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El Cajon Blvd

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Stop and go traffic in on I-805 NB between EL Cajon Blvd and 8, delay of 3 mins
An SUV crashes into a convenience store in in the 4100 block of El Cajon Blvd. Two people may be injured.
JUST IN: An SUV crashes through a convenience store on the 4100 block of El Cajon Blvd. is on scene.
I feel so far from everyone living in el cajon blvd :(
Accident, center lane blocked in on I-805 SB between Adams Ave and EL Cajon Blvd
Just lost 50$ on El Cajon blvd I hope whoever finds it needs it more than me!!
The Gorilla doesn't always eat tacos, but when he does, on Kansas St. And El Cajon Blvd rocks that!!!
I had a dream the other night that me and Danny came up on a few hunnids on El Cajon blvd so we hit it up when I woke up
Accident, left lane blocked in on I-805 NB at EL Cajon Blvd
CITY OF La Mesa: Police working an over turned vehicle collision in the 7400 Block of El Cajon Blvd. Please avoid...
A rollover crash is blocking lanes in the 7400 block of El Cajon Blvd near Williamsburg Lane in
CPR Activation for at 11:27 AM PST (EL CAJON BLVD); 1 citizen responder just notified.
I miss kickin it on el cajon blvd lowkey.. Cheeseside was home
Come to VONS on El Cajon blvd and buy some Girl Scout cookies from ya girls
any update on bike lanes on El Cajon Blvd? Or ETA on when details will be available?
Please attend our Fair Trade Committee Meeting on Wed, Jan 28th at 5 pm. Open to the public! Join us at Biz Art Center (7317 El Cajon Blvd)
If you live in San Diego or visit San Diego you have to go to Alforon 5965 El Cajon Blvd. Most importantly, the waitress guesses your age 12 years younger than you really are, the food is exceptional and the prices are extremely reasonable. Be sure to get the portabello mushroom flat bread and the spinach and cheese flat bread and the garlic paste so you can lather it on your flat breads. Get the fattoush salad and Lebanese tea as well. The place only seats 20 so go on off peak hours.
For those (which means almost all) of you unfamiliar w/Digital Gym Cinema, it's part of Media Arts Center in North Park, 2921 El Cajon Blvd.
Royal Hall on El Cajon Blvd. opening soon. Sound & lighting consultation by E.P
My car started sounding ultra loud when I started it and gave it gas. Yesterday, I took it to Budget Muffler on El Cajon Blvd between 46th and Menlo and after some smooth negotiating (threatening to take my car to Henry's who gave me the correct price but couldn't fit me in) they welded the exhaust pipe back to the manifold for $110. Now that's in MY 'Budget' and it took them 2.5 hours--I was quoted 3 hours. I'm now at Noah's Tire at Estrella and El Cajon Blvd--down the road heading east but on the opposite side of the street. They are installing 4 brand new tires for me for $180 flat. (Cash in hand always speaks volumes). I have come here before and gotten four used tires for $100. My service has never been more than 15 minutes here, they always have more than one person working on my car and I am always assisted immediately! Literally FIFTEEN MINUTES TOTAL from the moment you drive up!
green air patient care, it's on El Cajon Blvd. prices are actually super dec'.
Thank you for having huge range of batteries, bulbs etc. I don't like malls so location on El Cajon Blvd works for me!
Oh, cool. Are there forthcoming shots of El Cajon Blvd and my old apt in La Mesa where I had all my laundry stolen?
CPR Activation for at 03:37 PM PST (EL CAJON BLVD); 6 citizen responders just notified.
2100 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego DUI checkpoint results in six drunk driving arrests, attorneys relay: One of the...
Great service at on El Cajon Blvd San Diego . Had battery for my in stock! . Thanks Michael!
We have arrived for the SOLD OUT Screening of Sensualidad at Digital Gym 2921 El Cajon Blvd SD 6pm-9pm
DUI checkpoint at El Cajon blvd and Alabama
.DUI CHECKPOINT being set up on El Cajon Blvd near Texas St towards 163.
DUI checkpoint getting set up right now on El Cajon Blvd between Texas and Alabama. Stay safe and drive sober.
Hour and half to get from gennesee to El Cajon blvd
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Driving through the Asian district of El Cajon blvd. it's like the Asian home base.
SAVE THE DATE! Casanova fish tacos will b at The BLVD MARKET 12/19. 6 to 10pm. Corner of El Cajon Blvd and Utah st.
I think it was on El Cajon blvd. I was driving by with Liam and I saw it through the door. Get da ox blood!
San Diego happening in the drive thru at El Cajon blvd. we stand together to say
Anyone else having problems with Cricket cell phones. At the College and El Cajon Blvd store, store, the sales clerks couldn't help me.
Picketing is expected to begin at 6 a.m. at a McDonald's at 5322 El Cajon Blvd. in City Heights, according to the...
Fundraiser tonight for the Ché Café Collective at Tiger!Tiger!, 3025 El Cajon Blvd at 6 PM featuring DJ's Rob...
The pizzas for tonight's ZONE 1 & ZONE 7 parties are HUGE! Thanks go out to on El Cajon Blvd. for...
Great dinner at Russian restaurant: Pomengranate on El Cajon Blvd. So yummy,
Keg n Bottle is amazing. Only been there one but its awesome. Pretty much on the corner of college and el Cajon blvd
Hoover uses those thots from El Cajon blvd as cheerleaders - Crawford
new development for el cajon blvd: El Cajon Boulevard in North Park has always had a lot of potential for new ...
