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El Chapo

Ernesto Pérez (born in Badiraguato, Sinaloa) better know by his stage name El Chapo de Sinaloa (Spanish: The Shorty from Sinaloa), is a Mexican norteño/banda singer.

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Ok we got shows about El Chapo and Pablo Escobar. Can we please get a series about Rafael Caro Quintero thanks.
What happened to the idea of using El Chapo's cash to build the wall?
Mexican Drug Kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman bid to have charges dismissed denied.
Judge rejects El Chapo's request to have his indictment dismissed
Narcos season 4 gotta be about el chapo.
Another Friday and another line of pictures:)
Brooklyn federal judge turns down El Chapo's effort to dismiss indictment by claiming improper extradition
El Chapo loses bid to have extradition charges dismissed
next season follow a new cartel! La Madrina, el chapo, etc. keeps it interesting and intertwined.
The true fight of the year, GGG vs Canelo, goes down tomorrow night.
El chapo legit dropped millions of roses onto his property for his wife. So why are you stressing over a *** who can't even give you one.
The Latest: El Chapo's lawyers disappointed case not dropped
finish work for this jam! Picture me flossing.feeling like el chapo...patron patron patron 👌🏾
El Chapo's bid to have charges dismissed fails
Judge denies El Chapo's effort to dismiss drug traffic case
A U.S. judge on Friday rejected an effort by Joaquin Guzman, the accused Mexican drug lord known as “El Chapo,” to…
U.S. judge will not dismiss accused Mexican drug lord El Chapo's indictment
Soros, El Chapo, the Clinton Slush Fund... so many deep pockets to reach into. Did the Clintons pay…
For real 👀?? Yeahh they said they're going Mexico so I thinking the Sinaloa Cartel, El Chapo, even thoug…
If they choose Sinaloa Cartel (El Chapo) for season 4 you are gonna see a lot of mass graves.
I gotta wait a whole year for season 4 of Narcos. The next season will most likely be about the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico. El Chapo
The Sinaloa Cartel was first, then when my fam left the Sin Cartel took in El Chapo later on and he rose to…
Since the Arellano Felix betrayed the Sinaloa Cartel they ended up on the wrong side once El Chapo to…
Narcos season 4 has to be about El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel.
Mario is actually the lead distributor for the Sinaloa Cartel. Who you think smuggled El Chapo out through them pip…
A soldier guarding 'El Chapo' Guzmán was found dead, and it's not clear who's responsible
Americans Are Strangely Oblivious to the Security Crisis in Mexico: The capture of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, ..
And "El Chapo" Guzman will be nominated to head the DEA.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Craig Revel Horwood's house to meet El Chapo
Los Cabos was once a haven from bloodshed in the rest of Mexico -- even El Chapo vacationed there. . Not anymore. . https:…
'El Chapo' Guzmán had more airplanes than the biggest airline in Mexico By: Christopher Woody . May 4, 2016.
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that's cool, unfortunately the name El Chapo is known worldwide because of drug kingpin Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman
So does El Chapo. The CIA is the Godfather in charge of drug cartels.
BREAKING: Mexican drug lord, "El Chapo" Guzman has been extradited over to the U.S. . For more information:
El Chapo's alleged text messages to an actress reveal his thirst levels.
I agree came back tired and broke fro Central America and the *** treating me like El Chapo
Pretty incredible that the US sanctioned Rafa Márquez, but can't find "even a dollar" of El Chapo's fabled fortune…
confirms that El Chapo has hired Jeffrey Lichtman, the attorney who got John Gotti acquitted http…
You made a couple of chops now you think you El Chapo
Finished el chapo I need the next season now 😭😭😭
Drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman wants to dump his US public defenders for a quartet of top…
This just in... El Chapo Guzman hires top defence legal team
I would sentence El Chapo to eating Taco Bell twice a day for life.
El Chapo’s case could be dismissed because of strange loophole
New post (El Chapo Guzman hires top defence legal team) has been published on Kingdom Done -
El Chapo Guzman hires top defence legal team Two of the drug lord's new lawyers
FYI: John Gotti died in prison. Is this supposed to be a threat or something? Keep spending our money El Chapo. Yo…
'El Chapo' Guzman hires John Gotti Jr's lawyer in U.S. case
Doesn't bother going after El Chapo's bank, but targets Miss Universe? Something is wrong here. .
