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El Capitan

El Capitan is a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park, located on the north side of Yosemite Valley, near its western end.

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So excited to debut new EF Education First video with Anthony Bourdain, Raj Patel, Tower Garden, and El Capitan:... htt…
Photo of Bruce Boxleitner, Steven Lisberger, and Bill Kroyer at recent TRON double bill at the El Capitan theater i…
Yosemite park valley floor. El Capitan rock on the left and Merced River flowing gently
If I take my late 2008 MacBook from 10.6.6, 2 GB RAM, and an HDD to El Capitan, 8GB RAM, and an SSD can I decently edit in Final Cut X?
Good luck to the Merced Union High School District Speech and Debate teams from El Capitan, Golden Valley and Buhac…
Some inspiration for all the climbers out there.
Alex Honnold completed the "free solo" climb in nearly four hours, according to National Geographic
For context: This dude climbed a 3,000-foot wall without a rope. Portions of the wall have no slit for fi…
Love insanity?. What did yesterday is one of the greatest achievements in all of sports. Free-soloing El…
"It is what it is and it's all pretty good!" Alex Honnold Free-Solo's El Capitan, Imagine that! via
Congrats to BD Athlete for becoming the first person to free solo El Cap this morning:
Solo climber is first up Yosemite's El Capitan without ropes
"Just because you finish a big route doesn’t mean that you just quit," says Honnold.
With so much bad news out there this is inspiring..Climber makes historic ropeless ascent of California's El Capitan
First ever free solo on El Capitan, Yosemite Without a Rope - National Geographic
Man becomes first to climb Yosemite's 'El Capitan' without ropes
An insane rock climber free soloed El Capitan. Sometimes I walk up the stairs without tripping.
I'm okay with the view of El Capitan from Yosemite Valley Floor - I'll leave the climbing to others!
First ever rope-free climb of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. via
As far Alex is concerned I don't get the impression that he takes the endeavor lightly. The attempt o…
Hat tip to 1st solo climber up Yosemite's El Capitan without ropes
First interview with Alex Honnold after he scaled Yosemite's El Capitan without a rope
Solo climber is 1st up Yosemite's El Capitan, the 3,000-foot granite wall, without ropes:
Today became the first person to free solo Yosemite’s El Capitan, making an ascent of Freerider (5.13a) http…
So Alex Honnold just became the first person to free solo (no rope) El Capitan. How's your weekend going so far?.
this piece about the dude who just free-climbed El Capitan makes me want to hide under my bed https:/…
Yesterday, Alex Honnold (one of the world's best rock climbers) became the first to climb El Capitan (one of the toughest), without a rope.
In this story about the guy who free soloed El Capitan are the two most terrifying paragraphs I've ever read.…
Went to go see POTC at the El Capitan... Jerry Bruckheimer AND Orlando Bloom were there.
The curtain show at the El Capitan theater was beautiful.: chuckjoblll posted a photo: via…
Saw at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood today. Loved the film! Wonderful job to all the cast…
El Capitan baseball opens CCC play with win over Golden Valley, Pitman routs Atwater; another no-no for EC's Gasper.
running happily on a Mac (OS X El Capitan). Even faster than on my development PC! http…
40 years ago today "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" opened. Watch the El Capitan's TBT panel on the film:…
Emma Watson at the premiere of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at El Capitan Theatre. Photograph: Todd Williamson
why the *** not? Hang the banners on Rushmore, Half Dome, El Capitan, Old Faithful, Grand Coulee dam, Empire State bldg,
Power knocked out in Lakeside shutting down El Capitan high school. Power should be restored soon. The latest CBS…
Within Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas, there's another El Capitan, and it is a…
El Capitan and the Guadalupe Mountains on fire at sunset in west Texas [OC][1474x772] --
Climber Warren Harding after ascending El Capitan, "I do recall that El Cap seemed to be in much better condition than I w…
A year after coming up short in the section title game, the El Capitan girls water polo team are the DII champs... https…
Last night I took Lock, Shock, and Barrel to so Jack at El Capitan and we played in the snow!…
we saw this last night at El Capitan in Hollywood accompanied by the house pipe organ. It was fantastic!