New post: new development for el cajon blvd
this is my vintage style perfume bottle tattooed by Tim Lees at Propaganda Tattoo on El Cajon Blvd
El Cajon blvd reeks of weed. I had something else to say but this fine young man just crossed my path
Please avoid the area of El Cajon Blvd/Estrella Ave due to serious accident investigation.
New Paint + signs. Classing it up on El Cajon Blvd! More pics soon. Check out our
how our essays make us feel.."screw it, im gonna work on El Cajon blvd" -
We can all go anytime! Or if you guys ever wanna venture there it’s Himalayan Cuisine on El Cajon Blvd.
Thank you Business Improvement Association for implementing these awsome address decals for El Cajon Blvd.
El Cajon Blvd by college, in front of MC.D. We've been there before
Congestion, avg 10mph on I-805 SB between El Cajon Blvd and CA-15 -
The Asian Market by the pad off El cajon Blvd.
Soo many prostitutes on El Cajon blvd rn
2030 El Cajon Blvd sold for $7.7 million in North Park. Upscale, mixed-use project in the works.
Pacific Liquor on 30th and el cajon blvd
Thank you for your great customer service. But you MUST disassociate with Vesuvio’s Pizzeria on 6663 El Cajon Blvd 92115
Crispy fried chicken on El Cajon blvd
2030 El Cajon Blvd. The old costume/prop warehouse that has been on the market for quite some time.
Praise the Lord! Mad excited to have my boy, YouTube sensation (check him out!), Lawrence Park lead worship for us THIS Sunday 9/21, 10AM, at 3XL Christian Church-6663 El Cajon Blvd. Suite N, San Diego, CA 92115! If able, come worship our Heavenly Father with us! And by the way, looking for a worship leader the following Sunday 9/28, hit me up! Please continue to pray for us! Thank you very much everybody! God bless, much love, peace!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Its a family quince come thru, its on El Cajon Blvd lol
Tomorrow is Park(ing) Day. Lots of great sites in SD to check out including Parklet on El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego police officer collides with another driver at College and El Cajon Blvd. Story at 5 CBS8
Vegan donuts and beer happy hour tonight at The Hideout, I'm bringing the donuts, beers are $2 off 5-7pm :) 3519 El Cajon Blvd 92104
Gyros for dinner from our local middle eastern place it is! At Fattoush on El Cajon Blvd / Montezuma.
If I take over one travel lane on El Cajon Blvd for bikes will there city treat me with kid gloves too?
I may want to do that. That's near SDSU off El Cajon Blvd. Season starts soon. Not many Sharks fans here.
The first 63rd and El Cajon Blvd. Ca. c.1951, via
I don't know where the Flame sign is. I thought I knew where all of the oldies were. El Cajon Blvd somewhere?
ya I'm glad my apartment is not on El Cajon blvd 😊
“It's always so god *** hot in El Cajon. Walking around campus is like a sauna”/ living on else cajon blvd
This place is always a must potato Tacos on Park blvd off of El Cajon blvd
We considered this for El Cajon Blvd but there were significant concerns re parking impacts & parking enforcement.
El Cajon blvd where the Burger King used to be next to Wendy's!
Also, he just told me they opened up another location on El Cajon Blvd. 😁👍
They're building a Sonic on El Cajon Blvd by 30th 😩🙏👏
Sitting at the park off El Cajon blvd.
There is a herd of white girls heading west on El Cajon Blvd. Is there a Starbucks near by?
I'd love to see this at our major urban thoroughfares: El Cajon Blvd, University Ave, Grand Ave: Poynton Regenerated:
Awesome service at El Cajon Blvd and 63rd in Sorry forgot to ring the bell
I go to this place right by vons on el cajon blvd.
I love the camera! Come kick it with me at The Hideout 3519 El Cajon blvd!
go to Pho Hoa on El Cajon Blvd right next to Dominoes
Somebody come visit me at work😩 the Ethiopian food is so bomb💥 . 2432 El Cajon blvd 92014 San Diego Ca
The Sonic on El Cajon blvd is gonna be ratch ratch
There are two busses that run El Cajon Blvd: the 1 and 1a. One of them shld scroll ICYMI on their display.
For real tho.. you ever in San Diego.. gots to go to the Chicken Pie Shop on El Cajon Blvd.. The BEST !!
it's right on El Cajon Blvd like down the street from the Ralph's
Who's idea was it to do construction on all four corners of El Cajon Blvd/College Ave at the same time?
"Hey let's schedule construction on El Cajon blvd. during the World Cup" "ok"
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Nails done by ling ling on El Cajon blvd󾆖. Hair bought from the nearest pony󾆾. Make-up done by Mac. Eye-lashes...
he escaped yesterday and almost ran into El Cajon blvd
she's been blown out more than a hooker on El Cajon blvd
Bumping Bobby Womack on el cajon blvd, rip
As much as I've been down El Cajon Blvd I have never seen these so called prostitutes!
Sin burn is prevented by son screen - 54th & El Cajon blvd
near Winona by el cajon blvd wby , that the only job I can find
El Cajon blvd is more ghetto than waianae justsayin
AFRIQUE WEAR Visit our Specialty Store 4 and pick UP our Rasta Line @ RASTA EDT3069 EL CAJON BLVD,SD Call for...
all the time! My tattoo shop is on El Cajon Blvd. C&T is my fav hipster coffee shop
Accident, shoulder blocked in on 15 SB before EL Cajon Blvd
A car has crashed into bank building window in the 7900 El Cajon Blvd in No one was injured.