Free El Chapo!!! It's not his fault Americans love drugs.
El Chapo Guzman hires top defence legal team BBCWorld
&Chapo&moves to hire top-flight NY mafia defender: Drug kingpin Joaquin "El…
tuck the chrome 22 in his sneakerrr, El Chapo but he crazy like La Quica
I don't even watch tv .. it's literally only 4 shows I'm watching rn. Power. Game of Thrones . The Originals. El chapo.. Thasit
Cannot believe el chapo is still in jail
El Chapo has hired a team of U.S. lawyers. Past cases: "Teflon Don" and ex MX cartel leader Beltran Leyva
More white stuff coming. Which wouldn't be bad if it was cocaine and I was El Chapo or Charlie Sheen.
Featuring menu items named after Charles Manson, John Wilkes Booth, and El Chapo.
Y'all *** selling weed ain't making no real money so stop talking big headed on Social Media like you El Chapo
As the Mexican Govt fought off Sinaloa Cartel's El Chapo, another Cartel boss, El Mencho, of the CJNG was building up.
The best part of the border wall is that it's widely known that the cartels are VERY GOOD at making tunnels. Remember the El Chapo escape??
Social media offers Charles Manson and El Chapo as next partners for Trump’s crack cyber security force
Alleged mistress of 'El Chapo' denied bail in San Diego drug trafficking prosecution
Ex-DEA boss said El Chapo would escape again unless he was moved to US | Daily Mail Online $PRGE https…
Woman linked to cartel kingpin 'El Chapo' arrested at San Diego border, charged in drug conspiracy
Blue Jays reliever was blocks away from El Chapo arrest
the Cholo hitmen on El Chapo look Sus AF
Global getdowns in China because its was the 1st Kinjaz video I ever watched and El Chapo in…
with that El Chapo series. You just keep on giving dear Netflix!
This El Chapo series on got me glued.
*** that Netflix El Chapo series is dope af!
Netflix made some el chapo jawn for the fans of narcos
Netflix made a narcos type show on el chapo and its litty af
El Chapo series just like Narcos orrr?
Cartel Wife's on the news saying how they're sacred for the life's and all that.. yeah I would be too if I snitched on El Chapo.. 😂🙄🤔
Netflix's El Chapo is another brilliant series based on drug lords after Narcos. Must watch. Highly recommend.
This El Chapo show wild, *** threw 2 kids off the bridge and recorded it and sent dawg his wife head like ***
Doesn't El Chapo have like 10 kids from several different women?
"silent majority" tee: encompasses a switch of roles and perspectives; including that of the infamous El Cha…
‘You know where the son of El Chapo was killed? I’ll meet you there’: Crosses have become meeting places in Culiaca…
El Chapo is in custody, his tunnels have since been sealed.
Bout to watch El Chapo for the rest of the night ✌🏼
Bout to see what this El Chapo hitting for on Netflix.
The El Chapo show on Netflix is pretty good
Did anybody watch el chapo on Netflix ???
Let me see what this El Chapo Series About On Netflix
Yaaas netflix for the el chapo show talk about the next narcos
Why y'all ain't get me hip to El Chapo tv show on Netflix?
Wait they got an El Chapo series already? Bet
My child over here watching el chapo 🙄
Mepisode 2 of El Chapo coming on STRONG, dawg. Whew!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
After investigated Rosa Isela Guzman, El Chapo's "daughter," she took cartel claims out of FB intro:…
A bloody, 3-sided war is raging in Mexico for control of 'El Chapo' Guzman's Sinaloa Cartel
I totally thought the same thing and remember Robin said she was attracted to El Chapo once on the show.
drug lord will be tried in US in April 2018
"El Chapo" has a Trump Hotel scheduled to open soon in northern Mexico?
