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Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Jeetendra Kapoor (b. 7 June 1975) is an Indian TV and film producer. She is the Joint Managing Director and Creative Director of Balaji Telefilms, her production company.

Abhishek Kapoor Karan Johar Office Space Ankita Lokhande Tushar Kapoor Mohit Suri Amyra Dastur Nimrat Kaur Rajkummar Rao Rohit Shetty Rhea Kapoor

Guy : I can't come to office. Boss : Why? . Guy : My aunt died. Boss : Your aunt dies every month. Guy : she works in an Ek…
We are spittle bored of u now , get a role in one of Ekta Kapoor's serials if she will employ you
I added a video to a playlist Office Space: Inside Balaji Telefilms with Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor isn't even creative. My 3 year old nephew can come up with better & more entertaining stuff than what she shows.
People say marriages are made in heaven think they are destined by ekta kapoor birth/ deaths are in ektas hands
is becoming like Ekta Kapoor's serials, every day new episode with new expose.
true mam plz no remarriage track with another girl it's not ekta Kapoor show
I liked a video Office Space: Inside Balaji Telefilms with Ekta Kapoor
Im gonna cry buckets if that happens. that'd be the worst thing ever and ekta kapoor will be the happiest that day
12th. Pro tip for 400+ Rts - Edit one liners and expand like ekta kapoor serial script !.
Ekta Kapoor should hire Geeta as a script writer ASAP.
Dev can't marry any other girl. This is not Ekta Kapoor's show. 😂😂😂. This is show. It's unique ❤.
…. . …. ... Yet again a master class improvisation or just copying in ekt…
EXCLUSIVE: After Ram-Sakshi, I would love to recreate Sujal-Kashish of Kahin Toh Hoga on-screen- Ekta Ka……
Here’s what happened when Ekta Kapoor met Karan Johar's twins
Ekta Kapoor went to meet Karan Johar’s twins and this is what happened next…
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Jahaalat ki hadd kar di Vaise. You would say this uloo you studied Endian History. Endian History was tweaked by Ek…
Indian TV legend. Here's 8 reasons why we love shows like
Do you love Ekta Kapoor dramas? Here's 8 reasons why we love the modern-day serials:
Balaji Telefilms is a popular Indian TV Production and Ekta Kapoor is the Queen of soaps. Here is a special...
The wait for title of > The leaps Ekta Kapoor takes in her serial
Sakshi Tanwar, to romance in web series.
Ekta Kapoor finally ditched her trademark platform sandals
Ekta kapoor and collaboration gonna impress each & everyone.
The film is produced by Ekta Kapoor and is set to hit theaters on 19 May this year.
A great combination of Mohit Suri and Ekta Kapoor looks very fresh
is special collaboration between Ekta kapoor, and
This great collaboration between Ekta kapoor and is sure to impress each & everyone.
Guys do u know is special collaboration between Ekta kapoor, and
Bruh Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor arr gonna be in another Ekta show together? Guess i gotta watch another show online only
In an Ekta Kapoor serial she would be playing his mother!
Why do I feel that even Ekta Kapoor would be jealous of me, by seeing the amount of drama in my life !!
I liked a video from F.R.I.E.N.D.S directed by ekta kapoor
. still a better plot than Ekta Kapoor's shows
Hello Ekta Kapoor i m big fan of yours
Not dramatical but this family politics is so tough to understand that I feel Ekta Kapoor is showing legit stuff.
we'd hav gotten the idea if u just mentioned u like to become "Ekta Kapoor" sometimes
Hmm, seems like its a Ekta Kapoor company
It's not hard to introduce her as someone with memory loss! come on Ekta Kapoor!
An adult film-goer’s sensibility should be respected: Ekta Kapoor
The 2017 season opener has witnessed so much twists and drama that Ekta Kapoor might invest in Dorna!.
She made us look our best with the gorgeous ensembles &she's bringing it to you!Go check it out
Well not everyone can do sensational journalism with Ekta Kapoor.