Heartland Fire & Rescue units are on scene of a vehicle into a structure at 7900 El Cajon Blvd. in La Mesa
Acc NB the 805 appr. El Cajon Blvd. Right lane blocked. Delays back to the 15. Hear more info @ Share
Multi car rollover crash on 805 NB by El Cajon Blvd. . Needing additional ALS
Got.home from rehearsal at legends tonight it was a great session.Looking forward to next Friday and show at go lounge on el Cajon Blvd on Saturday night.shining on
We're helping the Walkers move some furniture today and they are graciously providing lunch. See at 1PM! 7705 El Cajon Blvd. Unit 13
¡ Flashmed ~ flash mob! meditation from 11:55 to 1 pm today. Park and El cajon Blvd . ^_^
Made a yelp just to leave a bad review for the tea station on El Cajon blvd. livid.
i do not, but call them? it's called Aztec smoke shop off El Cajon blvd.
Two weeks ago a map like this with a red mark like this one was an evacuation zone. Today the post this and it's to tell us that once more traffic can't go there, travel is impacted and that San Diego County is about to see havoc of all sorts this weekend. Just this time 30,000 people will be within that area--It covers the 805 & 8, all over the terribly, redonkulously weekend populated Balboa Park. El Cajon Blvd, which I pity them for having to run on because I'm pretty sure that San Diego folks might bury their dead on that street, it definitely has the worst surfacing outside of PA. Through University Heights where people are eternally happy or all transplanted from Canada. They go through downtown, touch upon the Gaslamp which at 8AM will only be gathering it's homeless people from the nearby "assistance house". I thought the wildfires sounded like a bad idea... but this sounds ludicrous. Why would we want to invite this many people here now when we could just wait two more months and have Comic Con?
Lets play a game called "You're A Racist!" I boarded the 15 bus at sdsu headed to downtown and a few stops later, on El Cajon Blvd, a young man--probably early twenties--gets on the bus, staring at his phone which is loudly blaring dialogue that is then followed by obnoxious music. He sits down without acknowledging anyone else on the bus and does not turn down the volume. What is his race? Hint: no matter how you answer, you're a racist! Which, I guess, means you win since that's the name of the game. I didn't think this through.
If any b2be members have friends or family that will be participating in the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon, we will be meeting at 7:30am, in front of Coffee and Tea Collective, located at 2911 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego CA, 92104, to cheer on our b2be members. We hope to see you there!
Does anyone remember the State Theater on El Cajon Blvd.? Red velvet chairs and all the green scrolling on the walls. I remember seeing The Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music. The screen was so big you really felt like you were in the movie.
& at least you're in Serra Mesa I rode it on El Cajon blvd lmao it was the worst year of my life
no google it it's called the living room on El Cajon blvd
The office will always remind me of SD on El Cajon Blvd
What was the name of the sandwich place near SDSU on El Cajon Blvd. ate there in the late 80s. Tower Records close by. Same side of the street. May have been near/across from a pizza place also (Woodstock's?).
Room for Rent starting in August on El Cajon blvd and College Ave. Next to Effins Pub and Grill and across the street from Vons, CVS, SmartnFinal, and various other stores. Rent is 652.50 : your own bathroom and includes: parking space, water and sewage. Less than a mile from SDSU and trolley stop, hourly shuttle that goes to and from campus! Message me for more info
So fun reading these posts. The memories! Back in the 60's we used to go "pool hopping" in Mission Valley. Just hit all the pools at the fancy hotels. I remember seeing "2001" at the drive-In on El Cajon Blvd. Can't believe they really used to show Bullfights on channel 12 live from TJ. (The original reality show!) Bob Dale with his bowties and afternoon movie. Grunion runs in OB. The beach covered with them in the moonlight! Regis Philbin had a local show, and Saturday had "TV 8 Dancetime" a local, live, show like American Bandstand. Ozzies Band Contest! Oh man, I could go! Thanks for your posts, all.
Here's another one, now that I'm going down this particular memory lane...The Grotto seafood restaurant near El Cajon Blvd and College. It was über 70's cool- each booth was its own "undersea grotto".
I'm trying to remember a couple of restaurants my parents absolutely loved- the first, I believe was called A Bit of Sweden on El Cajon Blvd. The other was a restaurant in La Mesa on the hillside overlooking the 8, across the freeway from Anthony's. This would've somewhere in the '70's, or early 80's. Can anyone help me out?
Maybe this is relevant to you guys. Construction on El Cajon Blvd.
Free standing corner street commercial building. Zoning allows for many uses, such as office, retail or industrial u…
I had the juice since day 1. San Diego childhood! Raised off of El Cajon Blvd. & Adams Avenue. Not for…
I ordered it as the Seth Smith Special a few weeks ago on El Cajon Blvd.
They moved my banner to a more prime location, look for me at El Cajon Blvd. and Euclid. Across the…
El Cajon blvd got the best buffalo chicken fries
Do you know where East San Diego is at like University or EL Cajon Blvd — what...? no
We are at my favorite spot, but my car is on El Cajon Blvd. :)
I remember walking home from Alice Birney Elementary. The best part was all the kids at the doorway of Red's Barber Shop (in the little strip mall on Park and El Cajon Blvd. - the one with Eye of Buddha, formerly Genghis Khan Furniture). Red always had Bazooka gum for the kids. We'd all wait our turn for him to offer us a piece and when you reached for it, he'd move his hand around and you'd have to try to *** it out of his hand while all the old farts (who seemed to be there every day) sat there and cackled at you.