Hey am trying to download Os X El Capitan for my Mac Pro and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Kindly assist.
Incredible: 'So what if we lied, deal with it.'
I am lost in a different city again I have seen multiple boobs and idk where I am now
I added a video to a playlist Ray Park (Darth Maul) introduces Star Wars marathon at El Capitan
Went from El Capitan to Sierra. Now my library is either gone or lost somewhere on my hard drive.
I may look like a normal guy on the outside but I am a sad strange elderly alcoholic man on the inside
amazing weekend of Varsity Girls water polo! El Capitan finishes 7th at Western States.
ugh I hate boys who stick their tongue out in pictures
An Ironman would be nice, and so would free climbing El Capitan (regular rope and trad gear, no aid gear), but... yeah... no XD
Joss Stone at the El Capitan Theatre at Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood
hopefully you know that's Derek Jeter "El capitán " nephew.
how I'm feeling now after hearing Big Ben's surgery tomorrow... just an ugly Sunday
Did you know? Dawn Wall of Yosemite's El Capitan is considered the hardest, longest climb in the world. via
I'd prefer to be strapped into a chair a la Clockwork Orange watching a Hannity/Trump interview than say anything nice…
the main connecting screen, and I'm using el capitan.
indeed. But I do find El Capitan consuming battery faster too, perhaps for older model
Paul Ryan is more afraid of Bernie Sanders than he is of Donald Trump
Its going to be at the El Capitan Theatre. Its REALLY hard to see anything at those...ppl gathered across the street..but I'll try!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Scaling a dream on Yosemite's El Capitan: Born with spina bifida, Glidden has been in a wheelchair since birt...
I just checked in at El Capitan Bar with Download today!
@ anyone does a NI Audio 4 still work w el capitan ?
Lmfaooo ain't no way she survived this hit that fist had the power of 600 Selena bidi bidi bum bums it melted her face…
El Capitan, the largest exposed granite face on earth! Over 1km high!!
El Capitan Jason Witten to basically seal this win
I've used your product fewer than 6x and now you won't support software update for mac/el capitan?
4 goals in his last 4 Melbourne Derbies...🌵🍐. El Tuna, El Capitan picking up where he left off!
same problem across all major browsers, on OSX El Capitan. Halp!?
Is Macintosh’s latest OS, Sierra, better than El Capitan (shudder) and worth installing on my iMacs?
El Capitan changes it to play there; this shouldn't crash apps and play it off like you're not.
El Capitan is awful. Anyone who’s tried Macintosh’s latest OS, Sierra, pls tell me it’s better and worth installing on my iMacs.
Congrats to Kevin Sumlin (6-0) and Charlie (3-3) Strong for both being off to their best starts at their current schools…
At least someone found a use for El Capitan. didn't use it near enough imo
iOS 10.0.2, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, used to import automatically upon plugin, then I had to click "import," now not at all!
El Capitan Reflection, Valley View, Yosemite || The recipe for a good reflection is still and…
BC is discontinued as of El Capitan
Apple Computing for Seniors in easy steps, 2nd edition - covers OS X El Capitan and i
and in meantime, upgrade 2008 MacBook Pro to OS X El Capitan. already did 2009 MacMini last evening.
Rounding out the Top 3: had a solid start to the weekend, stealing 85.25 points from El Capitan last night…
Here's my humble offering of El Capitan and Half Dome in the back. I'm no camera pro. [160…
.waiting patiently in line for Live at El Capitan. :)
El Capitan in Yosemite National Park (California) glows at sunset. (via
please get Karen Darke on the telly box! Pic of her climbing El Capitan.with her arms alone!!!
