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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower (nickname La dame de fer, the iron lady) is a wrought iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris.

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“Heh. Right. So, What brings you to Paris on such a chilly day? Care to see the Cathedral? What about Notre Dame? The Eiffel Tower?”
One team cheering for in front of a blue and green Eiffel Tower (okay we don’t see it but it’s there)! https…
When the entire Eiffel Tower gets shut down because you are Ronaldo
Spent a very happy Bastille Day listening to Johnny play under the Eiffel Tower from a nearby rooftop. RIP
Saw this in Paris last week near the Eiffel Tower. How about a Bull Ring macaroon sculpture?
Calling the Empire State Building the Eiffel Tower at least once a week
MD:. ▪️ Cristiano Ronaldo will be awarded his fifth Ballon d’Or at top of Eiffel Tower. ▪️ Cristiano will travel to Par…
I haven't done it all, but:. I've seen the Northern Lights. I've seen the Eiffel Tower at night. I just farted in…
.is the best player in the world under 30 and flashier than the Eiffel Tower on any night. Is he football's next Kin…
When in France, Think Small - Where can you see the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel and the Arc de Triomphe, al...
Vote goes to Lincoln. Home of the magna carta, the worlds tallest building until the Eiffel Tower and the most comm…
Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be. 📍 Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
Why is it illegal to photograph the Eiffel tower at night?
“Did it hurt.. when you fell from the Eiffel Tower?”
Thats the same thing as . eiffel tower
— without a doubt very much the one he likes the most and the Eiffel Tower is nice. if you take th…
guess ima go jump off the Eiffel tower
Eiffel Tower ticket prices skyrocket to fund renovations
Emmanuel Macron writes Eiffel Tower poem for UK schoolgirl -
Next stop might be Paris depending on the funds. I always wanted to make out on the Eiffel tower 😄😄
Griswold family in front of Eiffel Tower, 1985.
But ngl the whole finding an broken Eiffel Tower keyring and then a week later get the opportunity to go got me feeling really freaked out
A total of €300 million will be spent on the monument over 15 years.
Taking photos of the Eiffel Tower at night is illegal apparently
Well, make sure you visit Eiffel tower before your death.
The Eiffel Tower's ticket prices are increasing in November:
There's not a street within jumping distance of the Eiffel tower tho🤔🤔
Under the Eiffel Tower, Tom. You should come by.
Who took a better photo of the Eiffel Tower? Me or Charlie Heaton??
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Eiffel Tower blazer/blouse. via
do you miss Paris? Because the eiffel tower does miss you
Amazing view over Paris from the Eiffel Tower
hey u, come back to france and we will eat some baguettes together next to the Eiffel Tower
He builds what we call The Great Pyramid, the tallest man made structure for over 3,500 years until the Eiffel Tower is…
Turns out, it's actually illegal to take photos of the Eiffel Tower at night
Paris, Banks of the Seine () From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, from the Place d…
*Victor Lustig - Sold the Eiffel Tower twice. Bernard Madoff - His son turned him in to the authorities. . In 2009,
No Need For A Stair Master Just Climb The Eiffel Tower: To get to the top of the Eiffel Tower you have to climb mor…
Paris traffic is crazy amazing. In America we’d all be dead. (Via Eiffel Tower)
sending mad pics of her photoshopped on the Eiffel Tower & random spots to prove how easy it is to photoshop hersel…
then we met Elliott and he kissed Rebecca on top of the Eiffel Tower in front of a…
Eiffel tower sef no taya make u ppl all comot for der
make night of the Eiffel Tower, illegal 📷: Jessica Stewart
Adam reckons the Eiffel Tower is 2 miles high😭😭😭
This week's best deal on : Eiffel Tower + family-friendly Circus 1903 at from $49…
Actually, that was a blow up Eiffel Tower there as part of a promotional event... until…
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"Standing on the top of the Eiffel Tower, staring down at New York City, like the ghost of Biggie." -Game. Extraordina…
.a Parisian landmark as iconic as the Eiffel Tower:
To think I wasted decades of my life raising our our son, when I could've been building the Eiffel…
The simplicity of geometric shapes means they possess a sense of wonder. The pyramids in Egypt, Washington Monument, Eif…
I'm at a loss off words right now... all I know is I'm looking at the "Eiffel Tower" listening…
A4 The rink in the middle of the Eiffel Tower! We have such fond, fun memories from skating above the…
The top of the Eiffel Tower is great. Really surprised me how much chillier it can be up there.