Does anyone remember seeing President Kennedy when he visited San Diego? My Dad took home movies of him. We saw him at the intersection of El Cajon Blvd and 54th Street. I believe he was giving the commencement speech at SDSU Aztec Stadium.
 A handful of friends and Viva goers told me they are thinking about coming to San Diego.. well let me tell you, it is hands down one of the most beautiful cities in California, and while it is not the cheap vintage mecca, there are some amazing spots to check out and drink in the incredible beauty and delicious beer... Here are my recommendations for shopping, eating, sightseeing-- and YES, this is touristy, but even I enjoy being a tourist in "America's Finest City." AND IF IM MISSING SOMETHING, FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW! North Park (CENTRAL San Diego) FOOD: Tiger! Tiger! $$- delicious, artisinal, american food. vegan options. Great ambience. Lots of craft beer options. 3025 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, 92104 Sipz Cafe $- vegan Asian fusion food. My favorite place ever. The mock meat tastes just as good as the real thing. 3914 30th St. San Diego, 92104 Veg N Out $- vegetarian and vegan burgers. Super huge and juicy. Just as good as any other burger around. 3442 30th St. San Diego, 92104 Rancho's Cocina $- ...
The time has come for me to become an ordained minister I am happy to invite you to the Ordination Services on April 26 @ 10 am. LIBERTY TEMPLE WORSHIP CENTER. 7309 El Cajon Blvd.
Still can't save routes! Anyways, absolutely an awesome run! 58 degrees, very overcast, slight breeze! Backstreet to 70th, to Tower/ Solita/ 62nd / Stanley/ Acorn to College, to El Cajon Blvd to Aragon and home!
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White dude sleep wit his car runnin on el cajon blvd. gta waiting
El Cajon blvd Crackhead wouldn't sell me candy today for a $5 dollar bill when that's all I had because a little league jersey was $10
Rudford's on El Cajon Blvd. for breakfast with their famous O'Brien potatoes & now Benihanas for dinner with the family.. 'nuff said.
For those of you that didn't know jack in the beginning. They started in San Diego and Jack was on El Cajon Blvd. check out the prices and the crazy clown head.
Don't forget: College Area Taste is tomorrow, with 22 restaurants showcasing scrumptious samplings -
I will be playing with kids in heat tonight at the bujwah store in San Diego with pez heads, the nformals, corners, Kim & the created and adult books. Will be a rowdy night. 3823 El Cajon blvd show starts at 730.
“came out bick AF! Who did it? SMMT lavish tattoos 5733 El Cajon blvd
Wanna know how awesome my day is? After I got my script filled, I managed to step on a used tampon on El Cajon blvd. can I rage quit this day yet?
Santino Romeri of a The Most Hi will be playing an early beat set at Soda Bar tonight! 7-7:30 pm. 3615 El Cajon Blvd.
"If you start with roads well under capacity, you’ll only increase the congestion a little bit." e.g., El Cajon Blvd
there's one in southeast, La Mesa, Kearney Mesa, and El Cajon Blvd
where'd you pick me up last time it's by my old house in city heights remember off El Cajon blvd & ok(:
Looking to treat your taste buds this weekend? Head over to the College Area for a walking tour fit for foodies:
Nick Cannon is really coming to El Cajon Blvd., and Bridges?
The food at store 1238 Escondido is superior to what the Smash San Diego (El Cajon Blvd) serves Great grill man!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I went to this shop on university but I'm going to the one on El Cajon blvd
Incident cleared in on 15 SB between EL Cajon Blvd and 805
Here I am on the corner of El Cajon Blvd and Felton in San Diego California.
and food and You're welcome off El Cajon Blvd tonight @ 6pm! Bring your bellies and your brains!
We have an event at Next Door on El Cajon Blvd tonight at 6p. Great food at the truck, trivia night at the bar! Please RT
I was a waitress on the graveyard shift at Denny's on El Cajon Blvd. She's one of the classier customers.
object on roadway on 8 WB between W Main St and EL Cajon Blvd in
So...our 13.1miler turned into a 14 miler which included starting at El Cajon Blvd & College TO…
It's hot af. This only occurs on El Cajon blvd
Next up...Next Door (Come out to 7235 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115 today from 5:30-9p.
Watch the game with us TONIGHT at on El Cajon Blvd and Art St. Tip off is at 7:17pm!
accident. left lane blocked on 15 NB between EL Cajon Blvd and Adams Ave
ACCIDENT - 805 NB involving a motorcycle blocking the right lane at El Cajon Blvd.
Laylahs a taste of jamaica in San Diego two locations to serve u 5712 El Cajon blvd. 3160main st
accident. two lanes blocked on 8 WB between EL Cajon Blvd and Severin Dr in
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hope everyone can join and support us today at our fundraiser at Effin's Pub and Grill on El Cajon Blvd. We will...
the one is on El Cajon blvd side right
I'm on El Cajon blvd too lmao I'm on my way to her
el cajon blvd. Ask for peaches she be behind the laundry matt she give top for MTS bus tokens or t.v dinners.
I forgot im walking on el cajon blvd -_-
A University Ave/El Cajon Blvd or Pacific Beach trolley line would be much better investment than a SAN line.
we're just middle of the pack?! Even with all the spas on El Cajon Blvd & all the military? I'm so disappointed in us as a city.