Find someone who looks at you the way courtroom sketch drug lord wife looks at El Chapo
Episode 388 ... realizes someone he knows looks like >> Also is
Officials: U.S. has not found "one dollar" of drug lord El Chapo's assets by vi…
'El Chapo' will be tried in 2018, via
"Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Will Be Tried in US in April 2018" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT…
El Chapo gets little sympathy from a U.S. judge -- today, on 90 Seconds with
Mexican lord El Chapo be tried in US in 2018 - May 5 @ 2:54 PM ET
U.S. has not found 'one dollar' of drug lord El Chapo's assets: official via
If El Chapo was president, all of the money in the United States would be safe.
":El Chapos wall" would be a great legacy for El Chapo,great idea using his money!
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A federal judge denies El Chapo's request loosen some of his jailhouse restrictions.
"El Chapo" fights to loosen solitary confinement restrictions
And for all you jokesters, that IS el chapo, and YES He is my father.
"El Chapo" to be tried next year in NYC on charges he oversaw trafficking operation tied to murders, kidnappings. https:/…
The ONDCP had violated domestic propaganda and publicity prohibitions. Only movie producers looking to make "El Chapo 2" really care.
Oh, you don't know about El Chapo and the tunnels do you? 😂😂😂
‘Prison break’ El Chapo to go on trial in 2018: A US federal judge ruled Friday that Mexican drug……
Tentative U.S. trial date for Joaquin Guzman, the Mexican drug lord known as "El Chapo," set for April 16, 2018.
El Chapo will be tried in the US in April 2018
We noticed El Chapo looks like John Melendez. So I created "Stuttering Juan". Hear his debut tomm on PC!
Honored to join on common sense legislation 2 strengthen our borders!Release below. h…
This week on Discover: El Chapo, and the secret history of America's heroin crisis:
my playlist just went from El Chapo to Here Comes Santa Claus and i think that says a lot about who i am as a person
so even though El Chapo was a narco he loved his family took care of his family & did not like innocent Mexicans being killed by Los Zetas
Mexico nabs Sinaloa Cartel leader who launched struggle for control after re-arrest of "El Chapo," prosecutors say.
Update your maps at Navteq
El Chapo Act, brilliant bill from would dedicate funds seized from Mexican drug cartels to border security.
Hillary "loses" $6B in State Dpt. Obama gives $10B to Iran. & Dems threaten Shutdown over a Border Wall that El Chapo's…
Why they posing like they got El Chapo. They probably busted a 17 year old. That is not a lot of weed
The US government is seeking the criminal forfeiture of $14B+ in drug proceeds & illicit profits from El Chapo.
El Chapo literally escaped thru an underground tunnel. UNDER the prison walls. If you don't get the irony here I can't help you…
Ted Cruz introduces the "El Chapo Act" and proposes that we use the $14 billion that was seized to fund border wall. ht…
The El Chapo wall. Thanks for involuntarily donating your $ to help ptotect the USA from illegal narcotics & human traffi…
The Wall costs $15 billion, but slimy Democrats say we can't afford it. Remember Obama gave $150 billion to Iran! https:…
Build It They Won't Come👉Ted Cruz calls for the 14 Billion seized from El Chapo to fund Border Wall. . https…
Ted Cruz Launches Petition to 'Build the Wall and Make El Chapo Pay for It'
Build the wall and make El Chapo pay for it:
Ted Cruz wants 'El Chapo' Guzman to pay for Trump's border wall
I liked a video HIGH ENERGY: Ted Cruz Wants El Chapo and other Mexican Drug Lords to Pay for Trump's
Today I introduced the EL CHAPO Act, which reserves billions in forfeited assets to pay for border security
Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will help keep Americans safe:
El Chapo's Sinaloa Cartel is notorious for pioneering the use of tunnels and catapults to defeat... the existing border wa…
Using El Chapo's money for the Wall-- I guess Mexico is paying for it after all.
Very sneaky... Ted Cruz introduces "EL CHAPO Act" to pay for the wall via
These *** posted up like they brought in El Chapo
What the heck, I love Ted Cruz now. .
The EL CHAPO Act will reserve billions in assets forfeited from El Chapo & drug lords to pay for border security
Building the wall with drug money from the El Chapo Act is brilliant! The only people that are upset about it are ille…
Ted Cruz introduces so-called 'El Chapo Act' to fund Trump's ridiculous border wall: Yes, this is a r…
.El Chapo's drug money can pay for border wall
BREAKING: Ted Cruz introduces "El Chapo Act", suggests to use $14 billion seized from El Chapo to pay for the wall.👌
Ted Cruz wants El Chapo, drug lords to pay for border wall |
Ted Cruz wants to use El Chapo's assets to build the wall. A man most famous for tunneling under walls. Got it.