Tried logging out/in. Same issue. Using Chrome 54.0.2811.0 canary (64-bit) on OSx El Capitan
Sunrise at El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, by jackrmoriarty:. If you look towards the bottom…
Are Alpha and Lambda still not supported for El Capitan? I've read conflicting things on your website. Thanks.
A pleasure to deal with and, on his day, one of the best players I've seen in an shirt. Good luck, El Capitan ht…
check out my new cap with El Capitan's signature !
El Capitan and the Milky Way. The view of the Milky Way over El Capitan in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas. https…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The last National Park was Yosemite with El Capitan, Giant Sequoias, Merced River, Ribbon &…
Learn how a legendary sleeps between ascending El Capitan:
El Capitan reflecting in the Merced River by Glenn Stonborg
What exactly was the reason El Capitan stole El Santo Nino? I don't know if i just missed it in the text..
PD on the scene of gas rupture caused by construction workers on El Capitan near Crow Canyon Country Club. Road is closed.
Hollywood Blvd. is neat at Gromann's Chinese & El Capitan, but rest is more or less trashy. Real Hollywood is in Burbank
What OS X version is on your Mac right now? Tell us more via DM and we can help you get El Capitan downloaded.
there is El Capitan supposed to drop?
: El Capitan on the red carpet at the Photos by ©…
I updated my Mac to El Capitan and now it won't read my SD card, can you help?
I updated to El Capitan and now my cs6 is totally glitchy! Are there any fixes? Really struggling with it :-(
El Capitán Nemo singing "Girl From The North Country" by Bob Dylan. A version done in 1975
My Macbook Air Mid 2012 does not recognize my old Cinema display DVI anymore. El Capitan could do it but stopped days ago.
Both my MBP's (mid 2010 & 2015) on El Capitan, the cpu usage on Spotify helper process spikes, when Spotify is not in use
OS updates etc. It took them almost 6 months to fix bugs on Maschine 2.0 for El Capitan etc. I jjust lost it and sold them. they've
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
May God help the next generation. I hope they won't be as chauvinistic as this generation.
This generation of 25-45 year old is already condemned; with the exception of a very few. Ethnicity & religious bigotry has…
It is quite sad to see supposedly educated folks cherish ethnicity and religious bias more than competence and capabilities.
Those who view most national issues from an ethnicity or religious angle are basic hypocrites.
The average Nigerian is excellent at defending rubbish and nonsense. "They are our militants, leave them alone. Go after ot…
Cure yourselves of this ethnic and religious chauvinism. Don't pass on a sick mentality to your kids.
If OPC wakes up today and starts killing or blowing up pipelines, the Government should deal with them. Simple.
Unity is an elusive concept in Nigeria. The 'oneness' most people try to portray is a facade. Deep down, they're basic bigo…
Progressive societies are not held back by ethnic and religious tendencies. They rise well above such nonsense.
Again, one can celebrate his or her Yorubaness, Hausaness, Igboness, Fulaniness or idomaness without being a bigot.
can't run my Ember project on OSX El-Capitan ( The Broccoli Plugin: [object Object] ).
experiencing problems with El Capitan 10.11.3 with backing up to Time Machine? Help, I've had two WD hard drives fail!
Some are calling for the head of Fulani Herdsmen but defending Niger delta militants.
Others are calling for the head of Niger Delta militants but strongly defending Fulani Herdsmen.
The ravaging Fulani Herdsmen and the Niger Delta militants deserve equal tretemnemt. The Nigerian State needs to deal with…
With barcodes to identify to takes a drink
You are blessed. The religious sentiments that should bring unity is used as a tool for war
You say this but still have contempt
Good Day Africa! Today's sermon: Do not wake up thinking of your enemies or those you hate; wake up thinking of how to empo…
I am referring to the people that condemn your work. Where they work is probably corrupt but they won't fight...