Ekta Kapoor says her digital shows will cater to radical views, individual tastes
Your with Ekta Kapoor was opium to journalism. Next what?
😲 Oops ... Ekta Kapoor exposes his private part in front of the camera 👈
I think I can't call any Ekta Kapoor show classic . but give that Shekhar Suman show a chance, you'd like it
Just heard someone say "Stories of Indian have become like Ekta Kapoor TV serials"
If Ekta Kapoor makes tv serial on Wolverine, it will be called Logan ka Lagan.
Sushant Singh Rajput to reunite with Ekta Kapoor and Abhishek Kapoor for his next?
BOLLYWOOD Is Sushant Singh Rajput set to reunite with Abhishek Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor for……
Pleased about his growth. Started as an Ekta Kapoor protege now an unconventional artist doing well, bridging the g…
Please don't work in ekta kapoor's show. she can make best stories into worst. I have stopped watching YHM long back.
Update on snap chat then repeat on Insta story & now repeat the same 3rd time for whats app status. Life seems like Ekta kapoor's serials.
Prime time TV space, BigBoss, Ekta Kapoor Serials, meeting with Sonia, Barkha & Yachuri and political affiliations Guaranteed
Watching californication is just like watching an ekta kapoor serial. People are just screwing each other all the time.
LA LA LAND?? Seriously?? It's somewhat like an Ekta Kapoor soap! What is wrong with
‘I Can’t Be Second Best,’ says the woman who took Indian television by storm:
A bigger plot twist than CID and an Ekta Kapoor serial combined.
watched your walk the talk with Ekta Kapoor. All I could see in your eyes, is respect for women.
There's a new video streaming app in town. And this is what we think about it.
Update your maps at Navteq
Nimrat Kaur's intense workout for Ekta Kapoor's ALT Balaji's new show!
Viru is an achiever unlike the forte of sicko lutyen journos. It is time for you to walk the talk with Ekta Kapoor again. ATB
Awww... Ekta Kapoor worthy-material. All that are missing are bangles, expensive sarees, mangal sutra and jelly for…
you're so interested in gossip .. pakka filmy yaa bachpan se ekta kapoor TV shows dekhte the? :|
You are not Ekta Kapoor to swoon over
Seems like Nokia is quite inspired from Ekta Kapoor daily soap. Nokia 3310 making a come back from no where.😂
Aur kitne, ma'am Ekta kapoor make a serial and take this girl
Priyanka gandhi is like Ekta Kapoor of Gandhi family, she looks powerful only just coz her brother is like Tushar kapoo…
When Ekta Kapoor walked all the way to Siddhivinayak temple for the success of her show.
him. N I had never expected them to churn out such ekta kapoor n rashmi wala nonsense. Guddi, black magic ***
to get a tiny role in Ekta Kapoor's Half Girlfriend you and your mother said to whole world, you rejected my proposal?
Anjali Anand to play the lead role in Ekta Kapoor's next. Best of Luck. .
Seems like a poll done for an Ekta Kapoor serial 😂
what CM of UP did for employment generation in last 5 yrs. 4.5 CMs n competition to Ekta Kapoor
ahhh th I knew it won't happen coz it's not Ekta Kapoor's show
it doesn't looks like Patnaik's show it looks like ekta kapoor show now😢
then to Rohit Shetty for his next project!to Ekta Kapoor for Half Girlfriend!to Imtiaz Ali for RIng!to Gauri Shinde for
Many Aap party spokesperson used to make him on grounded but now he got big ego image and talk like vamp lady EKTA Kapoor serial
Another picture of with friends at Ekta Kapoor's party
Chandra Kanta: Ekta Kapoor declares that lead actress will be finalised by March 15
Ekta Kapoor hot look batter than team india performance today's..😀😀. India by 333
Julie Plec pulling an Ekta Kapoor lol that's like Mr.Bajaj returning in someone else's body 😂
BOLLYWOOD EXCLUSIVE: Ankita Lokhande on being roped in for Ekta Kapoor's new show: It's……
Ankita Lokhande to make a comeback on television with Ekta Kapoor's show 'Mangalsutra'?
