5k against plumbers
Alexis Sanchez: 26/10/13-scores against Real Madrid in El Classico. 20/2/17 - comes on as a sun against Sutton United in the FA Cup.
Imagine being Sanchez. 2014 - Coming on for Messi against Real Madrid in a El Classico. 2017 - Coming on for Iwobi against Sutton FC😂😂
Sanchez has gone from playing el Classico's to Sutton on a Monday night
El Classico to Sutton United in 4 years for Alexis😳
Don't really know why but I expected this game to be like El Classico. Being proved very very wrong.
What an atmosphere. You can keep your El Classico, mate.
this is why english football is the best! this is where Sutton vs arsenal is as hot as el classico! such a dreamy match
Sanchez scoring in a el Classico but can he do it on a Monday night at Sutton on a 3G pitch
El Classico heavyweights and chasing £70m Monaco ace
There's another El Classico matchup on March 1 for IEM Katowice and I just can't wait.
El Classico. GU12 All Star and GU12 SELECT play in the semifinal at Locomotion tournament, Super Chief Division.
very true it's pathetic at times did you watch him in the el classico's against Barcelona he was so unplayable
... after that PSG game?? Nah, he was horriblé. I wanna save up $$ and have connects in Spain to watch El Classico 😭
I was planning on it, but I'll just expand on my point on the Astralis-VP rivalry being a new "el classico" w/ NaVi-SK
help them to get close to Madrid for the day of classico. Who will watch el classico if Madrid have 10 point ahead?
How Sergi played in the El classico last season (4-0) and how he is playing in current games is painful
Getting ready to start El Classico Fliptastico. Anyone fancy helping me check my audio levels first?
Heish! when is the 2nd round of El Classico, this time we'll be at SANTIAGO BERNABEAU 🔥
Going to an El Classico is a must tbh
Win el classico and the gap is only a few points. 16 games to go. Madrid will bottle it. Barca out of UCL will help.
Are there many that enjoy Spanish football? El Classico can be superb on its day but their game is full of cheats.It's getting worse as well
I heard el classico coming to miami 🤔
" Faze vs Optic " nevermind though the flyer I seen was based around Paris time also el Classico is ...
Quarterfinals will be vs tonight, the last game of the day!. Can't wait for another CS "El Clássico"!.
El Classico of Cod coming up always worth a watch
Can't believe I'm missing the el classico tonight, please can you all keep me updated :)
He is a thug ofc. He would slap Ramos in el Classico and he would show unreal passion!
Sergi Roberto is so hot and he's such a good player. Bring on El Classico. Bring it on, mate. He's gonna show you!
That is incorrect. What about El Classico -> Barcelona/ Real Madrid? The Madrid Derby? Come on man you are better than that!
yeah, but Kane has never managed an El Classico hat-trick. Lineker 1 Kane 0.
252 signatures now. Mean the world to get a sign off from you on the petition n if y…
So funny all the Spanish players always fighting when el Classico comes but yet they went to clean up with the national side
Lee Alex when is the El Classico la?
Cant believe I'm listening to these Spanish farmers commentate on the El Classico. I wanted Gerry Armstrong ffs
Chelsea dey lose 1-0 give City for London derby shee dem go fit come back? Join us for Saturday Sport for El Classico sef.
Bale set to miss El Classico after sustaining an ankle injury against Sporting Lisbon
u would never get Sundowns on the back page at the expense of the Soweto Derby.. Atletico at the expense of El Classico
Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola brought more life to El Classico during their time in Spain and they ate doing same with d Manchester Derby
Manchester derby will grab more headlines than the El Classico
We will witness the Ghanaian version of El Classico . says join him @ Ind. Sq today. .
said the Glasgow Derby better than El Classico ! Unbelievable he said
Here we go vs el Classico FNF final
All that he's calm & quite thing na wash, most recently his spearhead rugby tackle on Pepe in d el-classico to prevent him frm marking pique
Was dreaming of el classico, but now I just hope goes to the finals
This HC is leading the goal scoring tally with 9 goals. Including 5 in El Classico
MATCH REPORT…Oxhey Jets Vets v Oxhey Reserves (El Classico). Oxhey returned to a more familiar line up this week...
ok tell me who won El Classico and 🇪🇸 HALA MADRID 😂
we have the most el Classico wins... U expect us to win every time
I understand the pain Barcelona fans are going through now I don't think it's the points they dropped I think it's that el Classico !