Mrshow me your effort against corruption in your workplace. Fight the corrupt people
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Nigerians are hypocrites with moral bigotry. These people are working for corrupt CEOs and MDs but still work
This is profound whether we get it or not is a different topic! Understand your job and get it done
let's be fair and stop treating the symptoms. How has covering them or not stopped corruption
I was abt to condemn but as I read on, I observed that we won't have known if he didn't cover them and they still live lavish
Free NTFS read and write solutions in Mac OS X El Capitan and Yosemite » Macdrug
Haven't upgraded to El Capitan yet. But you'll never find me touching iTunes or iCloud! *shudder*
My MacBook is so slow and it freezes the entire time. Ever since El Capitan .
I still put off upgrading to El Capitan because the name is so tacky.
El Capitan feels especially sluggish on a Macbook Pro waking up from sleep. Don't understand why. Back in ~2008 these woke up ready to use.
All-in-one kext for Realtek Wireless USB adapters [El Capitan ready] - Hackintosh Zone via
Wen Africa go dey free 4rm all dis govt tifs? we Africa youths must Rise and tell dis Evil Rulers enuff is enuff: https:…
Have you guys experienced this issue? It's driving a bunch of us nuts.
please help us. Our Macs are completely un-trustable.
El Capitan has a lot of new and hidden features that a lot of users may not know about. One such feature is a...
had the same trouble a while back, ended up using an old version patched to run on El Capitan
Vincent Kompany I wish you speed recovery my El Capitan
Time to see the Jungle Book at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood! @ The El…
El Capitan soccer comes up empty in first-place battle: Central Valley wins 2-0 Yesenia…
El Capitan's surf may be at least 2.06ft high tomorrow. Get out to Santa Barbara, pronto! via Surfline
family outing tonight for jungle book at the El Capitan ! Such a magical theatre. Amazing movie
🎬 super stoked to watch this in Dolby Vision at El Capitan! @ The El Capitan Theatre
The Jungle Book is a must see at Disney's El Capitan Theatre.
I have MAC Book Air Late 2010 model. After upgrade to OS El Capitan the FaceTime camera is not working
On the advice of - I'm off to see The Jungle Book on Monday in Dolby Vision 3D at the El Capitan theater in LA. Can't wait.
I saw it at El Capitan and it was my first time at that theater and they have GIANT JUNGLE LEAF GUNS!
Can't uninstall Acrobat Pro X from Mac (running El Capitan). Uninstaller simply disappears after trying to start it.
Watched The Jungle Book at the El Capitan on Hollywood Blvd. Great movie and a spectacular old world theater.
El Capitan update hasn’t been so good. I’m getting Adobe crash one after another… Might have to go back to mavericks
Since Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, is there better/alternative to Disk Utility? It's frustratingly limiting.
can you slapnuts please make media composer compatible w/ El Capitan? Like *** Some of us want out of the Stone Age.
How to Use Secure Notes in iOS 9.3 and OS X El Capitan Often use of the existing Notes app on iOS and OS X 9 El Ca
By the way, There's a lot of cases I can't start up my MacBook Pro since I installed Mac OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan... Fck!
How to Change Text Size in OS X El Capitan As a Mac user, you must be familiar with the Finder . The default appl
El Capitan has a new CLI tool for automating the OS install (startosinstall). I wrote a post about it:.
My last show for Zootopia and zoolapaluza at the El Capitan Theatre. Big fun.
"El Capitan" should be called Casper cos I just upgraded and my computer acting like it's haunted.
Hey man, Serato DJ 1.9 supports Mac OS X El Capitan as well as OS X Yosemite. The DDJ-SX is also as it doesn't requi…
A different weird dragging bug, Premiere CC 2015.2, Mac El Capitan 10.11.3: Any ideas on how to fix this one? ...
Update your maps at Navteq
How can I use an additional monitor with my iMac (late 2013, running El Capitan)?
As usual, my former boss is a rock solid voice of reason. via
Finally bit the bullet and got an El Capitan compatible audio interface! by czeski33
> How can I get shared folders working in VMware for El Capitan?
Only thing on my mind: El Capitan's double-tap zoom is so fkn buggy and crashes resulting in sticky-zoom. Permanent!