Sushant and Ekta Kapoor's Pavitra Rishta on Valentine's Day will make you go aww! -
Rajkummar Rao is all set to essay the role of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in a new digital series by Ekta Kapoor.
Bade Acche Lagte Hain couple Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar to come together for another Ekta Kapoor show?
I still regret my fight with Ekta Kapoor:
Ekta Kapoor just compared Indian TV shows to G... via
You know, politics has become like Ekta Kapoor's serials now.. You already know the story, only the characters...
Ekta Kapoor, Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt and many others too will have nightmares.
Nimrat Kaur to play the lead in Ekta Kapoor’s first digital show. https…
Omg..Today's Newshour is more dramatic than Ekta Kapoor's show.
Ekta Kapoor just compared Indian TV shows to Game Of Thrones and we can't help but cry
REVIEW: The ONE thing and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil got right in the first episode |…
So despite all the Ban trend & industry biggies like Ekta Kapoor/ Mahesh Bhatt sympathising with Karan, K Jo…
Ekta kapoor make a pandit as casting director in her office . Pandit match actor Nd actres. Horoscope before signing Ny movie 2 make success
Why isn't regressive, asks We answer her via
Bas ye sun'na baaki reh gaya tha. Next she will compare Chetan Bhagat with Charles Dickens saying that both their...
Shooting in Ooty with a wonderful director for Ekta Kapoor..
to essay army officer in digital series. Read up:
Fill in the blank . Aashka Goradia was Ekta Kapoor's former _ .
Ekta Kapoor's aims to with this new series featuring as officer
It would've been possible with Ekta Kapoor as producer :)
Someone show this to Ekta Kapoor quick. Side note: this will be the best 5 minutes of staring at your screen for t…
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.will be an army official in Ekta Kapoor’s digital series
Ekta Kapoor has said Indian television content is not regressive while questioning, "Why don't we call Game of Thrones regressive?"
Ekta Kapoor: I can finally tell the stories I’ve always wanted to.
Why don't we call 'Game of Thrones' regressive, asks Ekta Kapoor . .
Birthing dragons to red women, Ekta Kapoor asks how GOT isn’t ‘regressive’
Bg score is very important in a show and gives music to it's storyline. Sadly Ekta Kapoor's shows always fail on that angle🙊😐
Why don’t we call Game of Thrones regressive?: Ekta Kapoor. -via *Facedesk
Stupidity of is beyond belief comparing to her stupid shows. via
Completely loved this show by Ekta Kapoor! Looking forward for next episode of on
Arjun Bijlani’s new show is inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s Pardes, see pics via
I like all 3 too, plus it's an Ekta Kapoor show& I usually like her work. Glad to hear it's living up to the hype! I'll watch soon
.has been roped in to play the lead of a combat role in Indian Army in Ekta Kapoor's new web series.
Why don't we call ' regressive, asks Ekta Kapoor via
Mirza is all smiles as she attends Ekta Kapoor's party
Is she EAM at or auditioning for Ekta Kapoor?
"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a grand father" - Ekta Kapoor to her actors.
[[UC News]is TV industry's blue eyed boy: Kapooris good,have a look at it!
I'm gonna miss asimple show is taken off air stupid ekta kapoor show will go on 4 eternity I i hate dis…
i was coming to got actually. If sm1 like ekta kapoor is trying to make a got its stupid.2 many probs with that
(1)cnt have an ekta kapoor trying to do a GoT for eg. Strategise.Target mkt needs 2 be youth 2.
trps cant trust them fully..How is it possible all shows of star tv and ekta kapoor gets high trp everytime
Ekta Kapoor is confident that foray will take her business to greater heights, reports…
When your friend is a bath tub of emotions and you just want Ekta Kapoor to adopt that Fellow. :3.
Without Ekta Kapoor in it, for once.
The story now its like any daily soap from 2yrs back. Ekta kapoor has also moved on to ghost stories.