Oh another thing the cia would like is an attack on the Eiffel tower in Paris.
Co-worker: I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. What about you?. Another co-worker: Big Ben. Another: Machu Pichu. . Me: Carhenge
I think the eiffel tower still okey 😂😂😂 @ Eiffle Tower, France
Travel Image Brief - Paris Skyline from the Eiffel Tower at Dus
Just checking if the eiffel tower still okey 😂😂😂 @ Eiffle Tower, France
Go Go French ARMY 🇫🇷 . Wow! This is incredible with the Eiffel Tower in the background!. If only saw this 👀.
In the spirit of the Sydney Opera House, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the St. Louis Gateway Arch and even the Washington Mon…
Paris, France . How did someone fly a drone above the Eiffel Tower amazes me.
Running away with me... Ronnie Wood's twin girls on the foot of Eiffel Tower.
No, didn't have enough time. Some guy keeps bugging me about the top of the Eiffel…
Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was valued at approximately €386 bn? Would you like to see such listings on
Eiffel Tower light show at night is epic
Literally met him at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was the best.
Class 4's French bistro under the lights of the Eiffel Tower was open this morning.
Recording for Orbiting Human Circus Season Two at the Eiffel Tower today!
It's a view you never get tired of. There's a photo in every angle of the Eiffel Tower, whether far away or close-u…
The 061 international brand ambassadors - from Miami Beach to the Eiffel Tower
Arden changed her profile picture on IG to this extremely adorable picture of her in a beret just in front of the Eiff…
blog update~. Sungmin conquered the Eiffel Tower😂
The cast and crew were shooting in the Eiffel Tower tonight!!
You can visit the interior till 22:30. Eiffel Tower stays illuminated till 1h. Ride the bus at night. La Ville lumière!
A boy on a bicycle is towing a girl with roller skate under Eiffel Tower on Le Champs de Mars, Paris, France,1943.(…
Eiffel Tower goes dark to honor Las Vegas and Marseille victims.
Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building go dark in honour of Las Vegas victims
Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building go dark in honor of Las Vegas victims
With views of the Eiffel Tower, this charming Parisian apartment has everything you need including a cuddly cat!…
🇫🇷 Happy Bastille Day 🇫🇷 and here are some facts about the Eiffel Tower that you probably didn't know!
Russell Smith: Calgary has its own Eiffel Tower – unpopular public art /via
Oh, crap. Let's hope this is a false alarm!
Tourist locked in Eiffel Tower: 'Told it's a full lock down. We have been locked inside. Nothing official yet.'
Panic at the Eiffel Tower!. Police are on the scene as tourists were reportedly trapped in the lifts of the tower.
I liked a video Death Jump - Franz Reichelt jumps off the Eiffel Tower
UPDATE: One person has been arrested after Eiffel Tower cleared over reports 'gunman' on the loose in Paris
hey did you guys hear about the Paris Eiffel Tower Islamic terror attack on this glorious Eid?
Panicking tourists are locked inside the Eiffel Tower, Eurostar evacuated in Paris terror alert
PARIS LOCKDOWN: Tourists trapped on the Eiffel Tower as police arrest a man after a 'security alert'. Details on
I will switch off the Eiffel Tower. Good night.
Eiffel Tower 'in lockdown' following security alert
Is the barrier for the Eiffel Tower built yet? These French cucks are going to need it.
French police arrest man near Eiffel Tower
"I thought we were watching Sleepless in Seattle, so i was waiting for them to meet on the Eiffel Tower" ".you mean the space needle?"
*** *** *** Ye Dil Mange More. I firmly believe, world opinion will demolish Islam or compel it to reform.
Tourists are locked inside the Eiffel Tower and Eurostar is evacuated amid Paris terror alert. https…
Eiffel Tower on 'lockdown' as Paris tourists report being trapped in lifts | London Evening Standard
Not one single MSM channel is reporting this story.
terror alert A spokesman for police in Paris said: "A person was arrested, (it…
Man arrested near Eiffel Tower after 'security alert'
The lights of a bar and the Eiffel Tower.
Next goal will be to visit the actually Eiffel Tower @ Eiffel…
5x7ft Lights up the Night Paris Eiffel Tower Photography Backdrop Background ... 来自
Surprised that the Eiffel tower some how beat the sky tower out
Paris lockdown: Eiffel tower on lockdown and Eurostar station evacuated |
Eiffel Tower turns off lights in solidarity with the Eiffel Tower.