If you have third party USB ports installed on your mac, don't update to El Capitan. They won't work anymore.
Wow. We're less than a month away from civil war and it still feels like yesterday that marvel event at El Capitan happened while in class
Getting excited for a new video tomorrow evening...Updating to OSX El Capitan and getting a massive final cut update tomorrow
hi just got G-RAID T-Bolt2 8TB. El Capitan doesn't allow RAID management. How do I configure to mirror?
What are the chances that 22GB is not enough free space to upgrade El Capitan and I will only be informed of this _after_ Yosemite is brokt?
I liked a video from El Capitan Connection Issue Troubleshooting Guide
I feel like Mac OS X El Capitan is trying to tell me something.
or my Evernote Edition ScanSnap doesn’t work with WiFi in OS X El Capitan anymore. How can I get help with this?
Got El Capitan as my lock screen as a constant reminder of where I want to get to 👌🏻
Best Free Uninstallers to remove app in OS X El Capitan » Macdrug
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Post in Japanese, "I was able to survive...Macromedia FreeHand MX is working on El Capitan." . Using Parallels & 10.6?
Finding out After Effects CS6 is NOT compatible with El Capitan the hard way..
📷 wowtastic-nature: 💙 El Capitan in the Storm 3 on 500px by James Forbes, Sonora, United States...
Arduino IDE 1.8 doesn't like Parallels on El Capitan. Coding for the ESP8266 is painful under OSX.
Hollywood has a trio of historic/awesome places to see movies: TCL Chinese Theater, ArcLight Cinerama Dome, and Disney's El Capitan.
Does anyone have a good "How To" on reformatting a Mac Book Pro? (OS X El Capitan) Mine blew up on the plane home yesterday.
The exhibit has photos of the parks' iconic features, such as El Capitan of the Guadalupe Mountains. ://
Okay, total Hollywood moment there. Queueing for Zootopia at the El Capitan Theatre, and Byron Howard passes by from the prior show...
Not familiar with El Capitan. Is it a linux distro?
I'm not sure if Mac trash, office for Mac trash, El Capitan trash, or what but something gotta let me succeed here.
Mac. El Capitan. Neither Mail nor Outlook will synch to Google. Flippin' heck.
How to clean my OS X El Capitan hard disk drive
Again from famous El Capitan and 3 brothers
*** you Mac Pro!! I cannot begin to say how much the new disk utility in El Capitan is a load…
DJ friends : Can you run Scratch live on OS X El Capitan?
Reminds me of Ozzy and cotton candy! Hmm, now that's a good mix. 🐺🌝💖 @ El Capitan…
I liked a video from 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Upgrade to OS X El Capitan
Here is predicting the Apple privacy case in 2005, season one of The West Wing.
Windows10 now fully operational, time to start Yosemite/El Capitan... I fear more frustration and possibly going to Mavericks again
Use an Mac? Learn how to upgrade your OS to the latest version 'El Capitan' here
yeah, i think so too, but it’s not available via app store anymore. Just Mavericks and El Capitan.
"But we find these truths to be self evident: it goes puff puff pass, or next round you get skipped." -Thomas Jefferson
The updates on El Capitan are so simple yet so righteous
This Friday... El Capitán returns to the decks for an all night solo set! Resident Jake is out…
Finally updated laptop to El Capitan. Feels like I got a whole new computer!
Merced High and Golden Valley bring home trophies and El Capitan brings home experience.
OS X blacklist accidentally disables Ethernet in El Capitan: Luckily, if you are affected, it's relatively tri..
I have a new gig! So excited to move into the El Capitan Theatre on THURSDAY for the premiere of .
I got a chance to try it, and this method of creating a bootable OS X ISO also allows the ISOSTICK to boot it:
YES! If you update all your Slate Plugins, they are all El Capitan ready
Wow! Quite the intro! We are LIVE in Hollywood from the El Capitan this morning.