What happens when I'm with the girls: they're doing a makeup tutorial video I'm re-watching el Classico on my phone 😂
Fez at least now I have a partner to go to next year's El Classico with cos Lawrence kills my vibe
MSN have been on a sabbatical leave since el classico and in the UCL, now they're back with 3 undeserved penalties.
"Barcelona is done after that El Classico loss" 🤔
how about we talk about el Classico ?😂 jk I'm done 👀
look at this stat padder lmao benzema scores better goals @ el Classico
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ha u lie he has concided less than 11 goals at o.T,i remembers neymars goal at el classico i shook my head
this is South Africas el classico,i like it when you say 'turn over ball' sekgowa
Yet Bale's goal was disallowed in El Classico.
5s lost 3-0 to 6s. Good to get that poor performance out of our system before El Classico next week!
how about getting United fans plus Palace or Watford to Bein sports for the Fa Cup final like you guys do for el Classico?
both actually, we did beat you in El Classico..
is the last one suppose to be Real Madrid's face when they beat Barcelona in the el Classico 🤔
I like the classico cars she likes the luxury, el classico keeps a person young, shes thinking Ferrari
Barca has still won more El Classico's 😌
i loved him in el Classico, especially the part where he and his teammates let the other squad score 4 goals on them
Who would've thought it: Madrid topping the table after Matchday 35 when they were just 10points behind on Matchday 31(el classico). . Kudos!
1)Want to ply your sports abroad? El Classico Trials for Football, Basketball, Lawn tennis scouting organization btw ages of 16-22 is here!
Heheeheheee Chelsea vs United go bee next season. El Classico sef no go fit
the way barca been anything is tricky for them lol haven't recover since el Classico 💩
Just 3 minutes in and Fuenzalida's shirt has been ripped in the 'El Classico' heated atmosphere
Not so sure, Barca's MSN didn't have it easy during the recent el classico
he looked good last El Classico tho
I'm crying, real tears in my eyes. I haven't been like this since Ronaldos El Classico goal. Eden Hazard man.
Off to the angus El classico today. I want police horses on the park
Can't believe Looper is still letting Mata be a free loader, this is an el classico version of Dyrone carrying bjergsen
Can do on Monday. Although you will find most of the links if you google 'el Classico Spanish civil war'.
Also, got some links for you on Spanish nationalism and el Classico
Aside today's El Classico we meet for at at 17:30.
Just tried watching a La Liga match that's not EL Classico, worst 14 seconds of my life. La Liga is utter utter rubbish!
in the newest development it's been almost 3 weeks since El Classico and I still haven't been issued a refund for th…
These cows better not damage this pitch phela we've got an El Classico ngomso.
great. I was watching his performance in el classico :')
Old Firm Countdown|. Henrik:. Old Firm beats El Classico & return of Rangers good for Celtic. VIDEO:
vs El Classico was awesome great goals and great win! Proud to be Madridista
Awake to watch El Classico,its like Honey Singh waiting for Nusrat Sahab's concert. 😑
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El Classico today I know will be repin his burgundy and blue
Really wanna go to Praia Urbana Saturday but El Classico is this Saturday at the same time 😪
Lots of football matches coming up. Watford V Everton, El Classico in Barcelona and a Paris st germain match. At BHA V Brentford tonight. 🙂
When Real win el classico that yr... dia wasola put my bed 4 corridor
Who's excited for the El Classico next weekend ?
😂😂 yeah I hate scoring free goals lmao. International or el Classico?