When the going gets tough, she gets tougher - t2 tunes into Ekta Kapoor's life lessons.
though storyline of Ekta Kapoor series ar too mainstream but atleast de put their 100% effort and support to Mk it popular
ya now its proved y Ekta Kapoor is da queen of daily soap bec c z always supportive to her cast n crew. Never lev dm Lyk dis
and henceforth should be more careful while choosing projects and doubt ekta kapoor is the queen
Wow sush an unprofessional PH. Go learn from or Ekta Kapoor.
Ekta Kapoor must be feeling good. Such a sad state of affairs.
which you are not. You are to literature what ekta kapoor is to television.
Nation, Strongly Object to calling us a NEWS Channel. We are ENTERTAINMENT, competing with Ekta Kapoor.…
- Ekta Kapoor talks about Director's Controversy with Rajat.
Exclusive: 'Chandra' opens up about his character in the upcoming show
A new article about sharing about "I want to give everything I have to Chandra Nandni"💚. h…
The only time I wish Ekta Kapoor would intervene and bring Mallik back.
Bollywood filths like Ekta Kapoor enjoy attacking us. There is not a bit of truth in the story of Jodha and Akbar (…
Superb interview session by love 😃. You prove everyone how matured thinker and simple person you are 👌👌. ht…
Ekta Kapoor brings Jodha Akbar season 2 by inventing a never existing love story with an imaginary character in Chandragupta Maurya's life
Drashti Dhami to make a comeback with Ekta Kapoor's direction. However,. ¤ DDWishers sorces said that Drashti...
Ekta Kapoor's will be aired on Star Plus in October. Story of Chandragupta Maurya & his wife Nandni.
Rakshabandhan in Bollywood is done in a dfrnt way.Ekta Kapoor tied rakhi to Tushar Kapoor n gave couple of movies to his b…
these news channels are the true successors of Ekta Kapoor.
Amount of crap Ekta Kapoor still has is unbelievable! Keep on producing crap daily sop's !
only Ekta Kapoor fans will get this
Balaji telefilms promotor and director Ekta kapoor buys 2,76,740 shares from market on 28 July.
yes Sir I asked u about Sakshi m am,s is coming back news with Ekta m am and Ram kapoor?when we will hear confirm news?plz reply
Boss sends email, then sends chat msg "I sent an email", then comes to desk saying "I sent an email". Boss must love Ekta…
Arrest all MLA's in one go. Why arresting one daily? Its like we are watching repeated telecast of Ekta Kapoor's serials.
Mene bhi😂 What else we can expect from ekta kapoor.😂😜😜
They might look good together on screen but i am skeptical about DD doing an Ekta kapoor show
dear sister i think u hve been bored from Ekta kapoor serials Thts y u r liking Kejri ji.
After Kawach, TV star Sara Khan will soon be seen in a Pakistani serial.
Woke up to the news of 3 weddings that got fixed in the family/friends circle, my house is a Ekta Kapoor soap right now.
There was. A few yrs ago. A truly bad Ekta Kapoor serial called Ek Ladki Anjani Si. Shows how wrong u can go with sumthin good
is a classic case of mental disorder caused by EKTA KAPOOR'S saas-bahu serials and Bollywood Masala movies
the guy is totally crazy! He's an ideal prime time soap material if ekta kapoor is hiring!!
Don't think Ekta Kapoor & co. select actors based on competitive auditions. Casting is simply on first come first serve basis.
Given the type of that suits both and they should join Ekta Kapoor's production house to entertain us better.
Ekta kapoor, kejriwal has just given an open audition for entry into one of your saas bahu TV series.please take him in.
Ek minute. Dear Ekta Kapoor can you pls give him a role in your serial to vent his drama skills?
The song "' SAASON' ki jarurat hai jaise" should've been Picturized on Ekta Kapoor 😂
Ekta kapoor is stupid writer in the whole world..she's only played with viewers feeling& this serial is so much worst
Ekta Kapoor - Swara Bhaskar asked to lose weight for Veere Di Wedding MUMBAI : Actress Swara Bhaskar has revealed …
This guy beats any soap opera. Ekta Kapoor has got serious competition
Miranda sings has better logic than Ekta kapoor's daily soaps.