There is no light on the Eiffel Tower. je suis baffled. 😭
BREAKING: Eiffel Tower on lockdown - Armed police swoop on ‘gunman’ as tourists trapped. PARIS is on lockdown as...
Salavat Fidai carves the tip of a pencil into a detailed microsculpture of the Eiffel Tower https:…
Paris on lockdown: Man “with weapon” arrested at Eiffel Tower as police evacuate Gare du Nord
BREAKING: Panic in Paris as Eiffel Tower AND Eurostar station on LOCKDOWN as police swoop
The Arc De Triomphe: the Eiffel Tower's hench-landmark helping the tower's mission to kill humanity?
Is it me, or does the Eiffel Tower look like it wants to kill us all here?
Bow-Tie and Pocket Square Set - Eiffel Tower, Paris, weekend t by hisnibbs via off to Paris...
The ever present Eiffel Tower in Paris from the high point in Sacre Coeur in the busy Montmartre…
Sorry, Neymar. Only Zlatan is unveiled in front of the Eiffel Tower. 🙄.
[Eiffel Tower evacuated by police after man brandishing knife tries to breach security…
"There’s no evidence the man is part of any greater organization." 🙄
It's ok guys, it's just Part and Parcel being silly-billy's. . "Eiffel Tower"
Muslims the real problem--->. Eiffel Tower evacuated after knife-wielding man 'shouts . :
Man arrested at the Eiffel Tower in Paris for brandishing a knife said he wanted to kill a soldier: sources
The Eiffel Tower went red and blue to welcome Neymar in Paris on Saturday night 🔴🔵. [🎥:
Finally able to throw away that birthday card you gave me w pictures of us. Threw away that handmade pencil case of us and eiffel tower
Eiffel Tower knifeman held by police
Sky News: Terror probe after man with knife 'targets soldier' at Eiffel Tower
Cute unveiling Neymar. Zlatan was unveiled in front of the Eiffel Tower, as to replace it as the nations number 1 landmar…
Terror probe after knife incident at Eiffel Tower .
French man threatens Eiffel Tower security with knife, counter-terrorism probe launched.
From lighting up the Eiffel Tower to remember victims of terrorist attacks to lighting it up because Qatar paid 200 million f…
Police arrested a knifeman yelling 'Allahu Akbar' at Eiffel Tower last night
Knife-wielding man arrested at Eiffel Tower after forced entry
Man with knife arrested at Eiffel Tower PARIS INUNDATED w MUSLIM "Refugees" becomes DANGEROUS
Man arrested at the Eiffel Tower after brandishing a knife in front of tourists and security forces — Told…
Eiffel Tower visitors attacked by man shouting "Allahu Akbar". What could have been his motivation?
The man tried to force his way into a secure area shortly after being released from a psyche ward, authorities said
Authorities will as usual be baffled as to cause.
Recently released from mental hospital-Knife-wielding man yelling 'Allahu Akbar' busted at Eiffel Tower via
More "Allahu Akbar" in Paris. . Islamic doctrine says the jihad will continue until every Kafir has submitted,... https:…
BREAKING: Eiffel Tower evacuated after knife-wielding man 'shouts Allahu Akbar' .
Police arrest knifeman yelling 'Allahu Akbar' at Eiffel Tower.
Attempted terror attack at the Eiffel Tower as knifeman yelling Allahu Akbar. People evacuated
Paris 2017: A machete attack at the Louvre in February, a hammer attack at Notre Dame in June, a knife attack at the Eiffel T…
Eiffel tower LOCKDOWN: 'Knife-wielding man tries to attack soldier at tourist hotspot'
You know you’ve made it when the Eiffel Tower is welcoming you to town.
Eiffel Tower knifeman held by police amid terror fears
Man carrying knife arrested at Eiffel Tower - A man carrying a knife was arrested as he tried to force his way ...
Designed by Gustave Eiffel for himself, there's a secret apartment at the top of Eiffel Tower where you…
Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi Vietnam. Designed by Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame), this…
A word or name derived from the name of a person is called Eponym. Eg:. Eiffel Tower from Gustave Eiffel. Nobel prize from Alfred Nobel.
Pei's Louvre Pyramid now rivals the Eiffel Tower as one of France’s most recognizable icons.
Happening now: France celebrates with fireworks at Paris’ Eiffel Tower
First Lady Melania Trump atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France Thursday night.