The el classico is bout to happen tonight vs
Get your fact checked. In El Classico, got yellow not Ronaldo. HUGE difference. No wonder Dani gets furious on you.
Watching them play each other in an El Classico would be even better ! Not easy getting tickets for those though.
El classico! killing it.. What a goal.. Easy one in.. Suarez and ineista ka din hai.
I'm gonna go to El Classico next year
ever seen el Classico fans after the game 😂💀
Messi only said that cos he used to run rings round him every el classico. No wonder his eyes are a state
This is what they call a deadly derby; El Classico style
When's the next El Classico? Because I need Ronaldo to destroy the cules. Won't happen though sadly.
People think el classico is a big derby pfft not a patch on Kirk Balk vs Wombwell back in the day
Skeleton! A true El classico! Possibly the best kit in game. Pig is a close second
Lol you know this one is the El Classico
oga oo, una go dey alright, just pray players return before el classico cos neymar vs Danilo might not be funny
I think tickets for the el Classico in April are sold out 😢😢 somebody double check for me please this can't be happening 😢😢😢
The fact I might be going to Spain for El classico makes me slightly happy
Reality is about 2 set in at Madrid,I just cant wait 4 baptism of fire Barca will be handed 2 dem in d 2nd leg of El-Classico
Why these el classico tickets have to be priced twice as much as the flight 😡
When is the next el classico cause i want to know when madrid are going to give barca the guard of honour.
I came across this looking for an el Classico stream, might definitely be worth it
A HUGE final. Two colossal albums. It's like El Classico or something here
Jokes how the Fifa commentators are doing el Classico one week then shamrock v Sligo rovers the next🌚
The El Classico in the euroleague Barcelona vs. Real Madrid was better than the La Liga version this year
forget about the winner he scored against real in el Classico and forget how much times he held Sweden
like half of your goals in el Classico
Brady vs. Manning is the American equivalent to El Classico
Ha ha! London's own El Classico featuring the world's biggest bottlers and the worst Chelsea team in 10 years. What an occasion.
Try being a. United fan. This is like El Classico compared to the shocker yesterday.
When the world stand still for el classico or champions league final, we kept the city of Benin on pause
Watching El Classico from back in 2005 and Messi at 19 jesus absolute running the game, he had a buyout clause of 100million euros then ⚽️⚽️
Why not?? El classico people it's about messi and Cr7 though ..
lol. Like premier leagues el classico
LG vs Navi is becoming the new El Classico. Fallen vs Guardian. So good.
Nothing better than watching 'el classico' with and
Ten more weeks till el Classico , I wanna see what Zidane comes up with against Barcelona & if he manages to beat them 😯🌚
El Classico for my U11's this morning! ;)
Only just over 2 months until & I are off to watch the El Classico. Can't wait. Only thing is, we'll likely miss the MK Dons game!
but won't be the first Ghanaian pLayer to pLay EL CLassico
El Classico clubs join the race to sign Man City target: Both Barcelona and Real Madri...
"This is it. El Classico. Hi I'm Martin Tyler Alan Smith alongside me."
They have to go and take summer classes from El-classico
El Classico ll tonight 8:30 at tsa. Be there
Fitting in wee warm up game ahead of Tuesday's 'El Classico'
what website did you use for them El Classico tickets mate X
Jose smashed Pep in the battle of the El Classico let's not let 5 bad months detract…
Pep vs Jose at El Classico and now imagine Pep vs Jose at The Manc Derby! .. 😊😊
Man u is playing Chelsea next. What used the premier League El classico is now a relegation battle.
We head into the Champions League Semi final with the El Classico today!. Can Real Madrid advance to the...
Of to the Black Country El Classico today Stourbridge v Halesowen Town
El Classico? Pah. Love the fact v is known as after a bus route.
I was getting a life.XD.RT El Classico is at midnyt? Explains where has been. Sleeping
merry Xmas to you guys. Please remind Franklin of his sentimental prediction that Madrid will beat Barcelona in the el-classico.
my PRO I hope u had a wonderful Christmas with family. I hope someday we will be at NouCamp to watch El Classico!!!