Makin' juug, makin' juug wit' my people. Griselda Blanco, El Chapo, clean bricks in, bring nacho
Mexican actress Kate del Castillo says she has "no regrets" of helping set up the El Chapo interview with Sean Penn htt…
When you clean out a vacuum cleaner... you become the vacuum cleaner.
She met “El Chapo”. Now, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo is afraid to return to Mexico
Waking up & now Im gonna go join the Sinaloa Cartel & put in my 2 weeks notice just to tell my future family that I used to work w El Chapo
Mexican drug cartel boss Alfredo Beltran Leyva, once aligned with “El Chapo,” sentenced to life in prison
We can find Bin Ladin , El Chapo and Saddam but we can't find this low life child molester?
Before coming to Sinaloa I'll be honest I thought of El Chapo. After playing here all I think about are these amazing fans.…
I wonder if El Chapo will sing like a bird & confess all is crimes & associates won…
Son of notorious Mexican drug lord who led the Sinaloa Cartel alongside El Chapo escapes from prison.
Health of Mexican drug lord El Chapo deteriorating in US custody.
El Chapo's lawyers argue that the drug lord is 'going crazy' in solitary confinement:
Jailed drug lord 'El Chapo' now just wants a blanket and some company via
u proven all mexicans are insane im arab and I hate u mexicans gtfo! take el chapo and die in mexico!
I hope el chapo get murdered soon, hes a rapist and a pedohile and a drug trafficker and u want him too k…
Lawyers say solitary confinement is taking a toll on drug kingpin 'El Chapo' Guzman
'El Chapo' Guzman suffering effects of solitary confinement, his lawyers say
How has Mexico fared since the extradition of drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman?
also, they rely on Sean Penn, the guy who can't use a laptop, to explain the el Chapo COMSEC setup.
Holder should've been cuffed a long time ago!. Some of those weapons found with El Chapo too.. but my how quickly…
Netflix's trailer for its show with Kate del Castillo, who set up Sean Penn-El Chapo meeting htt…
I know, I thought for sure they'd get El Chapo for head of DEA.
So are any of you lot El Chapo's Pen Pal ?
Quick We need to castrate the Russian Trump Cartel?? They might be more dangerous than El- Chapo!?Think about it!?
Road tripping with my mom listening to El Chapo, Joan Sebastian, Valentin Elizalde, Antonio Aguilar..lowkey my fav ❤️
thx, I'll escape the way El Chapo escapes prison
Deadly turf war for control of El Chapo's empire erupts in Mexico - USA TODAY
The family (worth $15 billion) who makes Oxycontin has killed more people indirectly than El Chapo…
El chapo seriously needs to hurry tf up and kill trump
I'm on a private jet with El Chapo, feet up
the next El Chapo lol jeez.|If the man says,I wouldn't have kids w/any1 else,only with U.That means he
Chapter 32: Victor Newman finally achieved the ultimate revenge on Jack Abbott. He replaced him with El Chapo. - Leanna Love
Senate Confirms Scott Pruitt as E.P.A. head. As said, may as well appoint El Chapo to head the DEA.
How about that "El Chapo" Guzman guy? He was just being an entrepreneur... (/sarc)
El Chapo\'s extradition marks 16th anniversary of first escape
'El Chapo' Guzman's sons reportedly injured in cartel attack in Mexico
Guzman’s sons wounded in cartel attack . Via
El Chapo’s sons reportedly injured in attack by cartel
They are in ChronoVault, Mistress Alice. But El Chapo is enlarged, unlikely to escape.
A video of me doing what I love doing // EL CHAPO
A prominent Mexican journalist reported Wednesday that the sons of Sinaloa Cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzma…
Oakley getting sneaked out of jail by sympathetic guards, El Chapo style, and sitting behind Dolan again on Friday = my America!!