Yesterday, dinner in the Eiffel Tower. Tonight, the Pres and First Lady arrive for dinner at the Club House at Trump N…
Amazing firework at the Eiffel Tower tonight. Hope you had a good day everyone. Peace & Love…
WATCH: President Trump and first lady Melania join President Macron and first lady Brigitte for dinner at the Eiffel Tower in…
And here we are by the Eiffel Tower. Everyone having a large faff getting things out of suitcases. But we'll be off…
Enjoy the dinner on Eiffel Tower! Will be very romantic for you and your wife - although, the ento…
Tough luck tourists, The Donald is in town. Eiffel Tower closed from 2:30 pm this afternoon ahead of Trump-Macron d…
Yo Etika there's a McDonald's on the second floor near a mini Eiffel Tower. You should go up the escalator.
Day 5- Gorgeous day in Paris! Visiting Montmartre, Climbing the Eiffel Tower and seeing Paris on the famous river boats!
Pres. Trump lands in Paris. Will meet with Macron, eat dinner at Eiffel Tower, & participate in Bastille Day.…
He's dining up Eiffel Tower tonight so might get stuck up there anyway. I believe elevators can be a tad dodgy.
Spider-ant-man, spider-ant-man/builds an Eiffel tower of bodies...
Indeed, there is a Paris in Texas. It even has an Eiffel Tower. Actually impressed that Trump didn't end up there!
'Muslims say they will Take Over France', so, will the Louvre be a Mosque & Eiffel Tower have Speakers to Call Parisians ?
Hawler becomes 8th place to see the Tower (not counting the original in Paris). It's placed at Erbil's Minaret Pa…
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Trump in Paris. Dinner at the Eiffel Tower and talks about safety - Feedblix
NEW BLOG POST: The Eiffel Tower... Pickpocket heaven? How bad is it really?
How fire ants use their bodies to build wriggling Eiffel Tower-like columns
Spending the last day of being 26 going up the Eiffel Tower whilst hoping doesn't throw up 🗼😂
Sunrise at the Eiffel Tower with Euro Paris France chat
tomorrow night I'll be seeing a cabaret show in Paris and having a picnic under the Eiffel Tower 😬
CA has the eiffel tower. CA has clout. CA has mount rushmore . CA has at least 7 gucci belts. CA has at least 29 of the 7 wond…
Eiffel tower is over-rated. Go check out the Palace of Versaille and head out to G…
So... enjoy your trip! Hopefully the Eiffel Tower won't be in one of those pesky NO TRUMP ZONES.
Amazing perspective of the Eiffel Tower | Photo by Alaa Othman
Riding in the motorcade, I can see the Eiffel Tower, where President Trump is having dinner tonight.
Trump day in my 7th arrondissement neighbourhood, he's visiting the Invalides, then dinner at the Eiffel Tower
Hello . I hope you will soon visit the Eiffel Tower t…
TRUMP IN PARIS will try to spot his imaginary friend, "JIM", as he eats at…
Who knew the Eiffel Tower could fit into the Grand Palais? does the impossible yet again...
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The Eiffel Tower started off as a needle in a pot of Tassie NW coast soil hey!
Shannon the Eiffel tower supposed to be good 😉🤣🤣🤣
Was this taken in Paris bc I see an Eiffel Tower
In my speech, I’ll congratulate the French King for moving his capital to the Eiffel Tower. I KNOW real estate…
Well it's about the height of the Statue of Liberty x2. But she's nowhere near as tall as the Eiffel Tower. 93:300
The construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 1887-1889. Follow us on Instagram
good morning France🗽Are you planning a protest against our Emperor Trump? 💥Toga Party at the Eiffe…
3 days of carving the Eiffel Tower into a tip of a pencil!
The top of the Eiffel Tower . just too tempting . Oops!
Any recommendations for places / restaurants in Paris ... for the love of Christ nobody sugggest the obvious thing being the Eiffel Tower 😂
Hypocrisy At The Highest Level 🇫🇷🤢 to treat to lobster on the Eiffel Tower for Bastille Day dinner
.pass by the Eiffel Tower in preparation for
Remember to tel him he's welcome for the Eiffel Tower, cheese and bicycles, all American things.
Wow thanks! So its not as tall as the Eiffel Tower?
From the Eiffel Tower to the Golden Gate. From Trafalgar Square to the Empire State. & the Maths. Vapour Trails/The Shape of Things
Eiffel Tower at night from a riverboat on the Seine River. Majestic.