Come and visit On the Edge Art Gallery at 7317 El Cajon Blvd, every weekday between 9 and 4:30
My co-worker asked if he could get me drunk and sell me as a prostitute on el cajon blvd.
Chase on El Cajon blvd in San Diego! Just in case you wanted to know!! Do some cleaning house with your tellers as well
Bánh mì and egg rolls, and more egg rolls: As of last summer, the stretch of El Cajon Blvd. between ...
were you walking by El Cajon blvd yesterday w/ a red shirt?
we're located on the edge of North Park, San Diego. 2911 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92104. Hope to see you soon!
Cruising El Cajon Blvd on a warm summer night was a sacred ritual in the early sixties. A rite of passage, we were young savages growing up
If you wanna get directions to the party tomorrow night check point at the Taco Bell on El Cajon blvd while you're there buy me a chalupa   10% Off
Anyone know what the police activity was in La Mesa tonight? Vicinity of University/El Cajon Blvd/Spring St?.
DM your number , and si I live on that st but closet to el cajon blvd (:
LOL. El Cajon Blvd. “19 things you have to explain to out-of-towners about San Diego
Driving down El Cajon blvd and I smell some 🔥
Factory is the place to be tonight 5$ only doors open el cajon blvd .
crown is a hookah lounge on El Cajon blvd. I was there yesterday
El Cajon blvd is where the freaks are lol
Does anyone remember Don Jose's on El Cajon Blvd.? That was my grandpa.Any pics?
pursuit near Monroe and El Cajon blvd! Foot bail!! I hear the sirens/just turned on the scanner feed
Foot bail on NB 50th near El Cajon Blvd some onto Monroe
yea been there a few times. Think ima stay on El Cajon Blvd
Pomegranate Russian-Georgian food on El Cajon Blvd with my mom. Very good food! let's bring Taylor.
Car wash price before 10pm. Otherwise the price on the right. . El Cajon Blvd. Hope this inform helps out.
Was thinking about eating dinner tonight at Rudfords on El Cajon Blvd for their wifi, but nah. They salt their food way too much. Hypersalt.
Family and friends: The service for Joey will be held one week from today, February 22nd at 5880 El Cajon Blvd, beginning at 1pm with a reception to follow. Feel free to message me if you'd like more info. Thanks for all of your support.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
On our way to an event at The Ugly Dog Pub on El Cajon Blvd.
Fresh is the name of the game !!! Ceviche toastadas , Tj style tacos ,mulitas , quesadillas and burritos I'll be setup at 1230 today 5733 El Cajon blvd sd ca 92105
Armed man robs El Cajon Blvd. eatery. [from U-T San Diego]
"Crumbs From the Table of Joy" at the Moxie on El Cajon Blvd. Got my ticket : - )
Are the buffalo fries on el cajon blvd worth eating like the ones in IB.-.?
Come down for lunch today people new hours Thursday and Friday 1130 am till 8pm .. You can't beat tj style tacos for lunch !!! Burritos, mulitas , quesadillas , tj style tacos and yes fresh ceviche !!! 5733 El Cajon blvd sd ca 92105
San Diego works in 92115 in 92103 but not anywhere around Texas st and El Cajon blvd
What is another good nail shop in sd besides diva nails that do eyebrows, nails, and pedicures with designs and I dont wanna go to el cajon blvd eitha!
Inkarcerated Tattoo and piercing company has a valentine special from 12pm to 3pm stop by and get some amazing art by talented tattoo artist's the location is on 4226 el cajon blvd San Diego,CA 92105
Hello lovely friends and clients! It was brought to my attention today that there was a glitch with my online booking system earlier. It appears to have been restored and is back in order. Just in case, if you have booked online with me recently please double check your next appointment date and time. You can always contact me directly to confirm or if for any reason you need to reschedule. Thank you! Have a beautiful day! Rochelle at Bluxom Salon (619) 243-4445 rochelleSalon 2855 El Cajon Blvd, Suite 2 San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 255-4779
Go to Luigi's on El Cajon Blvd. pizza party. Let's go, everyone. Invite people.
Google Street View: overturned vehicle rescue on El Cajon Boulevard and 69th Street
Get freshed up for Valentine's with Christopher Estevez Urbancutz 6781 El Cajon Blvd San Diego CA, 92115
Hi, Bring that special someone out on Valentine’s Day Eve to Bistro Sixty. Let us serenade you and warm things up for your pre-celebration! It all happens Thursday night starting at 6pm. Make reservations to make sure you get a table on the patio. See you there! Your Fabulous Pushpins Stevie, Sammy Jones, Freddy Finesse and Jimi Valentino Bistro Sixty on the Blvd, 5987 El Cajon Blvd., corner of 60th and El Cajon Blvd
wyd tomorrow? I'm going early. I think imma go back to this place on El Cajon Blvd. Do u know a good place?
Check this out,the Tribe of Judah has a gig at the Last Call up on EL CAJON BLVD,and my homies Poli Roots are playin' and there's a band from Portland playin' too.y'all know what this means.Imma havta TVO Law & Order: Special Victims Unit...I ain't missin' this line up,Y'all might not wanna miss this line up either.Last Call up on EL CAJON BLVD,
Tonight at Last Call on El Cajon Blvd come see us, Tribe of Judah!! 9 o' clock!! Bring your positive…
Been by on a Sat am?. Big fun Art and Entertainment market- on the grass-9-1. Corner of El Cajon and Park Blvd!