Interesting & fairly in-depth analysis of the SIP (restrictions on root user) security feature of Mac OSX El Capitan
Here's it is! Our first release, 'El Capitan' by out now! Check out the video here: …
that’d be cool. But are you plugins compatible w/el capitan yet? I can’t find info & no answer at phone support today
Prices reduced: 21.5" iMacs with OS X El Capitan and Intel i-series CPU starting at $599.99!
Hmm, yeah. Not even on El Capitan yet ... but seems like something's changed between Mac and Handbrake ...
A storm clears over El Capitan, Yosemite -
Ok, just loaded El Capitan on the Mac. What's the deal with the photos and iPhoto?
ゲッ「QLab 2 is not supported or stable on OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later.」
Also are you using a Mac? I've heard "El Capitan" messes with Handbrake but there is a way around it.
This turns out to be Windows, er, Apple for "You need El Capitan".
its something to do with El Capitan. There's an easy fix you can find online.
Will be my Logic 9 Pro more stable in El Capitan than in Yosemite? I'm so afraid, it freezes sometimes in Yosemite.
THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG at the El Capitan theater! The real life Princess is here, the Princess is here!
So walking the beach at El Capitan state beach park I encountered lots of oil I worked on the Exxon Valdez spill back in 89 andaccording to
Just learned that the new Apple operative system had been called El Capitan. This is Your final warning mr. Anderson
*side eyes El Capitan as I buy a brand-new audio interface as well as a new DAW*
My partner, my brother, and one of the best to do it, congrats El Capitan.
Still haven’t got around to upgrading to OS X El Capitan. Not sure whether it’s worth the potential problems people have reported?
El Capitan (summer) Yosemite California Products 2 Inch Round Magnet! Keep your memories of Yosemite close by...
ATSF (EMD F7) with the westbound "Super Chief-El Capitan," at Streator, Ill., March 1969. By Joseph Petric.
Apple drops new betas for iOS 9, tvOS, watchOS and OS X El Capitan via
any of my Google Chrome hacker friends know if per-tab App Nap is supported yet on OS X El Capitan? I'd like to switch back from Safari.
El Capitan, on pacific coast highway- Lamas living a simple life! 🙏
.with Digital Editions and Apple's latest El Capitan does not work. And they blame each other. Brilliant.
Dear Mac mail, I'm not sure why you're mad at El Capitan, but for the love of Peter, Paul, and Mary, please work it out.
to Mountain Lion, I'm not upgrading to OS X El Capitan again under a fresh install... sort of.
Surreal Pixar pre-show at the El Capitan. Such a lovely experience seeing Dino in that theater with a real audience.
The wonderful Wurlitzer at the El Capitan theater Hollywood
Congrats to the Jedi Council on seeing Episode 7 at the Chinese theater or El Capitan theater.
If Star Wars ends up being worth seeing in the theater twice, I may have to go to the El Capitan for round two.
LIVE on El Capitan theater. The good dinosaur
I love it when El Capitan theater is all lit up for a movie premiere!
I swear El Capitan renders Serif fonts thinner than Yosemite did. Doesn’t look as good.
So apparently El Capitan broke *everything* on MacOS. If you want to know why people still use Windows, there you go.
Yeah I need to leave dragonpad in capable paws for a day to have it fully backed up & upgraded to El Capitan.
tunnel view and El Capitan? The hike up to the base of that is insane.
it 'd be great if PowerPoint supported OS X El Capitan Split View in preso mode. Use-case: running slides+code demo together
The best thing about El Capitan is that it makes iOS better
any update for El Capitan, R.A.T 7 is next to useless at the moment
Currently updating my Mac from Snow Leopard to El Capitan 😂😂 I thought I was tech savvy until I realized I haven't updated my OS in 6 years
Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman Are Married: Report: The couple were wed at the El Capitan Canyon resort in Sant...
Trying to download OSX el capitan and it *** so far. Taking a year to download.