FFS, how did she come up with amala El Classico FFS.amala can never sound tush, Fi Le Be.Ko Ma Lo Be!
smh, that one sef dey...make we go open buka for naija...put amala El Classico for menu
Whatever that, we crush with unlogistic in El Classico and CDR, Rafa must be out! realmadrid
This was el Classico man,you know how it is
Cavaliers vs Warriors seems like the el Classico of basketball...Lebron/Ronaldo and Curry/Messi
Steph Curry really is a better player atm than Lebron James... This game is like El-Classico 🖖🏾💥🔥
its like NBA el classico! Curry vs LeBron is like CR7 vs Messi.
I cant find a stream for this match im so annoyed its like the el classico of basketball
lol man's broke I brought el classico tickets 🙊
was this the same guy who was watching like Roma-Napoli or something when el Classico and Man U Liverpool or something was on?
Haven't seen magic? Don't believe magic? Go watch a game of El Classico or a arsenal game
You've excelled yourself this time A trip to Barcelona on the same weekend of el Classico. Speechless. Thank you 😘❤️ xxx
Its not all Hollywood football... The dirty side of El Classico.
we need a wonderful win from El classico
"ln 1983, in the El-Classico Maradona scored such an amazing goal at Santiago Bernabeu that even Real Madrid fans applaud him."
Nike is going to put as their number one replacing ... Must have been going on since the humiliating el classico defeat
Ginebra won Manila Classico. They advance to the 2nd phase. . It's on the card. I can show you.
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Potentially Barcelona for Christmas next year! Hopefully el Classico on the cards
you two ready for el Classico and battlefront?😏
Going to barcelona to see El Classico, hopefully, very decent present 😎😜
What a present !! Weekend in Barcelona when el Classico is on what a top bird 🎅❤️
Gone for a draw in the El Jesus Classico Jerusalem - Nazareth. Happy Christmas
The young fella just put Suarez 1 up in the El Classico. Going to get him to play Watford away next. Happy Christmas
When your babe tells you to meet her at Love Garden on the night of El-Classico
There is this commentator who usually is in the comms when it's El Clássico, his voice is girly
Days ago, it was el classico, american challenge cup final match against madrid i've won with 20;0 or more? It was an classic match!! ☺
Going to el Classico on April 2nd, however would give it all up to watch Leeds play in Europe just once in early 1999/2000
I'm very sure CFC will beat Norwich today.. To show you how confident I am, I'll watch the El Classico if they lose.. 😂😂😂
Exclusive: on his understanding with & , on eclipsing last season and El Classico.
Rafael Benitez confident of Real Madrid bounceback in El Classico
I'm ready for some basketball vs for el Classico Western conference match up. Russell vs Wiggins for the future.
Yo messi's come back for el classico
Happy to announce that will be continuing in his role as referee for the El Classico match tomorrow, a very professional man.
As we dey approach el classico mk i no make mouth 😂
Odd has a countdown to el Classico but no game clock .
At least we know when El Classico is
Croatian National team said they will not invite Modric on 17th Nov because of El Classico but they included Rakitic
Leo is recovering well and could be available to play El-classico
This Man UTD vs Boro match is so boring that 'BeinHD Live' decides to keep advertising about the 'El Clássico' which is in 24 days.
Does anyone know when El Classico is.If only there was a TV station that told you, constantly, in the top right hand corner of the screen.
CR7 has missed the El-classico before, if Messi should miss his very first, *** won't lose 😒😏
I really wish to see Messi on his peak of his form during the El Classico, I don't want excuses after that 90 minutes mark
Next task, get a ticket to El Classico..