Booking for march only!!! Pls inbox for more info. Or come visit the shop for your next tattoo consultation from Tuesday-Sunday 12-8pm (4660 el cajon blvd )
15 Bus El Cajon Blvd: where you find at least 1 man drinking a 40 or a FourLoko no matter what time you're on it.
This Thursday we're trying out a new venue off of El Cajon Blvd. in La Mesa / College area . Sick dive bar with back patio , full bar, strong drinks , pool table, the whole 9. Hope to keep this Multi-genre underground monthly bumpin into the future. Boldly rockin where no DJs have rocked b4 . Send soundclouds / mixclouds for bookings : ]
Best wishes to everyone that I worked with, at the Sports Arena, La Jolla and El Cajon Blvd locations. Everybody should have experienced working at DOW, it turned boys into men..
Done & happy to report polling place on El Cajon Blvd was hoppin'. Good sign.
ACCIDENT in North Park - 805 NB involving a motorcycle blocking the center lane at EL Cajon Blvd.
Restaurant revisit: Terra on solid ground Hillcrest who? 'Risky' move to El Cajon Blvd. paying off more
Come and see us sometime and we'll see what we can do! We're at 7304 El Cajon Blvd.
It's mindful Monday again! Which means yoga bliss with me at 8:15pm at Kettleflex Fitness! 6663 El Cajon Blvd. first class is free-ninety nine! Then just $5 a class each time after that :)
Any African American women out there with nothing to do tonight. Come support me and learn how you can become a healthy diva, fitness, fun, food @ no cost. 5:30 pm. 5379 El Cajon blvd san deigo ca 92115. Thanks in advance!
Pacific Suns will perform as the opening ensemble at the annual San Diego County Honor Choir Concert at 7 PM on March 1st. This year the concert is at College Avenue Baptist Church, 4747 College Avenue, south of SDSU, between Montezuma Rd. and El Cajon Blvd. It is sponsored by CMEA-SBS and San Diego Unified School District.
“are u ever near adams still?” I was on el cajon blvd the other night till like 4 in the morning
Hamilton Collection
Does anybody remember Teddy? He was an installer and drove the Gold Impala and later opened the San Diego Stereo in the old Mark the Shark El Cajon blvd. store
A5: If you're in after a long run, check out Bahia on El Cajon Blvd for the best sausage/bacon brkfst burrito.
Going to see as obscure as Enoch tonight for my birthday at 9:30 at the Last Call on El Cajon blvd. I your in San Diego please stop by.
Adding more to this rad back piece. Also booking for march! Inbox for more info. Or swing by to set your next tattoo appointment (4660 el cajon blvd San Diego ca)
Working at Pick Vapor today from 11 to 9 come stop by and say HI, also come check out the selections that we have in stock. :) 6784 El Cajon Blvd. Unit H, San Diego, CA 92115
Tomorrow is the BIG day!! Please help us get the word out!! Bring friends, signs, instruments, cameras, LOVE, HUGS, etc... Please car pool where ever possible! Some of us will be meeting at this Sprouts to car pool at 11:30am Tomorrow. At the event we will be singing Lean on me by Bill Withers and handing out San Diego Love Mob buttons and HUGS! Please see event details for more! First we'll meet in University heights the address is Open Aire Market in University Heights. Address 4100 Normal St, SD 92103 at the Crossroads of El Cajon Blvd and Normal St. We will gather at 12:30 and Start at 1:00pm promptly! Then we will drive to Escondido at the corner of Grand Ave at Maple St Plaza. for the 4th annual chocolate festival and do it again for LOVE!! Gather at 2:30 and start by 3:00pm! This will be a high like no other
Remember I will be at the university heights open air arts market grand opening. There will be a hug a thon what ever that is and I will be spray painting live. 9 am to 3 pm at normal street and el cajon blvd.
I am asking 20 ladies to come and support me @ the Healthy Diva Salon Project. It's for African American women this Monday @ 5:30 pm 5379 El Cajon blvd. Fitness, food, fun @ no cost. Only 1 hour
Wife and I had Breakfast there the next morning after we were Married 40+ years ago... in La Mesa, Ca. on El Cajon Blvd.
Even entrepreneurs need to stay fit! I teach "Dance It Out" not just for the fun but because I want to live a healthy and quality life. So many people in my age group are suffering to young from diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia and many other ailments. Staying healthy has to be a way of life! Come join me this morning at 9:30am at Fit with Jenny Studio, 7202 El Cajon Blvd.
I enjoyed a fried egg Vietnamese sandwich, with all the wonderfully delicious veggies, from Cali Baguette this morning. Cali Baguette, on El Cajon Blvd. Their menu is impressive! Givin' a shout out to my multi-ethnic neighborhood!
Someone bring me food. Working overtime off El Cajon blvd today.
Restaurant Review: Alforon serves delicious flat bread sandwiches by Darlene Horn | Posted: Friday, January 31, 2014 8:00 am (Mission Times Courier, San Diego, CA) - Right on El Cajon Blvd. is a hidden gem: Alforon. It’s a small eatery that barely holds two dozen people with even tighter parking out front. But that shouldn’t dissuade you from checking it out. Inside holds a promise of great Lebanese cuisine, all for under $10. The majority of Alforon’s menu is comprised of flat breads made from scratch and popped in the over when they receive your order. While they’re called sandwiches, they actually resemble pizzas with a Middle Eastern flair. (Takeout reveals that a flat bread sandwich is folded onto itself.) There are twelve flat breads at Alforon ranging from spicy to lamb, beef or chicken or vegetarian toppings with more options to customize. One favorite among guests – and highly recommended at the restaurant – is the chicken tawook ($6.95). Marinated chicken is cooked on top of flat bre ...