El Chapo’s sons wounded in attack by rival cartel
I don't get building a wall Mexicans dug a tunnel into a jail to break out El Chapo they can easily dig a tunnel under a wall to the US
So, When Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, escapes from prison in NYC, he can go directly to the Mayor's office and ask for protection! Wow!
El Chapo on the run again. This dude is like a bank robber from the old west.
Book News Update: Special agent who once helped capture El Chapo has book deal
Flying for a The revelations of Guzman’s personal pilot
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
. The Cartels should some how pay for the wall through seizures of funds. We have El Chapo.
Me looking at white women who regret voting for Trump, now at today's
It's weird to see Trump supporters who now regret voting for him when he said all along these are the things he would do.
So you telling me you supposed to be proud if el chapo rob you for all your work? Lol
El Chapo supposedly has $12 B stashed away from his drug business. Confiscate the funds and build the wall.
Freee El Chapo , he wanted to get rid of Trump ...
El Chapo is Mexico's payment for Trump's *** thing.
meanwhile El Chapo used a state of the art tunnel 😂 smh. . .
When McGregor walked out to El Chapo was one of my favourite sporting moments! Legend
We'll catch up with you, El Chapo. In the meantime, taking notes...
El Chapo, if convicted, would likely do time in \'Supermax’ prison
U.S. Justice Dept documents reportedly reveal that Mexican Gov't corruption was 'cornerstone' of El Chapo’s empire.
Thought you might enjoy the shoutout (and the company!). Can't wait for Season 3.
Today's video is a NASTY EXTREME DARE GAME featuring myself, Rug, Jackie, my mom & my dad 😳 it was so intense !! 😂
All we wanna be is El Chapo , at least all the street *** I know🎶
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American prisoners pledge loyalty to drugs baron 'El Chapo' after his extradition to USA. The gang pledge to...
The other day that I saw an angel, can't forget that day 🙏🏿
Drake was in SA. Rihanna in Malawi. Chris Brown in Kenya. But some wee Ugandans will choose to bring us only Wizkid's adv…
Meet the pageant queen who became El Chapo’s wife and his top defender via
Tboss nominating her so-called guy Miyonce for eviction is the most Rihanna thing ever
Have the fun folks from Galavision arrived yet? Any wacky bits about El Chapo spotting in Houston?
How did women make it our sole responsibility to please them?? . People that can't even take personal responsibility for their…
Does Frankenputin think El Chapo went OVER the prison wall?
F/W17-18 nothing but rich looks one of the items from the collection so *** cozy! feel like el chapo🤒
If arrests Soros he cld seize all his assets & w/the assets seized from El Chapo he can…
Like bra did y'all not see the tunnel el chapo had. THIS *** HAD A FULL UNDERGROUND RAILROAD! WITH PIT STOPS!
'El Chapo' Guzmán's extradition clears the way for a new, more vicious round of cartel fig…
So when they letting El Chapo out to get
Fascinating! El Chapo and the Secret History of the Heroin Crisis via
El Chapo is out of the picture, but factions of his cartel and enemies he leaves behind are poised for more violence ht…
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i have a Latina girlfriend with a phat *** but... she has 12 siblings . her dad is El Chapo. she has [mex] in her clantag ht…
Univision and Netflix 'El Chapo' series sets an April premiere
California top security inmates shoot video vowing to serve, protect 'El Chapo' |
El Chapo, Buzzfeed and more were in the news this winter break.
After escaping prison 3 times, "El Chapo" is being held in the 2nd most secured prison in the US located in lower Manhattan
In exchange for El Chapo, we would like to hand over Donald Trump.
El Chapo enters not-guilty plea on 17-count indictment in Brooklyn federal court...
Top: El Chapo flown into USA for extradition. Middle: Esperanza flown into USA for extradition. Bottom: WE NEED JOHN…
El Chapo in America the day before Inauguration? That's weird lol
WATCH: Notorious Mexican druglord "El Chapo" on L.I.E., being taken to federal prison in NYC https:…
Drug lord El Chapo extradited to the U S: via
El Chapo..on U-S soil. A look at the notorious drug lord's arrival tonight on at 10
Notorious drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman' extradited from Mexico to face charges in the United States
The Mexican drug lord El Chapo has been extradited and flown to the U.S.