It's an Ekta Kapoor show, make sure you prepare🙌🏼
We indians are happy with Ekta kapoor T.V. soaps. As a matter of fact it sells better! the same way more people...
Ekta Kapoor with the BEAUTIFUL tinsel town ladies! . Who is your favourite?
After seeing this message Ekta Kapoor decided to stop making serials!. AK is new drama queen.
I thought Ekta Kapoor's team or Indian Media invented this repeat, re-role again and again, until you get unnerve...
I am surprised Ekta Kapoor has not approached him till now .
in Ekta Kapoor's next?. The show is loosely inspired by SRK movie Pardes.
New horror thriller show Brahmarakshas gets its release date .
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
My life is like an Ekta Kapoor's serial these days. No story, no logic. Bas chalti ja rhi he 🌚
A CM: The PM can get me killed. . I thought Ekta Kapoor stopped producing the K series.
All hail the prolific, eclectic Read Raja Sen's latest column right here -
All hail Ekta Kapoor!: 'If Kapoor sees something in a film, or an idea, she will ensure it reaches the most e...
so it is for AAP karyakartas. Work on your strategies in better way. Why trying to destroy Ekta Kapoor
Ohh yes! But less for Ekta Kapoor more for Indian News, which is more drama, less news.Equally avoidable if not more!
Inspiring Success Story of Ekta Kapoor - Joint MD & Creative Director of ... via
Drashti approached by EK for new show
another saas bahu drama on the cards for entertainement. Soon they will bankrupt Ekta Kapoor. Great strategist in AAP
Ginger & Cardamom Why Game of Thrones is no different than an Ekta Kapoor Soap: My history with Game of Thron...
Guys please pray that comes back in Ekta Kapoor's show..😍😍😍 New interview https:/…
Rhea Kapoor & Ekta Kapoor (Producers of ) congratulating & telling about shooting with her ht…
oh please, ISIS can never damage India as much as Ekta Kapoor soaps have 😏
tbh they are not worth it. It's no more a superhero series but like a Ekta Kapoor drama where the leads can never break up
Ekta Kapoor and team chase down the leaked copies of Udta Punjab
Before 2014 can b understood but after that may b ekta kapoor ke script me nahi tha
today's eposode too melllow dramatic. Not a watching music show but some of drama serial of ekta kapoor. Faltu bakwas 😣
is a thorough professional & will start shooting in August: Ekta Kapoor
Hello Ekta Kapoor? We have some dramatic eggflip fail for you. Is clip me itna dukh hai, shayad…
True. Ekta Kapoor tried and failed miserably. The old series is just funny because of the special effects.
Ekta Kapoor gives a piece of her mind on the Udta Punjab online leak!
My phone battery dies quicker than the number of "Mihirs" in Ekta Kapoor's serials!
I wish too ...1 day i meet ekta kapoor.and hug
[Ekta kapoor serial]. Girl: *Falls from stairs*. Cameraman: *Shows close ups of 45members of family one by one*. Bhai ladki ko bhi bacha lo
being scarred for life because of all ekta kapoor soap operas I Hate That Woman
Kareena is a thorough professional, will ... - -
"Ekta Kapoor and I, with our families and companies, are delighted and excited for Kareena and Saif! As producers of Veere Di Wedding...
Modi's contribution to this Nation can be equated with Ekta Kapoor's contribution to the Indian Entertainment Iindustry!
Vasai News; Mhada issues legal notice to Anil Kapoor for endorsing 'false claims': The website of Ekta World ...
Why Ekta and Shobha Kapoor’s names don’t feature on the Great Grand Masti posters
Order Miche Bag Online!
Tusshar Kapoor’s sister Ekta Kapoor just welcomed his baby in the sweetest possible way!
Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor congratulate Kareena and Saif. Also announce that VDW shoot starts in August!
just realized Abhi and Pragya's names are inspired from Ekta Kapoor's cousin Abhishek Kapoor and his wife Pragya Yadav !!!
My Chachi plays always dramatic role in family,best entertainment of family more than Ekta Kapoor's Show.
Ekta Kapoor and Rohit Shetty have patched up?
Congress refuses to give up on RG, Ekta Kapoor on Tushar, Big B on AB; that motivates me, I should not give up on myself
Rajkummar Rao, Amyra Dastur and Ekta Kapoor snapped at the airport - Picture Gallery
Ekta kapoor, Amyra Dastur and Raj Kumar Rao were spotted spotted at mumbai airport.
and spotted at Mumbai airport. More Stills @
And Ekta kapoor changed mentality of indian women.& loss our real culture
I think the Empire has more twists than an Ekta Kapoor serial and GOT put together 😂😂😂
Kavach…Kali Shaktiyon Se Promo Review: The first look of Ekta Kapoor’s new show will freak you out!
its down 1 percent. Dont behave like an ekta kapoor serial
to be fair BJP had nothing to do with it, ekta kapoor wrote that for her😂
I hope Ekta Kapoor doesn't suffer from huge losses because of my typo
Actress Nausheen Sardar Ali, who rose to fame with Ekta Kapoor's "Kkusum" hit show, will be back on television...
One word for Ekta Kapoor the lady who introduced you in Small Screen?.
Tushar Kapoor requests Ekta Kapoor not to play the trailer of his movie "Kya Kool Hain Hum 24" in public. (2039)
Ah, this Ekta Kapoor shraap type analysis of . But what explains the real Shakti of Amma & Mamata?
Pretty *** sure everyone hates Ekta Kapoor for ending her serials or ruining them. I rather mine end after two years then her ruin it!
My namesake and I have one more thing in common now: Fashion!
You've given to YHM what Sakshi Tanvar gave to BALH! Kudos to the casting Director n Ekta Kapoor n the Director
Ekta Kapoor has ruined our childhood
True or False . was introduced by Ekta Kapoor on television.
is Brand Ambassador of Ekta Kapoor perhaps she considers mouni as her lucky charm
Official Trailer | PRISON BREAK i guess they got inspired by ekta kapoor
Dear Ekta Kapoor - your potential new recruits or wait, are they the inspiration :-)
Guess which actress makes her fiction DEBUT with '?.
every week we eagerly wait for weekends❤❤ Reasons why viewers love Colors TV's Naagin via
Exactly what Nawaz sharif has told us ? Ekta kapoor can make a move on his lameness
It's Ekta kapoor who take responsibility for making villains hero in society, either he z Daud or Azhar.
Technically, I'm single, but my herat is taken by someone. I can'T CALL my owN.!!! kapoor
I got it.. Hence assumed that all characters of Ekta Kapoor serials have Alzheimer's
maybe Ekta Kapoor could be roped in for moral education in Indian schools curriculum
This outfit worn by Kendall Jenner at Cannes was apparently inspired by the plotlines of Ekta Kapoor soaps
Ekta Kapoor can make sequel to as Masood Azhar,which will make more money due to so called secular forces in India
. Why Ekta Kapoor makes all serial starting with K.
Director Ekta Kapoor instructing Tulsi Virani to wave the Symbol of Congress instead of AIDMK, Chennai.(2007)
😂 Ekta kapoor is a copy cat😒. Kasam is a copy of Kis des mei hai mera dil 😛. But that fatty girl can't compare with my pretty heer aka(aditiG)
I added a video to a playlist Ekta Kapoor brother Abhshek Kapoor's Marrige
Ohk but i hv seen this ekta kapoor's show after 7 years of saperation the couple don't need divorce
that must be glossy? I've seen some ekta kapoor vamp wear it too but glossy version
they're chill and all, but mom can be a ekta Kapoor serial sometimes.