Luis Figo broke many hearts playing for both teams of the el classico
Yes Mascherano will be available for El-classico. it was a good news day 😅 about Leo and masche
Unfortunately I won't be watching the Saudi El Classico on Friday because I will be at the QPR vs Brentford game! Come on Ittihad!💛
So in the past 3 months Mahrez has been linked to Barcelona and Vardy to Real Madrid. looks like a mini El Classico in Leicester
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He will be available for El Classico
24 days and counting till Neymar bottles El Classico. For now we regroup and prepare our propaganda. Mark my words.
Imagine if the current two biggest clubs in England had CR and Messi... it would be the British El Classico Derby
. We used to play 6th form v Teachers that was El Classico. That was in the day you could tackle.
every is desperately looking forward for the El Classico..
El Classico but before it was the Milan derby
The legendary Romario in the El Classico. That turn though!!!
Lionel Messi will be back in time for El Classico say Spanish press while…
Its one of the bigger games in Europe isn't it. Up there with El Classico
oh yeah? Who were they playing? I only have a few games on my bucket list, Milan derby, El Classico, World Cup final
Chinese and American dad, El Classico in the Salucci Room.
Me and Luke kicking ball in the garden is like watching an El Classico warm up
"Barcelona v Real Madrid: How the players rated in Sunday's El Classico
Woke up at 6 am to watch the Man U game, followed by the Chelsea game, followed by El Classico, followed by the Chivas game. Thats 8 hours.
Congrats barca for winning el Classico, March 2015... Ronaldo is all about his hairstyle and not football.
Lady Cats beat Russellville, United beat Liverpool, el Classico, second in my bracket pool, and Game of Thrones marathon
Well I guess El Classico settles the La Liga title. Good win for Barca. Now, Suarez get yo *** to Anfield one last time
Rewatching El-Classico. Saurez's goal was so nice
Barcelona took that W in the classico and Chivas won and are safe from el descenso overall great sunday.
Managed to avoid the score all day so I can watch el classico in peace😄
Real Madrid whatsapp group before el classico... [pic] —
Barca win El classico 2-1..And get more 4 points on the league table...😈😈😸👍
Madrid *** Barcelona the best score from El Classico FCB:2 RM:1
Give me good ol' English or Scottish football any day over El Classico. El Dive-ico or El-fall down & pretend your hurt…
El Classico ... how was your morning?
S/O to for having us over to watch El Classico! It was a good time. 😉😘⚽
how was Liverpool-Manchester on snapchat but not the El Classico!?
Who watched el Classico and so glad Barcelona won viva barcelona
Only thing great about this weekend was El Classico everything else was 💩
Didn't even finish my research paper cause of el Classico
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Yet another controversial refereeing decision in El Classico. We're used to it by now. Barcelona always get favours at home.
not that game,it's el classico,Barca vs Real Madrid..
Hey "the El Classico" means the the Classic. I don't think that's correct.
Oh Ya and I bet him on the El Classico game and I won 😂
Somewhere, An Arab commentator is going *** El Classico like ..
March Madness, El Classico. nah I'm kidding I was sick all weekend 😬 I'm good now tho 😏
So blowed I had to miss El Classico 😭
Chivas winning makes me happier than Barcelona winning el Classico 😂 lol
he got robbed in a suspect offside call on the go ahead goal. Great el classico. Maybe the spurs can give back soldado for him.
El Classico, and it was only 6 in the morning
Watching the highlights of El Classico today. *** never disappoints.
El Classico was crazy today, now gotta go back to doing homework
Only time i watch tv is for el classico tbh , or WWE
Watching the replay of el Classico. What a BALL from messi for the first goal 😳
I wish I didn't have to work today so I could watch El Classico😔
Bow down for barca today at d el classico bt Messi jst out of words to describe
I had a game during the El Classico game
When your friend didn't watch el Classico and you ruin her night by telling her what happened 😭
La Liga: How will Real Madrid lineup against Barcelona in the EL ...
Suarez with the winner in El Classico? I don't believe in anything anymore!!
If only the American commentating on this El Classico link sounded like Paddy Doherty
Why do i feel like im watching a Micheal Bay movie instead of the El Classico???