Hello beautiful people! I know it's tough to get out of bed early but if you decide to tomorrow morning I'll be teaching yoga at Kettleflex fitness located at 6663 El Cajon blvd. 7:30am! Hope to see you! :-)
Shamrock Fundraiser is TONIGHT from 5-9 at WOODSTOCKS 6145 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, California 92115. Family and friends are invited! Come and support efforts to raise money!
I remember all this stuff. I must be old, how about you? YOU KNOW YOU'RE FROM San Diego WHEN . . 1. You can correctly pronounce Tierrasanta, La Jolla, Rancho Penesquitos, San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, Jamul, and El Cajon, and know where they are. 2. There are four distinct seasons: Summer, Not Quite Summer, Almost Summer, and oh, Hey look its summer again. 3. Your high school had a surf team. 4. Chula-juana is a real town, as well as San Yskidrow, Spun Alley, and Nasty City. 5. Your house is worth more than some small countries. 6. You know what MB, OB, and PB stand for. 7. Every street name is either in Spanish or Spanish related, and you're surprised when other areas don't have this. 8. You can determine the accuracy of someone's "I'm ghetto" claim by knowing their high school. For example: El Camino High School or Crawford High. 9. You see weather forecasts for four different climate zones in the same county and aren't remotely surprised. 10. You've gone to Mt. Helix in July and know you still need a jacket. ...
If you would like to make a donation to help the Hoover High School Bands reach their $10,000 fundraising goal, make checks payable to: Hoover High School Band Mail to: Hoover High School c/o Herman Acosta 4474 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92114
Anyone here old enough to remember the Ace Drive In...$1.50 a car load??? Lane Field home of the AAA Padres??? the Peppermint Twist on El Cajon Blvd?
Setting up with the Ramshackle boys to rock this place. Come on out to Bridges Restaurant, 3 blocks east of College on El Cajon Blvd. Really nice place, amazing good, and your favorite knuckleheads making some noise :-)
Start the Super Bowl Party at Innovations 1st Saturday, 1 Feb 2014! Larisa Tingle and Tony Schubert will be our intermediate workshop instructors. You can find out more about them at Here you will learn that Larisa believes it is the uniqueness of every person that makes social dancing so complexly beautiful and that Tony has been known to spontaneously combust on command. Larisa Tingle will also be our DJ all night!!! Find a newbie and bring them to the free beginner workshop. Both Workshops start at 7PM and the Dance starts at 8PM. Future instructors are TBD A special Thank you to the volunteers who made the January dance a success for us all. We had 126 dancers! -- BillH, Bonnie H, LesleyE, JohnB, ClaireM, HannaC , DebraC, KathyG, and KarlO Our Volunteers dance for Free and get that special kick from being key to all the fun. Contact Bonnie to join our elite volunteer team bonniesdcaour new members this month: Wayne Simnitt, James Bounds, Thor Bruce, Michael Kachigian, Frank Lacson Annual memb ...
And a Jewish delli on 63rd and El Cajon Blvd there was a drug store on the corner
One more before I am snowed in ~ there was a ice cream place called Carnations (again I guess I have El Cajon Blvd) on the brain it was one long street to me :-) A big Sunday event was going there and getting a sunday ~ anyone remember that?
Gone Tomorrow will be at Bistro Sixty (60th and El Cajon Blvd, San Diego) next Monday, January 20 from 6:30-8:30 or 9. Plan to come by for the best food and best bluegrass in San Diego!
Does anyone know of a 6PM Meeting in the area of El Cajon Blvd and 70TH?? (Thursday night)
CALL IT A COMEBACK We’ve teamed up with Altamont Apparel and Converse to present Julian Klincewicz’s solo exhibition featuring illustrative, sculptural and photographic work by the San Diego-based artist. Join us Saturday, Jan 18th 7-10pm at Gym Standard & Coffee and Tea Collective 2911 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA Live music by Tropical Popsicle and The Blackouts
Grandson finn spending the nite tonite. Driving home on el cajon blvd he yells " slow down grand your gona pass the fro yo place! " Grandma never does that!
A friendly reminder that Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter will be hosting its own Day Without a Bag on January 14th from 4-8pm. Locations are: 1) Pancho Villa's Farmers Market, 3245 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104 and 2) Northgate Market Barrio Logan, 1950 Main St. Come support the Rise Above Plastic campaign and give out over 1,000 free reusable shopping bags.
Artlab at University Heights Open Air Market every Saturday 9am - 1pm at the west end of El Cajon Blvd
DUI checkpoint to be set up around North Park area. I passed them mobilizing on El Cajon Blvd/Polk to go somewhere else to get set up. Take those taxis/Uber people!
LEE DAUGHTRY- I have been able to find out that tomorrow, Saturday the 4th, there is a service for Lee at 5880 El Cajon Blvd at 2:00 p.m. Viewing is available from 12:00-4:00 p.m. I am sad.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
San Diego is a strange mixture of urban and country inhabitants. I'm sitting in bed reading and I can hear police sirens from El Cajon Blvd when the coyotes in the canyon start howling at the sirens. Too strange.
Stop by 6784 El Cajon Blvd 92115 today from 1-2:45pm & 3549 University Ave 92105 from 3:15-5pm for a free photo with & holiday fun!