– Jitendra with his wife Shobha Kapoor and kids Ekta Kapoor and
I want to be Yash Raj in movies,Balaji in TV & make ALT like Netflix in digital: Ekta Kapoor
EK By Ekta Kapoor: Let this be a year, filled with good things & loads of…
Jesus came back from the dead because Ekta Kapoor wanted him to.
Ekta kapoor 114 looks ready for 125
Ekta Kapoor: May this festival bring in happiness & prosperity to all you! Happy…
Dear Ekta Kapoor, shall we ask people what they want to...
Kumkum ek piece of crap nothing more than that another creativity by so called Ekta Kapoor
[VIDEO] Ekta Kapoor's midnight visit to Mohit Suri and...
not at all happy with the current story.. Ekta Kapoor again started the joke of death and revival
It has been going on for ages. It definitely needs some closure before the viewers get bored off it. After all its Ekta Kapoor's show
A controversial and good cricketer can be played only by Khans or so I chose : Ekta Kapoor
Do we hear all the conch shells blowing in background like Ekta Kapoor TV Serial.
If Ekta kapoor was the producer, the name would be Chennay Ayxpress
I'm done after today's episode. I'm never watching it again. Feels like Ekta kapoor met Stephen somewhere near Lazarus pit.
Karan Singh Grover's marriages will shame even Ekta Kapoor's daily soap marriages. He is ducking doing it behind the cameras.
39 se 46... Sounds like leap of any ekta kapoor's serial
Ajay Kapoor of T-Series at the GiMA Awards 2016. Ajay Kapoor of T-Series along with his wife Ekta Kapoor made a...
IshRa will meet each other. I have watched Ekta Kapoor's shows IshRa will meet
Wishing the jumping Jack Jeetendra a very happy birthday. . Here's a of him with & Ekta Kapoor.
n me.. ...!! . Only and only EKTA KAPOOR to be thanked for this ...!! Love u ekta .. ht…
Is this the script from an Ekta Kapoor show?
Sanjay Dutt and Ekta Kapoor to take a shot at shootout?...
Pink floral sarees be my favorite from by Ekta Kapoor! Shop this from here-…
I'm such a freak! So happy to find out that Ekta Kapoor didn't butcher Ruhi; she's alive!! 🙈
No. Only ekta kapoor believe in this.
nah man I hate hospitals and I hate dragging.. It my ff not ekta kapoor's 😂
TIL that coronation Street has been running on UK TV since 1960. Ekta kapoor's wet dream.
Ekta Kapoor reveals why Azhar should release in Pakistan
Tabu at Ekta Kapoor's Iftar party at Hotel JW Mariott, Mumbai. No more Bollywood roles for the great
it's all bcz of Kardena Kapoor in 3 *** She gave slogan"Is Hippocratic oath ne to laga de doctors ki"
sab kuch communal ! should be a new ekta kapoor serial ! Owaisi saab dnt have enough major things in your constituency to be fixed ?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sarika from Yeh Hai Mohabattein loves outfits.Spot her wearing this suit tomorrow. Buy -
will u leave only when I say fcuk Off or u have some self respect? Why interacting with Ekta Kapoor disciple? Exit madam.
You're a product of Ekta Kapoor's soap opera. What delusional world do you inhabit? Stop ranting for the heck of it woman.
She is like the Ekta kapoor serial vamp. Takes refuge in a house & then does all she can to break it up
Participate in the contest from to win trip to Bali with Shraddha Kapoor
improvisation, a sort of Ekta Kapoor serial!
Is pretty little liars being produced by ekta kapoor?? So many humshakals (doppelgänger) & people coming back from the dead 😑
interesting twist at da beginning of Kasam Ekta Kapoor is full on back let c if she can win any TRPS with her decade old formulas
Ekta Kapoor : I swear I am not the queen of television
Confirmed: Ekta Kapoor's new show launches on Monday 7th March on &
Another picture of the Stylish & Beautiful while arriving in Ekta kapoor's party :)
Share a picture of your saree & win a discount on your next purchase. Shop this here- htt…
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