Karl Lagerfeld has built the Eiffel Tower in the Grand Palais for
Chanel couture show set in Le Grand Palais with a giant replica of the Eiffel Tower:
France is putting a $20 million wall around the Eiffel Tower to protect it? Why not put a wall around France to protect th…
From Egyptian Pyramids to Eiffel Tower- Machu Picchu to Great Wall of China People all over world celebrate
From the Egyptian Pyramids to the Eiffel Tower. From Machu Picchu to the Great Wall of China. People all over the world…
So, you’ve managed to see the Eiffel Tower, the Catacombs, the Louvre, the Pantheon, the Palace of Versailles….
— the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles..” He pointed out the attraction spots.
For the 10th time, Rafael strikes a pose with the Eiffel Tower with his trophy 🏆
i hope Linda Belcher walks into the Eiffel Tower and snaps a grocery list under my right elbow, killing me instantly
Yes !! Michael Proposed to Cherish right under the Tour Eiffel ! (Eiffel Tower ) Thanks to Gateway Clipper Fleet...
You can now zip line off the Eiffel Tower for free
If you ever think you're too petty just remember a man once tried to blow up the Eiffel Tower because he was annoyed by the shining light
Kay Thompson, Fred Astaire, and Audrey Hepburn photographed by Herbert Fried at the Eiffel Tower, 1956..
Find someone who talks about you how Jens Lehmann talks about the Eiffel Tower.
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my daughter and I created the Eiffel Tower and Kardinia Park (home of
We have just arrive at the Eiffel Tower.. they have a restaurant here called Le Jules Verne.. one…
Followed Hugo’s treks in Librarian (stellar Eiffel Tower is brown, not silver, n’…
Sunset view over Paris on the Eiffel Tower ❤️ @ Eiffel Tower
I liked a video France: Lights go off at Eiffel Tower for victims of Manchester attack
The Eiffel tower is really what lights up that part of Paris and having it turned off makes a huge difference
Eiffel Tower from Musee Rodin. That's really as close as you need to get to it if you've already been.
WATCH: The moment the Eiffel Tower went dark in honor of the victims in Manchester terror attack.
📷 Last photo of beautiful Paris with the Eiffel Tower and a grand finale touch of Amazingly beautiful...
If you want to create a hashtag and turn off al lights on the Eiffel Tower in solidarity with Manchester, fine.. but do same for Syria!
Eiffel Tower and other iconic landmarks will go dark to honor Manchester concert bombing victims
My *** big as the Eiffel Tower wow idk why
To honor the victims of the deadly Manchester Arena bombing, the Eiffel Tower went dark on Tuesday.
Eiffel Tower goes dark in solidarity with victims of Manchester Arena attack.
Some people go to Paris to look at the Eiffel Tower, enjoy a coffee in a sidewalk cafe, or sunset on the Seine. Me?
Update your maps at Navteq
Le Jules Verne providing the views last night for dinner with at the Eiffel Tower. 🙌🏽
exclusive: 'Veep's' Matt Walsh to star in rom-com 'Under the Eiffel Tower'
NEW PROPERTY - 'Veep' Star Matt Walsh to Appear in Rom-Com 'Under the Eiffel Tower' | PowerGrid
You know Cristo Redentor in Brazil, pyramids in Egypt, Eiffel Tower in France, Taj Mahal in India, The Great Wall of China and so on...
Charlie Chaplin filming under the Eiffel Tower in Paris , 1930′s
TODAY IN HISTORY: Britney Spears made her debut as an architect with the unveiling of the Eiffel Tower, which she desig…
Elevate your stay our spacious Junior Suites offering spectacular panoramic view from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvr…
for the first time ever, lights on the Eiffel Tower have gone dark in memory of Buckingham Palace
"We'll have a national currency, we'll be out of Europe, we'll annex Switzerland, Louis Garrel will gyrate against the Eiffel Tower" -Le Pen
Eiffel Tower, Bahria Town during the recent thunderstorm !!
Enjoy romantic dinner at Eiffel Tower, cruise in Seine River & fairytale show of Moulin Rouge. Book Now -…
The detector will be about two-thirds the height of the Eiffel Tower and should be done completed in three years
Eiffel Tower along River Seine. Places to visit. 😘🗼. How cool this is! 💜
More than 100 Syrian children, women and men were murdered by terrorists yesterday and the Eiffel Tower did not go dark b/c they're Syrians.