Drug lord 'El Chapo' extradited to the U.S.
Drug lord 'El Chapo' extradited, flown to Suffolk airport
Mexico extradites top drug lord 'El Chapo' to U.S.
Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman is extradited to US Wasn't this an issue for the wall? Why bring him back?
Mexico says it has extradited drug lord "El Chapo" to U.S.
The Mexican government wants President-elect Trump to know El Chapo's extradition to the U.S. ain't a friendly hello https:…
Drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman faces the possibility of life in a US prison
Drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman lands in New York after being extradited from Mexico to face drug charges.
Drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman has arrived in U.S. after extradition from Mexico, due in Brooklyn court on Friday.
Photo shows drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman during his extradition from Mexico to the United States.
‘No, but good try’: CNN panel calls BS on Lord crediting Trump for El Chapo’s ex... https…
EL CHAPO if youre listening only you can save us
What were the odds that Mexico extradited El Chapo to the US the day before Trumps Inauguration? 🤔
Me: El Chapo landed in New York. Jay: For the inauguration?
El Chapo arrives in Long Island. Needless to say...ALOT of eyes on his every move.
El chapo is now in the United States 😱 He will be in prison in New York 😏 let's see how long this will last
domain names
Runs out of Powder. so personally sends for El CHAPO 😳
Moments ago: Mexican drug lord El Chapo arrives in the U.S.
BREAKING: Mexico's government extradites Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman to the U.S.
El Chapo is my neighbor so I guess 2017 isn't that bad
CBS News has learned Mexican drug lord El Chapo just arrived in the U.S. He will appear in federal court in New York City…
BREAKING PHOTO: Plane carrying Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo has landed in Long Island. He will be transferred to Brooklyn…
El Chapo, on board, headed for NYC. Doesn't look happy about it.
El Chapo is being extradited to U.S. because Trump wants him to head up the D.E.A., I bet.
If I see one more thing abt el chapo..
How I walked in my moms room to tell her el chapo landed in NY
Likelihood of El Chapo being pardoned by O'bama?
Mexican journalist reports that drug cartel leader El Chapo is being extradited to the U.S. just one day before Trump's…
US: "We don't want Mexican criminals in our country.". US: *Takes El Chapo into custody"
*** during Obama's presidency, the United States of America has caught both Osama Bin Ladin and El Chapo. I mean ***
Just in time to help fill seats at the Trump inauguration:
Update: Extradited Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has landed in New York.
Just in time for the drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman's been extradited to the U.S. Bet he could pay for the…
Mexican drug kingpin "El Chapo" Guzman in US custody and on way to New York to face trafficking, other charges.
My mom keep coming up with so many conspiracy theories about what's gonna happen with el chapo I'm dead
Someone start a GoFundMe for whoever breaks El Chapo out.
"El Chapo" showing up at trump's inauguration tomorrow like
El Chapo on his way to eastern district of NY, Im comin for u big bro 🙌🏼
BREAKING: "El Chapo" being extradited to the U.S.; is in the air right now, spokeswoman for the Mexican Attorney General confirms…
if you'd rather El Chapo took the oath of office tomorrow
el Chapo extradited the night before Trump's inauguration sounds like a set up but I'm sleep
Just curious why el chapo is on Long Island now?
BREAKING: Senior US official says "El Chapo" already in US custody and is being flown to New York.
JUST IN: One of the final actions of the Obama administration: Securing the extradition of El Chapo. He is in US custod…
El Chapo just arrived US, I guess he came to get his Obama pardon.
El Chapo is getting moved to the United States y Donald Trump is about to be in the White House.. interesting 🤔😅
You know they're just doing it to get him closer to trump “Mexican cartel leader El Chapo being extradited to U.S.”.
El Chapo teaches such good life lessons, no matter how bad your situation is, you can always break out of it
el chapo en route to the US a day before Trumps inauguration
Notorious Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo extradited to US. Lands in Suffolk Co. When he hits NYC
BREAKING: Plane carrying El Chapo arrives at MacArthur airport on Long Island
Jones, Lord debate timing of 'El Chapo' move: Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord debate the timing…
El Chapo needs to be relocated to Washington Asap
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