How's Steve sidwell scoring in the El Classico
El Classico is basically just The Old Firm but in the sun. Two teams taking an unfair share of TV monies stopping other teams from competing
3 hours till El Classico! Hope the streams are decent tonight! And in English!
Looking 4ward 4 next El classico match
First meet up will be El Classico more details to come soon
Lmao just read the fut united prizes. . tickets to el Classico . OR (wait for it) . 1 million coins lmao
they all call El Classico the mardrid v Barca Derby. It's not either.
Vermaelen will soon be back. He is recovering well. El Classico on his mind.
How hype would it be to go to El Classico
bigger than El Classico in my opinion
Dear apologies for wasting your time during tonight's El Classico clash. I let myself down and the fans too ⚽️
Yep!! Could never find any pictures of this game.. Hardly 'El Classico' ha.
When did El Classico become a derby???
Lyon vs PSG, Porto vs Sporting and let us not forget our own El-Classico Hearts vs Kotoko.
Porto vs Sporting, Lyon vs PSG and let us not forget our own Hearts vs Kotoko. El-Classico made in GH
there always mack with the Spanish games like missing the first 15 mins of el Classico etc
missed 1st 15 mins of El Classico through it now missing the best Derby in world football at the moment mate
El Classico is derby?? So what is Real Madrid vs atletico Madrid called??
El Classico is still the biggest football Derby in the world
5 goal and 4 assists in 5 games against jonters, leaving my mark in the history of the El Classico
18 Televised Games in a row, but not El Classico
Play FUT online season match in the next two days for a chance to win a trip to attend El Classico. More info here .
the real question is whether GLB will be at Stanley park again Sunday to watch El Classico part 2?
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Jonters were brilliant as well was definitely the best El Classico to date, could save a life in nets, well played buddy x
ijuri of 20 days,he will return to play against Vidalengo 28-02-2015 el classico
People saying Ozil hasn't turned up in big games like he hasn't dominated El classico many a time.
it's something where you can play games and some one wins a trip to the El Classico and on fifa last year the players dropped
Been waiting all afternoon to have 1 in a million chance to win tickets to El Classico
Hope the boys are as calm as they were in 2012 el classico (we won 2-1at the Camp Nou) .Very important game in the title race .
On this day 6 years ago (2009) Barça was a winner of El Classico at Santiago Bernabeu with the final score . RMA 2 - 6 FCB .
been there done that...only gong back for El Classico
I Hope so Ramos will be back for el classico.
he played Varane against Barca in EL Classico so he has done it
hehehe the Aje Kpako el'classico. lacks as much in quality as in beautiful football.
My first El Classico tonight buzzing for it 👍😂
Spurs vs Arsenal is bigger than El Classico
El Classico tonight v always separates the men from the boys.
for your fantastic goal scored by you at yesterday's El-Classico !
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Some big games locally in non-league tomorrow, not least the El Pie Classico between and
Tune in to ESPN at 3:30 ET for El Classico as we take on Real Swag at home.
Can even miss the second leg and then el classico. What is an el clasico with Ramos?
GEJ vs GMB is an El Classico...Who do you think will win but 1st get your PVC
For a young player to make name and gain praise,he has to perform in a big game, like Isco did in the El Classico and throughout the season.
.has come a long way since this tournament. Who remember el classico vs
Piece on yesterdays El Classico and some deeper look at Barca & Real perspectives - (russian)
the old firm of course, El Classico by a close second
So are heading to Wembley. I'm kinda regretting buying a ticket to El Classico on the same day now!
good job you didn't get to the final same day as El Classico
I think SK is stronger currently but that would be a treat to watch I agree. El Classico
I can't wait for Fnatic vs SK this split... This game will finally be a TRUE El Classico...They are both so strong, it will be amazing.
SK looking really strong and tactile in this game, cant wait for El'Classico!!!
For me Celtic vs Rangers has always been the best rivalry in football. Makes el classico look like a tea party imo
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