"I'm a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That's what kind of man I am." -Ron Burgundy
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I thought Crystal Palace tower was the Eiffel Tower
Apartment in offers open views over gardens, the Invalides Dome and the Eiffel Tower.…
Am liking the Eiffel Tower pic. Suggest more artistic logo and a bigger home page splash - good luck
"Mayor of Paris says Eiffel Tower will go black in homage to Stockholm.". Might as well turn the lights off permanently a…
Voting Macron will ensure the Eiffel Tower stays lit as French blood continues to flow. Le Pen for President
To be fair, Ratner's been likening Nassau Coliseum to Eiffel Tower for 3+ years
The developer of the Nassau Coliseum believes it could rival the Eiffel Tower. Uniondale, the City of ... Traffic?.
Happy 128th . 💜💙 🇫🇷 💙💜. 19 things you never knew about the Eiffel Tower .
On this date in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was dedicated. How's that for a ?!
On this day in 1889, Eiffel Tower was first opened in a grand cermony presided by then French PM. .
228 years of the Iconic On 31 March 1889, was inaugurated; here's what it takes to keep it running…
MelB0731 : Sada got her lunch at the Eiffel Tower and visit to the Bloch store @ Tour Eiffel
The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated on this day 128 years ago . -via
Con artist Victor lustig "Sold" the Eiffel Tower to a scrap metal dealer
The incredible Eiffel tower opened in Paris in 1889. This diagram is part of our collection
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On March 31, 1889 the Eiffel Tower opened, after two years, two months and five days of construction. How cool!
On this day in 1889, the Eiffel Tower opened! Learn more about the history surrounding its unveiling:...
The Eiffel Tower opened in 1889. that the names of 72 scientists are engraved on the tower? Learn more -…
It's Eiffel Tower Day! These selections come from the YA & picture book collections! Did you notice the Tower?
On this day in 1889 Alexander Gustave Eiffel completed his magnificent tower. Pure genius.
in 1889 the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower took place! Watch this documentary about the Tower (1972):
Ikr 😂 definitely beats your view of the Eiffel Tower 👌
watching an interview w taron egerton (and Someone Else) and he was like "have u heard of the eiffel tower?'s the pointy bit in paris"
On 1889, the Eiffel Tower, designed by Gustave Eiffel, is dedicated in a ceremony in Paris.
The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated on March 31, 1889. Few quick facts about Paris' most recognizable monument:
we have a piece of the Eiffel Tower in Canada? A bridge in Gatineau contains one of its beams!
Eiffel Tower vases in many colors. Yard sale items at N1000 each.
Today is It was opened to the public in 1889. Did you know it used to be red? 'Red Eiffel To…
Today in 1889 - The Eiffel Tower was officially opened. The design of Gustave Eiffel was selected from over a hun…
Happy Birthday to the Eiffel Tower! 128 years old today, opened 31 March 1889...
Was at the Eiffel Tower when it was a big eclipse years ago. What a lovely setting and atmosphere!
1889: France - the Eiffel Tower officially opened with the unfurling of the French flag atop it by engineer Gustave Ei…
Louis-Émile Durandelle took this photo of on the day it opened to the public, in 1889.
On this day 128 years ago, Eiffel Tower, the iconic landmark on the skyline, opened to the public. Photo Credit: La…
My friend just asked if the building on the wall is Eiffel Tower ... lol
This day 1889: Eiffel Tower opened as centerpiece 1889 Exposition Universelle world's fair.
in 1889 the Eiffel Tower is dedicated in
"How was Paris?". We saw the Eiffel Tower, and it took an hour and a half to go 17 miles.
Behold my gasometer! Greater than the pyramids, higher than Eiffel's tower... Scientific 2 March 1907.…
The Eiffel Tower opened in 1889. It was the tallest manmade structure in the world until 1930!
This day in history, 1889, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was completed & officially opened to the public.
The Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France, was officially opened on 31 Mar 1889.
The Eiffel Tower was completed 128 years ago today. 🇫🇷 Here are 19 things you never knew about the iconic structure htt…
Building a rocket. fighting a mummy. Or climbing up the eiffel tower. DUH DUH DUH DUH. killing ferb so he dosnt exist. th…
31 March 1889 - Engineer Gustave Eiffel unfurled the French tricolor from atop the Eiffel Tower to mark its completion. h…
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11 Eiffel Tower facts you didn't know
Non-malware attacks grow; state-sponsored hacking and what's wrong with U.S. cybersecurity? -…
Eiffel Tower goes dark in solidarity with London
The table is set for a gourmet meal to remember at Pullman
The Eiffel Tower is going dark at midnight in Paris for London's terror attack victims
Isn't it great to still be part of the EU?.
Eiffel Tower goes dark in remembrance of London attack victims – video
France's solution to all problems is turning of Eiffel tower's lights?
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