I have no choice but to just download El Capitan. It'd be nice if I could at least see the progress bar clearly.
not so great for removable;I'd personally just use FUSE but El Capitan /can/ screw that up too
Hi! Could not find compatibility info of gfxCardStatus with OsX El Capitan… Does it work with it?
this OS X El Capitan update sounds so lit.
I've read BAD reviews on El Capitan. Lots of issues. Waiting a long while to update.
El Capitan broke Safari for me so I think I have to migrate all my data to a new user account but otherwise it's good
Word of caution for Mac users who use iMail. I updated to OS El Capitan today and now my mail just keeps crashing. Hold off on updating.
I've spent the last 6 hours of my life waiting for OS X El Capitan to install. The Apple UX has gone to ***
OS X El Capitan - says listen up kids come one come all this is Apple at its best c’mon
Restore seems successful. Mac is SO much faster now and on El Capitan!
Looks like this time Microsoft isn't to blame for wasting 1.5 hours of my life ... Thanks Apple! Great upgrade. :/
vHelp: Problem to open VM Windows 8 after update OS X Yosemite to El Capitan !
Mavericks? I'm still running on Mountain Lion! (My work computer has El Capitan. It's fine.)
A lot of kernel panics/crashes for people updating Macs to OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 recently. That update was out on 10/'s 11/7. Odd.
Live DJ re-score happening now during the SAFETYLAST! showing at El Capitan.
Finally downloading El Capitan what an awesome name for
NEW post from me: Nginx for Mac OS X El Capitan in 2 minutes
domain names
Ok, so my Mac is still on Mavericks. Time to upgrade. Question is, Yosemite or El Capitan??? Thoughts and opinions welcome!
So I restored the backup I made before upgrading my OSX to El Capitan. . My 300+-day Long Dark game: still gone.
idk if you've done it yet, but don't update to El Capitan, it won't be good for its performance.
Welp, The Long Dark hot fixed the issue that was causing El Capitan to delete save games. My game: Still gone.
Playoff bound! seed vs. El Capitan at our house this Friday!
having issues connecting to El Capitan via ssh for encryption. It reliably fails to make a connection to any 10.11 Machines.
Back to 3D designs for OS X El Capitan, I see? why.
what version of Mac OS are u runnin btw?? I wouldn't advise goin to El Capitan yet! As a lot of softwares not been updated 4 it
OS X El Capitan sounds like a disease I do not want my computer to get
From heaven to *** with mac el capitan, is that sublimimal?
El Capitan. Shot this while assisting at a workshop for Canon 3 years ago. I never grow tired of Yosemite.
Lordy... El Capitan is awful. Momentary freezes are doing my head in!
Has Final Cut Pro been updated to run in El Capitan already?
Is it just me or does anyone else feel the need to write “El Capitan (my Capitan *stands on desk*)” every time they reference the new OS X?
Office 2016 for Mac users plagued by crashes after upgrading to OS X El Capitan via
Well, El Capitan was nice until I realized Apple Mail won't import any of my "On My Mac" folders from Yosemite...
Star Wars banner on the El Capitan. This makes me feel all warm and tingly. @ The El Capitan Theatre
Turns out we'll be watching at the El Capitan Theatre. Meghan is my savior
will tickets be on sale for El Capitan Theatre showings tomorrow?
they're showing it at the El Capitan Theatre!!!
The OS X El Capitan upgrade has finally allowed me to view calendars within OS X Calendar app again!
Apple updates iWork apps for OS X El Capitan and iOS 9
I just want a group of us go to the El Capitan Theatre for the premier of Captain America Civil War
"I'm the El Capitan now." -Barkhad Abdi after upgrading his MacBook.
Microsoft Office for Mac and Outlook 2011 get bug-fix update on OS X El Capitan - International Business Times UK
.please send help for El Capitan. I can't open Microsoft Word or Outlook this morning.
El Capitan: Microsoft will not release fix for Outlook 2016 crashes
Feeling handicapped w/o Default Folder X on El Capitan. ETA? Beta? Any news?
El Capitan, My El Capitan, you make my Mac as sluggish as Windows Vista.
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