I want you out on El Cajon Blvd. in thigh-highs with a frilly pink boa on your neck.
My art is on display at Twiggs Coffee House and Bakery! It is located here: 2804 Adams Ave San Diego, CA Please come and check it out, it will be there for a month or two. I have some inexpensive paintings on display starting at only $40, they make excellent cheerful Christmas gifts and help fund my Wilderness Survival and Permaculture school next fall! Happy Thursday to you! Also, if you are not in San Diego but you are interested in any artwork let me know, I can ship paintings anywhere :) Even the moon! P.S. Come see The Mighty Sun (My brother) perform tonight at the Go Lounge, it is his cd release party, he plays at 8:00 pm. It is located here: 7123 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115
Have you thought about what your fitness goals are going to be next year? Do you have a plan of attack? Free Consultations till the end of 2013 are being scheduled right now! Let me give you my recommendations on what to do and how to do it. Online, by phone, or in person. Space is limited. Fit With Jenny 7202 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, Ca 92115 (619) 337-8896
Got like 4 kids askin were Momma at she on EL CAJON BLVD ALL IN DA TRAP 😜💰
Sounds like a great project for El Cajon Blvd and senior LGBT community. What is the planned building height?
Some friends and I will checking out this documentary one the 21st of this month (this Saturday). Film starts at 3 pm and I do believe its $10. A portion of the money will go towards Wounded Warrior Project :) In addition, after the documentary (about 4:15 pm), I have been invited to speak a bit about my running lifestyle and the training that got me to the marathon I did this past November in San Antonio, TX. **Thanks Randy for hooking that up. Please come through and support if you are interested in this type of stuff or in general if you want to support the film and WWP. Film will be shown at the "Digital Lounge" in San Diego on El Cajon Blvd.
BOOKING FOR 2014 !!! Stop by n book your next appointment 4660 el cajon blvd
I always remember the memories when I first lived in El Centro in a house on Rose Avenue and had so many neighbors who had children who are now married and have their own children. It will be great for me to return back to El Centro(C-Town) where I grew up with my baby brother and my parents between 1974 to 1978 before we moved in 1979 to San Diego living in La Mesa area in a house on 73rd street and El Cajon Blvd. Then we moved to a house on Boulevard Drive in La Mesa behind a bar where that bar is no longer there and we had good and bad neighbors there. We always invited my cousins, uncles, aunts from Brawley who came for a BBQ and played spades, poker and it was a fun time. Then, we moved from there to a house on 70th street and University Avenue since 1983 to 1989 til we moved to a Duplex apartment living on Boulevard Drive behind Jack-in-the-Box through my senior year of highschool in summer of 1995-96, we moved in 1995 in my 6th house on Waite Drive in San Diego, but still in La Mesa Area where we . ...
Yes and the streets you gave were- El Cajon Blvd. and College Ave. I based it off of that. *SAA
Alert - Accident on the 8 West has the shoulder blocked between Main St and El Cajon Blvd.
got rear ended last night. On the El Cajon blvd on ramp to the 805. We were gonna take that car on a road trip too :(
At least 2 people injured in 4-car pileup on 805N at El Cajon Blvd.
RIGHT NOW: All lanes still blocked on NB 805 by El Cajon Blvd. Multi-vehicle crash. in effect
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
- now issued for NB 805 crash at El Cajon Blvd so plan your commutes appropriately to avoid
- avoid NB 805 starting at El Cajon Blvd. Multi-car crash w/ a rollover and at least one person trapped has everything closed.
Asking for a traffic break; was supposed to be completely stopped but isn't. It's shut down before El Cajon Blvd but cars getting through
Has anybody heard that the burger king next to wendy's on el cajon blvd. is going to be a sonic??
A word of warning to all those who use El Cajon Blvd. in North Park - for the sake of moving the sidewalk out FURTHER into the street so busses do not have to pull over, a massive construction project just started today on eastbound El Cajon Blvd. at 30th street. Traffic is restricted to just one lane. Passing by at 3:30 PM, traffic was already backed up to the Oregon Street light, and that wasn't even rush hour. It's a gigantic mess already, and it is only going to get worse. As much as I am in favor of efficient public transport, the nightmare of what is being done to one of San Diego's busiest thoroughfares is crippling. Avoid it at all costs!!
Did I really just see a Lamborghini on El Cajon blvd
Zip is 92115 El Cajon Blvd. and College Ave. Thanks for the help!
Accident on 805N just before El Cajon blvd...
ACCIDENT on the 805 NB blocking the left lane at El Cajon Blvd. Traffic is slow from the 15.
Smoke shop on El Cajon Blvd broken into not far from a pot clinic also targeted this AM. Live interview with employee coming up on @ 6
Another pot shop at one on El Cajon Blvd in North Park. She'll have details top of the 6. Stay with us!
Get ur chance to grab that new C-Dubb still available in the following San Diego locations: Press Play Broadway, Chula Vista FeeLit Downtown SD Fam Mart El Cajon Blvd. Access Music, Pacific Beach
ABLE heading to 30th and El Cajon Blvd to check the roof of a pawn shop. Checking secure from outside, but crawl space alarm activation.
Memories from the Heart is also available at O'Connor's Church Goods, on El Cajon Blvd, near 37th.
San Diego friends we heard she was downtown and then on El Cajon blvd.
Do you remember the restaurant Sir George's ? Loved it as a kid but not sure I would go there now if they were around. How about the House of Pie's ? My mom and I would go to the one on El Cajon Blvd. Amazing pie !!
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